Neptunian Nights Is Live!!

Neptunian Nights 3d

Again, i have commissioned the genius Jandy Rainbow (an acknowledged leader in her field) to create something amazing. Unlike the Jupiter Re-Zap Power Nap mp3, which is super motivating, this one is designed to help soothe one after a busy day and prepare for a rejuvenatory sleep, complete with extra enriching dreams.

Jandy is layering this with actual cool Neptunian transmissions, picked up by N.A.S.A.  My testers and i think this is sensational – a natural neural high. It’s brilliant pre-sleep or for when you’re frazzled and feeling like you’ve disconnected from your psyche. Epic for creatives and those seeking therapeutic insights. 

Go to the Shop page to instantly download the mp3 & sweet dreams...

32 thoughts on “Neptunian Nights Is Live!!

  1. So fricken excited!!! The counterbalance to my Uranian bats insomnia. And perfect for a Sunday night to prep for a big crazy week. Thank you!

    • it was lovely – i slept like a baby. i found it instantly way more soothing than the uranian one (which i also love) and i guess soothing and relaxing is the point! today was fantastic and i’m attributing that in part to the beats. thank you x

    • Just ordered BEFORE i saw this post!!!
      Shall listen thro’ my vintage Bose with the motherufquer size amp with Bose earcasques.
      The couple of minutes, (am ADD :-) that i listened to Juptier, flying thoughts were. Gotta get back to that. Must do a concentrated listening. Still haven’t. Why? Extremely powerful, needs time chosen with consideration.
      Transerred it to I-Phone 5C, which has ergonomic earphones, so have the besets equipment to give feedback and i’m a stoner.

  2. What a gift!! i just bought it – Can I download this directly to my device or do I have to stream it? Trying to listen as I lie here in bed, however my phone keeps shutting it down when it locks!! Love you divine MM for giving us such amazing tools xx

  3. Just downloaded and getting excited about going to bed and listening to the sounds of space..
    Quick question that I wish to ask..asking here for I wasn’t sure where else to blog it..but r there any tareans out there that r going through any relationship breakups? Specially wanna hear from men..

    • Hey roaring Scorp! I’m a taurus gal and just went through a mini break up. However I know alot of married taurus men and women that are miserable in their marriages and *thinking* about getting out. What’s going on ?

      • I have 2 toro friends just got divorces. one still being the venus in gem party boy as ever. I blame saturn in scorpio which opposes toro sun putting a damper on things.

        • OMG- the saturn in scorp thing for Toro’s has sucked for real in terms of the love and relationships. has put my relationship/dating life into non existent status … but all my married taurus friends are either cheating, in counseling or miserable. looking forward to 2015, or just a tiny break!!!

      • OOOOPs. Have 2 close Cowgirl friends, where times might be a little rocky. They are built for comfort and their other halves would be super foolish to give that up in these times.
        Ain’t nothing wring with trying to go the distance, there are ways &n means available jut for that contingency, the contingency being man & woman apparently, biologically, religiously, are not made to go together forever. If they do, it’s a whole different ball game to what we of the now have experienced the last 30 years.
        Polyamory is gaining popularity as a methodiose
        of staying the course.
        Great communication, trust & confidence is required and realistic and creative grip on what works for 2 peoples.
        Venus can be tricky, some myth about a golden net or girdle?

      • Hey Toro queen..what’s going on u ask!! What’s going on is me head over heals in love with a beautiful beastly bull of a man..whom is 10 yrs my junior..grrr purrs the cougar..he’s in a loveless relationship..and he has the hots for me big time..just been magical things happening..but I’m playing slow and against my Leo ways..but this guy is worth the wait..and I must honour patience..

        • Roaring Scorp … I feel your pain as I naturally have zero patience when it comes to love too. I blame it on my venus in Aries :) also I am in a similar situation … Really good friends with a Toro dude who I’ve developed feelings for over the past few years. Well the feelings are mutual but he’s also in a loveless relationship. We’ve never acted on our feelings … Nor do i want to. But WHY must it be this way????

  4. Thanks Mystic, just what I needed. Was feeling rather frazzled – transiting venus exactly squares my natal libran 11th house sun& merc., while mars transits my 10th house 1% uranus ….saturn in my 12th has just moved into the orb of my asc/neptune/venus conj…..
    Last night a snub at a social event causedme to retreat to the car to listen to music, while my daughter enjoyed her evening. This was an old reaction from a new place within myself. Previously I would have been angry & lacking in confidence, yesterday it was the right thing to do in the circumstances and I felt fine about it. Today neptune nights helpedme integrate that new info about myself :-)

  5. I am scared to do this! My phoenix mp3 was opinionated, fast talking like a house auctioneer and scarily bang on. As in freaky.

    also i don’t know any taurus people breaking up but every libra i know is in the mood to jump the coop, a lot of them going for “one last chance” or waiting to see how xmas goes.

  6. Well… I’ve given it a run (last night) and I think a bit more time will allow for more insight but in the interim….

    A bizarre early morning dream that had too much going on in it I could not accurately record the info (it is not unusual to get A4+) but there were two snakes in it. One large creamy white python I had no fear of and seemed to be harmless and inactive and/or had a fully tummy earlier in the dream and a smaller bright blue snake who wouldn’t let me pass on the way home and bit my foot (I woke up at that point). Had bare feet, was staying someplace over water that I had to get back to a dock/boat and get back to where home was?

    Will leave all the other peripheral guff out of it.

    Anyway, sleep was pretty good but dream was completely out there.

    • ‘Too much going one’, you condensed my edited rave about
      awaiting The Right Time to listen :-)
      (Even though it’s 2 months since i received Jupiter!).
      Will save Neptune for the beach and hope the sand doesn’t
      enter the pod.

      Am dreaming vividly again, my adventure, loaded with people, places, environs, just busy dreams after a few months of blank sleeping.
      Srangely, it’s always the same theme, that’s why i missed it. Like an absent continent.

    • Scorched Earth, I had a similar dream about snakes last last night. One bit me on the foot too :shock:

      Use to dream about snakes all the time. It’s been a while.

      My dreams are always pretty intense – Natal Neptune conjunct Sun. Haven’t tried the Neptunian beats. My dream life is hard to control. I just let to be… Mugwort doesn’t work on me either.

      • JESUS ME TOO. Actually it was an elephant and suddenly it turned into a HUGE tropical python gliding quickly through water at me.

        Never seen the like in any dream before.

        Haven’t been able to unsee it and unwonder all day!

        • Hmmmm… I had water in my dream too, lots of it and it was separating land masses. But no, definitely no elephants..

          Curiouser and Curiouser.

    • Pegs my dreams been a bit amped on and off just recently again as well. Sand sounds like holidays… sigh, I have no break coming up but that’s ok. Just recently had a week on retreat which is still bolstering me for the daily grind.

      Yeah, there be too much going on and all of it feels significant. Have transcended the urge to ditch it all and head for new horizons.. but I feel it a for now thing. Reinvention is in progress.

      Hahaha.. no idea how Scorched got back in Scorpbot, perhaps that too is a sign? Cue woo woo music, snakes and foot bites!! My natal Neptune is in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces and it’s about 8 degrees from being on top of it.

        • Grins, yeah… :)

          ….the change motivator was more about lightening up the vibration of the name but I still kinda like it and it appears to still wants to random in from time to time so maybe now it’s more a split personality thing ;)

  7. I’ll be getting this very soon. Need to make some decisions and I find Binaural Beats gives you that edge. It’s like you get a dose of conviction and your decision making is empowered.
    Just wish I knew how to convert these downloads into my iTunes.

  8. Deep, deep sleep last night after listening, don’t even know if I was dreaming, felt drugged but not in an icky way. I likes. Cheers Mystic. x

  9. I enjoyed the jupiter binaural beats so picked up this one too. I have moon conjunct neptune (cancer asc, so moon is my chart ruler) so every night is a neptune night for me and I frequently write down my dreams.

    But I tried this last night and it lulled me right to sleep. Wow…I had a very long intense dream (even for me!) and moreover remembered nearly all of it. I woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled down two pages worth. As I did I realized the whole thing was metaphorical about something that happened to me months ago but am still processing. So cool. Basically this mp3 is pure magic! I have no idea how it works, but it does! Thanks Mystic!

  10. Mystic this stuff is incredible. I’ve never slept so deeply or had such epic dreams in my life. Thank you. Thank you p. Thank you.

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