Happy New Warrior Moon!!!

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The Emperor

     “You better fuqing make a move while you got a chance. Because it’s not going to wait around for you to get comfortable with the idea of your mortality. You better just bust out the machete and start chopping through this shit and heading in some direction.”
Conor Oberst

Happy New Year! More importantly, happy New Warrior Moon!  Yes, it’s a Mars enhanced New Moon aligned with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury, Messenger of the Gods. Super-profound.  If you are a subscriber, see the Daily Mystic for Wednesday as it has some vital schizz re this Moon.

Check out the big red square in the chart below – this is a Grand Cardinal Square.  This chart is for Sydney time but the square remains, no matter where on the globe you are at the moment. Think Forced Growth. Think that if you could animate this chart and speed it up so it spun around like a fan, there most definitely be merde hitting that thing.

Look also to the blue line – that’s your Jupiter-Saturn trine. Do the demolition right and you get to do a fantastic rebuild. But yes, the red lines represent the opportunity for drastic change and/or tension, if you’re trying to maintain a defunct paradigm.  If this sounds familiar, why yes…this New Warrior Moon does, in fact, trigger the ongoing Zap Zone.

Short brutal blast: basically everything triggers the Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) this year and particularly until June. Time to get it ON and just bring it with your strongest performance. See your Horoscopes and/or the Daily Mystic email for more…


New Moon Chart Sydney

Image: Kathleen Lolley

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76 thoughts on “Happy New Warrior Moon!!!

  1. Happy new year/moon y’all! 3:30AM in California and still plotting and organizing. Listening to Britney Work remixes. 😀

    Venus-Pluto (in Capricorn) transit ex and I briefly spoke…he taught me a lot about myself (mostly my secret abilities for math and programming when I thought I was just a misfit structure-obsessed artist) but in the US we don’t work. Some Revolutionary Road in the apocalypse shit. Cleaning up the outlines on art inspired by it all so I can fly.

  2. Hmm. One more tick of the astrological clock and quite a few things in that current chart are smack bang on mine. Currently Pluto is smack bang on my descendant, Jupiter a mere 4 degrees off my ascendant. Then there is the following: Uranus one degree away from my natal Mercury, Saturn one degree away from my natal Neptune, Pallas one degree off my natal Pluto and Mercury currently one degree off my descendant and Neptune six degrees from my natal Saturn and going for a transit over the rest of my natal planets in Pisces. Restless at the moment? Who, moi? I could run a marathon at the moment but I’m not sure what I’m running to or from.

  3. Ahhhhh!!! So many conjunctions and squares all over my chart! Everything is right near my Cap sun and Merc, Mars is on my natal Pluto, Jupiter is on my natal Saturn…

    and I’m oddly calm. I feel like the storm is brewing though.

    Don’t know when I’ll get used to seeing/ writing 2014. I still wasn’t quite used to 2013. Why are you zooming past so fast, oh time????

  4. Whoa dude!
    Well all I can say is “Bring it!”
    Wrote out my three New Years Revolutions in big bold letters pre new moon. I don’t usually “do” them, as in “I think making major, life altering, drastic decisions or even setting intentions because it happens to be the 31st of Dec whilst drunk is doomed to fail and utterly unnecessary (unless you’re like Charles Manson or Hitler) most of us do better with incremental tweaks in the long run.
    This year is different for me. Having spent a fuqing month stuck in the flat with hardly any money saved (cause I’m a GENIUS dude:) and being very very very very sick indeed has given me a different perspective on how I treat this awesome body of mine as well as the amount of time, attention and money I’m willing to dispose of.

    Having too many goals is the same as having no goals at all, or making new years resolutions because you’re drunk and wearing a silly hat and all your friends are doing it.

    Being sick and having zero energy TOTALLY SUCKS
    as does being broke and alone with no one to help out with daily chores I’d forgotten about because I was paying someone else to do them.
    It’s like a mini version of that 3 year Pluto transit I emerged from, barely!

    I’ve become “that scary wheatgrass drinking hippy chick” I always made fun of. The sordid truth is, I’m seriously considering going vegan. THAT is scary. lol

    But hey, you know, in a weird way I think I’m doing better than ever. As in, seeing things and feeling things I wasn’t aware of before this happened. Or maybe I’m seeing THROUGH veils of deception I believed were real until now.

    Either way, time to turn and face the strange and scary ch, ch, ch CHANGES!

    Oh, thank fuq I am a subscriber…..
    That was one thing I was NOT wasting dosh on.
    Can’t say the same for the rest of my expenditure.


  5. Rose coloured glasses. I hope with this new round of abusive behaviour from the ex will knock them off my nose permanently….blocking me no explanation because i wasn’t available to talk but was online. Issues related to death and suicide and family reunions have made this week intense and ive been unable to speak to him like i wanted. So he punished me and blocked me. Im very sad i even went there but i did. Mind fuqery and childish games. I moved back to oxford yesterday and he knew id be alone and vulnerable. What a loser!

    Just at a loss to how to recover and get the toxic stuff out of my system. I was a happy girl and now im a wreck.

    • shit hon.
      The dude sounds completely horrific!
      And I thought I was bad at picking men:)
      Sorry this is no laughing matter but I honestly had no idea he lived in Oxford or I would not have recommended it as a better option than say,working at Tescos for instance!
      I mean, the dude BEATS YOU?
      IN THE FACE??
      the fact that getting back together with him over getting a degree even crossed your mind just shows the power of “love” addiction.
      I’m not saying this to be mean because I KNOW you are in ENOUGH pain already so, not to rub your nose in it honey but if you see this guy again RUN LIKE HELL
      no matter what south node karmic shitz you guys have there is just NO justification for assaulting a woman. None.
      Please take care of yourself.
      I’m not judging you, Ive done way more self destructive things “for love” but honey this is Meatloaf time if you catch my drift.
      I’ve clicked on notify me of follow up which I would never normally do but I’m here if you wanna chat.

      • oh, sorry I’m dyslexic and I read punished as punched.
        total over reaction!
        It does sound as if you’re punching below your weight with this dude tho :)

        • Weirdly your over reaction was perfect as that could have been your comment to be later on down the years if I did seal the deal with them. Its a long distance relationship so thankfully wont bump into him so easily. But yes my folks and friends have seen his temper and loose tongue and have said it could escalate to physical aggression. Reading that comment has scared me a little….

          • He is mentally abusing you, and just because there is no blood or bruises, it doesn’t mean it is any less serious than physical violence. it’s actually more insidious and harder to escape from than physical abuse because of they way they go about it. Physical, or mental, it’s all abuse. I rarely give unsolicited advice, but run for the fucking hills. Seriously.

            • Id like to thank you for the advice. I am lacing up my trainers and walking away. Ive said i wont go back many times but each time I have. I pray for strength. Baby steps until i can pick up my speed and run in the direction I was meant to go in ages ago.

              • Good luck! There’s a book called “The Charm Syndrome” which might help you see the situation for what it is. (I’m not sure if it’s still in print, but this book literally jumped off a shelf at me when I was in the same situation as you and gave me the strength to get away.) x

          • Dear Vslr,

            I once dated an intense, charming man- fixed up by ex bf and had academic credentials, good looking, etc. He moved out of country but came back for Xmas. While Xmas shopping, we encountered diverged and met back up. He was pur

            • Sorry! Purple with rage. I asked what happened. He replied that he wanted to break her Effing Neck because she was so rude. I murmured some conciliatory sounds and I woke the eff up.

              I thought if he could get that upset over a simple store interaction, what would he do to a woman he dated?

              After that I made sure I was never alone with him, and I let him break up with me. I think that shop clerk saved my life.

              Years later I came to understand that I tolerated the lower levels of abuse, because I had been raised that way, with volatility and didn’t know any better. I abused myself in permitting it- to keep the peace. I don’t do that any more. I shut that schizz down. But it took years.

              That guy I dated had lots of mum issues- she was abusive, alcoholic and shamed him. So any woman he dated had the potential to trigger all that pain and rage. I didn’t want to be the punching bag. I hope he has healed and can relate safely to women he loves.

              Strength to you! Love is not control. It is not fear, shame, cajoling or walking on eggshells.

              Xx Kat

              • I have been the frog that was boiled slowly. I permitted his behaviour too. He made me feel guilty then got me into a position that would mean i was doing jump jacks and everything under the sky to prove he was special to me. Of course it is never enough for them.

                Interesting…i only met his mother once but as much as he would like to hide the resentment it came out once that she had always favoured his older brother to him etc. it might not seem much but i always felt the rage stemmed frm some mum issues and also that his angry outbursts have been accepted by his family as normal.

                He used to casually say you will be punished for that…for small things like leaving my charger back at home? And i got the stare that has been mentioned in some books.

                Saturnalien: the book goes by another name now if I’m correct: power and control: why charming men make dangerous lovers. It’s by the same author. Thanks for the recommendation. Have bought many books since. I have to keep reading, keep meditating and finally concentrate on my finals coming up!

                • Vslr, Any martial art, even tai-chi can strengthen your boundaries and help you set a safe space around you, starting with in your own head. Developing a sense of striking range vs safe range is very useful.

                  Rock those finals!!!!

                  Aqua Moon is great for disappearing acts too:)

                  Xx Kat

  6. Happy New Year! I woke up this morning and remembered it was the New Moon, so I spent some time putting my resolutions for it out into the Universe. A little while later as I was dozing off again, I saw a wolf in my mind’s eye–it was like he was beckoning me to follow him…

  7. So, the new guy I met Christmas Eve night has Capricorn rising. I don’t think anything will move forward with this one since he travels so much! He is a Scorpio sun and Taurus Moon.. can you say sexy, good-looking and smart all in one breathe! Holy Moly.. I just want a good, fun, relationship with commitment for once before I leave this land.

    What can you do when they travel so much if they actually like you. I can assume he picks up women very easy.. but when can we stop thinking that way. (sigh)

    Happy New Year!! xo!!

  8. 45 today 2/1/69 just had huge wake up call. Desperately need to remove toxic crap out of my life & look at this big world with fresh eyes. I’ve been making poor choices & not getting my needs met. This is the universe giving me an opportunity to really live so game on & giddy up!

  9. wow this has been the most intense new year. Usually it feels disappointing, like any other day, but this year I feel it. I actually just stayed in but I’m glad I did as I always regret drinking lately (terrible hangovers).

    I spent all new year’s eve organizing, clearing stuff out, and getting work done…my laptop has never been this organized and an organized laptop = an organized mind it seems to me. My 2014 goals are posted — I’m really cranking it up a notch and super motivated which feels SO good, as lately I’ve been working Jupiter in Cancer when it’s time to work some other energy for once.

    After midnight I slept for 10 hours and had a crazy intense dream that I wrote down as soon as I woke up, still working out its meaning.

    I’m reading Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I recommend it, it’s a perfect book to read right now.

    • love that book
      also doing MAJOR Jupiter in Cancer stuff.
      Feel like Martha Stewart with added oestrogen :)
      Never knew folding laundry could feel so therapeutic
      it’s pretty hilarious actually.

      • haha – yeah I’ve totally been folding laundry lately.
        but also jupiter in cancer has me in bed reading books about religions I know little about, reflective, rather lazy, alone. well, it is in my 12th house. so it’s a bit strange there, ha.

  10. Happy Warrior Moon/New Year!!!!

    Wellllll, good news, I think they will offer me that job- good news is I am not ready to take on highly controlled corp job. Savvy girlfriend said- What if it’s MORE than 40 hours?! You maybe could negotiate for 4 days??

    With those new eyes seeing how very blessed I am in current gig- and am rocking that. Turning away from screens I have written letters, made phone calls, and given love and gratitude. Concretely and mindfully.

    Donation for son’s youth group earned us VIP treatment at annual convention-four reserved seats!!!Last year he had a scholarship. Saying yes not no felt sooooo great!Paying it forward over time zero penalty!

    Seeing how much resistance and negative resistance my Pluto/Uranus bring to my worldly efforts, as they natally squeeze my Leo MC. Still seeing everything, but with kinder eyes.

    Re-read Bitchcraft- at 3AM- pre- intent setting. Lilith Natal is at 26 Aries- my 6th Cusp and trine MC. She advocates her ass off for peeps- esp health and legal- but don’t tie her to a desk!!!!Opp Mercury- again not a farmer more hunter vibe. Loved Lisa Hayes-” Resolve to be more of who you are.” For me that’s able to come and go (Gem Mars and very airy 11th/12th.) Aqua 4th says don’t fence

    Warrior Moon Game plan-Self Appreciation via Writing/journals letters- declutter chez Libra- bust out workouts, clean eating, cherishing positive peeps, mindful screen use, upping yoga, meditation sweat equity. Major redo of basement!!!! Banishing family papers/clutter!!!! Permission to chuck old schizz granted! LOL!

    This dawn comes after dark, rocky roads- never would make it without Beautiful Mystic, Awesome Leo Intern and this blessed community, and the sanctuary you make for all us wanderers. From my heart, all gratitude and love for helping me find and nurture authentic long-lost me.

    All Blessings for the road ahead!

    Xx Kat

  11. It was a very strange New Year’s Eve for me. I’ll tell you how it went.

    On a whim, I checked the local university job website and surprisingly, found a graphic design job in my old department, and nobody will apply for it because it was posted during break. I found it 2 hours until the job application was closed. I just made the deadline.

    Then I installed Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine on my Mac, for no particular reason than to play around with it. Today I think I’ll erase it, it’s totally useless and takes 15GB of disk space.

    While that was installing, I had NYE dinner, a 75 cent ramen bowl and a PBJ sandwich. That was all the food I had in my house. And I drank a tiny $20 bottle of sake that I bought months ago for a date that never happened.

    Then I watched the movie CBGB, lamented my lost youth, and wished it was 1977 again.

    Then I went to bed at 3:30AM. I got up about 11 and it’s snowing furiously and there is no food in the house and I can’t get out to the stores because the snowplow hasn’t shown up.

      • and what’s the point of all YOUR ramblings Blue Moon?!!!
        Charles has been on this blog for years and I’m happy to read anything he has to say because he rarely comments. Not like some people who assume everyone’s interested in their brain farts. :roll:

        • Yes Charles please post more often. Your comments are always well thought out and descriptive.
          Hope the snowplow turns up soon. I am sure you could make a mean toothpaste soufflé.

          • The plow did finally show up today, so I rushed out to the store. OMG I was even out of filtered water, there was nothing to drink but tap water! Yech. I couldn’t even make decent coffee. But I had a coupon for a free Starbucks, so I went to the local one with the Clover machine. They said hey good timing, their extra-special free special ends tomorrow, but today I could get even their most expensive coffee with the free coupon instead of just regular cheap free Clover machine coffee. Yess!

            Anyway, I forgot to mention I also did my laundry on New Year’s Eve. And in case you were wondering, that was sort of my point. I should have spent the evening doing calligraphy and painting my Year of the Horse message. On a good year, I would have been eating osechi ryori (at least I had some junmai daiginjo sake at that level). But instead I did my laundry, did computer maintenance, typed a job application, and ended up watching a movie with fake Ramones, fake Talking Heads, and fake Patti Smith in it. I remember watching the real Patti Smith doing a live webcast of the final gig at that CBGBs back in 2006. And then I wonder why my life is passing before my eyes. So did poor Hilly.

            • You did have me imagining Homer “Plow King” Simpson arriving to move the snow.
              Doesn’t free loyalty coffee taste better. It does annoy me that I have to ask for “plunger” ground when having my coffee ground. A plumbing device is easier to understand but “French press” has them considering I’ve asked for a dry cleaned garment.
              Tap water only if I absolutely must. I believe cordial was invented to make tap water palatable.

    • Hope you get that job Charles!

      Re bands and lost youth, last year went to 50th birthday of friend from rock’n’roll days of my 20’s, some of the crew hadn’t seen since then…pretty weird, as we were all so very very cool and indie back in the day, to see everyone OLder

      • On my old vinyl records, everyone is young and cool just as I was. And now that music has become mp3s and I have become The Picture of Dorian Gray.

  12. So as a Libran born in 1982, I’m in my ‘1’ years heading into Mars in Libra. I just became a raw vegan and doing some radical transformation, new awesome, new me. stuff.

  13. YEAH!
    I was looking at the Chart of the Moment this morning and thinking
    WONDER WHAT ITS LIKE TO GET BORN NOW! Maybe wait a bit? imagining what their lives’ll be like. What a sky to get born under.

  14. I made my vision board last night (new moon 10.12 pm my time)… What I have repeated on it is the words ‘art’ and ‘love’ plus photos of flowers, the desert, the musician M.I.A. and her quote ‘As an artist, you can’t fake it, you have to live it’, butterflies, and ‘Live the life you believe’ and ‘The future is leaving’. And the word ‘magic’ and a small photo of Paris from above. Looked at it this morning when I got up and thought… yes, art, love, travel, magic, and more art! sounds perfect.

    • *10.14.

      When I’d *just* finished making it I looked at the time and it was 10.13!!!

      • Good luck with the vision board Gemyogi. Mine too featured Paris, magic, flowers and deserts! Just the act of making a vision board is pleasurable for me.

  15. Freshly turned on to your own worth, you go on a creative/prosperity bender with epic results – so true!

    I have been using my 2 weeks off ( no choice – joint closes down) to focus on the business plans I have with my twin. This year is all about my creativity and self worth – and I mean to really pour my heart and soul into making a life for myself that uses my talents and work ethic to MY best outcomes. I can now see a way forward to being self employed and in a greener and excitingly creative way. I can see how all the ups and downs of the last few years have gotten me to this place and how to launch forward from here. My lovelife – well hopefully that falls into place with the changes to my sense of self worth and confidence. Best wishes for 2014 to all the astropeeps who share this space!

    • Best wishes to you too Double Happiness. So true for me too, as I’ve used the past 2 weeks of forced shut down in exactly the same way you did (minus the twin). Business plans, self worth, creativity, love – all good things to delve into I say! 2014… we’re comin’ to getcha!

    • very similar intentions for me too DH. i just gotta get to the place to get started on a similar journey. Signed up for some business coaching yay !

      Just letting go of lot of angst of late and today feel fine. New mantra is ‘get thy to the gym’. Whenever I feel down i am going to the 24/7 gym and it feels good and I feel so strong afterwards. this is my ninja new moon pact and also take no crap from the lusty leo. No money/effort – no honey policy with him.

  16. Hi guys. Happy new year & new moon to all!

    I please need practical advice. And yes, this may be a major blonde question, but I need to get this right.

    In order to work out the effects & angles of the current astrological placements (as they are in the chart Mystic posted above) on my natal chart, do I place the current chart on top of my natal chart in exact same position according to house numbers, or do I have to TURN the chart so the house *signs* match up with the house signs on my natal chart?

    In other words, do I let the houses (in terms of house NUMBERS) match up between the two charts, or do I let the house SIGNS match up?

    I’m Pisces sun (6th house), Virgo Ascendant (literally on cusp of 12th & 1st house) & Sagittarius moon (3rd house).

    I hope my question makes sense. As you can tell, I am relatively new to the deeper, more technical side of astrology – keen to learn more and accurately!

    Thank you to anyone who can shed light on this!

    • It might be easier just to set up your chart at astro.com then in the extended chart selection, choose ‘show natal chart with transits’, so the current transiting planets will show outside your natal chart. Might be easier than what I suspect you are attempting as described above (apologies if I’ve misunderstood how you’re going about it though).

      • Thanks Saturnalien!

        Agree that that way is probs easiest & most accurate, but I was thinking of how I could do this without the help of (too much) technology. Even though technology is there to help, I like understanding the how/why behind the system.

        If I look at the ‘current planets’ on astrodienst, I now know that, say, if Mars is in Libra, as it is at the moment, to ‘place’ it in the house where I have Libra (2nd house) to gauge Mars’s current effects on my natal chart placements. Right? Hope I have that right.

        What confuses me though is how, for example, astrologers would say that, currently, for Pisceans (Pisces sun people), Mars in Libra plays out in the eighth house of sex/death/regeneration/other people’s money.

        Yet, natally, for me, Libra is *first house*, (although cusp of my first house is Virgo, so my 1st house is ruled by Mercury, and not Libra’s ruling planet, Venus).

        Thanks again :)

        • When astrologers write sun sign horoscopes, they (usually) cast a chart for each sign with sun sign the first house… so Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising peeps have Mars going through 8th house because their 8th house is ruled by Libra. Virgo sun and virgo rising people will have Mars going through 2nd house and so on… (This is using whole house signs, not Placidus houses – so there’s none of the confusing two signs in one house stuff going on) I’m not sure if that makes sense – sorry, I’m better at explaining things with diagrams!

          • Brilliant! Thank you Saturnalien!! You’ve explained it really well. Thanks for taking the time to set it out like that.

            It makes perfect sense.

            I was listening to a radio show about astrology (on ABC in Australia) last week, and people were differing in their support for, and belief in, astrology. The astrologer speaking on air was very good, but of course only the generic sun sign horoscopes were discussed.

            Good to know that THAT is only one side of the story, but just the beginning, so to speak. Astrology is much more individualised, complex & detailed than most people realise. Exciting stuff!!

            By the way: Love love LOVE this site so much; it’s become one of my favourite places on the web. A breath of fresh air in a world in much need of oxygen! Even if I don’t always comment, I love reading Mystic’s genius/creative posts, and everyone else’s very unique experiences & thoughts on the infinite sky.

            Thanks for the guidance Saturnalien – it feels GREAT to have more clarity around astro technicalities. Much appreciated! :)

  17. Yesterday at a NY lunch, a friend-of-friend was acting in a startlingly uncharitable way towards her 18-month-old which triggered key developmental memories of me same age! Forced growth, super profound, hell yes. Needless to say, left the lunch.

  18. Any credit for the artist? Loving this print – The Emperor – but who done did it?

    • Mystic ALWAYS credits the artist. Right under the image or at the end of the para/rant…

      It’s Kathleen Lolley :)

        • Her work is wonderful. I think she’s everyone’s fave artist on this blog.

          Not really a fan of Tarot but looking forward to seeing what Kathleen does with the cards!!! :)

          • Love her work but it’s Tim Bagshaw’s art that makes me suck my breath in quick.

    • Me too. Enuff of the trine paradise. Time to get off couch. (I type while on couch doing work while on holidays, in an impeccably organized house, and reality-goal scheming-stalking with insane clarity!).

  19. The Oracle told me to check on asteroid Lilith in my chart. And there I found her, for the very first time. Right in the zap zone at 11 Capricorn square my natal moon at 11 Aries.

    New Moon&Pluto conjunct Lilith square my moon! I wish I had bought Bitchcraft last night when I bought my subscription! No idea what this means for the next year, but I am ready for the rebuild after this emotional detox expires.


  20. “Forced Growth” <- For Real, this is no joke! it is confronting, empowering, and I can feel that what happens now is totally life changing. I'm glad I'm ready!!!

    Last year was all about foundations for me but this year is about positive contribution, inspired action and building upon those foundations!

    Here's to a fuqing awesome New Year staring out with umph and force!!

  21. Yes Mystic. That is me, in a nutshell as noted elsewhere.

    And FINALLY feel like it IS truly me.

    It has taken yonks and decades. x

    “If you wanna steal my show” (Toby Mac)…

    No, nobody stealin’ my show this time…

    But I move forward with gratitude for having seen the light and with humility for this world (dimension, etc) will kick your ass if you let it.

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  23. is Jupiter sign a number 4
    And Saturn number 5


    Jupiter also looks like a 21…… Could that be Black Jack significant….Winning Number 21……

    If that is so # 7 is what planet…..??? have I stumbled on to something obvious ???

    • OMG so much crap about 7

      Closest intuit I have so far is 2 and 7 are related to the moon and Neptune….brain overload… Sleep time