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Rob Ford

Longtime readers of this blog know that we often agree that Mars-Neptune men are just the gift that keeps on giving.  Addictive personae, omni-sexual, often with a preference for paid commercial sex transactions, super-decadent, you know. I AM going to give these guys their own category, promise. And one for the Venus-Uranus ladies as well.

But hey Rob Ford, seriously?  I smoked crack cocaine but it was probably in one of my drunken stupors.  Loads of people like this exist, obviously, but it’s just that they do not usually run for or become the Mayor of a major city. And if they do, no WAY are they so frank about their hobbies. Although, given that a video apparently got hacked, he hasn’t really got any plausible deniability. But when does that stop a Gemini guy?

Yes he’s Gemini – Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury Retrograde opposite Mars in (bigmouthed) Sagittarius, near his Neptune in late Scorpio. Taurus Rising. And YES he is having a Saturn transit, this is actually a really standard ‘having a Saturn transit’ expression.

Thoughts?  Would you vote for him?

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133 thoughts on “Rob Ford, Gemini, Mars-Neptune Man

  1. “…this is actually a really standard ‘having a Saturn transit’ expression.”


  2. The fact that this guy said he ” smoked crack cocaine probably in ONE of his drunken stupors”……kinda says it all me thinks?

  3. Since this story broke his popularity has gone up and he is planning on running again. He is Canadian after all.

  4. Cannot stop laughing long enough to form a coherent thought re this but have several floating around..
    Hilarious !

  5. Yah, I know TONS of peeps in Toronto, my home town, don’t like this guy. For three reasons: he’s big as in fat, THE great sin of the era; his big mouth, as in he’s has never learned the empty rhetoric of political-speak; and he’s conservative, running a close second behind THE sin of the era. But honestly, even before I knew he was a Gemini (thanks Mystic), I felt sorry for the guy. No Cdn politician in my living memory has been subjected to the orchestrated harassment as has been heaped on this man by the left since he took office. Even his kids haven’t been safe! And that he’s not the smoothly groomed, slick operator we see far too often in our political leaders has made him an easy target. But really, the pressure he’s had to endure has been unprecedented in this country and I think unbalanced and hysterical. I’m probably in the minority but even my left leaning sympathies have been ashamed at the vendetta against him. The truth is Rob Ford has upset business as usual at City Hall (read long-standing gravy trains) making him a marked man from the outset. The press has conveniently failed to address this all important fact and one can only ask why. Far easier to indulge in character assassination. Unfortunately Ford’s weaknesses, the divisive and increasingly histrionic tone of politics these days, the press and his Saturn have conspired against him. As a fair minded citizen I am sad that reasoned discourse in politics in Toronto is long dead.

    • What a fluid open and honest piece to read with coffee this morning. I hope to read more of you soon.

      Would you consider emailing it it to the Guardian ? UK or Australia ? The world needs more of you.

      Ramzilla Sun/Gemini Stellium

    • I concur with cosmic fleece and pi. Know nothing about Canadian politics, but did work at Parliament House in Canberra, decades ago, and god knows, the drunk and/or skirt chasing Parliamentarians were only exceeded in excess by the stim-sniffing press gallery and political advisors. (Yep, they work crazy hours…and today it is more likely ice than coke).
      Anyway, your lucid, fair-minded response is a pleasure to read. Reasoned politics is, sadly, dead here in Oz, too. Although the situation is ENTIRELY different, I can’t help thinking about what J. Gillard (who wasn’t suspected of smoking crack) was subjected to here, in terms of orchestrated harrassment…even from Germaine Greer, vis a vis the size of Julia’s bum and what she wore, simply because she was a woman…

      • Thanks for your kind words If, pi and cosmic fleece! Very surprised as I anticipated being torn to shreds such is the tone these days. I too have many yrs experience working with sr. gov’t officials. I am very familiar with the tactic of ‘spin stories’ that fabricate and exaggerate ‘facts’ for the sole purpose of smothering the truth and misleading a public that prefers to believe them. In Ford’s case it is working. The press are a scurrilous lot without conscience – anything that sells is fair game, regardless of the truth. I am told there was time in Ontario in the 50s (I was too young to know first hand) that the Right ruled. However, this was well before today’s technology and people were not subjected to the onslaught of propaganda of today’s era. Today, the Left rules pretty much everything and while my own philosophical leanings are in that direction, it is naive in the extreme to believe its tactics resemble in any way the ideals it espouses. Far from it. So expect lots more dirt about Ford. They won’t be happy till he’s dead and buried and they can piss on his grave.

  6. geminis in general just wish everyone would fuqing get over it. and themselves. pretty sure, anyway.

  7. That guy’s astro is hysterical.

    and I thought Australia was bad with its public service essentially employed by Monsanto but ;
    Canada’s scientists are not allowed to make any public statement without it being vetted by the spooks..

    but this guy..

    what the Russians would call ‘some type of eediote’…:
    makes Canada look like some kind of dystopian pantomine along the lines of the wacky worlds of Robocop or Judge Dredd…


  8. This made me laugh out loud when I heard it this morning. As a Piscean having a major Neptune transit I just love that being in a drunken stupor was used to excuse his drug use. He makes being very drunk seem really not all that bad and that is fine with me right now :)

    • Lol, does that mean its fine I’ve put off having an AFD again? *alcohol free day ;-). I’ll have one tomorrow, I promise. And swim laps at the pool.

      • Yes! Totally fine. The early Pisceans (and that Canadian dude above) grant you special dispensation :)

        • ‘Special dispensation’

          I love you guys :-) This is an hilarious post to enjoy over coffee.

          btw, it’s great to swim laps nearly every day, and enjoy that nice ‘glass of’ in the evening. Here’s to that.

          • It would be good fitness and stress wise, but I find it too boring. The plan is one yoga class, one swim, and one bike ride a week, plus extra walking, sun salutes every morning…

      • Hehe retrograde is hitting my Venus AGAIN right now and will be on my sun/Merc/Saturn conj in a few months. Note to self: don’t waste 7th house major transit being shitfaced and/or in asylum :)

        • I’ll have some AFDs if you do. At least 2 consecutive per week gives ones liver a rest… ;P

        • ah.. wow that is intense, in a neptunian way.

          BUT what about chiron? My perspective comes from my own ltd experience, chiron transits to personal planets hurt like hell, but are also very ‘healing’. i.e. i truly felt like i had resolved some v crappy issues around [in my case] Mars 8th house stuff – actually that was neptune AND chiron.

          Mind you I wasn’t consciously working on this ‘healing’ at the time, in the home stretch I realised I was just so over the way things kept turning out so crappily for me re Matter X so I was compelled to dig deeper, that was 3 years ago…

          anyway point being chiron’s preceding neptune wherever it goes atm . so maybe chiron wakes up ‘the issue’, the hurt comes out, but then neptune dissolves … whatever it is transiting, … then you emerge X months later, coughing and spluttering and with a piece of seaweed tangled in your hair, gasping WTF JUST HAPPENED

          and meanwhile !! but wait!! there;s a trine from saturn in Scorp…. would that be your 2nd house? 3rd? how can you make this restructuring work for you

          Also – i never do this but it always seems like such great advice – to do transits in one house, go to the house / sign opposite. I don’t know if you feel capable of going deep into manifesting a Virgoan Image / thing (?) in facing off with neptune chiron and ALL that’s going on for you, but maybe that gentle routine / attend to self / ironing (lol) schtick might help you ‘ground’ the transit that’s lapping around your Sun et al..?

          is this tedious unsolicited advice? sorry. you have so damn much going on i have no idea what it’s like to be you right now. gem yogi’s right. let neptune do its thing but then also the AFD / Temperance idea to give your bod a rest, if you can. XOX

          • No babe not tedious at all. I like to think we know each other well enough to say what we think, yes?
            re Virgo, well I have Mars in Virgo so it’s going nuts atm and pinging off my Pluto/Jupe/Cap moon earth trine. I reckon I’m doing my earth maybe half the time. More would be better. I suppose I have to accept it’s just a crap time right now and where I’m at is a phase that will reach an inevitable end.
            Actually admitted to myself last night how hurt I am, how much i miss my marriage for all its flaws and how much I invested it it. 7th house sun. It’s who I am. And I think those insights are all Chiron. Sheesh you’re a smart cookie, Pi. You summed it all up with eloquence, insight and compassion. Thankyou xxx

            • life and love can be complex and confusing :(
              I hope the coming weeks also bring you some peace C. xox

    • Yes!! I read somewhere that Gem and Sagg is the most represented sign among comedians. True! I once looked up the cast of Seinfeld, all of them had a prominent planet in Gem or Saggo :)

      • *sigh* I believe it about others.
        Mercury my Chart Ruler, NN in Sagg.
        Lead balloons crashing everywhere (blaming Scorp Luna).

        • LOL. yeah, heavy Scorp moon.

          Saturn is my chart ruler – “what’s so bloody funny???”

          Cap Asc = dry and very black humour.

          Saggo moon can be funny and good at impersonations but I REALLY have to be in the mood or in a GOOD mood. Otherwise it’s just the usual Grumpy Cat snarl on my face.

          LOVE accents though. Kataka was cracking me up with his flawless South Efrikaan accent the other night :grin”

        • Maybe we just do this backwards, being eternally young and all? Like, Pluto first, then maybe Saturn, Uranus, down the line, la la la. I just realized that mercury’s the only planet I haven’t come to terms with. Looking at old photos and egads I was an awkward teen! Didn’t embody mars or Venus until mid 30s. Marching backwards. Chart ruler perhaps is the trickiest? Plus NN opposing, scorp moon doesn’t have time for this silliness! It’s gotta be a good thing.

          My acting teacher said: “the best comedians I’ve known have been the most boring people.” Not sure what to make of this. On one hand was like YEAH could be a comedienne…

          • Hehe, they do say that about comedians. Many suffer from depression too apparently.

            I just can’t do silly. 😯 Makes me feel like an absolute idiot. Feel SO uncomfortable – EEK! Feel itchy just saying the word. John Cleese was a Scorp and he did silly quite well but maybe having Mars in Aqua and a Moon in Aries helped? Wonder what his rising is.

            I’m not Mercurial at all. I have Merc in Scorp square Saturn :(

            Where’s your Merc?

              • i think one of the things about comedy is to be able to take the mickey [slang amended to suit global readership] out of yourself not just others. also being vulnerable / exposing vulnerability and weaknesses as part of the comedy – making light of things. ANY things. the worse the better. then again there’s theatresports – that’s surely a gemini specialty. comedy horses for comedy courses?

            • Read the palms of a couple of comedians backstage once. They were both earth, a Cappy & a Virgo. That Saturn & Mercury! Both had saturnine hands & loops of seriousness. They were witty, but not ‘funny’ people.

  9. Waiting eagerly for the Venus/Uranus ladies category, since i’m one of them (Venus in Aries on the 8th exact opposition Uranus). Love your work, Mystic!

    • Yes, yes, that’s the bit I picked up on. Me too.
      I’m Venus in Gemini 3rd Square Uranus conj Pluto on the DC really says it all. Am one naughty Venus

    • Teen girl has transit Uranus on her Venus! Saucy, feisty, bossy, bring-it ‘tude. New fav garb- Shark Face sweat shirt and black faux leather jacket. Chic and tough!

  10. Ah I’ve been wondering about the Mars-Neptune conjunction and does it manifest as bats-crazy as the harder aspects, square, opposition etc? What do you guys think? I’d love to think it magically manifests as genuine romantic hero but reality check suspects it’s probably as tethered to reality as the aspects and/or a metaphorical hot air balloon, ha!

    • From my own personal experience, it does magically manifest as the genuine hero! Whether or not the hero is a romantic one, I cannot say that is assured. But a hero is a hero, right? Absolutely a magical find & a gift to be treasured 😉

      • Yeah I thought maybe so! Oh a hero is a hero is a hero alright. Give me an everyday hero anyday. Anyday now would be good? Lol. And please make him single (unlike the Aqua guy w Mars-Nep conjunct in Scorp I am currently averting my eyes from). Am trying to use this 2 week period to go euphorically independent ie keep my eyes on the straight. Feels like this way magic lies, any other way = could be tricky! But yeah, have been humming from soundtrack to Drive today: “and a real hero.. and a human being”. Yes please! Cosmic order – yes!

        • omg i’d avert my eyes too. cool aquadude w mars in scorp, *sound of shredding clothes*

    • My father has Neptune opposite Mars and he never was much of a drinker/drug user, but he’s always had paranoid delusional fantasies about my mother. Not haute hero at all. BUT – any aspect can go low, or high, I suppose.

      • Pi, perhaps a bit like Belgians?
        Neither truly French nor truly Canadian?
        Their French is easier to understand than
        Parisian French to my ear. Met a few Canadians in Bruxelles, and they were loads of fun.
        Being bi-ligual should be compulsory.

        • Agree that bi-lingual should be compulsory. Oz , NZ and USA so unusual in that respect. Gotta admit that I loathe Canadian French accent, but there was a special bond between the Canadians and Aussies at the College I lived in for two years.

          Something about living in a wild ex-colony, perhaps, united in strong sense of being not at all like colonial masters (UK, France) and a desire to be nothing like the US, which also fought off colonial masters but has turned out to have so much less in common with us, culturally, if you look beyond defence pacts and the globalised marketing of US corporates.

          • Yes If, (remember that movie IF?)

            Gap year (back in the old days) was UK or Canada if you wanted to broaden horizons, or a combo van tour of Europe.
            Sheesh, i remember ship travel and even via banana boat if you were really on a budget and super adventurous :-)

              • it so was a great adventure…although i was sixteen, and trying to do the baccalaureat. So .not a gap year…but did end up spending regular time ferry-hopping to one of the Gulf Islands – I might have been misled, but apparently t’was very same as that on which Joni M was photographed naked, from behind, standing on a rock, looking out to the Gulf, on the original inside cover of the For the Roses LP.
                The song Banquet still describes the world so well, even though it is what, 40 years old? As does rest of the album, IMHO. As does most of Joni’s work.
                Oh Canada, indeed, Scorporation….

        • A boy from my french class was an exchange student to france junior year of hs. Come back and said everybody had laughed at him: apparently our teacher taught us fantastic French… Canadian.

          • And then there is Tahitian French =
            French minus the grammar.
            My French is a mix of Belgian & Tahitian with a few 19th century words mixed in from a very old dictionary found in an ancient library.
            The French French are wtf astounded-dumbfounded if they hear me…

      • yes the accent is something else… was also talking to a belgian guy the other day, my ear’s attuned to ‘french’ french so takes time… i’m sort of curious about the peeps there, the vibe, i mean i know we can’t ever characterise one city one way but still.

        OK. OK fine. I guess i want to know if french canadian guys are hot. blame my neptune in sagg :)

        • Hey! French Canadian here! The Québecois guys are very ”gentle” in my opinion. In the sixties, there was a real feminist revolution in Québec so the woman are really strong and independent and we don’t tolerate macho behavior! So I think the man have learned to soften up…..maybe to much ha ha!

      • Hey! I’m French Canadian! We call ourselves Québecois actually! I learned English in my twenties. Never spoke a word of English growing up.
        Pegasus: It is NOTHING like Belgian!!!Actually they don’t really understand us. We are very proud of our identity and a lot of us would like to separate from the rest of Canada…but that’s another story! It is probably closer to the French that was spoken 300 years ago before the English won this land. Québecois are a mixture of French and Native people (métis). We have our own star system within Canada, our music and movies….And we are a real pain in the butt to the rest of Canada……

  11. Have I ever had another wonderful day?!? Utterly Venus filled. Started the day with chap of last night departing, rolled over went back to sleep. then awoke to texts from three other chaps, all sending me love and witty banter and when can we meet type texts. Really very welcome after what seems like the longest dry patch I can remember, stretching out like the Sahara! Ended up in deep and meaningful conversation with ex’s bro and that got a bit real too! So what ever this is can I order another 40 years of it please.

      • Honestly, as I posted above, I think it all has to do with that Venus Uranus thing. I can’t help it, I’m just drawn this way. Or I could say it’s the Rose Water perfume I use?!?!?!? Fun is returning

  12. He looks like a great comedian. Perhaps he missed his true calling? Or not? Seems like he is a joke now, poor thing.

    I am so nervous about picking up the Pisces today. I am sure I will feel better after that first meet-and-greet moment passes. Ugh. He’s so cute and excited about everything right now. He lives in the middle of nowhere, so he’s been texting me his adventures of getting pizza in the city and visiting the airport. My place is a wreck. This has been one of the most stressful weeks in my life. Its all good, but really, really stressful. I am wearing my jaw out with clenched teeth. Why he would arrive this week when I am so exhausted and my environment is so out of control? Only the astro knows, lol.

    • Stop stressing hon. Breathe, smile, and enjoy!!! The ‘perfect time’ never comes.

    • If he’s getting a thrill out of ordering pizza & visiting the airport ( I have at times been so countrybound that I can totally relate go this!) then he is NOT going to notice or care what state the house is in! Fresh sheets optional. ENJOY! (My guess is that your jaw won’t be clenched for much longer!) 😉

    • Love love love to you both. This is like a movie, your whole “not ready” too busy feeling, with his eager arrival imminent – so funny and perfect. Enjoy xx

    • so you can unclench your jaw for a while ? take a breather? relax a bit? repeat after me, just because everything is not perfect, does not mean that it is not perfect :) if he’s a decent human being he won’t notice / care about the home chaos bullshit, and even if he does, it’s pretty clear that it’s constructive chaos. change the bedsheets, chill a bottle of champagne or Napa Valley’s finest, put some single origin chocolate on the coffee table and yayyyyyyy pisces arrives :) xoxoxox

  13. A crack-smoking mayor is such a 90s throwback. Is that in the astro? A friend of mine had his “I smoked crack with the mayor” bumper sticker stolen when a similar situation unfolded in DC nearly two decades ago. How time flies, how little changes, lol.

      • There was an episode of Oz many years ago where a felon came out saying that the mayor (or a city councillor) was smoking crack, but it was all a plot for attention or something. All fictional, but the situation here seems pretty close to fiction as well :-)

  14. Thank you Canada, my morning coffee just got sweeter.

    Justin Bieber charged by police in Brazil over graffiti

    Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber has been charged with illegally tagging the wall of an abandoned hotel during his stay in Rio de Janeiro, according to police.

    A police spokesman described the case as a misdemeanour which will be forwarded to a small-claims court where Bieber, who left the country Wednesday, faces a fine.

    Late Tuesday (local time) Bieber tagged “respect privacy” and “I am off”, as well as several drawings, on a hotel wall in Rio de Janeiro’s tourist southern zone.

    A police probe subsequently established that the 19-year-old pop star had received permission from City Hall to tag a wall at another location, the Olympic Village in the Vidigal shantytown.

    But Bieber’s entourage felt he would not be safe there.

    “The permission from City Hall did not extend to other locations,” a police statement said.

    Since his arrival last Friday after a stop in Sao Paulo, Bieber, who gave a concert here Sunday, had grabbed media attention with a series of peccadilloes.

    He was photographed emerging under a blanket from a notorious Rio brothel and later vainly tried to bring prostitutes into the posh Copacabana Palace.

    Furious that he was not able to do so, the teen sensation reportedly went on a rampage in his suite, breaking various objects valued at nearly $6,000 in total.

    Bieber and his entourage were subsequently kicked out of the hotel.

    Bieber, who was on the Brazilian leg of his world tour to promote his Believe album, left Rio Wednesday for Paraguay on the next stage of his tour.

    • I am taking my girls to Bieber in late november, he is going to be exhausted by the sounds of it.

      also how unprofessional was that hooker?!

      Rob Ford is a really interesting case, don’t want to sound too moralistic and harping here but i worry his apparent success will trigger addicts to use again.

      IS ANYONE ELSE OCD with Mars in Virgo?

  15. Reading this is I was like YIKES! this guy must be born near my birthday or in the same year, and possibly an hour before I was. Luckily for me my Mars in Sag is too far an orb to be near my Neptune in Scorpio – 13 degrees is too wide right? Right? It does lie opposite my Sun/Mercury retro and Ascendant though, and I have often considered Big Mouth Strikes Again by The Smiths to be a possible theme song for my life.

    Btw, can someone enlighten me as regards what a natal Neptune/Mars opposition is all about, with the Moon in square aspect to the Mars? Should the same advice as per this Mystic entry apply? I was seeing someone for the last five years with this aspect and they seemed able to lie, and be manipulative and secretive without even batting an eyelid.

    Am I wrong to think sociopathy or is it just an indicator of a delusional personality? Needless to say I used the Zap Zone to clear that Yack Zone. Maybe this kind of astro is a true significator of a Love Zombie, or a Qi Vamp, or maybe even the two combined – like an Ambizompire?

  16. I love his candor and humor!

    ….but can you just IMAGINE what that statement would have got him if he were running for office in the USA? Ha ha! Gawd, we are so incredibly puritanical and wrathful here about stuff like that, so really immature about it here, really…

    Mars/Neptune guys…….must have known a load of those in my lifetime. The profile fits so many I known and dated…

    Personally, I’m one of those Venus/Uranus girls, with a square between these two planets in my natal chart.
    Definitely had what some would call a rather ‘deviant’ past sexual history, but there is NO history being made in that area in my life currently, if you know what I mean.

    I also have Mars (Pisces) trine Neptune (Scorpio), but I don’t know if the trine makes as much of that planetary relationship, also I’m a girl……
    ……but yeah, I’d say my late teens, 20’s and 30’s were rather ‘bacchanalian’, for lack of a better term.

  17. I know many of you are Australian, so it is already the next day there. Today was ya’lls teenage just made it big Lorde’s 17th bday.

    we like her song….That would be my 12 yr old girl and me. Then it rubbed off on the 11 yr. old girl and her dad….LOL.

    Happy bday Scorpio. Hope you keep it real.

  18. ‘Big mouthed Sagg’, written lovingly of course? Yes?
    I CAN put my big toe in my mouth, but definitely NOT the whole foot, iv’e

    • Hey Pegs, how are ya darlin’…

      lol…thats funny. Yeah, big mouth Sagg rising next door neighbor (and of course I admitted that my Gem rising mouth got big with him too…) but the Aqua came over to my car window last Friday night.

      After he pulled up he apologized for having made too much noise with the music the weekend before. I’d waited an hour hoping he would turn it down…Then by midnight I called. He’d said “has it ever been loud before?” I thought oh no, please don’t seek to argue with me and not sure if that was his intent but said my polite bit and then “good night” (sucka…haha…not really)…but kept it short and hung up.

      He promptly called back and said his daughter was visiting. He then put her on. She said they were both drunk (really?) and that they didn’t want to cause any drama. She was co-operative.

      In any case, my point I guess is that the Aqua, Sagg rising, Cap Moon with Saturn conjunct 1st house IS a gentleman when he ain’t flippin’ drunk.

      He acutally said playing the loud music was selfish of him. Geez, should I faint now? haha

      But I do wish him well but not well enough to ever be attracted to him sexually again. All I said in reply was “thats okay”.

      And then he walked off and I rolled up my window.

      ~The End~ :)

      • p.s..Scorpbot,

        If you read this, had you in mind as when you said that me and the THT’s cars passing in the parking lot at the grocery store going in opposite directions and we just looked at each other was “cinematic”…lol

        Was that a run on sentence? 😯


  19. “I smoked crack cocaine but it was probably in one of my drunken stupors.”

    I haven’t stopped laughing at this! Yeah, I vote for him 😀

  20. Bring on the Weekend scopes. Hoping the phrase naked Brazilian male life drawing is just the beginning… Ah the perks of my new job.

    • He can NOT be real…He MUST be a construct. Like an installation by someone, I mean “blacks are not photogenic”, ” “women orgasm during rape?”

      • ~It’s a fact~….that I’ve had gang bang fantasies from time to time but only cuz I LET THEM asshole..

        On a lighter note…

        Heard one radio commentator state that the Republicans want to shrink government so much that it will fit into (and hopefully) control your uterus…As they don’t believe in abortion.

        Obviously, they know nothing about the Soul being eternal in the first place…

        We should pray for them.

        Friday smart arse antics aside, had a very sexy dream last night. Asked the dude what sign he was. Then said no, I’d guess. Said “you’re a Libra”. He confirmed October 15, a younger man at that. ha

    • Be afraid be very very afraid IF he is real and scarily i suss he is, have heard about them, they are around, these spawn of satan.
      God help his tiny balls.

    • That man is a disgrace. And mentally challenged. I can’t stand reading his deranged ranting.

  21. as a neptune mars square what I find amusing is that the people who have the less hard ass mars neptune aspects seem to be really, really shit at keeping their proclivities under wraps. They’re clearly dabbling – no commitment. Someone needs to write the dabblers a mars neptune handbook about hiding in plain sight.

  22. Mystic I just looked at the birth chart of Johnny Cash – as you do on an hedonic sunday afternoon. Mars in opposition to Neptune, and Venus-Uranus conjunct. And Lilith on the NN.

    HA !!