When You’re A Leo Other Leos Check You Out

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Mick Jagger

A Leo kindly sent me this excellent tv grab of ultra-Leo Mick Jagger performing IN A LEO t-shirt.  See The Patron Saint of Leos for another iconically Leo-Jagger image.

AND the Daily Horoscopes for Monday are posted – all hail the mighty Mars in Leo -Saturn in Scorpio square. Short Version: try not to implode.  Maybe it’s a ‘no’ to mounting a coup at short notice. Depends on your sign/rising sign.

Hostiles Incoming: Bitches, Zombies, Fuqwits, Vampires & whatever it is you call smart people rendered stupid because they’re trapped in a Time Warp.  

This is why, lol, the next Daily Mystic email is gonna read like an intelligence briefing “threat matrix“. 

Yes, I did just see White House Down and if there is an Oscar for looking shooting/running whilst looking insanely hot in a white tank top with strategic grenade dust smudges, our boy Channing is totally all over it.

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29 thoughts on “When You’re A Leo Other Leos Check You Out

  1. I’m always torn between wanting to BE the dust-smudged, be-singlet-ed grenade dodger, and wanting to take the same alpha/renegade type to bed. Is this a case of “to get what you want, become what you want” ? How does that work if the handy grenade-dodging types like chasing floral skirt types?
    Signed, confused 21st-C pisces with venus in aries

    • Omg. I have the same problem. I assume it is why men never make passes at me. And that I am doomed to being totally self reliant and hot but lonely for the rest of my life.

      • Be your self-reliant self just put on some lipstick and nail polish to match and wear a nice flow-ey blouse
        while you glide swan-like to the executive office to get your promotion.

  2. “Hostiles Incoming: Bitches, Zombies, Fuqwits, Vampires & whatever it is you call smart people rendered stupid because they’re trapped in a Time Warp.”

    Oz election result, right?

    (Oh I just had to.)

    • Oz election results made my local middle-of-nowhere news! The article is complete with a reference to budgie smugglers (+ definition), as well as one Abbott gaff wherein he said that no one is the “suppository” of all wisdom (when he meant to say “repository”?). It’s an AP article so it’s a serious, all-inclusive bit of reporting, really.

      I would love to see a gaff off between Abbott & Dubya! Maybe they could first have a swim match & bike-a-thon, then wax poetic on diversity issues in front of a live audience. Months of fodder for comedic writers would ensue, I’m sure.

    • How wonderful to see and to take this in. Bittersweet thoughts about all of the loveliness and pain since then. Real lives unfolding. Thanks, Charles!

  3. Were you channelling David Bowie ‘Boys’ for that grab-line Mystic?

    *sings* Boys keep swinging, boys always work it out!

  4. Incoming hostilesnturned out to be my mom which is really odd she made me talk about something I’m having difficulties with in my life right now on the phone even though I said its late Sunday nite and I don’t wanna. And then said she felt had every right to tell me what she thought as she was my mom and started dishing out this advice lo hadn’t even asked for and which my dad has already given me !

    • I dunno it seemed a bit I enlightened as I am40 yrs old and anyway when I asked her for a hug on Friday when I wanted it she wouldn’t give it weird weird weird

      • Damn: denied a hug from your mom when you asked for one? That’s cold! Sorry, Saggscorpgirl :/

        • yep, harsh. my mum could be like that if I bothered to ask her, she’s just fuqed up, but I’m OK, and I hope you are too xx

  5. I am loving th9s Mars in Leo. I am kicking ass in the ‘saying what I want out loud’ stakes. results ? will take time but its just feels good to let it roar.

  6. Well, hostilities.. I stirred the pot on Friday morning with the toro/gem. He has something of mine and he won’t speak to me. I asked him kindly and he rejected it.. so for the first time I got pissed at him. Email sent.. no response. Maybe tomorrow. As I was hoping to have a great birthday month but when a realization of the toro/gem possibly humiliating me showed up I had to put on my self-defense mode. I am nervous but I had to try. I can’t believe how stupid I was to trust him. He wants to hurt me. That is true! Now I have to figure out how to get him to give me back that item that he would use against me.

    Shame on me!

    • People say that he is extremely depressed. Is doing harm to others a sign of depression? I dated a guy who was on depression medication and yes he was a loose cannon and obsessive but I thought depression meds helped manage that!

      • Not a sign, but possibly a consequence… Psychotropic meds are a loose cannon: like surgery, I think they are best left as a last resort. Depression can be a morphing, complex beast, manifesting as lethargy & apathy for some, all the way to having psychotic features for others. So hard to say.

        • I heard that being irritated by other people is a sign of anxiety. Maybe something similar. Anyway VE maybe try to act cool like mystic says and don’t let your awesome be ruined by that persons actions. Good luck

  7. My real estate agent is a total fuqwit. I don’t know if he acts like such a ditz or is he really a complete ditz and wants me to do his job for him? Fuqall. I don’t know if this deal can close with him in the mix. Trying to manage the details, which is what I thought he was being paid to do. And I don’t mean micro details – I mean fuqing basics and essentials of the transaction. So frustrated. Seems like he doesn’t give a crap about closing the deal. I do not recommend listing with Redfin, fwiw. He loses nothing if this drags on forever.

    • Dear 12HV, I have a feeling that you’re liable to backhand me any minute now,


      do you need a bigger spider? A bigger bite? Because if you do, that can be arranged… Or, are you the bitey spider? I mean, I don’t know: this is your deal, ultimately. What do you think?

      Ok, you can smack me now! Let ‘er rip 😛

      • I have no fuqing idea (insert sounds of crying laughter or laughing cries here).

        I have another offer on my house. Its missing details and scheduled to close in Oct. during mercury retrograde, ffs. I feel like I’ve surrendered. There’s only so much I can control. I started this off. I want a house I can pay off and with my kid I realized I can’t really do that so I am at least trying to downsize. I guess I’ll keep going with that. Can have the whole journey done in the first step. Only so much I can put out there and then I have to deal with the response.

        I have attracted the strangest Virgo into my orbit. I suspect he has Pisces moon opposite Mars conjunct my Venus, which is to say Mars square Neptune. lol. He is the most evasive character I’ve ever met. He has Merc in Leo so he’s all “go for it!” like an uber cheerleader but he avoids every single direct question. Its like pulling info out of him just to figure out if he has pets or not. Weirdness. I hope I am being open to new relationships, but also wise enough to recognize a delusional, no-win situation when someone offers me it by now.

        The job is fine. I am learning to relax and pace myself there. I think. Who knows. Still anxious about being blind-sided and left sans income, hence the desire to downsize. Not sure I am following my bliss to the max as far as money-making schemes go, but just trying to stop hemmoraging financially right now.

        Long response. How could I know if I am doing this thing right? lol. The scope read like prep for war. I’m to mutable to know which side of the line I have to stay on, lol.

        • You’re doing so awesomely, 12HV! Who can say about any of this? It *is* frustrating to the MAX, esp where finances & providing well for your little one are concerned– and there seems to be no obvious signs like, “Detour this way,” or some fuqing road map or something! Heavy, heavy shiz it is. Why do I say you’re rocking this? Because you’re going the active (as opposed to passive) way. You have a goal and you’re taking steps to get there. You’re conscientiously moving. And this tide that is Saturn in Scorp– fuq! It’s like swimming upstream. We are not salmon! This shit is grueling sometimes.

          Intriguing, this new character in your plot! As for his evasiveness… ? When I encounter such I usually Scorp out & assume he’s married or some other variety of shady LOL. I don’t do attached men: they have No Chance In Hell of keeping me satisfied, I am allergic to ambivalence, & I don’t waste my time. It’s cool to have your own personal cheerleader, though, yeah? Yeah! No woman is an island– not even a Virgo 😉

          I watched a program the other night that followed three people to the summit of Mount Everest, and this astro/these times remind me of that climb. Turns out it’s really fuqing slow, climbing Mt Everest: there are camps set up every mile or so where hikers take mandatory respites in tents to nap & just allow their bodies time to adjust to the new altitude… I think they call it “climatizing”? But this climatizing thing: if the hikers don’t stop and allow time for this to happen, their bodies will freak & they will die, just like that. I had no idea about any of this, and as I watched the program I had a total mabarosi moment of recognizing the parallels between that climb up Everest, and all of our climbs…

          So yes: apply the tourniquet, have a cry, have a laugh! Let’s stop here & climatize. Plenty more ascending awaits. Stay strong, 12HV: we are all pulling for you! xx

          • Thanks. I don’t know. I am trying to accept the new. I had an extended chat with the strange Virgo. I told him Virgos are a pain in the ass. He said Virgos get along when they aren’t ripping their eyes out, lol. He answered some questions and asked me a lot about my dating history. I think he’s scared of rejection. I’m not sure how much I care about coaxing someone out of a Venus in Cancer shell. Never met a watery Virgo man before.

              • He chatted me up online all day today. He has a cat. He was full of nice things to say to me. He has a house on a mountain and thinks I should come visit before I buy my next one so I know my options.

                I don’t know. I had his birth year wrong, so he isn’t Mars square Neptune after all. Still has moon and Saturn in Cancer, Mars in Taurus, Venus in Libra. We’ll see how it goes.

                Thanks for the link, DT. I deserve someone who will be nice to me, whether I know their astro or not. Most times, I feel like guys just mess with my head. And if that’s the feeling, it isn’t working for me, or him, at all.

    • in my limited australian experience, real estate agents are blank-eyed automatons who can’t do much past shake your hand as you walk in the door of the house you might buy and use flowery words to pander to your questions. then are hard pressed to pick up the phone and follow up *anything* once you’ve signed something. and don’t get me started on rentals OMG

  8. Did Jagger have amazing moves? Who gets songs written about their “moves”? I was pondering this last night. Clearly you have to be a LEO to get egotistical disco tribute songs written about you.