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She Monster

So guess who’s coming to town – March to November 2014?

That’s right. Ms Lilith in Leo. The perfect guest (or shall we say Muse) for a fiesta of Mars Retro, the Zap Zone and other coming attractions.

I have sky-high hopes for Bitch Goddess Lilith in Leo. If you have Bitchcraft, read up on this placement. More soon…A whole lot more.

For example, i have said yes to speaking (sort of) at an International Womens Day screening of an epic Wonder Woman doco. It is a few days after Lilith gets to Leo.  I might be able to meet some of you after the thing.  Feminista style. How Lilith in Leo is that?

I’m still busy on Tarot. It’s going great but heaps of time…Thank you Tarot Muses, thank you Subscribers, for making all this possible without revolting advertisements & personal data mining. Thank you commenters, for keeping the conversation going in my absence…

And if you have not read my Bitch Moon rant re this intense Full Moon, please DO. It’s on the Weekly Horoscopes page.

Image: The Astounding She-Monster

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27 thoughts on “Lilith In Leo

  1. Good luck indeed mystic. Your online work, your words and your diversity are inspirational, not to mention the guidence you give when we are in times of need. I haven’t needed it for years now but there was a time I noted your astrological advice on a daily basis before I devised the plan for the day. You deserve recognition.

  2. High praise for you & your consistently fantastic guidance here in this somewhat sacred spot! Well done! I echo the sentiments of Moved On above. Power to you! and thank you xx

  3. Thank YOU Mystic!!

    This site has been a fountain of energetic spirit, knowledge & reflection. …and so much MORE!

    Is the Wonder Woman doco day in Sydney? Please say it’s in Melbourne! If you have a link to the event, would you mind sharing?

    I am more Supergirl than Wonder Woman, but hey, us superheroes complement each other’s superpowers, right? Sounds like an AMAZING event.

  4. OMG!!!! not in Leo! thats my tenth house!!! not my work!!!! no no no! I dont want any of that intense energy in my work1!!!! wtf!…

    this lillith cancer moon has been TOOO fucking much!!!! I cant cope! seriously… I have had big old raccooon eyes for days now, red from tears, black from running mascara, and puffy from not sleeping well! …. dealing with re traumatisation and facing my own shit1….

    FUCk fuck fuck… how does one do lilith in a positive way1 for fuck s sake…
    in a culture suppressing the wild woman and her emotions….
    OH GOddess help me…. I need to be well supported for this.111111111111111

    • Don’t worry…Lilith has been in my career sector and nothing particularly bitchy came up at work. Just keep working on clearing up your own emotional channels and the rest will flow. The Universe supports your self-actualization!!

      • I think Lilith in your career sector helps you better negotiate on your own behalf.

      • Then Lilith will be in my man’s 10th house, near his sun, Saturn, mercury…hope he does some good career negotiation

  5. I have a ? reg this Void Moon.. isn’t it typically a good (if there is such a thing) time to deliver bad news? How is that with this one? God timing to burst someone’s bubble or rather not? When would be a better time (over the next few days? I’m on EST.

  6. Speaking of Lilith I am having some really intense DEAD-TO-ME moments suddenly in the last few days! Like the processing of my love life and life in general has suddenly gotten really, really intense with Venus retro in my natal Venus in Capricorn. It mostly feels good, literally like taking out the trash…new policies in order to avoid new clutter washing up.

    Other than that this full moon is not fun. Lots of stress with changes in healthcare, contracts not working out…ugh. Mood: defeated.

  7. Ahhh wow just a thought but what if the astounding she-monster is a man, whose Lilith and Venus is on your Mars

  8. Leo is in the 12th house in my natal chart. Feeling it will lead to a even more intense time with those very different energies.
    My natal moon is in the 12th, so Lilith will pass over her.

    • That is FAB, Myst..the possible after talk meet and greet I mean. Actually, would be great if subscribers had video/audio access to the talk no?

      Am hoping that happens so I can catch it.

      As for Lilith..yes, mine is in Leo in the 12th house. Oi. Just like you catfish.. oh what to do? Build a stage at home?

      • Ha. I probably wouldn’t be allowed on it! My leo moon daughter and my leo sun stepdaughter would take it over.

  9. Awesome Mystic that’s amazing.
    You will be a BRILLIANT public speaker. I’m so happy to hear that! Yes! Lilith feminism!
    I love it!

  10. Hey guys happy Full Moon – the Tarot Muse is being drawn this a.m and will be announced a few hours later…

    The link does not work as the comp is closed…It will be reactivated on the weekend but not for the competition…just so you can contribute/get early access.

    Also – the Wonder Woman thing is not a talk- i am on a panel with some fascinating people and i will post more closer to the date.

    ALSO i am flat out on Tarot but i have an idea – i want to do something for Liiith in Leo and rather than mini consults, i am thinking an Mp3 rant complete with instructions so you can work out what Lilith in Leo is doing in your chart – like a DIY AStro hacks lesson you listen to whilst looking at your chart and then there would also be a page you can leave queries in the comments and i respond…Power To The Astro People!

    • Think the panel thing would still be awesome as a video or audio for those of us who can’t be there? I’d love it.

      Lilith in Leo hack YES! I think the mp3 is fab.. or if you’d rather do a FAQ would work also. Am just thinking something written may be easier to go back to..

      Here’s a thought: maybe a live webinar series, audience muted during the slides then q&a after…? I attend a lot of those and really love how interactive it is, you can also see the questions that repeat across the board. Though I’d only recommend this if the Leo Intern is there to filter through the comments/questions whilst you talk..

  11. In Leo trans Lilith will hit my smutty 2nd House, inflame my ego driven Sun and oppose my natal Aqua Lilith.
    Sounds like a disaster, the kind I not-so-secretly enjoy!