Awesome Pluto Oil Giveaway

Astrological Aromatherapy Oil


Pluto is known as the great destroyer. He is all about death and rebirth – not literal death – like a raging prairie fire, that burns away all the old and outworn, to make way for the fresh, new growth. Pluto is regeneration, and extremes.


This is a body oil made for meditation and protection – to help you uncover that which is not seen.


This is a natural body oil created in conjunction with Mystic Medusa, my favorite astrologer.


For those of you who don’t know much about astrology, it is all about archetypes related to your birth time. Think Jungian psychology. A way for you to better understand yourself, and how you relate to the world around you.


Notes: Vanilla, White Sage, Tangerine, Mandarin


Esscentual Alchemy Pluto Oil

Here is how this EPIC Pluto Perfume Oil came about. Amanda is a subscriber and i somehow ended up in communication with her about my personal attempts at making Pluto oil. The idea was to use the essences associated with Pluto in a blend that would be protective and supportive when doing heavy Pluto transits. Not that there is a light Pluto transit lol. I feel very strongly about the magic of scent & its ability to envelop you in an aura of Awesome, clear stuck energy and so forth.

But the problem is that my personal home-made attempts at making Pluto Oil apparently turned me into a walking magnet for wasps, bees and some strange fruit flies. I even had bats swooping at me during the dusk hours, Possibly they were after the fruit flies but who knows. I somehow smelled like a just-about-to-go-squishy and rotten bit of tropical fruit. My new scent was also quite the man repeller.ย  So okay, perfume is an art and a profession and Amanda had a crack at the Pluto oil, with all her consumate skills.

The results are epic. The oil smells stunning, does not seem to attract bats and is kind of enchanted. Amanda is a Capricorn with the Sun conjunct Vesta (the Fire Goddess but also an entity in astrology deeply linked to creativity) and Leo Rising with Moon in Taurus. She is totally you go to for magically informed all-natural scent products that also smell delicious.

I need to patent MY version for bat farmers or to attract bees to your garden, whatever. AND I am giving away vials of Pluto Oil to three of my subscribers tomorrow!!!ย  If you are a subscriber, you need to nothing, just relax. I will get the Triple Leo Intern to choose (at random) the winners tomorrow, announce it here/in the Daily Mystic email and also email you guys.

Pluto is the power behind the throne at the mo. It feels right.

Game Of Thrones Iron Throne

Game of Thrones

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67 thoughts on “Awesome Pluto Oil Giveaway

  1. Ooh, I need this! Looks amazing! I currently have Pluto conjunct ascendant, Pluto opposite Venus, Pluto opposite moon and Pluto square Pluto. This oil sounds like the business.

  2. Eau de Pluto, j’adore. I think we need Pluto jewelry made of encased coal and diamonds, mining and transformation no? I’d totally wear that. WITH the oil.

    • ooh, now that’s interesting. maybe you could start with coal jewellery that is attuned to your state. It would be a gift to someone about to go through a pluto transit. It is worn from the day it is given and not taken off. Eventually, after the sun shines again and the transit eases, you are no longer smudged with coal black – a diamond sits in its place.

      • maybe the coal could be encased in a beautiful resin capsule, etched (or maybe cloisonnรฉ) with runes or symbols chosen for that person. you know, to save on the smudgery.

    • That sounds fab, Pi. You could also lacquer the coal or weave it in with gold to hold it in place. I’d love to design jewelry but haven’t had the time to properly look into it..if I had all the time and the $$, I’d have a jewelry smith on call for those sleepless nights I feel inspired.

      LOVE the runes idea.

      • Oh sod it, while we’re in fantasy mode, I’d also like a blank all white room with a sky light (for moon bathing obviously), a glass wall on one side, pillows and candles in the middle of it, and three other blank walls to write on.

        • all of that sounds FABULOUS x

          love the idea (always have) of having one’s own personal jeweller. My theory is to head to galleries and exhibitions where artist/designers are showing, and go to meet them on the opening nights. Have a conversation, exchange details…if you both get along… and voila, maybe something beautiful can come of it..

          love to see what your kataka/venus leo would come up with if you were to design – amazing! you could always start with basic materials (fimo, copper, swarovski crystals..?) and see what your hands want to do. and youtube is your friend…

          • to expand (i write this to remind myself as much as anyone else) – just start. make it as easy as possible for yourself to begin. make a lot of mistakes and experiment. don’t be put off by the need for perfection from the beginning. do some research and then let your hands do the thinking. Everyone was a rank beginner at some stage, everyone. etc xoxo

  3. Also Mystic, thanks to your pluto oil thing with the tarot, i looked up the perfumier’s site,and wow, her stuff looks amazing! can’t wait to try when I am next in a fragrance/scent-buying stage. thanks for the connect. xx

  4. Me, moi, myself, I :)

    Sounds lovely but wasn’t expecting all those bright smells and essences but of course it’s to counteract the Pluto depth I’m guessing

  5. WOW!! Pluto oil must be compulsory for us Scorps!! And to be honest now I know the creator has a Taurus moon – I’m intrigued. I reckon you’d need a strong dose of Taurus to be any good at this! My daughter is a Taurus so I’m completely biased!! But I do have a massive appreciation of their creative processes.

    I normally only wear Frankincense but I’m so gonna check this out. LOVE the idea of combining vanilla and white sage….hmmm intrigued ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Fingers crossed!

    My whole life is a Pluto transit.

    And I often turn other people’s lives into Pluto transits.

    So…maybe I could just spray people with the Pluto oil when I approach them, just as a precautionary measure?

    • “My whole life is a Pluto transitโ€ฆ.
      And I often turn other peopleโ€™s lives into Pluto transits”

      LOL. That’s hilarious!!!!! I feel the same!! – Uranus/Pluto/Mars all in the 8th house. I have Eros in Scorp too. Mystic advises not to even consider anything casual where love is concerned in her Soulmating book. My Saggo moon loves casual though. It’s so complicated! :)

      Plutonians should wear a sign that reads:

      “Abandon hope all ye who enter here” ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Also, I haven’t met a single Scorp/Pluto individual who hasn’t fallen hard and fast for Clary Sage oil. Really. It’s like aromatherapy brain and soul reset. Just saying!

    • i love clary sage! I don’t think I am scorp/plutonian *at all* compared to most of you guys but as a collector/appreciator/user of essential oils, clary sage has some kind of next-level, strong, transcendent quality – i have to be in the right frame of mind to use it and only when I am prepared to go do a different place in my mind. (same way that Neroli or Ylang-Ylang just feels wrong at other times.)
      good for Deep Daydreaming..

    • True!! Love Clary Sage!! One of my fave moisturisers is an Aesop one. I just can’t get enough of the smell. It contains Sage and rosemary leaf and lavender stem. D-I-V-I-N-E!!

      Venus libra โ€“ fragrance very important :)

    • I’m a big Clary Sage fan too. Moon and Neptune in 8th house Scorpio. It truly does does do something to uncharted regions of your brain. Just get that bottle right up near your nostril when the urge strikes, inhale deep and fast, repeat and just say ‘YES’ !!

      • OK clary sage just makes me lucid dream in a lucid way which I wake up from and have to pinch myself and tell myself to click my heels together and say there’s no place like home. It is transcendent weed for me. wooooooo But last time I indulged was living with my first hubby and just had rancid and ridiculous nightmares. It sort of put me off. Needless to say I divorced him a while later! Actually just heading back into court with him Capricorn with Pluto on his natal sun. I hope this time the gods are with me on this one. We will see.

    • Those were exactly my thoughts. If I was thinking of something for Pluto it would be more like moth balls and kerosene, maybe some old banana. I’m glad there are higher minds, and noses, to put together a better aroma-potion.

    • lol yes when I first read the ingredients list, i was like, Mandarin??? wow. ok..
      I get the vanilla thing, that was mentioned earlier somewhere. Yet if we’re talking protective and supportive, the fresh, sweet aromas of those delicious citrus fruits might be just the thing. and white sage, well it’s like an oil-sage-smudge isn’t it… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I used to blend vanilla and bergamot together as my own scent for awhile so I reckon I’d like this!

    I’ve been thinking about my natal Pluto a lot lately.

  9. WE NEED THIS HERE!!!! Pluto is one degree from both of my sons’ rising degree. They share a 12* Capicorn rising.
    The younger one who had a few bad weeks and put us through hades has his south node at 13* Capicorn.
    The older one has mercury at 16*. With venus and neptune in the lat parts of Capppy.
    My daughter has south node at 13* Cappy as well, but her rising is 26* Cappy.

    And moi? I have no major pluto tranists right now!!!!! First time in years.

  10. Oh Pluto Oil you had me at vanilla.
    Have ordered a Pixie Dust sample from Esscentual Alchemy.

  11. Awesome! Here is hoping I am one of the winners. Quite funny you had bats swooping in on you.

  12. Sounds delicious! Very funny re its technological development too. :)
    Automatic gift to Scorpio Moon peeps (my mantra at Christmas as I pondered presents “Gift to the Moon, Gift to the Moon”).
    Mmmmmmmm! Sits on subscriber paws.
    I need this, Saturn is on my Scorpy Moon right now, phew. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  13. That sounds divine…. Just received my order from ‘Strange Women’, doing all my scents as natural as possible. Loving the Astral Projection scent atm. Will have to invest in some Pluto oil ASAP

  14. Ooooh yeah, Pluto is about to ride roughshod over my ascendant so this is heaven sent.

    Commercial perfumes are repelling me at the moment, and probably forever more. The body wants what the body wants.

  15. Pluto over sun for aeons and now Pluto over moon for aeons… seriously that’s like 30 years roughly and back to back. What are the odds?

    That aside I’m a citrus kinda girl and it sounds pretty yum.

  16. I’m a Jungian and would like to get myself some of this. I’ve had a fairly demanding last five months.

    I’m also having a double mastectomy & recon on Wednesday and feel I would love to be enveloped in an aura of Awesome. I have some tough healing time ahead of me and need to retain my feeling of strength and positivity.

  17. May your aura be fluffed into a mane of awesome radiant power!
    May the healing be smooth, deep and flawless!
    Wishing you the blessings of the Great Mother in all Her guises, xx.

  18. Oh Oh pick me pick me. I currently have Pluto opposing everything! Well if it’s not opposing then it’s squaring! The perfume notes sound amazing and so deep. If I don’t get lucky then I may just have to order the stuff anyhoo.

      • I must admit sometimes the thrilling promise is the most exciting to me. Though when I create, it’s fuel for inspiration :)

        Love Game of Thrones! I found the series first, and then read the books – I finally found a movie/tv show that doesn’t disappoint by watching FIRST, then reading the books ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. gorgeous sounding scents!! i am going to order the queen of punk… and hokkabaz… and of course the pluto. and maybe the come to me or orange chocolate roses while i’m at it. taurus moon knows what’s up… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    i read a bit of your blog, amanda absinthe fairy, lovely! and noted that you are in a smaug phase, and he tGOT image here… well, a dragon scent wouldn’t happen to be percolating in your psyche, would it??? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yeah ๐Ÿ˜€ Sensual pleasures baby!!

      One of the best things about creating is that you never know where inspiration will come from – usually the Muses whisper in my ear ๐Ÿ˜‰ A Dragon scent would be a nice addition to my esoterical repertoire…

  20. Anything that would get my off my ass and give me incentive to get back into the world again I’ll try.

  21. with my moon square pluto,chiron square pluto and venus conjunct pluto natally, PLUS transiting pluto squaring my sweet libra sun,I DESERVE THE PLUTO OIL!!
    make it so!

  22. I’ve been hooked on vanilla scents since you did that last vanilla post MM. And mandarin is my favourite essential oil so I will have to buy this. I have my sun on midheaven in Scorp and the phoenix as a symbol is everything to me. I have Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra and I think somehow those planets resonate with this oil. Don’t know enough about astrology to figure out why. Feminine strength and resurrection?? My favourite perfume is Hypnotic Poison which is mostly vanilla and amber. I think it was Luca Turin or someone famous that said this perfume had notes which were the equivalent of a “brown cardigan” but it worked. Lol. I put it on at work once and a woman who was a little bit nasty said “it smells like someone’s baking in here”. After that comment I always wanted to wear pure vanilla oil to draw in sensual men and repel mean women. Maybe I’ll try this oil instead for that particular sociological experiment.

    • I’ve been using Kiss My face Lavender & Shea butter, for years. It’s made right here in NY.

      Are you books only on kindle? Taurus, same fragrance and still prefer to hold a book.