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Beyonce short hair cut August 2013

So deeply impressed with Beyonce’s astrological savvy and/or amazing astrologer.

She did a major extensions takedown/beautiful fresh short crop stunt ON THE NEW MOON IN LEO ON HER ASCENDANT.  I mean, seriously epic timing and no WAY could that have been not astro-calculated.  It’s, like, the best date for a major hair shift in years.

It looks fab, such a fresh vibe for her.  Thoughts?

Image: Beyonce Instagram

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67 thoughts on “Proof Of Awesome

  1. Would like to do a survey of how many Leos / Leo Asc people have publicity shots done in a dressing room. Am thinking so far of Helen Mirren, Madonna? , Beyonce, … Those lights (you know the ones) seem to appear a lot in superstar Leo photos :) Nothing wrong with that

    How about Leo men in dressing rooms, is that a thing? Or are Leo men just posing on a polished Walnut wood bench in a bar next to a theatre across town with artfullt arranged hair and a debonair scarf / casually rumpled Italian linen shirt / chin jutted at just the right angle of masculinity / “Shh I’m actually famous” sunglasses.

  2. She has a million dollar wig collection. Would be Russian hair not Indian or Chinese. She had to go short to the curb to curb the damage done from taping the xtensions. Miley, Rhianna now Beyonce. Hair stylists will be thrilled at the new customers coming from this validation of short & sweet.
    She would have a personal astrologer of course, no co-incidences for her, all stage managed.
    Bit over her since the 5-different- dead -animal booties that would only appeal to the nouveau riche.

    • It’s always distressing when someone you like wears fur. I’m pretty sure La Moss indulges as well.

      • As a vegan, i completely agree. I would love to think it’s faux but prob not. HOWEVER, people evolve and something that felt tolerable to them for a long time can suddenly become unconscionable.

        Am reading a book called Thrive – The Vegan Nutrition Guide For Athletes. It’s Rich Roll’s guru i think. It’s really rad as it doesn’t preach to the choir about animal cruelty but just gets straight down to how to get awesome nutrition – esp protein – from plant sources

        • Ooh, noted. Am doing the switch away from dairy (otherwise pretty much Vegan) and need to know more about the whole protein thing because i work out and wonder if I’m getting enough. Same with Iron and calcium. I’m not really into food or cooking so I MUST read something to get me motivated to chow down on more than just almonds, broccoli and coffee. And crackers. Damn savoury crackers. May as well be eating cardboard for all the nutritional good they do me.

          I went uber blonde 2 hrs after the New Moon. Still figuring it all out. Blonde really does need to be figured out, especially if it’s your first time. Am I ethereal or slutty? Ice cold or bubbly? Oh the options.

        • i love that guy. vega products ftw. so much raw vegan propaganda doesn’t actually tell you what you need and how to get it but brendan gets down to business.

          • I so agree! Love Thrive, and love Vega products. I buy them online from the US, there’s really nothing comparable in Australia.

        • Oh I need to read this vegan book… I’m getting so over meat on a high protein low/no carb thingo I’m doing… I feel mostly good but feel nauseas from meat today… thank you mm

    • Haha so funny. I love your post, Pegasus. With the short hair, it’ll take less time to put on the wigs. I agree. Overprocessed hair, yukky results. I’ve seen balding, not just thinning, dried out strands.

    • I thought you used to do arctic fox stoles Pegs? Do you do vintage as opposed to nouveau fur?

      I’m against nouveau but vintage fur to me is a mark of respect to the animal that has already suffered its fate in a less enlightened time. What are we to do with them? Landfill? So wasteful. These garments being reused means the life was not lost for ‘fashion’ which is constantly evolving and disposable. It is also more sustainable to reuse the vintage garments than pop down to top shop for your recently petro-chemically mined garb that will last 5 minutes and is manufactured by the slaves in the developing world. Fur lasts longer than those garments which also have blood on their hands and is warmer.

      Divisive issue. Interested to know how many ugg boot and wool wearers are against fur. Many people seem to cound sheep out when it comes to the fur issue. Some people avoid any woolen garments because they believe the shearing of them is also cruel. Silk is another fibre that is ‘natural’ but the result of an insect dying.

      I avoid cotton because it’s the single most devastating crop grown on the planet using more water than any other, and if not organically produced, more pesticides. These crops are on land that could be used for food. Food security is a serious issue that will probably touch us all in our lifetimes, if not those of the people who follow immediately after.

      • O yes Anon collection of fox & mink from 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. Not worn out but inside to ease carbon footprint in winter. My dead animals worshipped & adored by me, lovingly stroked.
        Old sagg hippie loves her leather & lace & fur.
        There will be a sale or gifted away soon.
        ‘give to me your leather-take from me my lace’….
        sang stevie nicks.

      • I wear wool, silk, leather, sheepskin. On the assumption that the sheep / pigs / cows die for meat and humans then also use the other parts of the animal(s) for their skins. fur farming to me is a different matter. Agree they are facets of the same issue. Animal cruelty horrifies me. But if I an going to eat meat, it makes sense to honour the rest of the critter too. not really clear on my own position re cruelty to silkworms. Personally I consider most synthetic yarns / textiles to be worse – never break down, they’re varieties of plastic, inflammable, feel terrible. sustainable fibres are best I agree.

    • Holding women down and cutting their pony tails against their will is happening because of demand for wigs.

      And to think wigs were something once reserved for Jewish women on marriage. The man’s family were obliged to pay for it as part of contract. A shietal i think was the name for them, in lieu of scarves because hair was considered such a turn on, only hubby could see it after wedding.

      Jay Zee Jewish :-)??

  3. She’s just awesome in so many ways, love her. Interesting to get the short crop, wifey had very long hair when we met but soon after baby no.2 got a no.2 clip…much easier and god she looked beautiful. So many women hide their beauty with too much hair covering their countenance. Hair does make a huge difference I know, but so does seeing a whole face without the magic locks.

  4. I too cut my Leo locks – last Saturday – nearly 2 inches off. Now sporting a shorter bob fashioned on one that Jackie Kennedy wore. We do share the same birthday…It was the only sensible approach.

      • What! Seriously she looks like a caramel pixie!!! Soo what’s her name from 60’s French “breathless” but cuter

      • Err I hate to say it but I totally agree with you guys – but I think it’s all down to the cut – and it’s an awful one……i still love her though :)

        • It is cut that particular way so taping of extensions have something to adhere to front back & sides so she can still do long for videos as Mrs Carter tour over i think.

          All this about hair, you can tell i’m bored on a Friday eve :-)

  5. After a hideous week of rejection Friday is sparkling. New hair look of course
    bday clebrations started 1 week prior – of course
    Lusty maintenance visit
    early morning therapy session
    Fans calling in
    Work booked for next week
    Spa coming up in my Katherine Hepburn swimmers


    • I KNOW that style of bathers & love them. Elegant & classic.

      The monikini has to be the worst style of poseur swimmers, suit no-one at all.
      The first bathers from the 20’s were rude with their little boy legs, camel toe, made from thin jersey that left nothing to the imagination. So strange in times that were otherwise ultra conservative.
      Happy solar return in advance in new hair & KH swim suit.

  6. I Love Beyonce.
    More and more with time..
    Her Virgo vibes- the purity
    It’s almost from another era but as a hip hop star and dare i say it ” a woman of colour” as a feminist who vibes pure oestrogen mixed with ” don’t take NO SHIITZ from no one” which gotta be a Leo rising with I’m guessing Mars in Capricorn or some such combo, maybe a Tamara Mellon -esque North node? Dunno but she is SO what the world needs now.
    So, for me she’s less compelling than Amy Winehouse or Lana Del Rey who just vibe all my south node addictive tendencies but if I had a daughter I’d hope she was a fan of Mz Beyonce for so many reasons. The woman just embodies self respect and health self esteem without compromise or self destructive tendencies. She does not pander to any one or any thing and my prediction and my hope is that she will endure in an industry so full of fakers. I didn’t always feel this way about her but she has impressed me with her feminine fierceness and the taming of Jay Z, well he;s a smart guy. I just hope he can keep up. She rocks. Cutting your hair, when, shiny, tangle free locks are a massive part of your appeal is brave and totally hot. I love her curves. I love her classy old school vibe. She’s a rules gurl. And I usually loathe that crowd but on her it not only makes sense, it’s more like a political statement . ja nuf said i fink xx

  7. Really?
    Nice haircut. Nice lady. Works hard.
    But all this passion for Beyonce? I don’t get it.

    • Cause she’s beautiful. In control of her life. A new baby, a successful marriage. No major scandals, (even the media don’t seem to want to make up one). Her Qi just looks to me to be slowly rising year after year. For a woman who has led her life in an industry strewn with lairs, liars , harpies and true artists, she does artist with Leo aplomb. If the wigs destroy her hair in the end, a bald Beyonce is possibly even more beautiful. The Queen of Sheba.

      • Best of a bad bunch suffering the ‘carcinogenic glare’ of fame? It’s just I know lots of nice, pretty, talented people. However, let it not be said her timing is not good.

    • I have to say I just don’t get it either.
      Like okay — she’s been in the industry hustling since she was a kid, has a killer voice, great dancer, etc.

      But she just seems to have NOTHING underneath the stage persona. Even with it she’s dull. And when she opens her mouth to talk it’s just kind of sad. So I agree….she seems nice and pretty and hard working and everything. But also so, so incredibly dumb and uninteresting.

  8. I saw her do performance on Ellen and she was crying with emo! Very real girl with big heart but tasteless shoes

        • actually I’m wondering of it’s a thing with Leos, bad taste in shoes. My Leo sis, who is otherwise highly stylish, bad shoes. My Leo bestie, the worst shoes. Of course I love her for her heart :)

          • My Leo sister only buys fairly cheap shoes, because her foot odor kills shoes fast.

  9. Anyone see the clip of her when she discovers she’s Ms Fierce after being
    so soulful sweet. Of course J-Zee & the Illuminati were blamed…lol

  10. I like her, remember her in Austin Powers, “I’m Foxy Cleopatra and I’m a whole lot of woman!” I laughed so much..

    maybe she is tired of the weight on her shoulders, I know some of us with big hair are always considering taking some of the weight off.
    I have been thinking of starting over and shaving my head.
    that way I can actually see how much gray there is under years of henna and vegtable pigments in my hair.
    The weight of extentions may be so much that is rips hair off of your head. And there isn’t enough biotin on planet earth that will make grow as fast as you need it to..
    Your scalp can only take so much abuse.
    Maybe she was experiencing hair loss and thought to be a little more kind to her scalp. She looks cute:)

  11. Beyonce has an infant to care for, and a short ‘do is a choice that some new moms make.
    ALSO, she recently got her mane stuck in a fan during a performance. I think there was a background track playing, so she had to keep singing while her team cut her hair out of the fan.
    The crop makes sense, but I may be biased, being Leo Rising myself.

  12. Cool with the astro but eh, me and Gem daughter decided a couple of months ago we over Beyond Herself…Gem used to love her…Maybe here in the States with the Pepsi commercial and stuff it’s just overkill…boring…

    And, Gem daughter 8 weeks preggers! She just told me last night…so exciting…I now gonna be Granny with a Gun… (not lol)…Libran gdaughgter will be 12 yrs older than her by the time baby is born but she is SO excited and helpful to Mommy with laundry and vacuuming, etc…Can’t wait to pamper my daughter and see her so much more often…

    • My Aries sis is Leo rising…my Progressed is Leo rising with Uranus conjunct but the natal peeps…eh, sorta a pain in the ass… (sorry our lovely Toro man here with Leo rising, no size fits all of course x).

      I used to walk in the shadow of her light but when I ended up getting more attention than her or spiritual gifts she went ape with jealousy and resentment… And I mean ape, lunging at me, etc..DEMANDING I apologize…

      • ps, During my last massage yesterday evening I was just suddenly “over” being upset with the Aqua and wanted to go home and park in my usual spot (there are a couple to choose from)..

        He has a close female friend from England visiting…I met her last time we quarrled…She had gone to bed due to jet lag and the we got into it ..He said “this is the THIRD time we are arguing over this…”

        Finally said “when you are with me, be with me…” Just don’t think he got that before.

        Today the tarot card, after seeing my car, was “Justice”…it seems appropriate for him and for me..”Balance and harmony after a great trial”…I’d say so AND I am dying to see him in the future but that will have to come from him…He pushed me away enough already that he now either needs to get it or, well, it is truly over…which it won’t be of course 😉

      • Thank you so much Gemmy, where you been luv?

        Drove into LA today (well, not quite..but my old stomping grounds…Ontario area…Inland Empire) and had lunch with all us girls and it was so nice.

        Gem has “evening sickness” as opposed to morning. She said baby’s due date is March 20th. I was like, Oh gawd honey, lets hope He/She is a Pisces and not an Aries lol…she said she doesn’t mind as hub is a Pisces already… :) But I believe that is the day the sign changes…And yet, that is the day her Nana died…first day of spring I believe also and it’s the Persian New Year. Of course her Persian Dad and step Mom are over the Moon..

        ~Bless~ x

      • Thank you Dromie, I did a post to you both above. Hope you and yours are fine doll. Love you..x

  13. What’s up with those white claws?!… Ugh!… Anyway, I like a lot of things about Beyonce, but the whole African-American obsession with fake hair, extensions, weaves etc is just horrid… Cropped, mod-style hair is a breath of fresh air, but I doubt it is her natural hair. Does anyone remember what natural African hair looks like? Hint: it is NOT straight.

    • Oh come on, how many adult women are dyed blond, brunette, red, artificially straightened, artificially curled? Do you equally prefer the ‘mousey brown’ brigade to return to their roots? I find hair artifice quite meh personally but it is a personal expression, and should be a personal creative choice. You can be critical of that choice but to exhort a return to ‘natural’ really seems an exhortation to your view of the ‘exotic’.

      • No, I am not exhorting my view of the “exotic” – which has little to do with the “natural” anyway… What I am talking about is the annihilation of a certain type of … hair texture i.e. kinky african hair. Women of color in America are under a very oppressive hair regime. It ceases to be a personal expression or a creative choice when a woman in the ghetto needs to take out a loan to pay for her weaves or chemically abuses her hair (and scalp) to conform with this…. And we are not talking here about a hair-dye or a curling iron… We’re talking about major hair-follicle intervention, the kind that kicks your scalp into the next century, bald!

        I say YES to Afros.

  14. i just returned from a week of internet-free camping, opened the site (argh too much to catch up on!) to this as i heard “he ain’t wich you he’s with beyonce…” on the constant repeat. hee hee.

  15. As a Leo ascendant endowed with eternally awesome hair, you’re going to have to do a lot more to prove your awesomeness than show me your great hair. But in this case, Beyonce might convince me that daring to have horrible hair could be proof that you can still be an awesome Leo. Consider that the lioness has no mane, only the male lions have them.

  16. Hi LaLuz: As Africa is a continent of over 50 countries, the idea that there is only one ‘natural African hair’ texture just doesn’t make sense. African hair can be straight OR coiled, flat or puffy, etc., especially Black American hair, as our gene pool is INCREDIBLY diverse. I don’t consider it an ‘oppressive hair regime’ I call it ‘choices’ (and I’ve exercised them ALL,lol). If you look at the numbers, Black women in the U.S. wear more ‘natural’ hair (un-chemically processed) than Black women in any other country…

  17. Isn’t Bey, like, four years older than she says she is? How can you be sure that she really IS a Leo rising?
    BTW: Gisele Bundchen is 36 not 33, Lily Cole is 29 not 24 and Salma Hayeck is also four years older than she says she is. With all the age-BS in Hollywood, how can you know the stars charts are their REAL ones?