Win Amazing Prizes In The Sensational Second Tarot Muse Competition

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888 perfume

The epic new online Tarot is progressing smoothly and on schedule, thanks to my fabulous Tarot Muses.  I am now announcing a SECOND Tarot Muse competition, with even better prizes this time around. If you are already a Tarot Muse, you need to do nothing, you are automatically entered into the competition.

If you did not see the winners of the first Tarot Muse Competition, please see here.

By becoming a Tarot Muse, you pay $32 to help fund the (complicated, time-consuming but genius) Tarot App and get these three things:

* Early Access to the Tarot when it is up in (hopefully) February.

*  A Six Month Mega Mystic subscription that you can give to whomever you want.

* Entry into the Tarot Muse Competitions.


The Sensational Second Tarot Muse Competition will be drawn on the Full Moon next week – the winners will be announced on the Tarot page, emailed personally and via the Tarot Muse email list.  These are the FOUR prizes. and they will be mailed out to the winners the day after the Full Moon. The Feng Shui Consult will be set up between you and Feng Shui Harmony.

888 perfume

A 50 ml bottle Comme des Garcons 888 Eau Du Parfum - Beautiful sexy Feng Shui friendly fragrance with notes of Saffron & Coriander…

Diptyque Baies Noire

The most stunning Diptyque candle in their collection (i.m.o.) triple scented with Blackberry & Rose. Brilliant for quality romance rituals + it makes your whole house smell like Lilith’s Love Den.

Deep Sleep Dream Cream

Sensual Sleep Cream – this schizz does not look new age but it actually is mega magic.  Particularly if you have had a challenging day doing Zap Zone Awesome and need to let it all waft off you as you enter a deep, rejuvenatory sleep.

Feng Shui Harmony

A Feng Shui and/or Decluttering Consult with Feng Shui Harmony to begin Chinese New Year (Year of the Green Horse) with your Qi sky-high, clear and lucid.

To become a Tarot Muse, see the Tarot page for more details or purchase here.  You will be automatically entered in the Sensational Second Tarot Muse Competition, be emailed to grab details of the person you want to gift sub & as soon as the Tarot is up, you will be notified and given special access.


72 thoughts on “Win Amazing Prizes In The Sensational Second Tarot Muse Competition

  1. Oh, thank you for the heads up on the ”this works, modern natural beauty” range..have just sent my bestie in the UK one of the bubble bath products – Being Katakan Sun, Scorp Rising and Pisces Moon, she is the original Bath Mistress. Quickest way to her heart !

    You are amazing Mystic, as soon as some extra $$’s start flowing – bit hard to work on school hols ! i will donate some more spondoolies to the cause.

    Blessing you Beautiful, Spectacular, Magificient Saucy Minx !! xx

    PS I loved your Romeo supermarket story … xx

  2. Ps – My word, it’s stiffling when one looks at the current astro box there on the left, and.there. is. alll. thaaaat. greeeeen . . bring back the yelllooooooow, for hte love of air !!

  3. Actually I feel like I won twice yesterday – the t-shirt AND the Feng Shui Consult. I mean, I did win the Feng Shui mini-consult a while back, but I hadn’t managed to get the house plan etc. sorted & the consultant is in Sydney & I am in Melbourne.

    Yesterday, Carolyn offered to ‘drop in’ for a home consult as she will be visiting Melbourne – at no extra cost! It is three times the amount of the mini-consult and so generous. What a wonderful person.

    Going into the Wood Horse Year prepped will be a confidence boost for me.
    I want to paint the house or fix it up a bit, rental or not, so I am really keen for her recommendations. Thrilled!

    • This year off to such a magical start already Andy,
      It’s beautiful. xx Congrats on much coveted astro t !! and Super Dooper Special Feng Drop In Expert . You deserve it Baby !! … xx Mwa

  4. Such girly prizes. The deep sleep dream cream might be interesting, Where do you put it, on your face? My pillowcases already take too much abuse from me drooling on them. And as an inveterate insomniac, if I want deep sleep, I just take zolpidem. I just took one 30 minutes ago, it is kicking in. I better go to be.

    • I thought I was the only person that refers to pharmaceuticals by their generic name. I’m pretty anti pharmaceuticals but my insomnia wracked being also gives zolpidem the thumbs up (a good indica weed is far more effective and much healthier, but that shit is illegal where I live). I wouldn’t mind trying the dream cream.

        • It’s called Stilnox down here, it’s quite hard to get prescribed because people love abusing it. It helped me get a decent night sleep with no zombie hangover the next day for about a week when I had mega stressful shit to deal with on top of raging insomnia. If it were cheap and easily available, I could easily get addicted to it – not for the buzz, but for the bliss of deep sleep and waking refreshed, ahhhhhh….

          • What, do people abuse zolpidem as a recreational drug? Do people take a lot of it and try to stay awake? That sounds horrible. Do they take a heavy dose and then sleep really deeply? That’s no fun. How would you even know if you’re enjoying it or not? You’re asleep.

            • It makes me feel emotionally soft the next day. Has been linked to people’s increased sleep walking and accidents driving cars and falling from bridges.
              For mid sleeping problems I saturate my pillow in Perfect Potion’s Sweet Dream mist. It’s the right essential oil combination to kick in to z land.

              • I put that on my shopping list to try out one day last time you mentioned it. Haven’t gotten to the point of purchasing yet though…

                Every Stilnox sleepwalking incident I’ve read about has always mentioned that the person took it with alcohol. There’s been a few murders commited that way…

              • S!! I love that perfect potion blend! I have the temple balm thing. i just wear it as a delicious uber-lavender scent during the day sometimes, it blisses me out like toadally xx

            • No fuqing idea of the specifics Charles, but a lot of speed users and trippers use sedatives to take the edge off the big crash when the speed wears off, so I’m guessing it’s something along those lines. All I know is that over here, they started prescribing them in smaller lots at twice the price to discourage a sharp rise in Stilnox abuse (according to the doctor that I got them from).

    • Charles have you tried the Neptunian Binaural Beats? If not i can send you an Mp3 to review? I find them epic for getting to sleep but i dont’ have an actual insomnia issue.

      AND i am LOVING working on the Tarot…it is going to be so epic, thank you for your support people x

      • Hey thanks Mystic, I will take you up on that offer. I’ll email you. I have done the binaural beats before, back in the days of the Monroe Institute, when it was brand new and came on cassette tapes. But back then, I wasn’t partly deaf in one ear. I haven’t tried it in years, I’d like to try them again and see if the effect still works for me with my bad hearing.

    • Love Mecca Cosmetica! I have the Diptyque special edition 34 perfume. It’s DIVINE!!

      • Is it. Have only just found a Mecca boutique after seeing them featured and written about.
        Complete Diptyque perfume range and candles.
        May spend some time in there now and try them.
        Amount of choice is astounding.
        So your Cap ring says QUALITY?

        • yes! they source the very best brands from around the world. Better products from dermatologists and skin specialists than the usual department stores stuff.
          I have been using the Mecca brand sunblock for YEARS. Can’t find anything else as good.

          Have spent quite a lot of money in that store over the years. It started off as a little section in David Jones but has moved to Myer in Sydney and other separate stores.

          The make up range is the best! :) Their website is cool too, if you want to check prices and reviews

          Venus in Libra – love my beauty products :)

          • i like their site, but what utterly infuriates me is the significant lack of visuals and colour info on the cosmetics. All we get is one tiny image. I need to see multiple examples of the texture and how the colour looks (i know it renders differently on different screens etc, but it will still help). It’s stopped me from spending my hard-earned a few times on that site.

            • It’s not Mecca’s fault, it’s the limitations of the interwebz :)
              Won’t be long now before technology catches up. Texture touch screen… Pop up 3D colour spinning wheel…. Upload a pic of your face and have a virtual makeup artist do a make-over?

              Anyhow, until that happens I’ll continue to use the website for research purposes (they should list ingredients I reckon) then pop in and get samples and try on eyeshadows etc.
              Clothes and make-up are things I rarely by online unless I’ve tried it IRL first.

  5. Ok so charles might have a point, in support of any menfolk reading this there are some rather girly options.. Then again I am female so woohoo! My 7th house moon is drooling over the CdG thing … Moar fragrance MOAR

    Also , nice work mystic. Xox

  6. Actually Comme Des Garcons 888 is unisexual – a lot of really cool guys wear it and the dream cream is unisex and the candle is unisex – Feng Shui too. Sorry but i am not buying it.

    David L is now a Tarot Muse and he totally male. Aries for fuqs sake.

    Also, just to clarify, as i have some e-mails. The Tarot will absolutely be available to all subscribers as part of their subscription, it is just that the Tarot Muses will have exclusive access for the first month that it is up.

    • ah awesome I was wondering if comme des G’s was a uni fragrance, i had an inkling…

      appeals even more (I might just buy it anyway?! mmm) – i have two completely opposite sides when it comes to fragrance. One is grassy, or oceanic, fresh, almost masculine – Chanel’s cristalle, Rochas had a discontinued fragrance called Aquawoman that i adore, .. things that are totally austere. My flip-side loves intense woody orientals, or anything laden with oud, amber,…. *drool* like coco chanel, YSL’s M7 which is a men’s cologne, at one stage I was combining a fabulously trashy musky women’s scent with Farenheit and, wearing this concoction, mid-tumble my pisces then-loverboy whispered hoarsely into my ear that he could eat me for breakfast (then again, maybe he was just rather hungry, as it was the middle of the night after all).

      anyway where was i.. oh yes and i am not sure if they are full of hideously unhealthy compounds, but some Chanel perfumes I could bathe in every day. There is one that makes the top of my all-time-fave-perfume list $$$$$ day.

    • I could probably use a Feng Shui session, but I would probably just get instructions to pick up all my piles of junk off the floor. Someone asked me once, what sort of organizational system I use. I told them, “gravity.”

      But I am not really complaining about your prizes, I am just kidding you, Mystic, as usual. Of course you’re not buying it.

      • LOL! “what organisational system do you use?”

        i wish someone would ask me that question:

        “I have customised the very popular Multi-Place Systematic which uses neural network patterns and space-dimensioning (TM) to allow me to place and arrange my possessions in a way where I can see and access what that I need in any given moment. It relies on an algorithm that uses random number generation, imaginary numbers, and trajectory pathways to resolve the best placement.”

        • You could try a variant of my system, the Geological Filing System. Just keep tossing stuff on top of other stuff. The ancient Paleolithic Era is at the bottom, layers accrete over time, the Modern Era is on top. Once in a while you need an archaeological dig, for items recently buried. Ancient items may require a major shift of tectonic plates to expose deeper layers. Piles of stuff may move around like continental drift, even in a separate island, inside a box, with the geological layers preserved intact, to assist future researchers in assessing approximate dates relative to other layers.

  7. I’m in just for a chance at the candle.I’m Candle Central, only soy pillars
    of orange red yellow and sandal, so i am very experienced with candles,
    a degree in candle purchasing.

    If i had to choose a Tarot Symbol to release form the pack, rounded coz i don’t like squares, it would be The World. or The Wheel of Fortune.

  8. Call me radical but still like the simple idea of sending cash in envelopes :-)
    or is that uumm old fashioned and fifties :-)

    • My Mother in law gives out Ang Pow – cash in little glossy, red & gold envelopes – at Chinese New Year. Never fails to garner a happy face. :) In a way it’s like giving freedom to materialise a dream, possibilities #2ndHouseSunweakness.

  9. relating to nothing, but I just wanted to share that a spammer calling themselves “electric cigarette ego starter kit” just added a comment somewhere on the blog. I was just really curious to know what an ‘ego starter kit’ might contain… Any ideas, people? Mirror? Address book with first names only… ‘Cate – Rusty – Heath (crossed out with a sadface) – Ange – Kanye – … “

    • Ha! I think it sounds like it could be a great prize. It would deffo include a comb and hair products. Affirmation cards–“There is none other greater than me!”, “You are your own perfect hair God”…

      Also WOW this astro is volatile!

      Thanks for the Qi Vamp/Pass-Agg warning Mystic! Conflict abounds!!!

  10. Hey i can’t reply to Pegasus above directly as the nested comments limit reached but with the Top Five Most Frequent Commenters, it does not discriminate as to whether or not you are a subscriber. It just lets me know the top 5.

    But i think four out of the five most frequent commenters are subscribers…Apart from the extra content and Oracle access, you brilliant subscriber peeps are what keeps ADS off this site.

    U are the gate keepers. It also allows me “editorial” independence. Eg: with the prizes for the Tarot Muse competition – i am paying for them myself -& i just chose the most magical but also luxe stuff that i personally would like.

    i don’t like even a hint of implied compromise by having donated prizes – is my Mercury in Aries showing?

    • Hi Myst, If I’m the 1/5 you thought might not subscribe, I do, it’s just that I use a different email address in the comments for reasons of Gravatar :)