What Fresh Fuqery Is This?

Claudette Colbert


I did think you were being slightly extreme with some of the karmic Scorpio stuff in the Daily Mystic but here is my last 36 hours.

Email on linkedin – yesterday – second boyfriend of my life, 15 years ago – emails me on linkedin as i look familiar but he can’t remember how – he was in a coma in 2007 and has lost most of his memories…. I tell him we dated… he says he can’t remember but why on earth did we break up? Whole thing like a soap opera plot…

Email on Facebook “did we kiss last night? As you were leaving the bar?”
“Um, no, i’ve never met you, i didn’t go out last night…”

Meanwhile have met first man in over two years i’ve allowed into my life… let alone to touch me (it’s been a 30 month drought!) he’s my brother’s best friend – Taurean ex commando who now works as a security guard in Baghdad and lives on 200 acres up north near lismore – where I lived until just three months ago!!!! We met again at my brother’s b’day, basically just slept beside each other – no moves (makes me trust him and respect him even more), just talked for hours….

Just remaining calm, going to the gym (first time in 10 years), meditating, getting my juju right…
Will he call……?! Am laying off your oracle as i can get a bit obsessed…..

Is it just me or is this a tres spooky / intense time!!

Have been enjoying the scopes… absolutely spot on… xxxPiscean Princess

Hey well YAH! It’s Venus-Saturn-Node all in SCORPIO at the border of (this is just to be super-bats esoteric) Via Combusta. A.k.a the Fiery Way, a special sector of the Zodiac beloved by ancient alchemists, witches and corrupt Queens.

So yes and even if nothing is occurring on the surface, there is a LOT going on beneath…I am all over this so please make sure you read your Rising Sign as well as your Sun Sign if you know it…plus the Daily Mystic email has more of the general vibe. Romances are reforming all over the place. Some disintegrating, others starting but it’s like a little tendril snaking out of previously barren earth.

Will he call? No if the dude is to shy to bust a move with you sleeping beside him, he is probably unsure of his status with you AND highly aware of your status as friends sister, so not going to do anything that could be construed as a sleazy move. You need to see him again, or would this involve a trip to Tehran or something? Also, Mercury is conjunct Cat Goddess Bast at the moment. Enjoy inscrutability.

What does everyone else think?


47 thoughts on “What Fresh Fuqery Is This?

  1. Ah gee that’s really sweet. Hope it all works out for you PP.
    Your so right with your daily emails MM. Dreamt of a snake that turned into two other animals before trying to come after me. I managed to throw the cat (my neighbours) over the crocodile so she was safe.

  2. Piscean Princess

    Agree with Mystic’s take on the situation in the last paragraph. You need to give this relationship time to develop and having opportunities to be in each other’s company are to be found and acted upon.

    “it’s like a little tendril snaking out of previously barren earth” – on lots of levels, Mystic. It is an intense time!

  3. Thanks Mystic, your scopes have been ridiculously true with the spookiness of this week.
    He did call while he was still in town and we went to dinner – after he stayed the night and no moves except a very chaste kiss, he doesn’t want to get involved while he is still working in Baghdad because he gets too ‘obsessive’ about girlfriends while he’s away he said. But we have been texting. I’m just trying to let him know i’m interested but not crazy. It’s nice to finally have a relationship progress at normal speed, i can’t explain how safe i feel with him unlike the crazies that led to the 30 month drought.

    Also, he said one of the most hilarious/romantic things when i asked him about his dreams for the future when we were lying together. Very taurus with moon in scorpio:
    “living on my self-sufficient property with a partner i would kill for.”

    • Ah this is an amazing story, congratulations! I realized my boyfriend was right for me when I saw that life made more SENSE with him in it, as opposed to being insane with other lovers. Sounds like you’re in a similar spot!

      • Oh I LOVE that, thanks guys.
        I think it will take awhile to build like my gym work… But I’m ready to change the karmic pattern of attracting crazies…

        • question re: attracting crazys.

          What is up with that??? I seriously thinkg (having piscean ascendant and venus) that we attract such sorts because we are attracted to those who are less fortunate in terms of mental stability and other circumstances… key words ** mental stability**

          • I think it’s because Pisceans aren’t good with boundaries (or wherever you have pisces in your chart). We need some earth for that! I’m still learning about that!

    • !!!!!!!

      My boyfriend/lover/best friend is a Taurus with Moon in Scorpio!!! Sounds just like something he would say.

      He is the best. The happiest I have ever been with a man and the first mate that I can truly call my best friend.

      Good luck.

  4. Isis! Mine’s in Kataka/5th house (conjunct my retro Saturn). She definitely flavors all of my creative pursuits.

    I feel newly, weirdly detached from all of this Scorp astro action. Must be all of the pain meds: that’s the only thing that makes sense. I know the astro is manifesting in my life– it always does– but I am consciously removed from it & for now that’s fine by me.


      Isis! Thanks Scorp Inc….I had already realised the full moon will oppose the Sun which will be sitting on my natal Pluto but I forgot about Isis! Conjunct Pluto natally, so also in the mix.

      cool :)

      • Far out, calypso: that is cool that Isis is in your mix! I love her story… Of all the myths/goddesses/asteroids, Isis is my fave, my personal patron saint & celestial guide. That she is hitched to rx Saturn in my chart lends credence to her story as a poignant lesson & example for me as creator & nurturer of all that I give birth to in my life.

        Is that irony, or just more fresh fuqery, that I, lightening rod of all that vibes, am numbed out for this astro?! Party of the year at my place, & I’m asleep on the couch by 8pm? Haha It is what it is, so whatever. Let this be a lesson to anyone who doubts it is so: substances dull you, deaden your nerves & ability to really feel. Narcotics & alcohol, too: what you think you’re feeling on that shiz is a sham, & I for one think you deserve better for your time here. You deserve the full experience & so does everyone who comes in contact with you! There: that’s my little Saturn in Scorp/8th house tip o the day. Goodnight. x

  5. I dunno, but multi-ram (who left 3 months ago when his startup got funded and everything abruptly ended) with his sun-mars-venus-mercury on my mars and north node is back in town for one night just as this north node live weirding is about to transpire in the sky.

    But fuq the karmic love shit, I’m just down for one night of hotness for stress relief so we can both go back to empire building, etc.

  6. HAHAHA Ever the multi-tasker, Isis pops out for a spot of reconnaissance, eyes scanning the horizon for any sign of wang, while also plotting the demise of that bastard Set.

    This moon is MENTAL. I am remembering shit that happened eons ago and suddenly it seems REALLY important to sort that shit out. But no, I have present day shit to focus on. Fingers crossed it’s right to file that old shit under things to do while mercury is retro. Saturn, Venus and the node are conjunct my moon and the full moon is exact on my MC and Uranus is backing up onto my N Node. This energy surge, comes as a bit of a surprise, let me tell you, things have been relatively quiet in these parts of late.

  7. Wow PP he sounds lovely and you are handling it beautifully. Keep us posted xx

    I have no love weirding whatsoever. Nobody has reappeared. The decks are empty. In fact tomorrow I will be burying my old life. I will spend tomorrow at my former mother-in-law’s funeral. It’s likely to be the last time I see my ex’s family and it marks the last emotional tie I share with my ex. The mutual friends who have fallen in with my ex will be there and I imagine it will be the last time I see them also.
    I know it’s not about me, but the symbolism is unmistakeable. It’s destiny alright. The ending of my marriage has always felt like the end of something that has taken many lifetimes to complete. Yet I don’t really believe in reincarnation or past lives. Either way the message is pretty clear.

    • good luck chrysalis, I wish for you all the strength you need to get through the day. The full moon timing is pretty mad – is it on any of your progressed or natal placements? Such an amazing opportunity to release it is.

      I’m the anon who suggested you take some study leave ages ago – did your thesis work itself out in the end?

      • Hey anon yes I remember you. I took your advice – I took a year off, not due to go back until next year. I have needed every minute of the break xx

        The full moon will be conj my Psyche in 8th. Moon currently on my Sun/Saturn/Merc in 7th. I also have Chiron at 17 Pisces, so this waxing moon is lighting up my entire 7th. So it’s heavy. Useful but heavy.

        • glad you got some breathing room – I’m sure your thesis will be all the better for the space you’ve created in the meantime – Uranus will have gone direct and moved out of its shadow phase by the time you go back. Sun Saturn mercury conjunction is pretty intense – but potentially ideal for you chosen field :grin: I’ve been looking at an acquaintances chart with similar and writing is big for them too. Full moon in the 8th is apt for the funeral of a female ‘relative’ – I figured there had to be some 8th house thing happening. Go easy on yourself tomorrow – I can’t help but think this is an opportunity as opposed to a burden, but I’m not the one it’s happening to…

          • Thanks anon – I know you’re right… I can see it intellectually – just a matter of how I handle it. I will set my intent and maybe spend some time writing through the emotions this evening. xx

      • Yep Scorpbot it really is as clear a sign as there’s ever been. Whatever it was between my ex and me is finished on every level. I can feel it. I know I have to do my part and say goodbye as wholeheartedly as I can.

        Maybe I’ll borrow Prowln’s Cedric for the day :)

  8. It’s not romance. For me that is. This fuqery is late 4th house. It’s all about home life/living circs, art, lucre, wrestling with self-image. At least I think so. … Universe? Is there something you’re not telling me?

  9. You know, I ought to listen to my own astrological advice. I was checking my transits, hey Sunday I had a Mars conjunct Uranus. I sometimes have trouble with other guys road raging at me when I have Mars conjunct Uranus transits, to the point where I had to drive to a police station before they would stop following me. And I did nothing to incite these goons, they were all raging and I just happened to be in their way. I figure I better keep off the road. No problem, it’s Sunday, I’ll stay home and do the wash.

    OK Monday though, I have to go to work, and I will drive carefully. Sure enough, a random asshole with bad energy and an SUV came along, and with no provocation on my part, he menaced me on the Interstate for 2 miles, and tried to drive me into a ditch. Ah, but I have an iPhone with a video camera. This is what it’s for. I phoned the local police, they asked where it happened, he says they might have it recorded on video traffic cameras. I told him, I know just the one where it happened, I watch it in winter to see road conditions. Camera on the XYZ Bridge, pointed west, 8:25AM. He says he’ll check the computer, yep, they have it all on video. The dispatcher said they found the car in the DMV records, they know the owner, they will send an officer to have a little TALK with him.

    I hope Mars is far enough out of orb tomorrow. This goon apparently makes the same daily commute as me, I will probably see him again.

  10. In 2006/2007 there were two young gentlemen for whom I had ridiculously strong feelings. I tried in vain to force myself in a committed relationship with one of them (we were both equally incapable of this task despite super strong feelings and amazingness and soul mates etc.) and completely denied my feelings for the other and treated him like crap kind of, until pluto crossed my 29 saggo DC and entered Capricorn and I met a psycho chi vampire capricorn who spent the next fire years nearly ruining my life. ANYWAY this summer, both of those fine young gentlemen from the previous era have returned to my life, and it turns out on of them has his sun exact degree of my moon and the other’s mars is exact 60 degree sextile fro my venus- in short they are both my soulmates and I’m enjoying casual romances with the both of them, and I feel that my relationship karma has 100% been resolved.

  11. Not feeling happy about being put in the disintegration category as I try so hard to force tentacles out of the ashes! But like dia.astro above I was trying to reach a commitment beyond the chasm of an age difference and it was becoming too forced for him to be an adult till the point where he felt like he was faking it and playing a role…then Uranus came…

    I have the feeling this business isn’t over, but it will take many years.

    OR I’m crazy.

    But usually at this point I realize that person is wrong for me and that just isn’t happening.

    ALSO my double Pisces friend just met her love weirding within weeks of moving to Oakland…. he’s a Virgo, Taurus moon, with venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo. She is Pisces Sun, Pisces moon, with Venus in Aqua and Mars in Scorpio. Sounds interesting, no? He’s not psycho or noncommittal!

  12. Since Friday, I’ve been learning more about the Pisces convicted-arsonist ice climber sherpa with the NY playwright ex-wife and pets named after artistic geniuses living in a little house on the prairie. We’ve been “friends” for years, but suddenly its like “where’d he come from?!?” He sent me pictures of the sunrise and I sent him pics of the ceiling in the library of congress. Some kind of Pisces-Virgo symmetry going on there.

  13. So in the last few days the ex messages out of the blue, to be friends? Just wanting attention? Then last night had a dream that I was standing on a platform on a cliff, and one by one a bunch of girls hopped on it, I knew that with each one the platform would not be strong enough, so I made my way off of it, into a hotel room that was suddenly on the other side of it and peered out the window. Next thing one of the girls topples off the platform to her death and I hide behind the bed hearing the screams and feeling thankful it wasn’t me. Is this falling dream meaning I’ve narrowly avoided losing control?

  14. Oh no! I did something very inscrutable! I called the Taurean and suggested we see eachother again before he goes away again for 2 months. I suggested i fly up to visit him. Made him v uneasy. Also he doesn’t like the phone. All to weird with my brother as they are close and he doesn’t want to have secrets from him. Maybe i should just leave it?
    Last night I dreamt i got a job on a huge ship like the Costa Concordia and i was excited because i’d see the beauty of the ocean and travel to foreign lands, but once i got on would be very hard to get off and what if the ship sank?
    Maybe because once you get involved with someone, there’s no going back…
    Confused on the full moon….

  15. Mystic don’t you have something at 8 Scorpio? Your MC perhaps?

    Yes, makes sense of my current secrecy.

    Trans Venus and NN in Scorpio conjunct my Neptune, 5th, trine Pisces MC all that I mentioned over on Genius of Karma thread.

    ~just like a circus~ :lol:

    uh, no. Sometimes there is no circus

  16. THT had mentioned that next time we need to give me a massage. Gave him the one I owed him from forever ago a couple of weeks ago.

    I’m not pursuing it tho.

    He said one of his girlfriends from yonks and yonks ago had been born on April 3rd. He said “your’s is the 1st, right?” Said yes. He asked if I were competitive as guess she had been. Said with myself most of all. My Cap Moon thinks it’s too dignified to compete and wouldn’t admitt if I did want to ;)

    Anyway, guess he had two Scorp girlfriends over the years. As I had suspected, he had had his heart broke prior to my meeting him Sept 2011..

    He said “that stinger just comes up around (and he demonstrated the tail coming up over his back) and gets you right here” (the heart).

    His Toro Sun is on his Asc and so his Dsc is Scorp. Knew he must have had some pretty intense situations with Scorp Mars, 8th square Pluto in 5th.

    He is a sweetie but theres more to why I don’t want to pursue this. On break at work but will share more when can…x

  17. That title sums up what i felt when i discovered three hours ago that Mr Abbot had appointed himself minister for women’s affairs. When does the astro change again?

        • True, but I had hoped we were moving forward. Now it seems we regress. I hope this is two steps forward, one step back and not the other way round.

          • I think the only hope is that the ridiculousness of the situation, and his track record on the issue, will illuminate the fuqery.

            It’s like watching caricature come to life and move in slow motion….surely people must grasp the abuse of power if they didn’t before?

            • I’ve noticed a deal of ‘daddy knows best’ rhetoric from his supporters. I wonder if the people who voted him in prefer to not deal with the messiness of transparency, and democratic processes and instead prefer a leader who will take all those uncomfortable feelings of responsibillity away.

              • Having this arse-clown in power may slow progress down for a while, but in the bigger picture, humanity was designed to evolve, and no backwards political party will ever be able to truly stop that from happening.

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