Keep Saturn in Saturnalia

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Keep Saturn in Saturnalia

“…Slaves were treated as equals, allowed to wear their masters’ clothing, and be waited on at meal time in remembrance of an earlier golden age thought to have been ushered in by the god. In the Saturnalia, Lucian has the god’s priest declare that “During My week the serious is barred; no business allowed. Drinking, noise and games and dice, appointing of kings and feasting of slaves, singing naked, clapping of frenzied hands, an occasional ducking of corked faces in icy water—such are the functions over which I preside.”


The Saturnalia was the most popular holiday of the Roman year. Catullus (XIV) describes it as “the best of days,” and Seneca complains that the “whole mob has let itself go in pleasures”…The original day now was given over to the Opalia, honoring Ops, who personified abundance and the fruits of the earth, and was the consort of Saturn…”


Saturn was married?  To an abundance goddess? Hey, happy Saturnalia, Solstice & Venus Retro!  Its a harvest festival – celebrate what you accomplished this year & lavishly honor those who helped you reap the Awesome.

The next Daily Mystic is coming out tomorrow and it’s totally all about Retro-Venus Techniques for Awesome, Managing the Martian Mayhem (Mars opposite Uranus) Without Going Nuts & timing all the retrogrades of 2014…

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  1. Quite like the idea of having a “consort”. Instead of you know, a lover, or boyfriend, or “partner” (such a … *statistical* term!)

    • I love “consort” too.
      I know that Queen of The Damned is deemed my intelligent folk as being The Worst Vampire Movie EVER but I love how Akasha calls Lestat her consort. There is something so powerful about it. I often watch that clip on YouTube where she tells him how she kept him alive to be her consort and companion. Yeah dork alert. But this time of year I have a pattern of watching vampire movies. I don’t know why. It’s always been this way. I guess the sexy undead is as plausible as the immaculate conception and Jesus’s gf being a sex worker yet no one in the New Testament gets laid. Oh to be a fly on the wall when she was busted anointing his feet with oil. Seriously, picture it. Kind of makes his defensive reaction more plausible too.
      Oooops. Tangent! Lol

  2. Happiness that Mystic changed the name of Christmas to something relative.
    Totally, completely, utterly, have absolutely no rapport with Xmas.
    If i could wish myself away, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland would be The Place
    to have hot toddys in the heated mineral pool.
    None of the images for Xmas suit Oz.
    Have just collected a mass of dried leaves and bark to glue feathers upon and paint with gold & silver ink.

    • Oh Pegasus me too… I am wearing Grinch Green every day. I’ve only just managed to buy something for the Littlest of my tribe and the others will get something when they return from interstate travels with their male progenitor. I bought my Sadge a lovely gift though only a few days ago it was his birthday so it feels like an extension of this.

      I just wish all the nonsense would stop and life can go back to normal. Xmas is so irrelevant and all it represents is a whole lot of work for me.


      PS. let’s do coffee this week – I’m off from tomorrow until 2 Jan.

      • The flying horse comes in Alchemist, i’m here!
        Ad today has blown me away with the response.
        Reading mainstream male’s psyche.
        5 calls and it’s ALL WRONG.
        Venus retro in my house of love? Woke up Very Unloving.
        The calls told me about Structure, the true strategy if i am to continue on my path to educate.
        Just wrote your name next to find myself a young geek protege and ask your advice.

        The Village asap, need that open space.

  3. Sounds like a party I’d like to go to!

    You lot don’t sound particularly enamoured in the sharing of food and drink with favourite people, but I can’t wait. For the first time in 10 years I get to spend a whole christmas day with my kids, and cook lunch. I love cooking for christmas.

    Hope you all have a wonderful surprise contact or visit from someone who is special to you so you cheer up.

    • are you a Taurus or Cancer by any chance?

      No need to feel sorry for us peeps who hate Xmas. We’re not all miserable you know…

      Have fun with your kids. :)

    • that’s a nice thing to say Moved On, hope you have a lovely entire day with your children.

      I quite like xmas or whatever people want to call it. Great way to get a good crew together and eat drink and be merry, reflect on the year, open more champagne.. etc. sometimes nice to just disappear to a deserted beach too, with a beer, surfboard, good book and some delicious snax :)

      it really would be nice to have a surprise contact or visit from someone who makes me happy… do wonder if i am growing a second head sometimes or maybe need a personality transplant :\

      don’t know if a bizarre dream about an ex B/F (not like) from 18 years ago counts among ‘surprise contact’.

    • Are you sure you’re not my mum? ;)

      Ok… that IS a joke, but that IS me in reverse, just with both folks and siblings which is actually longer than 10 years since…..

    • did mine on the harvest moon a few days ago and it was lovely thanks moved on – hope yours is whatever you want it to be tomorrow.

  4. I love it mm… It helps me to have multiple understandings… One dimensional beliefs, rituals just don’t stick…. Aka Christmas…. I am a typical non believer that participates, has moral nightmares about consumerism, and ends up realising I’m too old to pit up with my families bullshit for too long…. So this year I thought of be smart and organise spending at least half the day with friends drinking lovely wine and listening to beautiful music…. I became fraught with this idea because the mire I held on to it, the more I had to convince myself how horrible my family are to me, so that I don’t participate… Anyway it started getting weird in my head and I realised it was just me, not accepting them…. And no they don’t always treat me with the care and respect I want, or love and affection, but I realise there is a major problem in focussing on what you dontvwant….. You just get more of it… Instead I’ve decided to go easy, have no attachment and just enjoy myself and my family…. Ha!

    • Hell yeah.

      I was so angry at my family for so long, but I just accept them for what they are and am more motivated to find My People out in the world to have the love and acceptance I crave. I show up mostly for them and try and keep it low drama, participate in old rituals from happier times and not make too big a deal out of it. You’re wise to make peace with things…I keep telling myself “emotions are just information” when I start to get angry or carried away with a thought/feeling. You can still hold your beliefs about what you need/deserve without transmitting or expressing them all the time (took me a long time to learn that one! d’oh).

      • Well said, AT. I made the mistake of declaring how the Church subverts sacred pagan rites into harmful, clan-dividing rituals at Easter by pointing out that no human is more holy than another regardless of self-ordainment, that ritual is half a tool in the box of the faithful. That went over like a lead balloon doused in Bordeaux and lit by the Pascal candle. This Christmas I will stick to Merriment come hell or high water. How humble of Saturn to call for Jupiter on his own feast.

  5. I got the Saturnalia spirit! YES to honoring & celebrating all that & all those who are fuel for the Awesome. I saw a family buy a tree for another family who couldn’t afford one & it made me cry, it was that beautiful. Give give give, party party party! Tidings of Love, gorgeous astro fiends: Joy & regenerative sleep to all xx

    • In the world of epic consumerism that is one of the nicer aspects of it and not actually about the consumption or the cash but about the spirit!

  6. Can’t help but like this time of year. Even the deep darkness we have up here in the frozen north. Love the idea of peace on earth and the fact everything stops for a while business wise and people really can take a break (mostly) And the partying and friendships. But like Pegasus, I can never get with Christmas. This whole saturn thing seems way more potent and of course I honour the solstice. It must be my saturn on my Asc!
    Loving the idea of the naked dancing!

  7. I’m definitely keeping Saturn in Saturnalia. Gonna be the uppity grinch only eating salad and quinoa at the dinner table. :D

    Reasoning? a) I have 10 days to start the new year and new jobs (one at a yoga studio) off in great health/routine, and b) on Thanksgiving my family convinced me to eat their “traditional” food (e.g. sour cream dip etc.) and I got the worst food poisoning the whole weekend after. Dairy is truly evil.

    • Yup it really is gross shite. I can’t do dairy at all.
      Just had a good old dog fight with my best mate, ie letting him rant and rave and dump on me and then calmly calling him up on his lying, telling him he was being unfair and refusing to buy into the drama, refusing to be gimped, being compassionate yet self protective and sticking to my guns. He apologised profusely within twenty minutes. Ok more like half an hour but we went from. Him telling me we I’m a psycho bitch and how dare I throw a hissy fit 3 days before Xmas & guilt trip etc. I was actually quite impressed how I was able to stand in my power, not get sucked or play the victim but just say calm and point out the truth whilst telling him I love him. It was a really amazing breakthrough for me. As soon as I let go of the outcome but with love, he said “I put my hands in the air and apologise for my anger and those nasty things I said. That was just my Leo ego getting the better of me. Can we resolve this please?” Immediately I said “Dave you know how much I love you. I’m sorry we fell out too. Let’s find a way thru thus.” Pre yoga and network Chiropractics there is just no way I could have done that. I feel so empowered.
      Just baked a load of sugar free, gluten free chocolate vegan cupcakes using hemp powder and tapioca flour mostly but also freeze dried blueberries, chia seeds flaxseed and zylotol Best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted :-). I’m taking them everywhere I go for the next few days to ward off those nasty sugary carbs. :-D

  8. First time xmas orphan this year. Going to friends for lunch but been feeling xmas differently this year- bit sad.. def do not like the consumerism. Had a weird time of past two weeks trying to contact my people and no one gets back. I know busy time of year . Its like the universe is blocking all my messages.

    • Have you heard ” white wine in the sun” by Tim Minchin.
      Makes me cry…
      I know about the orphan at Xmas feeling.
      It gets easier

      • Am reading an amazingly well written book called The Book of Human Skin by Michelle Lovric.
        Not exactly holiday reading. Set in Venice and Peru during Napoleanic times.

    • Yes, was an orphan for years, around Christmas, Easter, and all the other hols, I actually quite enjoyed it, as I would disappear into the studio, streets around were quiet and I found it peaceful.

      Last couple of years I had the experience of very dear old friends cutting ties, and it was REALLY painful, but since then I am watching new friendships form around me that seem to be more compatible with how I am now. I also observed that if they are meant to come back into your life they will…

  9. Venus retro has brung me a blocked sublingual gland = swollen, red, desert mouth and no fun to eat anything. Nursing it with Himalayan salt, heated spoon applications, litres of water, ice and a wtf!
    The upside is my lips are fluffed up free of charge :-) And no red lipstick required….

    Dear Louise Hay:
    what am i not saying, what sticks in my mouth (and i haven’t stuck it out at anyone even), what inflames me?

    Now i really really want to go to Iceland’s spa.

    • Think i had better take the day off from no work coming in and purchase a bottle of French Champagne to cheer me up and delete all cares.
      Problem with that is i will want to drive to planet Elsewhere
      when tipsy.

    • Strange.. I woke with razor throat and left work early myself. Had to go to cover a morning thing lest I loose even more grace. Started to descend yesterday.

      Feel better winged one and fly free above the fray x

  10. Venus retro….woke up to my once upon a time ex who i love zombied over and was talking about to my friend last night following me on twitter! Surprised yes! But he’s famous now for his charitable work so im just one of many he follows.

  11. Yeah I’ve always had a phobia about Christmas (is there a word for this?), but getting older, with each passing year dealing with the grief of lost ones and very ill friends…I’m over it…I use any time I can now to celebrate with the people around me…surely that’s really what Saturnalia is about…defying’s the harshest convention of all…you can run out out money, lose property, reputation etc…but you can always get it back…you can never get time back…you run out of it and it takes everyone one away eventually…so now I’m just plain practical…I even celebrate thanksgiving and I’m not an American…I ignore the consumerism of Christmas and just have fun with it like I do with lots of other festivals when i can…even a plain ol’ Saturday is worthy of a celebration when you’re with people you love…as flawed and conflicted as we all are…(whistle, hoot!) x

  12. I’ve never really celebrated Xmas anyway so this time of the year is not much different for me. One thing I love about the holidays is giving gifts to my loved ones however. I didn’t grow up receiving gifts for special occasions so I had to catch up to social conventions – the Lilith in me is like, snore, but my Sat-Pluto in Libra reminds me you need to at least learn the rules properly before you break them properly, lol. Lilith agrees and cooperates :) she likes learning anyway.
    I have really cleaned up my gifting act over the last few years, I have to say my Cap Venus was really loving the level I’ve brought it to this year. Gave great gifts all around so I’m feeling really fuzzy :)

    The Saturn bit is that my holidays are all scheduled up – have personal projects to do, eating clean as I’m not doing indulgence with food this year – the one thing I’ve always given myself freedom with during festive season since I didn’t participate in anything else – this year I switched out food for more thoughtful gifts. Financial planned the year ahead. Have an extended date with a 5 day probiotic program and added zinc to my regimen. Focused on my growth for 2014 so setting good habits in place to get ready. Planning on being part of the 5am club. For the first time in 15 years, not focused on relationships/dating, but making myself a true, overall priority and focusing on my own health and prosperity. Sad to read for many of you probably, it’s silly, but this has been one of my biggest obstacles… Made a huge emotional transition away from, and totally ready to let go of, what I’ve known my entire life as family drama exploded a few weeks ago. The way I see it, it’s happening for a reason: The family drama explosion I speak of happened after I smudged my area after not doing so for longer than my usual interval… Coincidence? It’s been ZZ-a-go-go the second half of December… But dare I say…. I am feeling quite serene. And FREE goddammit. I’m really thankful for the Cap energy right now – I’ve been handling things surprisingly well. Mars in Libra helping me too by getting my troops ready should the need arise. Met an amazing amazing amazing real estate lady that feels more like a long lost best friend that has pledged to help me. So grateful. I’m getting ready to launch!

    This has definitely been the Year of the Snake. Shedding of old skin.
    Now it’s time to get galloping along a la Horse in 2014 :)

              • Ooh I love Dragons, I always get along with the ones I come across, like auto-attract, lol. I am a Rooster in year’s sign, so that may be why. Apparently Roosters and Dragons are soulmate material.

                Now… if only I can get a Cap-Mars Dragon lover to enter my life.

                • *sigh* I want one of those too!!! I ADORE Caps and have never dated one. Would suit my Cap Asc. Hoping Cap Venus retro will bring one back from a past life :D

                  Just ended it with a Crab. Never again!! UGH! He was a Dog in chinese astro – so incompatible.
                  Never liked his astro from the start. My Saggo moon squared his Sun and Mars, and his venus/moon conjunction in Leo squared my Sun. Was torture!!!! :roll: LOL.

                  • I had a freind who was very Cancerian and a Dog – and although she was very sweet, if I think about it, I dont know if she would get along with a Scorpio Dragon like yourself. Actually, I know so – her sister is a Scorpio Dragon, and they definitely have their tiffs.

                    I hope you find everything you wish for in 2014 Scorpbot! For you however, maybe you might want to find a Cap Mars Rooster ;)

                    • Oh yes, that’s what I meant – a Cap Mars Rooster.

                      Putting in an order right now!!! Cock-a-doodle-Dooooo!!! :razz:

                      So many roosters here and all my fave peeps too. Love it!!!

                    • Yoko Ono (rooster) and John Lennon (dragon) is a great example. Saw a doco on them recently and was blown away by how much they loved each other. True soul mates :)

                    • I was totally besotted with a Pisces dragon once (the dude who stole street signs)… I thought he was my soulmate

                    • No one said soulmate stuff wasn’t ever tricky. No it doesn’t justify bad actions or decisions, but usually this stuff entails a lot of hard choices and willing effort on both sides I’d imagine. It’s not for everybody.

                  • Oh nice! Another Rooster! This is so wonderful, Rooster party here, lol!

                    I guess Rooster women do like a man with a strong Mars. Dont blame ya sistahs! I know the feeling!

              • Dragon here too. I haven’t checked Chinese astro compatibility much, I find the idea that everyone in a certain birth year is the same sign/personality a bit strange. Maybe because I feel more unique/individual than that!

                • Oh hello there Miss Dragon!

                  Well, chinese astro is a lot more complicated than an animal on your year sign…. its like how astrology gets written off because we are all a certain sun sign. As an astro homie, Im sure you know that astrology is SO much more than your Sun sign.

                  If youre interested in chinese astro, you will find that you actually have 4 animals and 4 elements that make up who you are, your “Bazi”. It doesnt end there though. Look into Flying Stars and my personal fave: Zi Wei Do Shou ;) “Lunar mansions” and stars names after military positions get me all riled up :)

  13. These holidays are tough. It must be all those cardinal planets (mars, Jupiter, Uranus, venus, pluto). It’s seriously a headbanger. I have family but I don’t have family. My sister and mother are abusive. I’m reminded again how much they are this holiday season. What I mean by abusive — I can’t bring anything up without them going ballistic at me — anger issues. Very hard. I have had to disconnect from them, and on that way out — I got a string of abusive emails. Happy holy crap. Ignore and walk away. I don’t even read them. I just delete delete delete. My new year’s resolution is to completely cut out the alcohol (more problems now, don’t enjoy it any longer, affects me differently now too). I like wine, but I don’t enjoy it any more. 2013 was successful but painful. Getting over a broken engagement from 12-2012 all year long. Oh yeah — haha, love zombie 2013 (maybe half of it). No more of that either. It’s too bad the icky stuff are big, not little. I just want to stay in bed. I can’t do that though. I love the oracle. I overuse it. Haha, probably not a good thing.

  14. I lost my mind a few years back and found myself in a psychiatric ward for Christmas and New Year. Try as hard as I can to keep a plan, avoid stress and a relapse. I lost not only my mind but my relationship and job. I walked out on my life only to find there was nothing on the other side. Still counting the toll on what I’ve lost. You struggle to find your way back from a nervous breakdown, only to realise that patch of sanity ain’t worth what it used to be. Hard to trust yourself when your family doesn’t and nor do they want to be near you this time of the year.
    To anyone else doing it tough out there, it will pass.

    • Hey S, sounds like you’ve been through the fire and its time to Phoenix. Wishing you strength perspective and happiness in 2014.

      I think only those who have been through difficult times can truly appreciate good fortune. Xx

      • Thank you Gemyogi. I haven’t met many people who have travelled the same terrain. Phoenix haven’t actually taken shape. New beginnings don’t seem to appear, just recycling in the same pond. Jupiter haven’t been a benefit in my sign, I’d like a refund. Guess I am being sidelined by Saturn.

        • Jupiter is SO overrated!!! Saturn delivers after hard work. Jupiter just expands what’s already there.

          “recycling in the same pond” I know what that’s like…. my life’s been like that pretty much since 2008. It’s taken THIS long for things to finally change. With a Pluto Asc I was in the ZZ and was worried I would stay stuck!

          Hope you get to swim in some fresh waters soon.

          • :grin: I was the same about jupiter while it was in gemini – the sign of its detriment while there was all the talk about how lucky it was. Thank god it only happens once every 12 years was all I could think. Wasn’t until it got the hell out of there that anything even vaguely ‘lucky’ happened and god knows I was actively encouraging opportunities. I think it’s a thing that works in concert with other things. Not alone. And it seems to be a bit misunderstood. I’ve been reading about it for the last few days and I don’t think that whole blasé lucky star thing is giving it the credit it deserves. It’s also what sends you to university suddenly, or on the grand tour or to church. I’m definitely more team saturn than jupiter too. Read your thoughts about uranus – it’s the planet that is the catalyst for individuating if it’s been avoided. Forces the change. Kicks through the debris. Will not rest until you’re on track. I think it’s possibly one of those things that’s clearer and seen in a better light in retrospect xxx

            • Gem Jupiter is my natal position and I thought in my Sun Sign bring on some goodness. Scorp retro Uranus 10th House and it’s heavy hitting. I am reading my Uncle’s book Origin of Genesis and it’s so Uranian.
              Thanks for the insights and kind words. Blessings to all.

            • LOL. I couldn’t be more individuated if I tried!!! Cap Asc won’t allow me to let my freak flag fly but it’s definitely there!! My Uranus squares my Saggo moon (in 11th) so it pops out spontaneously every now and then. I also have psyche in Aqua.

              The thoughts I previously expressed on Uranus where filtered through Saturn. My chart is very fixed and being so Saturn ruled and visually oriented (with a tendency to judge a book by its cover) perhaps I struggle with the physical manifestation of Uranus.

              I agree with your about Jupiter. It definitely works in concert with other things, I have natal Jupes in Toro in 4th house. You know how mystics keeps saying – “wherever you have Jupes is where you’re as lucky as stink” – certainly true in my case me. Lucky with property – not that I’m a mogul or anything. Is a mortgage lucky? Hardly. Hehe. Got my first mortgage during my first Saturn return. In 2011 when Uranus was in Aries I got rid of it. Couldn’t STAND the idea of OWNING something and OWING the bank!! UGH! A positive Uranus transit in action. Incidentally Jupiter was in Toro at the time and had just entered my 4th house! :D It’s the most memorable occasion where I’ve worked the astro/transits and it’s manifested in my favour.

              When Jupes was in Scorp (transiting my 10th) I won a small award for some creative work bur I worked my butt off to get it! So yeah, as you said “actively encouraging opportunities”

              • Natal Pluto squares my Sun, Mercury and Moon. I don’t understand Gem Jupiter in my 5th House. Perhaps that I desire a relationship but they are never fruitful.
                At the moment I think I get why it feels too much. Current transit Mars and Uranus square Sun and Mercury.

                • that could be an uncomfortable place for jupiter natally maybe? It’s in detriment in gemini and the relationship thing might be the difference between the 5th and the 7th? They’re different kinds of relationships, so maybe if you have a squizz at those two houses there might be a reorienting of perspective about the 5th placement – not sure but I do know that the kinds of relationships that the two houses attract are very different – hope that helps in the quest to understand the jupiter thing – it’s a weird planet.

                  • Seven would be an empty Leo House in the late degrees.
                    My Mum is a Gem Sun and my sister is a Leo Sun. I feel these houses seem to imply a greater family karmic energy associated in this life. Thanks AF so much to think about. Still think I am the under sized fish that gets rejected and tossed back in the water.

              • You get that i wasn’t so much referring to you as an individual but to uranus right? What you’ve said is interesting because it is parallel to some things I’ve been thinking about for a while. The major one being that because uranus doesn’t do the status quo and is a catalyst for change it doesn’t matter where you have it natally – natal is possibly more an indication of how able you are to cope with or embrace the changes which you obviously already know because of your saturn filter. How you will take it in your stride – and you have to be a wee bit eccentric, if not borderline mad to take uranus in your stride. I have it in a stellium with my sun and I’m even going WTF? a bit (well a lot actually) lately. I’m interested in what you mean by the physical manifestation of uranus – do you mean earthquakes or accidents?

                I love your Real Estate story + the Cap ascendant. Am just starting to get to know the disincarnate capricorn energy – I’ve only ever encountered it via bombastic types who are the kind to discuss ponzi schemes over lunch, or sell you a financial plan. At the moment I’m seeing it via the venus transit of it in my 8th while natal venus is in the 5th and its fascinating.

              • My comment about the physical manifestation of Uranus was just a shallow and judgemental (low Cap?). I think I was trying to say that Uranian type peeps annoy my Cap Asc. Because I hate frivolity and silliness and struggle to be around peeps who try really hard to look wacky, zany and different… too contrived…”hey look at me” :roll”. Often they’re plain boring!! I prefer the unassuming kind.

                I don’t even know where my train of thought was there or previous comment. Just ignore. My merc in Scorp squares Saturn and Saggo moon speaks before i thinking and makes sweeping statements.

                Really… you’ve only encountered the bombastic type of Caps? I associate ponzi schemes with low Gemini – mercurial/deceit /cheating peeps of the $$, low Scorp or harsh aspects to 8th house (other people’s money) or 2nd house (earn income/values). Low Cancer – anything for the sake of security? … i dunno It’s more than a Sun sign thing.

                All the Caps I know and have crossed paths with are Mer Goat kind.

                My Saturn’s in Aqua in 2nd house. Maybe that’s why my Cap Asc vibes a little different to the typical Cap energy you’ve come across

                Your Venus transit in 8th sounds hot!! :)

                • AHH! LOL that’s funny – i get into trouble quite a bit because I don’t realise people are being insulting or rude (re the uranus thing you said to ignore). It’s some kind of naive blinkers thing I have. Which is strange because I’m definitely not stupid but I just don’t expect it from people so I get into situations where they’re really being cantankerous and I’m in the throes of some kind of pollyanna haze of thinking everyone is well intentioned it’s like I fall into people’s booby traps or something. And then I ask innocent questions like ‘do you mean earthquakes?’ and look like some kind of imbecile or child. Like I just walk into the lion’s den without knowing it. As a child it used to manifest as talking to adults who were in some way visually or physically different to the ‘norm’ in public places and asking them straight out what had happened to their face, legs, etc. Anyone who was my chaperone had to hold on real tight if there were dwarves around – and for some reason there always were (not sure what the pc term is and if that’s the wrong label but dear dwarves, I mean you no harm). It’s taken me a long time to see how that works – I suspect it’s SN in Libra which is also where my sun and mercury and venus conjunction are. This blog has helped with seeing it in an objective way (my uranus on the IC is always having a science experiment and I don’t mind being the subject :grin:)

                  Re the caps – yes, I’ve only ever met those really outgoing forceful types who I then discover are caps – but maybe they’re a result of my cap 8th house? But it’s also possibly because I met a cluster of them who were all about 15 years younger than I, so their energy was still in that goat that wants to ravage your laundry and bunt the hen house door phase.

                  This 8th house transit of venus is the first one I’m going to diarise so I can see how it works for astro fiend purposes. It’s going well but venus is tricky and so is jupiter so I’m sure I’ll see the full gamut of good and bad as the months go on…

                  • LOL. sorry to disappoint with my literal meaning/ response. I know how much you love to talk of earthquakes and all things esoteric ;)

                    Maybe your Cap 8th house likes to test foundations and structures. 8th house likes to get beneath the surface… a “gotta be more to this right?” approach Hehe…. “)

    • jupiter is complicated lovely – the shiny happy lucky charm of the material realms people bang on about is also about creative and visionary impulses and the expansion of the spiritual and mental realms. I always notice an upswing in UFO sightings and ‘cult’ news when jupiter hits a certain place in the sky. So although the usual, more literal connotations are material, I’m sure if you have a bit of space and time to ponder the ways your thinking has changed and evolved you might feel a bit less ripped off. Best wishes to you at this strange time of the turning of the wheel xxx

  15. Oh this is ridiculous! I am off to a super fine soiree with some pukkah peeps who are grand fun, and WHILE looking forward to it…

    …am also hearing this little annoyed voice in my head that just wants to catch up on ironing, decluttering and starting a new exercise routine! For heaven’s sake, Saturnalia/Capricornucopia, just remember i’m a Pisces, wouldya?! A fifth house SUN, wanting to stay in to iron and exercise!

    *sigh* perhaps i will need to break teetotal with a glass of the finest hooch the establishment can offer :D

    Merry Hell, everyone…see you there!

  16. So Mystic you were right about the old flings coming weirdly out of the wood work. About a week ago I had a chap contact me after eight months or so, at 1.10 am saying “you were right’ just that and deciding that on that night he needed to tell me and maybe we should do coffee so he could recount his tale, supposedly so I could say told you so!
    Then out walking the dog this morning a car pulls up and a guy asks for spurious directions. I look at him, then he asks where Emg lives. Penny drops. A guy from about four years back. He leaps out of the car and hugs me. Then proceeds to tell me his wife has died of cancer about two years ago and more importantly that I had had a profound effect on him and had changed him radically in his knowing me. He wanted me to know just how deeply he had experienced me. Then he proceeded to say he was sad that we had never been ‘kind’ to each other. male speak for a friends benefits relationship I suppose. I shrugged and said well it was what it was. That seemed to pain him too. What is so odd, is that I have men around me, they disappear then it always seems around four years later they reappear and they seem to have got it. What ever it was. I can’t figure out what works in four year transits but this was the fifth guy to do just that. So I await the next knock at the door or serendipitous meeting. Bizarre stuff.

    • Venus retrogrades are eight year cycles… maybe because it’s in the opposite sign after four years?

      Maybe it’s just that men are fuqing slow.

      My Dad wrote a little story about the women in his life and the one that meant the most to him turned out to be the one he screwed over in his early twenties. Go figure that one out.

      • Men are just fuqing slow, Oh woo hoo how I know this to be true. And I will be absolute on the fact that they are more inclined to run from the one that has meant or could mean or would ultimately mutate them for the better and the best and the most. One day I will write your father’s same story from the female perspective. Trouble is you just end up looking at them thinking oh god not again. I get on with life and pick up pretty well, all things considered but sometimes it is just too sad to witness from a personal point of view. To take yet another loss. And knowing he’ll be back.

        And thanks for the Venus idea, maybe it is just that. By the time Venus has moved round to oppose where they started on the out, they are seeing things from a whole new grown up understanding. Mostly it just makes me sad. Stupid stupid stupid. Had a dream about two weeks into my main man relationship, that someone stopped me and said ‘you used to see him didn’t you?’ He’s dying alone up in his little house’ I got in my car and drove there as fast as I could and entered the house to find him propped up in bed looking like death. I grabbed him and really let rip about the fact that his stubborn bloody pride and his mind games would stop him calling me and having someone he loved by his side. Boy was I mad at him. Then I kissed and kissed him and the last scene was me gently spoon feeding him and the colour returning to him.
        Story of my life really. Daft thing is this is playing out now in an odd way.

        • Powerful dream Emg. Over the weekend I had a dream about an ex. He bought me an iced coffee and I really wanted a hot flat white. So I took this iced coffee back to the place where he bought it and said please can I have this instead. I was thinking in the dream about the price difference and how I didn’t what the iced coffee and it became a bit of a deal to get the one i wanted. The last part of the dream has me walking out happily with my hot flat white in hand.
          Dream motto is go for the one that leaves you hot not cold. Thank fuq for simple dream symbolism.

          • yes… hot not cold… or some chemistry but mildly indifferent… in my case.
            good dream though S – glad you made sure you went for the hot one ;)

            • Thank you Pi. Yeah still looking for the dude that is my blend. Those powerful dreams that have changed my assessment of people in my life (the light bulb dream moments) have all involved food or drinks. These dreams have the common question: What is sustaining and nourishing you?
              Love how dreams can be an early warning system. I think the simpler my dreams are, the more powerful message that is being conveyed.

              • I have a nespresso machine in the house which means I can have any blend or bean anytime. Ho hum story of my life to date. Dreams do have real meaning for me too and they are quite literal. Last time I had a dream of this one I was climbing and climbing and we were working together at organising people and then he handed me money. Following night the dream was just hot dirty and incredible. Woke up in a muck sweat. Then I bumped into his brother that day who I had not seen for six months and the main man two days later. Whom I had not seen in four months, Freaky. Since then if he comes into my dreams, I can guarantee he will appear in the flesh. Or text or contact somehow.
                And my dreams with him are usually very sexual.

        • so i already had a string of these. My valuable lesson ladies: Men do not want to be changed. Despite how how they want to level up video game characters, they don’t actually want to level up themselves. If you find a deep hot plutonic man who wants to level up, he’s a keeper. otherwise, don’t bother. Go for the man who is already at your level. If there aren’t any then move on. As
          i am finding i may have to move on to a new area physically because my area seems to be infested with stupid ingrates. This bit of advice would’ve saved me so much heartache in my 20′s and 30′s. We women have seen/read so many stories written by the patriarchy i might add where the woman saved/transformed some helpless frog into a prince. Dump the frog or maybe cook up frog legs i say. Don’t let your ego get in the way, that you can handle some PITA dude. He’ll be a PITA tomorrow and after you get married too.

          • I’ve found sun pluto uranus conjunctions in synastry to be pivotal for relationships that have a focus on evolution and personal growth. But it’s not just about one person changing and evolving…

            • so true! But the other person has to want it, is all I’m saying.
              I see so many men just wanting to cruise on auto-pilot.

              I have that conj as my natal.

              • AH! I see what you mean. I don’t spend so much time around those kinds of peeps except maybe in work environments. I have it natally too :grin:

            • i hope it didn’t come across as too man hating as it was not meant that way. We women spend a lot of time in our 20′s going..hey that guy is a fixer-upper…or he’s got so much potential!…. I see girls tearing themselves up over some guy they can’t save from drinking, drugging, etc…

              • no I believe you, its scarier for different reasons I guess, I don’t want to get stuck with a gf and then not be in to her, but I also don’t want to be too stupid to see something that is there, I don’t know what is what yet so I am kinda scared I will fuck things up out there I guess on the male end, or the possibility people are more attracted to fixer upers then people already put together, but I am sure its more complicated then all of that

                • David
                  my take on it is that we meet and we connect and we teach each other things and we grow…together or we grow apart. Just let it be and just enjoy it. For me I’ve had lots of guys around and all of which I am happy to have had. I fall in love very rarely but I know when I do. I hope you can have clarity and just let it be the way it is. Mostly know who you are and enjoy your journey holding the other’s hand.

  17. Blessings to all in this wonderful community, especially those feeling sad or unloved… I am enjoying spending time with family but I know lots of peeps who find xmas depressing or difficult.

    Peace be with you all… and wishing you many good times to come! XX

  18. Christmas Day…. maybe not the best day to be asking this… bah humbug whatevs.

    Anyone done a cord cutting ritual before? Any tips? I need to do one/get one done. Qi Vamps be gone.

    • Greetings WooHoo,
      I have always found, the name of the deadbeat on a piece of paper, fold it up, toss it in the back of the freezer works. I learnt this one off a Norwegian Scorp, whose Mother was a ”White Witch”back in Norway. I just say a little ”You are frozen out of my life” x3 This has been passed round to the females in my family, and friends who have needed to ”get rid of dead weights”…. All have reported success. xx Blessings and Best of Luck.

      • I thought about that one – I have used it in the past with some success. However, I don’t dislike them and never want to see them again. I just want to remove any lingering attachment that is draining me.

        • I find acupuncture really good to up your mojo and top up your Qi.
          No harm or foul with this one.
          Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and fold the paper into a small square. As you fold say “Of you go away and into the fold”. Tie it up with string and say “Be away and there you stay. Safe and away from the”.

    • Have you seen eternal sunshine of a spotless mind? Great film. I know what you mean about just wanting the ache to go rather than carry it about. To still hold them dear and still have the memories and all they taught you, about you. I try to love absolutely and thank them for all they gave. And if they do pop back in, then I just wait until it’s past or let it be. I try to be less attached to it all. I’ve tried the cutting thing and rituals but I have found that it simply goes with time, quietly until you realise they haven’t been in your head for a long long while. Best of luck and I wish you a speedy resolution.

      • I did candle white magic using the psalms 20 years ago. My friend of 28 years who I’m attracted to, I did this candle magic on him 20 years ago — and twice he has asked me recently if I put a spell on him. It’s a friendly candle ritual. I’d do it again. There must be a ritual for getting rid of qi vamps. Depends if you want to get rid of them or get rid of them and bless them too.

    • Until someone with a better answer comes along Woohoo, you could just try doing it yourself? You basically have to feel into the connection so that you can sever it. Feel where it is entering you. meditate on it if it helps….if you no longer want it then maybe it’s not a heart connection, maybe it’s in the gut, could be genitals depending on the link. Once you can locate it you can imagine yourself cutting it – say something releasing at the time as well. Good luck!

    • I’m not sure if there are generic recipes out there for that, but I did one about 2 yrs ago. He was using a sentimental gift to bind our friendship. I removed all known things given by him that was in my household. Destroyed his special gift violently by smashing and setting on fire. I distributed anything that didnt burn to separate public refuse bins. I had to guard my house with salt and brown tourmaline. It worked for the most part.

        • long story short, I had suspected it was being used in this way but had no proof, but a tarot lady confirmed it without me even hinting about him. I didn’t even go to the tarot lady to talk about my love life. She said all of my efforts to finding new men are being cock-blocked by this guy psychically who believes he is doing me a favour. So to him, his “curse” is a “blessing”.

          • So def. anybody out there who thinks you are being “cute” by doing spells against someone’s will, your are not. It will come back against you one day. Always ask permission.

          • I wouldn’t dream of casting a spell on someone. It’s just wrong… low, cheating and dirty… You want someone to be with you of their own free will.

            Loved that you violently smashed up his special gift and set it on fire. :lol:

            Go your Scorp moon. :)

            ‘The Damned’ song springs to mind…

            “Oooh ooh smash it up, smash it up, smash it up”

            • hellz yeah The Damned!

              He was a Cancer and I didn’t put 2 and 2 together because I trust my friends. Why wouldn’t I trust my friends? Even Scorp Moons have to relax.
              When he and the ex-wife broke up he went to New Orleans and hired some vodou person to do some spells. I never thought it would be turned against me.

  19. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to Mystic and all of her “peeps” here! Looking forward to 2014. Bring it..

    God Bless you all! xo!!

  20. I just wanna say marry christmas you guys, its fucking stupid it wouldn’t come up otherwise but under scheduled sentimentality, but now that it is relevant, damn it, I just gotta say you guys are great. I went through a really hard time earlier this year, and I am sure I was annoying as hell, either way you guys were invaluable and I have really benefited and enjoyed all of your varied advanced wise opinions. It is a community here, and its one of the best on the internet. So thank you to all the commenters and mystic, thanks to you guys I have had regular access to a group of really authentic deep people experienced in inner work, to a degree I have not encountered elsewhere. Just having a collection of your casual opinions has been amazing.
    Anyways, things are on the up and up now, but I am glad I feel at home here, merry christmas you guys.

    • Hey David liked your you right from the get go. So glad things are getting good now. I love this place too. These folk are beyond the norm and I certainly feel that resonance too. Have a great new year. Keep growing. xx

    • hey toots, I thought it was hilarious the way you arrived suddenly and proceeded to engage in some pretty emphatic rhetoric with one of the regulars, picking apart their logic and I’m sure giving them some food for thought. Loved it. Hope you have a great holiday and that things continue on the up for you – you’re a top shelf young man and deserve the best x

  21. Thought I would get my Christmas poncho on, ;) .
    (Lookin’ at you Scorpalicious Robot)

    Well I certainly kept the ‘Saturn’ in Saturnalia.

    Now Pluto is coming in on top of Uranus, I have a feeling he will set up shop with no issues either. As in, this year has really sucked.
    Hopefully the Horse year will be better for my Double Tiger nature.

    • *waves” Hiiiiii Andro..

      Sorry to hear this year has sucked. It can only get better.
      Mine started off badly but ended well.

      Year of the Horse will rock! Hanging for the New Moon in Cap.

      Wishing you a brighter 2014 xx :D

      • Thanks lovely! I sound ungrateful, it wasn’t all bad.
        Ok maybe just this minute I don’t feel grateful.
        In all I preferred the action of the Dragon year. Snake energy can be so… low vibration, quiet vibration, waiting & patient shedding style. It craps me off.
        Rip your dead skin off Snake!
        Oh wait, maybe that is what this last month was..

        Honestly I feel like the warrior whose continues the battle though they see their side has lost. So much effort expended for so little gain is how it feels.
        9 months solid of GAPS diet, ASD bubba can’t do the nut meal still & is spinning like a top back on a few grains. Still pretty much non-verbal though no doubt the gut/comfort level is much improved.
        Business project dead in the water for now. Dear friend & financial backer/project manager passed away (still others who may get involved around but this second).
        Physically falling apart, got a bad case of Saturn neck along with Saturnalia that I selfishly ruined by blowing up at others & spoiling the day because I was so down.
        There’s more but I feel too meh to iPhone it here.

        Basically I feel like I can handle many burdens if I can see a way to make them useful experiences, imbue them with higher meaning. Atm I feel like I have to let go of meaning I attribute to things & just.. Lose. Be the loss. Feel the loss.

        Pluto in Cap moving through my 7th, Saturn on my Moon.
        Am seeing the planets moving like double swords through my natal chart!
        Mother figures & certain close relationships seem to be getting bladed along with aspirations.
        Raising my glass to the simple fact of Being. At least I can’t fail at that.

        • Hehe… take it easy Andy, you’re only human. It’s okay to vent.
          It IS the dark moon AND end of the year, when we all take stock of what we have and haven’t accomplished.

          You Scorp moon needs a good wallow. Wallow away. I know I like to… helps me process. Get in amongst it. Feel what you gotta feel…. Nothing worse than someone telling you to cheer up! Sometimes being ungrateful is just as useful as being grateful.
          Speaking of your Scorp moon. Saturn’s stinky arse is squatting there. Ouch!! :neutral: No wonder you feel the way you do! I’ve heard it’s tough. I have that to look forward to when Saturn hits my Saggo moon in a few years. yippee…

          Give yourself time to BE. *cheers* :)

          • Hee hee! Phew, am I glad I finished wallowing.
            Sorry to spaz out, but thank God it was all over a Scorpio.
            Do I normally sound like this? Fuq. Sorry.

            • Hahaha… finished already! That was quick!! I would have gone a few more days. :D

              You’re fine. You don’t normally sound like that.

              What’s annoying is people going on and on and on about the same thing but don’t do anything about it. You’re not like that.

              • Well, it’s been a few days already tbh crying on Christmas. Actually I think my Saturn neck has been good for me. I actually *stopped* as opposed, yah, ‘not doing anything’ (ot doing anything = laundry/checking on kids every five mins/cooking half the day).
                I think I didn’t realise how much my friend who died was supporting me all this time? Anyway, I am getting tired of wallowing, but I could give it another day, hell why not?? :D

                And thanks for the nice compliment, I am an active whinger if nothing else. ;)

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