The Genius Of The Kardashian Xmas Card

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Kardashian Christmas Card

No i don’t actually watch the Kardashians and yes i acknowledge that some of you find their cultural success to be an apocalyptic omen, whatever BUT their 2013 Xmas Card is pure raw genius.

Lensed by the Piscean surrealist David LaChapelle*, and with multiple layers of irony + the now obligatory Illuminati referencing, there is more here. (Apologies the original close-up link here was working when i posted it but seems to have been removed – if anyone has a really good close-up link, please advise)

I love it. it is insanely super-now.

* LaChapelle is a brilliant example of a positive Mars-Neptune man – Neptune in Scorpio square Mars in Leo (photographic and cinematic genius, his doco Rize is a classic) and Sun-Jupiter-Chiron in Pisces.  Haute Neptunian.

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28 thoughts on “The Genius Of The Kardashian Xmas Card

  1. apocalyptic omens SELL

    Was going to say, “At least they are self-aware.” But of course they’re not.

  2. Haha! This is bizarro Neptunian gold! And look: they put the skinniest Kardashians on it. We are Kardashian: young, beautiful, the Future. LaChappelle has a great sense of space, & humor.

  3. one thing that really pointed out was the stepping on magazines. are they kind of trampling all over what’s “in” being themselves in the process

  4. Jenna Wheaties is a nice touch. Because if that’s the youngest ones, then it’s not a Kardashian photoshoot afterall.

  5. That link to the photo doesn’t seem to be working? and I totally want to spend 20 minutes looking at this thing close up!

    David LaChapelle has always seemed beyond human, in terms of his constant stream of incredible creativity over decades. I always wondered how it was even possible for someone’s creative vision to be this strong and non-repetitive and fresh for SO long: extremely haute Mars Neptune seems to be the answer, thank you for that <3

    If I had a house with a superfluous extra room, I would just wallpaper it with his images. Like a little creative engine surreal visionary room

    This photo casts such a spell! Stepping back from the spell, it is astonishing that he could make images of the most annoying and vapid and played-out clicheed celebrities into an image that is utterly fresh and fascinating and deep and gorgeous.

    (Also: LaChapelle's own bone structure! That jaw!)

  6. I’m guilty of watching when it’s on in the background at my mom’s and it’s actually way more interesting and entertaining than I would have expected. Scott and Khloe are hilarious.

    My favorite part in the picture is obviously Bruce trapped lol.

  7. “I’m not very interested in seeing people’s blemishes or wrinkles. If you want reality, take the bus.” –David LaChapelle from this documentary:

    • His quote about blemishes & take a bus…..i say that but use
      ‘supermarket’ instead of bus.
      (my workroom is lit so as everyone looks appealing)

  8. What an inspiration artist, totally original images on his site.
    Ironic, yes. A send up, yes!
    Apparently he didn’t want the 2 children in it but the mother insisted, the rest
    was total carte blanche of his part. He actually made them appear interesting.

    • ‘Appear interesting’ yes, quite a feat by Chapelle.

      The Ks are trying to be cool. He is also cleverly making fun of them while making them look beautiful, much as artists in the past slyly made fun of their patrons.

  9. meh, not a fan of LaChapelle’s work. His explosive and excessive use of colour offends my Venus in Libra’s (and maybe Cap Asc too) predilection for nuance and a delicate and subtle palette. His work is gaudy!

    As for that family.. UGH. Wish they would just go way!!!

    • about about the words The End….Coming Soon…along the top of the room. Also if you look at “The End” in a different way, it also suggests “the EMP”..coming soon? More predictive programming? Weird.

    • This is a wonderful summation I think.
      Really touches on what seems to be a very critical analysis of the Kardashian clan and their role in the media by LaChapelle

      • If you examine it’s symbolically artistically only with the pop culture references not Illuminati, it shows that Dave Chapelle thinks they are sell outs for Fame & $.
        I doubt the K’s understand the jokes on them. KWest is a melomaniac, thinks he is Jesus and people listen to these people? That’s even crazier!
        I love it when artists make money off their clueless clients! Look at art history it’s been going on forever.

        • I think that family know that their wealth is due to their acceptance of the dark side of pop culture.
          Ambition, money, sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kind of ‘got it’ and didn’t mind!

          If they were sensitive to criticism they wouldn’t be where they are today.

          I will be interested to see what happens as Kanye ages. Maybe his own mortality will open his eyes to what is valuable.
          His own mother died from plastic surgery op. yet Kim appears she has been under the knife a lot since the baby, which makes think he is so blind.

          • It’s possible they are in denial, because it’s become the American way to be greedy and gluttonous.
            It’s the norm to be garnish and narcissistic. Our society doesn’t value the intellect, the introvert or artist but the loud, garnish braggarts of the world instead.
            KW is delusional and seems to be getting much worse. Not sure how anyone can handle being around his huge ego.

      • Yes, so much detail! Especially pretty considering that it is so political I think.

        They talked to lots of people in latin america & the states about big biz & how it’s affected them & the wildlife about them.
        I want to join the Beehive!

  10. All about the return of matriarchy, no? The heirs are inline…the man is about to be flushed down the tube having served his function…women rule a near completely destroyed world.