Virgo Top Heavy?

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Hi Mystic – I work in the contracts management department for one of the world’s largest telecom carriers. in my group of approximately 30 people, 7 were born between September 1st and 7th – what’s up with this? My industry requires exquisite attention to detail, shrewd business sense and diplomacy. I’m literally the only Scorpio on my team, and all the non-Virgos seem to be Aquarians. Can certain industries be Virgo top-heavy? Why????

Hey Scorp-Face,

My answer is YES. I have seen whole sub-editing departments of newspapers that were 90% Virgo. A lot of their casual chit-chat between tasking involved minutiae-identification and delineating.  My clients who are spies: all Virgos. It’s the attention to detail. B.T.W they don’t say “Hi, I’m a spy.” They work as intelligence analysts.

So yes Virgos are definitely top-heavy in industries requiring all those traits you mention. They’re also in demand for their fierce, St Virgo work ethic. If you want someone who is going to wake up at 4am in an adrenaline induced ‘fight or flight’ sweat over some detail of your latest brochure, you hire a Virgo already. Or, okay, a Capricorn.

I have no idea how to explain the Aquarius influence other than that they’re eerily fascinated by Virgos. Theirs is a Wile E Coyote/Road Runner relationship. A Virgo and an Aquarius relationship can last forever, so long as the chase is not allowed to stop. And you as the sole Scorp? How does that work out? And what does everyone else think?

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77 thoughts on “Virgo Top Heavy?

  1. Yup.. that is a Virgo for you.. Looking at details. I am Virgo sun and I work in compliance! My attention to detail is painful for others! They don’t want to deal with it and it drives me crazy that I can’t get answers when I bring “issues” out on the table. I have to be involved in several different departments in the pharmaceutical industry so I have to have the understanding of accuracy, product availability and watching the pennies.

    Yup… I love what I do but I don’t like everyone finding me unapproachable because of my attention to detail. I am a Libra rising so it bothers me.


  2. Hi Mystic – it is NOT working that well, alas. I’ve decided I’m being punished for a past life of ordering someone around to get my coffee and pick up my dry cleaning, as in this world (which is NOT my tribe) I seem to be the bitch. Not a happy place for this quadruple Scorpio. That said, I still fantasize about and wonder, “how long till I am runnin this place?”

  3. Would a good deal of Aquas with Virgo rising have sun in 6th house? Or vice versa? That’s the first thing that came to mind…

    Virgos are rarely unemployed, no matter what. They could be a druggie who hits the bong on a daily basis and still manage to get a job anywhere. I’ve known a few just like that.

  4. This is a fascinating post! Scorpx4, props for not losing your mind yet! I’ve noticed the same phenomenon in my office, which has an extremely high percentage of Taureans. Sometimes I feel like I’m from another planet when I’m there!

    • I think Virgo/Sag combination is a fantastically fertile mix of the big picture and the tiny detail/ the philosophical knowing and the practicality of doing.

      Mind you, I may be biased as a Virgo (Jupiter/Part of Fortune/Sun/Pluto/Uranus all in 9th House) with a Saggi Ascendant…

      I have worked in social care/community based settings (Scorp Neptune in the 11th) all l my working life and love nothing more than when I am in trainer/facilitator mode, working with people to help them connect to their own truth.

  5. Oh dear. How do I put this… ?

    My *family* is Virgo top heavy. My big family, & we all live in very close proximity to each other. So it may as well be a company– although, there is actually a family company, & it’s predominately Virgo. The few family members who aren’t Virgos are Toro or Cap. An earthy, Virgo-y family affair. I have one aunt who is a Scorp, & she moved far far away many years ago. Safe to say she’s never coming back.

    As soon as I was able, I moved far far away, too; but unlike my aunt, I came back. Why? Because I’m no dummy! LOL

    Virgos are on top of shit across the board. In business, who do you want keeping the books? Virgos. Who do you want taking messages & following up with clients in a timely fashion? Virgos.Who do you want in HR? Marketing? Scheduling? Virgos! As the token Scorp, I can give to the company/family in important ways that only a Scorp can; for everything else, there is Virgo.

    Before anyone gets a bent halo, let me assure you that I give 120% to these business & familial relationships. I simply recognize that there are areas in which the Earth signs, esp Virgo, function in much more efficient ways than a watery creature like myself does. To a certain extent all these Virgos have a grounding effect on me, but I don’t try to emulate them or insist they become more Scorp-like: it’s apples & oranges, & to each their own.

    Scorp Face (nice name, btw), it can be a bit lonely sometimes, but don’t dwell on the negative. See the strengths in those around you & work your own niche & power. No biz or woman is an island, right? Dont let anyone try to make you over, either: you’re a Scorp, dammit, so act like one! Chin up: you’ve chosen well. ;)

    • Thank you Scorporation. In fact I have learned a lot from these Virgos. One Virgo mentor in paticular has shown me that the Scorpionic stinger is not the way to advance one’s career. I agree as well that the earthy types are best minding the books and clinical details of the business, while the visionary transformative energy is best left up to Scorpio. :):) Thanks for reminding me of this!

      • Anytime, astro sister! You feel like a long-lost relative to me, as I too have a planetary mash-up in Scorp/8th house: Uranus-Mercury, Mars, Sun-Venus. Blood is thicker than water! Blessings on your journey, Scorpx4. x

  6. Ohh Virgos..

    Aqua sis married a Virgo. Their relationship is a smooth partnership, whatever one lacks, the other fills in. Both are highly analytical, they constantly talk about anything.

    My ex was a Virgo — I learned a lot from his work ethic — but boy, could he drag and drag things to infinity. Now one of my best friends is a Virgo — she is a force, very independent, sets very high standards and amazing boundaries, and one of the kindest souls I have ever met.

    Virgo is my DSC, so it is normal that I am attracted to them. As long as they are not into teacher-mode (finger wagging style), they are good models to emulate for me.

  7. Maybe the Scorp has Virgo somewhere in their chart. I for one am taurus in 4 planets but I am as you described Virgo’s work ethic even though it drives me nuts why I’m like this. Would Virgo south node have anything to do with this?

    • My Uranus is in Virgo. What does this mean? Anyone? Oh and my Asc is Aries. Merciless combo of 4 planets in Scorp with Aries Asc means I’m a real bitch when not leading the pack. Ugh.

  8. The ad agency where I used to work had a huge proportion of Virgo account managers, fondly known as “suits” in the industry. The job involves managing client relationships and the day-to-day back and forth between the art department and client handling alterations, new briefs, budgets, media booking, followup, followup and more followup. Of course they excelled at it, although most looked slightly unhinged most of the time.

    I have a massive amount of Virgo friends – the bestie, the housemate, the new younger bestie are closest. Then there’s a smattering of more acquaintency Virgo friends. And a lot of my other non-Virgo friends have prominent Virgo in their natal chart.

    So I know a thing or two about Virgo …..

    I actually really adore and appreciate the Virgo energy. They’re usually smart enough to keep up with me – not trying to brag here or anything but I’ve got one of those brains that operate at lightspeed. Virgo admires this rather than being intimidated by it. Virgo’s usually have highly developed interpersonal skills (coz often they have Libra mercury or venus) even if they are shy. So you can take them anywhere and they adapt well to my rag-tag bunch of friends. Despite the Virgo tag of being hypercritical I have not found them to be so. I think they relax around me coz they know I have this strong sense of ethics, that I’m honest and so they don’t have to fix me. And vice versa.

    Hang on … what was the question? :mrgreen:

  9. I love having virgos and scorpios in my life as personal intel analysts. As a pisces/gem type, when it comes to things or information which I am emotionally invested in, it’s hard to discriminate sometimes. If you want judgement, get a Virgo (I have several on hand. :D ). And insight: scorpio (but you have to ask them to be honest otherwise they will be inscrutiable maybe because they don’t want to whip out the scythe unless specifically asked)…
    If I need adjudication, Librans are also great. If I need a festival / party director, or someone to shake me out of a self esteem rut, I get a Leo. If I need people to just hang and talk to ANYONE, I invite Aquarians (well I invite them anyway because I am surrounded by them). If I need to work out how to manifest something, I call a Cap. If I need a partner in crime, to plan a fantasy trip or a debate partner, a saggi is never far away. if I need a laugh, i call a Gem. who have I missed? Kataka! if I want a good coffee date, and chew through some personal topics with proper EQ and no hidden agendas, it’s a Kataka… no questions asked. If I want someone to get in the car with me ASAP and i’ll answer questions on the way: Aries. If I want to check out the latest deli / restaurant opening: Taurus obviously.

  10. My Virgo rising made me a superb Reference Librarian and an even better Information Manager. My speciality was data scrubbing – cleaning out databases of junk info after the algorithms had done all they could.

    I left because I got sick of being the Queen Bitch with the rolling pin who’s job it was to monster typists into abbreviating correctly.

    I also got sick of not being taken seriously by the gorrillas in suits who run this State, who thought that my job was a joke.

    Yeah – there’s a reason you’re being sued by your supply company for being $200k in the red – its because your dumb arse secretary is generating cheques and firing them off to the wrong address. Why ? Because she insists on putting full stops in the abbreviation of the company’s name, despite being repeatedly instructed not to. That’s why the system can’t find their current address, or billing status; and that is why you’re now tearing out your hair and throwing money at lawyers…. PS: I quit.

    I am SO glad I’m out of it. Virgos like to be taken seriously, as well.

    • And for that matter, who the hell thought up the idea to use lower case L instead of the number 1? I remember my typing class in junior high school, the typewriters didn’t have a 1 key, you had to use l. I have occasionally run into people who learned to type on a typewriter, before computers, and they still do this. I even find myself doing it once in a rare while, I don’t know why.

      • I always cross my sevens and zeros for this reason – can’t confuse ‘em with anything else !

        But the l /1 thing would not have been a problem before machine sorting…. Machines are SO DUMB. But not as dumb as the monkeys that drive them. *sigh*

        I’m old enough to remember when memory was expensive, and so we were taught “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. These days memory is cheap and even otherwise intelligent people will tell you with a straight face that its just as good to keyword search an entire database, as it is to Index and Classify it properly. I call this the “Data Soup” approach…

        agggh I can feel my jaw clenching…. I’m OUT of this discussion !! Off to make some Zentangles or lace porcelain….. must…. express…. creative side


            There’s a stack of free ones in the Blog. You don’t need the pre-made cards – just a pen. I make these on ceramics, with…. enthusiastic… results…

            If you want to get a book, I highly recommend “One Zentangle A Day” as being the best of the bunch.

            They make *wonderful* mandalas….

        • The first time I encountered the l/1 thing was in high school. I taught a girl how to type up the punch cards for updating our school newspaper’s computerized mailing list. So I took the cards down to the university computer center to pre-sort the pairs of cards by zip, using an IBM Card Sorter. Suddenly it’s kicking out a pile of cards with errors. She typed l instead of 1. I had to repunch all the cards with errors, and resort the entire deck.

    • I would say it’s not so much about being taken seriously, its about being appreciated and given respect. Virgo’s won’t expect or demand demonstrations of your appreciation – although sometimes when they are on one of their martyr trips they’ll bemoan how underappreciated they are by all and sundry. But when you give them praise/gifts/basically any kind of acknowledgement of their good character and/or their thorough and methodical work, they kinda glow like a little happy gloworm from the inside out. Although on the surface they will of course maintain dignified composure. ;)

    • It is always wise to take a Virgo’s advice. or at least acknowledge it. Slovenly attendance to data sets the scientist in me on edge..

  11. Hey didn’t Mystic write something on her blog a while back, linking to some news story when a company announced it was no longer hiring Virgos? Or something like that.

  12. I have a virgo friend, hes good to have around at a party, I usually end up talking about some shit and no one can ever pay attention long enough to follow the train of thought or something and I am just left explaining something random like a fucking crazy person. It seems like I am just spewing nonsense to most people, but I am totally talking about something real, I can always turn to this friend, and I can always count on him to know what I mean and when its just me and him we can have hour long super complicated conversations about it later. At parties it always feels like I am the only one who realizes whats actually going on, and when I explain I sound out there, but he always notices the same exact things and its just nice, ya know, to know I am not fucking crazy while I am drunk or something. Virgo/gem attention to detail doesn’t mix well with pisces crazy outthereness, especially when high and drunk. Anywho, my virgo pal will always be able to understand what I mean, my scorp freinds sometimes just give up and start being dicks about it.
    It hasn’t happened this year though, suddenly I can magically explain things, I think its because I have more of a presence now. Everything is getting better all the time, otherwise so far things have been pretty much a sitcom this semester, not even exaggerating, at least now I know its not even me doing it

  13. I swear half the science departments at Stanford are either Aqua or Pisces!

    Lots of Aries in the startup/venture capital scene around here I’ve noticed. Makes sense.

  14. yes, all the virgos i know have fabulous big boobs. it’s like they’ve concluded: yes, this is the societal standard, and no, clearly we are not going to realistically change it, so our breasts will be exquisitely maintained in top form.

    dammit i wish i had some virgo.

  15. I think Aquas like Virgos for their strong principles and tidiness.

    Don’t know about amourrrrr or chasseurrrr though. I’ve had a few Virgo GFs I no longer see because they have micromanaged the process of catching up and the relationship became too conditional.

  16. Totes on this. My last workplace was literally crammed full with Virgo (small office, lots of staff). The other non virgos were a crotchety old Capricorn, an anxious Scorpio and me, the crazy Aquarian. It was a strange environment that worked. Once all the dust settled (being the newbie me and the scorp) the working relationships were unparalleled. I found a kindred spirit in the senior (Virgo) designer. Purely business, and damn we made a great team. Now that two of my favourite Virgos have left, I no longer want to return to the job (its a long story…)
    I was completely amazed when I realised they were all Virgos. I’ve got cap rising, so I made friends with the crotchety one. Good friends actually. I think I’ve got a decent bit of Virgo in the latter slums of my chart too.

  17. While I’m a Sagg, with my Mars-Uranus-Pluto triple conjunct in Virgo in 6th and my Moon-Merc (9th)-Midheaven conjunct in Cap (10th), (AND Venus-Neptune conj in Scorp in 7th), I would have to say my ‘investigative’ mind and attention to detail seems to have been underestimated by more than a few ;) in the workplace and beyond.

  18. you would think my former workplace, being accountants, would be Virgo top heavy but no. out of 15 staff we had 4 scorps and 4 leos and 1 virgo. go figure?. There is a high trust level in accountants/lclient relations which could explain the scorps but leos? (except me were the quiet kind = yes there is such a animal)

  19. Of topic…but…Can Virgos mate with each other? Seems like Virgo pair bondings would create a vortex of pseudo-perfectionism that could have dire consequences.

  20. Reading this post was therapy for me, thank you! It feels good to be understood!

    I ran a team that sounds like similar work as Scorp Face. In the overall Billing/Contract department there were only a few of us Virgos. It was Hell of sorts being one of a few of us, always the one who had to clean up after everyone else because they missed the Devil in the details. Our company was bought out and now after 19 yrs my time there is done. Why eliminate a Virgo when you need them on the migration team? lol.

    It’s nice to know that there is real value for us Virgos, for those who pay attention to us, and that I’m sure I’ll find my new calling sometime soon.

  21. Oh my stars!!! I work in the Engineering department f a well-known Port and I can tell you that most of the folks in my division are Virgos, right up to the heads… the rest of the division are mostly Scorpios and a Leos (w/much Virgo in their charts I would imagine). I am a Pisces w/a Gemini moon and I couldn’t be more of a ‘Fish out of Water’ (forgive the pun 5-ways!)

    I’m currently trying to get into the Communications Division.

    Wish me luck!

  22. Interesting. My family is also Virgo heavy, with some Scorpio thrown in (I’m Scorp rising,along with Neptune and Mars). Some of my best employees have been Virgos, and I’ve been awarded for my attention to detail, maybe more so as my Sun has progressed to Virgo. I even married a Capricorn Sun/Aqua moon-asc. Thing is, I *hate* the attention to detail stuff. Bores me to tears.

  23. so much love for virgos! so great. am a virgo surrounded by scorps – female, male, offspring, friends, work colleagues. Still trying to figure the past life karma that got me into this situation. they’re all sex mad, like seriously on a seven second default timer.

  24. A study shows that most billionaires are Virgos. We Yanks have our Warren “The Oracle” Buffett… We share the same birthdate (but not year). Maybe the fortune may come later? Hahahah!!

    • Wow.. I wish that were true. Virgo Sun for me. I have been evaluating my financial situation as being “me just surviving”… not a good thing but something is blocking my energy to be financially stable. I am always living paycheck to paycheck.

      • Me too! Not the best feeling but had to tell myself the positives of no partner (ditched him 2012) no home ownership (went with the husband didn’t want to drag myself through court for a few $$$) and no kids….hoping my biz project with sis is a winner cause the above stuff gets me down sometimes..

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