Christmas With Benefits

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Pineapple Eighties Style Art

Whether or not Jesus was a Capricorn and regardless of my Aqua-Rising Conventional Stolen Pagan Festival grinching, Xmas is excellent for gifting, no?  And this Xmas/N.Y.E. is kind of astrologically major, with Mars triggering the Zap Zone. As i just said in the Monday Daily Horoscopes: Volatility is an understatement. 

So f.y.i. subscribers, i am going to post the January Monthly Horoscopes & the Weekly Horoscopes for this phase EARLY. Fore-warned = fore-armed, as we know. There will be a lot less blogging this week as i am finishing my Phoenix Mp3 Consults for the year & then going more or less straight into Tarot Awesome.

Also, the cut-off date for Xmas Gift Subscriptions and Xmas Gift Consults is Wednesday – this is to ensure the Gift Card that is sent out actually gets to your recipient in time. So if you want to gift someone something from the site, please just email before Wednesday and we will make it happen.

Also, the Tarot Muse competition winners will be announced via email to the Tarot Muse list AND on the Tarot page on Xmas Eve.


Image: Danny Ivan – Society 6

58 thoughts on “Christmas With Benefits

  1. I’ve decided that Jesus™ is a Scorpio. [[Probably with Mercury in Pisces, Mars in Capricorn, Gemini moon, and Aquarius rising.]]

    My Phoenix Consult was so wonderful and helped me clarify my vision and priorities in early Sept. I encourage anyone interested to snap one up while they’re available! Wanted to get one for my sister but my next big payday (contract, urgh) comes through Dec. 27th. Feel like a jerk/grinch and buying many presents after xmas but before new year’s…but I’m stuck. Another reason I gotta leave the random-gig hustle, it’s just too much unpredictability stress for a hyper-fixed person like me.

    • Maybe a passive-aggressive scorpio – didn’t you know that it’s been hypothesised that his last words weren’t “Forgive them Lord they know not what they do” but rather “It’s not my fault, I told them so.”

    • I just got my leo horoscope and it ended with not to be a fuckwit whisperer. I don’t need to read shit like this. Calling people fuckwits is very low life.

      • Hey i think you are mis interpreting it. It means you don’t have to placate f-wits – it is a play on Horse Whisperer. The email you have put with this comment is fake so i can’t actually email you but feel free to email me if you like

    • So, the “Savior” is an introspective, overtly judgmental, hiding, sex fiend with plenty of friends, and loved ones, who know nothing about him because he’s too afraid to let them in? Please rethink your theory. It is ridiculous.

  2. Distracted by pineapple.

    Phoenix, January, blog rest, scopes, Aqua Rising…pineapple. Pineapple. Yes. Do what you want with me.

  3. Mmm. Cosmic fruit.

    Mmm. Forearms.

    That’s it. Just bought some weights for extra workout oomph as the weather urges me to sun, surf n sand.

    Choose Life.

  4. Colleague has forced Secret Santa on us. Divine boss is raiding his cupboards so none of us have to buy anything. I told him to choose the worst so faces fall.

    • My favourite secret santa experiences:

      (1) giving a partner in the prof services firm I worked at a pair of y-fronts in firm colour embroidered with company logo in silver tinsel.
      (2) partner A at same prof services firm replacing secret santa gift for one of the other partners (partner B) with a photo in a love heart shaped frame of the partner C whom B publicly loathed.

      Secret santa can be fun…

  5. : ) —-> there is always one.

    I LOVE!!!!! Xmas.
    Summer off, in Noosa.
    A divine small family and gorgeous friends that adore food and loving having a good time.
    I don’t do retail. I celebrate Local artesians wares.
    Sometimes I’m loaded sometimes I’m completely broke.. It’s never any different. Xmas to me is the epitome of love/ life and celebration of same.

    A merry loving Xmas to all!

  6. I just got my leo scopes which ended with saying not to be a fuckwit whisperer. Calling people fuckwits is very unevolved. I thought you were meant to be about uplifting other peeps. Very disappointing .

    • Oh please!
      MM just means using your skills placating people who arent worth the effort. This comment reminds me of kids who think that saying “stupid” or “idiot” are swearing and run and tell the teacher. Sometimes a spade needs to be acurately labelled. *As Dumb as dog shi* ” has resurfaced in my lexicon of late. Ooh aah! I guess that Father Christmas wont be coming to me then. Thank Dog! All those transfatty acid / made in Chinese sweat-shops stocking and artery stuffers will be deposited elsewhere. Yay!

  7. Zippity Zap – I just applied for a new job and a loan today …. not intentionally today mind you just worked out that way.

    ZZ T square going on is triggering my natal Jupiter/Uranus conj in my Libra 1st house round the 11*…. my car carked it last week and looked on it as an opportunity to move from 18yo to with airbags and dingfree

    Job of moment is nuts….boss tells me last week – the peak of the crazybusy season – he going to USA for a months holiday with the family and just send him one email a day. Right

    Scopes for Virgo were all about shifting your work/biz to awesome or something

  8. Ahem, excuse me, but… Jesus was a Gemini. Caesar changed the calendar by six months. Either direction, forwards change or back with some days off, it only makes sense that Jesus would be a Gemini, because no Cancer would be an only begotten son without mucho grief… HELLLOOO! Happy Holidays!

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