La Luna In Leo

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Lion Girl Surreal Art

 The Moon in Leo feels golden, gracious and dignified after all that Zap Zone style Full Moon/Mars-Venus smack downs. One can restore the sovereign nature of one’s psyche via music, art, cinema and fierce musings. 

The above art is by Leonora Carrington, the so-called “last surrealist”,  “Sentimentality is a form of fatigue,” she said, herself indefatigable to the last.

And yes, we have talked about the Lion Queenly nature of Coco Chanel before but this promo (sorry) puts it brilliantly: I particularly love the the line: “the lion would be her constellation” and how powerfully she worked her mojo. Magic is real, people. And more practical than you might imagine.


Top Image: Leonora Carrington – Lion Girl

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32 thoughts on “La Luna In Leo

  1. Beaufiful MM. Im gonna get my dignified cat suit on.and prowl. Got the opp to moontsn naked last night that was very feline.

    • Another opp to feline prowl has arisen.a paddle out protest to stop a cruise ship marina. Should b plenty of surfy silver foxes about. He he

  2. Yes. YES. This. Perfect and appropriate in so many ways.

    I needed this so bad. Thank you.

  3. I looked at a chanel shop today spun out that they have security and kept on walking…. Well out of my price range or interest for that matter… But I felt the vibe with an awesome shopping day and making some awesome purchases of good quality technologically advanced and beautiful essentials… I’ve also been inspired by clothes I’d love to wear and am motivated to lose weight and get into my new life that is upon me this year! I’m so grateful!

  4. yikes. a dream last night where I was running around doing various tasks and useful catchings-up, then was on a small boat with some people, near a very large boat. suddenly the water became very rough, giant waves, very large boat was picked up and we (in small boat) just could not get out of the way in time: everyone utterly smashed by large boat, waves etc. the people I was dealing with were OK, but I looked down and WHOA missing the index finger and middle finger of my left hand. Cut clean off at the first knuckle. no pain though. Freaking out, i felt around in the wreckage and located my two fingers (i know, wtf?). Very conscious of holding these in my hand, as I realised that I needed to get ice etc etc and thought that i could have them re-attached if I just got to a hospital in time. [Just occurred to me that maybe I had fallen asleep on my hand and I had lost some sensation?]

    no one seemed to be paying attention to me though so I was freaking out a bit. Then I saw a *foot* floating around… “who is missing a foot!?!” no one came forward so to speak, so that search went on for a while…

    sorry for the divergence from lovely Leo moon post . i was wondering if
    anyone had understanding of any symbolism there (I have my own theory about the boat waves etc .. the LH fingers is the main thing. oh and that , uh, foot…?). no portent of any more tsunamis i hope.

    • In my experience, it’s better to interpret dreams by also looking at the emotions during and upon waking, while symbols have general themes, meanings can be very specific to personal associations you have to the elements within the dream.

      Not sure if you know, but I have extremely vivid dreams and go through periods where I’m tired due to the amount of dream activity. I typically recall most of them.. the amputation dreams I’ve had usually centered around feeling cut off/impaired in some way and being left to heal myself back to wholeness.

      From the sounds of it, I feel like there’s this sense of “being all in the same boat” thru your dream, as not only do you get crashed into all together but soon as you lose fingers, someone else does a foot? To me these appendages relate strongly to capability, directional forces and movement. Is there some aspect of your life you feel you have less of an active grasp on? While knowing others are perhaps worse than you (unable to move due to loss of a foot)?

      My own dreams usually resulted in shock, because my body would physically register the trauma as real. It was and is emotionally draining but I usually find that it was something I needed to work through in that realm.

      • I have really vivid dreams too, and have periods of exhaustion in the morning, especially in the last 5-6 years of my life

        And just last Dec, I had an energy clearing done by our fabulous Leo, Andromeda, who ascertained that my energy was really over -extended by other parallel lives I was experiencing at night when I was dreaming!

        This was actually really resonant, because one thing I dream of over and over, is being in a new house each time, like I’m looking at the windows and details with bemusement, and I’ve moved back into the city, thinking, oh I don’t know how my partner will like not having a backyard anymore etc.

      • That’s awesome.. I wonder about that too, though mine are more PTSD related, usually triggered by situations.

        I do have to say that I’ve felt more of an emotional reset now than at any other previous time.. I’m zero degrees Cancer so I’m chalking it up to Pluto easing up for me on the painfully arduous growth.

      • thanks FA, yes, when I woke up I thought ‘well this must be about more than just me’. large situation or event beyond personal control , more or less.

        it did strike me that losing extremities/digits was about some kind of issue to do with personal agency. (and in this day and age, communication – phones, typing etc).

        these particular fingers are also the ones we use to ‘make a point’ – gesture etc, hmm

        less than active grasp.. lol, basically my entire life.
        hmm ‘losing my grip’ ? but a chance to salvage, if i ‘pull my finger out’ (LOL crude aust slang, not sure if it exists in US)

        no abject fear, panic or sensation of pain in the dream. detached.

        oh look, detached…
        just need to figure out how/where to re-attach. mojo elusive, appears from time to time.

        • was looking for strong transits to gemini or 3rd house (virgo), nothing unless you count neptune and chiron opposing frm 9th, or Prog mars still conjunct sun-mercury 9th house.

  5. In astro feet are pisces and hands and digits are gemini.

    Palmistry wise those are the two fingers that if they ‘fall’ together when the hand is at rest show a person who is able to bring in money and hold onto it. So maybe a portent of something money oriented?

    • Pretty sure there’s a point in cancer that is a ‘trigger’ for want of a better word of the earthquakes that happened in NZ in 2011. So maybe the full moon there has nudged something into your dream?

      • That is NOT a prediction of earthquakes. Just know there’s a point in cancer that was active in the eclipse cycles of that time.

  6. ‘to claw hurts me more than to be clawed’
    what a line. I nearly cried. How true is that of strong women who have to stand up and say non. How hard it is to do this but how we have to.
    Having the Leo on your side is great but I’m stuck with a 69 symbol. Same old trouble, woooo hooo, here I am boys!

  7. My Natal Moon in Leo is in the 12th house. This morning I had a bizarre dream with a child ghost. He kept entering the bodies of other children and making them act weird.

    Torro had horrible dream. My twin son who has a leo moon had weird dream too, but her doesn’t remember it. His natal leo moon is in 7th/8th natally(depending on the house system used.

    • Could that have something to do with why your son is being so difficult or acting out of character?

      I have just been reading about attachments, like a soul might attach itself to a living person to experience whatever it wants to experience again, and children can be fairly vulnerable

      • That came up with my friend who’s daughter died last year after a bad reaction to MDMA.
        He saw her while too high on mushrooms. When he told me I knew she was watching out for him. She was an angel here with a beautiful soul. He is one of her still alive brother’s best friends. She would try very hard to keep harm from coming to him if she did visit.
        Her mother mentioned being vulnerable at times and being open to spiritual beings/matter. I told her how he say the teenage daughter and I felt she was there to protect him. Her mother got chills when I told her.

  8. Moon in Leo, yay! This is perfect. I’ve been growing my hair out without dying it for 6 months and today I’m going in to get a few blonde highlights at my crown. I know Venus is retro but I’m not doing anything crazy; naturally a dirty blonde just wanted to get away from the over bleaching and let it grow in healthier so now I want to blend the bad bleach and my natural hair coherently. Right now it looks like a bad ombré.

    Jumping on the weird dreams bandwagon: last night I was with a guy I used to date and he was like you’re pregnant, here’s the test. And I told him to shut up and that he was trolling me. But I started to grow and deep down knew I was and was peacefully in denial about it. Pregnancy dreams, scary as they are for me (but not really anymore because I always use multiple forms of protection), are supposed to have positive meanings. But what does it mean to be in denial about something so huge? It was odd; I believed both at the same time and had an apathy toward it and just did not want to know either way…but I was happy..

    • What a vivid dream Rache… in my experience pregnancy dreams are related to creativity and ideas. Perhaps the denial (or indeed could it have been absolute acceptance as you were so calm about it?) relates to a new creative side of yourself, project or idea that is currently incubating.
      Hope some of that resonates!

      • Hmm… Interesting how I used the word denial but when I describe the experience it really WAS acceptance, like complete joy because I felt such unattachment to the outcome and a complete lack of fear. I’ve been trying to be braver in writing lately and not focus on word count but the process…same for my side business. Joy is experience and creation without attachment.

        • Awesome about the hair Rache, sounds cool.
          Yeah, I agree with Chrys about pregnancy relating to creativity. I must have watched that movie Juno like 5 xs now because I just feel so “pregnant” with all the discomfort that implies and for some reason I find that movie comforting. Also think it’s related to PTS about the two abortions I had to have because my circumstances were so dire at the time that even though I actually wanted to keep them both times, it just wouldn’t have worked out. I don’t regret my decisions now but obvs I’m still affected by the what ifs of them. There is some pain. Mostly tho I think I just identify with being pregnant in the metaphorical creative sense.

  9. Random thought, maybe 2 is a lucky number for me. There is the II for Gemini, and my birthday is 20… I think I shall try it on and see how it fits.