“Everything Makes Sense Now” Says Reformed Virgo

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Colin Dodgson

Dear Mystic,

Everything makes sense now!

Well, not really everything. I acknowledge that astro can’t really explain the meaning of life, why we’re here etc etc but it sure explains a lot. It’s like there is a pattern to everything! I finally see proof of it, every day.  I’m no expert, and obviously have a lot to learn  I was pretty astro-ignorant, but after 2 years as a subscriber…people make sense. I am so much happier for it.

Basically, I used to be the sort of person who believed I could mold everyone into a more-pleasing (perfect) state of being, with sheer persuasion and influence (Virgo Sun).

I have finally come to realise that people can’t be changed they ARE archetypes! This is an incredibly liberating realisation.

Here are some frustrating mysteries finally explained by astrology:

-Piscean Mother’s ridiculous conversations with my Dad that oscillate every two minutes between “Fuck you shut up! When are you going to DIE???” (made worse by the fact he is actually quite ill!) and “Oh honey I cooked you your favourite omelette– Does it taste nice? Does it? Would you like some more?–She has Moon in Cancer and Venus in Aries. Yep.

-A multiple Toro friend constantly commenting on the texture of things! Your skin is so smooth! That fabric feels amazing! Ahh suede! He also has a large brown velvet couch and cooks meals so gourmet and enormous they are basically cliches.

-The uncle I never met (he died early) who traveled to Antarctica, and various far flung places, total amazing character, never married and was a drummer–multiple Saggo! (Sun, Merc, Mars)

-The multiple Gem I know (sun, merc, venus, jupiter) who is whippet thin, barely eats anything, is perma attached to a computer/network, witty as hell and basically a hacker.

-The Aries IT guy who foams at the mouth with delight at the merest scent of an argument. Enormous booming troglodyte laugh. Once bragged that he cut a man’s leg off when he was “in the army”.

-Dude I know with Venus in Aries dates women who use and abuse him. Dreadful domineering women, who, even after breaking up with them for YEARS still drops everything to run to their side. He drove to CANBERRA from Syd to pick up one whose car had broken down.

-Kataka neighbour who keeps daughter under her wing at all times and cannot bear to throw out a single cuddly toy, even though daughter is now 17.  

That’s just a few. Anyway, what I am saying is thankyou, Mystic. Astro has changed my outlook on life and saved me SO many pointless arguments.



Image: Colin Dodgson

69 thoughts on ““Everything Makes Sense Now” Says Reformed Virgo

  1. So well drawn, from one Virgo Sun to another! Wonderfully perceptive, and ain’t it all so real, with the examples and archetypes we meet!
    Massive kudos to Mystic for running this site, where we learn so much. I used to wander into the astro section in quiet city bookstores for years, and had several aha! moments in these aisles OMGodding to myself (pre personal computer days), and gleaned a lot from the books on shelves. Now we can look up stuff to our hearts content. (I’ve noticed, though I’m often grumpy and feeling strange on a Scorpio moon, that it’s quite good for esoterica browsing…..)
    Good for you Ref. Virgo. And, the blessed relief of favourable astro for us Virgos lately is something to celebrate!!..

    • I also have Venus (conjunct Mars and Lilith) in Aries and…yeah. As a straight woman, it doesn’t really manifest in my being used by lovers — if I’m really honest, I think I’ve always probably been the one doing more of the using…. :-/

      I think women with Venus in Aries = we like to get our way, and while I, for one, am attracted to other Alpha types, and therefore expect SOME resistance, I always expect that I WILL get my way, otherwise…the horns really come out (that’s probably the Mars and Lilith influence, too, though.)

      I think Venus in Aries for any gender or sexual persuasion, though, has a bit of a Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am kind of bent with love and sex — other placements might modify this, but I think Venus in Aries likes things to be relatively uncomplicated and fussfree when it comes to getting down to bizniz, kind of like “Oh yeah, these rose petals and candles are nice — now take off you pants.”

      • ya its weird, I can be a bit socially abrasive, and it comes out at weird times, to me I am just being normal and above board and I don’t get why people react the way they do, but to them I am usually the really sweet kind person so abrasiveness from me seems extra jarring,like, I thought you were nice but apparently your secretly a dick, where is this coming from, but for me I am just extra direct and playfully dickish with people I like, thats just how I show it I guess, its like with the people I like its like
        also I don’t get used by anyone, I would drop something and never look back again rather then be used psshh

      • I tend to read the wham bam thank you maam (or man, ha) description quite a lot but I’ve never quite gelled with it. I am definitely sans need for complicated equipment or chicanery, when it comes to lust and romance. Having said that I don’t see candles, non-tacky flowers, appreciation of the lingerie I just spent x$ on as just a road block to the main event? Maybe that’s the Pisces romantic in me – oh hang on GFT is pisces too! lol. BUT maybe the thing is I place more stock in the directness rather than (what i call) convoluted fluffing about romance. I mean sure romance me, I’ll lap it up, (” omg, orchids, how did you know? ahh this is my favourite restaurant right now, you’re so amazinggggggg etc”) but ya gotta be prepared for me to unleash the blunt-talking beast at some point otherwise … you know.

        Maybe this is why pisceans are so complicated for some to understand because so many of us have bombastic Aries planets in our charts :D

        • Yes, PI, I think you put it perfectly. Don’t get me wrong — I AM a Pisces, so I’m definitely not all wham-bam-thank-you-man all the time, and I certainly do appreciate (read: need) romance (and my Leo Asc appreciates — nay, REQUIRES — that my amore ooh and ah over my sexy lingerie, lol.) I think it’s just as you say — when it comes down to it, there’s gonna be a beast unleashed at some point, and you’d better be prepared if you’re coming home with me.

          I think, too, that the Pisces in me appreciates romance in a genuine way, but Venus in Aries sees through the BS. And the Pisces in me does appreciate the rose petals and chocolate and all of the trappings, but I guess it’s more that I don’t like to have to have a song and dance about it all. If you genuinely surprise me with those things, it will be awesome and romantic, but my reaction will be genuine and then we’ll get down to brass tacks I hope, and it will all unfold passionately and organically, whathaveyou. But sometimes people who are trying to romance you try and put the brakes on things and slow it down arbitrarily because they have a whole scenario rehearsed, and I’m just not into that, you know? Like, I don’t care if you bought the chocolate body paint and you had that on the romance agenda next if the roses and candles and bubble bath already have me ready and rarin’ to go! Maybe it’s that the Venus in Aries energy gets softened a little by a Pisces sun, but it’s still a raw, genuine energy that likes *romance* but doesn’t like artifice or fluff.

  2. Wow…I have never felt so compelled to comment on something until now thanks to you. Don’t get too excited I think your “perspective” is a load of bull shit and your opinion is quite hmm what’s the word? Ignorant, yeah that’s it. Now I don’t think there is anything wrong with commenting on how a person can perpetuate aspects of their astrology but damn finding specific things that you pick apart and see as faults in their character and worthy of eye rolls for people to see on the internet is well…shity.

    It’s a little funny you neglected to mention the archetype of the pain in the ass virgo who writes to an astrology website to trash talk the people in their life as well as the faults of each of their signs and how “cliché” they are for not being as “perfect” as themselves.

    • Gosh … that’s going a bit far isn’t it? I didn’t take the post like that at all and found it y’know … an appropriate style for an amusing anecdote. I like how the Virgo in question has managed to let go her own imperfection (perfectionism) by seeing that other’s imperfections resonate with astrological archetypes and are actually just all part of being human.

      Take a chill pill dude!

      ps. Betcha you’re an Aries or have Aries in something ;P

      • I totally agree with PC! The letter is basically anonymous, so even if it is ‘trash talk’….*~SO WHAT?!~* I found RV’s observations astute, funny and relevant, as did MM, obviously, as it is a blog post…btw, I agree with PC’s comment that you must have an Aries SOMETHING, thought that myself as I read your comment, and had to laugh when I read her retort. And yes, I have Aries rising…

    • Wow I’m shocked the cliquey persecutors on this site haven’t verbally chopped off your head. They’ll be coming around. You’ll see. Do you have Aries, sag or Leo in your chart?

      • Why all people on the planet have a problem with Aries is beyond me. I find them to be fabulous and fearless. My chart is all earth by the way Taurus with Cappy moon. I’m not trying to attack anyone but when I see something that isn’t right or fair I do feel I have a moral obligation to say something.

        • :shock:

          I was gonna say Cap. But then I thought no, I won’t say Cap as then everyone will think I’m just pissy with the Cap-ex – and I’m not. But yes was gonna say Cap! There ya go you astro cliche you ;)

          And I said Aries coz often Aries tends to blow off loudly …

          But sure you are entitled to your opinion – as I am entitled to mine. And I still think you overreacted :mrgreen:

        • huh?? I don’t get which part of the above was trash talking.

          I don’t see a counter argument as a bad thing. Mostly because I don’t quite understand where you’re coming from. Also, because I have Venus in Aries LOL. We love Aries etc here. All signs who comment here seem pretty capable of examining and laughing at our flaws as much as hugging ourselves for our unique and beautiful astro features. And everyone’s entitled to an opinion, so, yeah…

          • The reformed Virgo has hit the nail on the head for me. And of course I can only speak for me. She has learned that she used to carry her virgoan traits out on every soul she came across until she has learned that leopards and spots don’t change. With a light hearted humour she has admitted that she can now simply let people be who they are. Sometimes she may have issues with some of it, as we all do on occasion but she has been able to just let go of the controlling. Wow, good for her. One of the biggest realisations in my life was that we are what we are and they are what they are. I’ve used astrology over the past 17years to be a deep auto analysis tool and it’s been a great help. My life is now way more comfortable because I can live and let live. Here’s to that.

  3. Okay clearly I read this through my virgo vision but um, did we read the same post? I read your comment accusing the poster of trash talking people she knows and had to go back and read the whole post. Her observations don’t seem negative to me – they just are that, observations. Not faults in character – where is she judging? The tone seems loving to me! She is just marveling at astrology and giving examples!

    People constantly saying virgos are always overly critical is one reason why it took me so long to get into astrology. I mean, we’re not all that bad.

  4. Ok, find the above comments from areyoukiddingme a bit full on, and while I can see that the post details could be perceived as negative………. I didn’t read it as such initially. One person sees observation, another sees nitpicking critique

    • Right.
      I laughed about the Torro. My multiple Torro lover makes amazing meals, loves the sofa.
      My kataka mom is such a hoarder and still wants to micromanage mom me and I am almost 40, BUT I am a kataka sun and don’t hoard. I give away all the time.

  5. I have soooo many examples of astrological archetypes played out in people!!!

    Virgo housemate: often heard saying “I’m not JUST a Virgo ya know!!” whilst busily scrubbing the tiles with gumption and a toothbrush.

    Scorpio friend with multiple Virgo planets: a dominatrix who wants a sub who she can teach how to CLEAN! Yeah, you heard that right. Doesn’t want to shag them or anything … just teach them how to clean her apartment.

    Triple Cap ex with Scorpio moon: was happy and joyous whilst we were in the lighthearted romance stage of the relationship and yet INSISTED it was not really real until he made it get all heavy, serious and basically fuqing tedious (stupid nonce).

    …. ahhh so many to choose from really I could go on and on forever. :mrgreen:

    • :lol:

      “Scorpio friend with multiple Virgo planets: a dominatrix who wants a sub who she can teach how to CLEAN! ”

      well, I have Uranus/Pluto/Mars in Virgo and although I appreciate Crab man doing the dishes, I don’t trust him to do them properly. I can’t relax and end up fretting and glancing towards the kitchen to make sure he’s doing them properly!!!! And when he puts the cutlery the wrong way down in the dish rack I just have to redo the dishes :shock:

    • Best one ever for me was my aqua lover. First time of meeting he looked at me and said “I’m a capricorn, does that fit with you?”
      I cringed as I had a first hubby Cappi, ‘well that makes us opposite’ I said
      then he proceeded to tell me he was a single man living a life with no money and no possessions and he didn’t crave the material world and a rod for his back. At this point I knew the man was not a Cappi. So I asked for his date and looked him up. He blessed me when after 45 years of being one thing I changed his world… He’s the most Aqua I have ever found. And I love him for all that.

    • Ha! I love the Virgo/Scorp Domme! Hilarious!

      I mean *Obviously* astro is wayyy more complex and fluid + involves squares and transits and all that schizz, but these are just some simple facts re: people I know and love not in-depth character analysis, lol.

    • I had a Virgo BF who is the neatest man in the world. His house had strategic postit notes which I found hilarious. Also a clean freak and very particular about washing and shirts ironed just so.

  6. I thought this was just a surface assessment. Not very complimentary, but that’s ok. Over the years I’ve found, you can’t place all Sun Signs in the same category. Astrology helps me to understand myself and my relationship to others. I always look for the depth in people. Surface skimming was never my thing. If your going to get in, you might as well go all the way to the bottom.

  7. The
    “Fuck you shut up! When are you going to DIE???” (made worse by the fact he is actually quite ill!) and “Oh honey I cooked you your favourite omelette– Does it taste nice? Does it? Would you like some more?” sounds pretty much like me to my teenage Piscean son (substituting grow-up/listen to me/think first etc for DIE )-but I am Gemini with Venus in Cancer with Moon in Aries so I wouldn’t put too fine a point on the archetype.

  8. It’s always nice to hear about someone seeing the connections in a wider reality. And recognizing the work of Mystic in helping make those connections meaningful. Keep at it Virgo lovely , I’m still learning after many years as a subscriber. ( and possibly a cliquey whatever)
    As for the cow who took offense. How could that be offensive ? Like slapping someone for making an error ? Even when there was no error ?
    Were you slapped when you were young for doing nothing other than hold up the mirror ?
    Oh and Serenity who clearly desires to be within, bit somehow always puts herself on the out ? What’s that about ?

  9. Haha…my Libran ascendant is loving the stoush…great. Bring it on…nobody got hurt did they? It’s all verbals (fur balls) so what’s the fuss? I’m enjoying all the posts (no not on ‘anything’)

  10. I agree with and appreciate the sentiment of things making a lot more sense in a lot of ways, once understanding more about Astro (and also in the spirit of thanking Mystic for this site!)

    I get why, despite being a Pisces Sun, I have no problem being “out there” and can super-work a charm offensive, as well as why I’m so damn vain and up my own ass a lot of the time (Leo Asc), and why I can go from being really sweet and loving one minute to full-on eye-twitching rage the next if someone pisses me off, as well as how I’m able to be so tough and I-don’t-give-a-fuq when I wanna be (Mars-Venus-Lilith in Aries.)

    I get how my Aries Sun hubs is so DAMN indecisive, as well as so intellectual and hard-working (packed 6th house in Libra) and has such a refined palate and can be REALLY stubborn sometimes (Toro-rising.)

    I get how my often witty gregarious Gemini mom is so insecure such that she has to not-so-subtly tear other people down (Saturn rising in Leo), thinks feelings are reason enough for anything and need to shared with others, no matter how it might make them feel (Merc in Kataka) and…well, I found out she has a Scorp moon and let’s just say that explains a LOT (for the record, I love my mother, she is just VERY difficult, and none of this is trying to knock any signs or placements, just that, unfortunately my mom goes low rather than haute with a lot of hers, mostly because she tends to view herself as the victim all the time and look outward for things to blame for her unhappiness rather than inward and is thus very difficult to talk to.)

    I’m still learning a lot, but it’s fun/interesting/illuminating to view myself and others in light of their Astro — it adds another layer that helps me not only understand them/myself better, but know how to communicate with and cooperate with them better, too.

  11. Love this! Totally love the skinny gem who is permanently connected/ hacker.
    I love these observations- unlike the rude commenter above, I believe they are positive and interesting. As a gem, I like that my archetype is a hacker (eff the man!, let’s connect!).
    Really good observations/ writing to you The Reformed Virgo. It was not only interesting to read but helps newbies like me add to my collection of archetypal characteristics!

  12. Great post Reformed Virgo!

    Loved the description of your Pisces mother. My mum’s a Pisces also. Dad’s a Virgo. Oh the nitpicking and the arguing! LOL.

    Astro stereotypes amuse me immensely.
    I recently bonded with a Capricorn barista over watches… Of course!! :razz:
    I have Cap Asc.

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