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So i read Wild by Cheryl Strayed last year and adored it. I just thought of it again now, reading about the Reese Witherspoon/Nick Hornby adaptation. It’s been called a grungier version of Eat, Pray Love but it’s way more than that. In her mid-20s, Strayed (she changed her name after an early divorce) was crashing hard via grief, an abusive background, drugs, a messy divorce caused mostly by her infidelity and some other factors.  Instinctively, with no prior hiking experience and clearly in an intense transit (more on this soon), she heads off to hike the officially challenging nearly 5000 kilometre long Pacific Crest Trail in California. It takes three months, is an epic journey and ends  up being the brilliant book.

At one point in her trip, her toenails basically ripped off and facing a particularly hideous climb, she recalls an earlier encounter with an astrologer. It’s an interesting anecdote and worth reading beyond what I’ve extracted here – the rest is about the relationship with her father, how the astrologer sees it and I’m thinking she is referring to Chiron.


“…I thought of the woman I always thought of in such moments: an astrologer who’d read my natal chart when i was 23. A friend had arranged for the reading as a going away gift just before I left Minnesota for New York city. The astrologer was a no-nonsense middle aged woman named Pat who sat me down at her kitchen table with a piece of paper covered in mysterious markings and a quietly whirring tape recorder between us.


I didn’t put much faith in it. I thought it would be a bit of fun, an ego-boosting session dureing which she’d say generic things like You have a kind heart. But she didn’t. Or rather, she said those things, but she also said bizarrely specific things that were so accurate and particular, so simultaneously consoling and upsetting that it was all i could do not to bawl in recognition and grief.


“How can you know this,?” I kept demanding. And then I would listen as she explained about the planets, the sun and the moon, the ‘aspects’ and the moment i was born. about what it meant to be a Virgo, with a moon in Leo and Gemini Rising.  I’d nod while thinking this is a bunch of crazy New age anti intellectual bullshit. And then she’d say another thing that would blow my brain into about seven thousand pieces because it was so true.”

So Cheryl Strayed is a Virgo but more to the point her Sun is bang-on Pluto & Uranus – so often this is about the intense, beyond the norm life & wisdom/genius attained via surreal experiences.

And f.y.i. the epic, life-altering hike that was to change everything took place with PLUTO on her Neptune and square her Midheaven. I was talking to Kim Falconer about Pluto squares to the Midheaven or Ascendant today and how these sorts of transits remove whatever fake mask or i.d. you’ve got going on. It’s like the superhero/superheroine story – the moment of awakening, the descent into darkness, the facing of the demons, the emergence back into the light etc.

Astro-Fiends, Strayed also has her Mercury-Venus in the 5th House opposite Saturn SO she has to write & tell these powerful stories, obviously & that Saturn sting cannot be separated from the process. It’s a brilliant book. As this article entertainingly relates, she has copped from flak from various reviewers for her searing honesty re drugs, sex & divorce + she gets to have sex on her hike – the lady has a libido – you know what these Venus in Libra peeps are like lol – but she is The Awesome.


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111 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Cheryl Strayed

  1. I have Pluto square Midheaven/ MC right now.. feeling everything to do with it and all path straying HARD.

  2. Transit Pluto on IC for friend emerging from coma- had heart stop- Uranus was dead on Sun. Now literally sleep walking, sitting up, turning head, reacting to flavors, but still in Dreamland. Prayers and conventional plus alternative medicines working miracles. She wasn’t expected to survive but every day is closer to the surface.

  3. I loved this book!! It was like being on the trek with her.You never really know what’s around the next switchback. Highly recommend.

  4. Isn’t she “dear sugar” too?

    Pluto on my IC was the roughest transit ever. Went well with saturn in virgo, ffs. Met my demons for sure.

    • so true, the ages of 5-15 were not exactly easy for me being IC is conjunct moon also…
      Its dam hard being born with your moon in front of the old “soul crusher”.. lol

      • i geddit, in my natal chart Pluto is followed by Uranus Venus Jupiter Mercury Sun. sheesh.

      • Today is the first day I felt OK since Pluto started on my IC. And that was in 2006/7. I feel OK as the power in my life. Not the supernatural. Not the idealistic love story. Just me – the one who makes my actions happen. A colleague contacted to me today – first day at my new job – to let me know that he got fired from the same place that fired me for being a Virgo. And I realized as I told him, you can’t make yourself fit a situation that doesn’t fit you. You can’t change yourself to fit into it. You have the change situations. That means accepting and realizing when its a losing situation. Maybe that means taking a paycut. And he said he wants more money and a place that values him. And I said you should be prepared to pick one.

        For all the angels and devils I met…its almost irrelevant. Its funny to me that wearing 80s aerobic gear to a hardware store can freak people out. But if I tell them I can communicate with angels, demons, aliens, and the dead, its like “cool.” Doesn’t even really register. It doesn’t even matter. But being able to make a choice – to choose a life that fits me and my powers and my values (and money is no measure of those) – holy fuq, I can’t say what its worth. I always thought I had that. My Mom would say “you never did care what others thought anyway.” But Pluto knows best.

        • just dont pick up anymore orbs of evil.. :)

          & I have tuns of late 70s 80s Nu Disco you could work out to fit the occasion..

  5. I have the same mercury venus opposing saturn in the 5th in libra as her and astrologers always tell me I have books in me that can change lives. First I change my own though.

  6. Absolutely loved this book, wept with recognition at how she described grief, the scene with her horse (I won’t ruin it for people who haven’t read it yet) had me howling. Loved her waitressing and hiking with $20 for weeks, i could completely relate. Wished i’d seen her at the sidney writer’s festival!
    And yeah, Mystic, love the bit she says after the astro passage about growing up without a father. Bloody brilliant book…

    • Sydney! Oops. And not brilliant, but very very real and good for understanding grief and the ways we all react to it… I loved that she had to do something ‘tough’ to break her pattern. And nature, how healing is nature? I leant this book to a friend who lost her mum last year and i want it back! Beautiful writing.

      • Oh wait, I’ve never published a book, had a horse or done the trek of which she speaks.
        We have Virgo and lust and wanderlust in common.
        Waitressing and hitch hiking with no money are probably more common than I realised :-)

        • Hahaha… the hitch hiking with nothing for kicks, living below the poverty line, tick, waitressing, yep, lust, yep again, Virgo…. Trekking for months ummm not so much

  7. I like her already.
    Had never heard of her.
    Must read her book.
    Sounds like MY KINDA VIRGO
    I love the combo of wanderlust and, well lust basically
    And being a Virgo with a massive libido who screws up as a result of it, I can totally relate! I love how she turns pain into gold tho.

  8. Saw on her Twitter feed that she is open to an interview with you MM. Look forward to it and now keen to read the book.

  9. Oh shit. I always go on about how Pluto on my Venus resulted in me boarding a plane abroad for the first time ever alone with no plans and falling into a crazy love story, but I’m just realizing that Pluto was on my Neptune this last year when everything went all crazy with the ADHD meds, drinking, avoiding the world to study philosophy and math and optical computing. EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE.

    I always wonder about the astrology of major change or running away from everything you know. I love those breakthrough moments. But for now…Saturn girl. 😀 I don’t think she would approve.

    • Wait; RE-DO. Pluto was moving off Neptune then but still close (within 2 degrees), like I was picking up the pieces. It was directly ON Neptune when I got abandoned by Venus-Pluto transit international boyfriend dude and I came home with nothing, became a stripper, and lived in a warehouse with a slide, a pole, a dance studio I built, and no shower (I was in great shape, because I was at the YMCA EVERY DAY lol). Funny…during that period my life looked so chaotic or crazy from the outside but I was 100% sober and spent all my free time reading, writing, and being healthy and creative.

    • Also; I am confused. My Neptune is at 6.5 Capricorn; does that mean I am still feeling it now at 9? When is a transit considered finished?

      • I just seen on the TrutherGirls youtube page that the guy who claimed ADHD into existence, made a death bed confession that he made it up…

        + the FDA making poop to be classified as a drug lol just make me laugh at more of the the medical mafia

  10. I am thoroughly confused by all that. I need to learn more about this stuff.
    Check out Kim Falconer’s tutorials on YouTube maybe?

  11. Looked at a Pluto ephemeris (Astrodienst- the outer planet cycles one) to understand when Pluto was conjunct my neptune (15 Deg scorpio) – was around November 1989 going into around October-November 1990 when taking the Rx motion into account and then again around July 1991 with a further Rx period. Would mean Pluto sextile pluto slightly earlier than that around May 1988 (but again with Rx to extend time frame).

    BIG change time for me was pluto opposite my sun (and square pluto) around June 4 2001 (June 4 is b-day and this opposition was exact within a few minutes) – in the sense of getting fully into action mode to turn life around. Saturn in G around that time was always the prime suspect for me re the surge…never thought it was Pluto. Realised need for change earlier and with Pl squaring Pl from late 1999 through December 2000.

    Pluto trine Ur in mid 2011 prompted another cycle of change, with Pluto trine Pluto now-ish helping to bed that down.

    • She has another one too, ( ) answering questions like as an Agony Aunt sort of thing..

      Reminded me of Uber Virgos comment a few years ago when i mentioned both therapists (Speech and OT for spectrum boys) were Virgos..she said ”Aren’t all Virogs Therapists?”

      It would be lovely to see Uber Virgo back here, i hope she is having a sunshiney time!

      • Apologies for Virog spello ! Not intentionally trying to wind up Virgos…xx

    • Hey Cosmic, just ordered a copy too. Strangely I discovered this online bookshop last week – was looking for a particular book as a gift for a friend doing it tough in rehab. Great prices and free delivery, what’s not to like. And I miss Uber Virgo too :-( Wonder where she’s at.

      • Greetings Fluid,
        May i pry and ask which book you were looking for, for your rehab friend ? have a friend cleaning up at the mo, and any guidance on cool reads would be brill.

        It would be lovely to see Uber pop up again.

        • Hey Cosmic, the book is Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes (Irish Novelist). Besides being hilarious and deeply sad novel, I think it’s based on a true experience from memory. There’s a part in it where Rachel acknowledges she’d rather wake up with the gypsy’s dog than be alone; and this is huge for a lot of addicts, including my friend: they find it difficult to be with themselves sans substance, too much pain. Another good one is “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey but ’tis a lot more hardcore. He originally claimed it to be autobiographical but has since admitted it is partly true/partly fiction. x

  12. An absolutely amazing life story! I can thoroughly recommend a long hike to clear the cobwebs of your mind and emerge triumphant

  13. It may sound not serious, but a ripped toenail has ended many a hike. It’s very serious. I’m surprised she made it at all.

    I say this as a Sagg rising…a trail problem for me. I’ve done this one before. Appalachian Trail is much harder. But i guess this stuff is really hard for Virgos esp ones with Leo and Gemini.

      • idk. Just seems like the outdoors is the not made for them. I take along Virgo and Leo friends and they whine incessantly about not having a hair dryer or urban comfort first. They are the ones that get bit/threatened by insects or wild animals first.

        • I LOVE the outdoors. It’s the only place where I don’t have a list of things in mind that would make it “perfect” because it already is. Lots of Libra in my chart and Leo moon too. Sorry to bust your theory. :-)

  14. That whole Eat-Pray-$$$$ thing is exactly why I can’t bring myself to buy or read this book. Also: Have survived a lifetime of Pluto transits, and I sure as hell don’t have a book contract to talk about me, myself, I, and more about me.

  15. Love this post, Mystic. It’s the examples of these kinds of placements, and what people ‘do’ with them in real life that make the array of transits and aspects meaningful.

    Any time Pluto is linked to the angles, like we were saying, you get this kind of ‘life or death’ feeling. It’s a really big deal (no matter what it looks like from the outside). It hits in a visceral way, and it creates change, the kind that begins with a ‘death’ and catapults into a new life, new understanding.

    Pluto creates a very particular kind of change, and when it’s natal position is with Uranus, change comes urgently, explosively, and at first, in very disruptive ways. Add the sun and she MUST find a way to express that to the collective. She’s translating for the rest of us. What a gift!

    Thanks again – awesome post! xxx

    • Wow! “expressing to the collective” I just began a series of transcriptional posts about this very same urge (and I have Sun, Uranus, Pluto conjunct natally with significant transits now). I feel hugely compelled to begin a project for the collective that has been brewing for a while and I keep making tiny steps toward it while, in truth, dragging my heels and putting it off. But now it feels like I am not allowed to put it off. It feels like something else is guiding/driving me, but I like it. It’s just I have never been convinced I could pull the whole thing off. But, again, the feeling is that I have to try and be willing to fail. Actually, it feels like failure isn’t an option.

      • I’m an idiot. For not realizing sooner that I have pluto currently squaring my natal moon and about to square MC, IC and natal saturn.

        I am having a lot of trouble on the home front lately. My boy was just diagnosed with mild ASD and my girl is possibly on the spectrum too. Both at home, refusing to go to school. I feel like it is all falling apart, they are disconnected from me and everything that used to be *normal*.. We are doing therapy but it’s not bringing significant results.

        I feel like it may come to a choice for me between working towards my career goals and family (possibly homeschooling). Kinda of an absurd choice for a single parent. These are both important.

        • Hello! Did you read my comment a couple of posts (I think) ago? I’m in the same boat as you: I am a single parent (really single: my son’s father hasn’t done child support or visits in five years), my son is also mild asd (ie, Aspergers), & we are beginning at-home virtual school this coming year. He’s starting 2nd grade.

          I get how you feel it’s absurd, because it sounds/looks impossible. Like the hugest mountain to climb! Yep, I hear that.

          But, it’s time to lace up our boots. What was *is* falling apart– so we can make it over better than it ever was.

          Please find my comment & subsequent thread, not so much for what I said, but for the love & support shared with me by the awesome commentors here! Guaranteed to fire up your vision, stamina, & resolve, AirOnFire. x

          • And I forgot to say, therapy/counseling alone won’t get your little ones too far; really needs to be handled holistically. Nutrition, addressing toxicity & allergies, behavioral-cognitive therapies– simultaneously. I also tend to my guy’s spiritual & astro sides. And it takes time & a lot of trial & error: every kid is different, every asd is different.

            Just, one day at a time. xx

            • My ex-neighbour is part of a collective, network that choose to homeschool and I believe she attended an interesting conference on homeschooling. It was more broad in its approach, but along similar lines. In being part of this her children belong to a community, and her parents are less isolated too. There are statistics to state homeschooling is on the rise, can be structured and organised, and is legitimate. Many choose it for very different reasons.

              I know my Mother in Law regrets not homeschooling one of her three now adult children, the one which unfortunately did not pursue anything academically as a result of poor experiences despite being very intelligent. Later he was assessed as being bi-polar but this was done post a divorce, as an adult also dealing with a parent dying.

              We are looking at Steiner education, which I am investigating despite cult like aspects. My child has sensitivities and concerns, and I find so far Steiner is good for instilling gentle behaviour all round, despite being esoteric children do learn tolerance, and to be accepting as well as questioning.

              A friend has a 1st born son with some challenges and they chose not to put him in any classification, however he has regular OT and speech therapy yet even though some consider him autistic he is alert and bright.

              I think I will try to follow my child’s lead. Some desire children to learn to fit in, survive at all costs, however I think really children who have a chance to be exceptional are given a chance to change / shape or influence life around them, whilst being sensitive and respectful of the environment too.

              Unfortunately I do not know the name of the Byron Bay conference.

              Last thing is place based education is an interesting development, outside of class, income and family type…And is becoming important, and for this reason homeschooling is very relevant too.

              • I have a close friend who is unschooling her kids, and that is what I would do if I was homeschooling. But for us, long-term unschooling/homeschooling is not a viable option. I am just taking them out of school to reconnect/recover/regroup.

        • You have to make your own choice based on what you value most about your time and your life and (here’s the hard part) have faith that the next step will appear when you need it. That last bit is damned near impossible. But you WILL learn what your values and powers really are, no matter what you think they should be. I share this after going through a very difficult Pluto transit. Good luck

        • How old are each of them?
          I was dx’d ASD before the criteria changed and my sister is has sensory processing disorder. I personally believe it’s not a disorder but a subset of personality traits, genetic…

          Anyways. I did great in school up until middle 8th grade. When all the social rules changed and people began to bully me my world fell apart. :( Not to pressure you but if they are around that age it’s my opinion that it is a critical time because of the changing social dynamics and the “rules” changing (oh, how we love rules!). I was also very sullen and disconnected from my parents. As long as you continue to be empathetic and listen I am sure it will come around, sometimes something as small as a change in routine, a new friend, a hobby/interest is life-changing.

          • Thanks you,Scorporation, Inc.,12th house virgo and Raché. I really appreciate your comments.

            My boy is 8 and my girl is 11. My son is a scorpio sun, aqua rising, cancer moon and my daughter is cancer sun, leo rising, sag moon. DS has a sensory processing disorder which is probably closely related to ASD, and my DD has trichotillomania as well as some similar issues to her brother’s..

            Both are very bright, have always been doing well at school academically though my son had a harder time adjusting to an institution (which is what school is, let’s face it). Now it’s all about computers for them, they disappear into the virtual reality and disconnect from the real world and the rest of the family (I also have a very energetic and emotionally demanding leo sun/leo rising/scorp moon 5 yo!).

            And yes, genetically there is something there.. I score half aspie/half neurotypical (the one thing I am balanced at, being a libra sun 😉 ) and we are an anxious breed.. My dad had panic attacks, I have them and the kids get anxiety.

            I completely agree with the holistic approach. Thinking of getting them to see a naturopath. We have been to a herbalist and are currently seeing psychs (for them) and an OT. Although with my son’s sensory processing disorder, it’s impossible to get him to change his diet, he doesn’t try new things and I suspect that the things that he does eat make him sick.. It’s a vicious cycle.
            I am prepared to homeschool as nothing can be more important than family but I will be trying to incorporate my study in it somehow.. Not ready to give that up.
            Now there is an explanation for my loaded 4th house – saturn, sun,jupiter, pluto, mercury. Home is where it all is.

            • Such big news, I so feel for you AoF. The following clinic helped a friend of mine very much. Also I am in the process of working with them too for my autistic 3.5 year old. I don’t know where you are but they do online consultations.
              They are the only people here that I have found that do the latest ABA, ESDM, etc. plus actual brain scanning, dna checks, diet – the whole package! Wishing you best of luck & strength, you sound totally wonderful.

              • Thanks, Andromeda x I wish the clinic was in my state.. Skype/telephone consultations make me a bit nervous (that is why I still haven’t had the cosmic consult with MM!). Well, at least now I have an idea of what to look for in treatment approach.

  16. pluto was still 5 degrees off my neptune when i chucked it all and hit the road. by the time it actually hit i’d been through hell and back and was all 1st house saturn employee of the year at a ski resort. on the PCT, coincidentally, though i never did more than a day hike. 3 weeks on the AT as a teenager shifted some serious shizz though. my piscean brother is actually on it (the appalachian trail) right now. pluto’s on his jupiter and his saturn return is looming. he just finished spending a year and a half writing an OS for people to program their own robots. it’ll be interesting to see who he emerges as.

    anyway, the book looks great. will add to list.

    • Pluto will hit my sun when im 87… since I already experienced Pluto moon a a child, Id say dont exactly wanna be around when it happens. :)

      • Oh yeah I hear ya. I feel like my childhood was one big Pluto opposition too. Enough!

        I got all excited that I’d be done soon but no. Will hit my aqua MC when I’m only 60 and square all my early fixed stuff before that. But into Pisces in only 2044- you must be older than I’d pictured you as…

  17. venus in libra has a libido?

    pluto square MC info helpful thanks.

    I am secretly amazed that a VIRGO just upped and went on a 5000km hike zero planning.

    not sure if these tales annoy me because I am like “pffff, as if everyone doesn’t do this at some stage of their lives, what makes you so special, little miz ‘i couldn’t go a week without a pedicure then i discovered hiking boots and bhang lassi?” versus “i wish i could get off my backside and publish a book.”

    • sorry. bit catty re venus in Libra call. think is residual annoyance at A Leo. redacted (in theory)

      • yes, Venus in Libra does have a libido Pi! Or maybe I’m getting it mixed up with my Scorpy and toro bits, dunno. But, a thought: can Venus in Libra be a bit limp? i.e. prone to suppression? I know I have had loooong dry periods and sucked it up for some reason.

        No offence taken xx

        • Hm… I think your Scorpy and toro bits are interfering :)

          I think Librans’ libidos depend on surroundings and beauty. All the “airy” stuff. It’s not a physical lustiness like the earth signs.
          Thank god for my Scorp bits and Mars in Virgo because I can’t get in the mood if the music is crap or the places smells bad, they’re not smart or don’t know the art of conversation. Men with Libran planets do it for me because they understand the art of nuance !! Trés important!!

          I’m okay with long dry spells too as long as there’s a crush to long for.

          “Remember that Librans do not believe in relationships, as such. They sustain their Qi and general motivation in life via crushes. Actual relationships tend to bore them senseless”

          Mystic wrote this some time back and I was gobsmacked because it NAILED my love nature!!!

          • ack! I wasted a lot of time on crushes in the past, i don’t want to do that anymore.

            Right….so interesting about your take on VinL, and I get that Librans are all about the romance, right? but Mystic is suggesting above that they’re keen, no?

            Speaking of which, I am so keen right now, is this Grand Water Trine activating something? I gotta organise my life better….

    • also, srsly fuq all the reviewers who had a problem with her honesty – how many men’s tales involve such philandering. ahhhhh a big UP YOURS to their crusty ideas of appropriateness

        • They had a problem with her flings?? For shame!

          I love anything where someone finds an excellent astrologer and gets their mind blown!
          Really gladdens the heart.

          I went to a “psychic” once who was just terrible. Awful. I walked out of there crying, her energy was just so negative and agressive. A real qi-vamp.
          I also went to an amazing tarot reader who was absolutely bang-on.

        • I don’t. There are some souvenirs I don’t want to take home (eg, herpes, gonorrhea)…

          I like coffee mugs with my vacay spot on them. Or ashtrays. Maybe a tshirt. But sex? That’s a keepsake I can’t upcycle to Goodwill when I’m through with it.

  18. Pluto crossed my Midheaven in 2010 (three times: February, June, December). The worst year: lost my dream job (almost to the exact day in June!) because one of my superiors needed to throw his weight around and make a power play…making me the collateral damage.
    2010 was also the year of my Saturn Return – horrible timing…

    Cue 2012: Pluto square my Ascendant (three times again: February, June, December). Broke up with my boyfriend, seriously considered leaving my 15-year career. Basically, an identity crisis.
    Still not fully recovered from that.

    Pluto hitting your angles is No. Joke. Those of us with lots of Cardinal energy are getting slammed these days!

  19. I don’t know what kind of havoc transiting Pluto is causing in my life right now: I’m too busy to look it up.

    • But I will say this re the massive grand water trine energy that’s in the air right now: holy shitballs. We are having a heat wave with indexes above 100 F, with 83% humidity.

      83% humidity! I can barely breathe.

      • I love humidity.. We are having a sideways storm right now. Golden sun & storming skys.

        • That sounds gorgeous, Andromeda! A real treat.

          This air mirrors my natal chart, as my chart is also 80-some % water. Had me thinking that I need to work my airy bits more (ie, Libra), then the oracle told me to go Venusian today, so there you go. Even my Libra/7th house is saturated, though, with that Pluto-Moon conjunction, so these next couple of days will be a challenge. Oh, why wasn’t I born with gills? These lungs are out of place.

            • There’s a retro throwback to end all retro throwbacks! Haha Damn paparazzi: always catching me just before I get in for a wax.

              Speaking of wax, I think I have enough in my hair today to make a tall pillar candle in lighter temps.

              I first read “littoral” as “clittoral”. Hey oh!

  20. Whoa. Am in the very same Pacific Coast area now (albeit in a car) and JUST saw this book in a bookstore in the town of Carmel, about an hour ago. Was going to buy it, but put it back on the shelf. #travelausteritymeasures

  21. I adore this book and also tiny beautiful things. Please interview her!!!

    Pluto has been rolling over my ic (0 cap) and neptune (3 cap) for a while now. i don’t think of my life as amazingly topsy turvy adventuresome but i have gone through some absolute crap, father passed away (Saturninvolved), lots of seeing loved ones in hospitals, and career-wise anew confidence-wise i’m somewhere else.completely from what i used to be. also i’m currently living in the outback which just strikes me as amusing knowing my younger self. Radical thought: what if what i thought was the zap zone in my life was more just the Pluto end of things? Ouch.

    Anyone who needs a creative boost should read her essay/answer “write like a motherf*qer” – it’s online at the rumpus.

    • I second the write like a motherfuqer essay – I read it about once a week and the first time I read it I cried.

      Her collection of rumpus “Dear Sugar” articles Tiny Beautiful Things is divine as well. 😀 😀

  22. Uranus went rx today, in my first house. I feel the shift. The sirens are wailing off in the distance. It’s off topic, in the tropics where I live. And that cheezy little fuqer’s face on Rolling Stone like some goddamm rock star… They’re selling pretzels again at Coney Island, planning bake sales in Newtown. It hasn’t even been a year. Gaping holes in my yard where trees used to be, taken out by the stirring of opposites, and me left here to consider correlations. Life and death, never one or the other.

  23. Thankyou for this post MM. Always good to hear about a person living their life; planted (or planets) in the drivers seat and not relegated to the back seat.
    I have Sun, Moon and Mercury all squaring Pluto….Does that mean I kiss goodbye to the idea of normalcy? But then again Venus squares my Ascendant and Mars squares Saturn too. One thing is for sure: a detailed astro consult to understand your geometric ball of natal wax is money well spent.

  24. I have Pluto and Uranus conjunct at 17deg Virgo in the 6th house.
    Oh. FUQ.
    I’m fuqin fuqed.
    *goes back to self imposed vow of silence*

  25. Pluto square Saturn (2nd) Survival issues
    Pluto square Venus (1) Female sexuality issues
    Pluto opposition MC – the public mask always dropping issues
    Pluto in the 4th (yuck!)

    And fuq me if Pluto wasn’t transiting my NN & squaring my MC the year I left my south american mess of life to return to Oz & study hypno.

    • Oh, plus Pluto conjunct the IC..
      The pressure cooker of family life.. transformation of the family tree?

      I have a few clients who are having so much past life connection to their family.
      Healing themselves is healing their family tree.
      I really don’t have this experience!
      I have had very few past life connections to my family that have surfaced, very tenuous connections.

      Powerful stuff with my husband though, which is much more important to me.

    • You’re a hypnotist? My dear Libran mentor & friend was a hypnotist (among other things), & I find hypnotism fascinating.

      • I’m coming over all vaudeville at being called a hypnotist! :)
        As I prefer and engage in shamanism as a modality, I guess the label would be post-modern urban shaman?!
        Started out with hypnotherapy but quickly found that I was seeing stuff that was only addressed by shamanic practice.
        Had to change my major, lol.

        • “Post modern urban shaman”: ooh, I like that. My friend would have liked that, too; he could definitely be described as a shaman, still.

          Majors are so narrow. I struggled with that, double-majoring for a time, adding a minor, changing my minor, dropping the minor, changing the major, adding a concentration, changing track… Uni didn’t get my Piscean multi-facetness, I didn’t get their tunnel vision.

          Are you writing, Andromeda? I remember you are painting. I would like to see it. All of it.

          • Ha ha, I have a Piscean MC, that never made any sense till I discovered shamanism! I majored & minored in many things till I allowed myself to go there. :)

            Well I write down my experiences in that trance state, which I find exciting! Some of it is channelling, some of it client’s experiences through my eyes.

            My painting career came to a short sharp end when I hired someone to do the art for my website for me. My vision & my abilities were not .. in harmony. Believe me you do not want to see ANY of it, 😀 .

  26. I have *natal* Pluto on an angle, on the IC. It’s also opposed Mars, exactly conjunct the MC.

    Transiting Pluto is now conjunct my Descendant. Angles, angles, angles…….but what I really need is some ANGELS to help me with this! ha ha..! …actually I’m not kidding, they are the only ones who can help sometimes.

    That natal Pluto/Mars opposition I have, revved up by being angular, is really intense. I have an enormous amount of anger. There, I said it. It’s always been there and never seems to dissipate. I try to work with it. It’s like a burning furnace and gives me an inhuman amount of willpower.
    I don’t take it out on others very often, but I am very intense and very articulate when I do.
    Sorry to digress……………I’ve had a good day but then something set me off at the end of it and I am feeling really upset and in touch with my rage. I don’t know what to do sometimes, I wish I had more support in my life or someone to comfort me…. I’ll do some self-care and try to relax and go to sleep….it’s midnight here in California..

      • I was looking for your lilth-mars comment. I am not sure what to say about it. I don’t understand my lilth-moon either. Good thing MMs writing the book

    • Yes, a little different from yours, but i have natal Mars square Pluto opposition Sun square Mars.

      The anger saved me, literally, it walked me through a fire, burning with my own fire.

      It’s hard to carry in ‘peacetime’ though. Sort of like finding a spot for the mortar weapon in your lounge cabinet.

    • The rage shouldn’t cause guilt, i guess, but there’s your Pluto, your Shadow. We should be able to celebrate the willpower and drive it gives us but it’s also a frightening force. I’ve seen even aggro men shrink back from me when in those (rare) moments. It’s something beyond exercising off or channelling into martial arts. Less of a fire that burns out than a sheet of atomic lightning that rings out . I know how it feels in the aftermath. I’m sending a big soft hug and fixing a metaphorical blanket over you xx

      • Thanks so much for your empathy, mille.

        It also helps to know I’m not the only one and the reminder that there is a productive use for the anger if it can be harnessed astutely.

        Thanks also for mentioning that it shouldn’t cause guilt, because that is something I struggle with. I feel bad about having this energy, which is almost worse than having the energy in the first place. And of course, most other people are right in there ready to make you feel bad about having your anger.
        I’ve been working on this my whole life….it helps so much to discuss this with you all. :)

    • Anger has to be burned off. Exercise or growling – but something physical. You don’t have to act on it or direct it on anyone but I highly recommend something physical to release it. If you try to chill or supress it you can end up sick. Seriously, if you’re feeling down just try the growl. It works. And feelings are just that. Anger doesn’t mean you’re bad or dangerous or need to worry it just means you need to take some action. You have a choice about how to express it.

      • I really feel for you and the transhits you’re under. The best i can suggest for self care is to create a safe space where you can release feelings without fret of social judgement. Good luck.

        • Thanks for the tip, 12HV, I will try the growling!
          I agree, that there is a physical aspect to this anger that needs to be released. The other aspect is the inner roiling furnace that we were speaking of above, but yes, some energy has got to give somewhere…. Way better to exercise or do some sounding than punch someone out! ….I’ve always had enough control over it all to stop short of doing something drastic like that, though, luckily…

          My Pluto is in Virgo, and Mars in Pisces, and that Pisces is the saving grace of this configuration, I believe. If I had Mars in another sign, a more aggressive sign, I’d have probably played out my anger outwardly more than inwardly. I do ‘beat myself up’ a lot, but I can work with me/myself/I better than I could have worked this all out in projecting it on another person.

      • Guilt is much worse than having the power. I understand why you would wish for more support, but as a mars pluto person myself I’ve realized people can’t support me in the way i’d like because they don’t have the energy or power to make things happen like I do. Sometimes rage is a supressed fantasy and it can be scary to let the vision be seen if only by your own eyes. But, I repeat, you must create a safe space to express yourself, even if only in your own mind, in all your full power. Trust in your own goodness and power. Not everyone has access to that level of energy. I won’t say it’s a gift because I know it’s a lot to manage, an you can’t give it back but it is power, your power. I keep crapping on about it because I share the struggle. You are not alone. :-)

  27. I mean, do you have a website/your creations online? Pardon me: trying to swim & keep my phone out of the lake all at the same time.

    • You so sweet Sci Inc!
      No I don’t have my website up.
      I have the text, I have the artwork – but the site isn’t up as I am simply too occupied being deep in the midst of the physical healing side of the autism journey.
      It’s coming soon and Spirit sends me clients somehow or another in the meantime.
      My moon in Scorp precludes me from linking it to this website when it is up, I am a bit shy. 😛