“I Told You To Be Balanced, I Told You To Be Kind…”

Vintage Cosmopolitan Art

Mars sextile Venus a go-go! 

The Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus schizz that dominates August, making everything just TOO UBER (see the monthly horoscopes for more on this Awesome) just amps the vibe even more.

People who’ve had an isolationist stance toward relationships for various good reasons (self-protection, self-dev, busy empire building) are suddenly thinking “I know what – I’ll have a relationship!” 

Peeps in fuqed up relationships who have been  postponing the inevitable for aeons (there is always a good excuse to stay in a stagnant relationship if you want one) are suddenly all about looking about for a new nest, without all the silent recriminations and built-in Grudge Flashpoints.

And how about the extra voltage of flirting & shares as one goes about one’s daily business  – the yoga/pilates, the errands, the demon conquering, the what the fuqery when it comes to our current “leaders” and crap service? It is like fresh fuel for The Awesome.

This IS Mars + Venus for the next seven days dudes. More on how to action this AND the hotness that is the New Moon in Leo in the Daily Horoscopes/Daily Mystic email for Monday.

Message Du Jour: You can flirt/fall in love/ponder the prospect of a healthy, life-enhancing relationship without degenerating into being a Love Zombie or being unable to continue your Conquest Scheme/Operation Phoenix. 

The astro-weirding of August is Enemy Numero Uno to fuqed up undead relationships and moribund marriages. You can see it in the streets and the supermarkets all around you, terse conversations, peeps losing their schizz in public.

We’re even carrying on in our dreams – hands up who started a hot dream affair this last few days?



Image:  Fredric Varady  – Point Of Departure – Cosmopolitan US, July 1960

144 thoughts on ““I Told You To Be Balanced, I Told You To Be Kind…”

  1. My jaw fell open at reading this: “hands up who started a hot dream affair this last few days”. I had a verrry interesting dream about a handsome friend the other night. Count my hand as up!

  2. Uh, that’s a negative on the hot dreams for me, Mystic. Re romantic relationships, I couldn’t stay in a bad one if my life depended on it. God knows I tried that a couple of times, & nope: can’t do it. I do not suffer kindly. Or quietly.

    But you are so right on with the relationship revelations: that’s precisely where my head is at! I’ve had plenty of good, logical reasons why it’s been best to stay out of this arena, but now, with this astro & new moon in Leo/my 6th house it’s suddenly so clear: “I know what– I’ll get a horse!”

    Yee fuqqing haw! YES.

  3. No hot dreams, but I have Mars-Venus sextile natally – though I think they’re both a bit uncomfortable, with Mars in Libra and Venus in Sag. The midpoint is an interesting spot too!

    • I have it natally too – it makes men do weird things to get my attention – do you have that?

      These current transits also have venus conjunct my natal mars and I’m noticing the attention a lot more at the moment. Normally I’m oblivious.

      • anon, definitely… have been the target of some interesting pursuits. I’ve had both amazing and very strange men in my life but rarely will they just straight-up ask me out to dinner.

        • Same, I’ve had two dinner dates in my life. One of those started normal and was mental within the hour. As you say, the rest of the approaches have been ‘interesting’… An astrologer once told me that aspect gives you the ‘X’ factor and my response was ‘actually, it’s more like the vex factor’.

    • i have a similar setup but mars in aqua, venus in aries. so still that fire/air arrangement. Speaking of midpoints, sun is exact midpoint! I had never realised that before.

      no dreams for me lately. but strangely have been wondering what it’s like to be married. and I NEVER EVAH ponder such things, wtf.

      • Pluto was on my Mars-Venus midpoint (in Scorpio) when I met the love of my life 20 years ago – and it was indeed a totally Plutonic relationship. I’ve been fighting the Love Zombie tendencies ever since.

  4. Ha ha! I clicked on this through recent comments and checked the date to see when I missed out on the relationship buzz. This is current? Not feeling it at all. Feeling fine about being single – which I have been for years. Preoccupied with the 4th/10th house axis. Today my ex and I went to UPS to get a notarized note saying we don’t owe each other anything – for the banks, you see. Amazing thing is how much it resonates with when we did the same with our separation agreement – vintage 2009. Then there was anger, fear, pain. Now, there was his girlfriend, the young architect who has a job near mine in the city and volunteered to help me out whenever it is I get a new place. She bought coffee.

    • And, god, where is that song lyric from? I sent it to the Sag-Cap moon on a mixed CD. Bon Iver, no? Fuq – he and I are so 90s, lol. Seems strange that “reunion” ever happened at all – but that is what I told him, lol

  5. Have bought out my ‘prayers of protection’ as there are grudge flash points coming up from the Virgos i know. An abusive email from one in USA on a 6 month vacation, telling me i am mean spirited and negative because asked for her to arrange the removal of 13 very large size suitcases stored in my shed for 2 years as shed is leaking from record rainfalls. It put me in shock as it was an unwarranted attack. The shed had to be cleared for repairs to leaks.
    The Virgo neighbour is going to spit the dummy at me as i am going to claim one of the 2 spaces available for my car as he has both for his scooter and car and i have allowed this for 2 years.
    Could these probs with Virgos be coz of my Mars in Virgo or simply because i bend to their will rather than force mine upon them, i just give way for the sake of peace. So over subtle intimidations. They are just power plays from those that don’t have it. I understand that, but tired of wearing their THEIR wills and have it unbalance me.
    Both peeps are in their 60′s and still haven’t learned the difference between re-act & respond. Thought are changed when one does,albeit requires practise but then prevents one feeling foolish.
    Never come between a woman and her shed :-)

      Put those cars/bags to the curb.
      A ‘guilt’ of Virgos indeed.

      Yes, a room of one’s own, a shed of one’s own… a multi-level, custom upgraded, 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with balconies & incredible lake/harbour/beach/park views etc.

      Venus is in Virgo at the mo? Valued things? Virgo ruled by Mercury – cars, travel, bags etc.?

      • Aha, thanx for that info Adromeda.
        Venus in le Virge at mo. Venus can be tricky and i can be such a pushover. As i have got older, it’s almost like getting weaker and we are informed of the
        stars and their machinations. As above-below, is apt.

      • Andy and friends, soz to go on about it, Voodoo Virgo Black Mamma has been a friend for 0ver 30 years and it’s now 24 hours since letter. As she finished it ‘don”t need you in my life..farewell’ i have not responded.
        The fact with the 3 now not 2 Virgos is that i have been very generous to them financially and with material things and realise this is not a good thing to do, as when the purse strings get tightened or some favour is refused, i am made wrong.
        Needs working on in my relations to many, i’ll take the blame coz I CAN coz I’M a SIN-EATER.
        with Vivaldi playing in the background, can you hear the violins :-)

        • wow, that’s rough Pegs – who says that kind of thing after such a long friendship? I guess you don’t need her suitcases and boxes either… I too have mars in virgo and if anyone who’d been a ‘friend’ for that long said something like that to me I’d be out on the lawn right now decluttering with a box of redheads :mrgreen:

          • I love the alchemy of fire. Deconstruction, transmutation, the finality & point of creation. Mmm…

            I have a big pile of trees & branches at the end of my property, courtesy of that tornado last month. Can’t wait to use it to my witchy ends ;)

            • :grin: scorpios always seem to understand the transmutation thing better than any other sign. What sort of trees are they? Could you build a smoker and smoke things with the wood? YUM

        • That is soo disappointing. :( I hope your beautiful pegasus feathers are not too ruffled.

          Mars in Virgo here too, but with progressed ARIES moon, rrroaaarrrhh. Boy am I feeling it.
          I guess I would give dark moon leeway, but 24 hours is pretty decent too.
          What will you do with the baggage of the Voodoo Virgo? Lots of charities with winter needs down south..

    • giving way for the sake of peace sounds like something in libra more than anything virgo pegs – suddenly doing something to rectify the imbalance sounds very mars in virgo though :wink:

      • Moon in Libra mid heaven, a balance of give & take so important, so rare,something to always try to create. Problem is when i snap, say enough is enough, i’m in the wrong….my bad, 50% responsible.

        • I wonder if Uranus is actually opposing your moon Pegs? Which means you’re having the zap zone on your Midheaven – is Uranus transiting your 4th right now? Would make sense what with all your action around the home zone. So you’ll be having Uranus Opposing your moon with Pluto squaring both – this is a big deal lovely.

          Have a look at your chart and see what’s going on there and it may help you make some informed choices on how to best deal with these issues. I’m sure someone here will help you out if you get stuck working it out.

          In some ways shutting up just to keep the peace is also passive aggressive (I’m libran so I get to out that particular libran foible :wink:) because it’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have to assert your authority and it’ll give everyone a fright because they weren’t expecting it. So if you have pluto and uranus hassling your moon on the MC right now it would have the potential for people who’ve known you for a while to be a bit freaked out by your (as far as they would be concerned) sudden demands that your rights and space be respected. I would wish you luck with it all but I know you have the universe on your side and don’t need luck x

          • Hi, can’t see the moon bit BUT Uranus is in 6th house-Virgo. Ceres in 4th, so she of the corn needs harmony to grow.
            Yes have been wondering the meanings & symptoms of passive-aggressive as it’s mentioned here along with some of the actions indicating it, kinda like ‘my silence is deafening’?
            Anyways keep that red pulsing heart
            of yours happy, anon & thanx.

    • Record rainfall: neptunian, Piscean, big old trine in the sky… Exposed weaknesses in your shed roof, & in your relationships. Things that need your attention & action to preserve that which is necessary for your happiness: your beloved shed, & dumping the baggage of others. Stay strong, Pegasus: you’re on the right track. x

      • Just realised reading your words – the Mid Heaven is the roof of the chart, I had roof leak issues when uranus hit my MC. Does this mean the MC is how you diagnose your house/roof?

        • The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

          My MC’s in Sagg.

          I don’t know; that’s a good question. When was Uranus in Sagg? Was it about 10-11 years ago? On Halloween 2002, I unwittingly moved into an old farm house that had a colony of bats living in the attic: I didn’t discover them until one Summer evening 2003, when I counted 200 bats fly out from under the house’s roof. I stopped counting at 200. I mean, what was the point in continuing to count them?

    • did you accidentally drink some Libra or Pisces juice? :)

      with the shed virgo, you might want to point out that you are doing them a favour! You could just toss her schizz or let it be damaged. is that a better solution? no. so yeah…shell have to take care of it.

      with parking space hog, just start parking in the space. if he starts questioning you about it let him know one of the spaces belongs to you. he might know that already and just not question you at all.

      • Electric & Sweetpea, yes ,saved her at least 2k in storage fees and thought a thank you letter instead of sheer nastiness would suffice. Shock physical or emotional takes 48 hours to process and appreciate your being on side. Big time.
        After many hours of wondering how to ask if i can have space, have decided just to park there as i am entitled to and let him sort it as Sweetie said.
        Myst said this venus-mars sextile will show you how peoples really are. Wow and how.

        • something ive learned off of watching other men interact with one another:
          it is much better to act and beg forgiveness (if necessary) than to try to ask for permission. Because with men, if you have to ask, the answer is no. srsly. lol.

      • With your Libran Moon, I suspect when you take your power back from prior seeking to be fair and balanced, peeps are shocked!

        Too bad. My NN and pre-natal eclipses (both Solar and Lunar) are all in Libra….Fairness is crucial to me. But if you’re gonna get piggish, I will lower the boom baby..

  6. Dream you say Mystic.
    Well I have a recurring dream and last night it came back. Over the last 17+ years I’ve had this recurring dream. So dream husband and I are talking about some really full on stuff.
    As if I’ve been dreaming in reverse for all this time. So last night’s dream was the first in the series.
    Right now I’ve arrived at the Naked Moon and there is only sand in the distance. Is this Zen? Not sure, but the Zap Zone manifested the other night by giving me an electrifying zap from my broken bedside lamp. One thing is for sure there is strangeness up for grabs at the mo.

      • A good conversation is so darn hot. This dream has many threads and similar to a spider web. I sure hope he does walk this earth and doesn’t just reside in my dreamscape. Kinda like with the other dreams I had the middle and the end, and now I am dreaming back to the start.

    • ‘Strangeness up for grabs’ love it.
      Shall tell myself the old adage ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

      Love going to sleep at night for the mind movies, alas only remember them if i get up to pee and no way in my tiny bit of consciousness could i write them down, it’s enough effort as is to avoid peeing on my robe. Usually the long belt to it falls in the bowl. eeew & wet!

      • Hi Pegs. You would think by now there would be retractable belts for robes or The Shammy Robe. You could wear it and dry off your wet car or mop the floors aka roll yourself along the floor.
        How is Sugarboy? I’ve been adopted by the cat next door as her caregiver. Think she has been badly traumatized and a shelter boomerang kitty, and cries if I leave her for too long. She looks like the cat MM had sitting on her poster.

  7. no love vibes here. not that i don’t want it. i most certainly do! I just kind of feel like blanched bones sitting in the sun in this regard. The ugliness of reality and having a real partner…if i could ever get one….can that withstand my expectations and idealism? sort of a depressing feeling. i suppose one foot at a time.

  8. People who’ve had an isolationist stance toward relationships for various good reasons (self-protection, self-dev, busy empire building) are suddenly thinking “I know what – I’ll have a relationship!”

    Yes – that pretty much sums up me at the moment.

  9. C’est moi! I have been busily staying clear of the dating. relationship energy and really trying to get my own thing together but a few days ago i thought, you know what? I could probably have a little something going on, no drastic – no dramas, mutually beneficial good times, i mean come on it’s not rocket science is it? Maybe it is. Problem is i always startt to show signs of re infection with the love zombie virus the SECOND i fall for someone.

    • oh god, I sympathise and cincur…isn’t it dreadful. I am thin-skinned but I somehow manage to hide the depth and breadth that I have fallen in love, ridiculpously quickly, like in a day… that I get away with reality on the surface charmingly light and cringing in the shadows with the intensity of it all… It isn’t ideal, surely?

  10. Here is something to share from the ubiquitous Deepak Chopra. Here i could quip ‘ iv’e known him since he was a ‘kid’ but untrue :-)

    Hostility is remembered pain and a desire to get even
    Fear is anticipation of pain in the future
    Guilt is self-directed pain when you blame yourself
    Depression is the depletion of the energy as a result of all of the above.

    He’s taken long enough to tell us that! Is this resonational or what?

  11. Dreams, yes but not hot. Just leave me feeling same old same old. Had the hot stuff about four weeks ago. As to relationship, that’s a huge dilemma for me currently. Saturn still in my 7th but heading finally to 8th by the end of the year. Moving back into town, at last, so the offers will come thick and fast but I don’t know that I want 26 guys, all superficial kept at arms length. Or to wait out for a real one. Or when one of those arrives and hits me round the head leaving me seeing stars, that I’m not just going to run a thousand miles screaming “not going there again” Superficial is fine but just dull in the end. Love on the other hand, is everything but It just keeps fuqing me up. Enough already. Watched the unbearable lightness of being last night. Maybe that wasn’t a good move ?!

    • I know what you mean, superficial is only fun for a bit but the real thing is way too scary for me at the moment. And I adore the book “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” – much watch the movie again. Good luck

      • I know that as soon as said frying pan man arrives I will just fall head long splat. I’m just hoping that maybe now my karma will be kind and say oh ok it’s about time you had this work out just the way you wanted. Ha Fairy tales. and they lived happily ever after. What nonsense. And they lived, grew, thrived, argued, grew a bit more and managed to stay together for a number of years until neither of them could be arsed to go chase a new life and they found each other’s slippers and sat knowing they’d eventually come home. That would be nice

  12. hot dreaming? i dreamt i sat down at at table with Low Libra (aka Silvio B.) and have a pep talk with him! LOL i was telling him “You know, your intelligence served you poorly, since you genereted no value for Italy!!!” …you know we in Italy now are all HAPPY since the man finally got sentenced!!! third grade process: GUILTY! HA!

  13. Dreamt last night that I found my tribe (something in there about healing sores from crown of thorns starfish coming off my feet) but I couldn’t find the route to be with them. Hope I get the directions tonight:).
    I am also waking up to the need to hold myself back a bit – become a bit private while others carry on.
    Being very open is too stressful, I don’t need to explain who I am, it draws too many crabs

  14. I was out of my state for a week and working with a hottie! Oh my. I don’t know his relationship status but I could see trouble with crazy intimacy dreams beginning. Tall, brown hair, hazel eyes with a southern accent. Yup.. I would have been lost. But I am home now!

    I am not interested in a relationship and I don’t think ever will. My problem is that I know from the start whether or not a guy will be worth my time. I know they will be just friends but it doesn’t last because they want more. I start walking at that point. I don’t have patience.

    When I find that guy that I feel some chemistry with then it can work.

    I just went to a “Interview”, yes and interview at a group for singles adventure group. I walked out pissed. The interviewees comments from the start: We are not a dating site, you have to be single and you cannot be emotionally attached. Ridiculous!! I left. What would happen if I did meet someone while I was with this group.

    So, based on the “Mars sextile Venus a go-go” and the “Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus schizz”.. I don’t see anything happening. I am having to deal with work this week. I am all consumed in that, looking for a new job and probably dealing with my disrespectful boss! Blah!

    Have a great relationship build up week for you all!


    • yeah that’s whyi don’t goto those outdoor adventure singles thing. they are supposed to be a hookup place but they dont want you to hook up because it causes group drama. plus in my exp of doing those the guys that reg do that stuff aren’t worth it, i was already more skilled than 90% of the group. That prett much left the hardened ex-military guy, old drunk who used to be frat, sad old widower still grieving, and way too young cougar bait guy. all of which are like a NO.

      • I was shocked! While I was there a friend emailed me just in time before the interview and said “run”. Apparently her son is paying this group back for some reason. Paying back like $2k. ugh!

  15. Extremely strong dream last night about man I fell so strongly for and about to travel half way around the world to see him again ….. he came to stay with me in my hotel, but brought his teenage kids plus around 10 other teenagers with him. They were lovely and all so excited and happy to be there, but it was weird …. I was walking up the corridor with my secretary and had to check with her that she was my secretary, not one of them, and ask her to expand the room and make sure they were all happy. His daughter held my hand. I went into our bedroom and three of them were asleep in a foldout bed, curled up together and I thought … is that okay. Then he was in bed with about another 3 or 4 around him …. not sexually at all, but like creatures in a Patricia Piccinini artwork. Then I suddenly realised they were all the relationships/creatures that he would bring with him into our relationship … and it was neither good nor bad, just this overwhelming feeling that he was complex, had stuff to leave behind and his decision to move to where I live was going to have to be really worth it, since the work was going to be huge to do it. I don’t know whether I want this relationship or not – but it is very powerful and he was the first boy to ever kiss me many years ago. Our paths have crossed numerous times in our lives and each time something has been too big to overcome or the timing has been wrong.

    He is Scorpio. I am Cap, Cancer ascendant, libra moon and mars in scorpio.

  16. Nearly dropped my phone reading this, mystic. Had dream last night that a man I find very attractive was licking my armpit. Loved it.

    • I have to comment here. I know that often stuff that we think of as “ewe – that’s REVOLTING!” can actually be TOTALLY HOT with the right person. I’m thinking, this does not mean you have an amrpit fetish (although it’s always worth checking these things out;) – it probably means you have hot mars in the 8th house or mars-venus connection with this dude. When you have rad chemistry with someone the most bizarre shitz can seem uber sexy. Ha! thats all I’m saying :))) enjoy

      • I totally agree, I have never even thought about having my armpit licked before. His Mars in Aries is Square my Venus in Cancer. Unfortunately, he’s married, so I spend a lot of energy containing my lust.

        • Ha! LOVE ZOMBIE!!
          Why are you wasting your time?
          Mrs Pot, may I introduce myself?
          I am mr kettle and this is the lovely mz black.

          Andy Warhol said that fantasy love was the best kind. I forget the reason. Something about it staying perfect I think. Oh well as long as you’re having hot dreams.
          I’m hoping to move out of my glass house when the lease is up so I can stop getting stoned.
          For the benefit of those who don’t know me, I’m being metaphorical and this is an attempt at humour.
          Big love armpit freak :-) xxx

  17. I haven’t had a dream since I met HF. Apart from two but he was actually under the skin of the guy in both dreams. I think I’m scared to dream because I know I’ll dream of him. Totally ridiculous and very annoying!

    I used to be the most hardcore dream journal freak and losing my dream dialogue was one of my worst fears. Oh well, it’s happened now and been ongoing for almost 10 months now. I’m still here and praying for dreams.
    Have Mystic’s dream diary next to my bed………
    It looks very sad and empty.
    I might have to buy 10 more to keep it company (I’m an optimist:)
    Thinking of buying some Neptune oil from Alchemy works. Any suggestions for bringing on dreams PLEASE SHARE!
    And no, I’m not on any meds or drinking excessively. I’m just properly congested with Love Zombie gunk. I need psychic drain unblocker!
    Am googling Network Chiropractors in London and ready to spend on a Feng Shui expert to literally walk in here and tell me TWF is wrong.

    I have moon in 12th and my dreams are like oxygen to me.
    I’ve never needed other people – yes I know that sounds awful but it’s true. I just don’t get lonely. I feel crowded if I am around others too much but as long as I get to commune with my inner crystal ball I am led to amazing peeps and know exactly what to ask them and how to deal when I do go out.
    Off to buy Neptune oil online and then going to my zen cave to beg for dreams…

    • Sounds like a case for the psychic colonic! What’s happening in your 8th house? Where is The Scorping happening in your chart? Tap that ;)

      • Clary sage. Oh lord that’s wild stuff. I put the oil in a bath. Then inhale the vapours. And there will be a couple of food stuffs too. I’ll go check those but dairy and its opioids do have that effect. Not that I advocate cow juice.

      • 8th house is Venus in Leo trine Neptune in Sag
        HF has a venus neptune trine too so we hook up there
        Oh and me and HF have Mars in each other’s 8th house .. so although we’ve never had sex, the vibe is insanely electrical and the opposite of casual
        discussing the issue of children before a relationship is even consummated is somewhat old school and whack.
        Um I have a double Lilith in my 12th House in Scorpio as well as my moon and Neptune
        Also my sun just progressed into Scorpio…

    • i totally concur about moon in 12th and dreams. we need them but we often get dreams we dont like. often i just tell myself,,,fine stupid dream….ill just ask so i dont remember the dream! self induced dream amnesia!

      and yes i do keep dream journals! b i haven’t had dreams since a couple of weeks ago…where i had one every night.

    • wow!
      Thanks peeps. I love you!
      Will do all of the above.
      Was wondering about the For Strange Women Oil.
      God to know it worked for you MM and thanks s much to everyone who chimed in here. I am SO grateful. Seriously gonna ramp up the dream thing again. I need my dreams.
      I’m literally too jealous to read about the dream below. Symbols like “bridge” “carrying” “daughter” and “home should not make me break out in envy induced cyber hives :)))
      Thank you!
      O and on a more humorous note (I’ve been grinning about it all day ) I got a phone call this morning from a mysterious stranger who has read all my blog posts etc. Ok the weird thing there is that I NEVER EVER pick up that phone, it’s in a drawer and on silent but GET THIS, I’m mid minimalist dark moon clear out frenzy so going through piles of paper, yes, cards from HF, receipts, finding clothes to get rid of you know the drill and I see THAT phone and its flashing up an unrecognised number so my gut instinct is ANSWER IT ..so I did.
      Gorgeous Scottish accent
      (we know HF is a highland boy from a wee fishing village of 900 people right?)
      so that whole thick accent just used to hit me like a punch in the heart as Nick Cave would say.
      So it’s this Scottish bloke with a voice and A VIBE that well without wanting to get too graphic, shall we say I was moved?
      Obviously I did my usual shtick of yes well I’m not really taking on anyone new at the moment but thanks and you know, I don’t travel esp to see some one I’ve never ever met etc. I mean you’d have to pay the full over night fee (stupid – totally ridiculous money) and even then , there’s no guarantee anything will happen. I might not like you so ja um, you have to deposit it up front and I’d need my own room etc ..
      Ridiculous terms right?
      And I am SHOCKED at my own ability to NEGOTIATE with a man who’s voice makes me want to just grab my passport, fling it in my Birkin with a spare pair of lacy knickers and GO!
      I’m so chuffed.
      Not because I’m going. I may not and it doesn’t matter.
      The point is that the Oracle has been saying, something better is coming along. Wait. HF is beneath you. Literally for MONTHS.
      I finally believe it’s true.
      Not devolving into LZ mode at all here but how freakin cool is it that a guy can make me melt on the phone and I think, maybe it’s the way he rolls his R’s ..rather than “Oh Heathcliff you broke my heart, you killed me.”
      I’m thinking “hmmmmm an excuse to go the the Highlands on a hunting expedition. Ja the client will be fun if it happens but imagine aha else I could find. I could just wander about the old city and listen to cute guys with sexy accents and maybe my heart will understand filly (i think it’s already started to happen) that there are SO many other men out there and if I want one I can HAVE one. It doesn’t have to be HF. It might have been the accent all along.. Ok I’m kidding, we know it wasn’t but these things can trigger other things and.. yeah I’m happy again.
      Now mugwort etc time :)) hihihi

        • Haha
          I’m an artmug
          So I dreamed I was talking (but actually I knew I was lying and I knew it) to an ex boyfriend who I never really loved much. I was 18.. Looked in the mirror and woke up with Dire Straights “Romeo and Juliet” playing LOUD in my head. Been singing it all day.
          Have ordered mugwort and other dreamy stuff I will buy when I can afford it but am turning down work and just focussing on restoring my balance. I don’t need money as much as I need emotional balance and I feel I’m back ..ok headed back on dream track so I’m not going to screw this up by getting “busy” ROMEO AND JULIET
          how random and freakin cool is that for this astro.
          Been making little video clip with it. Probably shouldn’t post it…so anti “the brand”
          it’s very likely I will anyway since my brand is ME and me is honest and complicated.
          Oh Juliet….

          • making a video clip about Adam (the original Love Zombie) singing “Romeo and Juliet” to Lilith ..
            doesn’t really matter how it turns out. It all looks kind of trailer park and trashy right now and I love it. Like she’s a stripper and I dunno, he’s psychoanalyst or something….. very Lana Del Rey :-)

            • Isnt r n j all about misunderstandings n ruin? Or am I missing something? I want to get this, but im not please xplain!

              • Shakespeare’s, yes. There’s that, plus how Romeo’s indecisiveness & impulsiveness doomed him. And young love, the almost reckless nature of it. Totally, though: one misunderstanding can have huge repercussions.

                But the Dire Straits song, that’s a little different: Juliet lives on, leaving Romeo in her past. Kind of like the Bon Ivers song referenced above.

                I offer no attempts at inferring what Cattiva’s up to haha, but that’s what I know about the Romeo & Juliet biz.

  18. Had a dream I was carrying my daughter home and as I crossed a bridge noticed flashlights going on and off in the woods below. I just kept on. When I got home, my mom and brother were there. Funny – my daughter had a dream and hers was of house that “looked weak but was strong” and had lots of fireflies.

      • She is strong. Last night I was telling her that people will be coming to see the house soon. And she said she wants her room all white and all her stuff removed. Which is a total turn from what she said before. She said she doesn’t want other’s looking at her magic, lol. I told her I won’t have time to paint it all and she said its OK. She’s moved hundreds of times before, haven’t I? LOL. I worry, its what I do – the Virgo-ness is strong with me. But she’s so lovely and strong and ready for what comes next.

    • The flashing lights/fire flies makes it seem like you were in the same dream space to some extent? That is very lovely.

  19. MM you are inside my head. Dreams are hot. Just this past week I have been thinking exactly…I’ll have a relationship…there is “the one” but he is impossible. There are two other possibilities but both playing it cool. Let’s see what happens.

  20. Oh my! Totally weird but not in a good way dream. I was completely in love with my an old stalker! I was with him, we were talking about marriage. I was talking about how bad I feel about leaving my actual boyfriend because I loved him too, but just not in the same way.

    I have NO idea what THAT’s supposed to mean! I am terrified of that random stalker. He used to call me up at 3am every night, leaving voicemail about how I must be lonely.

    Love my current man. Have since forever. Only harped on about him love zombie style on here for years as proof!

    • You are so cute WOOHOO,

      Maybe the stalker is about your inner Animus, or your Soul wanting an inner marriage kind of thing. Noone on the outside can ever really satisfy the inner communion.

      I’d say your Soul is stalking you ;)

      • your soul is stalking you.
        What a great image.
        Reminds me of Ursula Le Guin’s Earth Sea Trilogy which I read when I was 9.
        I was promiscuous er I mean precocious
        ja I feel the dream vibe coming back…
        I love this site

  21. Oh goddess…. Dark moon depression!

    Thanks for advice in the dailies…. I just hope that calm detached exterior is what will work…

  22. Pluto transiting 12th house,where Venus is, sheesh, now i REALLY get the last 2 year’s upsets, it’s all falling into the astrological pattern.Knew i was living the astro, but now i have had an epiphany realising that.

  23. A couple of days ago I had an unbelievable lucid dreaming experience.

    The dream was extremely unreal-feeling really, since in my head I knew that I was in reality still asleep in my room even as I was sailing across the world at a thousand meters a minute. Though I understand that it took lots of practise to achieve this ability, I without a doubt believe it was worth the price.

    When I first experimented with lucid dreaming I experimented with a bunch of free online “courses” I found while browsing StumbleUpon. But, after cracking at these methods for just under three weeks I still had no authority over my nightmares.

    I conclude that the pivotal element that they were missing was the potent sound tracks that I got when I bought a professional lucid dreaming guide with pretty positive feedback, the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track – http://www.reviewspanel.com/lucid-dreaming-fast-track/.

    Now I can simply do any thing I’d like (but much of the time I prefer gliding across the universe).

  24. Dreamed that I was swimming through an aquarium – half the width of an Olympic pool, but three times as deep.

    It was stuffed full of aquatic mammals that were half fluffy toy & half alive.
    We had to swim to the end to get out,
    I was worried I would be bitten!

    They were all purple with orange spots or aqua & brown with little leather horns and quite serene bobbing about. They came in every imaginable shape – Dr. Seuss meets the Moomins.

    :) I do have a fever right now too.

  25. I love the title of this post:
    “I Told You To Be Balanced, I TOLD You To BE KIND!!”.
    It sounds like something I might say (Moon in Scorp lol, emo & slightly aggro).)

    • Yes! Thanks for pointing it out….the title is exactly my inner voice right now. Have had some big realisations post-breakup. I have a lot to work on in terms of my character. I’m not a nasty person but could become more of an easy going approachable lovable person.

      How do you all work on your bad habits? Like to make a concious change in your personality?

      • Honestly I think it is a long process.
        I have been doing spirit journeys for a few years now.
        This changes all manner of things in the energy field, releases old traumas, matures the DNA, cut ties with all energetic drains etc. etc.

        THEN the real work begins… Changing the mental structure that built up over time with the above ‘supports’. It’s a life’s work! But never give up.
        Right now I am doing the physical side, profound diet work, which is an organic change that effects the brain enormously.
        Meditation pretty fantastic too.

        It’s a good question. Just keep at it. MM is all about the cleanse so the website is chock full of ideas. Sorry to hear about your break up, xx.

  26. Since we’re talking about dreams, I have one to share from last night:

    I was in a woods & came across my son’s head lying on the ground. I was horrified at first, but there was a sweet smile on his face & my heart ached for him, so I picked his head up & cradled it, then went looking for his body. There was no blood or gruesomeness. At some point I sat his head down to pick through some brush & when I turned to pick his head back up, it was gone. I heard an old man talking then in the distance, and I looked down a hill to see this man lecturing two of my nephews around a campfire on the importance of staying aware so they will not be stolen from, “like this boy was” — and out came a wolf with my son’s head in its mouth. He still had his sweet smile on his face. Then I woke up.

    Upon waking, my son confided in me that he’s very nervous about his surgery tomorrow. As always, I wish I could do more to spare him the nervousness & pain… Told you I was in knots over this. Going to make the most out of our day together today!

      • Pegs, you are so right: the dream was very Grimm Bros. Yes.

        12 hours & counting until his op begins. He’s nervous, but seems to be doing better than me! I tidy when I worry– redirect that energy– so the house is looking fab, but all day I’ve just felt like puking. So we went out for ice cream. Haha keeping it together, keeping it together…

        Thank You x

  27. So glad I ended a crap relationship a few weeks ago. It was everything I didn’t want in the end, it was taxing. I’ve also come to have a lot of aha! Moments about his behaviour, naturally I now wish I’d ended it much earlier. Nothing violent but creepy.

    Had a beautiful kissing dream about a man I met on the weekend at the bush races. I can’t figure out why I did dream of him, yes he was lovely, but he lives in SA & is married!

    I’m going back to empire building, I’m not in the mood to get involved with anyone. Which was the frame of mind when I met the relationship one above.

  28. “People who’ve had an isolationist stance toward relationships for various good reasons (self-protection, self-dev, busy empire building) are suddenly thinking “I know what – I’ll have a relationship!” ”

    And I’ll do it with someone in a 14hr timezone difference whom I can’t actually meet in person..just skype and get frustrated over the limitations of communications…and never mind that they are seeing someone, and that I’m not even compatible really…yeah, give that a try, eh?

    Why does Neptune always smell like incense at the time and then sulphur afterwards, when you wake up going “Whoah, what the fuq was that?!!”

    So I cried me a river …and let it run free.

    7 more days of this weirding..hmmm…what worse could happen? an ACTUAL relationship?

    Heavens no!

  29. Mystic,
    Have to put my hand up. I spent the past several months, up until the April eclipse season, in a gridlocked and very unhealthy relationship, that was once much more interesting, but it had just gone bad. It took all of my strength and courage to break free of it because I did and do deeply care about the person I was with, but it was a toxic relationship, to put it as simply as possible.

    I then did some traveling and had some experiences which seemed to blast me from “never-again-land” into being open and ready for new love, practically at warp speed. This was in May, June, very early July.

    Then, within 5 days of telling my friends that I thought I felt ready to take another chance at something with substance, I met someone. It happened unexpectedly 3 weeks ago and within an hour it felt like… game over. So much wild synchronicity around that first meeting, along with butterflies in the stomach, all of it– and I’m 37. It feels very haute neptune, and I knew there was some neptune action in the astro at the moment, so that had me a little freaked at first but… I have never felt so *at ease* with someone to whom I was completely attracted to. Usually attraction = unease, but not necessarily in a bad way. So this beautiful woman finally coughs up her birth data. Get this: Her venus is within 3 degrees conjunct my DC– -*and vice versa* – AND – in our composite chart, venus is *exactly* conjunct the chart’s DC. I mean exactly, to the minute. 9º 35″ Cancer. On top of that, the composite 7th house is holding Luna, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Jupiter is on the exact cusp of the 5th and 6th, and True node sitting at 28 Libra in the 10th. Pluto is conjunct the midheaven (1º) in Libra. Neptune sits at home in the 12th trining Mercury and Saturn, and the squares in the chart are coming from the zap zone- Uranus and Pluto, and to a lesser extent Chiron. I don’t know, this just seems like bizzaro world. The only thing unfortunate I can find in the composite chart is that there is NO aspect between mars and venus. In synastry our respective mars are conjunct, we both have Mars in Cancer – and her venus sextiles my mars. But in the composite, there is no aspect. So far there doesn’t seem to be any lack of passion, but of course that’s the case – it’s so new – I do wish your sleaze-o-meter was still up!

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