The Never Ending Lightbulb Moment

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Artistic light bulb

This astro-weirding (Jupiter square Uranus)  is totally Tesla – eureka flashes, swift re-framings of situations and speedy morphs toward the Awesome.

But it’s also operating like a particularly twisted Mercury Retro – i turned on the computer this morning, the iMac i call my mothership and my email program was prompting me to set it up.   None of my folders are there. Did gremlins sneak in during the night to fuq it up whilst i dreamed of steampunk sailing ships and heavy seas? 

Rang my usual Mac Peeps – they’re all weekending – so i have an emergency Mac guy on the way over. I think he’s Aries. Seriously prompt action. What i am thrilled about – apart from the prospect of a speedy solution – is that i did not dwell in some emo funk over the fact that i could not get help. I dealt with it & found someone who would. Or will, hopefully.

The other astro-weirding manifestation (and we will be doing more of this schizz in the Horoscopes) is that it is now practically impossible to be anything other than you. Try some fake fuqery on you get zapped. Like walk off your true path and there is hi-volt electric wire there in the long dewy grass that looks so lovely.

Lightbulbs, hi-volt, electric – that’s the super-strong Uranian energy around at the mo, your personal prequel to the next hype of the Zap Zone in August. This is Jupiter square Uranus. Nov is Pluto square Uranus. This is like the warning jolts.




Image: Hulgers Plumen Light Bulb

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94 thoughts on “The Never Ending Lightbulb Moment

  1. I would gladly help you, if you could email me. Of course you can’t while your email is broken. So I suggest you always have an alternate email access method, for example, an account on GMail or that you can access via a web browser.

    Mac mail recovery is usually pretty easy at expert Unix levels, it is one of my specialties. Usually you can just re-enter your mail server settings and then it automatically reconnects with your old mail folders. But before you futz with it, backup your your entire ~/Mail folder (just select it and right click “compress” to make a .zip of all of it).

    I’ll check back with you soon, let me know how it goes. If your Mac geek gets stuck, tell him you can start over from scratch and then re-import a copy of your Mail folders with the Migration Assistant app.

  2. Are ‘Friends’ Electric – my all time favorite GARY Numan song…

    Yes, feeling this buzz big time – TV tuned itself on last night to give me a message – freaky sh*t but kindda loving it now I’ve adapted to the higher voltage.


  3. As I continue with my previous posts this has been painful. I am just ready to hit something. I got home tonight and found that my rent is going up $30 each month! I honestly did not freak out about it! I was upset but just put the notice down and went to my excel spreadsheet to predict! Oh my.. that is big! I feel like the walls are closing in!

    Virgo Sun (11th), Libra rising (12th), Leo Moon (10th)!
    Jupiter: Cancer 9th (trans)
    Uranus: Aries (6th)
    Mercury: Leo (10th)

    I still say “crap” ! (chuckling)

  4. it’s become so much easier to walk away from situations that aren’t working with only thoughts of the future as opposed to endless pondering the reasons why/why not and what if. Just a feeling of gathering steam and I’m only just getting started, so don’t even think about standing in my light. And weirdly with every walk away there is always another option right now – immediately. Options. Everywhere.

    Am also finding it impossible to share space with negative people. IMPOSSIBLE. If it’s broken, fix it and stop worshiping the things that weaken your energy as if they’re sacred relics enshrined in your psyche. People who are in love with their pain are off the list of things to do and see.

    • Anon, you have said so much here that resounds with me right now. I had a deep point of satori on thursday night. Without thinking it just came upon me. A full understanding that I had just ended a 16 year cycle if not a cycle from 1982/3 What a complete and intense feeling of relief and calm. And then a huge wave of optimism and the knowing things are now very different and I have a completely new life to set up to. I can’t be anything other than very honest these days and expect only that in return. And if folk need to deal in shizz then I can easily let them by walking away. I will also report that yes the options and invitations keep coming for me to respond to. This has not been the case for at least three years. Every door shut, every light went out no mater what I did. Now seems the doors are wide open with welcome signs above and the lights are electric…Neon

    • True confessions of a mental health professional:

      I’ve struggled with the frustration of sitting with clients for months who refuse to change. I resist judging them or dismissing them because, 1. It’s my job, and 2. It’s a very complicated, layered, & uniquely nuanced matter for people, resistance to change. Still, I have felt bats with frustration for some clients who insist on staying right where they are regardless of the pain it’s causing them, or the fact that they’ve bothered to sit wiith me– and paying good money for it to boot… Like, why are you here? Go home then if that’s the way you feel about it!

      And that’s my deal, the frustration. It’s the mark of a healthy person to not want to tolerate negativity but rather surround one’s self with those who are motivated to transcend all that is intolerable. There have been clients who have demanded a great deal of patience & detachment from me so that I may do my job. To do that which they have hired me to do:

      To just Be with them. Which, on one hand, isn’t in my job description; but then on the other hand, it kind of is…

      In my personal life, then, I tolerate little if any. It *is* healthy to have an almost allergic reaction to toxicity & stagnation. To know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away, and when to run.

      • Thanks for the perspective Scorporation. Hitting middle age I am finding myself having repetitive conversations with my GP about (slight) overweight, cholesterol levels, winter depression, lack of exercise. None of these issues are enough to leap into action as I otherwise have a very ‘clean’ lifestyle and diet, but my GP patiently takes a slightly different tack each time we meet and it is making some headway. So often we know the right things to do for our health and wellbeing but other factors hold us back – not least how overwhelming is the amount of information out there.

        I appreciate her expertise and her patience with my questions, and doubly so after reading your post.

      • Scorp INC, what a personage you are!
        Sometimes it’s just your presence, simply being there is all that is required?.
        Peeps seem to have so much resistance to change, and feel guilty about many things. Guilt is a major interference with accepting pleasure.
        ‘Onion Peoples’, where you have to peel layer after layer to get to the core. And it is the CORE that counts once the character, personality, opinions & ego have been wiped, so i guess exposure is what they resist.
        Stay resilient, physically dust yourself off after being with them, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  5. Yes the never ending lightbulb week.

    It is possible to shine while low Qi or even ill if one relinquishes worry and vehement drive to control (says the Mars in Cap square everything).

    It is possible to use the emptiness to drive you but not feel empty…er, theoretically…still working that one. Emptiness is an illusion…AH THAT WORKS. Think my 12th house/Asc Neptune/Jupiter/Moon really likes that. It trines my Sun and sextiles natal Uranus. Which is currently in EXACT opposition to Uranus transitting.

    I’ve been feeling very iconoclastic right at a time i’ve returned to a very orthodox form of my work that i abandoned 7 years ago. I am trying to find a way to feel comfortable and nonfake as i go about what i do. I do it well but i never quite fit in. The more comfortable i learn to feel being who i am regardless of where i am, the more i actually find welcome and acceptance. I have also had a habit of rebelling just because. This is my natal 11th Uranus opposing 5th Mercury, intercepted in both the Libra/Aries axis.

    May this Uranus transit make me 😀 Actually for the first time in my life i feel almost diplomatic irl. (I’m best on paper.)

  6. Mystic, I feel your pain. Last night TEN MINUTES after I submitted my essay my computer shut down and did not restart. Today it is still unable to restart and I am watching it repair itself slowly slowly while I try to remember what work I have done since the last back up. Thankfully won’t lose too much and really thankfully the essay was submitted on time. About the same time the computer shut down last time I had the strangest relase of old emo. Feelings I recognized from a while ago but did not relate to anymore came up for a couple of hours and appear to have been released and gone. Connection?

    • Been there.!.. Do yourself a Favour: don’t try to remember. Just relax & read the last backup and fill in any missing parts that come to mind. Give yourself time.

      I am a writer and have recovered thousands of lines from memory using this method. Remember: it’s all there in your subconscious! It just needs your left brain to shut up for it to start coming back.

      Hope that. Makes sense. Good luck:-)

      • Thanks EA, I got nearly everything back, but I like your advice! You’re right most of it was still hanging around in my head. The words might not be exactly the same but the ideas and sentiments were still there. I am sure there is still more to come given some more time.


  7. Argh! I swear I have been walking around all week wondering why it felt so much like a mercury retrograde. Tech has been failing left, right and centre, traffic has been a nightmare, I’ve been getting into niggly misunderstandings with so many people – finally understood! Thx mystic!

  8. My phone is dead and I can’t find a charger. I’m stuck at my ex’s watching our kid while he goes out for his 40th birthday. I’m trying to keep my place empty and clean as its getting a lot of traffic from potential buyers. I the ex some nice things for his birthday, including how I won a Neptune Dream Diary for noting his graciousness on an astro blog. Lol! He said nice things too, but he had a but: “You need to fit in with people more, you know, for community.” There it is. And its nice to see it. Because I don’t. I really don’t have to be anything other than the beast I am. I don’t have to worry that I am a mis-designed animal. I am what I am. We can’t all be monkeys. And I can’t for the life of me remember how or why I tried to work out a relationship with someone who wants to “but” me.

    • Also, thank Jupiter, the new job is going great. Its taken me some time to settle into the place because I don’t need to make a work plan against someone else’s idea there. I realize how I’ve navigated by externals and its like I am on the open seas now – no resistance. I am the only person who knows what I am doing, what I can do, and how to do it. And – happy day – that’s why they hired me!

    • Cleaning old boxes of crap and just found a scrap of paper whish I’d gone stream of conscious on. It made me laugh out loud and I thought in light of ‘not fitting in’ comments you might get a laugh out of it too.

      It’s written on a piece of paper ripped out of those cheerful note pads that have “shopping list’ in a festive script at the top.

      “I just read my star sign Libra is a natural realtor and I felt strangely cheated / relieved I hadn’t manifested my destiny then I realised it said relater and somehow that was worse.”

      Based on the debris surrounding the random note to self I know that uranus on MC was opposing natal sun and uranus at the time 😀

      • Lol! Uranus opposing my Mercury now. Not getting much sleep. It was weird to hear from him because I have never under any transit been the type who fits in. Finally watched Silverlinings Playbook last night and it helped me feel a bit more optimisitic about relationships.

  9. Hi Mystic. I had my email program do that. If you back up on an external hard drive, you just need to restore the last back-up that had the emails (hopefully you back up regularly so you don’t loose too much stuff). That worked a treat for me.

    Congrats for not letting it send you into a complete techno-panic.

    • Oh mystic I can’t tell you how much I am loving this month. It is uber right. I’m feeling ten feet tall and beautiful. Go the leo vibe!!!

    • Mystic, Did I hear you right a while ago that you are going to do more in-depth discussion about Nov. and put it on weeklies page soon? I swear I read that . . is it in process still or did I just hear wrong?

    • Yep definitely liking August a lot more than, you know, most other months this year. Intense for various reasons but do-able. Feeling tougher, on the inside. Tempered? more resilient. I’m still alive as Mr Vedder said. Just have to sort that cash flow which is the crisis point right now. Fitness routine to come. but healthy living routine is at least in my consciousness now, where it was a distant galaxy before. x

      • I agree about August. It’s been nonstop but also manifesting change. I can’t control it all (of course) but I have synchronicity present so I feel like its all as it should be. Dreams realized sort of thing. Even if the dreams were challenging to see it gives a sense of accord.

        • I don’t know if this is related (to August Life Management.. august in both senses of the word), but after reading Fi’s comments about the activity of dopamine in the body (thanks Fi), this has started me on a, shall we say, informal research effort to understand certain elements of my life recently. Grabbing more bulls by more horns. So I’m not going all WebMD on myself and I am keenly aware of the perils of Wikipedia’s accuracy at times BUT, with a kind of ideas-association, follow-my-nose research methodology, I am shedding a little light on the shape of what might have been going on for me recently and bla bla bla other intermittent things that I can’t be bothered describing. lol so my basic conclusion so far is “exercise more and spend time around people who feel/are empowered” to tweak biochemistry and learn some things that will help me with life management. Monkey see, monkey do. Now that does NOT mean that I will become a gym junkie slash Tony Robbins groupie [but better that than my current lifestyle]. Relentless extroversion isn’t quite my goal tho (gag). Anyway, here endeth the Rambling.

          • I’m sorry but robbins gets up my nose. I tried to read him and listen but there is something that just is 180 degrees from my own thinking with his stuff. Cringe.

  10. Don’t have much time today. All very chop chop let’s do this but YES!
    Have had such similar situs and found exactly the same choices and results
    It’s so Robert Frost meets Tesla
    Two roads converged in a techno wood and I took the less travelled by (me) and fuq me if that isn’t makin ALL THE FUQING DIFFERENCE
    OH YEAH!
    Mwah xxxx

  11. I was thinking that I must be stuck in my own private mercury retrograde. Nice to know at least I’m in sync.

    And yeah, stuff I KNOW I shouldn’t be doing has backfired on me near instantly!

    …and just couldn’t seem to de static my clothes or hair these last few days….haha! Great post!

  12. yesterday night i was literally in a panic because i just couldn’t find my wallet! completely disappeared! then i took a deep breath, calmed down, and made an horary chart questioning “where is my wallet?”. i looked at it and find out! brilliant!

      • well, it was yesterday night…i looked fot the wallet in my bag and it wasn’t there…panic! after searching it all over the house…i thought: it must be in my car…! i searched there…but..nope! :( i then made the horary astro chart, and found 2nd house in virgo (lost objects) in gemini, ruled by mercury which was in the 3rd near to IC (vehicles)….and jupiter in the 2nd nice aspected (fine result) i thought: it MUST be in my car! went againg loooking for it in my car… was there!!!!!!!!!!!….well hidden through the door and the seat…the only place i haven’t been looking yet!

  13. Lightning literally struck my place three times in July. Now why can’t I get these powerball tickets to work?

    • Keep buying em, you are in with a chance…
      Don’t buy em…pretty much, you’re not gonna win.
      Three times you say? You must be electric in your house or just well earthed?? Do you have a grand trine in earth ?
      Hahahaha thanks for the giggle

      • Haha! Right: what are the odds?! Put me in the book, I’m playing them 😉

        I have zero earth in my chart! Zilch nada double naught! A shit ton of water, though. Very conducive. I am my own lightning rod.

        • I’m water water everywhere too grand trines but very little in the way of earth air or fire come to think of it. My venus loves air! I’m a conundrum ! Does that conduct too???

          • Does what conduct? Venus, air or conundrums? Yes. Haha

            I have Venus-Sun in Scorp/8th house. Even my air is watery: Pluto-Moon in Libra/7th house. Which end is up is as sure as a corked bottle bouncing along the waves: it might be this way or that way, but the vessel doesn’t sink 😉

            • I’m a neptune in 8th Scorpio! I truly never have a reality handle on anything. You could say I have the bends!!!!

            • And synchronicity: over half of the US is under a severe flood threat now. Very unusual, esp during these dog days of summer solstice. Climb to higher ground, people! Reeeeaaach

              • Thank you Scorp Inc, I have Libra Pluto in the 7th and I thought the air there was humid. Really appreciate your explanation. Cheers :)

  14. You were right, Mystic: it’s the never-ending mabarosi.

    Thank Goddess for my accident last Sept! Talk about a lucky break LOL. I won’t bog you down with the details, but trust me when I say that that shitstorm saved my life. Thank Gods, thank Saturn, thank fuq!


      • Yeah I’m intrigued too. I had a mighty crash two years past. Fractured skull bleed on brain fracture collar bone ribs etc. ’twas the end of a massive business venture for me. Yuk. Then bizarrely month or so back, went and smacked my head again. Chipped orbit above right eye. ? WTF. the universe is hitting me around the head literally.
        So do tell your tale.

  15. Having a LZ moment. Uranian Pisces and I had been talking again after I broke up with multi-Ram and he kept saying he wanted to come down and see me. Guess he went camping this weekend and I knew something was up, he had sex with some random girl up there. Lied about it, but I got it out of him because I’m Sherlock Holmes and stuff. Said he didn’t like her. Whatever.

    Then he wants to take me up there and go camping with me.
    I was feeling so confused and low at the end of the call that I almost said yes. x__x This sucks. I feel my power draining away, my mind is just so scrambled.

    • Dude sounds like a total Qi Vamp; no wonder you feel drained! Some attention put on appreciating your own phoenixing should fix that, yes?

      • I have to agree with 12HV. “Didn’t like her” classic trying to save your feelings line. But it hurts you more.
        Saying you want to be with someone but your dick is in someone else…well that will never fly. This New Moon period is what I’ve term the Naked Moon. What truth are you willing to discover in others and what will you reveal to others? Primal honesty doesn’t hurt anyone, so long as your all on the same page. When you can’t make a decision, don’t force yourself to make one.
        Peace be with you Rache

    • good work sherlock.
      he’s done that all wrong and you know it. After that kind of conversation, it doesn’t sound like he’s exactly made you feel like the centre of the universe. He sleeps with girls he doesn’t like? So where does that leave you if you guys got together? Also on the “yeah, but I don’t like her” list? and he wants to take you to the same place? how original! try harder, slacker pisces dude.
      Stick with the ones who you feel special or balanced around. You don’t need this confusion and low-ness. XX

      • Yeah. I’ve been needing a reset for awhile now and I think cutting him off for good (like straight up AA counting-days style) will be life changing. He’s been messing me up for years now. This was just ridiculous; I believe he has NPD and his behavior is textbook. Devalue and discard, destroy self esteem, then swoop back in. See also: the “D.E.N.N.I.S. System”

        But yes, it’s totally unhealthy. I don’t even like him, it’s like he tears me down so much that subconsciously I believe if I can get his respect and love I will feel better. It’s sick/I’m done.

        • well, it’s good that you can see the kind of system that’s functioning here. At some point in the (v near) future you will find it easier to shake your head in disbelief at the crap some men think you will put up with. It takes a bit of mental training to know that you are better off without. Sorry if this is all blindingly obvious to you already. My “journey” (gag) came around to the value I put on myself, not on what some guy would be “willing to pay” (ie fuq-all, in the case of the shitty, damaged types that I seemed to gravitate towards). Obvs not nec $, but time, energy, constructive emotions etc.

  16. I guess I’m being zapped. All the sudden my boss has gone AWOL and owes me money … Barely made my rent. I’m kinda livid… But being zen about as much as I can. This happened to me before with a different employer… I made it out fine but this is still dissapointing.

    I agree with the merc rx POV – I had my Internet shut off by accident and had to prove the Internet provider was wrong ! Plus the disappearance of my boss… Ugh, I feel icky!

  17. Yes, the Universe isn’t tolerating any projection of old dynamics onto current situations–it feels like a combination of Uranus and Saturn energy.

    I sat down this morning and walked through step-by-step with myself the things I wasn’t happy about in my life, asking myself “How much is this your view of the matter? How much of it is circumstances beyond your control? If it’s circumstances beyond your control, what is your plan for dealing with it? What are the positive things going on in your life that you need to acknowledge and appreciate?”

    Afterward I felt a renewed energy and feeling of moving forward.

    I’ve got to improve my sugar consumption, though. The sugar really distorts my emotions and can throw me into a dark pit that I have to spend all this energy crawling back out of. This is one of my priority projects for the next few months. I was doing well with it earlier this year, but then got derailed when i made the Big Move.

  18. Yeah there is a definite crackle in the air. The other day I switched on my phone and a random post I’d been looking at days ago appeared… nothing else, just that. Yesterday a friend received an email from me that I’d sent three weeks ago. A friend crashed the night at my house and we had the same dream.

  19. Ahhhhh… I wondered why the big computer went ‘fut’ again a fortnight after it had been fixed…. And why #1 son has been all over the place, despite a clean diet and lots of exercise…..

    I’m making a stack of platters at the moment, experimenting with texture plates and underglazes worked into unfired clay…. Got an exhibition opening next Friday 16th (not mine !! ….. but soon….! ) and then I’m off down south where I hope to get in some serious schmoozing with the local artists.

    Having prioritised my goals into the 4 which are most important to me, and having fired up a SERIOUS spell to put some juice behind them, seems to have allowed me a degree of focus which has previously eluded me.

  20. After my self-imposed isolation, have realised i am nothing without other peoples (Moon-Neptune mid-heaven). Did a Tantra Theory session last night with a couple who asked the right questions. They had been doing yoga for 7 months together so had the foundation. Real-eyes i know a lot
    after all, that i have much to impart. The woman said her interest came from an airport book Naomi Wolfe’s ‘Vagina’.
    Haven’t read it but had a laugh when she first said Virginia Woolf’s latest book.
    Back from the dead is she, i didn’t say, coz i’m good at listening…lol.
    It was technical talk just of a different variety called technique.

  21. so during a thought JOLT in between shopping for vampy halloween costumes + listening to Night Vale (in good hermit fashion). I decided the lack of black in my closet is APPALLING. I have officially come full circle from wearing nothing but black, to weeding out all black and hoarding pastels and now determining the purchase of a black faux leather jacket to live in this fall. 8 years almost on the dot.

    I have some serious astro weirding going on–ie was in love with this floral wallpaper and now I want to scribble FUQ IT in red lipstick across the wall.

    Oh yeah, time for faking is over.

    • Absolutely grab the red lippy and have Redrum moment. Sorry I mean that in a good way not psychotic rampage. My feelings towards floral bed linen is very passionate. Why the hell do I want lay in flowers? The sexual semiotic Freudian reference really gets my goat. Fuq stop printing flowers on the covers and then you won’t need to create a “Men’s linen line”. Oh hell no…reduce consumerism? What planet are you on S? Oxymoron me thinks.

  22. So if this is a prequel to the ZZ later in the month… Uranus is conjunct my Aries Venus right now, and I keep running into these random gorgeous men who for whatever stroke of fate or luck or whatever find me attractive, too. BUT. This only happens if I don’t try to control anything! Just have to let Uranus do it’s thing.

    Fun Karma Fact: This only happens with men who floor me, even for a moment. If I’m bored and trying to settle, even if it’s ONLY flirting, no-go at ALL.

    • How gorgeous! Enjoy the sparks flying.

      I’ve got the same transit going on, Uranus conjunct my Venus in the fourth! But I’m married, & I keep falling back into love with my husband. It feels gorgeous.

      • This feeling has been such a long time coming!
        I had been blocking it, with my own list of insecurities, for five years!
        It’s amazing how we self-sabotage like this continually.

    • oooh. Applying this insight/strategy (going with the flow) to the existential landmine that is Uranus on my North Node.

      Lucky you! 😉 Have fun!!!

  23. Oh I’m over this lonely time in my life, sure, its been good for me to become incredibly self reliant and all that comes w that. But I’m not convinced that this is what life is meant to be like. Seriously I wish someone could tell me what I need to do, give me direction… I’m waiting on the outcome of an interview which will increase my social life immensely and ill be able to connect more w my loved ones, and not be so far from them… When I was visiting last week a friend said to me “but don’t you miss connecting” and the tears just flowed, of course I do….

      • i wonder if its saturn???? the last time i was this lonely was my saturn return, actually it really does smell of saturn… I get myself into these funks where I reflect on all the time Ive spent alone over the last decade….

        Thank you for your acknowledgment pi and helping me feel not so alone in this…

        I listened to Esther hicks today and it helped shift me out of the black hole of lack and realised I had to take responsibility for making the shift happen!

        and that I needed to focus on what made me feel good and loved and not lonely to create more of that… and it wasnt that hard to find it fortunately… but I had to do it alone, there is no one here in my life currently… i have to dig to memories and long distance friendships, of which are soooooo precious to me currently….

        • yeah. it does feel saturn. “the road is long, with many a winding turn” etc yes like you said, even the work we have to do to sustain ourselves emotionally, feed the fire, we must make that happen. go out and chop the wood alone, lug it back home alone, chip into kindling alone, build the fire alone, warm ourselves by the fire alone. Well, that’s sort of how I am experiencing it right now anyway. Like you I do connect with friends and loved ones but they are not the kind of Here that I need.

          Do keep turning towards the warmth and connectivity whether you source that from within, and things that you feel good doing, or by being in touch with your people. That’s half the saturn battle I think – don’t stop moving.

    • For an age, years, that was my cry. Someone please tell me what I’m to do. What’s my purpose. Then I was told its my place to wait for things to come to me and see if I want them. Never chase never instigate. Just wait. It was a revelation. I realised that my whole life had been one big frustrated dead end apart from those things that had just miraculously appeared. So now I wait…and my life has changed so much. Suddenly doors have opened and life is at last making strides for me !!!

      • So true. What frustrates me is that people are like “well, I believe such-and-such” as if its a matter of choice. But what you’ve said is how it happens – always and forever. Believing it has nothing to do with it. It just a matter of how much stress do you put yourself under between things, you know? lol. I stress A LOT. I like to think I control things, but I don’t. It comes to me, or it doesn’t.

      • yes… there is the surrender that allows what is to just be…. not to fight it, it is a gift for sure…thankyou xx

    • hey the quote at the bottom of the daily mystic for tuesday is TOTES addressing this…I did not see your comments till after i put it in. Read it and FREAK – in a really good way.

      Also, you know how there is Jupiter trine Node this week (see also Daily Mystic/scopes etc) and it’s MAGIC – a RUNE (Algiz) just blew in my window and landed at my feet.

      • yeah I saw it laughed, cut and pasted it into a text for a friend and she loved it too. Basically it said in ten words what I had whittered on about in sixty. Succinct and to the point Amen

  24. It’s all blasts-from the past, weeeeird co0incedences and bumping into people in unexprected places…..bonkers, so it is a bit Merc Rets

  25. I’ve spent the weekend reading Carla Van Raay’s book God’s Callgirl. Amazing story, amazing life. Light bulb moments…..haven’t stopped. Given to me to read by my Italian acupuncturist . I see why. Sat on my table for months now. So well written, speaks to me in volumes.

  26. what the f? worst weekend yet. Just got saddled with filial piety duty slinging my hateful mother around to do important paperwork cross states. why cant her princess ass take a cab or bus like normal people? Why does she insist her daughter 4 states away drive home to do this on short notice? I don’t care what astologers say but Capriorns are f-ing princesses.

    • Ha ha ! My friends have a Capricorn son and I adore him but he will cry at the drop of a hat.

      • Honestly of all sun signs it seems the capi is my most difficult relation ! So I just lol’d a lot !

        • Caps are best when they are your friends! not relations or bosses! My female Cappy friends are like solid rocks you can depend on.

          I was not expecting this mess now let me tell you!

          • I’ve a daughter who is capi. She’s amazing but it’s like living with mother superior !!!!!

            • Hahaha my daughter just asked if I could buy her a book.
              The art of War. Sun Tzu
              She’s 16 for heavens’ sake! Capi and General Attention!