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OMG Mystic, it is so weird at the moment. I think I’m on the verge of getting a fantastic job after struggling for months and almost becoming convinced that I had lost my job mojo. And then a friend/ex-colleague and I acknowledged the extent of our reciprocated feelings for each other, just in time for us to agree to stop contacting each other before we blow up a bad ugly sex-bomb in our lives (he’s married). I know it’s the right thing, and I am proud of myself for doing it (I initiated the conversation). But I am so sad. A different time, different place … I believe that I can now say that I am well and truly grown-up.

Belle Scorpio

OMG Belle Scorpio,

Hey this sounds GREAT!  You’ve got great career prospects AND this hot attraction – impossible for now but you’ve handled it with honor and aplomb! Good ON you. Better to be you than the missus!

Go beautify, up your fitness practice, write it all out in a journal, count your blessings and see what occurs with this in late Oct-Nov – as August is but a hint of then. Don’t be sad. Love your freedom. Appreciate the attraction and your own SUPERFLY way of handling this schizz.

And you’re a Scorpio – you’re Saturn’s bitch till 2016 BUT it WILL be worth the growth pains – promise.

What does everyone else think?



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82 thoughts on “What Just Happened?

  1. Oh yes scorp, you did the good thing…. And the Saturn stuff will follow well now that you’ve played by the rules… I went through a scenario in.my head tonight which is impossible because of care and integrity… Ah but the attraction is nice… So mm’s advice is great!

    I made sure I used the word superfly, in some very in superfly circumstances… Hee hee

  2. Wow is this what is happening to all of us at the moment? I went long marriage to affair man in May and now yesterday back to husband. !! What the frig is that all about?? Affair man seemed right and now this seems right. Are we all fuq’d in the head. You did well – a controlled response. I still have my head spinning wondering if this is the right thing . X

  3. Another Scorpio here … astounded to see that these scenarios are playing out in the lives of others. …. married Libra man on pursuit/epic job morph in progress … swinging by the market to stock up on veggies. Magic. Everywhere.

  4. Absolutely, totally, without question that’s the smartest move you will have ever made in your life………..

    Trust these words from someone who did the opposite…….Messy doesnt even cover it…..

    Saturn’s my leader…..Blessings :) x

  5. I had a fling with a married Sag who said super fly. Don’t do it. Don’t regret not doing it. You’ve made a wise move.

    • I always think that’s a good move to stay away from known/predictable love problems. But I often wonder how many people actually agree. People laud Angelina Jolie for her affair with Brad Pitt that obviously led to true love. It’s considered glamorous on some level.

      • Yeah, well, Brad Pitt took that role to explore what it was that lead to marriages dying. Says something about where his marriage was at before he met Angelina.

      • I don’t know the real situation behind their marriages, but personally I find it very bad luck and nothing good ever comes of it.
        My personal mantra and avoids love zombie situations.

        • Certainly a lot of bad comes from it.

          Married people seeking affairs are rarely worth having anyway. They are looking at it as something they can get away with for a while.

          It took Belle Scorpio pull the plug on this one. A true friend would not have even put out the vibe.

  6. I had a similar moment of Saturn-ness this week. I’ve talked about my very isolated living situation and working from home on here before but it’s really taking a toll on my mental health. This week I felt so frustrated and stuck I almost went out and got some adderall again. But I worked so hard to kick it! And it’s just a temporary fix that always leads to the bad place. So I didn’t do it, and waited, and thought…

    …called up a trusted friend who has helped me in the past and he got me into a sober living house. I’m really nervous but excited…going from unstructured and alone all the time to being with people trying to make big changes in their lives and needing to be home by a certain time is going to be hard for me but I decided to try it out and treat it as Saturn Boot Camp. Yoga studio and whole foods ’round the corner, bringin’ le Vitamix, can still work my contracts, hopefully will become more motivated and focused and clear on who I am and what I want.

    So then by the November I’ll be ready for the Saturn-Scorpio-ZapZone phoenix eclipse which will be the prequel to my Saturn return. Strategy: I have it. :D

    • Bravo Rache! I can say that during my Saturn return – 18 degree Libra Yoga practice, therapist, friends and positive environment saved my sanity. Now Saturn is touring my 12th house and is on my Sun at the moment, so Saturn Libra lessons proved helpful for what is now. Go for it girl, you will be able to help others too once you go through it. love, B.

  7. I feel you girl! Synchronicity and some crazy energy is totally at play!

    I just had a flippin’ bangin’ job interview after MONTHS of unemployment. Serious strange synchronicity – the organization is in the same building as my last job, which was a total nightmare after awhile. All the folks there were revealed to be my neighbors, friends of other colleagues I have worked with, and, just got back from a huge conference at a uni I just graduated from and are BFFs with my advisor. The other best part – my direct supervisor is a childhood friend and artist BFF with my mentor. Just out of the blue. I’ve been glowing all morning.

    I won’t find out what’s good until early next week, but I am so ready for this. It is just too much.


  8. Cat meet pigeons
    I’ve had six lovers who are married. I’m afraid if my instinct is clear that this human and I connect then its going to happen. I’m afraid a legal contract does not stop auric blending and human need. Very often these guys speak of their wives with great love and I’m happy to hear it. I’m not there to take him away I’m there to experience the us that is created for however long. And it’s ranged from one night to seven years. And I’ve been on the other end too. I gave birth and my husband left for his receptionist. After my initial trauma I was grateful she and my daughter got on very well. And in may he split with her, she came straight to me to tell me she was sorry. Other folk remarked how thrilled i must be. I replied I wouldn’t wish anyone that form of breakup, that relationships come to natural ends and so they must. I’ve held her hand through this, spoken to him as to his route just so that everyone can move on unscathed. So relationships are between two humans in that moment. Affairs can be endings or beginnings or reaffirmations or experiments. You never truly know until your instinct says jump in.

    • well said.

      reeks of buddhism.

      Not sure if I’ll ever been in that place but I respect you and yours,

      may I enquire as to your venus, mars, neptune and uranus placements? And whether there’s a stellium in 7th of 5th? Or on the descendant?

      high five to your superfly white tiger ways

      • Sure can…
        Sun Jupiter conj in 5
        Moon mars conj in 4. Both these houses are cancer
        Venus in Gemini 3 square Saturn conj Chiron on my asc in Pisces also square Pluto Uranus conj on my DC. In Virgo. Nowt in seven but Neptune in 8 Scorpio
        Honestly it’s the only way I’ve been able to make sense of my life. I had to let go of control, to ask for respect and freedom for all souls. Doesn’t mean to say sometimes its not heart breaking but that’s just another human emotion to experience. Then again joy is always following me about too. I consider myself having lived the life I should have, the one that was coming and I’ve gained my lessons so far.

      • And – as a Virgo – I get the human element. But I require honesty. I’ve seen people work out all sorts of arrangements and that’s fine so long as no one is left in the dark. Everyone has to take their lumps without playing good-guy/girl

        • I expect your instincts are better than you think. As to honesty, yes. Be honest with yourself, know you first. We are not here to babysit or control others. They have to have responsibility for themselves. Express yourself fully and make agreements where possible but understand that tomorrow it could be different. And then experience that too. Those who wish to lie are afraid. Afraid to speak up, afraid to express. I find that sad more than anything. And just sometimes things are maybe better left unsaid. The alterations will make themselves felt one way or another.

          • I have Venus in the 12th square Neptune, one degree orb. My romantic instincts are only right on another planet, lol

      • I’ve certainly lived it so its not theoretical jargon. For me it’s about love, if you love you can never stifle another human being. I always experience everyone with interest as to their journey alone as well as our shared journey. I probably learned this lesson at 30 years old when 1st husband left. Prior to that I can admit I was about absolutes! Thou shalt not this and that… I quickly understood how tough the dogma can be and that it had to go. It’s gone !!!

        • yah, I believe you :) I probably should have said I relate. I think it’s a Uranus/Venus conjunction in the 5th and maybe Circe conjunct my Sun? A healthy disregard for traditional institutions (Saturn in 12th??), etc.

          I’ve had more grief from others who don’t share the unbound ethos than I have had form my own soul. Complications arise from others adhering to dominant expectations.

          I’m probably not as easy with it as you but I think I’ve got a few years of practice ahead :)

          • Every day is practice! It has been a tough ride, still is on days. Don’t think I don’t weep. It’s just I know that anything other than this way is killing for me. Not because I have to be utterly polygamous or a flighty miss but because I know things end. Sometimes before you wish them to.
            Have a great time with your practice and with your individuality. Woo hoo it’s all good.

  9. If this week has been a prelude to November I’m not looking forward to it.

    I’ve been in a bubble of happiness for some time however over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a series of discoveries (marital finances), lost the plot with the family and all their demands, been offered a promotion at work, had high hopes of an employee starting as a communications tutor for my special needs daughter that didn’t turn up on the first day……as just the major disruptions.

    I’ve decided that its best my son goes and lives with his father. I can’t decide whether this is a decision best for me or for him. We both have explosive tempers and he is getting bigger than me and will shove me around lately when we argue. He’s 11. On the plus side he will get to do a lot more sporty things and follow more blokey pursuits. My current husband is no man’s man so in that respect I see this move for my son as a benefit. On the down side my ex is shockingly irresponsible with money, does not see the benefit of trying hard to gain a good education, smokes pot and drinks ’til he’s off his dial – a lot. But he loves his kids dearly and will do anything to make them happy. He also has a placid personality.

    I just hope my soon doesn’t think this is abandonment. I feel he will have a much more stable upbringing with my ex’s laid-back personality. My son is the apple of his daddy’s eye whereas I find a lot of his traits really disappointing and have been worrying for years on how he will grow up with the attitude he has to anyone else that he doesn’t respect – which is practically anyone.

    I’ve found the past 2 weeks really tumultuous. November is not looking pleasant

          • It was the only way she and I were going to survive her younger years. And it has been the best thing ever. She is very capable and independent now rather than this mind blowing lashing out, tension bucket she was. Don’t get me wrong, school had their trials with her and I was on hand to guide them how best to deal with her but we got there and now she is sixteen and a half, she is brilliant. Still volatile but in a way that she has learned to handle and make something positive happen. And I have managed to keep some sanity and us both alive!!

    • I recently had some similar probs with my son (in a similar setup but without a man in my house and a less placid father). It’s a coming of age need to test his strength against boundaries and normally they would do that with the make in the house I guess, but I copped it as you are. I needed to work on my energetic authority, and he has responded well since.

      I empathise. Things felt topsy-turvy for a little while and it was destabilising for us all. Best of luck x

      • Thanks. He is embracing it now after the initial shock and wanted to know if this meant he was being adopted out. That made me smile – but I’ve made it clear his room will always be his room and it’s just the reverse of the set up as it is now. I think’ it’ll be OK

  10. Adulthood and maturity are awesome. Unfortunately it is uncommon. Especially at my workplace. Somehow I am working under a supervisor who is about 23 and I have been doing jobs like this longer than he has been alive. This kid is determined to undermine my work, just to prove he’s better than me. But in order to prove you’re better than me, you have to actually BE better than me. You can’t just taunt me that you’re overriding my decisions because you’re better than me, you have to be right. Unfortunately for him, he is usually wrong. So I gave him enough rope to hang himself. And that’s exactly what he did. He incontrovertibly proved he was wrong, in front of everyone. The Project Manager was furious, since his ridiculous attempts to sabotage my work were determined to be sabotaging the whole project. Time to grow up, little kid. You can’t outmaneuver me, I’ve seen your type before. I don’t have time for your child’s play.

    • Wow.. Charles.. I am dealing with the same thing. My boss is like 15 years younger than. She is smart as whip but she throws me to the ground, blames me and will not acknowledge sound advice on how to move the company forward. She is honestly a good employee but what I am seeing is she suck the wind of their sails since she isn’t there that much and using SO much money to get her job done. I don’t understand. I wish something would happen that would show the group her true colors but I don’t think it would matter. She is has been there too long. She is a Cancer sun with Virgo rising and I am a Virgo sun with Libra rising so it makes sense that we are battling for attention. (sigh). I am starting to look elsewhere. It is not worth it.

      Good Luck!!

  11. Ok, so i had a weirding that went the other way… am I bad?

    A no-strings lover from not long ago has resurfaced and we both workshopped for a while whether we wanted to be that again, or something more emotionally involved or just friends… After establishing that we’re equally emotionally retarded and settling on just friendship she invites me around later to watch a series i have been hankering to watch , Orange Is The New Black.
    So, after 3 episodes ( 50 mins each) and a bottle of wine, there we are on the futon couch getting closer and closer and we start mingling… Workshop it for a few minutes and end up having a sexual tsunami in slow-mo’ … cuddle comfortably through another 3 episodes and then wind up cheerfully in separate beds ( she in bed, me on couch)… I leave a few hrs later… It all feels very legit, and open-hearted and hawt. Wow, I think I understimated my emotional maturity… and that of others.. lol…
    Feeling serenely Scorped and response-ably Capricous.
    Truth to self is the ultimate discipline..

  12. well, I am feeling guided to drop (or pause) my academic pursuits and go into retail – a bit wtf but who am I to argue with the universal push? Thinking on it….

    AND, just had a successful first date with a nice, available and otherwise uncomplicated man of appropriate age and doable geographic (fuq that long-distance Libran).

    It’s all a bit….normal. For me. But feels like my gifts to Saturn have paid off and are sending me something in return. Something easy. Who woulda thunk it?

    • That’s great news CS.
      Was that the date with my male Astro twin?
      I no longer push the universe, because you just end up in a tailspin and kicked in the bum.

        • I am so happy for you :)
          My move has fallen through. So that means I won’t get to meet the surf lifesaver guy.
          I realise my big love, is gone daddy gone. But that’s ok. I got to experience it and I am blessed to have known that feeling.

          • I don’t expect this will be a big love, but perhaps some other thing I can also enjoy.

            I’m so sorry to hear that about your move S. What a disappointment :(

              • thank goddess for small mercies hey? Any particular reason? or general? I ask with your privacy in mind of course.

                I hope it ends up being a clear run for you x

                • My Mum had a radical hysterectomy not long after I was born, due to multi conditions which included pre-cancer. I fear that’s where I am headed. Yeah I am shit scared. Reading about everyone’s joys in relationships is fortifying to the soul.

    • That’s great news Calypso! Enjoy :).
      I’m feeling much lighter now that Venus has moved into Libra. What a breath of fresh air.

      • thanks Scorpbot. I like the Venus in Libra vibe too….what will happen when it hits our natal Venii?

        My Uranus opp Venus transit was exact on Thursday. I have Adonis conj Venus, and this (did I mention hot like an Adonis) guy’s Venus is on my Asc! Venus Venus Venus!

        • Hm… interesting. Well my Venus is 7° – so that’s next Fri. I’ll let you know. Probably nothing.

          When Uranus opposed my Venus back in March the much younger ex fling Saggo /Venus in Scorp guy suddenly cancelled our 2nd and it took him a month to finally say he didn’t have time for dating, even though he waltzed back into my life last November and romanced the pants off me – his Mars in Libra. They’re good at that but not delivering!!!
          Uranus schmanus… I can’t get excited about that energy

          • hmmm, I have Uranus conjunct Venus natally, I wonder if that makes a difference to my response? My Venus is at 12, so it’s been wrapped up in all this T Square energy.

            November to March was a long time between dates!

            • Yeah maybe you have a better affinity with Uranian energy.

              Well, Saggo use to disappear for weeks, then casually say he went camping and needed solo time. He has natal Venus/Saturn Scorp conjunct in 12th. Issues around sex and I think he’d rather talk about a relationship than actually have one!! Not that a relationship would be possible with him. I was happy to have a fling but he’s not the type (moon in Toro).
              I’ll always remember him and think of him fondly as he wrote me THE most romantic email ever! We have amazing astro synastry but it means nothing now. I’ve moved on.

  13. Another Scorpio here who’s starting to feel things flow after months and months of Saturn slogging. And don’t get me wrong–we’re not even a full year into Saturn in Scorpio and the big Scorping confluence in November lies ahead, plus Saturn transits my Sun and Neptune all next year–so I know there’s still a lot of work to do.

    But it looks like I might have finally found a place to live in my new city (the tenant before me was a financial-investor-turned-Buddhist-monk so the apartment has a good energy to it from all the meditation she did) and my finances are looking better than they have in years. I’ve significantly paid down debt and I’m actually going to begin saving more each month. Yes.

  14. So I am working for a company who might let me go shortly after my boss gets back. Yes, I am a Virgo sun who wants perfection so I could be wrong. But I am getting tired of this job. Is it really worth it. So, I am looking. I am also starting acting classes to help brighten up my personality. I feel like a slug.. LOL!! I am doing it because I feel SO stuck with interacting with people. I always have this situation of working for women and we just battle. Who is better and knows more.. gag!! I don’t want it. The group I work with are extremely funny and know their jobs! It is inspiring to see but this acting class just showed up out of no where and I need to go. I missed it last week but spoke to the Producer so I am starting tomorrow.

    Things happen for a reason! I really believe that this acting class is going to take me places. Whether it is with my current job or somewhere else.

    I have had a lot of flirting going on lately even with a co-worker who is married. I was with a married man for 4 years and what an idiot I was. Glad it ended and I will NEVER do it again. The other flirts are far away from where I live. (sigh). It would be fun to hang out with them but we are in a safe zone of distance. It’s nice to have while I sort things out!

    I am not liking August. If it is any indication of November.. gag! I just want to rest, enjoy my life and be able to appreciate others.


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