Multi Leo Modelling Tips

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model black and white flashbulbs

Multi-Leo Karlie Kloss lives out the fantasy life of many a fashion Leo. She has the Sun, Venus, Chiron and Mercury in the sign of the Sun, her transition into a bob haircut was considered an important signifier in the cult of style and she glows in the glare of flashbulbs. She’s also athletic and a dancer.  But mostly i like her because she’s 21 and when Leonardo Di Caprio hit on her, she said she wanted to set him up with her mother.


Image: I can’t source this other than myriad Tumblr reposts – aid welcome!

20 thoughts on “Multi Leo Modelling Tips

    • Ha ha! Good one!

      Good for her! He needs some push back, a reality check.

      She definitely won a genetic lottery….good looks, tall, thin, grounded, and intelligent…..didn’t she go to Harvard?

      Sometimes I’m envious of tall people, I think because my dad is 6′ 3″ and I didn’t get any of his height, so I think some part of me thinks I should have been tall. I’m not short, but just average height. Silly me… ;-p

  1. Haha about Leo DeCap…You would think with all that money he would take care of the puffy eye lids?

    I mean I AM nearly old enough to be his mother I think, and even my lids ain’t puff like that daddy…

    :lol: I’m just playing… :lol:

    You know, in this case of her suggeting that, it just shows that sometimes we need to face the reality that “you can’t always get what you want”…


    • Totally agree about Leo di C, sweetpea.
      I love him, but it IS getting a bit creepy that he only dates 21yr old models. I didn’t think anyone on the planet had turned him down lol.
      Amazing he can still see the girls thru those puffy lids :)

    • Agree, Di Caprio has not aged well at all, quite a paunch
      and he was so pretty once. Now he’s using his celeb status to pull (and pull and pull).

  2. That bony look in her back is just the post. She is one of the more muscular and fit models to come through in recent years, i’m a big fan and not just because she is Leo. Miranda kerr on the other hand *shudders, walks away muttering.

  3. She is one lovely girl! Tall, amazing looking. Like one of those Nordic aliens. :-)
    And it’s true I may have a little Leo envy peeping through, lol.

    More power to her! Especially given her slam down to Leo… not that I’m thinking much could indent that ego. Go girl!

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