Mercury Is Nearly Direct…Note…NEARLY

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L.A – Saturday 11.22
NEW YORK – Saturday 14.22
LONDON – Saturday 19.22
SYDNEY – Sunday 04.22

There was a proper rant re Mercury Direct in the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun – let me know if you’re a subscriber but did not get yours OR if you want to glimpse one/trial subscribe.

AND Mercury Retro’s last days are often THE most potentially bats. Now is the time to be extra super vigilant about not signing up for schizz, contacting to do something, buying big expense tech crap & sending off whimsical cryptic communiques to would-be love/lust interests. You’re not just playing it cool – you ARE cool because there is so much damned emo and cosmic insight you’re processing.

RIGHT????  Enjoy the churn.  Enjoy the run-up to next week’s Full Moon in Aquarius.  It’s a really interesting one – not as in “may you live in interesting times” but as in “fascinating.”  I will put an extra rant re the Aqua Moon up on the Weekly Horoscopes page later today. In the meantime, don’t pip the Mercury Direct. It ain’t moving forward yet.

Image; Tina Fey by Ruven Afanador for GQ Magazine

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118 thoughts on “Mercury Is Nearly Direct…Note…NEARLY

  1. It’s definitely been weird…ghosts and echoes of the past floating about all over the place. Lots of processing and figuring stuff out. I’m sure it’ll all fall into place once it goes direct.

  2. Dang ! I had just decided I need a new smartphone. *sigh* Will wait til August. I suppose my massive order of super-amazing organic shampoo from Strawberrynet should wait as well ? I’d be seriously pissed if $90 worth of magic potion went astray in this astro…..

      • This. Get a teensy tablet and use a free service like Skype.
        The only thing really holding me back is that I’ve had the same mobile number for 12 years. Sentimentality, really.

          • Its really good shampoo, according to MakeupAlley 😀 I’ve been buying stuff from their top ten reviews and so far its been pure gold.

            I’d NEVER usually spend $20 on a bottle of shampoo, but people are raving about it and I’ve got hair down to my bum and the old supermarket stuff isn’t quite hitting the spot any more….

        • Having lost my phone in the last 3 weeks I too have been waiting for this retro period to be over to hire a smartphone and am interested to read your recommendation DT.

          • I really like the Note II, but suspect what I will end up doing is getting screen on my iPod 4 fixed for @$100 and using that instead 😀

            …..When I can find my iPod. Its one of Mr Squeaky’s favourite things, even with a broken screen…..

            (The Nexus 7 as well as the Nexus 4 look good for the price, but you have to pay a bit extra for 3g capability.)

            • Oh and last recommendation : Otterbox device protectors. We spent $90 on an Otterbox Defender when we bought the iPad and its has been worth EVERY cent.

              I’ll be picking up a case for the iPod when I get it fixed !!

              • Righty, found the ipod, but stupidly forgot it doesn’t do 3g – its only a wifi connection.

                Next step – hmmmm iPhone 4 secondhand for $339.

                Virgo hubby has pragmatically suggested I just keep using my current phone, but on a cheaper plan. Hmph. Want shiny new tech !!!!

          • Alrighty then, for those checking back in, I think I have it :)

            Vodafone is doing an iPad mini for $40 a month for a 16gb + 3g
            The tablet is $20 a month and the wifi is $20 a month. Given that a stand alone Ipad mini with 16 gb and 3g is $570, its a pretty good deal…..

            That’s with 2.5 gb of data, which is not amazing, but I have wifi at home, so I’d only use it roaming….’

            heh he he teensy sexy shiny techie toy, here I come…….

    • Oh and while I’m at it, what do y’all think of the idea of getting a teeny tablet (Nexus 7 or suchlike) and just using Skype as a communication device ?

      I’m feeling that this whole business of being tethered to a communications company via a chip is SO last Millenia !

      • Yeah – Skype is ridiculously cheap.

        In other news – Mr Squeaky has decided that today is “No Pants” Friday and is bouncing on the bed with no nappy on *sigh*

          • In the spirit of Sagittarius Moon, i read this and gave No Pants Friday a burl…it was effing freezing!!! Then i was invited to lunch. Sorry NPF only lasted five minutes or so.

          • I think No-PAnts-Friday could be a go-er, but only in the summer…

            With Mr Squeaky, its not so much the no-pants, but him jumping up and down shouting “BING !!! BING !!!! BING !!!!” while he does it. awwwwww…… life is good when you’re three 😀

    • Me, too. An upgrade is way way overdue (my phone is busted beyond belief, really, it bites me when I talk to people :S ) and I’ve been having a series of incidents with it (temporarily losing it, not being able to sign up for a new phone with the details I want etc) PRE mercury retrograde.

      On Wednesday I lost it. As in, universe stole it from me entirely lost it. I’m kinda tempted to just get a new one and run with the idea that it’s far beyond the point where I should have done so! But… we’re not direct yet :(

      Seriously, though, my pragmatic side may win out over the mystical today…

    • What ever make up / shampoo you buy ensure that the company you buy from (and their parent company) do not test on animals. It isn’t hard to source cruelty free cosmetics and many of them are not expensive – yet do a great job.
      If people knew what was done to animals in the name of “beauty” they would be sick to their stomach.

      • Yep !! Its this stuff :


        I have to be careful about the ingredients of cosmetic stuff because I have ridiculously sensitive skin.

        I am careful about cruelty free stuff because I saw a photo of a rabbit which was being used to test shampoo when I was about 12. That photo still haunts me…..

        • Thanks for the link – that looks good!!
          It was a pic bunnies being tested that did it for me too!!
          I think those kinds of photos should be shown to all people who are purchasing cosmetics… it really makes you think twice about what you buy…

  3. So, can I put an offer on a house next week? Or do I need to wait until merc clears its shadow first? I’m happy with the computer I bought pre-retro (knock on wood).

    I filled out a bunch of papers for work – benefits stuff. My healthcare costs have increased 500-600%. Thanks Saturn transiting 2nd house! I know I’m going to have to revisit that later. But I don’t have energy for insurance-hunting right now.

  4. As for the massive “processing” of this period, the me that existed a few months ago is over. I saw her walking through the house like a ghost and thought “you’re trying so hard and you’re dead.” No wonder I felt so shitty at the time – working on solving problems I didn’t need to have. I have much more interesting problems now :-)

  5. I moved house but alas my telecommunications infrastructure did not move with me and was like a screwball comedy sans the laughs. It was TOTALLY bats, the company I’ve been with for twenty years was bats, then I went bats. Seriously, a Gemini without the internet? For four weeks? Still, it did allow for some inward thinking and retrospection although since the work I do is internet based, it has been a pretty stressful time. And for fuq’s sake – no Mystic Medusa either. Mercury retrograde in Cancer? Forgive the allusion but its almost been like being lost at sea. Here’s hoping by Sunday that I will be back safely on dry land again.

  6. Have a hair appt. and first date with a computational biologist tomorrow. Uhhh, kinda nervous! But I’m already feeling the Sagg moon fuck-it vibe and think it will be a fun day. Venus in Leo trine Sagg moon’s gotta be a good hair and a good date day, right?

    • Yah! It’s like a “who gives a fuck what my hair is like…I am a wandering nomad from a FUTURISTIC WESTERN” type vibe…don’t know why caps lock just came on.

      • YES [to caps lock and wandering nomad from futuristic western…. hmm i might adapt that to “nomadic mermaid from futuristic western”

    • I got one of my best haircuts ever a couple of Merc retro’s ago. People were raving about it …..

  7. Literally ghosts. I’ve been experiencing a lot of people from the other side lately. In my dining & living rooms. I wouldn’t know it save for my younger dog snarling intently at what just looks like empty space to me.

    The ghosts don’t weird me out: I get the feeling that they’re loved ones, here to… *protect* us– but from what do we need protecting? Hey guys, the tornado was last week. Is something else brewing? Ugh.

    What I *really* don’t appreciate is my sleep being disturbed, and someone (not a ghost, more like an astral projection) scared the living shit out of me a few nights ago. I was sleeping, dreaming, & then all of a sudden BAM– there she was, in my face! She said “Hi!” and looked harmless enough, but seriously in my face out of complete darkness like that? I jumped & yelled, “Get the fuck out of my house!” and she faded away, but then came right back & started to say she was sorry or something, and then I yelled louder,
    “Get The Fuck Out Of My House!” All the next day I was tired, and pissed off about being tired.

    And finally, in the news of the strange, someone followed me home today. Not down a few blocks or across town, but over 30 miles of mostly empty country roads. Whoever it was isn’t from around here, I could tell. They disappeared just as I came upon my destination, but reappeared a few hours later driving slowly past my place back & forth a few times. Do we have a neighborhood watch around here? You bet. Am I a ranking officer? CEO.

      • Weird shiz happens here with some frequency. I think there is a swarm of electrons in these parts akin to those magnetic geo hotspots. There’s a charge, and a spark.

        These last few days have been particularly batty, though… Is it the heat & humidity congealing the vibes? The cell & satellite signals are molasses, won’t carry a thing. Merc rx’s last stand.

        • Super interesting. 😯
          Personally, I don’t like having visitors like this!
          It’s been a while, I do crystal grids round the property, etc. You feel ok?!

          • I’m feeling pretty good, yeah. Slept well last nite. Uninterrupted. Definitely a bit drained though. I need to check out this crystal grid biz you speak of!

    • Scary stuff!!! The being followed is bizarre too. Was it a unique car?
      What is the difference between a ghost and an astral projection?

      • What is the difference? Good question! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure lol

        I guess I mean that astral pro chick is still physically on this side with us, whereas the ghosts are no longer physically here. I could see astral pro chick, can’t see the ghosts.

        • And another diff: Astral pro chick is from my future, & the ghosts are from my past. Anyone who knows me knows they better have a damn good reason for disturbing my sleep; therefore, astral pro chick is from my future.

    • Scorp Inc. I have times when I am followed by people. They place objects of reference from what I written here and from my local newspaper (a Chatroom section) in my path. It triggers great fear in me. Today was the most fearful I’d ever felt. Walking the dog and feeling eyes glued on me. When I get this kind of fearfulness it triggers my memories of childhood sexual abuse, rape and being stalked. It’s humiliating being in your own body sometimes.

      • They’re intimidating you, purposefully. Some pretty twisted shit. Keep a record of happenings, but do your best to put it out of your mind when you can (like, take breaks from it). I’m sure it reminds you of the past: it is the same kind of twisted shit you were through already. You didn’t deserve it then, & you don’t deserve it now.

        Stay in the present, “keep your third eye sober” (Masia One). Like a ninja, S.

        • Thank you for your kind words. I just don’t understand why people would want to destroy another person. I haven’t lived in my life for many years, just surviving it. Not sure I want to record my peeing myself because I was so afraid. But I will need to do something, my problem is I have two mental health conditions. I tend to get written off as crazy and not believed.

          • I don’t get why, either. It seems so arbitrary & unwarranted, but twisted people have their twisted reasons.

            I’m sorry you get dismissed: that is so heartbreaking & isolating. So much more so when you’re already being intimidated. And believe me: even if you didn’t have a condition, plenty of peoplewould want to give you one if you spoke of these things. *That* is what your intimidators are counting on, that is how they get away with it.

            It’s totally up to your comfort level, but being vocal re what is happening has helped many people in your shoes. Eventually the truth comes out plainly for all to see. It does. Mayne it’ll take a lot of time, maybe not. Walk tall: you know the truth. X

          • Can feel the distress in your words from where I am S. So sorry. Big hugs. If it is worth anything, I see you really powerful in my mind’s eye, very smart, direct and funny. Blessings doll.

          • One bit of practical advice: do take your computer/whatever you work on, in for a go-over (Disclaimer: not sure if that would be best done before or after Merc rx, consult with your astrologer).

            Tell them you have security concerns (worm, virus, whatever) & would like a tune-up while they’re at it.

            Wouldn’t hurt.

            • Yes good advice. There is something on my iPhone. Said to my family “Could you pass the mint sauce”, the next day this was printed in the newspaper Chatroom section. The following I am experiencing has been going on for years. The only way it will end is when I am not around. I recently dreamt about cutting my veins in the milk section of the supermarket. As I was on the ground strangers would say my name and ask why. As this continues, there is no chance of me ever finding a loving man. The Oracle says Love is enroute. But I’ve lost hope in the magic of life. All I can do is take medication to that causes me to dribble and cry.

              • Have you experimented with keeping your phone out of earshot or pulling its battery? (Simply turning it off doesn’t work; eavesdropping software is impervious unless the battery’s pulled.)

                Can you get in touch with the chatroom moderators or whomever & tell them what’s been happening? They may have access to isp’s… Somebody does.

                Here’s where I’m going with this: if they have their hooks in your shit, you have a direct line back to them– see what I’m saying? Think on it… Think about that line & moving up it like a spark to a powder keg.

                I know you’re exhausted, but hang on ok? Hang on, & think…

              • Hey S, I’m going to take another line with this, I hope it’s OK. Remember that fellow I put you onto, well his wife does similar work, I wonder if you’d feel better about working with her. This suggestion is not related to current happenings, I would love to see your burden of past trauma lessened. Trust me, it can be minimised if not let go altogether – I speak from experience. Love to you as always x

            • I’ve changed telcos and phones. I am not very techno savvy, but since 2010 it’s been happening. I downloaded a song and since then I had a guy point something at me…this screaming noise came through my headphones. I said “WTF Moby” as I pulled out the earphones. It’s increased since then. I’ve tried to delete that song but I can’t. I am so tired of this and I need peace. Being on a disability pension means I don’t have the money for Astro consults, that great therapy you speak of Calypso or even my water damaged Mac to be fixed. I don’t have any fight left in me.

              • hang in there S, I’m looking into something for you. Meanwhile, what do you think would be the most helpful thing?

                • Most important new place to live and therapy. I can live without phone and computer. Told my Mother about my childhood sexual abuse she said “your a liar and why did you wait almost 30 years to remember” and then threw me out of the house. I can’t fight anything anymore. I just want peace and sleep. I’ve done the work for years and I accept my mental weakness (illness just doesn’t sound right to me) and I am about managing them. I don’t have any family support and I have one or two friends. I don’t blame anyone for what happened to me, because that just leaves you with anger. I’d rather heal the hurt or lessen the load it brings. Bless you for being so sweet Calypso. Wish I knew sweet souls like you guys that post here in real life.

                  • you were very brave to tell her and her reaction is her own failing it does not reflect your experience or your decision. So often we wish our parents to be strong and thoughtful and compassionate and they are not. I’m so sorry your abuse has been compounded like this.

                    Stay in touch with me here I will have some news for you soon I hope x

          • I totally beleive in you S. Your kind and loving words when i was having a work meltdown a few weeks ago show a very caring nature. Believe in yourself don’t give your power away to anybody..

    • I had someone try to hunt me in my dreams a couple of years ago and then someone else try to drain me in my sleep. These are serious crimes. I’d suggest doing a ceremony to clear and protect your spaces where you feel invaded. Purify with salt and smudge. Put up black or brown tourmaline or other protective and grounding influences to prevent unwanted entry. >:(

      As for the weird person driving down your road, just keep a watchful eye.

    • On psychic ability, I wonder if you have a tight-orb aspect between your Mercury and Moon, and I wonder which signs they are in?

      • I think that’s a negative. I have Moon (conjunct Pluto) in Libra @ 6d/7th house; Mercury (conjunct Uranus) in Libra @ 29d/8th house. They make no aspects between them as far as I can tell. ?

        — and my power is out AGAIN. Lightning made a direct hit 4 hours ago on the utility pole that was taken out by the tornado last week in front of my place. Merc rx’s last stand!! Fuq yoooouuu *shakes fist at sky*

        • (Although this weather is surely giving First Energy the shits, which makes me smile. No disrespect to the actual utility workers, they rock, but First Energy the corporation can bite some voltage & take their nuke plants with them.) :/

          • Hey! Maybe that’s what this is all about:

            It’s a big Zap Zone/Ma Nature smackdown on First Energy! Those of us who wind up without power are just the unfortunate ants caught in the crossfire. Collateral damage, like all the groceries I lost in last week’s blackout. Damn if I didn’t just go shopping last night & restocked my fridge & freezer…

            You were right, Mystic: I pipped Merc rx by rebuying my perishables last night, when I should have waited just 12 more hours. *sigh*

        • mercury and moon both in libra, but too far apart of r tight conjunction; however, mercury in 8th is interesting – perhaps information, communication with ghosts, and moon=pluto is transformation… just a thought

  8. OK now that Mystic revealed some of what she sent to subscribers, I can talk about it more specifically. That warning not to buy big expensive tech crap, oh crap, I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to buy some tech crap the moment Mercury went direct. I really do not want to wait, especially if it means waiting until it gets fully out of the shadow zone.

    So here’s the deal. I read an article about “Bitcoin miners.” Some tech companies made some specialized computer hardware to compute crypto keys for financial transactions, called Bitcoins. If you have one of their $275 computers, it will make you up to about $1k a month. It could pay for itself in a week. If you can afford one of their $23k systems, it will make you $70 or 80k a month. BUT they have been backordered for a year and they just started shipping. They promise they will be caught up in 2 months. The problem is, nobody believes they can ship all their orders in that time. Also, the computational complexity of Bitcoins is increasing. As hundreds of new high power machines start running on the net, there will be some fantastic computer power, all competing for the same limited share of crypto keys. And the keys will become gradually more difficult to compute over time. With the increasing difficulty, if you ordered a machine now and shipment delayed a year (like the people already waiting, that ordered a year ago), your machine may never even make enough money to pay for the electricity to run it. But if you have a machine NOW, you are raking in the dough. Some people believe that all these machines will become unprofitable sometime in 2014, and all Bitcoin mining will stop because people will give up on it, so the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. And the commodity market on BTC is already highly volatile, the price of 1 Bitcoin has been ranging between $130 and $60 over the past 2 weeks I’ve been watching. You could probably make more money day trading BTC than you can “mining” them. But some people have just gone mad about mining. They start with one computer, and pretty soon they have a room full of computers, then they have to start installing extra air conditioning and higher capacity electric wiring. I heard one guy got raided, he started drawing so much electricity, the cops thought he was running an indoor marijuana farm under artificial lights.

    So that is what I have spent half of the Mercury Rx period thinking about. It is like a cruel joke by Mercury. I have spent considerable time calculating and recalculating potential profits, with many unknown variables I can only guesstimate. And it mostly hinges on how fast the vendor can build and ship these computers. It’s only $300, I can’t really afford that, but if I lost my entire investment (which is highly likely) it wouldn’t break me. But if it did make money, I’d be a fool not to invest NOW because the window of opportunity is closing. I almost ordered a machine during the Rx, at the July 9 Inferior Conjunction. I usually scoff at Mercury Rx’s effect, I bought my latest Mac during an Rx. But I decided I could wait a week or so, just to see if the company is shipping machines in decent quantity. And that’s the cruel effect of Mercury at work. It all depends on the SPEED at which they can DELIVER the damn machine. It can’t possibly get here within the next 2 months. But every day I delay ordering, could mean weeks more delay. Or the company could collapse and my money could go down the drain. And even if this harebrained scheme works, it is all ruled by Mercury, since it all runs on the internet, in a complex telecommunications network. Already the network had a glitch for about a week, starting right at the Mercury Rx, where a computer network error occurred and nobody made a penny for about 5 days.

    I just spent the inward focused part of the Rx contemplating the possibility that this little dinky box of hardware could make me fantastically rich. Or I worry that I could become obsessed with it, chasing after illusional money. I already have gold fever. That’s how people get started in this thing, they start with one machine and soon their whole life is spent around buying and building new computers to make more money. And it could collapse at any moment, or go sky high and make millionaires. So I decided to test the waters. it took me a few hours to set up and run the Bitcoin software on my little Mac mini. It runs pathetically slow, maybe a thousandth of the speed of the mining machine I want to buy. But my little Mac runs the software in the background now, so it effortlessly and consistently cranks out about 12 cents per day. So far I have made about $1.80.

    All this time I have been thinking about this digital intangible risky money deal, I have been thinking about Mercury. In particular, I have been thinking about an old parable. Go google “aesop’s Fables Mercury and the Woodman” and read it. That story will explain many of the mysteries of Mercury, the trickster.

    • Oh man, like 2 years ago I was gonna set up my own bitcoin farm by piecing together hardware (fast video cards). Never did it. Wish I did!

      You may wanna read this article:

      I know some peeps who are setting up the first legit legally backed bitcoin bank in canada…not sure where it’s at this moment though. Another company here in SF called Buttercoin trying to help create structures to make bitcoin more accessible and mainstream.

      • Yeah, I remember looking at BTC years ago, and thinking this was way too much hassle for a volatile commodity only worth $1USD. But now BTC are worth a hundred bucks.

        I’m still not sure what to do with Mystic advising no impulse buys of tech crap just as Mercury goes direct. I figure this isn’t an impulse, since I thought about it for weeks, but it still feels impulsive.

        • don’t spend more than spend you’d feel comfortable losing? it’s just an investment, it may pay off or it may not.. same principles as gambling perhaps

    • crikey. and here’s me. trying to remember how to eat lunch from a plate (not straight from the fridge or our of a container) and slowly un-burying my work-space. *feels a bit stupid but will get over it*.
      good luck with the bitcoin thing.

      • PI you gave me my first big laugh of the day. you are hilarious thank you

  9. That is great news b/c I am scheduled for a 1960s-esk hair do cut next week… Maybe it’s all the cancerian action that my new look is from a classic Hollywood era. I love mercury retro. By the time it completes the cycle there’s clarity.

  10. Advice needed!

    I want to send a newly made acquaintance/friend (an Aqua) a health related gift. Once mercury goes direct, is this a good time to do it or will i look like a creepy stalker?

    I asked the tarot cards and it seemed mostly favourable to doing it.

    Star – 10 of swords (reversed) – Moon

    • I would say thats fine. See below my post about my text to an Aqua yesterday. I didn’t expect him to text back. He has Capricorn Moon and no doubt is in super work mind/mode and a hermit in down time.

      What I found funny…if you don’t mind me going on a bit, is that he literally took me to his walk in closet and showed me his ironed shirts he does up for the week. Cap Moon myself I thought it amusing and told him I iron my scrubs…Very Cap Moon…we don’t want to wrinkle our stuff with the seat belt on the way to work lol…

      • thanks for the vote of confdence, I never used to doubt myself giving others compliments or gifts until the evil scorp. Ever since him, I had no idea that such lovely things could ever be interpreted in such a negative and vile way. Even after realizing it’s just his corrupt mind unable to appreciate and not me, I find myself doubting. This is the first man I kinda like in a long time but I’m ok with just being friends at this point.

        And that’s so cute! the ironed shirts! Are you into Cap Moons? I’ve never dated one but they sound like fun.

        • interesting ex hated gifts and never gave me a real gift for an occasion in 5 years. shows he is afraid of being obligated. when we did exchange things it was strictly I’ll do this for you and you do this for me. he was generous in many ways but suspiscious and fearful in other ways. Kataka rising?
          Plain hard work which i don’t want to do anymore. I have my own new business starting and am going 24/7 on it. yay

          These last days of merc retro decluttering feel great. i have doe the hard yards naval gazing.
          Time to fly

          • There is a Chinese saying that if you are trying to even your debts to each other, it means the friendship is done. Considered bad luck for a friendship to be always looking to even the score.

            There are Universal rules, what comes up must come down, one person gets hysterical, the second becomes madly calm to balance the energy.

            When you and a friend are uneven in your gift status, you are actually
            in a state of trust, of expectation of future get-togethers? So you are connected by the balancing act.

            Guess that Scorp knew that & didn’t like the commitment. The act of giving is quite fraught!

            • no totally true. what i have learned is that *certain people* expect too much in return, they give in order to get, in order to control. and that is fuqing sad. i give people gifts just bcos, not necessarily for holidays/events, but small things at random times. Sometimes i give when there is a holiday to shut people up like my mother who screams loudly when she doesn’t get a card for mothers day when she was a lousy mother. When scorp told me all those vile things about gift givers, he basically raped my innocence and idealism about humans. I still have trouble believing there are people like that!

              • It is sad that people can be so.. weird. But it is reality. I love to give presents, luckily one sis is the same, the other.. Well, every token invokes an eye-roll, if it is expensive it is an insult because she has ‘even’ the score. If it is cheap but nice, it’s a hassle because she doesn’t have time to repay in kind. Every gift in her case is an insult of some kind. I don’t give her stuff now! The power thing in gifting is so unsavoury, it always shocks me, but I am more careful now as a result. Good luck with the Aqua, sounds like a lovely idea.

          • i know most Leos are very generous gifts so it must be painful to be with someone so stingy emotionally.

            • if thats to me eel than yes. he was a leo sun and stingy mostly out of fear of showing he cared. i know he did but I can’t be assed tryng to decipher him anymore. too hard too time wasting too much fun to be had doing my own thang.

              • Andromeda, leogroover & particularly elelectric eel libran. Please don’t stop giving gifts to those you care about, as that s a reflection of you. It is obviously our love language – or a major love language. I too love surprising people with gifts, just to celebrate life. I have gone up to grumpy looking old ladies and given then a happy looking bunch of flowers. They looked shocked and ask why? I answer, ” why not?” And smile and wave bye. Funnily enough I have so far attracted very wealthy men who are so stingy and suspicious and ask what I want. I tell them I show my love this way and just so enjoy thinking of surprises. One guy a multimillionaire was horrified I chose to marry a landscaper – a gardener- he called him; instead if him! He wailed saying, ” but you could have such a good life with me and not have to worry about money blah blah bah.” To which I answered that I am not For Sale and have never been for sale. My marriage ended in disaster as my ex got into heroin etc. nightmare time. So millionaire dude is trying to get me to marry him now and is upset as I said, ” No Thank You infinity”!!!

                So girls, all these stingy people are actually unsettled by your generosity. Their action reflects their stingy souls. I feel sad for them as they have such pain and hurt there & I hope that someday those chains will be broken.

                • Maybe they have stingy souls, as you say, and/or maybe they have had experiences with manipulative people– people who give only to get. And if they have had those kinds of experiences, they may be subsequently cynical, or scared, or hurting from it still. Maybe. You never know.

                  • Anonymou- yes- they have been so hurt that they have learned to be cynical. They are still hurting as they have not had closure and may never. The only cure is for them to meet others who are different. I can honestly say I have made a difference in many a stingy souled person but they say I am too trusting, too open etc- a danger to myself. However, I expect the best from others and 99.9% of the time I get the best. Yes I have she’d many a tear and had my heart broken. However, I believe that until we wear another’s shoes that we have no idea where they are coming from. One can only be true to oneself and ones own idea of integrity. I stay away from Qi vampires and as I get older am better at it. My wings are getting stronger :>

                • Gurl you from my planet! very heart warming story too. thanks for sharing!

                  Your story sounds a lot like what i was going through 6 yrs ago. I too chose a poor artist over a rich trust fundie brat.

                    • whoa weird! i just chalked it up to virgo transits to my venus. maybe it was a Sagg thing all along? Mine didn’t have the drug thing…more like he needed prescription meds he wasn’t taking to keep him sane. Mr. Rich Bitch still wants me back but it will never happen. I’ve outgrown him and have never needed his $$$.

                  • My heart & hands are open! I love gifting, I just don’t impose gifts on those who don’t really want them!!
                    As in I was a LZ for my elder sis’s affection, but she just doesn’t like me. It’s ok, it just is.

  11. Well, I sent a text yesterday evening to the Aqua asking if he was okay because he works up on the Palm Springs Tram and the hills (mountains) are on fire…Imagine he is exhausted….He had told me
    “sometimes I’m just tired”

    Saw he was home last night and left him alone…Just wanted him to know I cared… :sad:

    Had a chit chat with my Libran Sexologist (she has a Phd) landlord yesterday about a certain situation but will share on another day..

    Kataka daughter turned 27 last Wed…going out to see both my girls this weekend so that will be nice..

    Love, Sweets :)

    • Sweet pea, it’s the Cap moon. These guys are driven when working and only focus on that. Then when it’s rest time they have to rest . It’s the filing cabinet mode…… They can only focus on the drawer open! It does not mean he does not care about you- it’s just that your drawer us not open!! Once you get this – you then have to decide if you are ok with this or want more. I told a Cap I dated for awhile that he will have to make time to call me at least once a day- even if it meant putting the alarm on his phone!!! Guess what he did and got super miffed if I was too busy to talk! He’s aid it became a habit he enjoyed after the initial unsettled feeling to his usual way of being!

  12. The Aqua’s Natal Venus, Progressed Asc and Progressed Sun/Mn midpoint are both 5 & 6 Pisces… conjunct my natal MC and Sun/Mn midpoint.

    His Progressed Psyche is exact my natal Psyche 1 degree Aqua in my 8th house conjunct my Moon…

    I dreamt of him several days in a row last week or so. I didn’t check transits to those tho..

    One dream was interesting in light of this fire up on San Jacinto Mountain and I had it prior to the fire breaking out (Peter Gabriel wrote a song about “San Jacinto”…)

    Anyway, in the dream I was squatting down on the grass where I live and looking at a sprinkler that was not working properly. The Aqua was on his sidewalk by his patio in a blue uniform, like the California fire fighters wear. He had been a fire fighter in London for 12 yrs.

    Interesting, no?

    Last night the mountains were alight with patches of red glow. It was rather ominous looking as the flames had indeed made it up over the mountain and heading down to Palm Springs. News had said they didn’t think it would make the desert floor however…

    I layed on the golf course grass beneath a tree and felt the hot winds. It was rather magical regardless.

    • He makes you burn with desire? 😀

      Hot winds under a tree. *sigh*. That sounds SUBLIME!!!
      Can’t wait for summer. :)

    • The last line is beautiful. I drove around the Salton Sea and spent one night in Palm Springs. Would like to go back. In your words I felt the air again. Wish I laid on the golf course at night. Thanks for that. I hope things work out for the best with the Aqua. Its funny when dreams tell the future. That’s happened to me a lot this year. I wish I had a fancy interpretation for you, but as best I can figure, telling the future is the thing, you know? Can’t say I’ve found any subtext to premonitions. Frustrating, though. Having faith in the next step when its seems like all the answers are somehow written because you get bits of them. There’s always room for faith. Ahhh…enjoy the air.

      • Thanks guys x..

        But hey, I spent about two hours last night arguing w/him… how the fuq you spell that ~arguing~ he was/is going to see other women than my sex therapist landlord suggested he be discreet as this is where I fuqin live…

        But we argued and I called him arrogant, a fuqin cry baby, full of himself…Did his full on laundry…

        He said he still liked my giggle tho and we did fall asleep together..(no sex but tinkly muzic) This is some heavy shit in the ZZ…his Cap Moon and my Sun..

        Going out of town…be back soon.. love you..

        Couldn’t find the Alicia Keys song I listen on my cd in the car but this will do..x

        • It wasnt that I saw him here where I live with other women…only the potential..

          But I think the asshole ran with it when I approached the subject.

          Told him last time that I think he could be an asshole and he agreed..


          I really just laugh about it because just do what makes you happy and if it don’t make me happy or is not my values…~tap out~

          • @ 1;52..thats the song I wanted initially.

            It exaggrates the current facts but came to the realization tthat he was trying to make jealous on purpose. 😉

            Try the next song as well if you fancy…’sUPER WOMAN”

        • im sorry but if I hear her screaming this song one more time at the supermarket…. geeze.

                • texted him this am as asked if he was missing his reading glasses..pretty sure i have them…don’t know who else they woulod belong to..

                  with his britches and guinness glass last time, he told me i’m like a magpie; gathering stuff…


  13. Mercury Direct.. please good to me! I know the signs say fabulous but I am so tired of the energies being displayed at work. So tired! I have a huge project to take care of next week that requires me to live out of my state for a 1 1/2 weeks.. away from home! Oh well.. I don’t mind going I just hope I can pull it off for the company. Very big! I love knowing that Mystic is SO in tune with our chart. Since April 24 my career has been taking off. Painful but if I can stick the pace it could be awesome. My boss is leaving in a month, my travel requirements just jumped a couple of steps and while she is gone I leave the country for India. Can I keep the department together all by myself. I have been planning. Crossing my fingers.

    The one area I am considered about is my health. I know what needs to be done since the doctor’s have no fuq’n clue but it’s the money I need. I keep pushing off what I need to do! (20 noodle whips for me).

    Any-who… Staying focused with what I can change and avoiding the area that I can’t. Keeping on stepping.


    • I feel the same way. Must be shared astro. The job is great, challenging, but in a good way. Engaging. Health wise, whew, I’m exhausted! I’m too tired to go to the store for more cigs, lol. Not doing what I need to do there, but noticing it and really feeling it now. Maybe we blame Neptune in the 6th?