Lilith, Uranus and You

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Black Moon Lilith square Uranus can be a bitch but so can you…

And hey the Daily Horoscopes for lucky Friday the 13th are now posted, with all the info on where to bitch it up and where to go more goo-goo Zen in your vibe. Yes, Venus in Scorpio gets a look-in, for some peeps more than others.

Need to know more about Bitch Goddess Lilith and how to activate YOUR Lady-Mars?  If you don’t have my e-book Bitchcraft – The Book Of Lilith yet, you can instantly download it for $8.88 here. Get real – stay fierce.

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49 thoughts on “Lilith, Uranus and You

  1. Just downloaded Bitchcraft. Mystic, you’re incredible. Loved reading my Lilith – touchingly, endearingly enlightening words and powerful core messages. We all can do ourselves a favour being more in touch with our Lilith. Thank you so much x

    • Ditto as above L.Cat

      My chart using the whole house system puts Pallas Athene, Juno and Lilith at 1,2 & 3 degrees Sag in the first house. . It reminds me of the protest song, “One, two, three, what are we fighting for? “Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn, next stop is Vietnam” (oh but I do give a damn).

      These three residing in my first house makes a lot more sense than them being tucked away in the 12th which they were under the placidus house system. I now understand more fully why I scare the bejesus out of people without really trying.

      $8.88 is a lot more honest than $9.99 and undoubtedly more fortuitous. Thanks Myst.

    • Looks like Lilith hit my natal L on 8/20. So, yes I am in worrier mode. It actually started on 9/5 with the toro/gem but it might have been brewing around the end of August. I can’t get over how I am challenging him to gain ownership of myself. It may not be a good outcome but right now I feel the need to push the envelope as I said to him yesterday. He doesn’t deserve to get away with this. He’s going through his own shedding of the snake skin right now. Clearing himself out emotionally and spiritually. Amazing what I have found out so far from him. He is totally turning a new leaf but not with out time together. Shame on me!!

  2. That pix is the legendary Greta Garbo or her doppelgänger.
    That is not a Brooke or Cara brow now is it.

  3. I downloaded Bitchcraft after realizing Lilith is basically on my ascendent. So she adds a whole new spin on my chart and I’m learning to channel Lilith more and more…I am not your stereotypical bitch but a feminist and very independent, individual. I went to a women’s college which had a totally Lilith vibe (down with the patriarchy, etc). Love the Lilith energy.

  4. Right: Shark, guile, haute neptune. I can do this. My day of Art Commitments suddenly morphed into art and Work commitments thanks to piscean diary management techniques achieving supremacy in my life.

    face to face met someone who until now was just a name online. no not naff dating stuff but anyway, egads, I’m not even going near the Oracle, or estalking, just have to shut this straight down – I was instantly transported back to the Amazing Piscean Scientist vibe. Like, you take a small step and bam there you are falling down a mineshaft. yikes. Like a Redux. they even look similar. it could be a neptune thing yes? I didn’t speak to this guy other than to say hi, introduce myself. self possessed, vastly intelligent, uranian outdoorsy extremophile WTF is it with me and these types
    he’s kind of a star in the universe he exists in so i may just have been responding to the aura of awesomeness. BLA BLA BLA this is the last you’ll hear of this i promise

  5. Lucky Friday the 13th is my birthday! And I was born on a Friday too. All I have in Aqua in my natal chart is good old Lilith, but my solar return chart gives me Aqua rising. Does that mean I get to be a bitch all year long? lol

    • Happy early Birthday 12th! Wishing you a great day. A HS friend loved the #13. He had it as his soccer number. They played so well and was the highlight of my HS years!! xo!!!

      Astrology question: How does a solar return create a house rising. Is Agua your rising sign? I don’t know why I thought it was Scorpio. Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment. Thanks for responding if you do! :)

      • Early Happy Birthday from me 12th!

        I’m trying to work with my solar return chart too. is is true that if the houses also represent the month of the year and you can read them to figure out which energies will be manifesting on which month? I hope that makes sense – don’t quite know how to word it.

    • Thanks! Honestly, I have no idea how to read a solar return chart, lol. I just pulled it up on and it showed my AC in Aqua. Another weird thing, my natal chart emphasizes the 3rd/9th Sag/Gem and 12th/6th Virgo/Pisces axis, but in the solar return chart, those signs are intercepted. I’m still a Virgo/Virgo rising, but its interesting to look at how the energy is manifesting this particular year.

      • Thanks for the tip! I read up on hi-lo Aqua. I have my ex brother in-law as a lo-Aqua example. I’m going haute Aqua, for sure. So exciting to consider myself wearing a different sign for another year! And Aqua infused by Lilith feels so right! I guess it should – its my astro, lol.

    • happy birthday!

      I dont have anything in Aqua either besides eros but uranus conj my sun gives e plenty of aqua flavor.

  6. yAY! hAPPY FRIDAY 13TH! I have had some serious MAGIC & GOOD TIMES on this day after I changed my minset about it (thanks to this site). Funny that!

    Also YAH! OMG the Book of Lilith is soooooo inspiring! Also it really surprised me how much lilith connections between charts make thinds really…ummm…ZINGY!

  7. Question: is a 12th h Lilith pass-agg? (Feels so right. Is it in the book and i just missed it?). Or should I lay the blame solely on my mars-Uranus opp? Really, it’s ridiculous. I need my own personal face-slapper just to follow me around.

  8. My mind is being blown right now. Lucky 13s!

    Walked around Capitol Hill today, past the Library of Congress where I noticed heads of various races of the world used as keystones for the arched windows. There are 33 ethnographical heads…strengths that let the light into the building. So poetic. DC architecture is so brimming with archetypal symbolism, I should start a blog about it. The goat goddess in the top of the Supreme Court, the 13 occupy protestors arrested at the Franklin school, one of 13 protected buildings designed by Benjamin Franklin…so many ideas on my mind…so glad I get to be a solar return Aquarian this year!

    • And tomorrow I am 3 13s…ha ha….my mind keeps being blown by symbols and synchronicities today. Don’t mind me. Must ground out when I get like this…

      • OK – one more thing that someone here may get – why oh why are Freemason’s still a bunch of dicks! I mean, the symbolism and the practice is truth, but to make and keep that knowledge as a boys club is something that must be challenged directly, don’t you other Lilith’s think?

        • yes, I agree. I believe it was a boy’s club only so, the could sneak in booze, drugs and chicks without the wives finding out.

            • a friend who is one explained it to me just last week! there are three- eastern star, a french one (her branch) and another. she (a haute gem, definitely) finds it very spiritually fulfilling – compared it to sufism. and said it is quite a discipline!

        • As far as I know the masons take women so get on down and join if you so desire.

          They help people pay for university fees etc. if they’re members or children of active members. A friend of mine’s sister had her law degree paid for.

          Everything I’ve heard from people who actually deal with them makes me tend to ignore the conspiracy theories. But maybe it’s different in the antipodes?

          My lilith conjunct ascendant says let it be the discrimination that is actually happening in the now that ye kick against. Use history for context and deal on a case by case basis if / when it unfolds. But that’s me. Other people have different ideas about that kind of thing. That’s their perogative.

          • My mum worked at a Masonic Club when I was younger. When my dad passed away they quietly went & paid for our school fees. She’s never forgotten their kindness & generosity. It’s not different in the Antipodes 😉

  9. Just downloaded my copy of Bitchcraft – only 8 dollars? really?

    Like lots of other people, Mystic I love your writing and your counsel, so that’s a gift. Thank you.

    And whats more, I am totally delighted with my Lilith placement – turns out I have Lilith in Aries, which is right where I need her – with libra on the rise and all that water and earth in my chart – I feel this Lillith affords me some fire…a hint of Willow there? (Buffy’s mate)…and there’s no messin’ with Willow is there? Oh no x

  10. I have Lilith conjunct my Sun and I got fired yesterday, with no explanation.

    But I think your book has shed some light on why. Is it possible that a strong Cancer/4th house theme connected to Lilith also means you’re always looking for a home, because you’re always viewed as an outsider and unwanted?

  11. Hi,

    I am a PLuto in Leo generational male.Cardinal G.Cross on the angles(Sun-IC Cap 4th/Moon-DC Aries 7th/Mars-ASC/Uranus-MC)…..13 is my lucky # & i love Friday the 13ths.This one no exception.

    Since renewing my interest in astrology this past 3yrs,Lilith has impacted my chart study in a most powerful way,as the issues of male/female essence/polarity/unity and co-creative principles that are a promise of the now immanent Aquarian age we are bridging,rose to prime importance in this souls chart & journey as other specifics/aspects of the chart is now more clearly understood and to their relevance in these regards.

    BML & OSC L are minutes apart in late Aries just over the cusp of the 8th.Asteroid 149# Medusa is at 0 Taurus and conjunct BML-sextile MC/Uranus-trine Sun/IC.As usual,synchronicity rules as i check the chart and transiting Medusa is conjunct my N Node at 12 Aries,as Uranus has been waltzing with her there.

    N Node is 13 Aries on the Sabians ‘AN UNEXPLODED BOMB REVEALS AN UNSUCCESSFUL SOCIAL PROTEST’-An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming the staus quo.Transiting Medusa is at 14 on the sabians ‘A SERPENT COILING NEAR A MAN & WOMAN’-Identification in bipolar relationship with the impersonal rhythm of natural energy.Lilith at 28 Aries=29 Sabian’THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES’.Attunement to cosmic order’.

    The progressed chart puts Lilith 5 Tauru=6th Sabian’CANTILEVER BRIDGE ACROSS A DEEP GORGE’-The conquest of separativeness through group cooperation’.Progressed NN is at 7 Aries=8 sabian’A LARGE WOMAN’S HAT WITH STREAMERS BLOWN BY AN EAST WIND’.Protection & spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness.I’m claiming progress in my understandings of the troubled natal of personal conflicts & affirmation of the my path.

    So, this day has led me to your article & book following a link from DARKSTAR,which when i figure out some technical glitchs i would like to down load,(have only been on a computer for 3yrs).



  12. Thanks HF
    For getting back in touch and then sending me 5 videos a day professing undying and compulsive love lust and then picking my birthday (the 15th) to get married. Talk about Lilith Kataka/Uranus. Growing pains……
    Must confess I got drunk on vodka (it doesn’t take much – I’m v sensitive and not a drinker normally) but on Friday night I made an idiot of myself, going out to a Femdom event, kidding myself I would just look fabulous and get on with my life. Staying home and crying felt like admitting defeat. In hindsight, It would have been the right thing to do.

      • No doubt he will.
        Wish I could hide away someplace he can’t find me but I’m just in way too much pain to pull a Beyonce strut.
        It hurts, I’m feeling it.

  13. He is having a Pluto transit. Yes I ordered a transit report on Astrodient.
    Desperately trying to understand why he would do this…
    All those promises..
    Asking me to wait…
    Promising to come.
    And then marrying her on my birthday.
    File me under woman scorned.
    12th house Lilith