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Steve McQueen shirt off red car

A womanizing, boozing, psychologically problematic, extremely talented hot mess – voila Steve McQueen, possibly the King of our Mars-Neptune man tribe.

Mars = Men. If you are a man and your Mars is fully hitting on (aspecting) Neptune, you could be a shaman, a nightmare, a visionary, an addict or manipulative little merde. One way or another you’re doing Neptune.

But whether you’re doing Haute Neptune or Low Neptune, when the God of Guts is aspected by the God of Glamor & Myth, you are a Star. And you’ve got supernatural pulling powers. Plus you’re artistic, value aesthetics and really like to transcend reality.

Mars Neptune Males include Johnny Cash, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, William Blake, Charles Manson, Albert Camus, Scott Fitzgerald and James Hunt.

Plus these two dudes, already quoted in previous Mars-Neptune Men posts but included here for the sake of, you know, fullness:

“…I have always lived violently, drunk hugely, eaten too much or not at all, slept around the clock or missed two nights of sleeping, worked too hard and too long in glory, or slobbed for a time in utter laziness. I’ve lifted, pulled, chopped, climbed, made love with joy and taken my hangovers as a consequence, not as a punishment….”  John Steinbeck


You have to be always drunk. That’s all there is to it—it’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, you have to be continually drunk.


But on what? Wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. But be drunk.


And if sometimes, on the steps of a palace or the green grass of a ditch, in the mournful solitude of your room, you wake again, drunkenness already diminishing or gone, ask the wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock, everything that is flying, everything that is groaning, everything that is rolling, everything that is singing, everything that is speaking…ask what time it is and wind, wave, star, bird, clock will answer you: “It is time to be drunk! So as not to be the martyred slaves of time, be drunk, be continually drunk! On wine, on poetry or on virtue as you wish.
~Charles Baudelaire

People. not to bag out any particular aspects BUT these guys are, in general, for a quick spin around the block, not for anything long-term, right? Unless of course they are embodying the super-Haute Neptune vibe. 

Next Up – their female equivalent the ants-in-her-pants Venus-Uranian female. BECAUSE Venus-Neptune is not like the obvious counterpart to Mars-Neptune. Mars-Neptune is reckless, high on art & the next screw/conquest/drink. Venus-Neptune (if it’s warping downwards) tends more toward the Love Zombie end of the spectrum, as we have discussed.

BUT please, share your thoughts, feelings and experiences re Mars-Neptune Men here. This is now a CATEGORY.  I am at the not-embittered but definitely aware point where i would dig deeper if i saw a guy had a strong Mars-Neptune aspect. And  you?

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156 thoughts on “Steve McMars-Neptune

  1. meh. I’m not even remotely attracted to this type of man. Boring and tedious man-children.

    I wonder what kind of aspects Tom Hiddleston has in his chart. meow.

      • Hiddles is amazeballs. I just caught the fever this week. What. An. Actor.

        On the subject of Mars-neptune men…yeah, I’d be wary dating someone with these kind of aspects (though I’m not really sure how to work out if they DO have them…you look for squares etc between Mars and Neptune in their chart, right? )

        • yeah i looked for squares.

          I didn’t see a single one in any of the past men I dated. Plus any of the suggested ones….. just don’t do it for me.

        • He is moon trine Neptune and mars- mercury rets (in Pisces! Siiigh) sq. Uranus. Aqua, Aries moon opposing Pluto and Saturn-Jup-Lilith. I reeeeally think gem rising- his face has two distinct sides. Not that I’ve looked at it much… Mmmmmmm

      • The one where he is talking to cookie monster??? Oh i love that one!

        He’s also really adorable when he does interviews with Chris Hemsworth. Although I sometimes Hemsworth being a Leo can’t stand it when he steals the spotlight. :p

        Oh shit…just looked at astrotheme. He’s got a buttload of Libra in his chart.

  2. I’m a fan of these men. Longevity is over rated and no guarantee of quality in a relationship. These ones are great if you want a whilrlwind. When will the women of mars neptune be indulged?

  3. Yes, I know what you mean. Temporarily at least they can be fun.

    As can we! I would like to know about Mars Neptune women, but not about what their men about, so much as what they are about.

        • Not currently, but I could be 😉 There have been times when I was younger when I was proud of the amount of booze I could take before collapsing and I didn’t go out on saturdays without a little bottle of whiskey in my pocket.

          I notice the mutable opposition by vacillating between haute and low expression of either placement. Since it feeds via t-square into my Moon … uh, disastrous.

          When I wasn’t owning/aware of the energy, it had all sorts of bad manifestations, incl. attracting men who embodied my self-belief and projections and left me with horrible hangovers. Until I admitted that, well, I am like that.

          Now, I usually try to be haute in all aspects (martial arts done “serious” is really good for that), but I indulge occassionally in the low version.

          • something weird just happened to my post.

            An astro signature is emerging!

            I too carry a lovely lady sized hip flask which I fill with cognac or single malt and keep in my coat pocket in winter. When summer comes I forget about it and when winter rolls around again I put on a random coat, slip my hand into a pocket, smile and remember, it’s like meeting an old friend.

            Yes to gaming – I also have strong gemini / mercury aspects.

            No to boasting about the intake – neptune and moon in scorpio = discretion is key.

            Qi Gong and a few hours of acupuncture a week really changed things. Alcohol seems like it comes from another density or something now. I have to really carefully select my drinking times. Now might just be one of them. Bottoms up x

            • out of tangential curiosity – what’s your take on the Scorp Moon AF? Andro? EEL? I know we have a few of them.

              • sensitive to gases, love symbolist art, drawn to enigmatic strangers / lunatics and will never spill a secret or break a promise unless you do me harm.

                • fantastic! I’m asking for my good friend I just learned has a Scorp Moon and you just described her :)

                  there’s a tendency to depression/anxiety as well though, thought the Scorp Moon might be a bit heavy.

                  • ! only when I’m around my mother! or when mars neptune is in full swing is there a propensity to that. Venus in Libra in the 5th has its benefits. As does having a mate on board who makes you laugh.

                    • her chart is almost all water – it’s like she lives what we’ve been dealing with constantly! She does have a good funny mate tho :)

              • Lol, “drawn to lunatics”, I have an uneven amount of schizo/psychic friends compared to most. Intensity, loyalty, wide-eyed and unflinching in the face of adversity, weird, loves animals, soothed by profundity?

                • you know I cant fig out if Scorp Moon draws me to more mentally unstable or the Uranus conj sun? or perhaps neptune near my asc? hard to say,

                  I def. think scorp moon gives intensity and a hardness not found in most Libras. I’ve heard also that Scorp Moon curses its women with awful periods.

            • Well, I wasn’t boasting publically about it.

              My Venus-Saturn-Opp isn’t directly linked to Mars-Neptune-Opp, but both are aspecting the Jupiter-Chiron-Conj. in Aries and all three of those are connected to my Moon. It’s a hot splash mess.

          • just saw your post below – I also have venus saturn opposition. The Saturn trines mars + the venus sextiles mars. Our charts are really similar just different signs.

              • I totally agree the saturn venus thing really helps with an even keel – sooner or later. I didn’t realise you had the square – suddenly a lot of things make a lot more sense. Your sth american interlude especially.

        • Also, I was addicted to video games for quite a bit, it’s more dangerous then booze, cigarettes, etc to me, maybe because of the Gemini influence.

      • oh sorry, let’s feminise – Are you a lady of the sauce?

        I heard this little gem in a mediocre scarlett johansen film last night – I’m sure she has mars neptune action in her chart.

    • I have mars-conjunct-sun trine neptune-conjunct-moon in Capricorn, which makes me a Mars-Neptune woman if you ask me! I had a longer reply at the bottom of the comments.

  4. I would liked to have seen a film with Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig as family.
    Or more realistically given their pulses, Tom Hiddleston and Fassbender.
    They both have those alien lower teeth and cool demeanours with electric smiles.

  5. What I do know – well, what I was told once – about Mars-Neptune aspect in my chart as a female is that it represents the men I attract.

    Going with that thought, I guess it makes sense why none of my relationships have lasted.

    • Which house do you have it in? 5th or 7th?

      Why are women so astro-neutered that they are not seen as being able to channel their mars other than in terms of luring a mate? It’s sexist poppycock.

      None of use are just one aspect – I have mars square neptune plus venus in libra in the 5th. An astrologer once told me I was the ingenue sitting in the booth in a bar alone waiting for the man of her dreams to come along and sweep her off her feet and the lothario sitting at the bar alone smoking and waiting for a femme fatale to come along and seduce him all rolled into one person. It’s true! He got a lot of other shit wrong but about that he was bang on.

      You just have to learn how to balance your astro depending on which planet is ruling at the time – iron fist or velvet glove OR find someone who can handle you whether you’re channeling your mars or your venus. Based on my experiences I suspect it’s all down to lilith in the synastry.

      • Yeah, in standard astrology Mars (and Sun) are set to represent the kind of man you attract/are attracted to, but it’s the same for men and Venus/Moon, so there’s some equality.

        Both genders fare well when they are actually trying to actively embody those aspects as the need to project drops.

        I have a Mars/Neptun opposition, t-squaring my Moon. Starting to do martial arts was one of the best things I did for that aspect. It pulled some stupid shit on me before that.

        • I like how you took back the power for yourself by learning martial arts. I actually considered this as well as I was thinking on how to balance this energy. Did you find that it helped in the long run?

          • Yes definetly. First, it gives you something to work the Mars (martial) and Neptune (Arts) energy directly. And if you consider the possible (uututuuuuuuuuuuuuuuututjuuutjtyuyujmoj ouuuou7u78i8ukoiiiiiiiii80kkkk89ik909k – my son) philosophical underpinnings, it gives you the haute version of Neptune.

            It’s body work if done well, aligns energies better, it does help with the way you see yourself, how you feel your body, how you are in your body. It helps the mind, self esteem.

            For me it was the vehicle that helped me not only with that aspect, but with the rest of my chart as well, like my Venus-Saturn opposition.

      • I have Mars(3rd) square Neptune in 6th.

        The astrologer I consulted combined this with some other points, but basically told me that this aspect plays out for me as me being a creative, filled glass type woman, that attracts empty cup type guys. They are attracted to my overflowing cup and they just take and take. Qi vampires. I was cautioned to be careful who I choose to connect with romantically.

        The astrologer was right. It has definitely been a theme in my relationships, where I give too much and at my own detriment. Also every man Ive dated or had a relationship has harboured some sort of addiction whether it was alcohol, drugs(prescription and otherwise), cigarettes, sex, porn, affairs or god knows what else. Many of these men look completely normal, sane, and even look good on paper or on the arm. Being intimate with them was another story however.

        Ive always felt like their mother, like I had to take care of them. I attract these type of men all the time outside of relationships too.

            • Lyrics aside (it has been my mars neptune anthem for years) the entire thing is a metaphor – getting everyone else to finish the words for him (lazy, wasted or simply opportunistic?), gifts hurled randomly in the general direction of the audience, the bit where he walks off before it’s over and everyone’s left thinking WTF?

              • “lazy, wasted or simply opportunistic”

                that’s the Crab guy I described below… He has Taurus Asc – so throw pleasure seeker into the mix and Jupiter in LIbra in the 6th. Louche!

        • Must be irritating to have the mother thing going on. Without meaning to pry, do you work in a ‘helping’ field? And are your moon and venus connected to this? I have a feeling that the elemental energies are big with the mars neptune thing.

          • I dont work in a helping field but I consider myself an intuitive and healer. Supposedly in a past life I was a healer of empty men as well, but in a physical way. This life it is like meeting those men all over again.

            My Moon and Venus make lots of aspects. The former trines Sat/Jup/Pluto and the latter squares the same combo. Moon in Aqua, Venus in Cap. Both Venus and Moon are not afraid of hard work it seems with those aspects.

        • oh dear… I’m dating a Cancer guy with Mars (in 3rd) trine Neptune in Scorp (7th). Charmed me into bed. Bloody good in the sack too. Think it’s his MO. Sex them to death… that way they’ll stay. 😯
          He’s also a love zombie with Venus square Neptune AND… he has moon conjunct Venus in Leo. Loves being mothered (of course with his Mars in Cancer conjunct Sun). I refuse to do it. My Cap Asc finds it SUCH a turn off!!! Think he’s addicted to porn but refuses to admit it.

          • eew! who wants to ‘mother’ a guy? that shit makes me want to sprint to the airport and catch the next plane to, i don’t know, Antigua or something. mutual care, sure. goo goo stuff: retch.

      • down to lilith you reckon….. hmm…. quite like that theory.

        I’m wondering if “his Lilith” conjunct my mars … in Aqua… might be interesting. i promise i wasn’t astro stalking. promiseiswear. i was just on that site and my fingers must have slipped as i was falling asleep and suddenly his chart was there. you know how it happens. his juno conjunct my sun. his mars on my dsc. stfu pi. eyeroll

        • his this his that. this is the sort of comment that makes me retch. sorry everyone. putting the stalker soundtrack away now and going for a run. right after this handful of M&Ms.

          • sleazometer predicts fireworks. whatever sleazometer. i have, um, things to do. like saturn. now if you’ll excuse me.

    • For the sake of astro research …. regarding what we attract via our charts:

      Of the male instructors in my MA club (yes I looked at their charts where I could, so sue me) … most are significantly older (teehee), 3 are Cancer Suns (Saturn Sign), 1 is a Cap Sun (Venus Sign), 1 a Gemini Sun (he is … wait for it … 7 years younger), all of them have Mars-Neptune going on in one way or the other.

  6. I am Venus- Uranus and I adore mars- Neptune men. Shamanic lightningbolts! Current lover is grand fire mars- Neptune- Venus/merc r. Visionary, magickal, channeler of cosmic madness beauty. Alien contactee, and, of course, raging addict (though in recovery). Ex is mars- nept oppo. Dylanesque poet, starry- eyed dream child, soapboxer extraordinaire, alcoholic. I dunno…they’re seductive candy and I can’t imagine not wanting.

      • Are we??? It’s rather inconvenient and the outside world thinks we’re pretty batshit, and indeed we might be? It is an interesting existence, I guess. (not knowing any other)

        It’s not like I’ve had a lifetime full of glamorous romances. Quite the opposite, really, though perception is all and in my mind they’ve been epic…

        • I think you guys are lucky. The Sagg in me adores the sense of freedom and spontaneity you choose to live your lives with :)

        • I’m Venus (and Mars and Lillith) in ARIES in the 9th trine Uranus AND Mars (and Venus and lillith) square Neptune. We are a batty bunch, but I love it (generally more than I hate it.) Despite pisces sun and my aqua moon, ive gotta be a little reckless and wild and LOUD (Leo asc) or else life just seems too boring (and I cant bear the thought of a boring life.) Have found some healthier ways to channel that energy and manifest it now that I’m a little older (approaching my first Saturn return) and married to a packed 6th house in libra aries-toro scholar, but I definitely go mad if i cant be a little naughty and more than a little bolshy.

    • Also this post IS Mars- Neptune. I read those two quotes and all of a sudden the bottle of cab I’d just opened is gone and my soul is on fire!!

      • HDQ, I think you are a fire snake, no.? As my partner is, and I have a fair few fire snake friends.
        My theory is you guys have a lot of kundalini energy going on, way more than me, I am a wood snake. Potentially very good healers, the fire snakes eg my acupunturist girlfriend.

        • That’s interesting what you said about Fire Snakes. I am one and agree with you about the kundalini energy.

          • And you are Cancerian aren’t you S? The girlfriend I spoke of is. Cancerian, and a really good acupuncture practitioner, but it’s a lot to do with her energy.
            And my partner just really has a lot of energy going on. I mean, I do, Aries stellium, but this is different, like a big stream of kundalini fire energy, amazing when channeled, can be very destructive too.

            • Yes I am and that’s sweet of you to remember.
              My acupuncturist told me I should do something in a therapy/healing capacity.
              That energy if not focused correctly can be toxic to the individual.

              • Exactly! Another friend, guy fire snake, made a small fortune dealing speed when 20, scraped some pretty low spots as you would expect, took a while to pull his life together, now is an arts entrepreneur, lovely person.

                • I am, and that makes all kinds of sense! I think I am just beginning to be able to tap into it- was far too much for my younger self so yes, became self- destruction (when I wasn’t repressing it, which was (is?) most of the time, so unhealthy). Burn out or die out! Good to know that channeling it into healing is the magic pathway- it resonates very deeply. Thank you. :)

    • I’m also a (fiery as!) Venus-Uranus, and have an exact sun-Neptune opp going, and I just pulled the charts of my two greatest loves. One mars-Neptune sextile, one Mars-Neptune opposition. So much sense made. I too find them and their depths strangely intoxicating.

      • So I am a Venus Uranus girl too with a shed load of very wild affairs behind me or under my belt. Under my skin more like. I checked out a guy who has been around me now for nearly seven years, a lover who is something I can pick up put down. He’s a real depressive with a sex addiction or a sex related issue. Never easy to live with, up and down and has to live on his own cloud. I find him really hard to deal with on a functional level but it’s sort of worked for a long while now???
        As to my Neptune, it’s part of a water grand trine for me in my 8th so it figures in a big way. All haute I might add, as I am as far from addicted to anything as anyone might get. Possibly because I know I could really let go and never return!
        As to venus uranus oh yes do that big style but I have such a huge saturn chiron conj on my asc that also hits both venus and uranus pluto conj that I am a touch just a touch regulated. Just

        • You sound fabulous Emg, and quite similar to me! I also have a grand water trine, mine involves a 12th house sun, 8th house moon and 4th house Pluto…yeah, I can be intense!

          I too have had a part time lover hanging around, only for a year. He’s my mars-Neptune opp and also has a Venus-Neptune trine. He’s always there, around me, yet slightly out of reach. He’s admitted to me I have this affect on him too. I love the way you put it, hard to deal on a functional level (we could never, ever be an actual couple) but for some reason it just works as is, and we both like it that way. Us Venus-Uranus types can always make total sense of these things 😉

          • And yes, I too am slightly regulated thanks to a mars in cappy and Saturn trine asc. I find I apply that way more to work and career then relationships though!

  7. Recently met a guy with Mars in Pisces in a T square to Neptune and Saturn. With his Sun conjunct Neptune for good measure.
    In addition we have some *cough* compelling moon mars synastry, so, um, I’m digging deeper as it were.
    What interests me though is at what point the Saturn kicks in.

    • He definitely draws people into his vortex that’s for sure. Sagg bounciness helps with that.

    • none of the first lot, may be some of the second lots. Always intuitively knows what the time is which is a pretty damn cool super power in my opinion.
      Mostly too soon to tell.

      Why is it necessary to enter an email address? Fucking internet and its fucking tentacles

  8. God I’m so bummed. I just met a Scorpio stellium/Libra stellium with a Leo moon. I pull his chart. BAM! First thing I see – like it’s the dominating aspect of his chart: Mars square Neptune.

    I pull our composite chart? BAM! Mars square Neptune EXACTLY. Less than a degree.

    I’m bummed. We got on so damn well! I met him for like 20 min. He got my number from my friend afterwards. Nonstop texting me. Begging to take me out. Says he hasn’t talked to any other woman since he met me (…questionable. When I met him he was with another girl, he also claims he has stopped talking to since meeting me).

    He even got a bit pushy when I bailed on him a week ago, saying the bar was too far. He acted cool at first, then texted an hour later joking how his night is ruined. An hour after that (like 10pm) he starts texting me to try and get me to meet him halfway, or somewhere close to me. It was a little strange, to be honest. All of it. I met him for maybe 20 minutes. Two weeks ago.

    He was texting everyday. He kept asking when he could take me out. I finally agreed for Thursday (tonight), then he stops talking to me. Don’t really give a sh*t, I loathe texting. It just gave me a “red flag” feeling. Guy gets what he wants then loses interest sort of thing.

    I, myself, have Venus Neptune square each other. I’m quite prone to delusion. I am trying to make better and healthier choices for myself. I’m really trying to improve my life.

    Man, what a bummer. I never meet people I really like. It felt kind of…special when we met each other.

    Guess that’s the Mars/Neptune charm (or smarm).

    Damn :-/

        • smarm. LOL that’s about right.

          I’m dating a Crab with venus square Neptune. As soon as I did his chart i saw that LZ aspect and thought “oh nooooo!!!” but he’s so good in bed. Trying to wean myself off him now. But he has Venus and moon in Leo – too much SMARM! :roll:

          • Funny too, I just pulled my chart (haven’t look at it in a while). Transiting Mars is exactly square my natal Neptune tomorrow morning.

            Ugh. Red Flag #2: He texted me two days ago some joke about a movie. I finally replied today. He responds with a joke, followed by this gem, “[insert name of super hot actress] can do no wrong”. Who the f*ck says that to the woman you’re desperately trying to get to go out with you?

            I didn’t reply, and it’ll be staying that way.

  9. Regardless of the Astro especially the Neptune/Mars aspect, no one gets a get out of jail free card to justify self destructive behaviours.

  10. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before in other Mars/Neptune dude threads, but just now remembered that one of my ex boyfriends does have Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra…….duh!
    He so embodies it, too. He is a healer, very charismatic, womanizer, creative soul, musician…..all of it. My nickname for him used to be “schmooze-fest”. Total charmer……he should have gone into sales, would have made millions no matter what he sold.
    We are still friends, 20 years now, but I don’t take him seriously anymore and call him out on his shit……… how he has a crush on a woman 40 years younger than him right now even though he is common law married and has two kids, one of which is a new baby. I just told him NO, dude, you have got to stop this, it’s not cool! …..but he probably can’t help himself with that aspect. He knows astrology as well, so he’s aware….

    We had an odd relationship, lasted a few years, on and off —- I have Venus square Uranus in my natal chart! — so, kind of a disaster. Anyway….it’s amazing we are still friends, but we are in the same field, professionally, as well as we have a lot in common, including playing music. Oh, also we have his Pisces Sun conjunct my Pisces Moon. So yeah, we’ll probably always know each other. I feel proud of myself that I came out the other side with him. I can have him in my life, but his ‘magic’ doesn’t affect me anymore. It’s like he ‘trained’ me, trial by fire, and I can deal with these types now, and don’t fall for them anymore.

  11. My partner is mars in gem, Neptune in sag, Leo sun with sag moon.
    his ascendant exact degree on my Scorp Neptune, his Lilith in gem tight square to my Mars Uranus in Virgo. His Neptune in sag almost exact square to my Pluto inVirgo….

    I would say he is the Shamanic type, with more than a touch of the shambolic….I have never lived with anyone so chaotically messy! Like the character Pigpen in Charlie Brown, a walking dirt ball at times.
    But definitely Hot, naturally lean muscly, tall, when he scrubs up, in good clothes he is beautiful. I have seen even straight men like our neighbour just stare agape at him when in a suit cos they hadn’t seen him in that light, he’s often covered in whatever he has been digging up or moving.

    He doesn’t drink, never tried drugs, but used to shovel down the coffee and cigarettes. I am making him slow down, eat properly, and he has been having acupuncture and chiro and is responding really well to it.
    He’s very very funny, makes me laugh, especially when I get enraged about the mess, he’s very intuitive and gentle and kind with the animals and old people.

    I have known him for ten years, was LZ over him for a few years, then when I finally got totally interested in someone else, he slipped back into my life and we have been together 4 yrs. Definitely seen him at his worst, had some truly plutonic horrendous fights, but it is all pretty haute around here these days

  12. just last weekend had all of this guys films recommended to me by a filmmaker – I’m about to go on a Fass-bender! 😉

    • Enjoy!! Loved him in ‘Shame’. Fantastic movie and he gets his gear off 😀

      A Dangerous Method was okay. Just not a fan of Keira Knightly

      His acting in Hunger was mind-blowing!! Harrowing movie.

  13. Taurus lover has mars square Neptune. Mars in Pisces to boot!!!

    He is a drinker. He has been a drunk at one point. But held it together. Thank heavens for that Taurus. He isn’t artistic at all. He works construction. There is a strong psychic streak, but at times he fights it down and discounts it. He won’t follow through with it when it gets deep and strong.
    Loyal through and through, he loves to just be home with family, but he is 40 now and not in his 20s.

    • The crazy scorpio ex, he had Neptune conjunct Mars in Sag. UGH, delusional, pothead, manipulative.
      Artistic, yes. Played guitar, sang, wrote music, spraypaint artist, drawer. Conceited and no motivation to make it pay/ happen. Would prefer to have women pay for most of his way.

      • Sagg Ex had Neptune-Sun-Mars conjunct – sort of a more responsible version of your description. Yikes!
        Those guys are called “lobos” or wolves in Sth America.

        • ah! Wolves.
          He had mercury, mars, neptune, and jupiter all in conjunction in sag. NO EARTH at all in his chart. Flew off the handle all the time, Scorpio revenge, but very Saggy which is why he seemed likable.

  14. Can you be a mars – neptune woman? I have sun conjunct mars (in virgo obv), trine neptune conjunct moon in capricorn…that’s pretty mars-and-neptune-y if you ask me. I think that adds a lot of masculine energy to my chart. I’m not very girly. I’m artistic and driven but get lost in fantasy. Very dreamy, yet then there’s all that earth. And that aspect can’t show what kind of men I’m attracted to because I’m a lesbian.

  15. I have Mars in Pisces in my 7th–I definitely have a thing for Mars-Neptune men. A little difficult, a lot talented/creative–deadly combo. But I only (so far) have enjoyed them from far away.

    This is actually funny timing because I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash incessantly and I’m researching the Fitzgeralds (mostly Zelda but Scott sneaks in, too) for something at school.

  16. Just quit a job of 2 years because of an absolutely crazy boss. And only after I quit did I look at his chart. Big stellums in libra and scorp but also Pluto square Mars AND Mars opposite Neptune. Incredibly manipulative and horrible. (Last week, before I quit, we had a convo where he told me he was trying to decide if he should “play Santa” and let me have my job through the holidays). During our time working together he would have me do super personal shit (he was going through a divorce- big surprise) like write up his divorce papers and find him a house to live in. I was there for Set Design! But I would do it because he was such a bully.
    It was my dream job but he was an absolute nightmare. From now on I’m staying far away from the mars-neptune man club!

  17. A beautiful tall Aries guy whom I randomly met at the party and subsequently spend an amazingly hot night with had this Mars-Neptune aspect. It was the most sensual experience I had ever experienced because he knew how to touch me without me saying anything! But then I wanted to see him again and we planned a date which he canceled on the minute because he had a girlfriend and felt guilty about the whole thing. I was shocked because he did give away a vibe of being a free unattached soul, and knowing he had a girlfriend I would have reconsidered sleeping with him in spite of the strong chemistry…My ex-husband also had this aspect and he could say beautiful things to me one day but then do despicable things the next day which he coated in philosophical explanations….So from my experiences, despite being drawn to them as a Venusian being I associate Mars-Neptune men with intense pleasure but also treachery, illusions and disappointment.

    • Hah! A beautiful tall Aries guy cheated on me with someone to end our relationship, then didn’t see said girl again… you’re not London-based are you?!

      Have deleted his astro data, for self-preservation reasons, so can’t check the Mars-Neptune, but he is a total addict/ womanizer. Just now coming to the point where I can forgive him. This is the point where I’m truly starting to let go of my need to be right and to judge him, & it feels beautiful.

      I have Mars opp Neptune. I can drink/ get drunk many nights of the week, yet most of the time don’t. I try to stay inside my limits, tho occasionally am weak. I think that self-defence would probably be really good for me. I am much better off with a non-boozer, non-smoker, non-drug taking man. Got no interest in these types anymore: I want attention, & for the RIGHT reasons, not cuz I’m another pretty (read: stupid/ easy) girl.

      I’d like to hear about the positive aspects of Venus-Neptune too as the trine is the tightest aspect in my chart! I am a poet & I love ethereal beauty in art; mythology, painting, astrology, transcendence. I was a Love Zombie for years (& recently had another brush with it) but Venus-Neptune can be a very positive spiritual aspect too.

  18. ahh…. my man has mars conjunct neptune conjunct north node in the 6th house…. all in sagg… lord help me…

    He does tend to err on the dark side when it comes to substances Much more than me and that is hard, but he’s also sun in the seventh house in cap… we have a very creative relationship and I would say definitely he’s a visionary… when we are together he doesn’t indulge, doesn’t seem to need to and I’ve noticed since we have been together he has gotten a lot better with drinking, given up smoking etc etc. He explains to me that he needs to work almost non stop, needs to grow, to be ambitious and creative or he gets bored and drinks a lot, smokes a lot, etc etc etc. But also being together we are never bored (touch wood) which is lovely, so he says he has now discovered he doesn’t need to drink to have fun. When we’re not together though.. that’s a different story…

    But anyway it’s not all bad with the Mars Neptune men in the longer term (well… a year now). Relationship – wise he’s incredibly devoted and loving, fun and very inspiring. The astro has to balance though – luckily that’s other aspects of his astro (i’m assuming). I’ll check back here when saturn comes past his mars neptune and see how we go…

  19. bazaarre… iv been facing off with a major uk bureacracy that control (predominantly) mothers and the chaps reply was to repeat his points in rend, nd they got my name calling me Ms McQueen, i corrected them but said, its ok, i get this all the time, and I blame Steve (aka McQueen) .. not sure he got it but he didnt reply.. then finished the night with a big impromptu beer night with an old rocker… shit i really have to read ur posts BEFORE i go out

  20. My dad is Neptune opposite Mars. He is not famous, lol. He’s a catholic who projected his Mars-Neptune qualities onto my Venus square Neptune love zombie mother. I wonder about these aspects being inherited. I’m Venus square Neptune too but my daughter upgraded (?) to Neptune conjunct Mars in Aquarius.