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Madonna Tarot Cards


Attention Tarot Muses - i am sending you out an update with some sensational news about the Tarot App – you should have it by Tuesday A.M.  If you don’t get it and you are a Tarot Muse, please let me know as that would mean you are not on the mailing list and you need to be so as to be notified of the competition prizes, Tarot app news and so on.


Image: Steven Meisel

24 thoughts on “Tarot Muse Alert

  1. Did you mean you were going to send the email out by Tuesday or that the app would be available by then? I haven’t gotten anything.

  2. This is off topic, but I was so pleased to read today in the Guardian Aus about Nigella’s dignified court appearance re: the fraud of her assistants. AND he had to admit that he had never seen any evidence of her taking any drugs~~

    Take that, Saatchi!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Delayed synchronicity… I haven’t been keeping up with the blog for a while and didnt see this till just now but I finally got around to signing up as a muse this morning… Should I still get an email?

  4. This is my most favourite image of Madonna, ever.
    The hair style, the jewelry, the gown, no bra, the boobs,….(swoon).
    My Tarot reader/Goddess/fantasy all realized in this one photograph.

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