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Hey gurl and super hawt Leo intern,

Occasionally on your site you do book recs, which I ALWAYS buy for myself or the library where I work.  I’ve had some interesting experiences out of nowhere (Or were they?  I mean, they happened exactly as Saturn was going direct this week.) with shamanism and was wondering if you could recommend some books on the subj.  And yes, I know- all we do is shamanism- the yoga, the meditation, the food we put into our bodies, the emotions we allow ourselves to feel, even this e-mail- all magic. Buuuut if you know of a particularly great read, I’d love to know of it.  There are just so many choices online and I have no way to know what’s solid.

Sheila of Shanghai, now on a six-week meditation retreat in Colorado and then Thailand

Hey Sheila Of Shanghai,

I can’t recommend a particularly good book on Shamanism, as such, although the Wolves book is always an epic classic choice for this sort of thing, right?  In fact, i.m.o. the best way to do anything shamanic or similar is to read NO guide book; just observe the omens around you, dream messages and work on enhancing your intuition. Six weeks meditation should do it. Be your own Shaman!  The knowledge is WITHIN. 

Having said that, I’m sure the genius peeps here have some good reccies.

The book I AM loving at the mo is The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin – it’s totally Zap Zone in its sensibility, so obviously i grok it. You might too.  A small sample:

“Just outside Harvard Square, at 29 Oxford Street, lies the Cruft Lab. Part of the physics department at Harvard, this is where George Washington Pierce invented the crystal oscillator about a hundred years ago.  Without his invention, radio stations would never have been commercially feasible.


But Cruft Hall is even more important for giving its name to a vitally important concept. “Cruft” is the engineering term for the leftover detritus, useless computer code, broken devices, empty boxes and junk that we have to maneuver around as technology advances.


Over the decades, abandoned radar components, obsolete circuit boards and outdated vacuum tubes began to pile up in the lab. The windows were stacked full of cruft, things that used to be important but were now simply in the way.


Revolutions eliminate the perfect and enable the impossible. They also over-whelm us with cruft.

The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind.


The simplest plan is to keep it all, to embrace what worked before, and to hide, mostly to hide, from the open vistas of the new post-revolutionary world. It’s so easy to do and if the world moves slowly enough, you can even do it successfully for a while.


No longer. The industrial age, the one that established our schooling, out workday, our economy, and our expectations, is dying. It’s dying faster than most of us expected and it’s causing plenty pain, indecision and fear as it goes.


We’re surrounded by the cruft of the industrial age, by the expectations, beliefs and standards of an era that’s now over.


What an opportunity. To be among the first to clean it out, to ignore it, to move to a different building altogether. A life without cruft slowing you down, a career with a focus on what you can create instead of what you must replicate.”


Is not the whole way Godin  (who is Cancerian) references the “cruft” concept just genius? It’s not that it never mattered or was ever a mistake – it’s just not part of the Now.  My Horoscopes are insanely Zap Zone, i admit it’s why they can seem a bit weird at times AND Life Edited (which i have mentioned before) is also v.Zap Zone.

Another concept: What if your ruling planet (the planet that rules the sign you have on your Ascendant) was your Shaman? Then what?

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  1. Yes. I’m so all over this. Look up the trailer for it on YouTube is you want an ‘abstract’. It’s totally about what the world needs right now.

  2. LOL I’ve been using the word “cruft” for a long time and nobody seems to know what it means. And even I didn’t know it came from MIT, but it figures.

    The last hardcover book I read was “Mathematicians in Love” by Rudy Rucker. That probably says a lot more about me than I care to admit.

    • Steampunk? Intense about bed linen & hideously drawn to Gothic or pretentious but culturally savvy waitresses? Won’t see Before Midnight in case it “ruins it”. Past life flashbacks when visiting U.K, especially around moors so intense you could not bear it. Ada Lovelace is possibly the only woman you could ever love, you seek her likeness everywhere but end up only in bed with Courtney Love, just after the cosmetic surgery/Versace/space dust stage. ???

      • LOL Mysticpunk riffing on me. Savvy goth waitresses? That sounds like my kind of trouble.

    • He was my professor! Cool guy. I dig his blog, he has a hilarious post about meeting Kurt godel in college back in the archives.

      • I am jealous. Now I will make you jealous. I have a first edition of White Light, with an enclosed letter from Bruce Sterling.

    • Mercury would be a great Shaman! Hermaphrodite, guardian of the crossroads, messenger between the worlds. Jung saw it as an archetype of transformation & of course the words mercantile and merchant come from Mercury. Lord Baelish in Game of Thrones is super mercurial fyi

      • Mercury rules my sun, rising, midheaven and is amped by Pluto-Mars. I want a Shaman to balance that.

          • maybe consider the opposite signs that balance Mercury – Pisces and Saggitarius. how might you integrate concepts that these planets / signs represent into your way of living, so that all the Mercury doesn’t overwhelm? That’s kind of how I escape my sun-merc conjunct and gem rising. (I also have 9th house sun and Neptune in sagg, so it’s all kind of mixed up anyway)

            • I think of Mercury, Gemini style, as like a coyote trickster shaman. Would keep one on their toes….could be exciting! …or, yes, annoying! ha ha!

              My shaman would be the Moon, with Kataka on the ascendant. Oh brother! …or rather, oh Mother! …changeability there too. Mother figures have always helped me along as my bio mom wasn’t really there for me. I guess that’s a fit..

              • Ha! I was thinking about the difference between Gemini and Virgo Mercury. Virgo Mercury is “I know I know.” There is a “right way” to everything. And Gemini Mercury is “I know. I know.” Honest contradiction because we aren’t boxes of knowing. Ugh. Being a Virgo is exhausting.

                • It’s the analytical + mercurial, lots of mental processing. I could see that being exhausting, or over-stimulating.

          • I think Mercury is a natural shaman & psychopomp when paired with Pluto & Neptune especially.

            No such thing as too much Mercury. :)
            I think where there is lack there is doubt… That is the tiring part. When you are ‘in the flow’ there is no doubt, there is boundless energy.

      • i LOVE this. I had forgotten about that term. I still wonder if my father needs a bit of a hand or if he has found friends and family on the other side to be with him. The chatter in my head with him has gone quieter and I am not sure if it’s because time is passing and the pain of loss is (sort of) less immediate now, or if he’s wandered off in search of a way over, or if he actually is somewhere else and is at peace. I’d even consider going to a reader of some sort but they are very expensive considering you don’t really know if you’re getting a bum deal or not. ha. (And now I imagine hearing my dad’s voice, something like “Just don’t fuqing worry about it! I’m fine, Just get on with your life.” something like that. so, you see. I don’t know.

        • Don’t see a reader, Pi. Waste of money, and waste of the experience, which is yours to make of what you will. Not many real readers, or if real, none too thorough or refined enough in skill to match you. Besides, they cannot tell you except through the filter of their belief of what is The Other Side of death. Not actually what is on the other side. I know certainty and answer is sorely tempting and elusive in the face of grief, but you won’t taste it that way.

          Ordinarily, as a Piscean, i would counsel nothing, but to do what you need for comfort, but knowing a little of you through your voice here i think you’d find it hollow, after all. You would have lots of questions after, anyway, not resolution.

          Real readers ‘find’ you, in any case. Simply appear. You wouldn’t even know you needed one.

        • Yeah, you’re talking to him already. Not sure what you’d need a reader for.

        • sorry to be contrary to mille’s advice, but, I’ve just gotta say, the reader that I’ve seen (on two occasions) was life-changing, totally empowering, totally accurate, detailed (without me doing anymore than cutting a deck of cards a number of times until she felt well within the zone) .. & totally worth the time & money (&, not expensive).

          I have sent anyone who my heart goes out to her details & the stories that come back continue to astound. This maori women is truly the most gifted reader.

          I was a major sceptic in my younger, dumber days & I used to go to readers with a friend & through them stupid details to get them to ‘prove’ how psychic they really were. (totally embarrassed to even admit that now!!). So to sit with Dawn twenty years later & have her pin my situation to an absolute tee, in detail, without me saying a word; to foresee my wedding on a Mediterranean island 18 months before I’d even met my husband (when I sworn I’d never marry); she spoke ‘one’ word delivered from my deceased father (who I adored) – & it was so spot on that it still sums up my life to a tee. I could retell a massive list of jaw-dropping insights!

          She helped me with two sessions to refocus, & helped to bring back clarity to the most shattering time of my life.

          I know of the shonks! They’re easy for me to spot. But when you find the good ones – you know it to your core.

          Pi, I went through the loss of my beautiful father, back in 1999. The session with the reader was in 2007. I still speak to my Dad everyday. Yes 12hv is right when she says that you’re talking to him already, as I did since my fathers death, & always will.
          But the reading galvanised me like nothing else. I wouldn’t be on this blog if I hadn’t experienced what I did with her.

            • sorry, a few spelling mistakes in there .. but Pi, I really felt like I needed to share my experience with you.

              • Synchronicity! Before I logged on,
                I had just been telling my husband that I need to take my brother to see Dawn. He has ended up in an impossible situation with his ex & visiting rights with his kids. the ex is frying his brain.

                Just like your experience Andromeda, Dawn has a good filter for what she knows you can handle at the time.

            • Is there any chance I could get her deets Ramm_Madam? Would really appreciate if for my mum (and of course, myself) 😉

          • The same for me when my bro died Ram Madam, I had a great psychic who was also a trained counselor and her filter was very thoughtful. It was very healing, comforting and relieving for me at that time.

            She is in NZ tho!

            • Our losses start to make us more whole .. when we allow the healing to truly start

              • sorry to hear about your bro. He’s got such a great sister to look out for! .. always appreciate your words on this blog Andromeda!!!

          • I too have had some astounding experiences with gifted people who have given me intimate details of events that would not come to pass for more than a decade from the time of consult. They are not common but they definitely exist.

          • Lovely to hear of your positive experiences ramm-madam. 😀
            I too have seen a few shonks (and can spot them straight away) but have also seen MANY incredibly gifted ones. They are out there. Always good to get a recommendation.

        • I read up on Psychopomps. I love that word. Wikipedia references a bunch of angels as psychopomps. Angels aren’t the most compassionate beings because they don’t get confused by the crap people get confused by. Angels are funny. They don’t think of consequences like humans do. Confused people need another person to help them cross over. I often suspect that’s how my nights are spent, when sleeping. Anyway, Pi, your Dad sounds fine. Its really normal for the connection to fade over time. Their (the deceased) energy isn’t focused on a single identity. It would be unhealthy if it stayed focused and close. Some people die and have a hard time accepting that and moving on. Those are the ones who need help.

          • And your Dad has ways of getting necessary messages to you. Don’t spend time doubting yourself.

  3. Max Freedom Long ‘The Secret Science behind Miracles’ also the author of ‘Recovering Ancient Magic’. Written in 1948 after many many years in Hawaiian Islands.
    And then Serge Kahili KIng wrote a modern version ‘Urban Shaman in 1990. Both very informative and comprehensive.
    Saturn as my Shaman=knowledge, always learning, searching, seeking, time controlled even.
    Must check out that book Icarus.

    • pegs you mentioned taoist practice the toher day and I’ve been having some interesting experiences in meditation and dreams and I’m wondering if you might be able to shed some light on them for me please? I’ve researched some of the things I’ve seen on the web but that seems to mess with the messages because then when they come my conscious mind kicks in and think ‘oh yeah that’s that thing I read about’ so it taints it with mind. I don’t need definitions per se, just an idea of how to deal with what happens. I would ask my teacher but he will just say something buddhist which irritates me and doesn’t answer my question. I know the systems he has taught me are buddhist but that things I’m seeing seem to be indian and then there’s a bit of what looks like a pyramid thrown in. It seems to be symbols – the pyramid came after I investigated all the other symbols I’d seen so I’m wondering whether the symbols are not about one particular belief, but about steering me using whatever pictorial language works?

      First of all while doing heavenly circuit I saw a green dragon flit up my spine. Next I saw a woman floating, she was green and had one hand up but it was confusing because she seemed indian. then I saw the most beautiful umbrella I’ve ever seen – it was golden and luminescent. then a tiger ran down my front. I looked all these things up and I get what that’s all about – sort of!

      Next night after googling the shit out of the symbols they are there but more transparent and my pearl ends up sitting on top of a mountain covered in snow. I love mountans – this seemed like a good thing. Then in sleep after meditating I am suddenly seeing the umbrella again and then in same golden splendour of the umbrella a room appears in the clouds like it’s just floating out there in cloud land and shining brighter than the sun. I am outside the room AND inside it at the same time. None of this seems strange. The beauty of the exterior of the little pagoda-ish room holds me in the moment. But I can feel myself in two places at the same time – part of me/one of me is inside that room. and another outside watching. I never see the inside of the room. Tiny dragons are flitting around like fireworks in mist. Then a kind but disincarnate voice says ‘First I have to kill you’. This is not scary for some reason!

      Next thing I’m standing at the bottom of a staircase that leads up the flat, sloping sides of a man-made structure that feels like a pyramid. It is either dusk or just before dawn – that half-light. I am still outside myself watching the other me at the bottom of the stairs I am about to climb.

      All this has started happening since beginning heavenly circuit and doing it daily. It’s been escalating for the last 3 weeks. I’ve had messengers bring me notes on silver trays, pyramids floating in front of me and joining up to make other shapes. I have no idea what to do with any of this. It has to be because of the meditation. My whole palette in terms of food has changed too. Do you know what is happening to me? Please don’t say something nihilistic and buddhist. I’ll have to punch something.

      Sorry for it being long.

      • and you are a shaman. that’s why I’m asking YOU.

        re shamanism books – If you come across them, I would give those four winds people a swerve. they come across like the amway of shamanism. And they promise you things and then send part of what they described and ask for hundreds of dollars to let you see the rest. It seemed like there would be great knowledge there but the experience of dealing with them was tainted by their business model.

        • i think so – google tells me this! The picture of her is the same woman I saw in my meditation. because I learned from google what she’s all about I’m also a bit embarrassed to ask my teacher what this stuff is that’s coming up because he’s a man and some of the stuff I’m seeing I’d prefer to hear a woman’s opinion about. Without meaning to be rude to men, but this is not their knowledge.

      • Darling it sounds like you are having the Toaist Circle of Gold experience. As we can’t actually see these energies, we visualise them to make them seeable with the mind’s eye.
        There are personal truths = individual, and universal truths, what is true for all humanity and the pyramid is universal. Seems like you are tapping into ancient symbols. My go to has always been American Indian culture as in i ask ‘what would they do or eat’ as when i started meditation and needed to chose a guide it was 2 old Indians, wizened by wisdom (guess wizened means wisdom??). Imprinting is a technique that has worked for you by your perceived images, brilliant, all inner world stuff. Suggestion is very powerful so always attention on what is suggested to you by anyone. You are probably undergoing 3rd eye chakra activation and transformation, your juices creating new-old neural pathways in your brain. Killing off the old thoughtforms to create new ones that serve you.
        There is a saying about GURU =Great You R You and unique and your DNA evolving.
        Thank you for thinking i have something to give, that’s a blessing from you to me.
        And what to do with them..treasure them and anchor them as you have done here by writing them down.

        • I knew you would be able to guide me and not just say something oblique. Thank you Pegasus. I will get a diary and start writing this down. I stopped meditating after I wrote this to you because I felt like I needed guidance before I had any more experiences. You’re right, there is something happening in the middle of my forehead. A purple haze and something blinks at me really quickly before I can hold it in view.

          Thank you for taking the time to answer me wise one. You were the only person I could think of who I trusted to ask. I will take care not to follow any advice that doesn’t feel right in the other worlds – thanks also for the gentle warning about that. I suspect I’ll be eating lentils and chick peas from now on 😀

    • Saturn as my Shaman. :)

      I guess its okay if you want to work your fingers to the bone to achieve something. Slaving away – THAT’s where the magic is 😀

      • Totally happy to be slaving away to make my dreams real. The planets are aligned for it – Neptune trine Saturn transiting my 10th.

        The last time Saturn was in Scorp I had just finished school and was studying at art school. It was one of the best years of my life!! Interesting how opportunity to study has come up again. This time around though I have life experience under my belt.

        Fingers crossed all goes well and I begin in 2014. So excited!!! 😀

        • sound exciting! look forward to hearing your news when it is ready to be told :)

          • don’t want to jinx myself by speaking to soon. If / when it happens I will be dancing on the ceiling and screaming across the rooftops. 😛

            • There you go, wrote before i read the rest :-), send me some of that inspiration so my bum age from sitting doesn’t get any bigger.

      • Scorps reword slaving into the word dedication, determination. I know you love what you do and your creativity comes and goes as it does. Saturn would give longevity?
        My irk is that i was so far ahead in the game of life with bringing ancient knowledge to the forefront and now everyone has caught up, i have no-where to go, so it’s a bit been there done that until something new excites me.

    • Neptune as my shaman… making art & writing always manifest things for me. So much so, that I’m careful about what I create, less I make somehing I didn’t intend (which has happened). Still discovering my strength, and the nature of Nature…

    • And of course there’s Coehlo’s The Alchemist. So brilliant.

      And modern day shaman Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance, less of a story & more of a guide.

      And Motherpeace Tarot, the book. In this tarot, the queens are called Priestesses, and the kings are Shamans (& female).

      • Scorp Inc,
        Love Motherpeace circa ’88 for me and yet use it no more. Took them to Tahiti with me, the Fire Dancers at Moorea Village were fascinated by the images as they all came to life there on my 2 year sojourn.
        The Shaman interp in them is amazing!

  4. Someone excellent recommended to me “Dreaming With Open Eyes: The Shamanic Spirit in Twentieth Century Art and Culture” by Michael Tucker. I have only made it through the early pages but want to get through more.

    I guess this might be more if you’re interested in ideas of shamanism beyond a ‘practice guide’ (??) of sorts.

    thank you for reminding me of a reading list that I have wanted to catch up with :)

    Mystic the ideas you quoted from the Seth Godin book are right up my alley – epoch-defining transitions in societies fascinate me! I am a mere dust speck in the library of knowledge re this but still. There’s a scholar Saskia Sassen who wrote a book called ‘Territory, Authority, Rights’, her perspective looks at geography, politics and power (more or less) over time, globally, things like tipping points and continuities that define an age, what stays, what goes, how and why this might have happened. Others debate / take a different approach, and it is a more academic publication but if these sorts of things are not an issue then hit it. Then there’s David Rothkopf’s ‘Power, Inc – the epic rivalry between big business and government and the reckoning that lies ahead’ I could go on and on etc but in short I agree with the premise of all of these books, what we are witnessing is an age turning &c &c.

    Personally I do not disdain ‘cruft’ (new word for me but i like it) – could be the capricorn in me but I always feel better having a manual over-ride option. Comfortable in science labs at school and uni where equipment that has been functioning since the 1970s is still around, I have a strong waste-consciousness and freak out at an ‘out with the old’ way of thinking which to me is senseless and uncreative. At the same time I know often this comes with its own mometum and force that you just can’t bloody legislate against, etc anyway.

  5. Overblown Jupiter as my Shaman.

    Channelled him at the dinner table this evening… :) In fact, went so far as to rob all present of “portion vision”. Someone Insisted i hadn’t prepared enough so i made more. Same person also suggested other side dishes. Then said person (Libra) couldn’t finish it all. Don’t worry, my appetite did the job with Zeus factor 9.

    Ha ha! Should have followed it up by changing into a swan and bedding a few lovelies..?

    On a more sombre 9th house/Sagittarian note i have a sudden influx of books books books that must be read. They’re everywhere. I’m reading like some people train for a marathon! What would Jupiter do? Oh i also think my ruler/Shaman is currently IN my Katakan ruled 9th House.

    • Thank Uranus for zinging my fast-reader Mercury in Aries into whip speed, right?

    • Hahaha, Millie Jupiter as you Shaman, i wish as 3 planets (incl Sun) in Sagg, Jupes SHOULD be my Shaman.

  6. Holy buckets! Love this thought:

    “What if your ruling planet (the planet that rules the sign you have on your Ascendant) was your Shaman? Then what?”

    Guess I keep on “mixing up the medicine,” as one Bob Dylan sang. 😀

  7. Mercurial trickster as my shaman toootally works. Once when mirror-gazing, I saw a man in a loincloth, covered in dirt or soot, sitting crosslegged in the firelight and laughing, laughing, laughing. That’s him. ????

    • I see a guy like him a lot. Brown skin, dark hair, slim, black loin cloth.

      • Yes! That’s him! He was shaman throwing the bones long before he got all cleaned up into winged shoes and tunic and shizz. Androgonous though always- hairless save the top of his head in a world populated by hairy bear men. And of course, batshit crazy. Seemingly.

        I’ve never figured out how to love mercury. Until now. Whoa huge.

        • Hairless but on the head! Yes! Kind of like a boy body, but not a boy. Mercury man…so strange. I’ve seen him in lots of scenes. I’ve only seen him in the black loin cloth. Last dream I had that I remember, there were a clan of him and I was standing behind watching them jump one by one off a bridge and into the water far down. Finally, I realized it was my turn and I jumped and then thought “I’m not ready!” and startled myself awake. Funny thing about jumping – you can’t un-jump.

          Funny…I never associated that guy with Mercury before. He certainly doesn’t look like what I think Mercury would look like, lol.

          • I didn’t make the association before tonight either! But it feels right. I know. I know? (Though you’re right – I dont know I know.) When I saw him in the mirror I’d specifically asked to see trickster x, and he appeared, grinning and laughing at me. Not malevolently, but he is a little scary, regardless. I can see him goading you into jumping. Eek! But you would be transformed by the jump.

            This has completely revamped my whole concept of mercury. I realize I’ve disregarded him because I considered him cheap. I’m like Eliza Doolittle – words, words, words, I’m so sick of words…
            My 12th house merc wants the pictures in the firelight, beyond words. It still gives me zero direction in life, sigh, but it is a big awkward piece of the puzzle that finally found its spot. Now how to apply to life….

  8. Venus doesn’t sound like a very responsible shaman.
    Currently reading Report to Greco by Nikos Kazantzakis. He wrote Zorba the Greek as well. It’s his autobiography where he uses Jungian archetypes to recount and make sense of his life and drops a lot of philosophy. Like a more poetic and mature Demian by Hesse.

    • “Venus doesn’t sound like a very responsible shaman.”

      Oh dear, why not? Venus would be my shaman too.

      • I dunno. I am distrustful of Venus because I can be really Toro-indulgent, bad with money, etc. When I picture Venus as my shaman I picture the voice in my head that encourages me to book overpriced hair appts. and justify massive sushi bills, etc. lol I guess I just picture Venus as being very superficial, which is fine! I enjoy being superficial because it is a release from my crazy/over-introspection/intensity, a chance to lighten up. Planets like Neptune and Pluto and even Mercury are often described in esoteric ways and I guess I picture my Venus shaman as Jennifer Coolidge picking me up in a convertible smoking a cigaratte and convincing me to play hooky and go shopping. 😀 I guess I’m just insecure and waiting for my Saturn work to kick in.

        • Judging by the book on your nightstand, and the wit and writing ability you display here, I think you’re being way too hard on yourself. So if I share the same planetary shaman as you, I’m not too worried.

        • ALL Shamans are tricksters don’t you think.
          Personally though i think Venus is trickier than Mercury.
          Not surprised you are of Venus Rache as it shows in you pix, kinda chameleon.

  9. Report to Greco sounds cool. I love Hesse and Jungian archetypes will def check him out. You had SETH GODIN as your professor??????
    Did I read right?
    Have an intellectual fetish for Seth since I first heard him read Tribes mid Pluto transit. I obviously have Jupiter rising.
    Funny just today I was wondering if a Jupiter antidote exists in pill for and if I could take it. Ha. I’m only half kidding.
    I can do stoic.
    Until one day I wake up in the Palaces of Montezuma and think “how did I get here? This is not my beautiful wife “

    • haha no, not Seth Godin (that would be awesome though?). Rudy Rucker, the author mentioned upthread who wrote Mathematicians in Love. He used to teach computer science at my university and now he writes philosophical sci-fi novels. :)

      • Oh
        Might have made studying a bit hard tho.
        With my crush and all….
        Still a girl can dream

        Shut up lizard!

        I’ll be quiet now.

  10. Obviously I have read and ADORE all of Seth’s work.
    I don’t know know to sort of like something.
    Moderation is not a concept I can get my head around..

  11. Ok
    I’ll admit I’ve had dreams where I was shagging Seth.
    I’m sorry.
    Lizard brain

    I swear they just happened
    They were not conscious.
    I do fancy him tho.

  12. I’m disgusting
    I’m processing so much emo gunk right now
    Just feel like drastically changing my life.
    Like scorched earth style.
    Really trying to breath and hang in there so I don’t wake up in an ashram (been there, done that, got the kaftan)


    • Hang in there. Was contemplating the midnight peace-out-to-ashram move during a freakout like a month ago…but I’ve already done the globetrot away from my problems carousel before and know that the solution is only located here and now. Irritatingly.

      Own it or change it! [my new anti-sulk/existential crisis strategy]

      You seem to be creating your own reality just fine though. :)

  13. Neptune. Aha moment!!! I am adept at dissolution and thanks to Pluto conjunct my Sun, rebirth and transformation. Dreams have transformed my life. I could be deluded, but don’t think so!!! haha

  14. Neptune as my Shaman, of course.
    Bust out the face paint, fragrance and blue devil hoochie.

    Not sure about that book…it doesn’t resonate with me.
    But YES there are concepts and mindsets that are outmoded, for sure.
    Some things are eternal. Solid, longlasting, ever-renewing and sustainable.
    But there is always a new angle to look at things, new aspects to be discovered.

  15. Venus is most definitely my shaman – my teacher, my medicine, my song. But even for her, Saturn casts a long shadow in my chart.

  16. ‘Waking the Tiger – Healing Trauma’ by Peter A. Levine.
    ‘Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self’ by S. Ingerman
    “Dreambody”, Arnold Mindell
    “Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy” Mircea Eliade
    “Alchemy of Crystals” Raym Richards
    “Dreamtime and the Way of the Shaman” Holger Kalweit
    ‘The Hummingbird’s Journey to God’ by Ross Heaven

    Some of these I haven’t read yet but were recommended to me.
    The best stuff I read was by trawling through a University library, can’t remember titles. Good luck!

  17. “The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind.”

    Today I paused to appreciate how much I have gotten done even though the list of to-dos is so long. My body hurts from overworking. I have so much to repair and organize just to get rid of it all. I’m surrounded by cruft. I feel like I’ve been purging for years. I must keep collecting it. When I paused to look, I am downsizing. I am taking a job for less hours, less money, less glam. I don’t have the keeping-up angsty drama of my party-hearty Leo ex and clan. Now he’s talking about downsizing too, lol. Someone has to do it first.

    I went through an internal change and I’ve been waiting for something to happen to show it. Like I could just fit back in the old mold and go on with it. And I can’t. I don’t even want to go to my new job this week. I don’t want anyone to have the right to tell me what to do with my time. I must remember, its just a small bit for now, a fair agreement, while I’m still shedding cruft. I have my eye on a house. It has a tiny 60s kitchen. I wonder where they keep their dishes? Perhaps they are a one bowl household. Living small seems like an adventure. Anything to live free.

    • That’s a north node transit manifesto if I’ve ever heard one! Standing ovation.

  18. Mars is my shaman. My moon and asc is late gem, then mars in early cancer. I’m a real mother.

    • My jaw dropped about 10 stories looking through those. Powerful. Are you one of the sensitives that feels datura strongly? What’s she been like? She’s been coming up in conversation everywhere lately. Would love to try her in safe-ish form. Too bad it only seems to be available in the merry old land of oz.

    • I thought you meant real datura, and was about to ask your contact details , ummmm, vibrational essence of ? Ok , so i read the small print….no actual datura leaves were harmed during the manufacturing process, so caring..must be good.

      • Hey David, one of ‘the group’ in ’71 went to the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and ingested Datura aka Angel Trumpet and had a hellish experience, became very vomit-ie, but then he did the banana skin thing too, not all that bright was he.
        The Group were 8 of us that were given Sandoz LSD not not the electric kool aid variety. Anyway THAT alchemist from the book now lives in here Queensland (not surprised-would love to meet him).

  19. And what about us Aquarius rising people? Are we prone to the influences of Saturn or Uranus, or both! I think I move between the two states. Mystic, I think you are aqua rising too?

  20. seth godin is great – I use him on the course I teach – see more of his ideas on TEDx