New Mars In Libra Question On The Oracle!

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Announcing a new Oracle question – What Should I Use Mars In Libra (Until July 2014) To Conquer?

I got “Over-Sharing.”

Really, really annoying for reasons that I shall under-share. But thought provoking.

There are times when the Oracle freaks even me out. I get answers i don’t think were input into the database, lol.


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100 thoughts on “New Mars In Libra Question On The Oracle!

  1. dunno how that thing works but it named the very thing that I have a creative block with and told me to kick the door in…. but which shoes to wear…?

  2. i just checked my “dating drought” oracle update……new hair = hairdresser will result in new info blah blah freaky thing was I WAS at my hairdressers…..

  3. “The lingering effects of a toxic person in your life – you eradicate them by August.”

    :shock: ,,,, I wonder who that could be????

  4. Mine said “money! you’re powering up financially!” HA! just started reading suze orman the DAY OF the Libra ingress. finances have become an obsession.

    Meanwhile, slightly off topic, can we mention oracle abuse? and that I’m suffering from it?

  5. I got “A Capricorn!” The other day the Oracle told me that I had a secret admirer and that a Capricorn was watching me and waiting for the right moment in two different answers.

    But a Capricorn???
    Capricorns usually see me as flakey, and I typically see them as boring.

    (I know not all Caps are boring, but the ones I’ve met and interacted with are. haha)


    Patience definitely isn’t one of my strengths

  7. “You get (or have gotten) the idea for your next big awesome thing (or relationship) around Uranus Direct in the middle of December”, ehm this is literally right now. O.o of course there is maybe a special someone or two, of course I’m thinking about a new job and this is just another indication that this weekend will decide so. many. things! my transits are superheavy on the love thing with saturn completing my venus/jupiter trine into a great water trine (11th,7th,3rd house), jupiter still in retro superclose to the natal venus and transit venus about to turn retro next to my natal mars in cap PLUS transit sun on the natal uranus. I think I’ll need a surfboard for this wave

    • I got that one too!! :D

      Also looking for work. There is nobody “special” but it would be REALLY nice.

      Next week is my deciding week for mu future plans.

      Love transits – Jupiter is currently transiting my 7th house that’s an empty Cancer house but dating a Crab.

      Cap Asc :)

      • You’re so mean about that poor Crab man!!! … typical bloody Scorpio!!! ;)

        But I’m looking forward to seeing how your new career plans play out Scorpy :)

        • Lol. I haven’t even started being mean! Typical Crab making I’m the baddie ;). And he has Venus and Moon in Leo! Talk about power sulking!!! OMG! Boriiiing!!! Getting the silent treatment. :roll: whatevs. You wanna play that game? I’ll win :mrgreen: … But I don’t even want to play!! :(

  8. This sort of thing shouldn’t work, like it is not like the oracle knows my chart or is holding my palm or anything BUT IT DOES. mysteries of modern life part 202.

    • TLS!

      You were in my dream the other night. I was in a house that was being renovated and you said to me, across a broken down wall, you always renovate first from within and then out.

      Thanks TLS!

  9. Hahaha I got “hubris”. And it is soooo true. I really need to work on hubris, and in fact am already. I’ll report back in July to let you know if I’ve conquered it :)

  10. How did it know? How. Did. It. Know?? “Degenerating into a love zombie the moment you experience love or lust impulses.”

    ARRRRRHGHH! This has got to STOP!! But how? Help!

    Self-worth has got to be the key. What makes me idealise these guys so? I mean, AS IF they are worth obsessing over every time. (Maybe they are – but let time prove that.) As soon as I am interested, out come the books, out come the charts.. jeez. I totally lie to myself that I am doing it too.


    • *cough* … ummm your relationship with your father and/or significant male role models or lack thereof tends to pattern a woman’s emotional response to attachment. Get some psychotherapy or counselling around the issue and do writing whilst you’re working through it to mine what’s being thrown up by your unconscious mind.

      hint: this is all unconscious patterning. You won’t be able to access it alone or just by thinking about it. It requires a structured process to deal with imo & experience. Xxx

      • Thank you ProwlinCrab. These are ancient issues. Absent father – tick. Abandonment issues – all there. After a misspent youth of mooning over bad boys, I ended up in a relationship with someone who would not leave me – but that was because he was possessive with his own abandonment issues.

        This year I have done a lot of tough work on self-worth and setting & policing boundaries: including counselling. But it has many steps deeper to go: and that’s what this oracle response fully brings up to light.

        Whilst doing this amazing work (leaving an emotionally abusive relationship, spotting crap from new potential suitors, even from so-called friends, a mile off), I have been ignoring the fact that I have been secretly fantasising about a couple of cute guys: well, one in particular who is unavailable and who I don’t even know anymore IRL, but online only.

        I don’t like it: it’s naff, it drains me, it takes more than it gives (sure sign of any duff addictive behaviour). So… it’s time to stop. And no doubt Mars on my Libra stellium is the time to do it.

        It’s just… oh all the old sadness it brings up. Ancient angst. Saturn in the 7th (Cancer too, natch) exact squaring my Venus & Sun & Mars, especially.

        Pluto conjuncting Venus & Neptune sextile Venus might explain a little of my love nature: yearning & intense, and moon in 8th helps much?.. lol

        I really want to kick this habit that sits on such tender, sore points. It just sometimes feels like an impossible task. It’s either no love or wonky love: not a happy picture for squigdy on the inside, cool on the outside me to consider.

    • an energy worker told me I invested my heart early, and I was, even at the time with a Cap I hadn’t even met irl (I might have mentioned him here, lol). anyway, the guru says, when you go to bed tonight see if you can have a little talk to yourself about this. I had to be honest with myself about what it really offered me. And that’s that. No more crazy over Cap stranger. This was a few months ago – hasn’t returned since.

      good luck!

      • Thank you Calypso. Well done for being honest with yourself and moving on :) I hear you about giving your heart away early: such a yearning to blend. But you are right with the tough love to yourself approach and looking at it cooly: what does it give and what does it take to adopt a ‘heart on sleeve’ approach?

        A French lady I met on a train recently, gave me the advice, ‘keep your distance and let them reveal themselves.”

        I thought that was brilliant and it respects boundaries too.

        So I am trying on the surface to be cool; it’s just that I KNOW that my heart is still red hot and yearning. I KNOW that I have passion instead of blood in my veins. lol

        What to do, what to do… ;)

  11. invest in career is what I got. I have been moving out of my comfort zone with my biz (networking! shudder. I am so shy.) and planning big things for 2014.

  12. “Self-sabotage”.

    I’m beginning to tire of the Mars in Libra talk about passive-aggressive behavior because, as one with a natal Mars in Libra, I find my Mars does far more self-sabotaging, than pass/agging when faced with challenges. Mars Libra tends to prefer peace at any cost, often to the detriment of the peacemaker. The pass/agg is likely the byproduct of resentment — true pass-agg, anyway.

    My Aries moon loves to take the lead, but my Libran Mars is leery of looking less than composed and my Cap Sun abhors a “scene”.

    So, thought-provoking draw, there, Madam O.

  13. I got “over-sharing” too. Then i had to look at everyone elses comments just to check there wasn’t a computer glitch and that was the only answer! It obviously wasn’t, so thats all I can say on the matter!!

  14. I got


    love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it love it

    just what i needed to see :)

  15. ‘You already know what you are going to conquer, step by step, by July 2014′

    ‘Giving a fuq what irrelevant wankers think of you, your life choices and accomplishments’

    :mrgreen: very Nigella!

  16. So my not subtle Mars in Libra oracle message was ‘the elephant in the living room’
    I got home 30mins & the first thing I did was to add yet another elephant figurine to my ever-growing altar in the living room…which is so crowded atm I had to put him on the floor next to the altar…ayayay!

  17. Holy smokes, I got:


    This is so, so true it’s not funny. This has been my number one issue of late. It seems I can sail from Argentina to Antarctica (and back), travel solo around America, write a blog, write a book, volunteer, appear on the telly, support friends through divorce, illness & loss, run my own business and have eff loads of fun, but the number one question everyone asks me is: “When are you going to get married and have children?”. Drive. Me. Bananas. I’m just leading the life I want to live, but it’s not enough because I don’t have a man or a mortgage. It’s the number one thing I am consistently judged on – not my personal or professional achievements, or my nature, or what I give, or how I live, just.. “so, where’s your man?”. Thank you Oracle, I shall carry your firebrand wisdom with me until July 2014, and beyond.

    • I got the same, and am also single. Yes I hate the way we are judged by whether we ‘have a man’ or not.

      Not that I wouldn’t like a BF! but, it’s not the ‘pinnacle of success’ as my gran would say…

      I think it’s a problem of conservativeness i.e. everyone should be the same, make the same life choices, etc. which is subscribed to by a lot of peeps who are scared to step outside the square.

      Go you own way, TMR! X

      • Thanks Gemyogi. Nice to know I’m not alone. I wouldn’t mind a BF, but it has to be for the right reasons (not to please the masses). But until that time, I plan to use my life and time on this earth to absolute maximum! x

  18. I got encouraged to conquer my current love interest.
    Oracle, u sure about this? Mars/NN in Aries trining all his multi-Sagg-ness. I am scared.

  19. Ok, I got:

    Someone lurking on the sidelines of your life in love with you but it’s not happening…Yet

    5th house Libra and slightly into the 6th… so maybe that cusp not the 4th/5th since there is a ‘yet’ factor? There is also a ‘who’ factor lol

  20. I got ‘sexual inhibitions’. Hmmm, have Mars in Libra natally, this and the self-sabotage comment above is starting to paint a picture…

  21. I’m a changed women that’s for sure. Saturn steamrolled my Venus a few years ago. Don’t think I’ll ever wear rose-tinted glasses again.

    Natal venus in Libra 7º in 9th house. I could do with Mars zhooshing up that house – the higher learning and study aspect anyway.

      • I am 61 years old ‘Love’, the way people fanaticize it to be is no longer. There are too many needy people looking for someone to take care of them. venus has crashed into our hearts and Mars to our psyche’ just enjoy life as you wish it to be but don’t wait around for the perfect love. thats just a fairy tale.

        • I’m 49 Patti, single for last 10 years, and not waiting around for anyone! Not looking for Prince Charming or mr right either, I don’t rescuing.

          However, companionship, fun, sex, affection and love would be welcome.

          • I felt that same way at your age :) The older I got and the more ‘opportunities’ that came along I began to find being single wasn’t that bad. Whats the alternative? I’m involved in dog rescue, animal rights and have 3 dogs! Life is NOT boring.

    • I used to get that from Lady Oracle. She has now come to understand that I am stone cold single, not a whiff of that changing sometime soon either.

  22. I’ve been single 20 years and keep meeting assholes. Does this mean I’m an asshole too? they say ‘Like gets Like’ after all. Look I’d rather continue to be single than to be with some asshole. (sorry I keep saying asshole it’s the Aries energy)

    The one issue I have is that because I’m single I resentful assholes who play head games, many who are police officers who track my cell phone and cars GPS so they know where I am at all times.

    I also have a retired female detective who lives nearby who is psycho! I’ve been here all my life so neighbors have mentioned seeing her walk her dog past my house every day. I walk my dogs too but NEVER the same route. Most recently I had a small procedure done on my eye. I just happened to mention to my neighbor who replied yes, as if she already knew. Then I’m left wondering how the fuck does she know?? Oh yes she works in the same school district as the det turned security guard, so the gossipy det has been passing my personal biz along???

    Is it this way everywhere or am I stuck in an area where jealous psychopaths live?

  23. Yeah, that Mars question is all fine and good but another good question is “who the hell is that girl X just made friends with on Facebook!”

    Man, I hate having both Mercury and Venus is Scorpio sometimes. Hmfff.

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