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Arthur Ranson

Librans are not how they used to be. In fact, we are looking at a whole new dimension of Libra already and from now on, it/they are getting weirder.  In a chic way, of course. As is the sector of your chart graced by the sign of Libra.

Think about it: Saturn in Libra from late 2009. Uranus in the opposite sign to Libra from mid-2010. Their patron planet Venus then retrograde in the sign of Saturn (December 22 to Feb 1) and then, just when that schizz restores to “normal” – voila Mars in Libra Retrograde.

So for Librans (and in the House of your chart with Libra on the cusp) rules from a previous galaxy/dimension (pre-late 2009) no longer apply.  And whatever New Dimensional Skills & Moxie you have amassed since then are about to become extremely useful.

And do NOT under-estimate a Libran at the moment.  That receptive, placid Yin goo-goo vibe usually means they’re about to pull something big. Schizz is about to go down and you want to be on Team Libra when it starts.


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59 thoughts on “New Dimensional Librans

  1. I’m SO glad this begins just as transiting neptune opposing natal mars in the 3rd ends – that’s been totally bizarre especially after all those other big transits. Never have I had to deal with more charlatans and asses hauling a truck load of hubris behind them than the last yearish. It’s been absurd. If I hadn’t known about the transit it would have been way worse – depressing probably. It’s been impossible to get anything properly started and most people are totally unreliable and sometimes even just plain criminal.

    The day last year that Neptune exactly opposed my mars I started working for a guy who had just been cast in a thing as Poseidon. No shit. For reals. It’s been a rollercoaster through the fog both astrological and literal with Neptune and Mars opposing + natally they are squared – which maybe has helped me cope. I paced myself as best I could and I think I’m ready for a blast of Mars in Libra energy.

    Poseidon came to me last week and upped the ante on things but suggested we don’t begin until mid January – with no knowledge of the astro of his arrival in my life he has suggested we take it to another level bang on the end of the mars neptune opposition. And all I can think is if I made it through the fog with you intact I can’t wait to see what good shit we can pull out as it all takes a turn for the better.

    I am mildly concerned that Mars goes retro exact on my venus mercury in libra conjunction opposing natal Saturn and sextile natal mars and then turns direct exactly on my south node which is being opposed by uranus and is conjunct my sun. This seems major. Libra rules my 5th but covers most of my 4th. I have a lunatic neighbour. I don’t need any troubles.

    • I’m definately feeling your mars neptune opposition woes, I have the same bastard too at the moment.
      I read somewhere this aspect described as fighting a bank of fog with a nail gun. No truer words have been spoken. Good luck, and well wishes for a new and productive era to you.

      • bleugh I’ve just discovered my progressed mars just entered libra too. Have resorted to using equal house system to make myself feel better about this – that way it’s almost over being in my 4th.

        Good luck with yours too – it’s the strangest transit I’ve witnessed/experienced yet. And by witnessed I mean that sometimes I’ve found myself just standing staring at people and their goings on – which seem perfectly reasonable to them meanwhile I’m thinking WTF, in which dimension is this considered appropriate or normal???? Just gets curiouser and curiouser.

  2. Wise folks, what is an ascendant node ? Mine is in Libra at 22 degrees and it’s my only bit of Libra in the chart according to cafe astro.

  3. Libra is my 4th house, and to just use the key words of home/family, totally 100% true. In 2010 my parents divorced after 35 years and my daughter was born, the only grandchild. So there was splitting but also expansion. This year saw radical shifts in my relations to dad’s family as I broke away from their hatefulness and repression, and next year’s major changes involving my mom are all in the works. Around 10 degrees of Libra is a family conjunction of my Moon, my Dad’s Saturn/Moon, and my mom’s southnode/Mars.

  4. Libra is in my sun sign in the second house. It is also my north node ruler. I have definitely changed in the last few years and have the current unemployment status to prove it. I am finally becoming me. I did have a friend send my cv to a company that shares my sun sign and has a north connection with no south connection. So hoping for the best.

  5. I’m a changed women that’s for sure. Saturn steamrolled my Venus a few years ago. Don’t think I’ll ever wear rose-tinted glasses again.

    Natal venus in Libra 7º in 9th house. I could do with Mars zhooshing up that house – the higher learning and study aspect anyway.

      • yep. I actually had a great Saturn Return!! Maybe because Saturn’s my ruler.

        The last time Saturn was on my Sun I had finished school and went to college. So, lots of hard work but definite rewards at the end. Not so with Saturn on my venus :(

  6. 8th house.

    Adrenals need sorting plus squillions of other shizzle.

    Shamanic initiations with the uranus-pluto squares.

    Note to Self: Next time don’t ask to know about the nature of reality, unless you really want to know and fight the demons head on.

  7. I’m very interested in how this Mars in Libra thing is going to play out. Already some developments on my home front(as Libra rules my 4th), that is a 180 from what I reported a few threads ago. You definitely can’t seem to embark on battles during this time and win…

  8. The past three years have been enormous for me. Changes at home and work. The love of my life who has been incommunicado for eons has popped up twice in the past two days. A newish love interest is in touch every day. I’m not putting up with anything I used to, especially from people who give me the irrits. Bring on the Mars revolution. A friend of mine 30 years ago said he didn’t want to be around me when the revolution happened because he figured I could take over the world. Haha. Not quite. He’s not around. Sad. He would have enjoyed this, being a fellow Libran.

    • “Not putting up with anything I used to”: you nailed it right there! I’m sorry your fellow Libran is no longer around to dish out snidey but nicey compliments. I’m sure he would have been proud of you! :)

  9. Sun in Libra & 10th house + in Psyce. Not sure what it all means but definitely a much stronger person than the one in 2008 and I don’t deal in anyone’s bullshit. Not here to sooth the feelings of the low QI vampires anymore and that includes the hubby :)

  10. Libra Rising and yes yes yes. I had to have a talk with the father of my daughters and he said something that seemed a bit off, a sentence that began with “well, you always…” Nothing intense but i realized that i was a completely different woman when we were together. So much has altered. So much evolution. Nothing predicated on pre 2010 me would work on the 2013 version. I am like itunes. You need to get a whole new operating system if you want to play me now. Thank you for this mystic!

  11. Around 2009 I was on the verge of homelessness, doing post-grad studies and unemployed through my Libran Saturn transit. Wow, how my life has changed after life to the grindstone. All the testing times and people have paid off. I have just pulled off a major feat; relocation to my dream byron home and job leading social enterprise change projects in the northern rivers. Feeling blessed, but at the same time determined in my thinking that I absolutely deserve a winning streak. Ain’t nobody taking that away from me now!!

    • Wow! that’s sounds excellent :) Damn right! You earned it. Well deserved. Saturn is hard but he does deliver.
      Funny, I’ve been unemployed since Saturn entered Scorp and my natal sun is in 10th! You give me hope.

      • Hey scorpbot or any learned astro peeps

        I’d like to know what my chart was when I quit my job. i can see the transit chart on astrodientist for the date but what am i looking for that is significant?

        • depends on how/why you quit. if it was sudden then uranus. Look at 3rd 6th and 10th houses, aspects to the MC. If you quit because you realised it wasn’t your field or passion then maybe ascendant. Or the house that is associated with the business you’re in. If you just felt shagged and couldn’t be bothered fighting the bullshit / kicking against the pricks anymore and just thought fuq it i’m outta here then possibly mars + neptune + uranus combined… big question.

          • Thanks Anon. def the latter. its a Kataka, Pisces and Aries combo. Kataka = nurture myself so quit
            Pisces = wake up call as in fish out of water
            Aries = get the flock out of here

            Makes perfect sense

        • I think anon flux has covered it pretty well.

          My experience might give you some ideas:

          I quit my full time job back in 2008 because it just wasn’t ‘ME” anymore. Pluto had just entered Capricorn – the beginning of the Zap zone for me. I’m a Cap Asc. ZZ = authenticity.

          Pluto was in my 12th and I became a bit of a recluse after I left my job… did a LOT of soul searching (very 12th house). Needed to soften the elephant skin I developed in that rat-race / corporate life I led for too long.

          Uranus was in my 2nd house (earned income and values)
          Saturn was in my 8th (other people’s $$, resources). Basically i had become a corporate slave and I couldn’t take it anymore!!

          Hope that helps :)

  12. Yep, completely agree with that MM.

    I’m a Pisces but in last couple of years I’ve been feeling my Libra Ascendant. Since 2009 my life has changed drastically in so many ways (different country, different perspective on life, different group of friends, more independence). I grew up at a speedy rate. But I find myself acting very Scorpionic lately (Pluto in Scorpio is in my first house) and learning how to let go, trust, be more diplomatic and communicative regarding my needs. There is some intercepted shizz in my chart which i guess the Zap-Zone is bringing out now (?!), also north node in Aries which is opposite my Ascendant might have something to do with it?

    That would actually be an interesting post on the blog – the effect of the Zap Zone on the intercepted houses in the natal chart. Wondering if it’s a stifling effect? Or a major growth one, bringing to the surface the energy of those hidden signs?

    • This sounds interesting: what is ‘intercepted houses’? I feel like I’d like to ahem intercept a few messages and / or people at the mo lol ;)

      • Hi LotusFlower! From what I gather when you have intercepted signs in your natal chart it looks like some signs are missing from your chart and it usually means that the energy of those missing signs is blocked. I have for example a 6th and 7th house in Aries and a 12th and 1st house in Libra – my chart is missing Scorpio and Cancer (?!) it’s a pretty weird combo. I would generally love to know more about this as well, and see Mystic’s take on all this too. Here is a better explanation of it :

        • Hi, I’ve just checked out Kim Falconer’s take on this: It sounds as though signs hidden within houses is a part of it. I have 2 of those – a pair of opposites, Scorpio & Taurus – entirely consumed within a house that starts & ends outside their bounds. But I have natal planets placed in them so they aren’t empty signs. It’s interesting how they could be ‘hidden stages or sets.. we didn’t know we had’ – Kim F.

          • Thank you for the link! I didn’t know Kim’s take on this and I like the way she puts things into perspective.

            It intrigues me that intercepted signs seem to be not only some sort of hidden potential within a certain area of my life but also but how this energy is reflected in how people perceive me in certain area and how this connects with my innermost needs.

            But being aware of my duplicate signs (aries and libra) I’m having some trouble finding my intercepted signs – I know Cancer is missing from my natal chart as is Scorpio, but I do have Capricorn and Taurus, so am puzzled as to how that is possible?? I thought they went in pairs? Maybe mine went by element?

  13. 7th house 7th house now for years has been under utter bombardment. And still it goes on. Now I have a retrograde warrior to contend with.
    Honestly I don’t know which way is up with relationships these days and just figure that sometime soon ish this will all be made clear and life will settle down. Who am I kidding??

  14. Have 5 planets in Libra in the 9th and am Sagg Rising. It’s a total sea change since 2009 – when I was travelling around the world with a total sociopath who I called my boyfriend. I kept twisted my ankles really badly and the message was like: you can’t support yourself with this douche around!

    Since then, I have been through endless amounts of shizz – too much to mention, thanks to Saturn’s transit. Followed my passion by studying an MA in art, total morph of the home due to flood damage, dumped the boyfriend, put lines in the sand everywhere and it’s only been getting stronger this year with Uranus and Pluto honing in on the action.

    This last month I have had 3 encounters where it’s clear my presence now irritates the fuq out of individuals who thought they could guilt me or otherwise trip me. (and one was an old Libran school’friend’ – :/)

    I hate it at the same time as I won’t put up with it and perhaps even secretly get off on it (Mars-Sun-Uranus conj in Libra). Don’t really want aggro. I just want constant, smooth and seamless change. Into the future and evolving.. using the momentum to keep spinning and not gathering any dust! ;)

  15. Libra rising and mars in Libra. Hasn’t been the easiest of years. I stayed up all night reading a book called “toads and the women who kiss them” and “psychopath free” – my friend doesn’t believe people read these books but after reading them I feel like it’s really not me with all the faults like the EX reminded me – it’s him. The books have helped a lot. Ive done most of the healing over the summer anyway but i can always do with reassurance and insights.

    I am really proud of myself for always learning from mistakes in the relationship and I definately gave as good as I got but I know it was never calculated, simply out of innocence and my humaness. I feel sorry for him now. I miss him too.

    The zap zone dates have so far always corresponded with him/my family. One will be regarding our relationship the next will be with my family about him. So im dreading the April one. So close to exams i pray i cans sta focused.

    I feel in a different space emotionally but thats doen to the sagg moon of dec 2 and my natal sagg moon. Hoping that mars in libra will help my natal mars in libra to be assertive and determined.

  16. Yes i’m a different kind of Mars in Libra. Speaking up and don’t care how it comes out. Well ok still mannerly as MM pointed out the other day but not apologizing. Aaagh so over apologizing – new policy now is only if I’ve done some major wrong.
    Told the Lusty Leo a home truth and leaving it with him. The old ‘Before’ Libra would silently fume – Neo Libra now speaks up and lets it go. Tosses pretty hair and saunters off.

  17. I’m a zero-degree Libran Sun (also in Libra: Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto-Mercury stellium). Aries Rising 8°, Capricorn MC 4°. The Zap Zone has definitely zapped me, but I think I’m just starting to get a grip on it.

    The past few years have been so disruptive and yet so rewarding. I’m really glad Mystic posted this, because I didn’t want to sound like a little astro crybaby, but… it’s not just me, right? Libras have really been going through a lot of heavy transits!

    I’m actually really looking forward to Mars in Libra. Since Mars is my chart ruler, of course, but also because he’s really super strong in my natal chart.
    Mars is cruising my Sun right now, and with a little awareness (thanks to MM and astro knowledge in general) and planning, I think this is going to be epic for me. Already feeling a surge of confidence.

    Get it, Libras – we’re getting wiser every day ;-)

  18. Hello!
    Posted previously about a fellow Libran who disappeared and made me go nuts, had a straight forward moment, he explained his disappearance but still hasn’t done the ask me out thing. His claim is work – I held believe it since he texts near midnight everyday which say “just got home” etc. don’t know what to do with him, don’t know what I want to do with him.

    Oddly enough, met a smouldering Scorpio whom I had electrifying chemistry with at a party. I’m usually really polite and earnest – but something about him brought out bitchy gangsta little Miss Libra. My texts to him are always wicked and insane, but he laps it up. Met him today, we had some chemistry (and I laughed a lot) but I felt crazy exhausted. I’m not sure wicked me is me or if I was play acting. On one hand, I never felt so free to be myself. On another, I was absolutely exhausted after that. I also declined to kiss him because… I like him but I didn’t feel like it. Isn’t that odd? I feel like a lost little lamb. And a tornado at the same time.

    Another weird thing – during our date, a woman came up to him and said: do you realise how lucky you are? She’s incredibly stunning and natural. You need to treat her like a princess.I never had another woman say that to me before! She wasn’t drunk so that was the bright spot of a tumultuous day :)

    • Should I apologise to the Scorpio for being a bitch? I literally tore apart his clothes, his English arghhhhh I was like a beast unleashed! I don’t know why?!?

  19. I just got my very first tattoo today! No one told me tattooing over tendons hurts so much. Everything else was a breeze.

    I also got a new pet, a Mosimo “moss ball”. It looks like a green tribble and drinks club soda every once in a while.

    And I acquired a new kitchen table!

    It was a very good day! a magical day!

    • hey congrats on the tatt!

      Had to google “moss ball”. Looks very cool!

      I had a very magical day today too!

      I bought a Siamese fighting fish yesterday and continuing the fishy / Neptune theme I bought my first ever actual piece of art from an actual gallery. :) It’s a little charcoal drawing of a fish!! :) and my progressed Asc is Pisces.

      Today’s date is 11/12/13… a most auspicious day :razz:

      • Thanks!

        Did you know there are whole festivals dedicated to them and they can live up to 100 yrs old??
        Also you can take them out of the water to pet and groom them too!

        oooh what wonderful additions to your home! Have you had a betta before? Plus wow!
        new art! i love charcoal! fish are good for $ in feng shui stuff.

        • wow! 100 years! :shock:
          I had no idea about anything do do with Moss balls. I’m stoked though. I want one now!!

          Yes I’ve had a betta before. They’re the only pets i’m capable of looking after – pretty low maintenance. I have Gem NN in 6th :)

          I’ve heard fish are good feng shui but I’m not really a fan of feng shui. Hope the fish is in the right spot, activating the $$ energy. I like where it currently is, and it’s staying there!!! LOL

  20. I have Sun conjunct Venus in Libra in the 2nd House. Also Aries Moon, Gemini Mars and Virgo Mercury. The last decade was hell and incredibly unstable! But now I’m starting to get back on my feet, feel stronger emotionally and more mature as as person.

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