Nothing Stays The Same…Daily Horoscopes For Monday July 22

Cat in cloak

Hey the Daily Horoscopes for Monday July 22 are posted and there is a LOT going on guys! 

We have not only Mercury Direct but a super-long Void Moon in Capricorn, Venus into Virgo, the Sun into Leo & then straight away a Full Moon at Zero Aquarius.

All the times for these events are on the Daily Horoscopes page, obviously…Complex, genius and potentially AWESOME astro.


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31 thoughts on “Nothing Stays The Same…Daily Horoscopes For Monday July 22

  1. Help!
    I just realised that I have the very carb-addicted shut-in that you, Mystic, warned us against recently. One and the same. I said “o no, not me,hahaha lol as if” but nooo. It sort of happened. It was fuqing hard to fight. But now I am SO over that space. Maybe pluto juice can help Anyway, I am slowly motivating my way out of this 7-week mess. I would really appreciate a kind-hearted (and motivational – not enabling the sloth) word or two to help me relocate Energised Pi. xxxo

    • Energised Pi has been you all along: you simply needed to explore all the little bits that are the sum of you. Had to get your spark plugs tweaked, oil changed, etc. Routine maintenance, that’s all. So take the wheel, Pi! She’s tuned up and waiting for you ;)

      • lol it wouldnt be a mercury retro in the 1st if you were energized PI… if the gods allowed this for you, then all of our our astrology would fall apart.. our predictions, archetypal insight, and myths would be banished to the halls of dusty record…

    • Dear Phoenix Pi, these past two months have been most some of the most challenging I have ever experienced. (I have two words for Saturn and all that emo Cancer crap – Fuq You!) Actually screamed at my reflection in the mirror today “enough enough enough”!
      I’m hopeful with tonight’s full moon will bring some clarity and we can all hope for some wane of this intensity. But that’s the whole point, at least I feel we have hope, whereas awhile back I felt like there was none to be had. So you wanted to shut the world out for a while and comfort yourself with some carbs – big whoop. You gotta do what you gotta do to get through sometimes, and that’s totally ok and completely understandable babe.
      I have given up caffeine and have drastically cut down on my wheat and sugar intake – and it does seem to be making a difference, but I’m not prepared to go all the way yet as I feel I’m sorely lacking in the self confidence and the discipline required for that at the moment. Don’t want to set myself up for another failure when this vulnerable.
      So girlfriend, one step at a time back onto the playing field, – and cut yourself some slack and be good to yourself – even if that involves the occasional red velvet cupcake!

      • ah zai, yes.
        I wish i wasn’t so hard on myself and instead just accept that I just needed to sloth out, at a pace dictated internally, with no ‘due date’ for “completion”. (inverted commas as that feels like an outside idea). And more readily recognising there is a time n place and PACE for everything, and sometimes that time/place/pace for being is right now, in the quiet, unfocused, and slow!

        waking up this morning and, ping, the idea lands in my head that merc retro cancer 1st house is about actually caring for myself, properly, all the time. not others caring for me. Me caring for me.

        so right re not setting yourself up for failure. I don’t think being a diet fascist is necessary – our systems are pretty flexible unless violent allergies etc. I avoid gluten (when not faced with proper croissants) because I do actually develop very unpleasant allergic symptoms if I have it in too many meals for too long. and processed sugar is easy enough to skip most of the time. Getting most things, mostly right, most of the time is a pretty good start imo given the random unscheduled complexities of C21 urban life.
        def sharing the AAARRRGHHH fuq you moments. helpfully they also come with more recognition of self stuff…. here’s to writing down the ideas we fish out, and lightening the psych load v soon xx

        • That’s it hey – you keep trying to telling yourself you’re making progress and it’s all good to go and reach out for the “high five” you deserve, but much to your frustration you feel like you’re just left hangin, or even worse still get that whole “down low…..too slow!” move pulled on ya.
          How annoyance.

        • Nice maneuvering, Pi. You’re an excellent driver ;)

          It has been the toughest lesson for me since Saturn blasted into my Scorp 8th house: slooowww downnn, you can’t rush the process. It was forced upon me when my ankle broke last Sept, & now that I’m fully ambulatory again I remember the lesson & resist the frustration & self-guilting that creeps up when things aren’t happening when I think they should be (because if I cave to those negatives I’ll try to push things too quickly & one hobbling was enough for me, thanks).

          So apt then that via slowing down the transformation occurs. Great 8th house stuff.
          Saturn is a good teacher, I am an excellent student.

          And so are you, Pi. Your 1st house Kataka insights are bang on. All pistons are firing!

  2. I want the hooded kitty. But really want my own cat to return home (now gone 2 weeks:(

    And…just returned from beach–with bag of wet clothes, of course. Went to put them in the washing machine, but when I opened the washing machine door a wall of water came at me! It was very slapstick. I almost expected a couple of goldfish to swim between my feet and out the back door. NIne freshly folded towels to sop up the worst of it.

    Water trine moment?

      • well learn something new everyday, I kinda knew cats did this in the back of my mercurian pisces mind.

        I just googled and people said they found there cat in months and weeks. Even one from 4 years being lost. those sound like some good statistics.

        • Thanks aqua leo! I am trying to remain hopeful. My cousin in Greece said she had a cat return after a 2 year absence–and then the cat stuck around for years after that. Who knows why they do these things? Maybe there is a jedi training program somewhere that requires their attention.

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