The Lost, Strange Beautiful City Of Heracleion

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Sunken City Queen Statue

Around 1,200 years ago, colossal statues of Egyptian gods graced the bustling port city of Heracleion. Thanks to its huge network of sparkling canals, the city became one of the most vital trade hubs in the Mediterranean, and ships filled with treasures lined its docks. It’s said said that Helen of Troy and her lover Paris once walked here, as did the Greek hero Hercules – after whom the city may have been named.
Located at the mouth of the river Nile, the city was a place of great culture as well as commerce. Then, suddenly, an unknown catastrophe caused the whole city to sink beneath the waves, where it was forgotten – except for a few historical references.

Nile God HapiThe most beautiful stories & images of the excavation of Heracleion by underwater archeologist Franck Goddio are here. it all seems so magical and evocative of Neptune in Pisces, no?

 Heracleion Lion

45 thoughts on “The Lost, Strange Beautiful City Of Heracleion

  1. I just got shudders. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful or familiar in my life

    The lion particularly has always, always been with me.
    Thank you MM
    you’ve just made my day

    • Blue Moon,
      Was about to leave a comment saying the same. I had a dream when I was about 10 or 11 about a statue I had loved.. connecting the dots as an adult.

    • Blue Moon I felt the same way too when I saw this link.

      Something as Fishgirl said a strange & eerie familiarity swept across my face and heart.

      I teared up a bit when I saw the lion.

  2. So bizarre MM, was just reading Graham Hancock’s account (Underworld) of an underwater pyramid structure off a small island in Japan, looking at diving photos! Type in Japan’s underwater pyramids.. I dunno how to put the links in on this IPad. Maybe they were part of Lemuria….

  3. I love this – I love the meeting of the earthly realms so beautifully encapsulated by the lion surrounded by fish.

    I wonder what Franck Goddio’s astro is?

    btw can I just say how awesome have the scopes been the last week or so? On fire Mystic!

  4. Have been finishing a lion drawing for work. Thank you for posting this. Love the images and lost cities always ignite my magical attraction to history.

  5. Wish we could have giant god and goddess statues around the place instead of advertisements. Also is he feeling up her tits in the top picture?

  6. Love it. There is so much we can learn from ancient civilizations but many people think of them as ‘primitive’ and dismiss them. I’m glad they uncovered this one, so beautiful.

  7. I went back to Heracleion / and my city was gone.

    Natal Neptune conjunct north node in Sagg; transiting Neptune nearing 1st house where ascendant conjunct Jupiter. I got an 8th house like boilers in the belly of a really big ship.

  8. Thank you for this lovely post Mystic – just exquisite. I’m so sad today as the Australian government is set to approve dredging of the wonderful Great Barrier Reef to support coal mining. Please get involved in stopping this – in anyway you can – go to The reef is a natural wonder and when it’s gone there’ll be no bringing it back.

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