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Barry Underwood Norquay

Yo Full Moon Trippers, the Weekly Horoscopes from August 24 are posted now and it is going to be a hot several says.

We have – yes – Pluto opposite Lilith but both of them squaring Venus (a.k.a. fervent love weirding flashpoint) AND Jupiter in synch with the karmic North Node of the Moon. Lots of fate. Plus of course a lot of schizz pinging off the genius you’ve been incubating with the Zap Zone prequel that is August.

Speaking of Lilith, Bitchcraft is nearly ready for release AND Supernaturalist is also coming.


Image: Barry Underwood – Norquay

27 thoughts on “Psychic Stimulus Payments

    • Christ! I was knackered in the lead up but all has settled down a bit since the moon actually shone her beautiful light down in full. I could always do with a bit of fervent love weirding flashpoints though. Even just flirting would do!

  1. Fervent love weirding. I never thought I’d say this but…. No thank you. I just want some simple, calm, stable love. No more love triangles, instant attractions, mad fatalistic romance.

    Just a warm, slow burning furnace.

    Mostly because work is driving me mental and I can only handle so much drama. (I hardly have the time to leave a blog comment these days!)

  2. I walked for over an hour at night in that full moon and it was wonderful, like being at the psychic spa. Totally felt like “epic mellow sorcery”

    Planned to go to this big fair in the city that’s on every year and I had a very strong energy to cancel on a friend that I never do. So I did it and there’s been an outbreak of food poisoning in the food building that we were planning on hitting hard for a carnival grease high.

    Asked for some old documents from the bank that were to take a week but they took a day. Was planning on asking the bank to waive their fee but before I could ask, the woman told me she wasn’t going to charge me the twenty bucks !

    Opted out of a social group dinner and while I was at home instead got a very important phone call that I’m happy I was at home for.

    This full moon has been intuitive-tastic.

    Been getting a lot of great ideas for work too.

    To borrow from Mystic’s daily e-mail, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”–Rumi

    I think he also means that we need to NOT do things that are NOT in our soul.

    Today I’ll be smudging the place.

    • I’ve been having similar magic moments/near misses too Lucy

      Found credit card I thought I’d dropped in the street.

      dodged a bullet at my former workplace by resigning as found out a co-worker got the shove very badly by the boss I called the ‘smiling assasin’

      the lusty chesire cat (als alice in wonderland) has suggested fire by the river by the moonlight rendevous

      what a week

  3. Having returned to my home from three weeks looking after Mum who has stage IV cancer (following her stroke at Easter), I hurt my back cleaning yesterday afternoon (bent down to dust under the desk) and am now spending Thursday at Drs and in bed, instead of second gig I do for $$ while biz takes shape. Nature’s way of slowing me down? Saturn in 6th (sun sign) going ‘what about your health?’ Transiting Jupiter is actually sextiling a whole lot of personal planets ( transiting Uranus is sextiling Sun) so was expecting ‘good’ things to be more tangible or obviously ‘good’.

  4. The end of my deep dark Winter is coming to an end. Bought an amazing antique miniature Ganesh from Tibet, wish it would work it’s magic of removing obstacles faster than quick so i can return to my former glory.
    The full moon was a turning point. Hibernation nearly over. Three months of isolation while i kicked the ciggies as could not be around anyone who smoked, meaning 2 of my close friends. Strange it was the non-smokers who were supportive, meaning the need to examine my relationship to the other 2 who seem to embody the word ‘frenemy’. Sad.
    The isolation was an examination of my life lived up until now and the life i will lead in the future (which is now).
    19 years of Pluto transits. There must be somewhere gold in them there hills. Planets all over the 6th house has surely been about health, accepting limitations, slowing down the inner road runner, reality checks
    and reliving my youth in my mind wondering where the fun has gone.
    Perhaps too much introspection and not enough action for a speedy Sagg, is all my heartache is.

  5. The scene attached to this post reminds me of my hinterland days.
    The yellow patch of bright things in the grass looks like a much sort after fairly-ring of gold-top mushrooms…
    Oh the memories.
    I have Saturn neck.
    I didn’t hear back re Dream Diary prize :(
    Damons : )

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