Frankenstein Is A Pisces

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Frankenstein buff 2013

“Even broken in spirit as he is, no one can feel more deeply than he does the beauties of nature. The starry sky, the sea, and every sight afforded by these wonderful regions, seems still to have the power of elevating his soul from earth. Such a man has a double existence: he may suffer misery, and be overwhelmed by disappointments; yet, when he has retired into himself, he will be like a celestial spirit that has a halo around him, within whose circle no grief or folly ventures.”
Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


The new Frankenstein movie looks EPIC.  And yes, Frankenstein has an official birthday – March 11 1818. 

Interestingly, Aaron Eckhart was born just over 150 years later, on March 12. He’s Mars in Aries on his North Node; Mars drives his destiny and presumably him to the gym for one of the most seriously rad bod transformations since Russell Crowe’s Gladiator morph. Mars Note: Russell also has Mars in Aries. It’s the ‘no guts – no glory’ of Mars placements.

Anyway, Frankenstein is a Pisces!  Although, in the book of course, the “monster” man is called Adam.  Frankenstein is the name of the mad doctor who created him.

Mary Shelley was a insanely ahead-of-her time, multiple Virgo genius – Sun, Mars, Uranus and Mercury all conjunct in Virgo/the Communications sector – who wrote Frankenstein – The Modern Prometheus when she was just 19.   She also had Pluto on her Midheaven – her work was dark, transformative, shocking in its day and deeply enduring.


Mary Shelley I am Fearless

Image: I09

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43 thoughts on “Frankenstein Is A Pisces

  1. Pluto on top of chart – interesting… I have Venus up there & on cusp of comms house and ruler of sun and ruler of north node.

    • You might want to use the site search engine and/or check the Venus categories. Also D.IY astro categories – the category menu is on the right. The search box is at the top of the site. You could also navigate via the tags. It is probabl easier than me doing it for you and cutting and pasting the posts i find. There are hundreds of thousands of words on here – that is why there is a search engine, category menu and tagging system

  2. I bet they slut shamed her. Couldn’t go to the drugstore without women congregating in small groups to talk about her while she used the photocopy machine. (I almost wrote ‘rugstore’, that too…)

    I wonder what she ate and drank.

    • Frankenstein was a romantic protest against science and the galvanic experiments that were happening at the time. People were robbing graves and selling corpses to scientists who were trying to reanimate them using electricity. Smart woman.

      • Apparently the, er, nuts and bolts of the story came to her in a waking dream after a discussion about Darwin. I gather she did indeed do laudanam, as did Shelley and Byron (of “mad, bad and dangerous to know” notoriety) with whom she and Shelley (to whom she bore a child while he was still married – very Pluto on MC) were staying when she conceived the book.
        There was a great ABC series shown over a few Sunday arvos recently that covered the the three of them in one episode, along with earlier and later writers/poets (like Blake, of “dark satanic mills” fame) who were “revolting” against old-fashioned morals, industrialisation, and political conservatism. I think it was called The Romantics. Well worth seeing if it is repeated.

        • will have a look on Iview thanks – i think I might’ve seen some of that series. The galvanic info is derived from academic research into romantic period can’t cite the exact origin right now but it was a uni worthy source.

          • I’m sure you’re right – I vaguely remember the Tv series mentioned the galvanic protest bit too, perhaps without using that term.

        • 😀 AHHHH just got your joke – BOOM BOOM! I’m obviously running in a parallel time-space continuum

          • Wow, now the picture of Eckhart is up, I’m thinking that if THAT hot specimen is supposedly a hideous monster produced by a galvanic experiment, women everywhere will be turning into mad grave-robbing scientists. Mary may turn in HER grave, but the book will no doubt sell a lot more copies after this flick comes out!

            • hehehe he’s not my cup of chai but yes indeedy I’m sure bunnings will be out of digging implements in no time.

      • or selling the poor……

        smithfield has a particularly dark history on the subject of a live market for anatomists

    • sorry no idea why my comment is under yours. suspect she drank laudenum and was a vego.

  3. Fuq Mercury Retro – all of a sudden images won’t display props and i have TWO beautiful ones for this post AND my amazing pic to go with the Daily Horoscopes for Monday just posted.

    Will hopefully fix soon

  4. I think Frankenstein is genius, but Myst, I’m not sure why you described Ms Shelley as insanely ahead of her time ?

    • Mary Shelley was ahead of her time because as a writer, she was not what was were expected of a woman at the time. She had several miscarriages/stillborns, and it’s thought that this is what inspired Frankenstein’s monster which was entirely representative of bring her dead children back to life. It was not common at all during her time for women of status to have a profession, and female writers were especially unusual.

  5. Welcome back Myst.
    Just read the weekend astro, yes, late to do so and it so answered my ditherings, thanx, shall dither no more and tell myself than Spring is very early this year.

    The pix are blank with a ? in a square. I adore Aaron Eckhart, smitten, my man in another life. If i could chose any man in the world-HIM.
    DOn’t need the pix to know what he looks like, handsome as, love his squinty eyes and square jaw, Dick Tracy like, he’s John Wayne-ish sans the right-wingness of his politics.
    He’s playing Frankenstein? Can i make one like him too. Seriously he is the image of the Adonis that drops in for coffee, talk and hug, alas no kisses sweeter than wine as we are both ethical Saggs’. Sigh, in an another life we may be lovers.

    • He is kind of classic looking, like an actor of a different era (which is a good thing! I can’t stand this Bradley Cooper/Tom Cruise/Zac Efron nonsense). Cowboy with a heart of gold (an abs ov steel; duh).

      • The question mark has gone et voila, there he is in all his glory.
        So agree on the poofs you mentioned above b o r i n g boys.

        Please no one take offence to my using ‘poofs’, it’s old Oz speak from the burbs.

  6. I’ve uranus in communication house and mercury exalted in second with mercury in the cusp as ruler. Never thought about the virgo, mercury and uranus connections in communications as being ahead of the times. I just thought it indicated batty siblings or neighbors or that my communications may be too batts for others at times.

  7. The way i feel physically today, i’m not a bit surprised to find Frankenstein is a Pisces. In fact, it could be me who is put together from bits of corpse.

    Oh, you know, maybe that’s just my 12th house speaking.

  8. Hey MM
    Welcome back hon.
    Hope you’re feeling good and relaxed after your retreat.
    I’m intrigued to read your latest new work but will wait until the time is right to release it.
    I did anticipate a delay since A. Merc retro but mainly B. La Resistance
    This is not easy stuff to be writing about and I’m sure that it’s a lot more difficult than anyone really groks. This stuff has been buried for eons and I think it’s just magical that we are all (the “sister and step daughters of Lilith” if you like, waking up to our divine magnificence – it’s tres zap zone and so much harder than it looks to channel this energy …Love how Marina and me and you and actually LOADS of women I’ve met but esp. and specifically you and she have connected me to this aspect of myself. Oh wow and how could I not say Kimmy too? I must be drunk.
    Anyone even thinking about it should just book a reading of the Draco with Kimmy. Total GAME CHANGER DELUXE -really
    I’m doing ok on the guilt management I think…
    Ok, I’m a triple multiple conduct Virgo – like Ms Shelly but minus the tangible achievement at 19.
    Is it any wonder we are (many of us at least) suffering from “I’m not a child prodigy therefore I must be a failure” syndrome ?
    Oh well, for me, pluto transit was the best thing thing to ever happen to me. Cunningly disguised as the worst but hey, that’s this dress up party we are at called LIFE innit?
    I’m winehousing ing out a bit this weekend.
    Literally and metaphorically.
    Lets just say I’m embracing the “less than perfect Virgo with venus in Leo” archetype shall we?
    Although frankly how anyone could thing La Winehouse was anything less than pure Virgoan perfection obviously doesn’t appreciate Van Gogh.
    I’m about to google his astro.
    Like Amy but much more so, fits neatly into the “you don’t have to be crazy t work here but it helps ” category
    I’ll admit, winding my life up on my knees with a gun barrel between my teeth in a wheat field near a mental asylum aint exactly a dreamy way to leave planet Earth but hey, what is~?
    Besides, could he, would he have been as majestic without such conflict and failure?
    Would a dose of Prozac and NLP have sorted him out?
    I know
    I know
    Being romantic, can’t/won’t and don’t want to help it it.
    I’m in this life for the art, not the money.
    Andy Warhol said, “Good art is good business and good business is also good art.” or something – I’m paraphrasing horribly but he also said “good lighting is the secret to great sex” Ja, I’d still loose the wig and chuck in a dose of Arnie (6 rules of success) Shwartenegger but hey..

    gosh this a long rant..
    phew MM
    I just signed NDF with a major corporate co
    kind of like THE MAJOR one
    it’s a joke, I mean the money is stupid (i.e. I’m not doing this for the money) and the NDF means I cannot leverage this thing publicly to my own benefit in any way whatsoever but they can pretty much do anything they want with me.
    See this is why I don’t DO CORPORATE STOOGE
    It’s like faking an orgasm for your whole life or giving your heart to the school bully ..
    Anyway I’m focused on the brilliant career opportunities this thing will afford me and the awesome women I’ll get to meet ..but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tad conflicted about it all and it wasn’t pushing all my “outlier/looser/loner” buttons and all that comes with them.
    Oh this is long….
    sorry guy ignore me
    I feel so safe here
    I just let all out.
    big shout out to the MM and my astro fizzy peeps here

  9. seriously two drinks on a Sat afternoon does not make me Amy Winehouse!
    If only it were that easy…
    I do love watching how it affects my brain
    NO WAY could I do this drinkie ritual every night.
    I know that so many peeps do and really YAY for them but nah…
    I can just feel the sugar and the chemical changes are like SO PROFOUND
    It’s like .. well it’s just very disempowering for me.
    And right now I need that like a hole in the head.
    So lesson grokked.
    Fuq being “social” I don’t mind appearing odd. Drinkin jus messes wit my thinkin and aint nothin the matter with my thinkin … sept when I’m drinkin
    its all good
    lesson grokked
    it’s damn hot today
    not complaining mind you.. just saying
    it’s HOT
    reminds me of being back in seth ephricka where everyone has this “hey dude” mentality. I’m so over that. No judgement It’s just not my thing anymore
    Yay 40!
    Miss Winehouse sure can sing tho, I’ll give her that.
    And that Vincent, he weren’t bad at paintin neither
    night all
    I told you I was trouble :)

    • I had two beers yesterday for the first time in, oh… 8 months? Nine? Over the last five years or so, I probably average about 6 beers/drinks a year– except that time I went out for my bday in 2009: my date was lame, the service was slow, and I put down atleast 5 gin & tonics (my fave) before the food arrived. Don’t remember what I ate, but I do remember the drinks. Haha

      Yes, it’s the same for me: disempowering, & I hate that. I can feel vital areas of my psyche & cognition shutting down after that 2nd drink. On one hand, I really dig the buzz, but it’s a fine, fluid line between buzzed & blind… And coming down? Absolute hell. No pun intended.

      May your sleep be peaceful, & may you wake without cottonballs in your mouth, Cattiva Jones. In this time of Grand Water Trine, sending hydrating wishes to you.

      • 2 drinks a day for me. Often more. Sometimes none. Thanks to Jupiter in the 6th house, I guess.

    • Just had a weekend hanging out with my raw foodist vegan friend. I feel cleansed. Odd but the past month for the first time in my life I’ve had a drink a day !!!!! Previously I just could not take it. Yuk yuk bleurgh icky. My liver would leave. Past month my liver has leapt on the hammock chilled out and yelled have another ?!?!?! But today I’ve decided this simply isn’t right for me, I’ve had a word with my psyche to get a grip and have kicked the habit.

  10. hey guys thanks for your patience with the images and all – it is a cdn issue out of L.A. SO this is a thing that makes the site load faster BUT it was fuqing the images so it is disabled for now – so yes images but you might notice a slightly slower load time for the site until this is fixed – thanks for your patience xx

  11. I love Mary Shelly. This is one of my favourite books of all time.

    Spooky timing Mystic, I was only thinking today in a pisstake truth but jest way about my relationships being a bit dr frankenstein, is it an asteroid? and is it conjunct my venus/neptune conjunction>??

    Also dated several on that date in March. I have a magnet for 2nd week Pisces but I’ve been trying to give them up over the yearsfor sanity reasons.

    Happy to see the astro post of though x

    • I swear – strange – but I saw the family opera your’e writing. I don’t know what astro to put it on or even if you are writing it, but it hovers around you, waiting. Heavy shit for a creative-type to carry.

  12. “Frankenstein the Pisces”, that would be a movie I would love to watch!
    An marine biologist with abs of coral creates a monster made from spare people & sharks, takes over Miami etc.

    Aaron was only my type in Erin Brockovitch where he played the very sweet biker step-papa. I do have Venus in Cancer, Mars in Virgo, so that makes me ‘aww’.

  13. If interested in the Shelleys and Byron and all the interesting people around them, read “Shelley: the Pursuit” (by Howard someone, I think Howard Goodall?) Incredibly well researched and amazing book. Mary had an amazing life, she followed her lover and created a huge scandal at the age of 16, then had about 6 children, of whom all but 1 died, and at the age of 24 was already a widow. Amazing, epic book, one of the most amazing I^ve ever read (and its a true story)

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