Kanye West’s “Community Of Geminis”

Kanye West Interview

MCQUEEN: To me, “Bound 2” looked like a Prince video. Aesthetically, it had that kind of feel. It wouldn’t have looked out of place if it were part of Purple Rain [1984].

WEST: Well, I’d be biased to think that the community of Geminis is the most consistently in tune with what their spirit is telling them to do or why they have breath in their lungs. But I do think that creative Geminis—Tupac, Biggie, Prince, Miles Davis, all being Geminis—have, throughout history, been really in tune with those things. You know, some different friends of mine have been showing me these interviews that Tupac did and how they’re very simple and to the point. I watched them, and one of the things that Tupac kept saying is that he wanted thugs to be recognized. Now Jay-Z is a multi-hundred-millionaire who came from the streets, so Tupac’s mission, in a way, has been realized.


Interview Magazine


Actually, the whole article is a good read – the power of your dreams, art, streamlining your life, fuq the haters etc. But i love Kanye. He is in fact Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini – so he is like an uber-Gemini, Gemini magnified.

Jay-Z, he might be annoyed to grok, is a Sagittarius. Beyonce wrote Signs about him.”I fell in love with a Sagittarius.”  Jay-Z also has Pluto Rising in Virgo. That will get you off the streets lol. Bieber has Pluto Rising as well. It’s a powerful mentor but not exactly mellow.

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57 thoughts on “Kanye West’s “Community Of Geminis”

  1. Morrissey, another one. Note the prevalence of one-namers in this group!

  2. No pluto rising is not mellow at all. Kinda like being a werewolf who’s off calendar!

  3. ok so i am a jerk and everything, but aagh ‘grok’ i have to say i hate that word. it sounds like an Orc word for ‘spew’ or something. sorry mystic you know i love you and stuff. but i can’t fight this feeling anymore. go on, ban me if you like. i’ve said my piece. i blame the wine at lunch.

      • Guys people don’t get banned from here for having an opinion lol! I like grok as it conveys more than “grasp” but Robert Heinlein – who coined the word – did have some issues, non?

        • yes i know… but you do like the word and i wasnt sure how sensitive you were about such things :)

          i do recall when that word appeared. i think i thought (hoped) it would be a fad and then disappear…! lol

          don’t know anything about its creator – might do some procrastination reading :)

          • You would have to be a science fiction
            fan to understand ‘grok’.
            Telling someone you don’t like a word they use.
            Stranger in a Strange Land was a cult book when it was published, one had to be ultra hip to read it.
            Bit like The Art of Motor Cycle Maintainance…only for the cool.

            • i read Zen & the art.. when i was 14 :) loved it.

              it’s more of an english language thing, the word grok. i understand it but….mmhhrrghh.
              Yes it was probably rude.
              so if you thought that was the case Mystic, my sincere apologies.

              obviously this isn’t my blog and mystic can do whatever she likes of course, and screw my opinion, which is the way it should be. in fact if it were me i would probably make a point of using it even more, just to be bloody-minded :)

          • oh sorry! btw i mean when the word appeared, as in in general spoken english/media discussions etc, not this blog. so’s we’re clear on this . well i try xxoo

      • You mean it annoys you, it strikes a subconscious cord, someone you didn’t like said it? Be more succinct?

      • So does that mean if Lilith conjuncts ascendant in the same sign..both lilith and ascendant in pisces..thats Lilith Rising!! 8|

        • yes Lilith rising.

          I have venus conjunct my ascendant in Virgo so I have Venus rising.

        • Thanks guys for helping me understand about rising sign..I am proud to be a Lilith rising..you have given a great gift today in figuring this out..a thousand blessings to you all. Lilith has quite an effect, and in the past year, her rising in my own life, has given me an utter freedom to be fiercely who I am, and to speak the truth of the buried wisdom. Mystic, your Bitchcraft book is awesome…written like a pro and true mystic. Lilith is showing her ways so strong now..and feminine logos is the really the new elixir in this world..if you got it flaunt it!! 8|

      • I have Cap/ Lilith rising. That explains a lot.

        I saw a psychic once who said I can come across as threatening to some guys. “it’s like they see a hissing snake” 😯

        She also said I had to turn down the “fuq off’ sign hanging over my head. That part didn’t surprise me (it flashes from time to time) but the hissing snake thing disturbed me.

        Venus retro in my 1st house and Lilith is SO bitched up!! It’s like I’ve got a medusa’s head of hissing snakes.

      • I have sun sextile my Gem ascendant, moon square it and Uranus opposing. Do any of those count as rising or is it only for conjunctions?

  4. I have pluto conjunct sun and pluto squares my mars while my mars sextiles my midheavan and uranus. even though I may be a dreamy and imaginative Libran, I think its pluto that helps me and gives me a better chance than average at turning my dreams into foundations.

  5. Gemini while glib gives unvarnished messages and mirrors what others don’t/won’t say. Jester/trickster/minstrel. The dude who gave the king the real news- in the amusement du jour.

  6. He has designed an Alligator skin wide neck collar for a French Couture House at 3k.
    He, Beyonce & Jay-Z are wearing a lot of reptile skins and furs with some ostrich and elephant skin thrown it.
    Since reading about fashion in ‘To Die For’ and what they do to source, what are super expensive animal skins, only 100 of millions can buy, giving them any creeds is hard for me.

    • I totally noticed that every picture of Beyoncé I’ve seen lately is draped in some animal skin, but also saw in an article that JZ has become vegan? The article was making fun of her cos she wasn’t in keeping with her husbands new programme.

      I caught some of Joan Rivers show recently and she had plenty of different furs to show off. It absolutely makes me
      Shudder every time i see someone wearing fur…Bless Ellen de Generes for sticking up for animals!!

      Surely Beyonce, Joan et al can find some other more original, less barbaric way to show off how much money they have?

      • God guys – obviously as a vegan i am UTTERLY anti fur…

        And to me it is a cognitive disconnect that kanye uses it…he would seem better suited to the Jared Leto/Joaquin Phoenix/Morrissey – Earthlings vibe.

        But i need to quote that “community of geminis” take!

        • Mm, yr vegan stance is well documented, and I love it when anyone with a public persona models humane, enlightened attitudes.

          What I mean to say, As much as everything else, the wearing of furs strikes me as terribly passé
          (Uranus transit right over my stellium much?).

        • does he just like controversy? he was getting around in the confederate flag for a while for chrissakes…

          • making an overt political statement is one thing, which i applaud. especially with an in your face confed flag thing, by the sound of it. But when the blood of many cute little furry critters is on one’s hands, that’s another thing entirely imo.

                  • ah. ok, so the rebel in me interpreted his wearing the flag as a big ole “fuq you” to its ‘traditional’ followers. to me he actually takes the (supposed) power out of the flag image by appropriating it, as a wealthy successful african american. Before anyone jumps down my throat, there might be other things I am missing here, but from the outside, to me, that’s how it comes across: “here’s your fuqing flag”

                  • Like,
                    Ima so rich, famous, and
                    Black, I can subvert this FLAG, I OWN it bitches

                    Except logically the next step is
                    KKK hood

                    • yeah, and the 40% of 18-24 yr old Cali black brothers missing their freedom in modern style – in jail – probably don’t feel the same way.

                    • So, and please realise that I am saying all this with awareness of US race relations, that flag still carries symbolig power that is still too hot to touch? In the spirit of revolution? I write this with an awareness of what goes on in the US but no experience. I”d really like to have further discussion about this – aware that it’s a huge issue for the US but space is not permitting :( xx

                    • I just can’t feel good about the fact that one African American man has that privilege now when in the big picture the ethos of that symbol remains oppressive for the majority. I don’t rate him above any of the others. There are critiques by other African Americans online if yr interested. Imagine of Ernie Dingo decided it was a good idea to wear the Union Jack? He might profit from his acceptance into mainstream white culture but would it be offensive to other indigenous Australians?

                • i would like to do a rant about success & alignment with white privilege (wrote shite privilege then!) but I’s too tired and hanging up now

                  • Except you know, a funny thing is that sometimes the oppressed love to see ‘one of theirs’ up there with all the trappings, maybe as a symbol that they could make it too.

                    I am specifically thinking of Imelda Marcos in this instance, as she was adored by the poor, as ‘the Rose of Tacloban’ poor girl who made good. The shoe fetish prob came about cos most of the impoverished in those times had no shoes, walked around in the dust.
                    They never made the connection she was able to afford all this at their expense, more an emotional
                    Connection with what she represented

      • joan rivers i can understand not giving a fuq re fur :( , but beyonce? i thought she’d be a bit more 21st century modern about this.

        • No, I do get it, it’s just so simply about displaying wealth. You would think Beyoncé might not need to…

        • tbc, I’m not attacking you above Pi – I appreciate your openness and interest – I’m just rankled by the politics. However, Mars in on my Merc atm, so I’m aware I may come over more blunt than usual!

    • bingo. His latest video “Bound 2″ was hilarious! I thought it was a SNL gag, but found out it was dead serious.”oh no honey. BAM!” wtf
      ridiculous moon in June rhythms. drink, sink. oh boy. no.

        • oh, um….might have read that here in fact – lol! carry on, while i go back to being a frazzled single mother of 3 at the end of 6 weeks school hols and 6 weeks bloody Venus Rx!

  7. Wow, go Kanye! Love it. I have to admit that I’ve totally researched famous/ awesome Gemini role model women to look up to, & KW’s clearly done the same! Tho with Sun conjunct Jupiter I reckon he looks up to himself a lot LOL

  8. Can’t stand Kanye!!! He makes my blood boil. Didn’t he compare himself to Nelson Mandela recently? Pffft. What a twat! :roll:

  9. Well Kanye isn’t quite as stupid as he appears apparently.
    But he isn’t as bright as he thinks he is either.

    It doesn’t surprise me that an artist thinks mythologically or symbolically.
    Maybe he is reading this blog? Heh, heh.