Mars Driven, Saggo, Uranian, Hot, Hyper-Bats…

Jim Morrison hot leather trousers

Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors (named after Aldous Huxley’s genius book The Doors Of Perception)  was Sagittarius, with Aquarius Rising and his chart ruler Uranus with Mars in Gemini. Neptune trined the latter.

Yes, he is another one of our hot, genius Mars-Neptune dudes. I need to create a category just for this lot, yes?

Sadly, he over-did it with, well, The Everything and he went before even his Saturn Return, at the age of 27, dying in a bathtub in Paris. But he was genius and here are some choice astro quotes from Jim Morrison: Life, Death – Legend, by Stephen Davis.

Jim: “I don’t know how many of you believe in astrology…”
Random Chick in Audience: “JIM! JIM! I do!”
Jim: “Yeah baby, I’m a Sagittarius, the most philosophical of all the star signs…”
RCIA: “Me too Jim! I’m a Sagittarius too!”
J: “Well I don’t believe in it myself.”
RCIA: “Neither do I Jim!”
J: “I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.


“On Saturday night, while John Densmore and Pamela were talking in one of the Fog’s booths, Jim Morrison made his move and sat down with them. There was talk of mutual friends, astrology, acid and real estate. Ray later tried to accurately describe this encounter : ONce their eyes combined, their psyches did a caduceus up the staff of Mercury and their souls sprouted wings. They were mated. Olympian. Cosmic.


John Densmore knew enough to move on.


After the set, Jim and Pam went to Cantor’s. Frank Zappa was there, and they sat with his Laurel Canyon entourage for a while. Jim Morrison later told one of his girlfriends that when Pamela finally took him home at dawn, it was the first time he’d ever really made love. A few nights later they went on their first date, to see French director Claude Lelouch’s hit film, A Man and a Woman. Pam loved the movies soft focus romanticism, which sent Jim off on a tirade about the bogus use of music to manipulate the emotions of the viewer.”


“I am a Sagittarian, if astrology has anything to do with it – the Centaur, the Archer, the Hunter – but the main thing is that we are the Doors.”



Jim Morrison jail

56 thoughts on “Mars Driven, Saggo, Uranian, Hot, Hyper-Bats…

  1. What can i say? Took my cues from one of the Doors songs:
    ‘Don’t you love her madly, as she’s walking out the door’.
    Goodbye my fave line with lovers. After crazy sex to ‘Light my fire’ first.

    • :)

      saggo queenie

      as a moon venus/neptune in sagg all my affairs have sagg qualities despite scorping. It’s kind of a weird war between passion and freedom in my heart but it makes for interesting encounters and stories.

      • Sagg Sun and Scorp rising create a crazy tug of war. Its all good and casual until I give in/get attached and then I need to see inside your soul (to create alchemy with mine, of course). ;-)

      • As a Gem sun with a Pluto-opposed Venus in Taurus (do NOT even strike up a conversation with my beau, stranger) I find loving to be a strange old mass of contradictions too.Super hard to integrate all the different parts of ourselves into a relationship, especially as Gems are at least eight people anyway (that’s what MM always says)

  2. Ah Mystic your dialing up my old high school boyfriend tonite with this post.
    Tick: Saggo
    Tick: Artist/poet/potential musician/actor/play writer/avid reader/animal lover/up for anything attitude
    Tick: Looked like Evan Dando and Jim Morrision’s love child
    Tick: His kissing technique lands him close to the top of my best kisses of all time list
    Thanks for the memory nightcap MM.
    For me The Doors musical magic all lands in the wildly talented hands of Ray Manzarek RIP.

    • Sagg men are irresistible to me, so naughty sometimes but i love them.
      Recommend them for fun and frolics but not for any seriousity.

      • Seriousity is my favorite new word. All the astro of late has made my normally gallivanting Saggo self far more cognizant of the seriousity potential of EVERYTHING (from who/what I put in my mouth, to what I buy, to where I live) lately.

        I used to be afraid of even thinking about ramifications and “future” (at least any future other than my own rosy, philosophical one). Now I’m like …. where’s this going … to the max!!!

        • Pegasus, you are SPOT ON. I’m also a Saggo, and over the past few months my entire outlook on life has opened up to include anything and everything! I’m invincible. My potential is limitless. It’s freeing and exhilarating, huh?

      • Ha, that is a cute word.

        I know Pegs, the Aqua is Sagg rising even tho Saturn and Cap Moon conjunct in 1st. Cheery exterior but emo vulnerable (the alcohol had made him cry and I was the same when drinking with my Cap Moon).

        My Gem Asc on his Gem Dsc and his Sagg Asc on my Sagg Dsc….

        Aw gee, I kinda miss the idiot today. Last time I saw him I still got a whiff of his cologne. I secretly hated him for that haha …

          • But Sweetpea he was just so HANDY!
            Just liked drinking a lot as many Oz men do or is it a compulsion?
            Know a few peeps that drink every day but do not think they ‘drink’ as per alcoholism.
            An addiction specialist told me ‘one is too many and 10 not enough’ (in regards to any addiction).
            Now 2 months tabacco free, so many benefits from quitting.
            If i had a strong sense of smell beforehand, now i can pick up aromas from a mile away.
            (Sagg always

            • Haha, bet your Libran Moon loves the aroma clarity even more! Congrats darlink! That is major.

              He is a binge drinker. As he is an engineer (driver) on the tram, he is given drug tests and a breathalyzer frequently.

              Yes, he would have been handy but I had my own issues to look at as far as my comfort zone seeing him on a lover basis. It was my Libran sexologist landlord who told me to just have fun. He had said “we’re not going to fall in love, right?”

              L.S (Libran Sexologist) said oh, just laugh and tell him, “oh, you’re funny” and have fun. She said he was scared and maybe we would fall in love and maybe no…So what, right?

              Right about the time I was willing to give that a try, he told me he had seen the friend in Laguna Beach. I think that was highly inappropriate and it killed my passion. Once again last night, he told me they are not and never have been intimate…He told me last night ~because~…

              I wasn’t done. I called him from my car and went over. There are a couple of things he had said to me after our fight last weekend that were disrespectful and I wasn’t done letting them go.

              He ended up in complete denial and I told him so. I mean since he denied, that started the ball rolling and off we went again…fighting.

              In the midst of it all tho he told me I looked good and I gave him a couple of nice kisses… lol..I mean the attraction is there but it ended with me telling him he’s fuqin’ crazy and you need help hon…and then Aries me slammed his front door.

              Fuqin pity it is :)

              I mean the second time I saw him he said lets exchange numbers. I’m here for you and if you want to shag, call me and I tell you yes or no…

              Last night I said “who the hell do you think you are?” More laundry..

              This is highly karmic me thinks…His Moon square our nodes and my Sun as we have the same nodes.

              He simply invalidated so much but I wasn’t going to let him get away with it…Aries me, oh hell no…

              Are you kidding? :mrgreen:

              • Wow, that was long…thanks for listening whomever reads this! On my lunch and still processing today…

                One thing tho is that he is right..We had both been drinking the first night we hooked up and he said it should have never happened…But everything does for a reason right?

                He does not want to carry on as now he knows the “lover” thing will not work for me. I told him a few things he said had made me cry…That did it and at least he had the wisdom to nip it even tho that pissed me off too…haha… x

                • Saw him in the parking/garage area yesterday.

                  The whole neighborhood was out it seemed and it was like a block party.

                  He waved at me and I called him over to my car. I told him I was sorry for saying some of the things I did and that he was right, it should have never happened (sure)…but we are friends again and the LLS (Libran Landlord Sexologist) said “lets just see how long it takes for him to try and get you back”.

                  She thought the whole thing was funny. She said “you are right here”…

                  Aw gee but I am crazy about the idiot but she said play it cool, real cool. She related a couple of stories for me and she has been thru the same. She said her man had to transition from getting rid of the other women. Aqua has been a bachelor for some nearly ten years now alto he had been married twice and one of them was for 18 yrs….Keep ya posted if anything new develops!

                  Discoverd my old Lincoln Park cd’s I used to listen to on the elliptical.

                  I like the drive most of their songs have. If anyone in need of self forgiveness (I had a squidge of a second with the idiot but not much more :shock: this a cool song. x

    • (That’s my Uranus-Merc & Mars in the via combusta/8th house, Neptune-NN in Sagg/9th house mojo rising anthem, right there.)

      • LOL what did you just call me… ??

        I am more strings inclined and I love the kitsch synth on the original so I’m not as enamored as you are – but it definitely has a ‘vibe’ to it.

        • LOL Mabarosi!

          Ah yeah: no kitsch in Winston’s interp, for sure. Maybe that’s what clinches it for me, with my placements & all… Not that I don’t dig kitsch, mind you, because I do. Say, what astro favors kitsch in your opinion? Would that be Uranus? Or a Merc placement? ?

  3. Wow, my nephew is practically an astro-twin of Jim Morrison: Sagg Sun, Aqua Rising, Moon in Taurus, Mars-Uranus conjunct. No Mars-Neptune, but his Sun-Mercury are sextile Neptune.

    My nephew is only 11 but a force of nature–incredible energy level, funny, whip smart. It’s been apparent for a few years now that he’s not ever going to fit into a cookie-cutter life or anything close to it. At the same time, his Taurus Moon loves security and familiarity. The challenge is to give him structure for all the wild energy–it’s an ongoing project for my sister. :)

  4. Another artist that used drugs to create. How about being sober and creating? I get it. Could he have written that stuff, performed that way sober? Youth! I’m glad they’re using hallucinogenics to tap the mind and heal in research, San Fran. But not to self destruct. Just my thoughts.

    • some people work in an orgy of creative destruction, or the other way round….anyway, he died from it, so yeah, doing both to the ultimate degree.

      • I was never a doors fan. The style and his voice and ramblings, not for me. I love light my fire and people are strange. That’s it. Val Kilmer was awesome.

  5. Just went and read the Steinbeck article as well. Hmmmm….I’m a lady with Mars in Aries 9th house square Neptune in Cap 5th (Venus tightly conjunct to Mars, but NOT square neptune.) Could use a little help on placing how this all manifests. That’s some pretty strong Mars energy, I know. I’m a musician/songwriter, and I’ve definitely got bats streak (that’s probably putting it mildly.) In the other post, MM talked about Venus aspecting Neptune in women, but wondering what people think about the Mars-Neptune in women?

      • did you know sea horse male looks after the kids while the woman cuts and runs? Aspirational avatar for a mars neptune woman? :grin:

    • what i think: society judges women with mars neptune squares differently to men with the same aspect. As do other women. There’s no nuclear family waiting for you in the suburbs if you’re a woman with this aspect. If you make it through the self-destructive / philandering phase and move on to constructive / focussed it’s fuqing awesome. Spiritual / Creative.

      • I’m having that opposition right now as a transit and I live and breathe mars square neptune natally but I am having a phase of success creatively and some astounding ‘inner world’ times. So yeah – it can be creative and maybe mystical. Your chart isn’t just one aspect – if you have other aspects that make you more secure about yourself they can override that apparently weaker aspect and help you to achieve the more desirable unfolding of it. It’s up to you how your natals unfold – free will is yours. You get to use the transits to help push through any issues you may have natally.

  6. “which sent Jim off on a tirade about the bogus use of music to manipulate the emotions of the viewer.”

    I can’t count the number of times I ranted about something like this, hahaha!

  7. Jim Morrison totally changed my life!! Turned me in to the world of beat literature, Huxley etc. in no way would I be the person I was without his influence.
    I too totally adore Sag. I married one!

  8. Oh for the love of Sagittarius! Jim was amazing, I’m also uber Sagittarius…and our energy is playful, free, and too “out there” for most conventional foiks. I tend to have the best connections with sag men too, we get it…just because we are loving today doesn’t mean we’ll be loving tomorrow. Star crossed love affairs have been my MO. You can learn from Sag or Sag Venus men…just don’t get attached :)

  9. I do love Jim, and Michael Hutchence always struck me as having the same DNA or spirit in him. Hutchence was an Aqua ?

  10. Interesting synchronicity… Am in Paris for the first time, and yesterday we went to Père Lachaise and visited with Abelard et Heloise, James Douglas Morrison and Oscar Wilde…. In the process stumbling over Victor Noir, whose grave boasts a marvellous effigy with a prominant bulge in a key location….

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