January Mars-Venus Generalisation

Audrey Hepburn Charade

Venus Retrograde + Mars in Libra = Women withdrawing to get their rich on, drink high-class mineral waters and re-think their whole Sex-Beauty-Romance modality. It’s money and life structure first + a new commitment to quality. 

Men? They are all of a sudden more interested in the intricacies of flirtation, romance, grooming and finessing everything. Yes, it’s a Mars-Venus square.

Mars woos. Venus is in her fortress of (sensual) solitude.  Mars-Mars and Venus-Venus relationships (gay) are likewise in a similar scenario, as one person plays Mars and the other Venus this January, regardless of actual gender.

This doesn’t mean extremely interesting attractions/scenarios are not brewing under the glacial surfaces and they may not be what you think they are.  Don’t expect to grok it till Feb!  See your Horoscopes for more, obviously.


Rene Grau Dior

Images; Audrey Hepburn in Charade & Rene Grau

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195 thoughts on “January Mars-Venus Generalisation

  1. Mutual attraction scenarios would be nice, but it’s all mythology in my realm. sigh.

  2. Venus retro and ZapZone is working for me, or maybe I’m working it. I’ve lost 10 kg over the past 6 weeks. Not intentional but I stopped my antidepressants (was still on low dose of a SNRI and it was waay overdue) – and putting on weight was not even a side effect. I didn’t even think I had that much to lose!! But I feel fantastic, maybe a bit too skinny. No alcohol at all over the silly season and I’m not a sweet eater but deliberately avoided crap foods, mainly diet coke which sends my blood sugar into crazy spikes. Doing lots of yoga. And thanks to whoever on the Venus-Uranus Women thread who mentioned the Pullen astro on Astrodeinst, I worked out I’m a cradle Zap-Zone Warrior as Pluto conj Uranus is my No. 1 aspect, plus I have many Uranus aspects and a stellium with it and Pluto; and I’m a way-out-in-front Virgo (20%) !! Measurements/data for Pisces have come up lately for us Fishes (rising) from Mystic (which of course I am obeying :-) Loving the astro of the times.

    • Well done on ditching the unnecessary meds. Liberation! Your body clearly agrees and you’re being both strong and intuitive in supporting your body’s processes. I too lost some weight over the xmas period (temporary illness) and am resisting any return to comfort eating. Maybe it’s the Venus retro in Cap but I just feel quite happy doing without. :)

      I think it was Calypso who mentioned it on the Venus-Uranus thread though someone else had mentioned it earlier, I think. I tried it out today and there was nothing new about the aspects – oh no, hang on, I was surprised to see a Neptune-Pluto sextile as the closest of any of my aspects. Wonder if that makes it matter more? I usually disregard it as a minor & anyway generational aspect. But the signs were interesting: Libra, Saggi, Pisces, Scorpio..

      • Thanks. I know, my body knows now. It’s like, if I put even say a corn chip in my mouth, I gag from the excessive salt and can’t eat it. Over- salted, flavored, sweetened food just doesn’t sit right anymore. The best thing I’ve done though is sleep hygiene – same bedtime (almost always). It just works. Well that and no mind altering chemicals :-)

        Re aspects: I think Outer Planetary aspects are the most powerful just like the extra whammy from their transits from memory.

        • Yes, re: sleep ff. also try same waking up time. I cured many of my ills some years ago by that very practice. My practice included watching the sunset and sunrise for 30 consecutive days. It’s magic x
          Wishing you a stunning 2014 ff.

  3. Natal Sun-Venus & Mars in Scorp means I’m always on, baby.

    I am feeling the rx Venus in Cap though. The backwards test. You just got to ask yourself one thing: Do I feel lucky?

    Well, do ya, punk?

  4. My love life is so fuqing out there at the moment, (just fuqing loving it this way though!) and this whole withdrawing to get my rich on has been like divine inspiration lately. Two of my main debaucherous romance involvements are both individually encouraging me down two completely different, but totally do-able money making paths (paths that I’ve considered in the past). Decisions, decisions…

      • Thanks! I thought I’d give poncho kitty a rest and get my goat on for Cap season!

        I don’t know if this is all madly exciting, or just plain mad! I’ve also got my own world domination plans to consider, but these guys might just be onto something (and one of them I can actually use to do half the hard work for me, muahahaha!)

      • hi ladies could maybe one or both or all be able to tell me how to get a avatar?? Have a tiny touch of the luddites – and just recovered from a bad case of the Blue Jasmins – go Cate Blanchet we love you!

        • Go to gravatar.com upload a pic you like then enter the email addy you registered on gravatar.com here in the comments section
          That’s it.

  5. Yeah I can relate to this. Have been spending more time focusing on health and getting enough sleep. Definitely not going to jump into some dumb, financially dodgy relationship, thankyouverymuch.

      • The White Sale, is this thrown by a rapper and you got to wear all white?
        I recently found out it’s best to use a eucalyptus based liquid laundry detergent as it keeps your towel fluffy and soft. Also to not leave it out on the line drying for too long, bring it in before it’s dry to keep your towel soft. I must have laundry Virgo because I even hand wash my Sherdian Luxury Egyptian cotton ones. They are bigger than the average bath towel but not as large as a bath sheet.
        My Cap Moon dictates that I buy only when on sale and my Crab Sun only wants the good stuff.

        • Eucalyptus? How is that supposed to get your laundry clean? And dry them outdoors on a line, exposing them to the Sun’s UV rays, and bugs and birds flying over that could poop on them? Unthinkable.

          Towels should be white (thus the white sale nomenclature) so you can blitz them with carboxylate water softener, a high phosphate chemical detergent (but only at about 75% of the recommended dose, to be slightly kinder to the environment) enzymes, and bluing. Yes I really do put 4 chemicals in every laundry run. And sometimes OxyClean or Bleach, but only infrequently as I don’t like to use unnecessary chemicals.

          Some people say you should not use fabric softener, that ruins absorbency. I use fabric softener dryer sheets, I’d rather use two less-absorbent soft towels than one scratchy towel.

          Actually I have been hearing lately that the best way to launder towels is a conventional way (like mine) then a second run with a cup of vinegar and nothing else. Then a third laundry cycle with a dash of baking soda to neutralize the vinegar. Since my building’s washers are $1.25 a pop, I don’t feel like spending $3.75 (plus chemicals) just to launder my old towels.

          And I do mean old, like the newest ones are from 1996. They would all be pretty much rags if I didn’t have lots of towels so I can rotate often. Come to think of it, my towels ARE pretty much rags. That’s probably not surprising with the harsh way I launder them.

          Mystic once described me as “intense about bedding” when I talked about new sheets. But this is just natural Taurus behavior, he wants something nicely tactile against his skin (and maybe yours). And Taurus is a skinflint and considers it a virtue. My favorite towels are cheap little hand towels I stole from the Washington Hotel in Shinjuku.

          • Charles you missed my PDiddy White Party/Sales joke. I thought I’d hit a home run with it too.
            What the unholy are you trying to get out of your towel?
            Most Australian birds don’t poo on your laundry drying on the line, they save it for your car.
            I do agree with you about the dryer sheets. Fabric softener just gunks up the machine.
            I make my own laundry powder using borax and washing soda. Many years ago (perhaps around the time you last purchased a new towel) I would boil grated Sunlight soap and Lux flakes to form my own laundry slime. Good stuff and it felt like a slime but smelt so clean, it would ooze through your fingers.
            What sort of crazy person wants to curl up on sandpaper or something the quality of a kitchen paper towel? Not this black duck…that’s for sure.
            Was it your toe nails that ripped the bed sheets? You have to have standards. I knew a guy who ironed his bed sheets. Just figured it was because he didn’t spend much time asleep because of his coke addition.
            Hotel towels have a very special quality and it’s no wonder they are taken as souvenirs.

            • Towells? Bought some bamboo ones and the softness is luxury plus AND they dry faster than usual ones.
              Bed & Bath sell them.
              Once tried, you would not settle for anything else!

          • good lord, I’m going to ignore your laundry practice Charles! Can’t cope! But my 2c says bath towels should be striped. Don’t know why they’re so hard to get!

          • far out! what’s with the chemical warfare? Our washing line is under a tree and we’re usually OK with animal activities. maybe sometimes i have to re-wash something but no matter :)
            ftr UV rays are sterilising. oh and eucalyptus oil is a strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent (as an externally used substance, that is). It’s also good for removing glue residues, oil stains and oil-based marks e.g. ink, from leather etc.. anyway I digress

            as a general comment on the towel thing, I secretly love the almost scratchy, sun-dried, worn-to-threads towels. I think I just get sick of wrestling with towels the size of bedsheet unless I am on the beach or something.

            My favourite towels in the world are a pair that my then-living grandparents brought back from a holiday about 30 years ago. Maybe production has changed since that time but they are going strong. *knock on wood*

  6. Is it just me, or has the aftershave – or skin-tightening serum – that Mr Mars in LIbra is carrying shrunk his head? Or is the fact that the Venusian types in the office seem relatively immune to his flirtation/delicious scent at the moment doing it for him?

  7. I like the sound of this. 😀 I’m feeling even more detached than usual, really questioning what I want out of life and relationships and content to live very in-the-moment until I find something/one that blows me away or earn the things I’m working so hard towards getting (financial freedom, EXTREME health).

    I have this (multi-Sagg, his Mars right on my Venus) person I am seeing now who is very attractive and brilliant but we have a funny power struggle going on. I essentially wanted to have a hot, short fling and then take off and get on with my big life plans and he’s been holding out on sex trying to get me interested in him in a different way. Which I am. It’s literally just a time/mental space/anti-distraction thing! Wrong timing. But I’m trying to stay open about it while having really hard boundaries. Adopting this attitude has taught me so much about men and unavailability…”The Rules” are obnoxious but also really work. As the Oracle says, “treat em mean to keep em keen…” ^__^

    • Hmmm…. reading the second paragraph of your reply kind of tips me off that that might be the situ with something going on with me. I just wanted to get in and do my thing and get on with my plans, but it seems the other party is stalling with something. I have essentially hung around a lot longer than I planned. I havent “given” him anything I wouldnt otherwise, so its not any real loss anyhow. Staying open amidst lots of conflicting messages. Ehh, whatever. Im not expecting anything.

  8. Ugh weirdness going on for me that I can’t seem to wrap my head around properly. Men are dumb, no, fearful – no offense to the guys out there. But I see too many times they just want to settle for something easy rather than have something Ah-may-zing. Seriously though with Saturn in my 5th, I’d rather have a date with myself and my art than waste time trying to decipher something-anything- less than 5 star worthy. So whatevs.

    • That’s the way to win! Screw wasting time on boring dead-end dates.

    • Do it! Date yourself. This is so NOT a whatevs moment. This transit is all about looking within to examine the creative blocks (art love children) that have always been present. Emphasis on the always. The blocks are mirrors hon. I don’t know you so this is not based on observation or anything but is it possible you’re deliberately seeking out people who aren’t able to ‘measure up’ so that you can reinforce something about yourself that you’ve always felt was unloveable? This is meant to be a bit of a hermitage phase and then you emerge once Saturn leaves this house of fire and attract the kind of person who IS able to cope with glorious pheonix you.

      I’m having the same transit BTW :) Haven’t left the house for days. Reading and planning. Cabin fever is approaching tho. Am gonna take Saturn for a walk this arvo.

      • That’s a great summation of the transit for me – identifying blocks that have always been there. Pisces is nothing but supportive in his actions, which gives me a mirror into my own blocks, which include blind spots when it comes to my child and beliefs about her too. Wow. Mind blown.

        • Mine is about my creativity and my constant self-talk that I’m not good enough. It’s fuqing crazy. My judgment of my own abilities and standards is way higher than it is when I look at anyone else. Saturn stopped opposing my natal saturn a few weeks ago and I am SO READY to get this show on the road. I have the in-house support crew too. He’s been making enough food so there’s little lunches in the fridge for me when I wake up because he knows I’m trying to work out the head fuck of a lifetime at the moment.

          • AW! Yes – same for me – the insecurities – even if for me its the context of a new relationship – it touches creativity and children too. Its my baggage.

            I never had a support crew before! He packs me lunch and b vitamins every work day. Been six weeks and I’m still amazed by that every day. :-)

            • It’s the “fuq off I can do it myself’ vibe that puts off the support crew you think? I have a lotta virgo too. That’s apparently the vibe I put out. So at the moment I am practicing being vulnerable and verbalising how shit makes me feel rather than striding off and dealing with it alone.

              • Sure – the fuck-off force field is strong with me, lol. Still happy to have someone penetrate it :-)

      • Well, this is the first time Ive taken this much time for myself out of relationship-land… I was a serial monogamist for about a decade. Relationships were my Everything, literally. I was so co-dependant, that if I knew myself back then, I would have gotten hives being around myself. After the Pluto shizz(also going on in that same decade), I emerged with lots of lessons I learned the hard way in relating. My Venus in Cap was left like a little homeless girl in terms of love. Wait actually I was homeless/parentless/boyfriendless(not jobless) for awhile, but thats another story. Lots and lots of reflection going on, believe me. I definitely feel I am in the middle of heavy duty Phoenix-ing, so we will see how things play out. I dont plan on being distracted along the way, as Ms. Oracle has said to me on many an occasion.

      • Its a bit lonesome… but its definitely more liberating and I feel more authentic :) Thanks Serenity.

        • Yeah, the right one will come along. We just need patience. They say when we don’t expect it. It’s true.

    • Ah, not all men are fearful. The Pisces Cap-rising stepped out of a fog in September and declared his intentions for me, sold all his stuff and moved in by end of November. Its humbling though – no matter how romance the romance, you still have to go grocery shopping together.

          • Rubbish!!! I’m not scared. I’m just fussy and idealistic.. and why shouldn’t I be! 😀

          • And no, Im not scared. C’mon, Venus in Cap in 7th – its like Mars Cap but with Venus. Not afraid of climbing mountains and all that jazz in the realm of love. I also am an Evening Star Venus in the late 40 degrees, and that means I am more of an experienced, older type lover – flings and anything that remotely smells of non-reliable do not fit with me in the same room. Obviously you see how this conflicts with my very free, liberal, Lilith type energy. My problem is finding the right level of reciprocity. I do have feelings of unworthiness – but I feel that has a lot to do with not meeting a single man that was willing to “go there” with me. My heart has been broken more times than I care to recall – I gave it without caution. Ive always been an all-in type gal. Yes, there are issues there with self-love, and yes, this Saturn period is all about connecting with what I can do for myself. But seriously, I am looking for a man that knows how to appreciate what he has in me and KNOWS it. Im only willing to bloom for that person.

            • hey sorry if you took this as a response to what you’d said above – I can see now how you could – it was a joke and it wasn’t my intention to direct at you.

              Apart form that hIgh five to being selective about who you share your blooms with.

        • Easy enough for people like you who already have someone awesome.

          Have you tried internet dating? I think you’d feel differently if you dipped your toes in that swamp! :)

          • Dude. I love online dating. Granted, I’ve used it on and off and with a very lighthearted sort of attitude… I’ve gotten friends, lovers, books, substances, jobs, party invites, packages full of philosophy and math pdfs in the mail, and sublets through okcupid. Haven’t had an active account in awhile but when I did it was like one giant party of weirdness! Even the bad parts were hilarious. Just don’t have the time for anything new or novel at the moment but the internet is awesome. I also live in Geektopia, USA so probably have an above-average sample of people. Everyone in SF has an okc account (even the people in relationships lol).

            • maybe they have better sorts where you live and you’re in a different age group. I used to get fat, old, ugly sleazy types.

              Had two decent flings from it I suppose. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s too depressing.

              • I am with you on that one Scorpbot. When you find yourself on the wrong side of 30, the pool gets scummy quickly. I did meet one nice guy, but something was odd there (not him just around).

                • I don’t consider it the “wrong” side. Still, when one is close to 50 (and i could pass for someone a decade younger) I still don’t feel like hanging out in bars or clubs. It’s boring and most people are glued to their phones and not into chit- chat and I can’t drink as much as I use to either. So… yeah, the pool gets smaller.

                  Besides, I can’t imagine my future partner sitting in a bar getting pissed. He’d be at home working on a novel or something :)

              • yup. once you’re past mid-30’s no one decent will give you a try no matter how hot your picture is on online dating. Sad but true. And lying about your age catches up to you real quick unless it’s like 1 or 2 yrs off. One time just for yucks, I made another profile that was pretty much the same exact duplicate of the real one but put in a younger age. (i look about 15 – 20 yrs younger than my age so the lie is feasible) whammo. more hits and more decent looking men. The men searching are only looking at certain age groups. No i didn’t go out with any of them… i was just testing the system…

          • I tried. Got a speeding ticket leaving one. And I spent 4 years alone. I don’t feel bad about being lucky now or under estimate the difficulties of being single (or a mom, or middle aged). I just don’t think all men suck even if most people do (lol!!)

            • Ahh, I didnt mean to catch you on the wrong side of my Saggo blanket-statement there, but I agree, I know not all men suck… but you have to be honest…. Most men do, non? Or at the very least ignorant…

              Believe me – I love men. I mean, seriously, on the other thread there I was saying how I have an inner gay man. That dude just loves on a very primal level LOL. But in my experience, quality is very few and far between. Werent you alone for a long time?

          • I’ve often thought about that and how I’d deal with it if I had to. I still operate very much in the face-to-face world as far as human relating stuff goes, so I don’t think I’d do internet dating. I don’t know if it’s the 5th house arrangement I have or the lilith but men and sometimes women still approach and chat me up the old-school way. Just as it was when I was single, there’s phases when it’s subsided but it comes back cyclically. But maybe that’s part of it. I’ve always seen that stuff as cyclic so when I was single if it wasn’t happening I’d just go do something else. Night classes whatever. Something for myself. I used to love going to the movies on my own. I’ve never viewed men in the same way my friends/other women did though. Some formative time was spent with a tribe of boys maybe that’s what caused it. Or maybe it’s the mars venus uranus arrangement discovered yesterday! Most enlightening post ever.

          • Sorry guys, but my snotty Evening Star Venus wont touch internet dating with a 10 foot pole and Hazmat suit.

            • Maybe it’s a Venus in Cap thing, because neither would mine! I equate online dating sites with indignity and desperation, aside from that, I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before that I fear any foray into online dating will result in me ending up in small pieces in some psycho’s freezer…

              • It must be a Venus in Cap thing. I echo your sentiments exactly.

                Do you know what degree Evening or Morning Star Venus you are Saturnalien?

                  • Check to see if your Venus is before or after your Sun. Lets say your 7 deg Cap Venus is before your Sun at, oh, 20 deg. That means you are a Morning Star Venus by 13 degrees.

                    If I look in my notes for this stuff, a 13 deg Venus is one of new beginnings, seeding, birth phase, so its a tender phase for Venus to be in.

                    • Thanks CS. I thought it was the difference between the numbers mathematically. Had forgotten about the pie sections on the chart being 29 degrees per house and allocated sign.

              • Maybe its an earth Venus thing. I don’t do dating – I’m in or out not inbetween. I’m Venus in Virgo (Venus at 6 and Sun at 20 – 14 Morning Star?)

          • They can be. It’s time they show it and put their money where their mouth is! 😛 lol

  9. aahh! hmm.
    Do I take an extended phase out from daily urban living to utterly indulge my Sadge Neptune 6th house / Pisces sun-merc 9th house in a life-changing tropical paradise work situ?
    Do I apply for the job with stable money, not un-boring, and ‘meets my existing skills’ job here?
    Do I stay the course and see out the next 2 years with the current kaleidoscope / trajectory of artistic development?

    once in a lifetime tropical paradise option is looking amazing. Impulse decisions are my forte they really are. Say YES to awesomeness, Saves all that cap-moon deliberating 😉

    • I’m confused. So you’ve chosen the “lifetime tropical paradise option” Does this have financial rewards? Does it cancel out the other two options?

    • HA! If it’s the same thing, I almost impromptu did that too! I suspect doors will open after paradise Pi

      • ‘s possible. I’m just going to put all the options at the start line, give each of them a fighting chance and see what’s winning in a few months.

    • There’s ginormous spiders, monsoonal flooding, tsunamis and heaps of mosquitos in tropical island paradises. Is it a situation that can easily be reversed if it doesn’t work out? i.e. you can leg it back to Aus quick smart if you don’t like it. Doesn’t involve selling all your earthly possessions does it? I’d be grounded and careful about making that decision … first thing that springs to mind – is it a geographical (hoping that a shift in locale will shift one’s inner state)?

      Sorry to be such a boring old Grinch …. can’t help myself. I personally would not be making any huge commitments to life changing things whilst all this retrograding business is going on. Exploring – yes. Researching – yes. Investigating – yes. Dipping my toe in for a little taste – yes. Big shifts overseas to new cultures requiring dramatic internal readjustments? No. Freakin. Way.

      …. but that’s just me. 😉

      • -There’s ginormous spiders, monsoonal flooding, tsunamis and heaps of mosquitos in tropical island paradises….

        Even the most beautiful woman in the world has her flaws :)

        selling all my earthly possessions?

        – maybe some of them. if so it’s been a long time coming.

        Big shifts overseas to new cultures requiring dramatic internal readjustments?

        – OK so this is basically my dream, just fuqing off somewhere to do something completely new and out of left field and ending up with a gigantic bucketful of new experiences, friends and skillz. :-) xx

        • I don’t know what’s practical, but living is pretty impractical when you boil it down to the end, yes? Wishing you adventures for 2014, Pi! Wherever they may occur.

          • yep exactly. the way I am conducting my life right now is not practical. Why not conduct it somewhere else and at least do more for the community ?

            • 😀 Have an awesome journey Pi!!
              NN in Sagg – there is never a reason to stay put really.. You can always come back.

              • you have NN in sagg? cool..

                mine is Libra 4th house… i have spent my saturn 4th house transit basically With The Family and egads the cabin fever…sigh. I see 4th house as one’s roots, not one’s roof, as it were… boy have I sorted that out as much as I care to right now.

                Someone asked me today about how Plan C (tropical paradise) would fit into my plan, my instant gut response was ‘It doesn’t! but it is perfect! I am SO fuqing sick of planning!! It comes to nothing anyway!! Things change!! things always change!! I don’t want to die wondering !!! etc etc etc clearly they hit a nerve. I just wanted excitement and support and they analyse it, as if my cap moon hasn’t already bookmarked every web page and noted all of the important phone numbers to call and discuss…

                sorry rant over xx

              • I understand that feeling.
                You don’t need any more 4th House telling you wot to do!
                Frankly, life is about putting your heart into experiences fully. All that really counts is your ability to do that. Not money. Not what other people think. Are. You. Ready. To. Commit. Committing can be committing the moment you get there to flying home again. It’s just about if you are ready to absorb and assimilate. Clearly you ARE!! Perhaps it’s time to diplomatically help others with their roots?

                • thank you for understanding Andro :) a sadge NN always would :) xoxo
                  still feeling my way around this relatively new realm of *not* cap-mooning out on every career decision , second guessing myself to high heaven, and instead just doing it.!

  10. I’m in a really different relationship now. One – its my first relationship post divorce and I’m a mom, so its like a love triangle in the best possible way with Pisces and my Aries girl. Two – Pisces totally supports my dreamy-artsy side. The other day I came home and painted a goat on the wall while he fed the girl and the pets and kept them all entertained. I never had someone support me like that. It makes me feel insecure. Because now I have something I want to keep. Insecurity is funny like that. It can rob you of any happiness, no matter how close it is. Thanks to some hard Pluto transits, I can keep awareness of my own fears. I didn’t know I was so fearful before. I guess that’s my Venus retro lesson. Who knows. All surprises for me. Progressed Sun-Uranus-Venus-Mercury conjunction on my AC. Wild ride.

    • I think that fear is almost saying “hold back a bit, just in-case x, y or z happens.”
      I’ve enjoying reading about your beautiful relationship with your lovely Pisces. That someone would pack up their life and move States for you is very romantic. Best of luck and maybe have a chat with your fear and say “Yes those things could happen, but let’s enjoy what is.”

      • True – Nothing lasts forever. That’s scariest when you have what you want to last.

        The voice in my head is like “you can’t keep him happy. he can’t handle this responsibility. you are failing.” But I KNOW I didn’t get this man by trying to make him happy and everything is going well – even between the pets. LOL! That’s just how deep the conditioning goes – old ways. And I am not that anymore, but I see the old ways try to creep back in – desire to please and belief I can’t. Pisces and I had our first fight in the grocery store the other day. He was freaking because it was chaos in the store and we didn’t have a list. He explained his dilemma in the aisle and I said “That’s not my responsibility.” I fucking hate shopping too, you know? I won’t feel bad about him hating it too. I felt this rush of rage after I said it. Told him “I’d love a list.” I later realized I was scared he was going to leave forever and was ready for him to on principal, which is an over reaction – but it came quickly, maybe it will end quickly too. Who knows? I gave him the car keys, told him to wait in the car. He said no, he wasn’t leaving like that. Got home and he made spice cake and a grocery list for the next trip. :-)

        • awww, spice cake and an unpleasant under your belts now. it’s so true, once you have something to lose, how changed all your mental processes are. big hugs, and if i’ve learned anything at all from the last month and a half, it’s to appreciate everything. take nothing for granted, and live in gratitude. for every teensy little thing! savor the 5 minutes of happiness, all of them. or hours of goat-painting happiness… xxxx

          • Aw, thanks love. I do. He’s got a climbing trip planned for March. I think when we are cuddling on the couch being lazy that these are the times we’ll both think about when he’s off climbing. xo

    • you hit the jackpot with your man 12h V – Someone suitable and supportive!

      Happy for you. :)

      • I did. And he is broke as hell. Ha ha! I think I put that on my list at some point in my lonely times – a man who works with his hands, is an artist, is available, all that – didn’t care about money at all and still don’t. Makes me realize how many assumptions about males earning money I had in the past. Now here he is in all his glory – nearing the end of my 2nd house Saturn transit. I had to know my values before I could value him. :-)

        • LOL. Well with a Cap Asc $$ is high up there on my list. I use to think I wanted a creative partner but have changed my tune.

          Hopefully Saturn leaves you a little present after he departs your 2nd :)

          • It would be great to have a partner with deep pockets but it is incredibly liberating to separate my financial goals from my romantic ones. What is it that Mystic said? You bring the forcefield? Responsibilities are scary, but its pretty awesome to call the shots in your own life, bottom line, no stops.

          • oh btw, I’m sure that’s another scenario in which he would have supported her to paint a goat on the wall 😉

            • :-) Maybe the Pisces will make me rich in the future off his paintings. Either way, for now I am enjoying having a partner.

          • That’s what I need right now – a suited man with deep pockets to support my creative dreams.

            Ah Patti & Mapplethorpe – Cap & Scorp. Great combo. She’s my role model – a multi Cap.
            She rocks!!

            • She so Saturnian, he so Plutonian. Both channeling the divine. Their Nodes are conjunct.

  11. Totally doing the rich-health-beauty self love thing. Totally not seeing grooming, flirting, romancing males. And I work in a mining town surrounded by men.

  12. Thanks Mystic. Your post explains why I shrug off ex and potential flirts and focus instead on my budget and yearly goal list.

  13. I’m too busy embracing my Inner Grump to bother with frivolous things like flirting and grooming. Have just applied for a role as an online crisis support worker and switched my arts degree over to a BA social science majoring in community and youth work. Hopefully that will keep friggin Neptune in the 10th and Saturn in the 6th off my friggin case for awhile.

    • having those same transits and doing a similar degree. the way i figure it, neptune will be happy with the service and idealism through the 10th, 11th, and 12th houses, and after that, i’ll be dead. 😉

      • Bahahahahahahahahah 😆

        OHMIGOD you know I thought exactly the same thing!!!


        That by the time Neptune is done with houses 10, 11 and 12 and Pluto done with 8, 9 and 10 I’ll be dead and they can all just go fuq off. hehehe 😉

  14. holed up in my fortress of solitude, binge eating nuts and gluten-free bread and jam. romance is a strange, strange creature these days.

    • I’ve been binge eating nuts like crazy! I am upping the nutrition now. Juicing, nuts, phood…must be in the astro.

      • I’m with you – all I want to do is stay holed up in my fortress all weekend. Binge eating all week – on popcorn of all things? Romance? What the hell is that?

  15. All those planets in Capricorn are touring my 7th house right now. Also have natal Venus in Cap right on my Descendant. Saturn is touring my 5th.

    So…………for the first time in literally a decade, I am going on a date this Friday night. I don’t really do internet dating, but a couple months ago I made a profile on a site and a guy emailed me who is nice looking and near my age, actually a couple years younger! Who knows if we’ll have chemistry once we meet, but I’m curious and, again, I haven’t done anything like this in ages. I don’t really feel comfortable with internet dating and probably won’t continue after this date…. I turn 46 in a few weeks, so this will either be a nice ego boost or will fuel my usual pre-birthday depression…..ha ha! Really, though, like in the theme of this blog, I’m feeling pretty detached about it. I just feel……………..curious. And I feel like it’s good ‘practice’ for something else, though I don’t know what that something else is. I have been my own date, with no intention or vision of a partner for over a decade, so I can easily get with this vibe, but life is throwing me some contrast by way of this ‘date’, so I have to check it out. Curious…..

    • Good luck!!! :) Hope it works out and you have some fun – despite Saturn touring your 5th.

      • Interesting date…. We only hung out for an hour, but I think that was good to get a good first sense without going overboard. We have some things in common, so that’s good. Not sure if I may have talked too much. He seems a bit introverted, but seemed mostly ok with my talkativeness.

        Nice guy. I think he liked me ok, but not sure. I liked him and would be into going out with him again, but he also lives in Hawaii and is just visiting California with hopes to buy a second house here. So….if I see him again it will be the next time he comes here, which might be in a week or two. Anyway……I’ll see if he gets in touch with me again. I think that would be better than me following up.

        So…….not bad, not great, no sense of whether it would continue. At least it wasn’t some sort of disaster!

        • well that worked out well I suppose…

          Saturn in 5th. No chance of love zombie-ism. Boundaries all sorted :)

        • Something about your reply made me envision a Libran.
          When I meet ppl that are likeable but you can’t gauge them too well, usually for me that’s Libra.

          My ex was a Libra. Will leave it at that lol

          • Yes, no love zombie-ism vibe in this situation at all. If this transpires into anything, I think it will be quite mellow.

            I pour all my love-zombie vibes onto fantasy crushes, like crushes on rock stars and such….pretty safe. 😉 My current ‘celebrity’ crush is physics professor Brian Cox…..phowar! <3
            My married-20 years friend always says it's good to maintain a few 'safe' crushes. There is something sort of therapeutic about it…

            Ha! Funny you say Libra, Nightrose! He's an Aries! …..opposite sign! I don't know his chart, so maybe he's got some Libra stuff, I will find out the rest of it if I hang out with him again.

            • That’s so funny! Ehh I was wrong. You know what I just remembered is that although we share some aspects I remember you had inverse sign(s) of me somewhere. Airies is opp of Libra. It’s like I saw the flip of you and that made me think of our swapped planet(s). K I’m blabbing now. Hope you guys hit it off :)

              • Thanks, I don’t know when I’ll get to hang out with him again, if at all, because he doesn’t live nearby me at all. I’d have to wait for him to come back to California.

                Anyway…….I read how whatever your sign, you have the opposite sign within you somewhere. So maybe his inner Libra comes forth more than his outer Aries…

                Me, I’m an Aqua Sun….completely different. People always guess me a Pisces, though, perhaps due to my Pisces moon.
                Speaking of opposites…..I used to date a lot of Leos (opposite of Aqua)…..haven’t met another one in a long time now, though…

  16. Haha. Too funny. I bought fancy mineral water today…for the first time ever in my life (and before reading this blog entry).

    Currently online dating…and definitely playing it far more conservative than I have in the past…while also keeping this truth at the forefront of my brain:

    “It takes a lady to make a gentleman.”

    How I conduct myself and communicate sets the precedent. Right?

    And it’s totally working.

    I used to get messages from men I’d never consider dating in a million years. And now? I’m getting messages from men who actually seem to have it together on many levels.

    But am reminding myself, nonetheless, to NOT get wrapped up in it. If something is solid, it will endure, regardless of whether or not I’m fanning the flame 24/7. This is the MOST anti- love zombie I’ve been in YEARS.

    Liberating. Yes.

      • sorry. railed at the implicit message in that aphorism that it is (once again) a woman’s responsibility for how a man behaves 😉

        • Yes! Thank you pi :)

          Perhaps combine the two: ladies attract gentleman? That way nobody is making anyone into anything and each is strongly in their own best self.

    • Awesome! Yeah. I’m back online dating. My profile and vibe completely different. Not left or right. More centered on me. One of the guys said — you’re cool, you’re just about being. Had to think of that. Not doing, but just being. That was a compliment. He hadn’t met me. Just email, etc. The oracle has a message on online dating and it’s come up for me — put a rad profile on, check it once a week. This time around, I’m not giving off any vibes on my online profile except that I’m centered and cool with my life. Not looking for anything. Meaning — I will take my time, no rush. It’s worked. The pictures are enough to entice yet mysterious, current pix. Pix also good representation of where I am now with online dating. Not sure why I’m getting guys 15 years and younger. Nothing in my profile says that I’m looking for younger guys. I let them pursue too. And I don’t ever seem to eager, even after a date with a hottie. Staying classy for the first time.

  17. Venus rets pretty much on my natal Venus. Mars.. well I’m not sure except that vibe sounds about right and fits the scene.

    Centaur invite to lunch this Saturday. Talked about a catch up last year but I was half expecting a suggestion of yoga or hiking lol. Toro Ascendant is relieved. He is a double Saggo and has the vague follow through we can have. . Maybe this cosmic climate has triggered some follow through.

    From previous conversations there is some Mars/Venus similarity. Chart yet to be checked but he might actually remember to bring it.

    Two Centaurs who will likely not shut up enough to actually eat should make for an entertaining afternoon.

  18. A Kataka woman friend-client married to a Kataka male for more than a decade, wants him to passionately hug her but he just touches her gently.
    Venus-Venus action? He wants her to be his Mother. She wants a Lover.

    He doesn’t think there is a problem. She thinks he IS the problem.
    They as a couple are examples of What his This Thing Called Marriage
    i knew about from age 5. Or a signal of 2 same sign couplings, but not Partners?
    (If it were me, i would take the money and RUN).

    • What does she expect he’s a CRAB!!
      Recent Kataka sun & Mars fling was the same – gentle touches 😐 nothing wrong with that … but sometimes you want to mix things up a bit you know! LOL.

      I got the impression he wanted a mother figure too… Yuk

          • Didn’t LindaGoodman say that their were feminine & masculine signs
            and some were feminine by night & masculine by day & vice versa.
            If so, then knowing that & working it could be beneficial to each other’s temperament.

            Love Kataka women but the men don’t do it for me , not at all.

            • Same, the female Katakans are lovely.
              I’m running for the hills next time I see any Crab planets – especially Mars, in a man’s chart. Cannot tolerate the pass -agg. It infuriates my Saggo moon. Give me a mars in Libra any day. At least that conjuncts my Venus. :)

              • Might no house placement mitigate the effect? My Gem/Aqua/Kataka signature partner has Mars in Pisces but in the 1st & there is no pass-agg. (But then all the air probably mitigates that, he’s uber logical). What do you think?
                A Mars in Libra sounds perfect for you, yes!

                • Oh for sure, but he has a grand water trine Sun/Merc/Mars in 3rd house. Too much water and it’s all about his feelings. You’d think 3rd house would mitigate all that water but NO!, It manifested in him loving the sound of his voice – he just talked and talked but didn’t LISTEN!! That classic Gemini short attention span thing. When I first met him i wondered if he had anything in Gem because he just wouldn’t shut up. Nothing deep mind you, just lots of useless and pointless information. He was a walking talking Wiki. My Saggo moon was more interested in what he THINKS, not what he KNOWS!

                  I feel bad being harsh about him. He was very sweet but too insecure. I need a strong personality to match my Sun in 10th self. All his planets were in the lower half of the astro chart 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. Most of mine are up top.

                  Yes, Mars in Libra is good for me. Even Libran men with a strong venus or mars. I need lots of air as I have a very fixed earth / water chart. Air challenges me and keeps me on my toes. Pysche in Aqua.
                  I’ve had plenty of Mars Libra lovers. They do it for me on every level. It’s the Napalm aspect in Mystic’s venus/mars astro compatibility 😛

                  Your partner sounds lovely. Good balance with that astro.

                  • The boring monologue (while not noticing your eyes are glazing over with boredom) is a classic Aspergers trait. If his kids have it. good chance he is living with it undiagnosed… maybe that’s the issue and not his astro…

                    • Yeah I think so too. I’ve asked him but he won’t admit it. One kid is autistic, the other has Aspergers. His mum left his dad when he was 15 because he was difficult to live with. So I suspect his dad had it too.

                      I knew something was up when he struggled to understand why I’d be upset that he didn’t wish me luck in my exam. He doesn’t get some social conventions.

                      Crab has memory problems too which I think is why he hoards. All related to loss as well.

                      You got a good memory SatA!! I think you mentioned you have Aspergers too? Or highly functioning autistic?

                    • Sounds about my Aspie father in law’s life, I think more or less skipped my partner (add & uber gem) but that’s a powerful pattern. Well spotted Sat!

                    • I’ve noticed it’s extremely common for males with raging Aspergers to be in complete denial
                      about i,

                      strange… I’m hyperlexic which is supposedly somewhere on the high functioning end of the spectrum.
                      Andro, are you sure he didn’t inherit it from you? female Aspies are a whole different species to male… usually misdiagnosed with ADD… something to ponder 😉 x

                    • I’d say there is a red hot chance his autism is from me! I am ADD & slightly spectrum, I think (but not so you’d notice). Between my hub & I yep, it’s quite the genetic spectrum medley.

                    • And thank Goddess of Scorpions for your balm, my little one is waking up shrieking from mosquito bites – it’s fabulous for this. I get more sleep ‘cos of you, xxxxx.

    • Is he younger? This pluto and venus in cap is testy. But pluto was also in sag prior, so if there is gem in his chart, like his venus, he’s gone cold? For how long? Power thing? Hmm….

  19. Men? More interested i n flirtation, finesse, romance and grooming.
    YA RECKON?????
    I think they just lie there and do nothing.

  20. Looking up own venus stuff and it turns out i have venus square pluto and my ex had mars square pluto. It does explain his rage and my love you/hate you drama. Read somewhere that these two attract each other. Is it true? Also it said that the greater the chemistry the more likely it wont be suitable for a partnership? In my case, was magnetically attracted to my ex and we had great chemistry but in my case I took his rage personally and it would lead me to rile him up more. I have now learnt that its about balancing energies and taking turns to be strong and just “there” when the other has a moment.

    Im looking deep at my patterns of relating now: i have venus in leo 11th house square pluto in scorpio 2nd house. Anyone with advice on how best to work with this square and the positive aspects of it?

  21. I’ve had the craziest holiday season! Was invited by a good friend to go home with her to Italy for Christmas.

    But here’s the back story: I met a sweet Italian guy while taking a solo trip to Thailand for R&R three years ago. We kept in contact and I always felt a bit overwhelmed by his intensity even though I thought he was lovely. We kept in touch although I wasn’t sure if he was just a pervy Italian..

    Fast forward: Went through major breakup crisis in April this year. Went off Facebook but Spotify activated it without me knowing. Got a message from him – “I looked for you on FB but couldn’t find you, and realized I had no way of getting to you. I was crushed. Please tell me all your contact details (email/Skype) so this doesn’t happen again..” Reconnected, I cried to him over Skype a lot. Basically me crying, him trying to tell a joke/play his guitar. He wanted to see me but I was really uncertain/afraid to plunge into something new and disappeared.

    Back to the present. I was in Italy, felt really bad about disappearing, asked him if he would come to lunch with my friend, her parents and myself. He drove two hours to get to me, was half an hour early and beaming/staring at me through lunch. I was quite embarrassed, blushing the entire time as her parents smiled and played along. He offered to drive me to Rome – that’s seven hours’ drive. On NYE, we were sitting on the streets of Rome, hadn’t booked a restaurant, bought pizza off the street and he said that the three days were the best days of his life.

    Two weeks on, I’m staying in his flat, he’s cooking for me every day, refuses to let me clean, buying fresh croissants every morning before I wake up. I don’t know if I’ve ever been spoilt like this.. :)

    I’m a Libran, he’s a Gemini, I have no idea how this plays out in the Mars-Venus thing..

    • And I know all the bad stuff people say about Gems being man children! He IS a manchild. But he’s so sweet it’s almost unbelievable. I feel terrified that this is all going to turn into a terrible nightmare.

      BUT he does smoke weed everyday – even though when we were travelling and driving through Rome, he somehow managed to do just one joint in a week.

      • Have some fun!
        He really likes you very much.
        You can’t protect yourself from being hurt, unless you just leave. Just be happy and enjoy while it feels good?
        Tall order perhaps. Love IS scary. 😉

        • Didn’t ask him for birth time, but I’m a Libran Sun, Capricorn Rising.

          Love IS Scary. I look at him sometimes, and I think to myself run now. Which I have actually previously (by not letting him come see me). He is such a man child and is the product of a loving dad stoically shouldering the problems of a cheating (she basically disappeared for five years), Barbie-doll-loving mom.

          He gets upset when we don’t um shag enough. Which he doesn’t take it out on me of course, but I can see him being all like sad and puppy-dog like.

          • Libra/Gem is a nice combo!
            It’s can be positive his mum isn’t there to spoil him rotten, it’s generally what makes Italian boys so insufferable.
            Really, I would see that as a positive. :-/

          • With Kataka in the 7th, supposing you have that, you may attract him & it may suit you to take on a nurturing role in 1-on-1 partnerships.

  22. Seems that I’m in synch with the astro then. Went on a real date (first one after my marriage breakdown, and split with my Aqua/Leo) – not disastrous, conversation was good, he’s certainly attractive, but it just didn’t click, and all I wanted to do was get home, curl up on the couch, hang out with my dog, do a manicure and re-affirm my “wants and needs list” in relationships.

    Soooooo not ready to be out there looking for romance – I’d rather catch up on sleep right now.