When Chiron Returns…

Chiron and the Healing Journey

Chiron Return comes around for everyone in 50 year intervals. So you get it at 50, 100, 150 and so forth. I’m assuming that the Singularity is going to kick in, obviously.  So I haven’t had Chiron Return yet but am thinking it’s kind of like Saturn Return but more spiritualized, maverick and magic.

What to do?  You could go on retreat and read Chiron and the Healing Journey by Melanie Reinhart, if you’re at this stage. It’s apparently excellent.

OR make like Aries Of Fashion Anna Dello Russo and spend your Chiron Return at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival strutting around in gold Tom Ford gladiator “fuq u” boots.

Chiron is currently in Pisces, after all and Pisces does “rule” the feet.

Anna Dello Russo Cannes Tom Ford

Both options? Why not…There is no contradiction between spirituality and fabulous. Any issues with the feet this year have an insanely psychosomatic component. And regardless of your current chronological age, think about this: once upon a time Chiron Return probably DID signal a quiet slide into obscurity, hormonal schizz and hell knows what else but these days it is completely different. It’s more like a re-emergence,

Can anyone doing their Chiron Return or who has done it recently (ie: you were born before 1963) shed some more light on this please? We need data. And snaps of you in your ‘fuq u’ gladiator boots at the Yoga Ranch please.

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125 thoughts on “When Chiron Returns…

  1. Oooh, I’ve been working through mounds of Chironic stuff at the moment; my own natal Chiron at 5 degrees Cancer is getting a solid dose of the grand water trine.

    Thank you for alerting me to this book, I’m going to investigate further!

  2. The Melanie Reinhart book is very good, but there’s a lot in it that takes time to absorb and really grok. I’ve gone back to it for years and still don’t feel like I really get Chiron, even though it’s well placed in my chart…

    Speaking of feet being psychosomatic: In April of this year, I wore a pair of tight shoes to an all-day event and the pressure on my feet caused the nails on my two big toes to bruise and turn a dark purple-brown. It’s the strangest thing. My nails have grown very slowly since then and the bruises are still there, although little by little growing out normal at the nailbed. I wonder what this means? Maybe there’s some message there about constriction and balance, since the big toe does so much to keep us upright.

    • sorry but the message is don’t wear tight shoes. if you read more than that into it then that has nothing to do with feet, its your mind.

    • On a Reflexology Chart and other diagrams of the foot you can find at healthfood stores—look at what you big toes connects to and/or represents.

  3. I had my Chiron return seven years ago. I think turning 50 is such a big thing in your life. I was going through menapause loss of a family member and health probs. it was just a huge turning point in my life. Its like realising that your whole body has changed and being honest realising that you are in a different area of your life. I hated reaching 50 and have spoke to a lot of women and they say the same thing.

    • i agree with this, i hate being 51, struggle with the idea that i am no longer relevant on any level. did it get better for you as time went on. i had a huge party for my 40th but not my 50th. sad i know. my mum said her 50s were wonderful but i just feel in mourning. can i ask did that pass ?

      • Yes it does. It was a bit of a struggle but you have to try and be positive and just look forward. I feel a lot wiser. So chin up and realise that we all go through these stages in life.

  4. Not born in 63 but 64, chiron is 14° pisces near my 17° sun. Right now there is chiron conj merc and mars, opposite uranus and pluto. I feel calm in a darth vaderish way, my cape occasionally feels a bit (or very a lot) scratchy but no-one needs to know about that (only you guys reading this). Outlook-wise I want to create something, something beautiful – but I am still working out what that is, what it will be. xxx

  5. I had my Chiron return in aqua my 8th house, a couple of years ago. It coincided with a few other major transits , very difficult ones, ( saturn opp sun, sq natal saturn, sq natal mars while pluto conj saturn and also sq them all) so it is hard to separate the variety of merde that was going down at the time.
    I did at the time do a bit of research into my Chiron aspects over time though and was astounded at the synchronicity of major Chiron transits to major turning points in my life. Chiron can not be under estimated.
    Since that time I have had a major rebirth in all areas of my life, I feel an enthusiasm for creativity that I haven’t had for many years. Definitely receiving and giving more love in all areas.
    The only body issue was when Chiron slipped into Pisces I sustained a foot injury that took a long time to heal and slowed my normal exercise routine.
    I have young children and that keeps you young in mind and body, as does a Gemini asc.
    Look at Chiron carefully , it can tell you a lot.

    • That explains everything!! I’m Pisces sun/ aqua asc and saggi moon with saturn, merc, venus, mars, jupiter and Chiron ALL in my 1st house (pisces Sun, Venus and Chiron, with the other four in Aqua). Turned fifty 17 months ago and have been on an introspective bender. Am finally putting huge effort into researching and writing the novel I was always going to write. Of course astrology / mythology is all in there. This is the best news MM. Makes me feel like I’m back on the path and out of the wilderness, altho still single, lol.

  6. oh god i am closer to 50 than i am to 20 OH GOD aagh *rushes to do all the things*

    OK, calm down Pi. A question for people who are 50ish and Chiron’d up.. If you could offer any advice to your mid-30s self, what would it be?

    • I had a blast in my mid 30’s, but in looking back I wish I would have let go of toxic stuff/people sooner, it is such a waste of time! Time is still on your side in your 30’s – not so much in your 50’s. :)

    • I celebrate you just for being in your thirties and asking such a question. Look to what puts you at peace the most and follow that, let go (repeat LET GO) of those circumstances that you would hang onto hoping they will change (they are never going to change). Step peacefully toward your own happiness and understand that it comes from within you not from what anyone else would define for you (let go of the hype).

  7. I’m years away from chiron returns but I recommend that book with every fibre of my being. It was like hearing myself think reading parts of it. Chiron is the apex of my chart on the MC aspected by 7 planets so it’s integral. It helped me understand better how i relate to men. And when I stopped being nursie in triage life took a turn for the better. Two thumbs up to melanie reinhart.

  8. Born in 62, I have spent the last few years becoming more disciplined re my diet, exercise,thoughts and creativity . Nurturing myself along with raising teenagers has become easier with the use of bio-identical hormones. Green-juices and largely paleo diet suit me as I work on building my strength rather than on losing weight.
    Older, wiser and stronger and better looking. What’s not to like?

    • Have just looked at my chart and noticed that Jupiter and Chiron are both at 10 degrees in my Piscean 4th house -opposite my mid-heaven- so my Chiron transit must be still happening, non?

  9. this is a bit off-track, sorry, but Chiron-related and I found it fascinating.

    I have a friend who experienced chronic abuse in childhood – a situation that affected the whole family generationally.

    she’s done a brilliant job healing herself and others in her family and is about to be trained by an amazing energy healer.

    I did her chart recently, Chiron is EXACT conjunct her Asc – to the minute.

    Talk about a wounded healer…

    • I think on the corners it brings great power to phoenix and shift energy. With mine on the MC healers have always sought me out and offered to teach me. They always arrive right on time too.

      • oh, that would be a very strong placement too. wonderful to hear! thanks for commenting :)

        • have you seen kim falconer’s book astrology and aptitude? It might tell you more about your friend’s latent abilities. It’s definitely up there as far as useful astro books are concerned. Although I have saturn in the tenth so I’m probably work biased….

          • no I haven’t but obvs I think she’s awesome and my friend has a b’day upcoming so this is perfect – thanks so much for the great tip!

  10. I had it about 6 years ago. My natal Chiron sits directly on the IC (Aquarius). My mother passed during that time. I entered an advanced Yoga program for a year and went through a dramatic time with siblings over the estate that lasted for most of the time Chiron was transitting my 4th house. It was a difficult transit for me and I’m happy to be done with it.

    • I have chiron velcroed to my IC too!
      Knocking on the outside of my fourth house door
      .. at zero Aries :/

      * quiet shudder *

      The return will be a coupla years away
      .. any wisewords you’d like to pass on Scorp S/R?

      • I like that “Velcroed” lol.
        Mystic made a comment below about Chiron hitting on the angles (like IC) and how it coincides with big changes sometimes. Certainly not all bad. Mine actually started showing up as to what was coming about a year and a half prior to the actual return, so I had a heads up. (not that it helped much because i wasn’t into Astrology at the time). You are though… that helps tremendously. However it shows up, embrace it. It really made me grow up.

        • Well I’m becoming more and more conscious of how I communicate my pain to those that I love (something that I’ve always struggled with) .. & with Chiron parked right at the end of my third house of communications (but in Aries, @ zero degrees) I’m learning better ‘verbal’ expression, rather than a pass/aggr style of soldiering on – & sublimating the anger into work (& housework).

          Your point about chiron highlighting the area in need of ‘growing up’ really resonated. For me it’s via ‘verbal’ communications, and feels quite profound, as my lifelong safe haven became my work – in ‘graphic’ communications. I’ve been a graphic designer for my entire working life.

          Can’t believe I haven’t made that connection till now!!! doh!!

          • .. & another point just occurred to me. My chiron is square my 12th house sagg moon. I’ve spent a lifetime bemoaning my mum’s inability to communicate to me. She is lovely, very gentle, & was very zen (when she was happy); but she doubted her parenting skills so much that she became incapable (or too scared) of talking to me about anything of any real substance .. & I’m still waiting for the birds & the bees chat!! :)

            But I understand why. She was sent off to boarding school at the age of ten. A cold, old, bluestone convent where the nuns were cruel & only the tough managed to rise above the abuse.

            So I need to talk to my ten year old self more often, & maybe get her to have a chat to Mum’s ten year self – we’ll bust this damn curse .. it’s never too late to mother our scared inner child, I reckon!!

            • Quite the.Journey yes? Always something to work on and/or through. I think having the wounded healer “velcroed” 😉 on the cusp of the 4th house speaks volumes for possible challenges within the family dynamics don’t you? But also great healing.That’s certainly how it’s shown up for me. (Exhausting) but I also have Pluto in the 10th, I was raised by mommy dearest who would was the apparent polar opposite of your mother. interesting yes? :) best of luck to you and keep us posted.

  11. I have a pix of me at my 50th in a black tuxedo, the real thing with satin lapels and stripe down leg, yup STILL have it, but the most memorable part of the day was in was in the middle of my 6 weeks affair with a 28 yo, 6’1” greek god with the best dreads ever. He came to stay with a giant Akita pup who i adored and who (the dog) promptly pissed the amount of an elephant on the cream carpet. It never came out.
    So be careful of carpet on your Chiron return. The GG had a habit so must have linked up for healing or great sex, which is both.
    The massive pup put a friendly paw on my guinea pip and squashed it.
    It ended NY’s eve, of course. really wanted to keep the dog though :-).

    It was a time i was doing my best bodywork, really taking peeps on a trip to the heavens.
    Let you know how the next one is, doubt there will be a lover involved though ‘tout est possible’ in my world.

    • YES! Hoorah! pegs, I’ve finally coincided with you – can you tell me the names of any good books on tantra please? Saturn in Scorpio has me hankering for a more ‘elevated’ energy exchange : ) Hope life is good for you xxx whatevs

      • Whatevs, i like Margot Anand’s interp of Tantra starting with The Art of Everyday Ecstacy, the The Art of Sexual Ecstacy, and if you want more magical practises and psychopomp then The Art of Sexual Magic, dress-ups & drama in that book!
        For a man, and a woman to know is what i call MOM,
        The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia. His wife does sexual energy for women based more on Taoist. They make interesting coffee table books :-).
        Margot is on YouTube so is Mantak if an aural learner. Have fun with it.
        Warm wishes.

  12. My Chiron is the ONLY thing I have in Aries :) And it forms aspects to everything except my Moon – a square here, a conjunction there…

    The only thing I really get out of it is that my health is a hot mess, and that I am and have been extremely gung ho about trying to fix it. Added to a Virgo tendency towards hypochondria and a Saggitarian tendency to gallop about until I smack into something and break bones, its all a bit much, to tell the truth.

    I started studying to become a Naturopath, but had an unexpected child, so ran out of time and space. And to be brutally honest, naturopathy never really helped me (nor acupuncture, kineseology, homeopathy, TCM, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Herbalism etc etc etc )

    I suspect if I ever came across a modality which actually, really helped me, I’d drop everything to study it, but I’ve just never come across it and I’ve tried most everything (not Rolfing, cos its painful).

    The only thing which has ever made a noticeable difference is a shitload of thyroid extract, taken daily. Not diet (despite the coeliacs link), not other hormones (sorry progesterone), not exercise (sorry Yoga – I love you anyway) *sigh* and I am NOT going to become an MD, even though I could – I’m squeamish to boot.

    Sigh. So, if anyone has a practicioner they swear by in Perth, or who does Skype, do let me know. I’m always up for trying someone new – if only to find the Holy Grail of a modality I can study – but for that, it would actually have to heal me 😀 😀

    • PS: Those boots are HOT. I would definitely break an ankle in them 😀

    • hi DT, you could try emailing satya@healingwithin.com.au and talk to him about how he works – by shifting energy but in a more focussed way than reiki and with other aspects. Not sure if you can train in it tbh….Can do remotely. I highly recommend but don’t know about appropriateness to your physical conditions. You could ask. Good luck!

      • Thanks Calypso – looks like an interesting person. A natural, so probably no learning there for me, but maybe some healing 😀 I’ll txt him – thanks for the recommendation !!

        • you’re welcome DT. A couple of things trad medicos & naturopaths could only band-aid for me he has made disappear. Got to the source. A great relief after 20 years of recurring conditions. Also enabled me to stop smoking after 28 years, cured me of love zombieism, etc :)

    • sometimes the healing is in the letting go and allowing others who have already mastered the knowledge or have a natural talent for the modality to treat you. surrender not striving. letting go not grasping.

  13. I personally have found Chiron on the angles (IC/MC, Asc/Dsc) corresponds with big turning points…eg; I moved country with Chiron on IC, met person who was to be husband (for a long time) with Chiron on dsc, began Mystic Medusa with Chiron on Mc…And so on.

    • that’s cool MM! re: my friend (post above) her Asc conjunction is the natal placement. sorry, didn’t make that clear and probably sounded otherwise!

    • EEEEEEKKK ! Mad Panic !!!!! Chiron is j-u-s-t about to cross my Descendant. Like in the next week…..

      *Flaps madly*

      Mind you, nothing *ever* really happens to me in these grand astrology things….. Other people have mad affairs or end up in Jamaica running a brothel, or Paris as an interior designer; and I’m still *here* in my Jim Jams, painting a bit, or making pots; but still primarily wrangling children, making porridge, changing nappies, wiping crayon off the walls.

      I’m not really complaining – “May you live in interesting times” *is* a curse, after all. Its just I had an interesting youth, and I really would love to travel again, and live somewhere beautiful (ie: Freo or Margaret River) and have a more arty, creative life. Feeling a bit ‘burbed-out at the mo. And these pajamas are really unflattering !

    • How long do you consider a Chiron transit active? When its within 10 degrees? 5 degrees? Exact? My Venus is at 6 Virgo and I am hoping my Chiron opposition transit can be counted as over now.

      • I’m really curious about this as well. My Chiron recently passed over my DC and now is Chiron retrograde? So it may pass over again? I’m wondering about that degree span….

    • Interesting MM, Chiron was conj my Asc and my Libran partner’s MC on our first meet. Pluto was conj his Vertex and opp my Moon; Moon was conj both our Psyche in Aqua and his Eros in Aqua. And Mars was conj my DSC and conj his Jupiter/NN/IC. Getting a bit off topic, love synastry/composite stuff.

      Checked meet date with ex hb of 17 years – Chiron/Merc in the 5th on my Sun/Moon midpoint. And Jupiter conj my Sun/his Asc, Sun conj my Moon and Moon conj my Asc/his NN in Pisces.

  14. My Chiron Return of living 30 years without ever touching a HIV med will sound something like this…..

    Isolated individuals who take their position outside the tribe always stand the best chance of getting better results based on their distanced, and disinterested, view that position affords.

    O Eris Pholos, so challengingly placed throughout…

  15. My Chinese Kataka Mother in Law says the Chinese believe that all the decade turning times are stressful. So 29, 39, 49 etc.
    It’s funny how Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return etc. all arrive around those points too.

  16. PI – I’m a couple years from my chiron return and my sage wisdom to you is this: enjoy your body!!
    Whatever it looks like! enjoy it because in your 40s all it does is change change change. Enjoy your skin, your vision, your teeth, your knees, your libido!, your digestion, and your legs, whatever their length and width! Enjoy them because they may look better now than they ever will again! I am thin and was never a vain person until I turned 45 and everything is rapidly changing. I check myself in the mirror now more than I wver have in my life. now diet and exercise and working with a naturalpath are crucial. no sugar no wheat no dairy no alcohol .. So enjoy your 30s and be present for them. Breathe deeply, smile more, go after your dreams and enjoy the pleasure of the body! The pros of aging are many and I love the depth of self knowledge, the confidence, the spiritual awareness, and the self love. I am so greatful for my health! someone – what kind of astro transit does this sound like? Which house represents the body? Which planets? Etc…

    • thank you for the reminder, I will keep this post close to really enjoy my 30s…

    • Yep I totally agree except about the bit where I give up dairy carbs and alcohol…. Enjoy those bodies ASAP! I am going out tonight to celebrate the new job with old workmates and plan on shaking my moneymaker to Andrew at the German Club Brisbanes most hilariously ironic night out!

    • THANK YOU firehorse, you have no idea how much this advice means to me (I am SO self-conscious of my appearance … it makes no sense)

  17. I’m 49 (in my fiftieth year I ‘spose) and Chiron’s here already. Opposing my natal Pluto, Sappho, Uranus MC just for good measure. Transiting Pluto is in my first house. There is no choice for me at the moment but to completely transform.
    Shrink. Check.
    Acupuncture. Check.
    Gum boots (2 pairs)–someone just said to me I look like someone from the French Foreign Legion. Check.
    Bach flowers check.

    My shrink has suggested we exhume Freddy, make him bob back up to the surface. This should clear up a life time’s of everything and apparently she reckons Freddy will become some other more positive role model/archetype. sounds good. I’m quite positive about this–cynical but positive. Jupiter, and (Lilith) just landed in my 7th house, and this seems like a really opportune time to develop a healthier relationship to myself, ignore men, and be happy not to conform to anything terribly much. I’m very lucky really. It’s good not really having a choice. I’m glad my lifestyle is so . . . Uranus in the 4th and apt to change completely pretty much . . . but not in the next 12 months one hopes In fact I’m looking forward to Uranus getting out of my precious 4th house. Chiron makes me weep. I’ve got nicely aspected Aesculapia #1027 to my Sun–physician heal thyself. I share a house with my GP, (heh) and I”m hoping to avoid foot injuries or nasty phsical accidents/complaints that force you to redefine your life. My older sister did her crutchet’s ligament playing basketball. YOWIES. She doesn’t do stuff like acupuncture and as for astrology it’s ‘just crap’. YOW. It’s all a bit YOW as far as I can tell

    • Today, I slipped into a well of tears!!
      They persisted in blurring my vision towards the end of the yoga session this morning, & the drive home became one of those deep yearning sobs.

      So your comment “Chiron makes me weep” made me want to check where he was transitting on my chart.
      I just hadn’t taken much notice of chiron lately, & his trine to the north node (with an aspect to mercury too – all retro!!) .. so he’s grabbed me by surprise. Triggered by some old fears that I haven’t been able to shake. But to find your mention of Aesculapia #1027, & that he is piggy-backing my natal North Node in Aries in the 4th makes me feel like it’s my mission to heal myself of this fear!
      (& for some reason, that thought alone, is lightening me already) … thanks for posting Link!

      (Now I’m getting teary again! Happy tears! .. Love this site!)
      Thanx MM!!!

      My tears were triggered by a fear that I’ve had for a couple of years now

      • How did that repeat line creep in there??
        (merc retro?)

        • chiron makes me weep, too. as for fears that are hard to shake, know you are so not alone. comfort in numbers and all that xx

  18. 50 on 13th August and intend to spend my day with my 14year old son here http://www.portmeirion-village.com/ – it’s where they filmed the Prisoner. Will be visiting the dogs cemetary which is just round the corner from the Ghost Garden and having ice cream at Cadwalladers. The whole site has a lovely peaceful vibe to it and is my fave place. Definitely not high heels!!!

    • Kaffe Fasset Textile designer did a wonderful photographic shoot there for a quilting book…The colours, the buildings and interiors are inspirational and it is stunning…Uplifting. I hope you love it, what a lovely place to go to!

      On the topic of chiron…Its conjunct mars (7th), in opposition to pluto conjunct uranus (1st)…sextile neptune…sextile venus (5th). You only know what you do.

      An occasional professional muckracker here. Seems to me I am aware there is plenty of suffering around, at all levels, yet try to stay detached, keep things clean…Its so apparent a distinct lack of resources exists for people who genuinely need, yet most are oblivious to the reality of real hardship. I have worked with the old and very young…

      Young children do help to keep perspective, give insight and help empathise with the vulnerable, old people can be wonderfully enlightening and kind spirits. Ageing varies so much and some of us are spared dreadful health issues, but others really could do with more compassion and support. The social economy should become more astute to this, via conservatism so community can be redefined…Again. Advocacy is relevant.

      These shoes seem triumphant, but its ironic they present insecurity are narcissism, which is why I guess they appeal as beautiful chironic foot armor and conceited fantasy footwear all at one time. They are a bit mercurial, gladiator-ish, but totally escapist, hopelessly impractical…

      I was a buyer for many difficult fashion folk, Anna del Russo reminds me of an older woman boss who has 30 stores nationally, and she is designing for her own brand for over 30 years…Exclusive and expensive, quality apparel and yet dressed and pumped up with fillers, paint and ego to boot.

      She is miserable and always angry at staff, boardroom and management, nothing fulfilled her, happiness was always fleeting in the form of good sales reports, or the next collection…Zero time for love, with a disproportionate sense of self and image…Hows that for a tough lesson coming in chiron…

  19. Chiron can arrive for his return anytime from 48-51. It’s a point in life to let go of conditioning, step into your north node and truly be the authentic you. No excuses he’s just gonna pinch otherwise like a pair of ill fitting shoes. I’m really looking forward to mine. He’s in my first, very late Pisces and conjunct Saturn pretty much conj my asc. I’m looking at a big deal I think and for one I can’t wait. Have a feeling I will either leave this mortal plane or really start living it !!!

    • Me too – Pisces asc 25 deg (trine Jupiter & Neptune exact – grand water) & Chiron 27 deg. Feels like am building to a big turning point, not sure what yet but certainly more authentic and unencumbered.

      • You’ve just gotta be you from here on in! Say no to gluten dairy sugar and all social conditioning.

          • Thought it might be close! Have spent most of my life saying no to social conditioning, maybe had a harder road of my own making ; ) Wheat, sugar and caffeine are the last of a heavy list of addictions i’m yet to beat – but think I’ll feel better when I do!

            To here …the real seemed unreal and the unreal, more real (escape artist)

            How about you?

            • To date it’s been a roller coaster. My first astrologer likened me to a cartoon super hero. Who’d be in the direst situation facing anihilation and still find a way out battered bruised but learning! That about sums it up. I’ve learned a lot about my own capacity. And yes I’m an unorthodox medic as my living !

  20. I reach the 56 mark mid August. I can honestly say that 50 was the worst year as it ushered in the end of a 24 year marriage, and a domino affect started from that. Two years later, I was made redundant – another domino effect, incorporating the Empty Nest syndrome! I moved interstate and became a Uni student at 54 (still going somehow). Was diagnosed with Asperger’s last year and felt like I lost my self-identity. And yet – 6 years after 50, I know I am a better person for it all. I am moving again next week – hopefully this will be good too. I don’t think I want to even think about a Saturn Return after all this. I can see it all as chiropractic karmic adjustments which lead you to who you really are. All good in the long run! The hardest thing was not to think of myself as a “bad” person because all this had happened. The hardest thing to deal with at this age is to be seen as irrelevant as if you have nothing left to offer society . I haven’t worked since I lost my job. Studying gives me some dignity and hope and the feeling that I haven’t given up. Chiron is right at the top of my chart on its own – in the 11th house at 14 Aquarius. Anyway Mystic, this post probably acts as a warning and maybe not what you were wanting to hear?

    • Dear MzBee, so know how you feel on the story others might want to hear front.

      Have very angular Chiron bang on IC, conjuct Jupiter, square Sagg Sun in 1st, and opposite Uranus/Pluto on Virgo MC. Return last year/early this year, with Neptune near natal Jupiter/Chiron, Jupiter in Gem opposing Sun and squaring the rest of it, and Saturn entering 12th. Grand cross from hell.

      In truth, Chiron’s story is one of healing, but also one of unrequited agony. Agony from an unhealable wound, borne nobly, and in service, but still unbearable and ended only by a death of sorts which Chiron begged for in the end, given the pain. Thanks to intercession of Hercules, who bargained with Zeus on his behalf, Chiron got his wish: freedom from immortality, and normal mortal death, so as to end his own agony and give freedom+life free of pain to another (Prometheus, who’d been chained to a rock for eternity to have his body picked at by predators, by Zeus).

      Emg’s mention of leaving the mortal plane thing can certainly be a desire, if other structures – particularly basic survival structures – are falling apart.

      Reality bites, but no doubt those who don’t have a troubled natal Chiron, and who are in a position to fulfill at least basic material needs need not fear Chiron much more than a really nasty Saturn or Neptune transit.

    • At 50 your life turned into a whole new deal. Lots of things must have felt like death. But it’s also allowing buds of something really new. Check out your north node and see where that path is taking you. And please please there is not one cell of your body that is irrelevant let alone the whole person. You have a story, a wisdom and a reality all your own. Dignity is yours. Go find out where you really want to go next. It’s exciting, terrifying, hard but like you say utterly authentic. Best best best of luck on your journey.

      • Thanks, that’s sweet. Merc direct in 8th rather than retro (can’t come soon enough), and entry of Mars to same (imminent) should help with the phoenixing….x

  21. Where do I begin with Chiron? 51. after the Pluto rake on my Venus (2005 divorce) Mars 2009, Sun 2010 followed by Mercury (just past). Not to mention the Uranus transit & dabbling as a submissive for fuq knows why it felt right after Pluto hell. Then came the hysterectomy @ 50 followed by resigning my job of 10 yrs, selling up & moving north from south Sydney (yes, it’s a different country but same ole town)
    I honestly don’t know what to say after Pluto hammer on my early multi conjunct Cap but a nice low key (when we have time) HEALING relationship with another Cap. Not that I need anyone, but he is oddly comforting to me. As if he stuck around in a twist of fate to say its Ok in a casual not clingy way. Like the universe said to me “it’s ok I’ve got your back, cry now with joy & sorrow”..have faith in the next era, release..

  22. I am not there yet either but simply put, is this not the choice between whether to get ‘work’ done or to let things slide?

    also, you work out to stay alive longer not to look cute by the weekend.

    everyone i know over 50 who is successfully ageing imo meditates regularly. hard to get away from that.

    • TLS, it is decision time then, then coz, i’m now waaay past it, and at the time had to make a choice. Chose no and to reinvest in superb quality marquillage and apparel instead.
      The only person that notices expensive ‘werk’ is yourself and no one else. That and too much can go wrong unless you can go to Joan Rivers’ practitioner and then the face doesn’t match the body. You have excellent genes, don’t waste your finances on facewerk, sweetie.

    • re the work done or let things slide issue – with chiron its on the inside you get work done not the outside.
      and with chiron u can let things slide too. its really up to you.

  23. Will be having my Chiron return very soon. Turning 49 in November. It’s hard to believe! I’m only just getting started – Cap Asc :)

    I’m really not worried about ageing. I dealt with all that when Saturn transited my Libra venus. THE worst transit ever !

    My natal Chiron 14º Pisces in 2nd house trine Neptune and Sun in 10th.

    A very timely post Mystic!!

    • Wow, Scorp, you were in your very early 40’s when i met you here! Has it REALLY been 8 years. You are a Big Girl now 😉

      • Hey Pegs! :)

        I’m sure it’s been more than 8 years. I remember when Mystic’s blog had that teal / green coloured background.

        Time flies when you’re having fun non? It’s been more about growth with heavy Pluto and Saturn transits though.

        Life is infinitely better now than the first half of this year. :)

  24. Born 1962, the year between 49-50 worst of my life as I split from long-time partner and father of my two children, was unemployed and deeply depressed. It felt like I had to hold my breath and go to the bottom of the earth so I could learn to climb to the stars again. Just after my birthday I bought a house and got a job, now learning to paint, a talent I did not know I had. Finding every dark moon since then really difficult, but otherwise loving it all.

  25. Dear Mystic,
    thanks for your uniquely smart and witty ways with all things life and astro.
    I was going to post this but didn’t know how to attach the cartoon I made earlier this year, so I email instead.

    As a post menopausally transformed woman, I suggest that Chiron’s return offers all women a chance to
    grok a new life, bigtime. It’s a now or never opportunity to BE YOURSELF and ditch the dross that is served up in our culture around this life changing time. Is it hard? Yup, deeply and painfully at times, but not as hard as it will be if you avoid, deny or fight it.

    I was a body worker with over twenty years experience when I went through menopause. I was challenged be honest and tune into my body in ways I hadn’t before. Like us all, I’d received a whole bunch of negative opinion about ‘the change’. In response, I discarded most of it and trusted that on a very deep level my body knew exactly what it was doing, and it did. Fundamentally, I began to nurture myself a lot more which meant saying ‘No’ to a whole lot of time consuming habits, people and schizz which I simply found I had no energy for. This included the women who were moaning on about menopause (I know that sounds awful) but not the ones who suspected that something special and mysterious was happening (which was few). I carved out time for myself which proved to be a wonderful gift. The most fundamental experience of menopause is an emotional one and it needs to be honoured as that. Anyone who works with bodies knows that they are a receptacle of emotional truth and they never lie.
    The most important thing I did, and can recommend, was the practice of regular, mindful body work (not the ‘I shall overcome’ kind) Then, really tune into your emotions ie feel them in your body, including the ones you don’t want to feel. All sorts of things will come up about your past, which can be confronting, as well as things you’ve taken on which you thought were ‘truths’ but alas weren’t, but if you trust in the process and stay in your body, your body transmutes it naturally. How this actually happens I don’t know, but it does.
    It’s scary at first, and it will feel as if you are being devoured, which in fact you are, the ‘old’ you is disintegrating.
    However, after a while, as you get used to it, it’s not all bad, in fact it’s kind of exhilarating, like surfing big waves.
    Once you get the hang of it, and you can actually own up to all your emotions, without judging or suppressing them, and feel them in your body, they dissipate and are replaced by lightness, insight, warmth, connection, clarity, inspiration and even humour as you begin to lighten up about the whole thing. It also brings compassion. I don’t really think you can feel compassion unless you are deeply familiar with your own frailties, and not feel ashamed of them.
    Since menopause, I’ve started a great relationship with a wonderful man (5yrs soon), moved interstate, and become uber creative. I still give myself plenty of quiet time and my body work is a lovingly attended daily practice. If you’re willing to put in some time and heed Chrion’s call, life after menopause can be very juicy indeed.
    ps I’m a Leo with Aries rising and Scorp moon

    • THANK YOU for a positive take on the aging process and menopause. So many of the women’s mysteries are never discussed openly or are just another thing to complain about or fear.

      • Thanks, I wish many more women would claim it rather than complain about it. Same applies to the menstrual cycle ….’the curse’ etc. Hard to believe that in this post feminist age it’s still a taboo, and young girls still feel it’s something to be ashamed of (same as it was for me 40yrs ago!). Breaks my heart to see that the pain associated with it relates to the deep rejection of the feminine within. What’s worse is we learn how to do that from other women. At some stage we need to stop blaming the ‘patriarchy’ and face our collective demons. Empowerment starts at home, in our bodies.

        • I’ve always found it pretty inconvenient if the truth be known but I found a way to embrace it that works for me – I realised it was the same as blood and bone 😉 I wring out my tampons, add water and use it to fertilise my garden. Lettuce loves it. I never tell people. It freaks them out. It’s me and the salad greens little secret.

    • Coincidently i started full time bodywork right on early menopause and was so busy that it was not noticed and thereby had no symptoms ‘cept fatigue and no time for stoopity from friends. My ‘no time for BS lost a few of course
      but my self esteem increased and satisfaction of work well done.

      • Good to hear from a fellow Cap riser re menopause.

        Fingers crossed for no symptoms when the time comes.

    • strong astro! fantastic pro-femme, life-embracing take on it all Diana, thanks for sharing your wisdom from the other side :)

      • You’re most welcome, Calypso. The other side ain’t so bad at all, in fact there’s quite a bit of fun to be had in ways you never knew when you were younger….but I’ll leave that up to you to discover yourself.

    • Thanks for writing Diana. :)

      Really enjoyed reading your comment. Many things resonated. And so true about bodies knowing “that they are a receptacle of emotional truth and they never lie”
      Hard to ignore gut instinct! I find “sleeping on it” helps too, when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

      Agree with you re compassion also. Not surprised you’re familiar with your frailties with a perceptive Scorp moon. Scorps are good at getting to the bottom and under the surface of things. They know their demons. Hard not to with Pluto as ruler :)

  26. ooh and finally, my progressed Chiron is sitting ON my natal Chiron.

    Interesting times after all …..

  27. Anna of the gold gladiators looks silly in pink tutus. The older the woman, the shorter and briefer the dress O NO! No matter how good the pins are.
    The ‘rules’ used to be covered elbows after x amount of years so to prove this am always checking out Uma, Goldie, Elle’s elbows.
    Think my mother was an affectionado of June Dally Watkin’s rules, like don’t wear green with blue or pink with orange, always have a cab fare home in purse on a date, how antiquated does that sound now.

    • sounds very antiquated indeed.

      Blue and green is my fave colour combo!!!!

      Wouldn’t see me dead in those gold gladiators either. Ewww 😯

  28. yeah ok i’m nearing my chiron opp and it’s NOT pleasant. my chi is conj my natal SN and opp my natal NN and saturn. yikes. natal chi in the 12th. i recently went to the hospital (in an ambulance bus no less!!) when the sun was opp my natal merc and ura and sq transiting uranus. yikes. wtf. apparently, i almost died and didn’t even realise it. they let me go less than 12 hrs later and let me walk the more than 2 hrs home… i have NEVER felt more discouraged or disheartened. i was having a hallucination that my bf and his friend(s) would pick me up in a truck and we’d go have fun on the beach in the middle of the night..

    now i just feel bitter and disillusioned and i hate, literally HATE everything about life right now. i feel like i’m reliving being 15; after i realised my step-father actually raped me and i had to stop it.

    • man, that is shit. but sounds like you empowered yourself then Shiraz, and I hope you can find the strength you need to endure this feeling. you’re now older, more independent and capable of making your own story what you want it to be. good luck x

  29. i read this and wanted to add to it but its quite difficult for me to describe what the return has been like – i have just had it – it did bring up a lot of issues around love, i have it in the 5th house – and relationships – a lot of sadness and i realized i have a lot of addiction issues without actually being “an addict” ie drugs/alcohol, which do in fact get in the way of me being creative ie tv i read the artists way and the artists way at work around this tme too which helped in some way – i can’t specifically pinpoint a single incident – more a general feeling. it also corresponded with a pluto conj mars transit at the same time plus Saturn on my case as usual. i have a terrible love life – chiron in the fith wd do that – there just seems to be nothing i can do about this – nothing has ever worked out in any way – however thro these two transits i have come to understand why and that helps in some way. during this time i was also able to use my creativity to express some of these feelings. if i cd say anything it would be don’t waste time on people who are not worth it and don’t fool yourself that they will change etc. i understand the comments re irrelevance too but in the end what can u do about it ? nothing. i think the thing is to be kind to yourself in any way you can – in positive ways – and get rid of the crap in any form. also, alcohol/candy/etc in excess will do you in however going the other way is as bad in my opinion. its about balance. in a way, its a great leveler because u learn that nature is the boss not you. i think the whole aging thing is hard to bear. i would be astonished if i found love now after all of this – it would seem almost cruel after years and years of thwarted, frustrated and disappointed love. that’s just my take on it. i hope it can help someone to read this as i have certainly been helped very often by comments here. meditation is good but i also like going for walks. i think by this time its time to recognize that its important to give back to other people struggling with the issues you struggle with. The wisdom is hard won but valid. So share it ! sorry if this is rather long.

    • thank you for sharing your experiences. for me the length was just right and there was a flow or rhythm to it that was pleasing to me. I appreciate you taking the time to write it.

    • I’m Chiron 5th house too. With all my other current transits, like Uranus opp Uranus, Saturn opp Saturn, everything in Kataka opp Mars, and i don’t know what else because i have simply stopped looking, i’m glad it’s not Chiron return for a while!

      Just worked out the hard years i just went through health wise, and self esteem/anxiety wise (it’s a vicious cycle when you have chronic health issues) were sparked with Chiron on IC.

      Funny how you talk of wounded love. I see myself as having had a lot of love. Even though it never lasted forever. Though i used to see it differently, with regret for a while.

      My Chiron is in tight conjunction with Mercury. It opposes Uranus, trines Neptune, Jupiter and Moon. I have a feeling CREATIVE EXPRESSION is going to be the kicker for me. I am never satisfied with it but i’m told often i have a quirk that zings people. It is hard to communicate my thinking in the way i get others’ thinking. But in fact it is part of my job every day, and i’m told i’m very engaging in my field. I would love to overcome this wounded esteem, but i also fear becoming complacent and losing my edge. There’s a lot to get through before Chiron return i guess :) I don’t want to just use my gift in my job…i want to find artistic expression.

      • Me too! I feel like I have a wounded Mercury with Pluto and Uranus hammering it. My Chiron is in 8th house Aries.

        I don’t think you are what you think you are. I could say that to anyone. During my Pluto-Venus transit, I was very dedicated to enlightenment. One trick I used was “you do not exist.” Any voice in my head that started with “you” I replied “you do not exist.” Does help clear blocks! But manifesting a creative life…I’m sure it starts with surrender and ends with a hell of a lot of work. x

        • voices that say “you are..”

          Sure, they need to disappear. I don’t think i am what i used to think i am.

          Now, i’m just trying to experience myself instead of branding myself. And do you ever wonder if your vision of what a creative life looks like is also a little box you’ve created? This is what i’m beginning to see…i think i need to be happier with the mundane, the quotidian.

          Life is banging me on the head with too much synchronicity! Messages about this abound in random conversations, work i’m doing for other people, books i’ve been given, articles i come across, people i’m meeting, the manner new abundance is coming in, animal behaviour towards me and dreams.

          Chiron in Aries…same…and yours is 8th. Identity/self in relation to sexuality? Other people’s resources? Aries is intercepted in my chart too. This Uranus transit is unmistakeable. Not to mention that it opposes my natal Uranus in (also intercepted) Libra in the 11th House.

          Yours is opposite 2nd House? And you’ve been wanting to leave home? Start fresh?

  30. I don’t know what’s worse shoes that are too tight or too big. Looks like the chick in the gold gladiators toes are hanging over, love that, lol

  31. Did my Chiron return drinking champagne in Harry’s Bar on the Via Veneto in Rome, with the miserable millionaire But here’s the thing: have felt so much more myself since turning 50 – even though there may of course be troubles, you are make huge gains in perspective and humour and serenity and smarts. Chiron in Cap along with my Sun Venus and Mars.

  32. Chiron returning allowed me recovery from the Uranus opposition. Chiron returning allowed/force me to redo all the earlier roles and delivered me as a gift to me. It is the beginning of the stage of life where others opinions truly matter less and you see who you are without the rose colored lenses, and oddly enough appreciate/ forgive yourself more. My Chiron is in Aquarius third house, my youngest brother died on my Chiron return. It brought me full circle in my familial childhood role and gave me the wisdom not to follow it blindly as Chiron entered my 4th house. it brings healing and wisdom to earlier experiences. I gladly await the wisdom of my second Chiron return.

  33. I had a torrid time in my 40s, it was one thing after another, so turning 50 and undergoing chiron return has felt like an anticlimax. Besides, uranus hurtling towards my sun with pluto beginning to square it seem to be the bigger deals in my life right now. For the most part, my pluto, uranus and saturn transits of the last four years have taught me that it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other with an eye on the horizon (thanks to astrology) and the realisation that life right now is all I have. So give it your absolute best. Although I will say, and I suspect this is chiron (but again, who knows) I’ve finally begun to let go of the need to believe the best in everyone regardless of actions. I’ve given myself permission to trust my instincts about people and let go of the qi vampires. It is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I think the chiron return is like MM suggests, a bit of a prelude to saturn return – an opp to extract the toxins so you can go into later life without bitterness. Kudos to those who give up coffee, alcohol etc. (can’t live without ’em!) but for me it has to be about creating a head space that you want to live in for the rest of your life.

  34. I just found your website while I was searching Chiron return. I am going through my Chiron return and I find it quite liberating. I have Chiron in my 11th house in Pisces. This placement often times finds individuals that are eccentric and do not fit in. I have felt this all my life but now people are starting to realize that many issues I talked about 20 years ago they are finally starting to see.

    I find Chiron a must to study if you want to find your life’s purpose. Many astrologers overlook Chiron. If I would have known more about it I think I would have understood myself better since I have been dabbling in astrologer for a couple of decades.

    I find I can finally be the eccentric person I always was but was afraid to be. I accept my intuition more. I am less self-conscious. I believe many people with Chiron in Pisces has a very sensitive side but never wanted to show it. I hope they will learn to embrace and show this compassionate side to the world.