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Sixties Glam

Hi Mystic!
I have a question for you. As a libra sun, moon and venus and a Taurus rising, let’s just say I can be pretty vain haha! But lately my appearance has taken a big dive. I’ve noticed my stunning Libran sister is looking a little less sparkly, and she too has complained of weight gain. So my question is… Can beauty wax and wane with the stars?! Is there some lesson
to be learned here? Or should we just stop bitching and reclaim our Libra right to beauty(read: vanity)? Heheh xox

The short (because i am busy) answer is YES.Β  Blame the Dark Moon. One’s perceptions of oneself, allure and powers etc is often diminished at this time. Of course, as a Taurus Rising, you also have Saturn in opposition, always a reality check. BUT totally reclaim your right to the Awesome. It just takes more effort with a Dark Moon. It’s better to just accept that you might be a little bit low & do nourishing things.

Definitely don’t do what one Leo client of mine has been doing this Dark Moon (in Leo): lying in her unmade bed, gazing with angst into her handmirror, obsessing about time, skin tone, apparently dropping brows and why her hairdresser no longer respects her. Hair IS Freudian on a Dark Moon in Leo but still…

As you will know, if you get my Daily Mystic email, the Dark Moon is when still yourself, stay nourished, go easy on yourself and rest or gather info. Push yourself AFTER the Moon is New.

OH AND Venus Retro in Capricorn with Mars Retro in Libra is totally going to be a game-changer for relationships, beauty practice, culture and damn well everything. I’m on it just as soon as i’ve sorted the Nine and a Half Weeks of Mercury in Scorpio. Obsession: it’s more than just a neurotoxic (apparently) Calvin Klein scent from the 90s.

Image: Veruschka – the first Supermodel – Sun-Uranus conjunct in Taurus.Β 

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92 thoughts on “Dark Moon Psycho Bitcherel

  1. Good Morning.. first one to respond again. I am Virgo Sun / Libra Rising / Leo moon (everyone probably already know this..) and I started taking acting classes. So, you know what that means “photographs”.. OH MY.. I saw my first act video last night and I was sick to my stomach. The details of my aged face was unacceptable. SO sad..

    I am also dealing with dissatisfaction with my appearance. Haven’t had the energy to exercise but I am going to start again this week. I will hate it but it just has to start.

    Thanks Mystic for being busy and responding to the question.


  2. I’ve broken out in cystic acne πŸ˜€ I blame the ice cream !! Or my menstrual cycle. Or the astro.

    And OMG !! I am having bad hair :(

    I haven’t had bad hair in almost 8 years and I’ve had a henna disaster. It isn’t bright enough !! I look dull and haggard. I never knew how much I relied on my lovely henna to make me look creamy and sparkly until I tried a new type and IT DIDN’T WORK. I am SO upset I was actually looking at chemical dyes in the supermarket today ! Luckily my sister is going to rescue me by hunting some good henna down in Freo tomorrow, but urgh ! I feel I should have a bag on my head or something !! AND it cost me twice as much as my usual stuff (my henna dealer is out, so I’m hangin’). NEVER AGAIN !!!!!

    • Hey! You’re in Perth, lets be friends :)

      My skin has gone rubbish too, glad i can blame the astro!

      Skin aside though, I am loving this moon. Suspect because I have been doing loads of yoga, but I have done some of the best corporate scheming ever. Can’t wait to launch!

      Good luck to anyone struggling. Hold on. Hugs!!

  3. Mystic once wrote on a dark Moon something like STEP AWAY FROM THE HENNA and i had the packet on the bench ready to go.

    Henna is always a mistake. God knows why we think it is better because native tribes did it.

    • I was a henna hippy chick for a long time but now coulour is coming sans ammonia then I will the bottle a try .

    • No no no ! Henna is FAB – honestly this is the first time in almost 8 years it hasn’t worked, which is why I’m miffed. I’ve become spoilt because its always looked GREAT.

      And its not the ammonia which worries me its the PPD – Para-phenylenediamine that shit is really nasty and its present (albeit in small quantities) in almost every commercial hair dye. The really nasty thing about it is that you can use the same hair dye for years and then BOOM ! Suddenly your head is the size of a soccer ball. Sudden allergic reactions can occur at almost any time, no matter how often you have used it previously, and even if you do a patch test…

      Its almost impossible to find commercial dyes which don’t have PPD in them. The Garnier Olia doesn’t, but it does have:

      Developer Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Paraffinium Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Steareth-20, PEG-4 Rapeseedamide, Tocopherol, Sodium Stannate, Polyquaternium-6, Pentasodiumpentetate, Phosphoric Acid, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Hexadimethrine Chloride, Glycerin (F.I.L. C42424/1)

      Colourant Ingredients: Paraffinium Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Aqua (Water), Ethanolamine, Steareth-20, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Polysorbate 21, Steareth-2, 1-Hydroxyethyl 4,5-Diamino Pyrazole Sulfate, 4-Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene, 5-Amino-6-Chloro-o-Cresol, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite, Thioglycerin, Toluene-2,5-Diamine, Polyquaternium-67, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil), 2-Methyl-5-Hydroxyethylaminophenol, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil (Meadowfoam Seed Oil), Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Passiflora Incarnata (Passiflora Incarnata Seed Oil), EDTA, Parfum (Fragrance) (F.I.L. C54587/1)

      Conditioner Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Cetyl Esters, Trideceth-6, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Amodimethicone, Isopropyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Cetrimonium Chloride, Parfum (Fragrance) (F.I.L. C53909/1)

      …which kinda makes a mockery of eating organic food πŸ˜€

      The semi-permanents are no better. Clairol Natural Instincts had PPD in it, as does the Garnier Herbashine, even though they both say “Ammonia Free” and make a big deal about it being more “natural”

      I use: Indigo and Henna in a developing solution of: water and vinegar; with a conditioner of : coconut oil. Its let me down once in eight years and my head has not swollen up to the size of a football at any point πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      Anyway, check out Mehandi http://www.mehandi.com/ if you’re horrified – she has a stack of free info and even sells testers… (PS: This is not where I get my henna from cos it costs a bomb to ship to Australia. I get mine from the Herb shop in the Fremantle Markets – its their dark red)

  4. I think this may be affecting a few signs.

    I’m nothing in libra and this week I have gone to get hair done only to walk out miserable and hating it. Feeling ugly as hell.

    Distinct weight gain from repeated scoffing of chocolate related products.

    Skin not happy

    And this morning I thought hey, maybe a home remedy for dry hair … I am now a walking coconut oil slick. That stuff doesn’t really rinse out.

    And I know there is a planetary thing at the moment that is shooting my self confidence into the gutter.

    Could be worse. But my first world bubble is struggling

      • dear god yes i was in total tears last night, just general life-suck-fest feelings. but crying might be a good idea Xx..? Seriously after weeping half my body weight in salt water i just can’t be down any longer, i woke up feeling all spiritually go get ’em, planB type.

      • This is the worst dark moon I can remember. Just had a severe anxiety dream, woke up literally drenched in sweat. I didn’t know that waking up covered in sweat thing actually happened.

      • I was sooooo good up until today. Compromised by sticking with my acceptable foods list (gf/df mostly vegan) but…i still ate a whole rice crust pizza and a pint of coconut bliss ice cream. :p

    • I feel like a bloody pinball ball …. but not so pretty and shiny. Thank the lord for Mystic and the blog or I would be doing things I really knooooooow I ought not to. Bless, going to just ride the crazy ride out :)

  5. Hey totally hilarious. A random “dude” turned to me on the bus and complimented me on my hat. Now i usually give the icy flick to any man who gives me the eye on the bus…like, have the grace to stop leering, right? So when i saw this guy turn i looked back about to laser him into his chair and he gives this great grin, and suddenly we’re chatting about hats and he’s wishing for hair extensions. I whip off my hat and say i wish i could give you mine. He gets envious when i say this growth only took 5 weeks, tells me short hair suits me and he says again he’s definitely getting extensions. Grizzled ol’ thing MUST have been a LEO, right?? :) (Me, of course I’m a Pisces, freezing out the common folk and chatting happily with an interesting fringe dweller.)

    • god i hate travelling by bus for that very reason. You have to keep forceshields on super high. good that it turned out to be someone harmless!

  6. I can’t get over that neurotoxin biz re Obsession. I mean, I wore that stuff all the time back in the day, & looking back I wonder how many dark moods & shit decisions I made (like husband #1) could have been fueled by such noxious fumes… How much the Klein chems emanating from me may have tainted those around me… Should a surgical strike against Calvin Klein be on the table for consideration? Hmm.

    • *recheaching for my box of redheads & some twigs*

      And on this dark moon psycho bitcherel, can I just say that should the powers that be decide to launch a “surgical strike” against Syria, the Zap Zone will go from 0 to 60 in about two seconds. I’m not saying anything about whether or not I’m pro military action– I haven’t picked a side, actually– just stating objective observations. Like, economical, crunching the numbers, doing the astral & fiscal math observations, as a scientist might. Objective.

    • Scorporation. Didnt really know about the obsession story. Hope that my hypnotic poison is not any of these… Toxics. Anyway lately I do have fuming relationship in a good way. And exclusively with my hubby, who is pretty fresh of 6 weeks :-) And just latest today I did really vibe out against qivampires. So definitively oh so busy times :-) and somehow even so everything happens- still fine with my scorpio asc. I used to be too vain, really. Maybe it was my taurus moon? Little Libra in my chart. I obsessed about everything and I was lazy enough Pisces to not do too much. Wtf now about my looks – being in my mid 40s no intentions of beauty make-overs. I have agreed with my weight gain of the last years. Cant be 120 pounds forever. I have anorectic mom, so she is not happy. You have to see yourself as You are, not as You were. I am in normal weight, not anorectic, and I lost the skinny deprived looks and gained some bust, but lost some waist. Something found something lost they say…

  7. I’ve been away but just hit the wifi and instantly laughed. I have had a summer of flouncy dresses and living on other people’s diets. Today I put my jeans on… Or fought with my jeans. Time to get serious. I’m admitting that my jeans are my best friend. Just putting it straight in a brutally honest way. You’ve gained a ton. Get back to your epic diet and move your ass into the gym NOW.

  8. yes def. figure out if you start your moon cycle + or- 3 days of the full moon or new moon if not on hormones.

    • I read once that back in ye olde cave days, most women ovulated with the full moon and bled on the new (as is apparently still the case), but the healers/shamans/witches bled the opposite. Wish I could remember the source, ’cause it sounds like a crock of shiz, but as a full moon bleeder I want it to be true. Ever heard anything like that?

      • no, but im fascinated now!

        i bleed on the full moon half the year and the new moon the other half. Im currently on the new moon cycle. i guess im only half witch! pooh!

        i do know if you are bleeding at another time and you are not on bc pills, something is wrong with your hormones.

  9. My diet has been a combo of Tex-Mex, barbecue and sugar during this Dark Moon, and my body and my hair feel out of whack. But it’s been great for dreams and for re-connecting with dear, beloved people, places and things. Discovered a wonderful small-batch, single-source, fair-trade chocolate, too.

  10. Hello dark moon — hello shingles! Well life is hell right now. Got the shingles for the 1st time after getting served to testify in court for my client. Then another effin’ subpoena at work. The shingles spread over the weekend. Thought it was a bug bite since I’ve never had shingles. Now I feel like Frankenstein. Gross gross gross. Saturn in scorpio conj my neptune, oppose my sun. Don’t know what else here. My lillith in leo. Pluto in capricorn square my venus/mercury in aries, moon in cancer opposed. Can it be any more sweatier and heavier than this period, or it seems like all of this year. Something or someone lighten up this load, please. I get up, do my best, but there is some point when I scream — WTF! And legitimately so. Oh, I guess the other part of all this is — YES, I’m taking care of everyone and no one’s taking care of me. I’ve eliminated those divas who aren’t able to grow up, no matter what and selfish as hell. And guys…. hmmmm…. I’m very cautious with them these days.

    • Serenity, hang in there! I had shingles badly last year and the pain is just something unbelievable. I would rather have given birth again twice! I hope you’re doing everything your Dr. tells you to. Don’t make the mistake of trying to push through it. The pain, while not so traumatic, can linger. Eighteen months later, if I’m stressed, my right arm will feel Shingly all over again. For those who have never experienced it – don’t! Go get vaccinated against it. I wasn’t aware a deterrent was available. I dearly wish I had known. For myself, Shingles made me to stop. It gave me time to look, sort things out, and change direction. I wish you well as soon as possible Serenity.

  11. Currently:

    Situation: Ace of Cups reversed – arguments, tears, overflowing out-of-control emotions

    Solution: Knight of Coins – Head down, get to work, sort your finances out, do it slowly and do it well.

  12. No carb loading for me – been cleaning out my diet with liquid superfoods the last week after riding hard on an intense program this summer. Went on the scale and lost 6-7 pounds in the last month so yay for me. Didnt even try and it slipped off, so Im happy about that, esp. as Jupiter just landed on my Asc.

    HOWEVER. This Dark Moon is batshit crazy. Not for me directly, but for everybody in closest proximity to me. Family is running around with heads chopped off, people threatening others with things Im absolutely appalled at hearing. Ive been real good about shielding myself, but its gotten to a point where I cannot be a part of this anymore. Family has been highly dysfunctional since my childhood but its like that all over again as my mother is going through a Saturn Return/menopause/crisis, and poor dad is being stomped into the ground and dragged along in the dirt trying to fix a problem he cant solve. I am about to red button eject myself out of this situation, thats what my gut tells me even though Ive gone through hell and high water in the last decade to get us to a place where we can dwell peacefully – until now. I dont think my moms issues are going to go away anytime soon. Did anybody have a particularly challenging time with their mother’s Saturn Return? Do you think I would seem insensitive to exit when she needs support? I mean, she needs like serious psychiatric help imo. I am really feeling torn. Thankfully even Ms. Oracle is being nice to me at least. Oh dear. It must be really bad when even she is this nice.

    • I don’t know what this is like, I think my mums on some constant Neptune transit and caught in the transit lounge so just not getting it! So stays in addictive relationships with addicts so she can be in denial about, well, prob the pain, I feel for her and I’ve wanted to rescue her, be there for her, be her friend, but space is eventually needed… If you’re really worried about her safety you might want to have am intervention, whether that’s you confronting her or professionals is your call… Or you could encourage her to get help go to gp, get counselling…. Saturn transits are hard…

  13. Dark moon – dark under the eyes

    Libra: Sun Jupiter Venus Mercury Uranus …

    Keeps me from going out and doing to many stupid things, I just have to look in the mirror and decide to stay in :)

    I also find the last part of my solar cycle like a dark moon, the rounding up off the energy of the last year before the Sun enters Libra.

  14. This dark moon is moving through my 12th HOUSE!!!! UGH. Such a rough one for me.

    Pisces son got super twisted Friday morning. But we pulled through. Then Friday after swimming in the ocean multiple times while tending a fire went home to maybe conceive a child.
    Saturday should have been glorious, going to a local wedding with all our friends, but NO. At the reception my boyfriend got jumped after defending a man in his 50s from getting beat up.
    My boyfriend is an ex fighter and we are both so pissed at how dirty it was. The guy who distracted him was so condescending to me and called me names. Lover held it together, not going back and destroying them. Cause of me and our friends whose wedding it was. Groom and bride were angry and thankfully don’t blame Torro Lover.
    But it isn’t over.
    I should be so happy, in love, thinking of maybe baby, but instead……
    and I have been so scared he would become a fighter again, but he has been really adament that those days our over, except for these 2 guys. His moon in scorpio wants revenge.

    • Dark moon…..Torro Lover has dark eye. Was a plum for a couple of days, now flat, but black.

  15. Can no longer resist the urge to have a bitch and a moan myself…

    Not only do I feel like a bucket of sh*t, what’s more, I LOOK like it too.

    And wanna know what’s WAY worse than a few spots on your face – try a honkin big-ass boil on yer bum! Like WTF?! – gross!
    Well at least I know now why I’ve been craving red onions and eating them like apples the last few days- eiw.

    I’m ‘old school’ Scorp, so I’m so stranger to feeling like the Undead – so vain Vampire I can totally vibe, but this butt-zit Zombie chic is SO not my style….


  16. Yeah, I was doing the bitcherel at work today. We have two teams doing two different parts of the same task. We will finish tomorrow, and then train together the next day. But our team will finish hours before the other team, we both have to finish before we can start training together. One guy from the other team is goldbricking. He wanders around our side of the office, interrupting our work, bragging about how he’s dragging his feet, working as slow as possible and how that means he’ll get more hours and more pay than our team which is working hard. At one point, the office manager got up and told him to STFU, quit bothering the other team, and get back to work.
    So at about 4:30 today, I was talking to both team leaders about our work schedule, we were figuring we’d work like 2 hours tomorrow, but the other team would probably work all day. I complained about Mr. Goldbrick, and blurted out, “I don’t mind so much when I get fewer work hours, I just mind when other people are dragging their feet and get rewarded for it.” Team Goldbrick’s leader snapped back, “we’re NOT dragging our feet, we’re moving slow because this batch of paperwork is difficult and it takes more time.” Without thinking, I snapped back, “Yeah, we had two of those batches last week.” That got a dirty look in response. And just then, Mr. Goldbrick himself came back from an unscheduled 20 minute break, went to pick up a packet of new paperwork to process, and hadn’t heard any of what we’d said. Then he walked by and taunted our team, “I’m moving as slowly as I possibly can..” and literally dragged his feet across the ground, pantomiming himself moving in slow motion. I rolled my eyes and I could see Team Goldbrick’s leader trying to turn himself invisible. LOL.

    • I’m half thinking this is why the universe intervened and I got a 24hr bug thing and have two days off work, Leo is my 10th house so dark moon gunk could have come out at work, this way its just me and my bed, and lots of healing..

    • neg power plays in my workplace too, people behaving like spoilt children. I would like nothing better than to stay at home but today and tomorrow are the busiest days I have had in years if not ever.

      stupid people on the radio saying stupid (election-related) things…..the world feels mad!

    • I am the total opposite. August has been a great month for me workwise. My boss is out of the office and I am showing my strength and/or proving to others I can do the job. It is a great feeling. It August is any indication of November.. It should be good workwise.

      Hoping tomorrow is smooth sailing. xo!!

  17. As i skipped down the lane this morning, i sang a little song with all my birdy friends
    “I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay”… My wife will not be happy..

    • “I feel sh*tty, oh so sh*tty, I feel sh*tty and gritty and GAY…”

      I wouldn’t push it under this dark moon bro, or wifey may just bitch-slap you into your next life.


      • And possibly a little snitty x
        Which you can use in the second verse.
        And wifey’s pretty unmovable. A think talk of a sex change might raise an eyebrow. I’ll save thaT one for Xmas.

  18. Now I understand! Thanks Mystic!

    I knew it was a dark moon and I’ve been nurturing, but I have had the worst time with my hair that I’ve had in years. It’s been all wrong and nothing I do will make it right. As a Leo rising, I get it now. I’ll just do a conditioning treatment and pray it shines again after tomorrow night.

    • “Carols daughter”brand hair masks changed my life!!! My hair was super overprocessed and lifeless and now it’s healthy again and growing 2x as fast.

  19. I did a lot of rest and down time the last several days, felt good. I spontaneously got some watercolor paints recently and did some painting over the weekend. I haven’t watercolored for decades, maybe since being a teenager. Needed the creative and meditative outlet..

    I actually had a random ‘good hair’ day today….yay! Will I be able to replicate this..? Who knows….

    But………..although I haven’t heavily felt the dark moon…yet….and it’s actually gone pretty well, I’m not feeling super confident and I have to make a resume so I can apply for this new job. I’m feeling ‘blah’ about myself, difficult to toot my own horn. Aiming to send the resume in on the new moon, Thursday, and just flail around until then trying to put my resume together.
    I really need a second job and this could be the ticket, but I’m wondering if I will rise to the occasion and ‘sparkle’ enough to get an interview. I’m more than qualified for the job, it’s just getting that across…… I really want someone to write this resume for me and tell me I’m GREAT!!!! …because I don’t feel great……I feel so un-special….. self-esteem issues all my life, though, so can’t blame this moon……have critical Virgo mother, though, who has Leo rising so maybe I’m feeling my mom’s vibes around me, which were always kind of undermining….hmmmmm……

    Some tummy weight gain due to, I think, Jupiter transiting right on my ascendant. Very aware of my diet and eat very healthy foods, but I have also been eating sweets……and chocolate……so very comforting, right? It is dark chocolate, but still…… Never had a sweet tooth until a few years ago. Just today was thinking how that bit of chocolate each day seems to be related to my feeling of loneliness and somehow helps me cope with the City………

    • yes chocolate has chemicals in it that mimic feeling loved and calm which is why it is hard to quit. i havent eaten chocolate since the day i figured out it is linked to my cystic acne with the darker the chocolate the worse the out break.

      but i also think since quitting chocolate that i also struggle withe greater life dissatisfaction and unhappiness than before. I at least had the illusion of feeling loved with chocolate. Now i have nothing. I have cried more days this past month than in a year.

      • and it might even be worth getting off chocolate if it actually helped me drop some pounds, but nope. no such luck. weight is same.

        • Sorry to hear chocolate isn’t agreeing with you E.E.L.! :( That’s a bummer for sure..

          Yeah, I guess it’s the theobromine in the chocolate that gives one that feeling of being loved. It’s supposed to boost serotonin.
          I’ve been depressed the last few years and maybe it’s given me that little boost. I also take a St. John’s Wort capsule every night before bed, too. That seems to help with my mood the next day when I awaken.

  20. I feel insane!
    Not good or bad, just incredibly hyper insane.

    I have an idea & I have had some green lights on following through with it.
    It could take years to manifest & would be a lot of work.

    Funny Dark Moon, my idea sparked at about 12 degrees or so of that Leo Moon in my 2nd House. It definitely involves big thinking, kids and values.

    I heart you Dark Moon in Leo!!

  21. Totally felt the dark moon. Had gone to visit my nana and my cousin was driving me back. Floods of silent tears came out. purging. It was lovely to have conversations about relationships and to see them being played out in front of me – the interaction between my cousins and their wives. I learnt so much and felt really sad that I wasn’t able to be a better woman in my relationship. I cant seem to be gentle and soft and inviting. My tone is always harsh and aggressive. Id love to be a soft spoken person who still has a backbone. Hmmmm….

  22. Im a Taurus with Libran rising and im having the opposite experience right now!!!! I am so freaking hot and my hair is magical I have never noticed so many men notice me its down right freaky because most of the time im virtually invisable only my people seem to see me,,,, im very forgettable and i have one of those faces that reminds everyone of their cute neice etc.
    I hope it doesnt stop cause im kinda enjoying it πŸ˜€

  23. Feeling the Dark Moon today emotionally today but I am PMSing that should be over by the 5th. ugh! Bad timing!!

    I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Last week I had the biggest spider walk to the shower while I was in it. OUT I went soaking wet and naked to get a broom.. that is how big it was. Wet foot prints through my apartment and end of story. So I was freaking myself out trying to go to bed thinking about it. That was a week ago.. so why I was thinking about it.. who knows.. sheesh!

    Going down a dark alley with past relationships.. I want to stir the pot! I won’t because of Mystic’s Daily advice. Sheesh! My birthday is coming up and I don’t want a particular individual to try and drain my spirits this year. I want to celebrate and because he’s is such a deep dark hole he will try something. Gag.. Note to self: You should have known better. Chapter closed!


    • That was a very Scorpio moment, a big spider joining you in the shower. All 8-legged & wet. LOL

      What’s happening in the Scorp area of your chart, VE? Curious!

      • Scorpio is in my1st and 2nd house. I have Venus and Neptune (1st) and Mars (2nd) natal placement and Saturn and True Node (??) in the 1st house passing by.

        This thing was huge. I wish I could tolerate those creatures but I just can’t. I think it was a wood spider but just too big for my apartment.

        How do I look something up like that. Animals / creaturess that show up in my life at certain times. I have the Animal Speak by Ted Andrews that I should look up out of curiosity.

    • those ‘should have known better’ thoughts, we all have them, at least we never forget the lesson… your 7th house isn busy with uranus and south node transiting, so maybe when things start getting a bit wierd in the realm of where you are required to relate with others, see if it helps to translate that as another tree in a rather unpredictable 7th-house forest right now. if that makes sense. I’m sort of using the same approach for Pluto transiting my 7th house, where it’s like a revolving door of people , connections etc.

      • Thanks Pi! Just a little confused. I don’t have any planets passing the 7th house. I just realized that my transiting sun (11th) is direct with natal saturn (5th house).

        • Hmm. Yes: if the North Node is transiting your 1st & 2nd/Scorpio, then the South Node should be transiting opposite that in your 7th house of relationships, which should be… Aries? Yes, & Uranus is currently in Aries. Maybe your 7th is Toro, though?

          Basically, you can use whatever is going down in any house or sign to provide insights into the house/sign opposite it. So if you have major movement in the 1st house, I think you can generally use that to navigate your 7th house experiences with an opposition pov. That’s probably a gross simplification of how it works, but after all I’m no astrologer & this shiz is free, so… Caveat Emptor. Haha

          • a-HA!! Thank you! Very informative. I think I remember someone saying the True Node is the North and South node. But it’s not clear. It is now. Another step in seeing the big picture of my chart.

            Thanks again Scorp..

            And yes. Toro (7th) is getting the node passing at the same time as my 1st.

    • Why i call all spiders ‘Matilda’ is unknown to me BUT hope you relocated her by putting a glass over her then sliding a piece of paper between wall, glass & spider, then drop her outside on the earth or plants.
      SPIDERS are special to the Goddess as they symbolise her weaving of life’s threads.

      • Oh well.. nope! She is gone! Broom in hand! I lose total focus when I see a spider that big! I thought about it after.. I shouldn’t have killed it. I was in the martial arts for years and killing insects is unheard of.

        (sigh). Crap!

  24. feeling like poop. No one can say I didn’t do my damnedest to meet people this year and “get out there”….. looks like ill be eating birthday cake alone this year again. :(

    I’m currently doing that Kim Falconer “i am worthy” exercise.

    new moon will be barely conjunct my natal venus.

    stoopid venus claws….worthless…

  25. ugh. To top off weekend of boyfriend getting jumped, dudes lying about it to the groom….
    I got glutened at wedding so sick on and off, blisters on hand.

    Now the torro’s ex sends ME a message bitching.

    • Too busy for proper exercise, me! You are Mercury people HDQ you will bounce back when your brain is engaged, no doubt. :)

  26. All Astro info is uplifting me after a dark winter heavily clothed that dragged me down with weight and the inability to move the body freely.
    Spring has me bursting with energy and new beginnings that entail me mantra-ing CONFIDENCE. Believe in myself that i have something to give that peoples need.
    My petite statue of Ganesh, an original antique from Tibet purchased from a Tibetan in the market is doing what it is supposed to do by banishing all obstacles. Funny when you realise the actual obstacles are imaginary, just what you believe to be true.
    Sampled MM’s binaural sounds and it is exactly the inspiration i wanted and may use in The Work. Everything sounds better with Bose ear casques, don’t care if peeps look at me strangely when out flower picking jasmine that has bloomed all over the neighbourhood and filling the house with their aroma, sheer bliss. Spring here-spring in my stepping up to the challenge.
    Only 6 more days to shape up and the road to my studio will be re-opened after 9 months of being blocked in and feeling useless and bombarded with machinery noise.
    A brand new road opening to my door!

    All the stars are aligning in my favour. A happy Sagg is real joy as they dislike constrictions in any form, even roofs over head block them, infringing on freedom or impinge on crown chakra methinks :-)

  27. I was thinking that i am lucky to have escaped the dark moon and all the enchanted devilship of it. But I was wrong. I did get it really bad, but I am still standing… Can You imagine having a toxic relationship with your mom. Mostly You just avoid her. I even moved to another country. I see her now and then in family situations, but less and less… I sould have gone to homeland next week, but I could not. It is a bigger event. Like a premier of my close relative. Well I informed my mom, that I cant due to work, that is true. But I would have gone had it not been this specific big buisness meeting on Friday 13.09. And then I talked friendly as usual once a month to that mom of mine. To be honest I did not invite her to my wedding either… But I try to stay in touch. She said that she dont mind me not coming, since I am getting too old. She was not sure if I would have fit into that kind of artist company anymore ( I am scientist). Omg. What can You do with this kind of bitch!!!! I guess I will never see my homeland again. Ha,ha,ha,,,,

    • I am with you Fat! My Mom and I never got along and I am still dealing with the miserable impression of her life imposed into my life as a child. Her negativity, drinking and just a sad soul. They recently had a family gathering and never invited me. It was kinda like “well you are busy and we understand” BS!! I am so beating myself up right now because of this dark moon hitting my 11th house of friends, goals for the future. She just drilled me with negativity about who I am and it is still around. I moved 1000 miles away from her to start over. Ugh!

      So, hang in there. You did the right thing with “doing what YOU want”. It has to feel good that you aren’t around the constant badgering of bulliness! She wants you feel bad about yourself. Shame on her. She was probably brought up the same way!

      God Speed! xo!!

      • Thanks lovely Virgo Elie! This is just so incredible how sometimes children grow up their parents and end up to be the parents to all of them :-) I know she is tozoc, but is can be almost newsworhty to hear her bitcerel. Amazing. A woman of age of 67 feeling like 21. Married 40 years thinking that next guy in row is her prince. I feel sorry for her life and only thing she really feels proud of is her looks one time ago. My son actually felt she was the evil stepmother from snowwhite. He was not wrong. And they have no contact now. I am glad you moved away. My mOm used to be the mrs. Robinson for my early male fans. Imagine… Probably your mom somehow too…. Somehow I do wonder if life doesnt learn anything to some…. Or maybe the bitchiness is the last resort.

        I feel sorry for my brother, who lives still in the same but huge house and is the famous artist who will have his evening. Welll – she dont have to be worried about my outfit or missing wrinkles ( I look good for my age of 45) – so there will be no competition – ha,ha,ha….