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The new astro is starting to emerge – hands up who feels it?  An activation in the matrix? More opportunity? Empowered or else?

Weekly Horoscopes from December 14 are posted - there is obviously heaps in there AND i am devoting the Daily Mystic for Thurs (scheduled to go out in about three hours) to the super-strong astro-weirding from Dec 22 to Jan 6. Ish.  It’s not exactly relaxing but it is productive.

Before you complain re seasonal bliss etc, I don’t personally schedule Mars-Uranus-Pluto schizz-fests and it’s not like Jesus was actually a Capricorn anyway, right?

The Christians just ripped off the ancient festival of Saturnalia. Santa was, in fact, a demon. Don’t start my Mercury in Aries Grinch rant lol. The only part of i really like is the gift-giving. F.Y.I. see the Shop page for Mystic Gift Cards.


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  1. I was feeling it, and now I’m not. Too bad because it was feeling pretty awesome. But I’m getting pretty acclimated to disappointment & non-starts, so I guess it’s good that these elicit no more than a shrug & a “whatever” from me these days (rather than a full on existential crisis as in olden days of yore). Inoculated or desensitized? I suppose this ambivalence lends itself to my longevity, but I am a rather dull boy these days. Inspiration & passion have left the building. Bring on the dark moon.

    • Yes bursts of sun thru the clouds for me too. Neither bad nor good, justt is. Finding the sustained drive and lightness is a little difficult to locate atm. Have decided to be still, be calmer, dig deeper. Three of my worst habits have to go and now.

      • Good for you, Pi :)

        I’m going to plant my ass on the couch all day. If I’m lucky i’ll be left alone long enough to sleep some– god I’d love me some uninterrupted sleep! It’s been fuqing years. Whatever.

    • I’m getting you about the disappointments and non starts this year Scorp Inc. mainly in business. Following all ZZ advice on here has helped but some manoeuvres have been thwarted even when trying to build a new business model and debt reducing. Frustrating! I have not totally enjoyed 2013. Getting kicked in the heart mid year still fuqing hurts, no matter what I do to jettison it. And I’m not one to hang onto past crap. So yeah not enthused about much lately, it’s been “oh what now!?” When trying just to get on with it.

      • Even annual escape, oh I mean annual holiday/rest was in doubt until this week. That has lifted the spirit, I can smell freedom & a rest in the air & a soak in the sea :). It’s needed when one does time smack bang in the middle of Australia.

  2. Far the Fuq out..I’m feeling it big time..there’s a shift happening and just like u said Mystic in a previous Leo rant, that there’s volcanic shizz going on underground..and I say let it spew forth its golden splendor.feels like eons since I’ve felt this energy..but I know , like I know, that it’s all unfolding perfectly..and I’m learning the true art of patience..Leo sun, scorp rising, cap’s not just about astrology..but all so knowing how universal laws work..get that right and you’ve got it made..fuqing loving life :-×

  3. Oh shit bloody bum fuq bum titty poo!!!!! …

    When will this freakin world settle down already? Geez. *sigh* … so the Cap and I have not got back together, but made our peace. We both agreed we’re both not really ready for a romantic relationship, that we like the idea of it more than the actual doing of it. But that we still like each other. He wants to continue to help me with my vege patch which is nice of him. *sigh* I wish I could stay mad but I just can’t be bothered being pissed off *double sigh*

    *triple sigh* ………. :roll:

  4. (sigh).. I am getting mixed signals. Mars in tapping into my 12th house but I am feeling energy (good and bad) in my 1st. I feel like I am getting my feet planted where I live but I am worried about my current job (repeat comment). As I said to my boss last week “I feel like you want to empower me with responsibilities”.. Smart goals were sent and she seemed to like them. Then immediately following she pulls a project from me with a comment “Don’t ask me an questions.. just get it done”.. “I can do this project in 2 seconds”. (My thought: then why did you give it to me)

    I have to say that my boss, sun in Cancer, is passive-aggressive with Virgo rising. She goes from HIGH to low… in a matter of a couple of hours (as posted before).. is this a post baby delivery syndrome. (I can’t remember the term). Depression, aggravation and sadness… (just trying to understand where she is so that I don’t challenge it)..

    • But let me say.. yes I am feeling it and although painful to move UP with what I need to learn.. I want to stay comfortable. But I can’t.. a lot is being offered to me spiritually so I need to figure out how to adopt it and grow!

      Bring it.. xo!!

      • Hi VE, do you have a libran 12th house/ascendant with mars transiting it?
        A libran 12th house would definitely want to stay comfortable – oh how libra loves/craves comfort – but uranus is opposing Libra’s first decan right now… unfortunately this is not a time of comfort. With these transits in mind, it’s more of a mobilise to blast through blockages and bring strength to the area of your chart where Libra sits time.

        Although it is VERY sensible to be aware of the issues your manager is facing (know your enemy? Possibly even view their situation objectively and empathise with them…), it’s more a time to work (mars) on your inner growth (12th House) and bring yourself into balance (libra) than to focus on external factors. Once the inner sanctum is in balance there’s a solid foundation from which the external things become easier to manage.

        Have you ever heard of this – ?

        This is their website if you’re interested in exploring more – they have practitioners listed all over the world.

        I thought you might be interested because mars is such a physically oriented energy to have in the 12th house and that combined with Neptune and Chiron in Pisces which I’m guessing is in your 6th or 7th right now seems poignant with reference to this modality. It being physically and emotionally focused.

        I’m not a doctor nor am I recommending you do it – just sharing something that I’ve seen have positive results. This is purely anecdotal :grin:

      • An afterthought – sometimes it’s hard for the person who is being managed to see where their manager is coming from because they’re not aware of the demands of the manager’s manager. Your manager may be in a situation where she is not able to explain or answer your questions because of things happening above her and if she’s in a fragile state emotionally having demands for explanation placed on her could be seen/felt as akin to undermining her authority – although this may not be your motive.

        I was recently in a situation where there were so many layers of managers that I didn’t even know who my manager was – I’m used to a more open and level management structure and most often managing my own work. At one point I refused to do something because it was ridiculous and this situation escalated so far up, so very quickly that it became clear to me that it was ridiculous (on so many levels!!!) because the order came down through 3 other people and the initiator had no idea how things worked 4 levels down. I was mack in yertle the turtle, farting in their pond.

        Luckily I saw the lay of the land as it unfolded – people scuttling from room to room like crabs with jupiter up their asses and I reassessed my approach so that I was being informative and conciliatory. I subsequently managed to initiate a change in the system which my initial approach of outright ‘are you fuqing serious?’ would never have achieved. Work situations have so many layers – it’s not always about you and the person directly above you. Plus I needed the money more than I needed to let my uranian freak flag fly – Saturn transiting 2nd house from my sun :wink:

        • Thanks Anon Flux… love getting these detailed responses referring to the actual placement of my chart. Every bit of info helps me understand.

          I will write more later!!


        • It’s interesting after reading what you posted. I am struggling here. No one talks to me, the President doesn’t even acknowledge me, my boss doesn’t give me any information but I think that is her nature and I can’t grow. So, when Mars is active what do I do under these conditions? How do I stand strong to make difference to regain my awesome at work. I am a very good employee, experienced, very good with what I know but not being utilized. Is it poor management styles or is it me, my personality and/or lack of. It’s almost depressing here. Do they see that the energy is low and people are just “doing”.. or are they intentionally doing this? We have our Christmas party this Thursday and I am going, gonna smile and just enjoy the meal. Let’s see if they talk to me. I know.. maybe it is me causing the issue but if it is everyone behaving the same way I would think it is a cultural issue led by the President. ugh… Oh well… I am going to enjoy my acting experiences and continue to enjoy my life until I have to make a major decision. It’s just the way it is with life. xo!

          Mars is transiting my 12th and natal set in my 2nd house.

          Neptune and Chiron are in my 5th transitioning and natal placement of Chiron is in my 5th. Neptune is stationed in my 1st house.


    • Do you mean post natal depression? It’s very considerate of you for considering options like that for your boss’ moods. Juggling a baby, the emotional transition from how you see yourself and how others see you, and the competitive world of the workplace could be quite overwhelming! But I am sorry to hear your workplace woes aren’t subsiding – do you see yourself sticking it out or moving on?

      • Hi Saggibee.. Thank you! I am going to stick it out. I want to work, learn and help the company but it is up to them to decide if I am an asset to their team. If not, then let’s move on. I have kind of accepted the fact that my days might be numbered. My resume is out there and I am keeping my eyes open but I won’t jump right away.


  5. personally i like the Santa is Odin theory, but Krampus is pretty nifty too. He brings you switches if you are naughty. Obviously this guy knows how to party.

  6. I have to say that I have never been more productive. I have started my book as a blog, I have an art blog and another for getting fit. I am creating digital/surreal art like the clappers, the ideas are just pouring out of me and it amazes me that I can finally conjure all the images that have been whirling around in my head. I finally feel I’ve come home to what I’m supposed to be doing and I’ve been incredibly busy writing and creating digital/surreal art which is why I haven’t been around here so much.

  7. After 4 years single, I have a partner who makes me lunch and includes vitamin supplements with it and plays video games with my kid and does dishes and all sorts of things that make my life easier. Cleaned the ice off my car this morning. Always something. I’m not used to that level of intimacy. Its like, I’m in it but still easing into it. Whole new world.

    • im not usually one to comment, but this site has been my saviour over the past year, and you 12HV have been one of my favourites.. your posts are so real, raw, wise and farkn hilarious.. (and i too am a single mama with a little ram born close to yours from memory.. so theres that too..)


      i am so so happy for you, you bloody deserve every single molecule of it… and it was always only a matter of time before an awesome man discovered you xxx
      (hasn’t got a brother has he? lol)

    • 12HV, your beautiful Virgo-ness saved many a day for me, and it is so good that you have your time in the sunny rays of love now. Ease into it indeed! Savour it slowly, lovely xxx

      • Thanks everyone! The community here has been a lifeline for me. I don’t have as much time for the blog – doing my Pluto 4th transit with the house reno and all. Uranus transiting my 7th.

        Mars in Libra time. I’m natal Mars at 0 Libra which is 4 degrees off my AC. That + 12th house Sun = I can detach from what I need or desire for the sake of keeping the peace. But now I have a relationship that is real. A house husband! I want to nurture the relationship to nurture me too – not just detach and observe and weigh and measure and play the martyr over time. Pisces has never had a regular job in his life. He has a job, but his priority is to be on hand to help me. So, I have no excuse for not clearly articulating what I need – working Mars in Libra in haute fashion – particularly now that there is someone interested in following up on my desires. :-) Still…a new step for a love zombie like me – Venus square Neptune doesn’t like the mundane, but – for fuqs sake – I need the help and nurturing of the partnership. Thanks to all of you here for providing me that too – virtual as it may be. Blessings to all, xoxo

          • That’s the same as me! Venus in 12th square Neptune in the 3rd. I’ve read sometimes that aspect means the person with the aspect is loved by someone in secret – unknown to them, anonymously even. Certainly that was the case with the Pisces. I thought he was just a crazy man – then he opened up to me suddenly and…boom!

            • Oooow I would love to be loved in secret – think when I was younger and spunkier and totally unaware of my effect this was prob the story – am hoping for a bit of middle aged BOOM…. I also have Venus in Leo in the 12 th so have battled with love zombie tendencies and love relationships in general – love romance and grew up on a heavy diet of Jane Austen and the Brontes…..and the golden years of Hollywood…

              • whats your astro deets DH?

                I love romance too – Heavy diet of Jane Austen too. Loving ‘The Paradise’ series on ABC at the moment *swoon*

                Venus in LIbra. :)

                • Well my scorp moon conj Nep in 3rd and virgo libra first house stellium – virgo rising/ virgo sun and Pluto, libra Merc/Jupes with uranus 11* conj -definitely define me

                  the Venus Leo 12th is a hard one as I am very shy only when it comes to men I find attractive…

  8. This Aries is feeling decidedly blurgh atm. Maybe because the weekend was psycho fabulosity. Post show slumps….

    My sister (mother to my brothers child that is), who I spent several years defending and trying to empower against said evil brother dumped me today (well, off facebook anyway) because I have not been ‘available’ for a month. Available means willing to listen for up to 5 hours to her minutely dissect his every word and action and associated feelings. The man is married to a new victim. Barely taking responsibility for one of his children and I can’t listen to it anymore.

    I guess this is a positive freeing up of my energy (which was constantly being drained by these relatives). So I will feel better about it in the morning I suppose. Not so much as a ‘thanks’ for staying up till 4 am every night for three months while I cried down the phone at you. Feeling decidedly used, but I was the idiot who tried to come to the rescue.

    Ah well. So i have no real understanding of what is going on in the astro atm. I just feel tired, but excited about the future….

    • I think I am feeling really blue about the current world and especially Australian political sitch. And it has been emulated in micro form by my family. It is like my brother is Tony Abbott and everyone has voted for him even though they know he is nuts…..Simply because they don’t want to vote for the anarchists….

      • Yes agree! trying not to get too depressed about it. There’s still lots of good people around if you look…

        That sounds like a difficult one. I recently had a friend of about 7 years ‘delete’ me, and although it was sad and I’m still pissed off with her, it’s great not to have to listen to the negative whingeing! so there’s an upside.

        I’ve been focussing on my other friends who are nice to me.

        • Ok, got my anti vamp suit on now. Yeah, as an Aries I believe if you really want help, you help yourself. It has to be proactive and evolutionary. But as an empath I do get the occasional drained. In this case I felt an added obligation due to being related, but it wiped me out. I wrote a pretty scathing letter…realised this person never asked me how I was doing. And as a person with 4 brothers, realised again that sisterhood really has to be so much give and take. I definitely am made much more appreciative of my sisterhood now, the ones I can really trust with my wee heart!

    • I decided years ago to get negative people out of my life when a friend rang up and started the same old moan about her fractured relationship with her daughter. Best thing I ever did, as my life was filled with positive people. My husband has cut off from his hugely negative, hateful sister and brother and good luck to him, they were bloodsuckers, drained any life and humour out of anyone they met. So good luck on getting your negatives out of your life, good things will fill the emptiness and you’ll learn to enjoy the lovely new people who are there for you. Take heart, Gorgeous!

  9. Yes Mystic please please puhleeeze go into some strong detail about the astro from about Dec 14 through Jan 1. I am looking ahead, just look at xmas eve:

    Capricorn stellium forms. Move ahead to Jan 1

    Super stellium, 5 planets and multiple conjunctions.

    Usually I spend Jan 1 making a ritual painting of the spirit animal (2014 Year of the Horse) and then spending the day evaluating the past year.

    But under those aspects, I’m not so sure I want to evaluate anything from the past.

    • oh jaysus. moon-pluto in Leo rising Piscean [further details omitted] is coming to stay over xmas new year. My idea. part of the “ok, let’s all just get along, we’ve been through a lot together”. part of me is concerned that she will revert to a manipulative, drama-generating, attention-draining MO. The other part of me based on more recent conversations hopes that we’ve all reached a new way of relating and it will be a peaceful, deep, transformative, further-healing time.

      • I so relate to that knowing of a person and hoping things have shifted, I’ve had some strange and unusual outcomes of late just straight out saying things like ‘I was hoping that we’d all reached a new way of relating and that it would be a peaceful, deep, transformative, further-healing time’. The usual suspects never seem to get it that you’ve moved to a new place in your head – my lovely remarked about my sister bitching at me that it was as if she didn’t even know me – it’s because she doesn’t – she’s just seeing me through her I know the 12 year old you lenses or whatever. So lately I’ve just been telling her where I’m at instead of expecting her to have a more nuanced, intuitive approach to our relationship. I mean she wasn’t talking to me anyway so what do I have to lose I figure :wink:

        But she’s not IN my house! I wonder if the Cap stellium is fix it or fuck it time?

  10. When Mars first went into Libra I felt like crapola (I have natal Mars in Libra and am Libra rising). Antsy, bitchy, controlling, scatterbrained, and was having Love Zombie thoughts and feelings. As of yesterday, I am feeling pretty bad ass! I have got on my big girl panties and am ready to conquer any crap that is blocking my path. Definitely having a “the world is my oyster” moment, and I am going to do some pearl gathering.

    • Thank you for sharing. Was wondering what others with mars in libra and libra rising were feeling with this astro and how it was manifesting for them. X

    • Funny , my libran father in law who is normally the king of PC, snapped at me for basically nothing last week. As an Aries I appreciated this reflex back hand and acted all libra fleury to show him how annoying it can be. I smiled and quietly explained myself and asked if everything was Ok ? His aggravation was palpable.
      I think I’ve got a strategy for this transit. Reading up on libra behavior and mimicking the fleur of beauty and kindness.
      Example A.
      “Look Mistress Gem, I found a pearl, would you like it ? Yes you would !
      Oh you’ve made my day.”

      Whataya reckon ?

      • That is so fucking cheeky! :)

        Oh no does Mars in Libra mean i can’t swear anymore? Or ok if i’m wearing perfume and bat my eyelashes?

        The House Libran here seems ok with the word ‘shit’ but really cringes at the word ‘bum’. The Strange World of Libra.

        • No, Darl, this Libran is okay with “bum” and “shit” (especially when one of the rescue dogs we have acquired – or did they acquire us? – used my chest as a launching pad), and have been heard to multiple use it when I’m really pissed off. Ooooh, and loook, I’ve used the “p” word too. Out of my box and running, my darling xxx

  11. I am reading this blog at 3 am … The challenges are coming thick and fast and for the most part I am up to them all but the well earned rest of 2 weeks over Xmas is very enticing but for the first year ever I am not looking forward to Christmas Day….. My brother is crazy too and has a pattern of explosive angry episodes the last one during the eclipse in May – told us how much he hates doing anything with us rant rant rant he will has been using more and more and he and his also mid 40′s wife have been zap zoning via trance parties and various substances along with some cocoa leaf tea he packs into his gums with bicarb….he is a cap with out of control issues who dominates all the energy and hey is still going to drive 3 hours to join us – and we all wish he didn’t – mums plan is to get a taxi home when things turn ugly

    • Maybe you should all leave… just leave him there ranting to himself and his wife! He may not even notice!

      Or just all tell him to STFU… gang up and watch him pop a blood vessel

      Sorry that is really bitchy

      • No we already did gang up on him !!! Not bitchy -good advise I reckon…. Like all bullies deep down he is a coward, he physically really big with huge voice but I think my twin is the bravest of us all and lead the overthrow and we have all entered this strange place where we know if he ever tries to pull this shit again he will be history, we love him but he has taken out his own demon on us enough I like the comments above re reaching a new place of understanding…. Merc Jupes and uranus in Libra all marsed up ATM

  12. I FEEL IT.

    The synchronicity is off the charts. I feel a direct link between my inner mindscape and the 3d physical planes…for better or worse.

    I feel like the world is mine. I am blasting through so many blocks.

    My power to transform is so major right now it makes me wonder why so many people think they can never change. I think its a snap. I wonder if this is common amongst the Pluto Scorp generation?

    Pluto in Cap is nestled between my Mars/Jupiter conjunction, and i’m pleased that Venus in Cap is joining in. I hope it never stops.

    Mars in Libra into my 11th house.

    Having my Saturn return, through the 12th. Concentration on metaphysics and psychology.

    Strangest love (?) affair of my life with a boy i was infatuated with ten years ago but never got with.

    The fact that its (maybe) happening is utterly mind boggling; i had written him off as about as unattainable as any of my childhood celebrity crushes.

    I pray that what everyone says about relationships building slooooow during Venus Cap is true…or is he just a Pluto transit?

    • “My power to transform is so major right now it makes me wonder why so many people think they can never change.”

      Oh AKAPluto, I hear you on that one! I’m also of the Pluto in Scorp generation but also have Uranus conjunct my sun in the 5th and Mars in Aquarius.

      I’m just at the gateway to my Saturn Return and getting things in order seems natural and organic. I cant really imagine things being ‘as they were’ again, and don’t really want to.

  13. I avoid crazy drama dn family get togethers that drama queens or crazies will be at. I’ve never felt better since I cut out the nuts from the the fruitcake season.

  14. That kitty gif reminds me of a certain Scorpio kitty! So cute!

    I’m kinda digging the new astro. I don’t have any of the clarity I’ve been after for the past I don’t know how fuqing long, but I’m strangely at peace with not having clarity. It’s almost as though I haven’t been getting the clarity I’ve been seeking because the time isn’t right rather than because of some personal failing on my part. It’s interesting…

    Fuq, I hope the hyper bats love shizz for Gem next week overpowers the whole Saturn transits my Eros effect I’ve been feeling of late… my love life went from euphoric to ‘too fuqing busy, not vice versa’ as soon as Saturn hit my Eros. I miss the hyper bats :(

  15. Foretold is forewarned!

    I am Mars in Libra-ing out, and trying to think ‘slow progress’ instead of immediate results.

    But yeah, a bit of Mars schizz with co-workers. Definitely some issues to work through there…

    And yah, Christmas doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ll definitely be celebrating my own southern hemisphere version of a celebration….

  16. Feeling the new astro and loving it.

    Love that gif. That was me yesterday feeling quite pleased with myself for pulling off a big dream. :D

    Calypso and Andy, if you’re reading I can now share some wonderful news.
    I got accepted into art school – 3 year arts degree. What a great way to end the year. Couldn’t stop crying out of sheer happiness, and relief that I don’t have to worry about Plan B.

    Mars in Libra transiting my 9th house (higher learning and study) where natal venus in Libra resides. Very apt astro!!! Last time Saturn was in Scorpio I had just finished high school and started a graphic arts diploma.

    Next week my moon progresses into LIbra. Yaaay. I think my fabulous new haircut and the gorgeous pet fighting fish I got the other day (to celebrate Mars in Libra) have enhanced my juju :)

    Broke up with the Crab this morning. :( Endings and beginnings, mixed feelings…. One chapter closes another opens.

    2014 Is going to be so different and so awesome.

    • I have such a big smile on my face and a little tear of happiness for you Scorpy, yay!!!! love your vibe :) and so glad the anxiety about financing has evaporated with the news….you’ll figure it out like so many people do.

      Ah, the Crab. Guess it was time. I feel he might’ve shortened your stride xx

      • Thanks Calypso. Financial anxiety is still there (Hello Saturn transit!) but like you said, I’ll figure it out. The Universe will provide :mrgreen:

        yeah well, Crab didn’t wish me luck on the day of my exam. *deal breaker* !! He said I didn’t need it. Doesn’t matter. You just wish someone luck anyway!!

        It’s a bit sad, he means well but.. I’m a bird ready to fly… :)

    • Great Xmas pressie, Scorpbot.
      You will meet many new exciting peeps at Art School.
      You didn’t need the plan B you didn’t have after all.

    • Every bit of this is fabulous news, ART school, passions, new era, the haircut, the fighting fish (?!) and the break-up.

      I think I only have to track my comments here to know how I really feel about things, similarly your feelings re Crab guy were clear in the end, so brave work.

      There is NO Plan B for the Plutonic! :D
      So thrilled for you Scorpbot.
      May I say, I love your energy more & more, it feels like you are more & more yourself from here! Looking forward to hearing stories of your journey from here.

      • Thank you Andy. Such a touching comment… you’ve set off the tears again just as I was about to go to bed.

        Just feeling so overwhelmed with the immense change – the end / beginning of an era. It’s been such a long dark journey through the Zap Zone – since 2008!! And many times I thought I wouldn’t make it through. I imagined I would be dancing with joy after i heard the great news but it’s been tears and more tears… and I’m really not much of a crier. The dancing days will come… I have already mentally prepared the playlist.

        Saw a wonderful psychic in Brissy who told me I should tip my hat off to myself that I’m still here and thriving. Ah yeah… well that’s what Cap Asc peeps DO! I thought to myself. Such an evocative image… I shall remember it always and remind myself next time I achieve something.

        I must say, I have been a little harsh re the Crab guy. He’s been really lovely to me. I knew from the start (Scorps know these things) it was never going to be a long term thing but he wanted a relationship so i thought I’d give to a whirl. The Universe could not have sent me anyone better to break the long drought … helped me blossom… kept me entertained throughout the ZZ – (Jupiter transiting my empty Cancer 7th house). Of course it had to be a Crab :) I feel really blessed. … but it’s time to move on.

        I tip my hat to you too Andy. xx

    • Good on you Scorpbot! I really loved the years I was an art then fashion student I felt the most alive I guess cause you are constantly learning and experimenting and creating ideas and realising them yay!

        • Hope this isn’t a wrong question for a public subscriber site ….who is your wonderful Brisvegas Psycic? I saw one recently – would love to see someone really gifted

          • oh no probs DH. . Always good to get a recommendation innit! Sharing is caring :)
            I actually got the medium’s number from here through a friend. Her name is Dawn. Shoot me a message at — robots*dream**at**hotmail**dot **com and I’ll pass on her deets

            And she IS gifted. I’ve seen quite a few.
            She’s a Cappy but looks like a crazy Aqua. She said the stones on her table help to ground her. So i reckon she’d have plenty of planets in Aqua. Caps don’t need grounding. Hehe.

            She confirmed a few things (and very specific too) two other amazing mediums in Sydney have predicted. They can’t ALL be wrong! :)

            • Hello Scorpbot. Is it wrong to ask a psychic to verify information another psychic has given you?
              Might have to email you for her details.
              Congratulations on your entry into the Art Course you wanted. GoTeamScorpbot#

              • I don’t think so. It all comes down to how you word it though. I wouldn’t put pressure on them by asking if they could verify info but you could definitely ask “do you think… [insert what needs verifying] ”
                Most mediums ask if you have any questions at the end of the reading. That’s when I’d ask.

                  • Thank you!!!! :razz:

                    Lot of hard work ahead of me… no escaping a Saturn transit.
                    I thank Pluto on my Cap Asc for pulling it off. Natal sun in 10th too.

                    Incidentally, my ambition returned once Saturn entered Scorp. Somewhere along the way it disappeared. Nice to have it back. :) What’s a Natal Sun in 10th to do but strive! :D

    • Holy shit, Scorpbot. Congratulations…had a funny feeling your Scorpiness was going to achieve exactly what it set out to do!

      • Thanks Mille! Ahh, it was you! I recall now you were curious to know of my plans – way back early this year!. Feels great to finally share. Saggo moon struggles to keep the lips sealed, as I’m sure you know! LOL. :)
        2013 has been like waiting in a drab dental surgery, flicking through crappt old mags. Hallelujah! My name has finally been called. :razz:

    • Congrats woman! I thought of applying for art school but when I looked into it properly there was so much pretentious wankery involved in the application interview, I just couldn’t be arsed in the end, so if you went through something similar and made it, I fuqing salute you! x

      • LOL!! :D I actually didn’t think I’d make it because of the “pretentious wankery” in the interview – that was AFTER a drawing test and passing the first stage – which was a written statement. Perhaps that got me through. I put a lot of energy into that.
        I really didn’t think the interview went well at all. I’m usually good at interviews – job ones anyway. This was another kettle of fish! :shock:
        I’m not good at talking bullshit. Maybe they thought my short, blunt and honest answers were a breath of fresh air? Who KNOWS!!! ….

          • You guys these avatars gross me out. Sorry. They really do! I think they offend my moon in cap sensibilities :) the thing representing me atm is looking in two different directions like a chameleon’s eyes. Or something more offensive that I cbf writing on this phone keyboa ha.

                  • pi both of you i suspect have misunderstood – janus is the keeper of doors it was a joke or whatever – toying with the idea that you are the one who can change the gravatar because you are the one who types in the email address. go to doorkeeper, change gravatar if you don’t like it. Sorry you didn’t get it that it was a trivial flip comment. I seriously doubt there’ll ever be a reason for me to go out of my way to fuq with you but there’s always going to be room for misunderstandings x

                    • no worries. thank you for explainnig. don’t worry, i know how to deal with prople who go out of their way to fuq with me! easier on theinternet – everyone is just pixels after all. peace out.

      • Hello Cosmic! That’s nice of you to remember. I’m investing in a bamboo ‘fence’ to roll out around the balcony so I can relax out there and inside in peace. Next week – can’t wait.
        How is your work going outside this summer? It’s freaking hot on the Sunshine Coast xx

        • Nice and toasty ! xx
          Have left a couple of big panting days under shady trees up my sleeve that makes one feel rather smug (that gemini stellium half cocked inner smile popping out to the surface) !
          Hey for some reason in my head i pictured your geographical location as between bronte and tamarama beaches – sydders.
          I’ve worked a summer near the gold coast … steamy steamy steamy ! xx Mwa

  17. About 6 weeks ago just around the time of that scorpio eclipse, which was exactly conjunct my moon in the 5th, I had a dream I was in a taxi in some crazy unknown place where there were no road markings and there were animals all over the dirt road and beggars and amazing colours and fabrics and mud buildings the likes of which I’d never seen before. It was like a melding of ancient and present culture in a really primitive setting. A collision of things.

    The taxi suddenly stopped in the middle of the 5-6 lane road letting me know I’d reached my destination. I got out and then the taxi took off as I was trying to get my bags which had my documents in them. I waved him down and he just looked back at me and smiled and drove away, disappearing faster than seemed possible into the throngs of people, animals and cars.

    I had an overwhelming feeling of panic as I looked around, I chased his car but it simply dematerialised in front of me and I couldn’t even remember what it looked like in the end, which is when I stopped chasing. All I had was the clothes on my back – I realised I couldn’t even prove who I was and no-one spoke my language. I had no idea how to get back to where I’d caught the taxi from. No idea even which country I was in – I knew I didn’t look or dress like anyone around me, yet they didn’t seem to notice me or maybe just didn’t care.

    Then suddenly in the midst of all the cars and honking and chaos, I realised I was in a new place where nothing that had gone before mattered any more. All there was was now. There was a funny moment of dream realisation that I could be whoever I chose to be in this place – like it was on the edge of everything that had ever been. It was when I realised that all had been lost but that I was in control of where I went next that an amazing sense of relief washed over me. And then I woke up.

    As the next week or so unfolded, all I could think was you’re in a foreign land and everything is new to you. It became my MO to operate in the dream frame of mind and it has been of strange comfort to me, that dream, because suddenly everything IS new. It seems like a precursor to some big change in my world. I’m definitely not responding to things in the same way as I would have in the past – I’m in a foreign land has been apt. Some kind of energy shift has definitely taken place. Time will tell if the new way works!

  18. With uranus in aries conjunct my venus and mercury — i’ve decided to sit back and let the crap roll by. I’m not opening my mouth, just watching the crap roll by. Since I also have a lot of cancer and capricorn. That would be transiting pluto in capricorn in my 12th house watching the crap roll by. Because in true aries fashion — i don’t give a crap.

  19. Happiness that the Astro is emerging, coz i sure don’t feel i am, nevertheless, that may change after a weekend at the yoga ranch sur la plage with it’s crystal water that clarifies the mind and juices the soul.
    My great comeback has kinda fizzled, may be more lucrative in Jan, Feb when peeps are on vacay and have the time to rejuv themselves.
    Really hope i don’t have to do a 25%-40% off as so many businesses are having to do to entice peeps to spend what many don’t actually have due to enormous utility bills that create fear and lack.
    Port Macquarie NSW, want to move THERE as read it has the best climate in OZ for she who runs on solar power, when all i’m getting now is clouds in my coffee.
    Light bulb moment as i write: cut up credit card til Feb or place it in a sealed envelope, easier still, take it out on my fang shooed wallet.

    Read astro for Xmas & NY to match the moods i’m picking up already.
    Shall bring the Frankinsence oil out early :-)

    Serenity and courage to you my cyberspace friends. Don’t sweet the small stuff & remember it’s ALL small stuff compared to what’s needed to keep your equilibrium, (for some of us that is). insert red lips going ‘smooch’.

    • Clouds in my coffee: nice. You know what modern day songstress reminds me of Carly Simon? Taylor Swift. Not that I know a lot about Swift, but she would sing, “You’re so vain…”

      And yes: what a shame for all that covering basic necessities cramps so much of our style! It’s nobt right.

      Sun into Sagg had me hot hot hot for a week+ & glad I maxed out the astro while the gettin was good– now, something different bloweth this way. Already I have reaped some fruits from last week’s crop: yesterday I got new insights regarding an old unresolved health issue, & a fresh strategy is now in place. This Chiron return has been a real ride!

      Anyway, do you know the degrees of this Gemini full moon? The oracle just told me to enunciate more clearly LOL, so I’m wondering if this moon will happen in my 3rd house. Or will it be my 4th? Maybe it will illuminate my IC/South Node! Oh the possibilities…

      So interesting that you found an enclave that speaks to you because this happened for me last week, too! So apt with the Sun & Neptune astro (my own Neptune is conjunct my North Node/MC in Sagg): mine is a little snowy town that revolves around a wildly progressive & renown liberal arts college, lots of trees & cafes :) And history of liberation & higher callings– I am smitten! Know how I found it? I went there blindly pursuing a Sunday spiritual service. So it turns out I found not only a kindred tribe in the Unitarian Universalist fellowship, but also where I can see us physically taking root for a spell (or longer). Mars in my 12th now (with natal Pluto-Moon) by way of my Sun; transiting Neptune & natal Lilith in my 12th by way of my Ascendant.

      Pegs needs more sun! Stand in front of your panels why don’t you? You are radiant xx

  20. “In Japan the art of Kintsugi in ceramics refers to the practice of repairing cracks in pottery with gold, in effect making the broken pottery more valuable than the pristine piece.

    In this way we see that our own cracks can be filled with gold”.

    Carrying this with me as Mars is on my Pluto right now.
    Cracks everywhere.

      • OMG!! Lol right now Mille. After a tiring night I shall now sleep with the thought of gold in a bum crack. :D NOT the idea, but I guess gold is gold and cracks are cracks, even the human kind.

    • love it!! reminds me of the line by Leonard Cohen (Virgo)

      “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”

      Carry that one with you! ;)

      Also, look up Japanese aesthetic – Wabi Sabi. We may have already discussed it here before? I have a gorgeous book on it – “Wab-Sabi – for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers”

    • That is beautiful. And love wabi sabi — beauty in imperfection and rough hand made objects, not the fancy stuff. Quite zen.

      I feel that our scars and vulnerabilities make us real and beautiful.

  21. cathartic is what it is. Bawled all day til I went and hugged the right pandanus tree. Fukushimaesque is the only way to describe what is going on in Australia. (it was Australia who agreed to sell Uranium to a country who proposed reactors on fault lines. Next is India. Who’s in?). Corporate greed is becoming transparent. How can Abbot possibly think that he has a mandate? He barely got in and that was all pencil voting based. He will go down in The Great Barrier Reef decision, watch Australia stand up. They (I’m a kiwi, can’t claim we, though i will claim indigenous sovereignty to this Earth) said “Sorry’, and now it’s ON.
    I bawled cos recently I went down to the Pillaga Forest where the CSG mining company Santos think they are sitting sweet and bamboozling us with a drip feed of information (smokescreen to avoid water trigger laws and details, like environmental impact statements!), concerning their major plan which is to frack like nobody is watching. I bawled because coal mining companies like Whitehaven and Boggabri Coal are mining like they don’t care if they have impending court cases because it has been proven that they are polluting the groundwater. Groundwater that flows into the Artesian Basin!
    I bawled because old men had never been hugged and thought I was their saviour.
    I bawled because world leaders are not.
    Then I got it.
    A. because I have great sisters who get me and love me and remind me about the wonder of butterflies,. Sisters who are there for me in those moments. Who somehow mysteriously just know I need their hug from no matter how far and contact me…I had bawled enough. I’m alive and that IS AMAZING.
    B.Because I Thank you Earth, I thank you Sisters. Now the brothers have a chance, they care as much and just need the REAL love to want to step up. Not the love that would sacrifice them to carrying a gun, or the love that would endorse them killing another mothers’ son in the name of corporate boundaries.
    And C. I know I’m supported by Love. Over and over I get the universal gift. The serendipitous connections, the acknowledgement that heaps of people care about each other and our Earth. We CAN and ARE caring for our childrens’ children.
    Thanks everyone, at the end of the night I love to log into this website, gain Mystic’s perception of the colour of the day and read you all loving each other. Dare to care? Fuq yeah!

    • Powerful stuff. I really hope enough of us stand up to make them realise they Cannot be environmental vandals and treat people with contempt. I’m with you Brigid.

    • I SO feel you Brigid!! Am angry about all these things, but also angry that the mainstream seem blissfully unaware.
      Although it seems that there is a gradual taking over of the media eg Newscorp, and tightening of avenues of protest eg Queensland bikie laws, and something recently in Victoria about allowing only ‘peaceful protest’ that seems to be leading in a sinister direction to me…

  22. Folks, I have a question, because I think I had some kind of weird epiphany about myself.

    You know how there’s this idea/theory/x about Mars in a woman’s chart being about the kind of man she possibly attracts when not integrated?

    How could that play out for someone with a 12th house Mars in Gemini (squared by a Virgo Moon and so on)?

    • Drunken journo’s?
      Male nurse who always talks his way into the pharmaceutical cabinet?

      Politicians. (No need to add anything to that)

  23. My Mars in Libra Oracle what to conquer answer was:

    I think the ambiguity surrounds the depth of my inner work. How far is far enough? Only death and pregnancy seem to capture how definite things can be. Pregnancy helped me define myself anew. Now I feel ambiguity will lessen, elegant or not, will dissipate contemplating death. #MarsConjPlutoThoughts. ;)

  24. Re: the weekend scope.

    More diplomacy, flash points, Mars, blah blah blah.

    So sick of being well behaved and diplomatic when my Gem sun just wants to verbally bitchslap idiots for being idiots… and Aries rising just wants to actually bitchslap them.

    Oh well, I will try to stay haute…. ;)

    • I feel you. For me, it’s like I’m attracting crazy!

      I had a pot head a Jiffy Lube come at me while I was waiting for my oil change to be done when I told him it was none of his business if I went to church that week or not. (He asked.) Then I had to sit with him alone in the office for 10-15 minutes.

      I’ve run across it in my customer service job this week. Adults acting like spoiled children and throwing fits over mistakes they made. One person was angry at one of our processes and said: “Let’s brainstorm to make this process better. All I want is a better world.” When really all he tried to do was get out of paying money. He then asked to have the issue escalated and my boss to call him back. Who knows what he told her.

      Then, I had an interview with an agency for a job I saw on their site. I go and suddenly, the job’s not available. I wasted time and money to go there and for nothing. I felt like it was a bait and switch.

  25. Ready for this week to pass.
    son is better after mushroom trip, but wanted to run away then admited troublesome behaviour, dryer still isn’t working(virgoness in me going crazy), Torro’s truck broke today, Torro’s mouth so bad he pulled a tooth himself yesterday, and Aqua son stole some of my rum today. UGH.

    However. I got my trust finalized today, will signed, getting property transfered to trust. Big sigh of relief as I have property I needed to protect for kids from ex/land partner.
    so tired., but okay. really. Pisces son opened up about things, he always does to me eventually. Torro and I had wonderful evening together yesterday.

  26. Feeling a shift of something that’s for sure. First festive season looming as a separated woman – as Cancer sun, the festivities are everything to me. Last year was lunch for 27 that I slaved over. This year, I have not given a thought as to what I’m actually going to do on Christmas Day. My son will be with me and that’s all that matters. I haven’t bought a single gift – and am overjoyed that I only have to shop for my parents and my son.

    I’ve had a fabulous, soul restoring 5 day beach holiday this past week, and only have another week of work before 2 weeks off – simply could not have made it through to Christmas with any sanity without my mini-break.

    Fabulous things are happening career wise for my nearest and dearest – seemingly with little effort. The universe provides.

    Revenge makeover hair appointment tomorrow – and finishing off some additional tattoos – all before Venus Retro of course.

    And the Aqua/Leo ex contacted me last Saturday after 7 weeks of being mute and going back to his ex. Just when I’d finally stopped crying on a daily basis and started recovering from heartbreak. Texted that he may have made a huge mistake. Stating the obvious if you ask me. I believe he’s fishing for information on how I feel. I’ve done the feigned retreat (thanks to MM’s advice) and played dumb about what he could be referring to. It’s playing on my mind, and I don’t want it to take up head or heart space, so I’m just going to tell him how I feel. Time to stand in my power.

    • What kind of hair makeover are you getting? new colour? new cut? everything?

      I just got a new tatt just the other day. It’s a good time to get it done, just feels right. I can’t explain it.

      • Hair update… I’ve been growing it for a while – it’s now the longest it’s been in nearly 10 years. Mainly colour – letting my fab hairdresser do what she wants. I’m naturally very dark brunette, and she’s been going a little lighter for a while – she’s going to do 3 different colour highlights (caramel tones), and it needs some shape in the cut. My poor hair has been destroyed from a week at the beach.

        I totally understand what you mean about tattoos – I have 3 already. I’m adding a sun to one I already have on my inner wrist (have always referred to my son as sunshine), Invictus in script on my other inner wrist (and not from the movie – the last two lines of the poem resonate powerfully for me – I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul). And a sparrow high up on my thigh – a symbol of independence. Then I think I’m done.

    • Ughgh that makes me so angry because he was all back-and-forth with you even before dropping off the face of the earth. roll it off…you should go out tomorrow!!! I am a hermit but I always go out when my hair looks especially fabulous. ;) flirting is healing. I wish I had realized that sooner instead of reenacting some Gone With The Wind mourning shit after my last breakup like the guy had DIED and left me to pine forever or something equally ridiculous.

      • You know, I’m not even angry about it R. My intuition has always told me that it won’t work with the other woman. But this time, he can damn well spell it out to me. I’m not playing games, and there will be new rules if he wants to come back to me. I’ve had plenty of time to process, and realise my worth. He said he wants to speak to me (that was 3 days ago, but he is away working), but I’m not sitting by the phone waiting.

        Don’t get me wrong – I’m still pining (he will never know that) and I want him back, I believe he’s my soulmate. But it has to be completely new, and no BS next time. And he can work for it too.

        And as it turns out, I have an ex who I’m going to the movies with tomorrow night. Just a friend thing, but good for my ego all the same!

  27. Seems to be a lot of positive change for many of you! :D y’all deserve it and put in the work and the struggle with grace and courage.

    Had an intense reiki/craniosacral experience today, realized many things…mostly that past trauma is still running the show much of the time and that I must consciously listen to or trust the feeling part of me. Healer-Dude is a Scorpio and his wife is Aqua; he was explaining how it is funny that many Aquas are into this sort of work he does but still struggle with being too much in our heads, prone to repression…

    Interview at yoga studio tomorrow. I want/need this job so bad! I love writing code but need a break and something more consistent for now, I’ll still freelance too. I am liking this energy, it feels…dare I say it…sane?

    • I love me some cranio sacral R! I am blessed that even though there are only 2 therapists who practice in my entire state (in Australia), one of them has been my “guru” of all things alternative therapy-wise for 20 years. She “saved” me when I broke down when the Aqua/Leo left me.

      So hard to not go to the head space for me – and cranio is all about the heart part. Well for me it is. I understand totally what you’re saying. Not easy when I was diagnosed with depression also – which for me was about getting out of the emotion part and using my head. Always a balance.

      Sending you good vibes via cyber space for your interview. Sounds like fab things are happening on your journey.

    • Good luck Rache. I can’t wait to swap reiki treatments on Sunday. One more week of work then some blessed holiday. It’s been a long tough year for me and I need to rest, recuperate, get back to my artwork, and have some fun. Planning a really low key break with lots of sleep and more regular exercise.

  28. On my daily walk yesterday, the image of this cat’s strut and the flow of it had me smiling. And trying to emulate on the inside as, on the outside, it would look kinda naff.

  29. Grieve?
    No I’m overjoyed
    Shining my torch at demons
    Self confessing monsters
    Masquerading as knights

    I am not stupid or uncaring – there was and is nothing wrong with me. I was just with the wrong man. Talk of venus returnees makes me a little nervous. I have got this, I can do it!

  30. Astro Mars in Libra comin’ attcha- near miss head-on car crash – that was Wed night. Then got t-boned in a loud scary crash on Friday the 13th. Good news- not my car- except for back aches no one was hurt. The car that was hit- will be replaced free of charge while it is repaired – free of charge. So no police, tickets etc. I wasn’t driving- the friend driving was very Haute Diplo Libra about it. I was pissed. Driver and friend are … Therapists!! LOL! Not often that I am the Grinchiest on scene. That girl that hit us got a nice Xmas gift! and I left a big tip for our waitress at dinner. Paying forward gratitude it wasn’t worse. Being very careful on new snow! LOL!!!

    Teens have all ascended to next level. They all enjoy each other- and eldest took sister to a concert- downtown- just the two of them. She was glowing and feels she has arrived!

    Much crippling grief released about being last one standing in my family. I reconnected with sisters of past beau- and am shown that family /clan/affinity is not about blood or legal ties but is about matching energy. So very grateful for the richness of my circle.

    Overcame huge inertia around doing invites for daughter ‘s upcoming big life event – Neptune/Mars and Libra diffusion had me running in circles.Decided Friday that I wasn’t going home unless it was done. Walked into a party store- found a Mercurial angel named Brian- we banged out details, proof signed -done. Could have done on-line but wanted access- home base comfort. Phew!!

    My dad popped off shortly after celebrating my 13th birthday and I have had terrible inertia/ fear/ paralysis around gift- giving, celebrations. I have Saturn in Saggo- 2nd house and Chiron in Aqua-3rd but near IC. Spastic erratic exchanges!!!!

    BTW- I had said out loud that I felt like Caroline Kennedy- my progressed chart is similar to hers. Totes of Saggo- mine is Sun, Venus, Mercury and Asc all in Saggo by progression. My Moon is Prog to Scorp. She has Venus in Scorp I think.

    Chez Work- ooh awful treachery and Games of Thrones dealings. But I am off to the side observing and not adding to Qi vamp games. Being VERY careful of every word- spoken and written.

    My dept is well insulated but my big boss is tasked with scrutinizing another lady- the target of a venomous vamp. God don’t like ugly. I am serene, charming and on task. Watching my back! Totally transparent, honest, haute. Asking for help way before things explode.

    Truly seeing with my work friend that perception is reality. She vibes negative a lot and was blamed for stuff she did not do. Now when things go awry- it’s knee-jerk to blame her. And qi-vamp is right there throwing bad juju at her. All hour advice MM about tight admin, Zen etc. has saved me!! And not blabbing!!! Phew! All the mistakes I made 30 years past- I am not making now!!

    Thank you for all your life saving advice!!!!

    Happy Saturn Day!!

    Love this awesome circle!

    Xx Kat

    • So gorgeous, Kat! All this Sagg biz knows that confinement is an illusion: there are no limits, truly. Big love to you!

        • Thank you, Scorpation! And I am reconnecting with an old-is-new-again community of women- feeling very supported and affirmed. Odd how electronic communities provide solace for the 3D bumps and bruises. Big love back to you!! Xx

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