Ask Mystic: Collective Zodiac Nouns?

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Dear Mystic,

The other day, I was with some friends who were Leos, and they were talking about more Leos, and then we decided that the collective term for a group of Leos must be a Pride.  So I have been wondering about collective terms for all the Signs – maybe this is something you have already blogged about, but I didn’t find anything when I searched.

I am thinking a Pride of Leos, an Organization of Virgos, a Balance of Libras, a Nest of Scorpios (it’s ambiguous, perhaps deceptive, but/and it also fits with the Eagle and the Phoenix)…

Maybe your thoughtful and articulate readership can come up with a whole Zodiac Zoo of collective terms!

A Single Sagittarius

Dear Single Sagittarius,

We DID look at this a while back – i remember, because someone suggested “a guilt of Virgos” and then another person talked about something like a “a skulk of Scorpios” and it got a bit heated. But i can’t find that post now!  So yes, epic idea.  I love how a group of Unicorns is known as “a blessing of Unicorns.”

So, thoughts people…


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101 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Collective Zodiac Nouns?

  1. An Icon of Aquarians
    A plethora of Pisceans
    An intrepidation of Arians
    A stampede of Tareans
    A contradiction of Geminis
    A deadly catch of Katakans
    A protagonist of Leos
    A vestry of Virgos
    A liable of Librans
    A scene of Scorpios
    A party of Saggitarians
    A cornucopia of Capricorns….

    • Haha!

      Scorp Inc. endorses nest. We feel the imagery illustrates our commitment to the company’s mission & vision.

      • Having a Scorpionette reunion this week, in fact, with two of my favorite women. And one of my besties has a Scorpio ascendant in the same degree as my sun and her son’s sun – think we have some past life karma there?
        There is always a lot of respect in Scorpio friendships. We know what lies beneath and that it’s not easy to be a haute Scorpion.

        • great explanation VR!

          For me there’s something unwavering about those connections. For example, I’ve had amazing Aries women come into my life in a big way but at some point we reach impasse – I may still think they’re wonderful (well 2/3 of them) but the friendship becomes collateral in some unbreachable way. We then have to maintain love and respect at a distance. Not the Scorps, they are eternally wonderful to me and that fraternal love is forever :)

  2. A charge of Rams
    A stable of Toros
    A flitter of Gems
    A cling of Crabs
    A pride of Leos
    A spreadsheet of Virgos
    A pendulum of Libras
    A simmer of Scorps
    A wave of Saggos
    A committee of Capricorns
    A synapse of Aquas
    An aura of Pisceans

  3. A School of Pisceans is perhaps predictable but, I think, really fitting. Or a Pod of Pisceans! Or maybe just a Cry of Pisceans.

    A group of cats is sometimes called a “pounce.” I like a Pounce of Leos.

    A romp of Otters! A Romp of Scorpios?

    An ostentation of peacocks…. perhaps an Ostentation of Capricorns?

    A Troop of Virgos?


      a pounce of Leo’s love it
      A spreadsheet of Virgos
      A pendulum of Libras
      A simmer of Scorps
      love these

  4. A war of Aries
    A feast of Taureans
    A switch of Geminis
    A couch of Cancerians
    A blaze of Leos
    An order of Virgos
    A guess of Librans
    A sting of Scorpios
    A quiver of Sagittarians
    A corporations of Capricorns
    A cup of Aquarians
    A dream of Pisces

    • Yes! Like murder of crows…it’s not negative, that’s just the term for a group of crows. :)

      A clan of Aries
      A cozy of Taureans
      A cloud of Geminis
      A cult of Cancers
      A court of Leos
      A culling of Virgos
      A company of Librans
      A coven of Scorpios (or lure, if we’re not going with C names)
      A commune of Saggittarians
      A council of Capricorns
      A collective of Aquarians
      A clot of Pisceans

      The C thing just sorta happened…:)

      So fun!

  5. A Fashion House, Tastefully Interior Designed Manse, Golden Garden Party with rare, fully grown, shipped in and planted, just in time for the bat mitzvah talking magical Trees, Hot New Take-Out, The New Girl everyone wants to hire, protect, sabotage, run-out-of-town, make love to, spurn, marry, vilify, canonize, organize a witch hunt against, have a portrait of her commissioned.

    Want to know what her “Secret” is but-don’t-want-to-be-her-friend.

    Just got an offer from a friend to go to a gorgeous theatre to see
    Romeo and Juliet. The very idea of watching those shreiking romancers
    (probs played by some actors in their forties) didn’t appeal.

    So I e-mailed something like, thank you for thinking of me but I know how it ends–in divorce !

    She’s a Virgo I’ve known a long time but I may never hear from her again.

    A Swan Lake full of their new truth talking Leos !

  6. Oooooooo! This is grand!! How about a Romp of Sadgafarians? Party doesn’t have enough gusto for us. Although Quiver was my favorite. Everyone always writes us off as polyamorous partiers when many of us have personal planets in Capricorn or Scorpio that make us more than the randy class clown.

  7. an armada of Aries
    A troubadour of Tauri
    A gaggle of Gems
    A Kremlin of katakas
    A legion of Leos
    A vassal of Virgos
    A litney of Libras
    A swarm of Scorps
    A smithy of sags
    A cachet of caps
    An Aesop of auqas
    A pariah of pisces

  8. Omg I love this!

    An eyebrow of Aries
    A lush of Taureans
    A jingle of Gems
    A boob of Cancers
    A leather of Leos
    A hoard of Virgos
    A pose of Librans
    A vengeance of Scorps
    A freedom of Saggi’s
    An ambition of Caps
    A conspiracy of Aquarians
    A smut of pisceans

  9. i love this…i always wondered what a group of Geminis would be called.

    my mom, my younger sister and I are Geminis and I always thought butterflies and hummingbirds were our mascots… so i looked up the term for a group/collective of butterflies but didn’t like it.
    a group of hummingbirds is called a charm, chattering, drum or troubling.

    Charm of Geminis
    Chattering of Geminis
    Drum of Geminis
    Troubling of Geminis

    All are fitting…i knew the hummingbird was our mascot. what a lovely bird.

  10. A clan of Aries
    A cozy of Taureans
    A cloud of Geminis
    A cult of Cancers
    A court of Leos
    A culling of Virgos
    A company of Librans
    A coven of Scorpios (or lure, if we’re not going with C names)
    A commune of Saggittarians
    A council of Capricorns
    A collective of Aquarians
    A clot of Pisceans

    The C thing just sorta happened…:)

  11. A carb of cancers …. ? naaaaaah

    A coven of cancers – coz everyone knows we have secret witchy ways what with our affinity to the moon, ancestral worship and knowledge that the best way to benefit from herbs is to make them bloody well delicious.

  12. A whinge of Virgps
    A sting of Scorps
    A bucket of Aquas
    A cabinet of Capricorns
    A wet blanket of Pisceans
    A clam chowder of Cancerians

  13. troop of aries
    lounge of tauri
    glint of gemini
    nursery of kataka
    pomp of leo
    hatching of virgo
    bouquet of libra
    ambush of scorp
    zeal of saggi
    business / siege of cappis
    wake of aquas
    implausibility of pisces

  14. My faves gleaned from the geniosity here:

    A guilt of Virgos
    A crush of Aquarians
    A charm of Geminis
    A pounce of Leos
    A council of Capricorns

    I would add a

    A cavalier of Saggitarians
    A glamour of Pisceans
    A knit of Cancerians

  15. A harrass of Saggi’s ??!
    An order of Leo’s
    A clutch of kataka’s
    A banquet of Toro’s
    A library of librans
    A verity of virgo’s
    An arena of Aries
    A gaggle of gemini’s
    An akashic of aqua’s
    A poach of Pisces
    A cromlech of capi’s
    A stun of Scorpio’s


  16. A headbutt of Aries
    An appetite of Taureans
    A reflection of Geminis
    A cuddle of Katakas
    An adulation of Leos
    A vestal of Virgos
    A level of Librans
    A scheme of Scorpios
    A strut of Saggitarians
    A practicality of Capricorns
    A quirk of Aquarians
    An ocean of Pisceans

  17. an army of arians;
    a feast of taureans;
    a conference-call of geminis;
    a clan of cancerians;
    a throne of leos;
    a lab of virgos;
    a wedding of libras;
    a séance of scorpios;
    a caravan of sagittarians;
    an organogram of capricorns;
    a brotherhood of aquarians;
    a floatation tank of pisceans.

  18. a legion of aries
    a garden of taurians
    a sparkle of geminis
    a warmth of cancers
    a performance of leos
    a gadget of virgos
    a cocktail of libras
    a fog of scorpios
    a field of sags
    a mountain of capricorns
    a window of aquarians
    a knowing of pisces

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