Ask Mystic: Attending A Black Tie Event On The Dark Moon

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Karen Elson Vogue Italia August 2013

Dear Mystic,

What is one to do when there is a Dark Moon on the weekend, yet Saturday night is a big black tie event, with uber frocks and new shoes and lots of people making a big fuss plus complication of “Old Love Angst” at one’s table?

Options: pull a sickie? Sit on the sidelines sipping water infused with homeopathic drops feeling sad and sidelined? (Ok I know: not guzzle blue hoochie juice, pick a fight with O.L.A. and lose one’s undies. You’ve taught us this much.) Any other suggestions?

With admiration, as always,

Lulu The Virgo

Dear Lulu The Virgo,

I think you have answered your own question!  The thing about Dark Moons is that cyclically, it is  the last few days before a New Moon and so ideally, you don’t schedule big things for then. Eg;  your corporate takeover,  your new radical dating policy etc. You are ideally tucked up in bed early, slathered in Soul Restoration Serum, drinking potent Chinese herbal concoctions to move Qi Stagnation and reading inspiration lit.

BUT hey there is more than just Moon going on here. Chances are your personal astro would reflect some epic opportunity to finally lay O.L,A to rest. Or seduce the creature, whatever. And Jupiter IS opposite Pluto/square Uranus. So anything sparking up now has the potential to go BIG.

I think you channel Saturn in Scorpio, look your most super-humanly stunning, apply a set & forget policy to O.L.A. and yes, as you say, don’t get shit faced and start up on stream of consciousness ravings OR come to in the hotel sauna. Think Saturn Girl. 

What does everyone else think?

Image: Yelena Yemchuk – Vogue Italia – August 2013

30 thoughts on “Ask Mystic: Attending A Black Tie Event On The Dark Moon

  1. Yep, I think Saturn/Scorp feels right. Keep it all under control, you can be friendly and warm on the outside (or whatever your normal persona is) but – esp with OLA – the ‘polite/friendly but cool’ angle might work (well, that’s my default with these situations, I go uber Capricorn on them, especially if I know my heart’s still in recovery or I did something silly/LZ re them in the distant past and need to keep face saved.)

    I would still go, smile on face, talk to everyone (well, the good people not the assholes), you know, catch up on the news, interesting opportunities, exchange details, all the rest. A little white-light-haute-self reminder every now and then and a glass of water nearby. set and forget sounds about right Mystic!

    either way black tie and new shoes sounds FUN

    • Digging the Diana image. I’d forgotten about that nail in Charles’ coffin. Black dress at the ready. Heels a go go. Magnolia tree in full flower in the next street ready to raid. Brilliant, and thank you.

  2. Remember Princess Di, when Charles was doing his tell-all interview and she upstaged him, looking like she couldn’t give a fat flying…., exiting the car in that magnificent black dress. If you need to go, which if your friends are going to be there (I am assuming this), then you probably should seriously consider going. Not simply to up his nose, but to show yourself that people care about you and you still care about others. But if you do get up his nose at the same time, well that can’t be helped can it. I would suggest a plain, black slip style dress (allowing for whatever your figure is), but keep it simple, elegant and comfortable, nothing OTT, and dress it up with something like a single magnolia (symbolising nobility) or a sunflower (symbolising happiness). If you feel it’s all too much you can focus on the flower and channel their meaning before you do or say anything rash. You never know, you might enjoy yourself in spite of yourself. But don’t listen to me, that’s just what I (a scorpio) would do. Trust yourself, you’ll make the right decision.

    • Digging the Diana image. I’d forgotten about that nail in Charles’ coffin. Black dress at the ready. Heels a go go. Magnolia tree in full flower in the next street ready to raid. Brilliant, and thank you.

  3. I had a similar situation 3 years ago. Toro/Gem and the friends we went to HS with got together. We met with this same crowd a year earlier. I was nervous as all heck. It was a casual evening but still uncomfortable since he felt more comfortable with them vs me. I looked my best, acted myself but was just wanted to run. I sat with them for a couple of hours, play in as much I could and then I called it a night and left. I couldn’t “not” be there and I didn’t want to stay so I did both.

    I say look your best, pretend he isn’t there, try to find a fun connection and enjoy.. then say your sweet good-nights and leave.

    Good luck.. you will be fine. xo!!

  4. Yes. Look elegant and awesome. Don’t let anyone muddy your qi.
    Stay hydrated and ice cool and mysterious and have fun!

    OLA will probably be fuming with curiosity wanting to know what tremendous awesome you have been up to to vibe so insouciant.

  5. Probably I wouldn’t go. I know: shocking. Me on a dark moon: tired, not having anybody’s shiz, needing a low key enviro. A black tie event is a lot of work imo, there’s the dressing up, getting hair/face done, arranging childcare, having to smile, blah blah blah. Probably I would stay home.

    If I absolutely had to go, I’d plan on showing up & then graciously (happily) leaving after an hour or so. I’m in, I’m out, I’m back home in my yoga pants where I belong.

    I’m an introvert, though, so even when all the astro is going my way (whenever that was) social events can tax me, esp the formal affairs. Mystic et al. has some really great advice here, just do what works for you.

  6. What about some 50s inspired chic such as a frock like this? I’m refering to the russet cocktail dress but without the spotty tights. Dark moons call for sensible opaques. And silver jewellery. And that lipstick is all wrong – darkish red/brown would be better. Lilith would be pleased with that little ensemble.

    Otherwise, step into your feminine power (ask the goddesses for assistance if you don’t feel up to it yourself):

    Be aloof and smile mysteriously when OLA is around like you’ve got some fabulous sexy secret going down that they will never EVER find out about.

    Orbit politely and chat to five people – small talk, nothing dark and dreary. No emo. More along the lines of “don’t you look fabulous, what’s your secret, you look ten years younger, blah blah blah”.

    Decline getting shitfaced on the free mojitos and deffo don’t do any toot in the toilet. You could possibly excuse yourself before midnight by murming quietly that you have a “late business meeting” to attend.


    • ps. forgot to mention that you wink conspiratorially to whomever you murmer “late business meeting” to … like you’re really off to a hot booty call. It doesn’t matter that you’re really going home to curl up with your cat and a hot water bottle. They won’t know that. ;)

    • Haha I like this, pc. I could pull this off on a waxing moon– in fact, this is a pretty good description of my usual m.o. at formal affairs. But only on a waxing moon, because to someone like me it just takes so much damn effort, all of it. I mean, making small talk? Aloof & sans emo? FUQ.

      But I like this :)

      • Hehe. Agree! Scorps don’t do small talk. And no emo!!. How is that possible? Somehow it just slips out no? Could be my Saggo moon.
        With Venus in libra, Saggo moon and Gem NN, I am capable of small talk but it requires effort. Don’t have enough air in my chart for it to be fun!

        • Right! I am also without much air, and have no earth at all. It slips out all right, like water from the tap.

          Yeah, scorpbot. It is often an extraordinary effort for some us, at certain times. More effort than it is sometimes worth. I do a cost/benefits analysis with most invites: therein lies my answer. Saturn in Scorp ;)

          • Hehe *cost/benefits analysis*.

            My Cap Asc appreciates that. Is it worth my “time”? ;)

            I got plenty of earth but it’s not useful for small talk either. :)

      • To make it more entertaining you could turn it into a game and pretend to be a spy … think of the five people as “targets”. Make up five assumptions about them made purely from the powers of your laser beam observational skills and then via the small talk see if you can prove or disprove each assumption.

        e.g The tall well built 50something “target” over by the buffet/bar is:

        a. a Taurus
        b. recently joined the gym
        c. not single but not married
        d. is not the CFO but wants to be
        e. has a fondness for beaujolais
        f. hot
        g. well endowed

        If f or g then one of the missions could be to get his phone number. That should keep you Scorps busy and out of trouble. ;)

  7. Prowling, you are GOOD. What she said. I think also give very careful thought to what perfume to wear. It needs to be layered properly. I would be thinking this is a Shalimar or even a Bal A Versailles moment. Something that says successful and serene.

  8. Don’t let anyone take your power away. Don’t listen to others theyre probably hoping for drama anyway. And don’t get sloshed because it seems like a heavy night. But fuq it have one if you need it. OLA is passed, you might meet someone way better.

  9. you know, sometimes you have to go out to things as the greater body of people or ceremony does not adhere to moon cycles when event planning. Fuck, a moon cycle astro savvy event planner? awesome. Anyway, when feeling a low ebb and still having to front I always make sure I feel haute simplicity but comfortable, something I could walk out in and not give a second thought. Give yourself heaps of time to get ready and don’t get drunk, everyone has given good advice but just make the front game your energy, pace yourself and don’t give too much but def look amazingly fresh and in key with your own energy patterns xx

  10. You are a Virgo you can do it, and with style.
    Wear your best dress, put your best face forward and if you are not feeling it don’t overindulge disappear without a trace.
    Saturn in Scorpio will allow you to stay mysterious if need be.

  11. It’s Lulu here, the author of this dilemma, reporting in post the Dark Moon Gala. I managed to pretend I was enjoying myself and then I actually, astonishingly, did. What do they call that? cognitive dissonance theory? I am not one to blow my old trumpet but I have to admit I looked pretty ok – dug up an old 80s Italian halterneck dress and combined it with some incredible Austrian (yes, Austrian, home of Sound of Music etc) high heels and all the other trimmings. Sadly the magnolias were droopy from the rain, but I held one high above my head. What was most amazing was the realisation that Mystic has done something really special – built this place where we can all give and receive support and advice, collective creativity, wisdom etc. I smiled inwardly all night thinking about that. Thanks again. xo

    • I’m sorry…. Man. What man?.

      Just kidding – yes somehow cooked up a demeanour of ice maiden meets society hostess with a dash of power flirt.

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