Sun In Superfly Sagittarius Ups The Yang


The Sun in Saggo trines Wild God Pan & it’s a big blast of Fire sign chutzpah after months without that much Fire. This is going to augment rad Uranus & feel like the return of FUN.  But even as the mood lightens & you start to think a little bit of a blow-out might be what you need to get Saturn off your back, THINK AGAIN.

I mean yes, FUN is good for the soul and all but that heavy Earth/Water intensity of the last several weeks has no doubt thrown up some important realizations. Don’t let the profound, practical change it prompted go a.w.o.l. just cos you’ve got to perfect your Watusii for some theme event.

Remember what the ancients called Xmas: Saturnalia. Heh heh. Having said all that, the Moon is in Leo for most of the weekend. Leo, Saggo, Superfly. See your scopes for a more directional take but in general think: new Hair Policy, Fresh Tunes, Artistic Flow, Gourmet Nutrition, Cinema Awesome, Fashion Genius & Courtly Love. That’s courtly – as in seething lust cloaked in simpering platitudes & noble protocol – not Courtney.

When the Moon is in Leo, Living Well Is The Best Strategy. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, ain’t nothing going to dampen YOUR dreams.


158 thoughts on “Sun In Superfly Sagittarius Ups The Yang

  1. Bring on the saggy!!!! Totally feel like I have PMS, but I don’t as I just bled. Scorpio void sun and Kataka moon. Emotional.

      • I think my anecdote is developing a life of its own. Yeah, I know you’re kidding me. But others probably don’t understand. It was just one date (in LA, not Tokyo) and then seeing her in clubs and around places and keeping my distance.

          • You know, S, you might be on to something I never thought of. The guy that introduced us, his roommate was chasing Miss Kataka. Maybe he was pushing me towards Miss Courtney to get me out of his roommate’s way. Well that didn’t work.

          • This might be dangerous for Charles. CL tends to obsess and stalk.
            I know her and yeah, she’s a great performer but can take things way too far. Be careful to hide your identities folks.

            • Wowsers, so C Love is a LZ?? That makes sense. I loved the hole album Celebrity Skin. And like the way she’s so messed up and out there.

                • LOL I remember the first time I saw Lydia Lunch. It was in my video art class in 1976, we were watching the latest 1/4 inch reel to reel B&W video we got by mail from Electronic Arts Intermix. We’re all sitting on the classroom floor, teacher threads the tape through the VTR, press the lever and BAM there’s Lydia Lunch on screen giving a blowjob to a microphone. I will never quite forget that audio.

        • And there you are Charles! Hello from way down south in Ozland :-)

          Courtney is as Courtney does.
          Her own girl. Like her just for that.

      • She stalked me too, man. From 01′-05′ I couldn’t get her off my tail.

        “hey courtney love is here. she’s staring at you!”

        I did something mean that I regret – yelled “no fat chicks” from the roof as she and that other blond friend of hers were leaving a show. Never saw her after that, thank god.

        Come to think of it, saw a few long-time stalkers for the last time at that Melt Banana show. Should look up the astro on that.

      • gah so true! even the Oracle is being a downer. :(

        There was a little bit of lightness today I hadn’t felt in weeks, but I think it’s just a glitch.

        • Agree – no fun all work work work!
          Well that’s unless you count upcoming day of Laser Skirmish with 6 twelve year old boys fun? The not fun part about that will be spending the entire day in the presence of ex husband – most time I would have spent in his presence in almost a year. Not looking forward to that!

          • have you tried following it’s advice? I find the more I take it’s advice, the more accurate it becomes. also, sometimes it’s speaking of the future, sometimes of the past. I love the Oracle, because it tells me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

            • normally im all down with the oracle. love it. it’s been insanely right. My last 3 answers have been non sequituers so i am thinking poor thing needs a vacation. :(
              I did a horary chart and blammo…my answer!

              and boy…if you get sun in the 1st house of a horary, your answer will come in hours!

                • There’s some DIY stuff out on the net. It’s good when you have the EXACT time of something because you are casting a chart for the exact moment of an event. An astrologer named Lily wrote some important things about it.
                  ..make sure you figure out if a chart is valid or not (strictures) first. You can’t read an invalid chart.

            • taken it’s advice? NO.

              I don’t take advice from random answers generated by a computer. Even when I occasionally ave a spin for fun. I just get the dumbest and most irrelevant answers.

              Thus speaketh the Cap Asc. :)

        • Tee Hee for a whole month!
          Joy for Venus in sign of Biz & $’s.
          Hasn’t happened yet but it will happen, results from my promotional work results.

          Why not take a trip to Poet’s Corner in the Dandenongs or Monsylvart.
          Art Gallery?
          Still smiling?

          • I only smiled momentarily.

            I did go to an art exhibition opening today. Have a crush on the artist but he’s married, so that did little to perk me up.
            Hopefully a quick getaway will do it. I finally booked my free Qantas return trip within Oz (due to the grounding 3 years ago).
            My first choice was Geraldton, then Lord Howe Island – those destinations crossed off list as they’re more than a direct flight. Darwin not an option now either – rainy season. So Brisbane it is, with a ferry trip to explore Moreton Island. That should put a smile on my Saggo moon dial!!! :)

              • Yes, I plan to for sure!! :D
                Perfecting time, as there’s an awesome exhibition on there right now. It’s a stunning museum!

                I actually went to Brissy 3 years ago and LOVED it!! Shell and a few other peeps here recommended the West End. Staying there again in a hotel just around the corner from where I last stayed. Looking forward to hanging out in my fave cafes again. My heart is bursting with joy just thinking about it. :razz:

  2. Feel like I flushed all my progress down the toilet! I got into a car accident in the rain last night and my friend picked me up from the side of the freeway and took me out for some fun…but of course after you’ve just had a crazy mortality moment there is not much fun available. I ended up drinking waaaayyyy too much (I’ve felt weird and conflicted about the wine I had last week and where I’m going with everything regarding recovery) because I was so shaken up and realized I hadn’t eaten in like 48 hours so it affected me even more. With no car and no plan I ended up sleeping in his office (he’s a professor). Woke up feeling awful and scared and alone but I’m gonna get right back on the wagon tomorrow. And it looks like my car will be fixed fast. No conflict now, booze is just not for me anymore. As they say, alcohol doesn’t solve the problem it just makes you forget the question.

    • The only way is Up Baby !! ( to quote Yazz,1980′s)
      Please refuel Rache … I worry for you – not so much the drink – you got that sussed now, but the food intake babe…it’s only fair on your poor ole soul to replenish !

    • Hey Rache, stop with the guilt it interferes with pleasure.

      Of course a person would have a drink after such a traumatic experience, unless they were an alcoholic and if you are, again, drop the guilt, that is more damaging than a few drinks, lasts way longer.
      Shock aces 48 hours to really emerge, so treat yourself well and keep someone you trust closely for a while.
      Do gratitude you could walk away on 2 legs even if you got legless AFTER.

      • You’re right….Chronic catholic childhood disorder. :( I work really hard at trying to get over feeling guilt but it lingers…trying to be more positive and forward looking. And grateful!!! You’re right, I need to reframe this stat.

        Reading the past lives book (Many Lives, Many Masters) that was reccommended in the comments section a few days back and realizing the extent of my underlying fear of death…and perhaps how it is connected to the unconscious guilt that never quite goes away?

        • Good on you Rache, I’m on it too, was recommended by Aries Psychiatrist on Desert retreat .. Fascinating, there are quite a few others he has written and he has a youtube station. xx Blessings Rache. You’re on the right road xx

          • Cosmic Wool :-)
            The word ‘Master’ doesn’t sit well with me.
            Ascended Masters, Master’s of the Universe, Wall Street et al, is possibly the reason coz they usually fuck up, which i guess i gravitated to the Tantric parthenon of goddess.
            To me when one is that ascended, their is no sexual differentiation?

            Just musing….

            • Hiya Pegs, ”masters” doesn’t evoke the same feeling in me. Self Mastery i like .. A Master in Martial Arts, And then theres “Master Bates” – A soul from my old ancient history class, with the surname of Bates, who copped that as a title from our sexy teacher ! xx Past lfe thing Pegs ? xx

        • O Darling, you must make friends with death
          and say it is merely recycling, dematerialisation, what will happen after is what you think will happen, so start designing.
          There are so many interesting and profound custom throughout the planet.
          One can experience death in many ways as in the ‘dark night of the soul’, ‘death by a thousand cuts’.
          Have no fear. Fear is the mind killer. Let it wash over you. (Bene Gesserit Mantra).
          Read what Osho has to say about death.
          Hold your breath. That’s death.
          Signed St. Peg.

    • Aw, Rachel, honey, I’m glad you’re all right. Remember that recovery is a process and there are bound to be slip-ups and relapses. Catholic guilt is a hard thing to shake, as is being fixed (well, probably no shaking that, eh?), but you can and are doing this, and doing it impressively. Be gentle with yo beautiful self. Xxx

      • Wise words HDQ – Rache, just keep going and do not waste time on guilt. I sooooo know where you are coming from; also, unlike AA and NA schtick, I do NOT believe that every time you bust, you go back to Square One. Amazingly, it does get easier to get over small busts such as this one you describe. I have no personal experience of Catholicism, but some of the ‘guilt’ is perhaps useful in that its actually your body, your psyche, your inner child WHATEVER calling you out on that bust. Well, fair enough. If every bust was totally guilt/repercussion free, it would be much easier to keep busting. If you were denying/hiding that feeling, or projecting it on to someone else, it would also be much easier to keep busting. I had a VERY serious hard drug addiction for 16 years, so I do feel for you :)

  3. This shift just slammed into all my fire…

    Anyone else feeling insanely-sexed? ANYONE?

    This is ridiculous.

    I spend Sun in Scorpio soul-mining in my 5H, and Sagg blasts into the scene…

    This poor Virgo may not know what hit him.

    • I am feeling the sexed part. Actually pretty whore-ish. Cant tell yet if I like it or not. Waking up every morning for the last week after being with a different man sexually. Many of these men I know in waking life. Very strange for me, I am not someone who is into casual sex or sleeping with multiple men – have not even dreamt this before. If I have sex dreams its just one man once in a while. Have racked my brain wondering what aspect might be causing this.

  4. Just realised today, after a lot of ZZ, shadowy scorpionic stuff at work, that I’m being white-anted. I guess saggo brings stuff into the open right? Or just clarity.

    Any advice on how to deal with whiteanting would be appreciated.

    • Maybe that was merc sextile pluto. Outing of secrets etc. As for whiteanting I’d go direct to the source or the target, depending on who/what/how etc

  5. Been getting some courtly love from my Kataka 5 yr old with Sagg Rising & Libra Moon. Kisses my hand bowing and says we will marry one day.

    He is also requesting a baby sister so that they can grow up together and be friends. Keeps pointing little girl toddlers and saying, “You need her, don’t you mummy”. 8O
    No, I have you, I reply.

    • Andromeda, was going to ask you a few days ago if you had one or two offspring?
      If there is only one, then i have always imagined you with two.
      Please let me know, as i thought you had a two year old.
      (is Saturn messing with my timeframes?)

      • Have the 5 year old Cancerian, Sagg Asc, Lib Moon boy Rat.
        Also a Capricorn, Scorp Asc, Aqua Moon double Ox boy.
        The 3.85 year old (me no maths) is the one with autism.

        Obvs they are opposites. ;)
        And thanks Nightrose.

    • Awww, that’s adorable! Nothing like the love of a five year old kataka. :D He must be born a month before my 5yr-old Leo girl! Does he have the aqua Neptune-Chiron-NN conjunction? I’m really interested to see how that manifests (or is manifesting already).

      • Yes, he does too!
        Honestly, I have looked at this conj with a bit of foreboding.
        His Neptune is in the 4th conjunct Chiron/NN in 3rd (Aquarius) so ON the IC.
        As a parent I feel like the IC is all my fault or responsibility! I’ve failed before I started???!!

        Where is your poppet’s conjunction & how is it being expressed?

        • is your little boy all about healing the family timeline? that seems like a possibly shamanic arrangement. 3rd house = manually oriented. healing hands?

        • timing is not your ‘fault’ which is ultimately what the natal chart is, a moment in time chosen by him (unless you caesered i guess) – it’s how you steer him now that he’s out that will help him on his path. mother guilt will do neither of you any favours lovely. from what i read you do everything within your power to give those children a supportive, loving home and that’s all that matters.

        • 8O That’s better than where I was going with it.
          I guess also, as he has a strong interest in impressing others, he’s got a public personality vibe. Was thinking more healing the public environment somehow, shamanic communication ability.

          As long as it is in service to the people (Aqua NN) & not an ego driven (SN Leo) attempt it could work out.

          Also he is Merc in Gem (like dad),
          Venus in Kataka (like mum but his conj Sun),
          plus Sat/Mars conj in the 10th/Virgo, and LILITH Rising. Eep!

          Healing hands a nice interpretation, I like it, but his distaste for anything ugly or sad is profound so far!

          • lilith rising here with chiron conjunct MC & NN – mine is elementally an inversion of your babe’s – in fire vs air but with water moon and mercury strong – hands are key. Healers come to me and ask to teach me. I never seek they find (it’s an inconvenient pastime, I’m doing other things with my life). It’s like some random stalking from ‘the other side’. With his mingling I suspect he will have some kind of healing or humanitarian path – especially if he hangs around any of your group meditations and picks up on the vibes.

          • oh yeah and distaste for ugly or sad is def part of it – be interesting to see if he becomes bored/frustrated when people complain but don’t seem motivated to change later in life. Whether he will become a motivator in order to banish ugly and sad.

            • He has the potential to do what he likes, he is quite able to read my thoughts at times, spontaneously verbalising what’s on my mind. I know I have failed to impart the joy of healing energies to him in past lives, this life I don’t plan to overdo such teaching but make it as lovely as possible. Mars/Saturn conj in the 10th loves power for power’s sake, another reason to make it all light & breezy!

                • interesting question. there’s a push-pull energy or magnetism that both genders respond to autonomically. Not sure how to transpose that concept in a male/child context. What you said about your vpassna experience is interesting because I felt like the ancestors would visit your son when I read your first post in this thread. are there any familial patterns in the astro that he shares?

                  • Yes, I have trouble transposing Lilith on to a boy too. :) Best not go there for now, am sure will be self-evident later.

                    As for family, it’s a tricky one for me as I did a powerful shamanic journey once where it was clear the energy upgrade had cut me from my ancestral ties. That is not to say he doesn’t have a relationship to his lineage, but I don’t have much connection there.
                    Howevs, he has Sun, Venus & Saturn conjunct my Kataka MIL’s Sun, Venus, Saturn – they are in different signs (like his Venus in Cancer hers in Leo) – but yes! Also he is Sun in the 8th like my FiL.
                    In personality he is very like my father, despite not sharing much astro. His is strikingly unlike my MIL in nature despite the astro! Mystery?

                • saturn in the 10th is hard core! I have that trine mars so my experience of it is far less intense than his but I suspect he’ll be doing odd jobs and earning pocket money by the time he’s 7 :grin:

                  • Lol, I’ll let you know if we are both still hanging out in the forum. He did swallow 10c last year so we stopped paying for taking the dishes to the table for the rest of that year.. :D . He’s mentioned wanting a house as big as a stadium already, lol.

              • i don’t know how well this will translate into 10th house but i had dated a man with mars conj saturn in the 3rd. They are stubborn powerhouses. control freaks. They like to do things their way and often have to repeat what they did esp if they did them hastily the first time. It will seem like the universe is trying to cockblock their every effort, but it is so they will slow down, be more careful, and do it correctly the first time.

                • Thanks Pi, this sounds like him alright! He is gentle & socially motivated but ever so controlling with that Mars-Sat in Virgo. Can melt down over foods mixed on his plate, or even the sight of his brother eating sloppily, lol. :D

        • ON the IC?!? Dear sweet Hekate, that’s intense. The ancestors speak through him, I’d bet. I think it’s a really strong psychic and healer aspect and quite beautiful. As for parent guilt, well, I’d also bet he knew exactly what he was doing choosing you for a mother. :) <3

          My girl's is in the 12th. Opposing her sun, like, exactly, the NN-Chiron bit. I have worried about it quite a bit, in truth. Her chart in general is worrisome as her mother. 8th house scorp moon (conjunct transylvania!). uranus in the 1st opposing mars in the 7th. pisces rising with a family history of addiction and mental illness. yeah, i have some guilt attached too…

          she's an astonishing child, though. a year before she was conceived her sister started talking about her (this may be relevant to your boy and his little sister, just sayin'… ;) ), 6 months before conception she (unborn spirit child) told me her name. not jane or emily or olivia, no. samadhi. yeah. she's the oldest soul i know. she gets bored at parties and hangs out with the grownups and speaks on an adult level. she's been healing with crystals since she was 1. when she was 2, she showed me how to pierce a tongue (correctly). she's highly, highly chemically sensitive. deep intense brown eyes in a family of blues (the same eyes as that alita andre girl- the same focus and fuq you i'm not a sideshow i'm serious attitude). Girl's got POWER. it's going to be an interesting ride, that's for sure… 8O

          • I’m not usually drawn to the mama posts because I’m totally out of my depth and inadequate in these realms but this one is fascinating – thanks mamas. Your daughter’s SN is conjunct her sun in the 7th?

              • depending on whether it’s applying or separating, the conjunction to the south node with the sun can be read as a really powerful integration of the energies – a consolidating force to give the north node a boost as it starts to express itself. And the chiron conjunct the north node is interesting in terms of that theory re conjunctions. It seems as though there’s a powerful assistant available in the sun’s relationship with the SN and the opposition to the NN because the opposition is an energy the projects outwards. Although in the 12th is going to be an interesting evolution of the whole thing. Big dream life.

              • saturn will help her – saturn’s not the demon he’s made out to be – will provide some concrete energy to the chart and possibly a tendancy towards relationships with older men. Does she play with clay? To help assimilate the 12th house energies some kind of work with sculpture or outward expression of the inner terrain could be helpful & soothing to her. She sounds kick-ass. In a good way.

          • Wow that Uranus is interesting – I am feeling power just in yr description of her chart! Is she Uranus Rising or Chiron? Fabulous name too.
            Had a full vision of my boy while doing Vipassana 7.5 months pregnant, my ancestors spiralling around me as my dear departed brother lead him to me. It was in the last meditation on the last day. His name means God Heals, ;-) my Nana said the name & a bell sounded in my brain. But loud!
            And OMG! Don’t say that about the little girl, before he started with this, my friend the New Edition Psychic Aquarian told me there may be another in the wings. Pregnancy crippled me, so I am happy not to go there again. Tho I’d tell Spirit if I have all the wealth, health & joy with a totally easy, bright child I’d consider it. :-)

            And yes, my boy has Sun/Venus in the 8th opp Jupiter (anyone wanna expand on that, lol).
            Plus Pluto in 1st opp his

            • whups! Opposite his Mercury in the 7th.

              Yr girl’s SN with the Sun is interesting – coming in fully prepped – as it sounds like she was! Tongue piercing, wow!

              • Ha, get them together and they’re zap zone rising! Her Uranus is too far from the ac to be rising. Pluto in the 10th, Saturn on the DC though. Whoa, lady. Sun/SN exact is pretty interesting- leonine vanity, big-heartedness, and hair! I’m guessing the aqua won’t come out until later, though it’s hard to say which part of empath is the conjunction and which is the Pisces rising.

                Sun/Venus opp Jupiter- of COURSE he is a knight in shining armor! Gorgeousness!! I wouldn’t worry about the 8th h aspect- for his future girlfriends, you know? Actually, as I think about it, that’s an aspect that can go really high or low, and probably not so much in the middle. Mercury-Pluto, Lilith rising- so much intensity!

                Love the naming story! What a wave of incarnation that year must have been. They’re heeeeeeerre… :D

  6. Lit a double wick candle called ’69 i think, as there were labelled for the era and what they thought were aromas of that time. So their interp of ’70′s was Gardenia & Jasmine.
    Anyhow it’s LIT, 2 flames in 1. As per advised.
    Not awful mixed with white sage incense. Drinking a spritz of classic white with pomegranate and lime juice and ice, lot’s of ice.
    *****Elemental my dear Mystic******.

    Had a Mars in Virgo realisation: the endless lists, the lists upon lists, then the ‘ pens’ run out’ for writing The Lists.
    This is because you want everything on the list to magically appear but not all at once hence The List.
    They also make you appear busy i.e.: meaningful. Have list-will live.

    So it’s Leo grooming and eating, i mean socialising with others weekend. Exfoliate, shave with new Venus razor with glide and 5 blades, because Venus has stopped making the blades you want for the 3 shavers you already have.
    And you don’t want to go to the Waxers and be embarrassed about the hair you DON’T to make it worth tip bit do love a clean smooth shave.
    Hair mask over the weekend a MUST with whatever you have in the kitchen or bathroom if you care about Product.
    Egg & Olive oil, Vinegar, lemon oil if you don’t.
    (Will know when Summers really here when the Coconut Oil liquifies :-)
    Have a pre-Thanksgiving (a more sensible idea than Xmas) and a Summery w/e in Oz, ALL of it, coz it’s been erratic not erotique lately!

    • It surprised me as to why one needs so many blades in a razor. C’mon will they not be happy until your flinging a 9 blade razor about and cut to ribbons. The toothpaste and razor blade people have a lot to answer for. Their creative teams must be like “oh let’s add another blade” or “how about an extra colour stripe”.
      Happy Birthday Pegs

    • Happy Birthday Saggitarian in Flight!
      May our myths always combine.. though in my version it is Andromeda who flies away on the winged horse.

      Can’t wait for the coconut oil to melt. Big hugs lady!

      • ooooh, I just bought some coconut oil today. Wanted organic for some holiday pumpkin breads I’m making for the kids…(Kataka, Sagg Moon, Scorp rising daughter is Vegan and so going the extra mile….It’s not like I cook all that much esp for family).

        Anyway, yeah, had to make sure I knew what the hell I was doing with it melting and such…hee

      • Thank you all you gorgeous women.
        What amazing Mamma these sprogs have, so brave and selfless to be able to guide them in such a rapidly changing world.

        Yes, December is about having she fun as we deserve it and perhaps need to MAKE it happen.
        So wishing you all a big huge burst of creativity
        for all this month.
        Love & More xxx

        • Aw, Happy Birthday Pegs! Left you one a few days ago just in case I wasn’t on line for a bit.

          But hope you have a great day darling Saggo! You are def Superfly! xo

  7. I almost asked a girl out on a date a few days ago, I know that might sound like whatever, but that’s actually pretty crazy for me. I think I am scared because if I do this I will change really really fast afterwards, like, too fast. I always expected the first few girls would say no or something, and then the ones who would say yes would flake out, then the ones who would actually date me it wouldn’t work out with for whatever reason and I would slowly get better at it. If I did this 2 years ago, honestly, this would be the case, given what I was like. But now, once I actually contemplated it, honestly, I probably could get a few dates, and that would probably work out if I tried.

    I could explain this better, but it would take a few paragraphs, but integral to my identity is just the idea that until someone is in to me, it is not weird to assume no one is in to me. Basically an overly rational version of feeling unlovable. It’s impossible, except of course technically it is possible, but until that’s proven its easier to assume the former. If I start dating, this will be disproven, the deep deep assumption I am too terrible for a girl to want me would just obviously not be true. Its not just scary to ask a girl out, but its scary that I could just destroy who I think I am in the span of a week, I would have to start from scratch, and, gasp, think good things about myself, how the hell could I do that? Its easier to think your terrible, for people to not notice you and not have to do anything, I am now realizing I have no idea how to be any other way. I’m scared guys, I might change in ways I can’t even foresee, I might actually end up liking myself a lot. Its been getting closer and closer, and honestly I have been avoiding this, but its going to happen soon, I am scared. I know its all pretty stupid too.

    • also, I don’t, outright dislike myself, it probably sounds like it, that would not be conductive to growth and progress. Its less I think badly of myself and more like I just don’t allow myself to think anything good, which wouldn’t be able to survive if I start dating.

    • so much thinking. I just read all of those words and all i can remember is that you said I’m scared. that resonated. it’s ok to be scared. it’s pretty normal. it will change you but change is good. these are the times for it right? It’s gonna be ok. i guess it’s about why you think you might be unlovable though and who you think you are. my experience of other people is that they’re a really good way of learning about who you really are as opposed to who you think you are. they’re seldom the same thing. i don’t know you but I sometimes read your words and there’s never been an inkling that you might be unlovable. possibly an overthinker but not unlovable. I don’t even know what unlovable means actually. Have you got a difficult pluto aspect or something?

      • David – maybe try writing out this affirmation 5 times a day – I trust my faith more than I trust my fears. I find it helps! x

    • David, this is your grandmother.
      You have been so so over thinking this dating biz and as you have been over thinking it negativity seeped in because
      you invited it.
      ONly read the first paragraph and it’s delightful you have asked a girl to accompany you to somewhere you both like.
      IT will change you in as much as it is meant to.
      Sun in Sagg, as Myst says is to have fun.
      Blessings, movies & Icecreams :-)

    • that’s just low self esteem man. just ask her. The only date you are guaranteed NOT to get are the ones you don’t ask. The worst that can happen is she’ll say no. No is not the end of the world. No, just means you can put *that* one down and forget about them. Maybes are worse than Nos in my opinion because they keep you hooked/invested in possibilities. I’d rather have a no any day.

    • I guess what I meant was, I have never even almost done it. Almost doing it and backing out is still crazy, which means soon I will, which means within this year things will be totally completely different. Like something I have assumed was far out for years is now right around the corner and that is crazy. It’s not a matter of should I or shouldn’t I, its that inevitably I will ask out some random girl, soon I will have to address something I have put off like my whole semi-adult life.

        • there’s a gap between asking someone out and doing it that helps with all this. you get to talk and stuff for as many days/weeks/hours/years before hand so that way you don’t have to feel as though you’ll back out whenever it happens. backing out is ok though. thinking about it is a lot different to actually doing it david. and like i said, it’s gonna be ok. good luck on your next phase of evolution. If it is pluto driving this he’s all about tearing it down to be reborn so intellectually you’re on the right track. :grin:

        • LOL I just realised you may not have been talking about ‘doing it’ Praise the heavens I never had kids it would have been one strange conversation after another – apologies for any embarrassing moments you may experience reading that – hilarious. it’s gonna work itself out D.

  8. What a vile fuqing week. I’ve heard week 3 of non smoking is one of the hardest. All the physical stuff done and dusted, but the emotional recovery only just beginning. Waves and waves of anxiety to contend with due to not having learned any other new de-stressing tool yet, work absolutely insane with every client on the books demanding everything at once and right in the middle of catalogue production week. I have had raging PMT all week and to cap it all off (pun fully intended), had my first fight with Monsieur Cap because he decided we needed to have our first fight – and get through it intact – to feel that he could trust a. that I wouldn’t run away when things got rough and that b. the relationship had long term potential. Only the freakin Saturn ruled could possibly come up with that bizarro logic ….

    Anyway thank FUQ that week is over!!!!

    Today I unplugged all my phones, shut down the email, mentally told everyone to go get fuqed and have taken the day off.

    • ok so hugs for everything, but most of all LOL at cap and the Scenario Testing for conflict! Sounds like a very rigorous program :) Given the love of long-lasting structure, consider the experiment part of the building process xxx love it
      not trying to be a dick, but i actually understand where he was coming from even if its execution fuqed things up somewhat. but hey. here you are. also, how do you stage a fight? i mean did he stir you up without telling you? that’s a shit-test of the highest order, in dating parlance non?
      no need to elaborate i just was wondering..
      hope your week improves prowln.

      • How do you stage a fight? … Well in the case of Mr Cap, he chose the perfect timing for starters: his girlfriend was in the middle of massive deadlines, week 3 of non smoking, with period due anytime soon. Second: bring up a personal quirk about her that’s been bugging him for awhile. Third: sit back and watch the Crab implode.

        There should be a law against it.

    • SErves you right doing QUIT without replacement patches or chewing gum and counselling when there is so much assistance in quitting, people who really want to help and know how fuming hard it is.
      FLAVA is the brand-name of the vapour faux ciggies.
      3 flavours, mint, strawb & classic.
      500 puffs for 15 dollars.
      5 puffs a day x 5 days a week and it will stop you reaching that anxiety stage of cold turkey.
      Only Aries can do cold turkey of the 4 D’s:
      Deep Breathe
      Drink water
      You have to have penny drops as to WHY you smoke.
      Bon COurag, be careful the Cap doesn’t stick a ciggie in your mouth to stop the moods :-)

      • I’m Pisces and i did cold turkey.

        No other way for me. Wanted to break the whole addiction: the habits, the inhaling, the nicotine (in any form), the rituals around suppression. It hurts but it gets done properly; no Piscean illusion/delusions of having done the job when really only half done or surface skimmed. Know thy enemy! Believe me, no drug is as powerful as my own mind and will power. When you go head to head with a 12th house Neptune (amplified by Jupiter, and self entitled to hurt by 12th house Moon conjunction) you go hard and you don’t get fooled by winning round one, two or three. Neptune typically plays dead and pulls out the double whammy at the last minute when you’re about to turn away as the winner. Note how everyone hates Neptune transits? It’s hard to focus, aim and box at shadows. Ghosts move through walls. The rip current pulls you out and tires you. That’s addiction.

        Prowlers, whichever way works for you, fight the good fight, even if that means laying down or sleeping! You’re ghostbusting. More power to you.

      • yep, sorry Pegs, Scorp and took on the turkey cold and won as well….also, Prowlin, if you have a little shamanistic power put your hands over your lungs and breathe deeply while asking for whatever energies you think you (dot) need to move in or out as required.

            • thanksgiving leftovers as well.

              3 weeks is kinda like the transition from the acute withdrawal stage to the maintenance stage (congratulations!!), and maintenance is sooooooo much harder. and boring. i wonder if you could flip your thinking about it around with some yogic breath work? maybe like skull shining breath, to celebrate your new oxygen and make inhaling fun again? something like that. (disclaimer: i have no idea if this would actually work, it just popped into my head) anyway, good luck and many sideline cheers.

    • Good luck! Had to give up due to pregnancy, it was so difficult even with such an impetus. I consider myself a smoker still, just one who forgets to buy cigarettes.
      If it appeals, maybe talk to your lungs, give them names or something (a la Cedric).
      Had a friend who did that with her kidneys when one was a bit sick (they are all well today). Good luck!

    • omg congratulations on getting through week 3!!!!

      i know it sucked with the fighting shit… i did it too with someone very important and while the tears were flowing and mood variability continued over a couple of days i had the sneaky suspicion i was about to bleed, not due, but adapting to a new cycle… or shift in cycle, which can be an intense shift in itself….

      Got a massage tonight, may have to get another soon, take care of you prowln

  9. The best sign of sun in saggo was going out last night with my 2 BFF – one a double Saggo, the other an Aquarian. They don’t really know each other, mostly through me, but we’re all in the same wider community. They are both great people to go out with, esp the Aqua and we had a really fun night at a community event. Lots of catching up, laughs, running around and talking to people. Love those fire and air signs :)

  10. When only half of the astro is water, not 3/4s, then I will be more open to suggestions that there’s significant diverse elemental energy about. Until then, no amount of insistance that the sky’s any other color but blue will make a shiz of difference in what I see with my own eyes.

    • Ok: moon into Leo/6th, that’s better. In the time of 2 hours, I managed to vacuum, dust, sweep the garage, take out the garbage, & start some laundry. Saturn’s off my sun & Mars is in Virgo. Standby for more feats of Awesome.

    • hey ms, did you go with a specific goal in mind, or was it just to get away? I can’t remember your MO re leaving. If you didn’t have a specific thing in mind maybe that’s part of the false starts etc. apart from the uranus pluto sitch which we’re all having in some way or another. You have some great astro in other places in europe, is there any reason you can’t relocate for a while?

      • Only went sabbatical for a while as I had not had a proper holiday for years. I’m not body burned out but I’m still emotionally exhausted. Looking hard at my options now.

  11. Sun conjuncts my natal Jupiter at 1 deg sag today , I need it.
    Going away for a few days to relax and get my head together after a very trying month. Qi vamp customer has been attempting to drain me of my mojo for weeks, months nearly.
    I provide a high level of service to my customers and his guy has taken full advantage and more. Little does he know that my mojo is infinite and that his attempts to blame me for his own deficiencies will ultimately fail.
    Hope all you hipsters and squares are doing well x

      • I have 3 cherubs/demons , 17 yr girl , 14 boy and 10 boy. It was actually really good. I was like a super mum , at their ages it’s all the dropping and picking up (3 different schools each morning) amongst the cooking cleaning and running my biz. It all went well … The tiredness is coming now, hence the solo time up north. Wifey came home with 200 clothing and accessory bargains from the Himalayas , we now look like a bunch of Vedic gypsies and our house resembles an opium den.
        We smell pretty good though.

        • Aha! I thought you had 3 boys for some reason.
          You hadn’t mentioned the little lady so much.
          Hard job covering all that.. love the sound of your wife’s decor, every house should at least one room that resembles an Opium Den! Well, an opulent one at any rate.. Good for her getting a break too. Your turn next? ;)

          • hmmm…yes, where should we send our dear Daveyl…


            (ps….please don’t say hell..right now, most Cardinals intimate with that reality)


    • Know I said something about the violence out there…But who is this a hole my darling Davey…

      You know us Aries only beat the shit outta someone when they got it commin’. Yeah? xo

      • Hey doll, I’m glad your wife made it home safe and sound. You did A GOOD JOB being a dad first of all cuz Aries don’t do second best and that you have Mars in Kataka…A natural ;) x

        • Hi Sweetypie, yes that’s the paradox of me. That kataka mars my ruler, aggressive mothering ? All I know is, you toucha my children I breaka your face. They have started to realise that having me around is a little like having their own bodyguard detail.
          Hope your happy and well honey x

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