This Leo Thinks The Gym Is Better Than Sex

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Steven Meisel Gym Fashion

Hey Mystic & Mystical Peeps,

So this is me at the gym (cough cough). I was thinking why gym is better than sex. I even googled this and got lots of weird stuff so here is my 9 top reasons: ( I don’t why 9 – I’m Aqua rising I don’t have to explain myself…mostly coz I can’tย  lol)

1, It’s far less complicated – just turn up and go
2. You choose the time, day – you’re in control
3. You get to keep your clothes on
4. Same endorphin high but without any sort of hangover
5. You can leave the gym anytime youย  like – no repercussions
6. The gym never answers back
7. You are unlikely to get pash rash at the gym – although you could try
8. It can last an hour and might even go longerย  (boom boom)
9. You don’t feel guilty about doing it alone

Love Leogroover

P.s Can MM peeps help me with aย  name for my new blog about mature women and life/sex/menopause/getting older/ hot date choices now being fat,old, grumpy, boring men/women who ride motorbikes.


Image: Steven Meisel – Non Stop Ultimate Pumping – Vogue Italia

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176 thoughts on “This Leo Thinks The Gym Is Better Than Sex

  1. LOVING the 9 reasons!

    Your blog sounds ace, too, Leogroover, would love to have the link!
    I’ve been feeling the need to resonate with other women my age, lately, and to hear perspectives on all the subjects you listed.

    • Hehheh! Its when you kiss someone who’s a bit rough and stubbly a little too enthusiastically for a little too long leaving you with a rather embarrassing and irritated red “pash rash” :)

  2. Ken and Babs! Yo!

    I loathe gyms, but I switch the theme here to “long walks in the woods” and I could see your point(s).

  3. LOL You can tell yourself that all you want, but there’s no way working out is as good as sex. And that’s coming from someone who likes working out.

    • you’ve clearly never had crappy count the popcorn dots on the ceiling sex yet. lucky you.

      • Ha! But you were doing it in the kitchen though, ar least? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or… do you pop your corn elsewhere? lol, rolls around on floor, ha etc

        • i wish! the man was too chicken hearted to have sex in the kitchen and i was too young and polite to say no.

          “popcorn ceiling” is a textured ceiling popular in the 1970’s era. There are still plenty of buildings with them. The texture hides sloppy tape and float jobs so denotes a cheapness to the room we were in. But they provide things to count when one gets bored.

    • LOL you can tell yourself that all you want, but there’s no way working out is as good as sex. And that’s coming from someone who has never had sex.

      • How do you know then PL? Don’t believe the hype… Myself, I would usually choose sex over the gym, but only if its with someone suitable.

        • Yogi, am wanting a good gym AND a good man and all i get are boys yet from my experience it’s harder to find a suitable style of gym than a man as they are all over the place
          (in more ways than one) and boutique gyms are not.
          Would like a club gym where i can choose the music, cossies,membership and what er are going to do.
          O sheesh that’s exactly what i gave up earlier this year.
          No replacement found yet, fuq it was unique, dammit.
          Create my own?

          • Send me some of those spare ‘boys’ Pegs please (as long as they’re over 25) ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • I just can’t imagine anything being worse than going to the gym, even without the fireworks.

      • Is that why there is a PURE in Libra?

        May i ask why have you not or do you just mean non-penetrative (enclosure as some who don’t like the hardness of the word penetrate and think men penetrate EVERYTHING they can on the planet) sex?

        • No the Pure is an astro term that is used interchangeably with ‘multiple conjunct’ which I read somewhere cause I was amazed at how many personal planets I have in Libra despite being a very untypical libra.

          I’ve never kissed anyone let alone penetrative sex. Ive just turned 23. I have no idea why. Was brought up in a very liberal family and talked about sex and relationships from a very young age. I’m charismatic and attractive but have never had a boyfriend. I don’t go out to bar/clubs. I’m too mature and sensitive to have casual sex. I get hit on by older men at work quite often but that it. Not too fussed at the moment as I am very focused on career and as well as the fact that I have never found a strong connection with anyone. I am very mature, intelligent, witty as well as being a nice person (I’m try hard to not go with my first instinct of being self-deprecating) so it is hard to find my equal let alone an attraction. I’m not too picky or unavailable, albeit a tad traditional in the ‘classy’ kinda way. No hang ups about sex. Wish I could offer a better answer. Perhaps the inner feminist in me secretly resents male attention.

          • what are you talkin’ about? This whole paragraph is typically libran. I say that respectfully as a Libran of course.

            I think you, as i have, read too many bad astrologers interp of super slutty, air head, sexscapades of librans gone wild.

            but yeah:

            no heart connection w/o a head connection first.

            intelligence rules

            focused on career instead of what you are going to wear or dating

            doesn’t like gym exercise (i can be excused as i have sagg rising)

            likes classy shit…

            I mean next thing you are going to tell me is that you either love/hate pink and that carrot cake is one of your faves.

            What house us your stellium in? I’m a 10th houser.

            • In the 2nd house but intercepted by Virgo. So I feel a need to perfect my talents to earn an income. Also my mars is on my midheaven.

              Well if you put it that way, I am a typical libra despite the fact I don’t go after superficial causes. I think it is a libra thing to live by integrity (although this is excluded from traditional textbooks).

              I do sense all of the temptations of a libra, ie dressing up, politicising sex and relationships and playing games with people but I resist this side because I feel it is destructive morally over time and by principle (very Libran) I don’t want to indulge in power plays. I focus most of my strategy into career now and live very much through my Capricorn outer planet stellium (which of course squares my personal planets) and sacrifice social aspects for more hearty goals like health, career, etc.

              I have leo rising. Still hate the gym. But at least the fire makes us a tad more assertive/bold thN other Libras, poor things… I thought it was bad that I couldn’t decide on my favourite music band, but another lib called me the other day to help him decide if he should buy an expensive guitar he wants or save for when he moves out in 2weeks.!

              • Yes. You’re so right. Totally Libran. I share daily life with one, and the spazzy airhead thing could not be further from the truth. Very gracious and principled, but there is steel beneath the diplomacy.

              • oh so there will be a lot of earth energy there flavoured by taurus which rules 2nd house and virgo. my biz partner is also a libra with taurus moon. she is so stable nothing rocks her very much. she also has a very high values system and is very good with $$$. Men must court her properly, none of this cheap date shit that leads to free overnight bedding crap. She is less intellectual than i am as i am prob over educated, but i envy her sense of self worth. i don’t know where it came from.

                • I’m more or the intellectual libra as I’m not practical or earthy at all. Mars in gem. I only do practical stuff if it works towards an ideal. Good work ethic but thats it. My Taurus best friend has a rock solid confidence that is independent of how people see her or any feedback. I’m much more sensitive of criticism and aware of societies perceptions of me. If someone calls her fat for example – he is the idiot, because she believes she is great no matter what. I envy their Taurus esteem – no need to win anyone’s approval.

                  • Sure I get it that Libras intellectualize love a lot. I used to be guilty of it myself, but then you meet the real professional intelectualizers and realize you aren’t in the same league. I’ve learned to start removing some head components. ….I’ve had Libra friends start thinking it’s ok their partner is in a poly 3 way relationship. They’re supposedly ok with. But really when you listen to more of the story they are just scared their partner will leave them if they don’t give into that situation so they intellectualize it to make it feel better and acceptable. Then inevitably, someone gets crabs or herpes…. ewww. ..crap like that. I have no use for. I understand it is a valid life style and all, just not for me.

    • Lol
      I work out to get laid.
      Well. In the hopes of and to increase my chances of mad to increase the odds of it being good. I have noticed I tend to “love myself” a lot more when I’m going regularly. Both in the haute and the lower way :)
      Your blog sounds awesome!
      I love the concept and in many ways I agree, although the reasons why I agree are a bit complex.

      • I luurve gym and have it as often as possible but I’ll agree with Inez and say the other sweaty work out is always way better and I pass up gym to have Jim or john or James or all of them for that matter !!

  4. must be the aqua in you. many days i prefer gym to sex.

    the gym never calls you chubby! add that to the list.

    call your blog: “They never told me that vintage grapes sometimes turn into shitty raisins”

    • you know what im also partial to “Golden Years, Silver Vixens, and Chrome Wheels”

      or maybe

      “high times with old dumbells”

  5. Gym is SOOOOOO. Boring. I’d rather be at the beach. Or bellydancing…

    How about “Boning Croneing” ?

  6. Do you have at least one roommate? Call it Golden Girls! Wait: taken. How about… Hot In (insert name of your city here)! Oh. Shit. Nevermind.

    Must be something in the stars: I’m starting a blog too! You sound like you have a good direction/focus; me not so much. Probably I’ll pop between food, death, & lol memes– whatever. I’m just trusting that it will find its own direction haha! Is that the Sagg in me?

    My best to you in these gym & blog ventures, Leogroover! Can’t wait to check it out :)

  7. Hahahaha love love love
    And true true true
    Aqua rising too
    Totes agree can’t explain don’t know how soz

  8. How about you call it ‘Over the Hump’.. ‘Men-o-play’…’Dry Humping’…'(The Good Kind of) Hot Flushes’?

    Or are these too punny?

  9. The Chrome, the Crone, and when in Rome

    Chrome Alone

    Hot Wheels and Hot Flushes

    Hey You in the slippers

    Dressing Up and Dressing Gown

    I’d ask for your number but I don’t know how to work this smartphone

    The Good, The Bad, and The Wise

  10. Funny, cause I have always suspected gyms are for those not getting any sex ?
    Have you heard the saying a good shit beats a bad fuck ? Well good gym possibly beats bad sex, but jeez it would have to be pretty bad.
    My first suggestion re sexual satisfaction is to firstly remove romance from the equation, a bit like the gym, a form of energetic healing healthy activity without the emotional baggage. Tantric practice is a science developed for exactly this purpose.
    If you melt it all down I would say the best 2 words to describe a human is ‘sex spore’. Denial of this is not advisable and could lead to gym membership. X

    • That’s a very venus in aries approach ๐Ÿ˜€
      No emotion doesn’t mean no sensuality of course.

      • I didn’t say no emotion and of course sensuality is key.
        More, eliminating romantic notions, thoughts of long term possibilities, and enjoying the moment with your carefully selected counterpart.
        Become a channel of the divine and leave your baggage at the door, the divine when asked will enter as the third party and will lead the way to higher states of bliss for both participants.
        Must say, the divine is particularly good at sex amongst other things and will take you places no two sex spores can reach without assistance.

        • I agree David, my only problem is finding that carefully selected counterpart!

          • True Gemyogi. Not all guys want to go there!
            Think my Katakan lover would. Took me 3 years to find him though. I’m too busy with Zap Zone evolution though

        • I agree with David that (conceptually at least ) sex doesn’t have to be anything more than sex. Even amazing sex. So much of the trouble comes into paradise when we put all these social and romantic expectations on it. Why I still say “oh my God” when I’m having an orgasm with someone I have a true connection with (and I’m talking about a sexual connection not a romantic relationship) is because in that moment, the other person is showing me the divinity. The orgasm is the divinity for me.
          It’s the only time I lose all mental awareness of who I think I am and am 100% in the moment. So Kim Falconer mentioned in an awesome reading she did for me that with my Venus, Neptune trine I’m prone to get confused and mistake the person reminding me of my own divinity FOR the divinity itself. Especially since in our culture we’re encouraged to think of “the one” as this fated being who is our best friend, lover co-habitant etc etc – a job which logically is kind of a crazy responsibly to heap on someone’s shoulders and a clue to why so many guys are labeled “commitment phobic” – I’m phobic too, that’s one helluva job description and to maintain it “for all eternity” and “forsaking all others”
          I’m already rushing to the gym in terror, gotta go! Now do I choose yoga class, boxing, the weights room, spin bikes, rowing machine ?
          Ha and yeah, it’s not like the spin bike is going to throw a tantrum and get into a jealous rage because you spent time with the rowing machine is it?
          I love the feminist angle of your concept. Growing up in South Africa men would wear t shirts stating 5 reasons why beer is better than women. Perhaps my fellow antipodeans are familiar with this very 80’s brand of sexism. Well THOSE guys are the ones us female cougars are kind of “revolting against”
          by waking up to our own sexuality and reclaiming it as a feminist right as we get fit and fabulous in our forties, fifties and beyond.
          This whole older men dating younger women thing has never been questioned the way it is when the gender roles are reversed.
          I’m just loving it and for me, fitness, feminism and sex are so intertwined, I’d go one step further and say screw patriarchy and shame IT IS A WOMAN’s RIGHT to craft her own financial empire via any means she chooses and if she genuinely IS in control and it isn’t some choice made out of neediness or drug dependence (I’m paraphrasing Dr Brooke Magenta horribly here and may even have misspelled her name Belle De Jour writer) but when you run the numbers it makes a lot more sense than many other jobs women could choose, freedom to choose who you work with, on what terms and your hours location etc). I’ve gone off on a massive tangent here but you get my drift…
          If a woman enjoys sex and isn’t being taken advantage of and pays tax, ie like me for instance, she could choose to have 3 clients all of whom she genuinely likes and devote the rest of her time to doing whatever she wants.
          I cant decide if Im atheist or agnostic or if I’m closer to being a Buddhist but it can get pretty damn deep n tantric – ish, def can feel mutually awesome when there is no expectation of it being anything other than just what it is. A physical union and a business transaction, done with a lot of care and empathy, not like a robot.
          Tim Minchin said in his fab song “White Wine in the sun” that “I don’t believe just because ideas are tenacious it means that they’re worthy. Tax exempt institutions who teach children to externalise blame and judge things as plain right or wrong …etc ..some of the song have nice chords but the lyrics are dodgy” I’ve gone way off topic but I am so into this blog post MM and Leogroover I am going to subscribe to and support your blog totally. You go for it! Fabulous concept. I love it!

          • Wow blue moon that was awesome. I have struggled with society’s constrictions on sex for years. There is a back story to this topic and much has been revealed to me here on this blog -A mysterious gem no less

        • ah yes well my mis-reading. i somehow conflated romance and emotion lol well hey I am a pisces :)

        • It’s always hard for me not to agree with your logic. on as always. This is how I feel.

        • I’m curious about your take on the emotionless sex David because you have obviously ‘studied’ tantric sex – I would have though it to be challenging for an Aries… Taking the ego out of sex.. Having neither yin nor yang sex…it’s asexual sex in as far as conceptualising your own gender role to obtain the tantric divine intervention as you describe it.

          I would find it hard to keep sex minimalistically sensual, in so far as avoiding the delicious immediacy of the ego. Conceptualised romance is the biggest turn on for me, being aware of my own feminine power but also the thought of lasting deep significant exclusive love. Every woman wants to feel special. But romance as an intellectual thought fades quickly with infatuation cycles and only emotions can fuel romantic notions with permanency as the water signs experience it.
          I would fear that sex can be a trap and I would have separation issues for the person I was having great casual sex with. I have seen women get attached to the cock which is attached to a bigger cock – a man who they would never consider falling for and just wanted him for a fuck.
          So back to by original question david… In tantric sex how does an Aries have sex without to ego rush of his own Macho – cause it’s not like you are switching between Dom-sub roles – you are staying in that tantric state of low arousal… Does it feel like you are having sex with your vagina or like you’re a ken doll? I’m actually really curious

          • It’s not emotionless just appropriate emotions.
            To reach the point of bliss and stay there for a couple of hours or more takes practice and connection, a sense of timing.
            Like sharing a large perfect mango while floating in the warm waters of the ocean of bliss.
            The waves of bliss break on the shore. Paddle out and wait together, then catch one in. Then paddle out again and catch the next one.

            The best thing …It’s all free, available to every human rich or poor.

            The secret to success.. Exchange physical movement for energy movement. Project your energy not your body parts. Be still and feel your ability to touch another with your circulating vibe, chi.

            As far as being a ken doll well yes it’s about being taken, surrender, you can’t find it.
            True love springs from these practices.

      • Have Venus in Aries, and in the past, the best sex was when I was travelling, would meet a gorgeous fellow traveller and have a great experience with him, sexual and otherwise, in an exotic location, feeling free to really enjoy it all, knowing it wasn’t a permanent thing, it was what it was.

        Makes me think of the expression ‘zipless fuck’ (Erica Jong) except it would be more than a fuck cos my heart was open in the experience too for that period of time

    • hey, thanks for articulating that David, I’ve just managed to do that and I’ve never had a better relationship to sex ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. OMG thank you for all your divine suggestions re. my blog for Menopausal Mamas. I haven’t started it yet but when I do you will be the first to know.
    I love them all and love you all too.
    I agree with most above that great sex is still way better then great gym but which is more reliable?
    I do have a venus /Mars shazam happening but its sooo unrelaible and blows up constantly. Thats why I go to the gym . I’ve tried internet dating too and only met fat,old, grumpy, boring men/women who ride motorbikes.

    • gosh sounds like my attempt at internet dating.

      Luckily i got all my feeling adventurous while riding a motorcycle and finding myself phase done in my 30’s. A Harley seat is unforgiving to 50 yr old rumps.

      • Gosh don’t knock internet dating! All my friends’ stories make me roar with laughter. It’s a form of black comedy.

        I love it when someone says to me, “I’ve joined this dating site…” I start grinning in anticipation. Must be Horse Rising.

        • yeah but one’s sad love life can only serve as fodder for someone’s entertainment for so long before one just gives up you know? I laughed at myself for about the first year, then things started to shift into sadness and anger. Then hopelessness. Now I just have given up and i’m happier. not happy-happy but not suicidal anymore.

          • Oh hon i’m sorry! It’s not the sad love life it’s the spastic men my friends have met online, and stories of just how unskilled they are at life. They seem so totally wrong at basic stuff, like manners or honesty or knowing what they want or who they are. Better to give up than deal with that shit.

  12. Hmmm, I literally just signed up for a gym membership this afternoon. I’m hoping it might help me feel a little bit sexier ;-P

    • Well, you have to do more than just sign up Saggibee but trust me IT WILL. Nothing and I mean nothing make me feel sexier than getting fit at 40. Designer dresses need not apply, thanks, I look hot in any old thing. A fit body is a fit body and actually the endorphins helped me beat my post divorce and dumb debt depression.
      I’m addicted, shamelessly.
      MM said fit is the new rich and health is the first wealth.
      I concur :)

      • Hehe, yep that’s what I meant (going to the gym – one step up from just signing up!) – but good semantic pick-up there because I’m already facing internal debates about whether I’m going to be able to stick with it. I have a very ‘all or nothing’ mentality that I’d like to shift – especially when it comes to diet and exercise. I’m either at one end of the extreme – cutting out all kinds of stuff, exercising a lot or doing nothing at all. Neither end of the spectrum is ideal, or working for me. I’d like to approach this a little more casually – no pressure to lose weight or get fit, just going because I want to make the most of it. At least initially anyway.

        Your words are inspiring, BM, this is clearly an area you are very passionate about! And your point about fit being the new rich – definitely something I’ve started feeling over the last few months :-)

  13. Gahhhh all this talk of sex …. as if I’m not hot under the collar enough as it is. Me and the Cap are still not in “full emersion” mode yet – although geezus it’s getting hard! I think we are both enjoying the physical torture of sexual frustration – him probably more than me (Scorpio moon). It sure does heighten the senses!!! The slightest touch, kissing, even eye contact take on whole new erotic dimensions.

    Ok probably a total overshare … soz ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    • Have no fear in sharing P. Your safe here, “guffawwww”….One thing though, can you move it along a little bit, it sounds very spicy and all but we need some actual spice, get it awnnn girl, and then tell us aaaallllll about it. Both technical and emotional, if you think that will draw a better picture, I mean video, no I meant panorama photo, no, umm you know what I mean, need …

      • David, somehow I don’t think Mystic would appreciate her blog peppered with blow by blow *snicker* descriptions of what I plan on doing with Mr Cap’s hot throbbing member when I finally get my hands on it!

        …… besides he’s a Cap. With Scorpio moon no less. I’m sure he’d be mortified if I discussed his member online, hot, throbbing or otherwise. ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Oh gawd please do, I mean don’t.
          I mean I totally love your comments
          You’re hilarious. You have a Saggo moon too right ?
          Sag moon, sag rising.
          Now you’ve found a hot Cap?
          Totes jealous…
          Last I read you were into a Virgo and obvs he was causing you a bit of trouble n strife. Like I said before that relationship sounded too much like being inside my head, not a peaceful place to live! It’s no mean feat being half Virgo and half sag with a the showy Leo shoved into Venus.
          Sun, mars merc Virgo
          Moon, Asc and Jupiter in Saggo.
          It’s like having a loud Sicilian family living in your head.

          • Wow yes that would be challenging. Mind you I know a Sagg with Virgo moon and a Virgo with Sagg Asc and it makes them a bit breezier, less uptight Virgo – which can only be a good thing.

            Nah I went off the Virgo in a big way awhile back. He’s deffo not right for me. As a matter of fact I’m starting to think he’s a bit of a Qi Vamp ….

        • What did you say? Sorry … I’m still stuck on the blow by blow ..sounds very fair to me

    • I predict some kind of clothes-shredding eclipse-night encounter. Soz none of my damn biz but hey we’re all friends here, or something ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Well considering venus conjuncts his natal sun and venus (which are already being tortured hit on by Pluto) all in the 8th house by next week … then yeah I’ll be interested to see how long his composure lasts as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Lol. Love the tortured crossed out.
          Mmmmm in the 8th house.
          Not going to say BDSM oops too late

            • Far be it for me to suggest roles but IMO and fairly extensive – more than a year of investigative research by advertising peeps to introduce me to THEIR fetishes- exploring fetishes being MY fetish, I have found that there’s quite a lot of intimacy AND fun to be had by consciously and tenderly exploring BDSM or fetish. Not in a generic way and not by dehumanising or objectifying them as the shrinks are correct here when they say that this is a barrier to intimacy or an avoidance mechanism. My point is that it doesn’t have to be. There is great and insanely hot intimacy to be had by lovingly exploring our so called damaged selves. Generally the more dominant a man is in the outer life, the more in need of “submission therapy” he is. That is a term I coined for what I do. The reverse is equally true. After a lifetime of dating CEO’s and being a pretty people pleaser, being sexually dominant with a man who genuinely enjoyed being dominated by me was the most liberating experience and a total game changer sexually. It’s not for everyone and its not an easy or straightforward path. Sometimes there is objectification but I think that happens in vanilla sex too. So. Hmmmmm just ask mr Cap and if it appeals, go for it!

              • I’m more into equality and spiritual union. Having dipped my toe into the realms of fetish years ago, I found it really quite dreary once you get past the initial shock factor.

            • Capricorn Myth or fact?

              Cappis love to choke their lovers and bite them.

              2 friends got choked and another friend got bitten so hard she had bad bruising.

              Asked one of the capricorns and he said that he thought woman love it. Is this a typical cappi thing?

    • Yes but you are such an articulate brooder lol. You will get there. After having a Cap solidily around for the year I can’t help but smile at all these posts.

      • Articulate brooder. Heh heh. I’m actually pretty chilled about the whole thing you know? … Unusual for me to be totally into a guy and not have to turn into a hopeless LZ about it.

  14. Leogroover I think it’s great you are one of those people who get the endorphin rush from exercise thing which seems to elude me.

    I am beginning to see the connection between gym and sex: they both make your skin glow and your hair a mess.

    • And both require a really good waterproof mascara! … which would be an important consideration for a Libran ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • I really don’t like the pokey-outey tongue emoticon … doesn’t do justice to the raspberries I’m blowing at you ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Only a guy would have to ask the mascara question David!
          It’s a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE
          No one wants to look like a panda post coitus but lashes ARE alluring .. My solution is tinting them black and occasionally glueing teeny weeny little extensions onto the few at the outer corner….
          Yeah I know..
          Venus in Leo, 8th house honey.
          The Diva can’t help it.

          • Yes, DL might not understand the interaction of sweat-smeared bodies and mascara, or of .. oh whatever. *goes for a run* *gym’s too expensive*

  15. Which one is leogroover? The male or the female? I’m sorry, but this blog is pretentious — IMHO.

    • If it’s pretentious to require the ability to read, then your absolutely correct.

    • I can be which ever one you like sunshine. Pretentious ? Im not pretentious im a leo duh!

    • Leogroover is a respected regular visitor on this blog! She is kind and fun and working things out in her chilled-out, grown-up way. I’m not sure where your call of pretension comes from but hey what’s the internets without opinions.

    • Get with the programme serenity. Trolls come on here and use terms like ‘fuqed up clueless whores” and “pseudo intellectual astro bitches”

      not just “pretentious.” Also “IMHO” is kind of 2008 and the picture is not actually of Leogroover, it is a MEISEL. But fashion and irony are only something we pretentious bloggers grasp. please go back to your homespun reality, no pretences there i am sure.

      #goes off to order new pelvic flloor exerciser because even her leo vagina is pretentious

    • I hope the H doesn’t stand for Humble.
      Perhaps you could find better ways of using your valuable time Serenity. Some of us love it here.

      • Wow!! Point taken. Sorry Leogroover. I’m not on these blogs that often. Didn’t know you were a regular. Humble, yeah, I read all the comments.

        • What a cliquey bunch. Have a great day. I’m going back home to my farm in the midwest. Love and light, y’all.

        • Serenity please don’t go! Don’t be disheartened. You were brave enough to say what you thought and I understand what you meant by pretentious. When I feel life is harder and I’m in survival mode I can’t stand anything superficial – skinny fit people going to the gym and having sex and feeling an ‘awesome’ I can’t connect to. When life is ok I get inspired by superficial images. But it’s not pretentious in the sense if proving anything to social groups.

          I often say glib jestful comments or opinions that get attacked harshly by this blog community. Please don’t take it personally because you help the diversity of this blog by putting your thoughts out there and their May be commentors who do get what you are saying but don’t blog.

          Serenity I really love your username, where did you get it from?

          • Guys I think we have a responsibility to not make anyone feel bullied or targeted!

            We are intimidating people into disengaging for this blog community!

            I for what am interested in any opinion offered and am amazed at what backlash I can inspire:
            see my comments in the recent post aelita andre raising capricorn bar.

              • Thank you Touched Toro. That is the by far the best compliment I have ever received. Now I am touched. Made my day.

                Are you a regular on this blog?

                • I like your vibe too PureLibra :)

                  I never got around to saying it but I really appreciated your comment on “raising capricorn bar” post.

                  My Venus in Libra in 9th house nodded in agreementโ€ฆ. Or maybe it was my Sagg moon in 11th

                • Yes, I’m a regular who used to post but rarely do these days. I just really appreciated the good heart I saw reaching out to Serenity to show something other than censure & cutting comebacks. Plus your comments at top of this post struck a chord. I like the way you think PL. I think you rock :) for a Libran ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  • Share. I’m intrigued what does a Taurean have in common with a Libran?

                    And nice to see you back. Hope you stay. We need more like you.

                    • Lol calypso. I’m meant more in terms of how I could have struck a chord with a Taurus (for a libra – aren’t we supposed to be emotionally vacuous?)

                      We share Venus – but only opposite sides of the coin (I got principled higher beauty of the mind and toros got sensual beauty).

                  • I appreciate your beautiful spirit too!!! xoxo My work involves preventing bullying at schools, so I can spot it. Including domestic violence. I’ve to develop thicker skin. This reminds me of that spongebob episode with sandy, the squirrel from Texas — and the fishes at the comedy club made fun of her. It’s a good episode.

            • Love you Pure libra. My opposite sign. Learn so much from you guys. I’m around. As an Aries I can’t be part of the “herd” mentality. I’ve seen how that works over history. and bullying in schools and on the internet. It’s quite common!! Part of my work. Working out is great — sex is great. I just felt the post could have gone deeper. to explain itself. Your spirit is appreciated by me. Thank you.

              • The bullies behind a herd or group don’t have to feel remorse and can blame the group for their behavior. I teach kids to protect themselves from bullies. I gotta take names down to make sure I avoid them on here. Just like in real life.

                • Serenity, have you thought that maybe your blanket expression- “This blog is pretentious”- is easily interpreted as the WHOLE BLOG, rather than this particular thread? Therefore, it reads as though you are knocking , um, the WHOLE BLOG, including Mystic and all the commenters? To make a strong criticism and come out accusing defensive people of being bullies, rather than maybe explaining what you meant with, dare i say it, some humility or apology for not being clear is hypocritical. Throwing the word “bully” around is a way of closing down response and avoiding your own responsibility for the way you expressed yourself.

                  • Oh give it a rest Mille! I find your comment more offensive than any of Serenity’s words. So you’re the spokeperson for the blog?? That’s the herd mentality I think Serenity was referring to. entitled to her opinion whether you like it or not!!! And I don’t think she needs to apologise either.

              • I’m so glad you’re back serenity. Your line of work is commendable and inspiring. My sister is studying social sociaI work. For an Aries I’m surprised that you don’t already have a tough hide (but it’s good that you have that sensitivity in you to know your soul is alive).

                I’m always curious about how widespread social change occurs (for marginalised minorities to push back against a cultural hegemony as in postcolonial studies.) It always begins with one voice speaking back (and exposing itself to scrutiny) and over time it encourages others to speak back. And then the voices come down like rain. And that is how people liberate themselves from clamped down oppression and social change is achieved. That’s purely theoretical. It’s fascinating that there usually is a double edged sword because the person speaking back has to invest in the very system that oppresses them to get their message heard. And diaperas are created where there is a cost to the purity of their origins because in order for ‘the other’ to communicate to the majority they must adapt to their communication medium ( ie subjugating the oral tradition to the written word to communicate back in a fixed form that the colonial majority will trust, or adapting elements of indigenous and colonial expression in art, for example). So there is always a double edged sword to achieve a breaking down of binaries (us and them/black and white/good and bad).

                So what I’m trying to get back to is that bullying even in its subtlest of forms needs that one voice to bring on the rainfall. Online mediums can encourage confrontation because the internet interface is detached and anonymous. And the quickest form of humour is to be catty and bitch like a gay libra man like Oscar Wilde or Truman Capote. The list is possibly useful (and sad that people can’t self-regulate) but it’s important to remember there is good and bad in everyone (as with sun signs) and to forgive them for their blindness.

                My scopes want to me to be authentic despite retrograde Scorp in 3rd house. My most authentic voice can’t stand injustice or an underdog. And perhaps my voice needs to revise the status quo on here atm. I just wanted to let you know you are not the only one. It’s happened to me before and probably Touched Toro also.

                If you want more depth please stay because then you can guide us there. And sometimes there can be depth in things that seem shallow.

                I really like your name – a psychic told me that an angel identified my spiritual name as Serenity. Talk about synchronicity.

  16. Friend of mine & I (Ms Aqua hottie) always say once you’ve been to the gym with someone you may as well have had sex with them. Because at that point they’ve seen you with apre-coital hair (mostly good) and already seen you make the ugly face (mostly bad). So, same same sometimes. As for preferences, as a Piscean with a Scorpio moon enduring a drought, I’d be doing cartwheels to be be having any sex that involved another human. Maybe I just need to speak to… um, Cedric (?) & thanks for whomever lent me the idea of him, love it and certainly not above misappropriating it : )

    • Prowin coined it, she’s a Kataka.
      Wayne Dyer suggest ‘Louise’.

      ‘Matilda’ came to my mind but then i call spiders Matida.
      And it’s the name of Heath Ledger’s girl.

    • You can borrow Cedric anytime you like. He’s a very handy chap seeing as he’s apparently disembodied and can be multiple places at once. I actually asked him to find me a shag about 3 months ago – one with no heavy consequences and no emotional palaver. Just good old fashioned rumpy pumpy after a 4 year sabbatical. He found me 2! Both Leo’s. Both totally useless for anything other than brief fun times.

    • I’ve always thought that my beauty therapist and personal trainer (when I had one lol) – and, ok, lover – saw me at my worst / most dรฉshabillรฉ – no one else was allowed to

  17. 1) Whine and nibbles
    2) Mental entanglement
    3) Intimate connections
    4) Warm lips with wet kisses
    5) Emotional adventure
    6) Physical communication
    7) Creative movement
    8) Self control/abandonment
    9) Chaotic beauty

    That’s some gym you’ve found.

    • Hey there Piano Sonata, hope you’re enjoying the sort of company an imaginative mind like yours deserves! :)

      • Thank you Lioness64.
        I’m just a fool on a hill, surrounded by a beauty and given ample time to muse on the puzzle within us.
        A fellow Leo with Aquarius moon and Cancer ascendant. At times, the tranquility is shattered with Mars in Taurus but, it often serves a practical purpose.

        • You aren’t a fool at all. You have a beautiful soul that shows in your expression.

  18. As a Leo, i have definitely had stages where i have preferred the gym to sex. Some sex can be enjoyable but ruin your look. Not the sex itself but the late nights, drinking, obsession – Yves St Laurent – a leo, said that the best cosmetic for a woman is passion but actually a good nights sleep no dramas, pilates, kale and a good bronzer often work better.

    having said that i only go to the gym to get fit for sex, have never had an orgasm there and meet most of my “partners” at the place. So the gym to tone and pull – absolutely. But there are times in your life when it is healthy to do the gym more than sex. SATURN TRANSIT i am looking at you.

    I know someone who works in a brothel that has a gym in it – she does a lot of both but is not a Leo.

  19. Oh shit no I HAVE been to a gym. I joined a hilton gym in the tropics once so i could swan around in the pool after work. There was a bar.

    • How weird the fine line.
      Freewheeling jig in a glass cube box, with LG, yes !
      Counting off glute steps in one, no.
      Mille, are the horses rising ? @! haha

        • Have you seen those old fashioned merry-go-rounds? The Horses go Up, the Horses go Down. If i could be in the picture, my Leo MC would be tanned shave-shinned Ken on the left for sure! What would i give to wear that face! I’m hopeless at aerobics or any type of learning when the instructor is facing me – i get dyslexic in the body. Now, Rox, you stay on the pool pony and i’ll splash out and get us each a drink in a pineapple, shall i? (Moon trine Mercury, Neptune trine Mercury, Jupiter trine Mercury)

          • Deal ! Already called pizza guy.

            + speaking of, I could swim till I shrivel, hike till I collapse, bike till I fall over. Squash is fab – wild balls in play – I can work with That. haa

            Also: LG, you always vibed much younger to me – great energy !
            Much Luck, success to you …

          • “dyslexic in the body” LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ Me too!!!! I did aerobics at the gym in the 80’s. I was hopeless at it. I prefer freestyle dancing / moving. Must be my moon in Sagg.

            The 80’s was the last time I visited a gym. Don’t plan on returning either. Ugh.

              • Not the hood thong. Not pash rash but butt rash. I’d be up for your “Sag-roba-lates Shaman Shimmyโ€ I’m an aerobic teacher from loooooooooong time ago so I could lead it as long as I can wear the silver lycra like Barbie.

  20. I haven’t been into the gym thing for a loooooong time … somehow I coped with the smelly egotists and intimidatingly amazing looking bodies much better 30 years ago (being young and single and in the pre-Grim Reaper days had to help?) Anyway, yoga does it for me these days … somehow stretching my 49 y.o. limbs makes me feel good enough that I’m not inclined to do the gym thing. I guess it helps that I have FINALLY found a partner that loves sex as much as I do :) Soooo, leogroover, my view is that if we can find ANYTHING that makes us feel good, GO FOR IT.

  21. I can imagine certain types of yoga being better than sex.. But not the gym! Good points though groover, in all fairness.

    Betters still a combo of yoga & sex. Or tantra.
    I’d know more about all the above but I have kids. And in-laws.

    Blog names..
    Weathering Flights
    Feminal Animal
    Hello Mellow!

  22. Oh I can’t. Compare the two I mean. It’s so tempting to do that but a lover is a lover and a gym is more me-time with my bod. Reliability? Well, obviously you’ve more control over your ass bunking off for a work out/yoga/pilates/run/whatever..but with lovers, you want enough reliability but not too much control. Otherwise it kills the dance..

    As for boys vs’s the thing. I’m not a proponent of down dating even if am absolutely guilty of having done it inadvertently.. I just think you consider who’s in front of you and see if you want to know them. Or not.

    Everyone has something to offer, the question is, is that what/who you want and vice versa?

    And as for sex, I’ve my own version of what Davidl that I think if it arises organically out of the attraction, it bridges so many things words can’t. There’s a knowing there that transfers from being to being without all the negotiations and navigation we do eventually have to go through later. I personally love that, and if I were to compare it to something it wouldn’t be the gym.

    More like stepping into another world and just absorbing all of it..provided of course, neither of the parties are downgrading it into a sporting event and actually connecting.