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So guys, how is going out there in Dark Moon/Mercury Retro/Saturn Nearly Direct land??? It’s the Perfect Psychological Storm I tell you. The ability of this Retro-Bats to stir up old gunk at the bottom of your psych pond, gunk that may not have been disturbed for a while, is unparalleled. But it’s the Saturn station + Dark Moon augmenting it.

Think Automatic Therapy Transit. Think emotional colonic. In fact, don’t think – feel. It ALL gets better from the New Moon/Saturn Direct/Sun-Mercury combo. This is why i have been so intensely drawing a line between pre and post July 9 in the Scopes AND counseling subscriber peeps to do all their venting/processing/wallowing this week. A lot of people are also realizing dysfunction where it exists and flinging up strong boundaries. Like Great Wall of China style boundaries.

July 9 is not the total end of course. Mars – yes MARS is soon to be in the sign of the Crab. There is an epic Mars-Jupiter conjunction at the end of July that i shall be on about in the Monthly Horoscopes. That’ll put some heat under the psych-work. Think Freud + Money + Serenity. 

Speaking of which, my dentist gave me a valium for a procedure yesterday. Being basically a Haute Hippie/Rescue Remedy sort of a person,  i’ve never actually had one before but it was epic, scarily i can completely see why peeps like this schizz so much. It’s the GABA. I think.

I was like “can i have some to take home in case i wake up feeling anxious in the night?” and Virgo Dentist said a very firm ‘no’, telling me horrific tales of benzo junkies who vacuumed for weeks or zoned out to day time television between bouts of shop lifting heavy crystal ornaments and vaginal douches with names like Summer’s Eve.

Apparently it fuqs your taste as well. Anyway, how are you DOING with this Perfect Psych Storm? 

The Cheetah

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238 thoughts on “Your Perfect Storm

  1. Hi MM this is completely off topic but I have been listening to your Binaural Beats the last 3 mornings and am feeling amazing!! I’m energised AND relaxed! I was wondering if you may have put some subliminal Mars in Virgo messages in there as I’ve been on a cleaning bender which is rather unlike me and even found myself flossing my teeth before bed!

    • Yah i find it has similar effects! It’s made me loathed added sugar, sweets etc. No subliminal messages but the subtones are all Jupiter-Uranus so i guess positive changes, i gave Jandy a pretty full on brief for it but she surpassed my expectations, i am so happy you like it!

      • Might also explain the healthy eating madness I have found happening. Salads and superfoods all the way!!

    • hmm, thank you for reminding me to listen to it more… I have some serious self-sabotage going on I think, it’s like a gremlin has taken over my head. As soon as I decide to do something good for myself, some other thought process kicks in and like, actively opposes the idea and I stay in my little corner of sloth, it’s awful and I can’t really explain it. I am trying to get to the bottom of it. It’s kind of a stuck / depression / how can I get out of this sort of thing
      Even the Oracle suggested that I get some distance (etc) from the person who is lowering my self esteem and scattering my Qi… but this could only be my mother or my sister right now as they are the people I currently see most regularly. Is there some sort of impending pluto/IC-pluto-uranus/MC T-square that is going to unearth a pile of crap?

      is it better to listen to the binaurals when in a resting state? as in, rather than on a bus, or while minding a gallery? sorry, many questions, just musing I guess… but I can start with the binaurals, they’re right here in my ipod X

      • toro got a pass this week to sloth fromm Mscopes so i dont fret the couch. but cant stand this is cancer vibe anymore. Itsdark matter energy yo me and my being. I don’t get it. nurture to nurture wtf is this?! This must be what getting swallowed up by the sea is about? Madness, I already contend with neptoon daily so the hyper dose is putting lemon on the cut. my neck is out, wishing for a benzo ATM. and void moons suck for I’m in a qi vamp haunted dream soap opera two nights running.

        • I must say it really does feel quite Neptunian. In general, you know, the past few months. Same kind of sense of being cut adrift. I mean, I totally get the thing that Mystic is focusing on a lot lately – keep the revs up and don’t lose sight of the goal(s) just because you’re in the valley and the signal might be difficult to pick up (at least, that’s the impression I am getting from her words). I am going to do a guided meditation this eve – damn, no more wine tonight then – to seek out my inner fire sign guru.

          Also did some useful journaling about my attachment to possessions and relationship to my sense of personal security.. hmm

          • had to read the title again. this is like a perfect storm where all points to a triangle are coalescing into a powerful inflection point. and seems the whole cosmos is eerily still, damp and sticky before a washout. is that going to be july 8? new moon and saturn return? adrift is a good way of putting it. for the past couple of months, i’ve done the work, and tried my best to prep in a haute and elevated manner, alert and always biting down on a mouthpiece on before heading outdoors. careful of the pace and my relation to others. so adrift but able to see, thanks in part to this community, my little fishing boat has a light, surrounded by the deluge of my little microcosm here on planet midwest.

        • I forgot that Toro sloth pass and am grateful for the reminder! It is soggy, isn’t it. Sluggish even, better not to fight it then. Even the weather patterns are embracing the watery astro where I am.

          My laptop got wet while I was listening to binaural beats in the bath now it is acting up. Hope everything dries out a bit and starts working again soon!

          • yes, strange weather. it’s uncharacteristic, schizo rain showers. is the jet stream getting unbalanced or have sub saharan dust storms become more intensified?

            yes good idea to keep the lappy covered. the tablet i just purchased second hand had a very nice protective leather shell. i immediately saw it as a good omen to minimalize some of merc retro influence

            • I like your avatar gren its very 4th house NN LEO.

              Very nurturing emotional image and its has alot of leo flair going for it…

  2. Great Wall of China boundaries are completely accurate at chez jicky. I’ve kept my door shut to QV and substance enabler neighbour all week. Last night I turned down going out with her and the other major QV in my block of flats (hi, how are you? can I tell you about my hysterectomy/adoptive mother/something else horrible?).
    Had a quiet one watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew and reading some fiction.
    No hangover, no inappropriate dude in my bed, no sticky ties to peeps I don’t really like.

    • QV caught my eye and the first thing I thought of was QVC, the shopping channel (do you have that in OZ?) and I thought “of course! Qi Vampire Channel!” Made perfect sense to me… Very glad you’re living it like you want to! :)

      • hey SS thank you for your support. I’m not sure about QVC but there sure are shopping channels. Gawd knows who buys that stuff – the poor things.

        • That would be me. Just lonely people who want to talk to someone, I guess. Had to wait three months for this back support system to arrive. I’d do anything for pain relief….yeah I still feel like a loser for buying something from the shopping channel.

          • S! That is too long! They hype it all up and make you wait too long!! I am okay with the shopping channel. I mean, the stuff they sell on there is no worse than what you can buy in the stores, and some of the gadgets are great. BACK PAIN is no bueno. I’d put my tuning forks on you if you were here! Find a sound healer? Or someone to sing to your sacrum! Quite often, just toning (singing) works. I say- do it til you don’t want to do it anymore (I think I’m talking about shopping from the tube and also having someone sing to your low back and sacrum). Three months! Aye! Too long!

    • hey S, I am not suggesting that you or people who purchase from tv channels are losers. I am more concerned that vulnerable people may be persuaded to purchase expensive items such as jewellery, cleaning systems and exercise equipment that they cannot afford, won’t use or could get better elsewhere, possibly keeping them in a cycle of debt. I’m sorry to hear about your health issue and hope that the item you purchased has helped with your chronic pain.

  3. Yay I get to post my fav performance by grace jones, I feel like a hurricane sometimes. Ripping up old old pluto in leo/ cancerian structrures.

    The chords and colors are so scorpiomoonish to. Haunting perspectives but needed none the less.

  4. I downloaded MM’s binaural beats. I listened to the sample and processed some insights into my soulmating. 12th house Sun, 12th house Venus, Pisces rules my 7th, Jupiter in Pisces, NN in 3rd house Sag. What can I say? Its like I’m born to be a soulmater and blab on about it.

    Got flashes today of insights into Uranian Scorp. Its odd to get to know someone without talking to or seeing them. My Virgoan natural impulse is to write out a summary of the days insights and email it with him. For his own analysis and for me to like – “process” it as if it is something to appeared on my to-do list today. Ha! I’m such a Virgo.

    Its like withdraw when I have no reason left to process another and am left to live in peace.

      • Afraid not. Seems fate would have me locked up until I learn to take better care of myself, like a child put in a timeout that lasts for years.

        I reach for beer, pot, smokes, and try to put out the fire inside so I can implode rather than explode. Just being honest – not saying that’s cool. I am exploding. Uranus/Sun/AC conjunction in my progressed chart and a ton of transits. I’m Uranian now. How do you manage that? I mean – I’m such a Virgo…its a hard transition.

        • You have to embrace the shcoks the winds, the calm will come after the storm. To start anew, ebrace lightning,& accept the exquizite pain of being so concious of your human familys tradgedys. Then you will become in full awarness of it, play with it, play with unpredictablility and fall apart in total freedom..

          • I’m too Mercurial to play with unpredictability.The binaural beats really helped.

            I quit my job, which I only had for a few months to take another for less pay. I’m using the next few weeks to get my house ready to put on the market and see what happens. I knew I had to go when black snakes hatched in my garden and my neighbors responded in fear and killed them. Funny feng shui thing – I had made a painting of the ocean carrying ships and a black snake in the water arriving on an island. I hung it in my “helpful people” sector. I didn’t think it would manifest to literally. Ha! I felt like the snakes were my invited guests and they arrived only to be murdered by this community. I took the painting down.

            Rambling mercury – point being – I am being Uranian. Quitting, moving, changing my mind, but changing.

            I’ve got the whole “feeling the pain of the human family” thing DOWN like you would not believe. Its living my own life that’s hard for me.

            • So premonitious… About the snakes, wow.

              I’ve got the whole “feeling the pain of the human family” thing DOWN like you would not believe. Its living my own life that’s hard for me.

              Classic uranus, just remember you should drink from the jug before passing it to others. A dehydrated sign giving water to others, does not a good carrier make…


              • dehydrated! yes! I need to write that on my bathroom mirror as a reminder.

                • Hi People! I am wondering- is there some kind of harkening back for we scorpios (or just everbody?) happening these days? I am having all of these memories of my last year of college and the people then and the way I felt in my body then- that was around 1998/1999. I am very familiar with the planets as archetypes but much less so with what the aspects and other bits mean. You know, the movement of it all. Please let me know if so! On the other note, today I am a cliche. I left a class early feelign sick, stopped for ice cream on the way home, cried to “such a woman” by Neil Young, watched TV when I got there, and am slowing feeling my feelings and they are loss, grief and shame. I think feeling them is the way through, but it’s painful. But it’s a bit more innocent now than in the last week… looking forward to knowing about the referencing back. Cheers to all.

                  • could be Merc Rx in Kataka SS. Do you get Mystic’s horoscopes & emails? They could explain it!

                    • Thank you, C. I will look at that. I do get the emails and the horoscopes and love them but don’t yet know astrology that well. Trying to identify this from that…. aye!

                  • what you said about ‘the way you felt in your body’ back then in college – I was having really big ‘sense’ flashbacks – likem being right back in this state of mind and outlook that I had in the mid-late 90s too. I don’t know what astro does it, but mystic was talking about it a while ago. south node? when planets are transiting into the next house / sign?i don’t see it quite as nostalgia, more some kind of portal,,go figure..

                    • Cool, yeah. I recall her talking about it too, I’ll keep watch for more. Nostalgia! But also like a deja vu!

            • 12th house, I feel you big time. This is an incredible story. And I can totally relate. May the force be with you! (Why am I saying that, it’s clear that the force IS with you, or THE FORCE IS YOU!) !!!

  5. I’m uncharacteristically hungry and overdosing on salt. Maybe ’cause it’s so hot out? Have a good plan for July but just feeling dark moon-y discomfort. :/ Day by day.

    & yeah…benzos are no joke. when my mom was getting off them (she always kept a low dose but didn’t like being dependent) it took her weeks to taper down! she was like cutting the pills into 1/16ths, but apparently it made a difference. wild stuff. whenever i am spilling my guts to my hairdresser he offers me one, and i usually take it. lol i like to picture him as the pill dealer to all the gorgeous Audi-driving soccer moms with perfect blonde hair who fill the chairs in his salon. like a soft-core Breaking Bad.

    • I saw a video today of Eminem talking about his near death experience and recovery from prescription drugs. Be careful accepting pills from anyone – doctor or friend.

        • I read that one – he’s now in a movie about addiction that is coming out in LA this weekend. Don’t remember the name, caught a clip online. Perhaps he’ll become a more visible spokesperson against addiction, like Nancy Regan, lol

      • This is Another odd, but not totally suprising surrounding big pharmas feature of HIV meds, I found an article detailing kids stealing them from pharmacys and sniffing them to get high in africa.

        I try to tell my friends this if you do feel bad after, its the withdrawl symptoms of HIV meds. There is one site that details personal accounts where people got off and got through the doctors hysteria of Tcell drop, which my doctor have even told me she seen people with one Tcell that had no symptoms so I dont get there big obession with them being low, even a normal persons fluctuates and im not sure this is nessicarily indiciative of health.

        On the site they said if you can get through the mind fuck of thinking your getting sick, there Tcells returned back to normal many people have done this. But how slick of them to make them addictive as well.

        I dont think its a coincidence cherynobyl patients look exactly like people who take HIV meds. thin skin showing veins, with sharp bone structure.

        • I had a few friends who took the medicine died within a year. Another friend refused to take returned to health.

  6. I’m doing great! I’ve moved out to a friend’s place and found a permanent place that I’ll move into in a couple of weeks. It’s the culmination of about a year’s worth of planning although the final leap was more of a push from the yuk news delivered by the recent eclipses. I have rediscovered sleep… three consecutive nights of proper sleep after a year’s worth of night of the living dead. I keep stopping to check in with myself: what’s that weird feeling? Oh that’s right, it’s an absence of stress.
    I feel like I’m in the equivalent of one of those stately-homes-turned- hospitals with big sunny windows and armchairs where they sent banged up soldiers during the war.

    • “what’s that weird feeling? Oh that’s right, it’s an absence of stress.” LOL! You too? Can I get a room there?

      • Sure! The food is great. The fridge is stocked with all kinds of organic green crap but right now I’m going with coffee, cake and sunshine :)

        • I could do with a good dose of sunshine and don’t go without coffee. Sounds like the place for me. Although….I don’t know how this happened but I have a rather uncomfortable gut on myself. I’ll bring fresh fruit. To satisfy the carb crave, a fresh baguette, a collection of preserves and cheeses (do you do dairy?). Mmmm…eggs benedict. I did mention my growing gut. Ha! I need fat camp. Instead, its poncho season.

          • it’s Jupiter in Kataka?

            I don’t know why but I feel incredibly attuned to the placements and movements of Jupiter lately. This could always have been the case and I’m just realising it. Could it be because I have a natal Merc/Jupe conjunction? Would that give someone strong Jupe links though life, say int he way i think, what I focus on, etc.

            • Its lots of water energy going on and Jupiter jumping in the pool did catch my attention.

              • Yea i noticec an immediate lift in the heaveness of my exact orb saturn moon transit..

                My neighbors were really chipper too…

          • LOL yes it’s ponchos on arrival. :)

            Yes to eggs and all dairy! Good quality cheese a must-have. However I cannot be allowed near the hooch cabinet. Neptune is on my Pisces sun/Merc/Saturn/ conjunction so that pesky rule is for my own protection.

            • I love the feel of those old places, especially the verandahs with day beds and ocean views :)

              I’m bringing homemade minestrone, polenta bread, hummus and chocolate coconut butter. I am totally in Katakan hibernation mode here.

      • When the absence of anxiety creates anxiety #fuckpostmodernlife

        • that sums me up perfectly. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop when there is no anxiety.

  7. Yep this is a massive transit for me. Swam in my psychological gunk at the very bottom of my soul. My limitations are disintegrating as we speak its an awesome feeling.

  8. Had a little cry last night about everything and ended up staying up listening to mcr and Taylor swift. after eating spaghetti bolognaise. Um like i said before, this kataka energy is weird for me. this morning i’m exhausted. shower, binaural beats then clobber out the to do list, methinks. in more functional news, i’m writing again – space opera vibes :)

  9. MM binaural beats are great. Going to zap my body with the Tens machine and try a binaural beats head zap too. Anything to try and fix what’s broken, something is, it’s just nameless. That’s how I sum up this present energy and my emotional journey.
    I thought for a second with your Phoenix email yesterday MM, you had a new Phoenix themed Binaural Beats on offer. Hint: wish list, I’d love it.

      • Thanks Calypso. <3 them Scorps right back at ya.
        Picked up some virus and it's really going to town on my emotional laundry. It must be stuck on squeeze out my soul in the final rinse cycle 😯

        • I have something similar going on….the flu that won’t lift. I am starting to think it’s for a reason, making me sloooow right down.

          I hope you pop outta that cycle feeling fresh and clear <3

        • Hey S, that’s interesting, I had something similar – came down with bug mid-fitness plan, and have just utterly crashed. Bug is long gone but it seems to have left a legacy of lassitude and a down-scaling of emotional capacity to handle own ups and downs. Some kind of wierd “I can’t do this on my own” sense. I know I can get through it. somehow. Baby steps..

          • Complete emotional incapacity. The inner well of self support is bone dry. The only kind of outer support I have are new bras. I gave up on the rescuer/prince complex years ago, the silent wait was deafening. Vulnerability doesn’t fly in the 21st Century, it swims. Peace be with you Pi, good luck with your Scorpy crush. x

            • that’s what happened to me when I had my breakdown. someone mixed me some bach flower remedies just to get me back on my feet and able to take some more pointed emotional healing. i’ve had this sort of collapse twice in late September so starting to wonder f it’s not when the Sun transits my Libra stellium. I know I was under immense stress but it was a virus that knocked me out. I learned to accept help during that time. That low point marked the beginning of my recovery.

              I hope you will both take the rest you need and be kind to yourselves. You are neither of you alone, I will send you both some beautiful energy tonight xx

              • oh, and see if you can do some dreamtime astral traveling to Chrys’ house of recuperation (deets above) – there will be ponchos, soup, views and beautiful vibes :)

                • now that’s a fine idea ! x

                  S – that must feel very hard as i know you’ve been going through some tough times. big hugs to you xxx

      • just ordered for pour moi…noone else i trust to be my Saturn transit shaman! lay on the tough love! lol

        business-wise though i gotta say i think this is a great offering…nice augment to the subscriptions.

        • Speaking of sweets Gem Yogi below, I dont know if mystic will get this before she leaves. At first I didnt want to share it. But I think for the betterment of all our healths in this world of sugar, and starches I give my odd mirror with Mystic current health challenge.

          I was watching MPGIS and thought the candidia thing with brittney was halirious, little did I know how much that episode would touch me. and oddly enough I had this wierd swallowing sensation where I was constanty swallowing. Felt like something was back in my throat. Then it would always go away, Turns out after many scorpmoon google searches its exactly what Mystic was talking about. One of the symptoms of Canadia is a feeling that you need to constatntly swallow. Like a nose drip in the back of the throat that doesnt go away or is really bad after eating foods that are high in sugar.

          So I check all of my recent symptoms, and sure enough I definelty got this shiete. I thought the tiredness was just the saturn transit but its saturn plus the damn qi vamp fungus. So thats what causes the constant feel of clearing the throat. Because there qi vamping up the esophagus.

          So I did lots of research, I already knew I had it when mystic posted it. It was very wierd. So I followed up with MSM for detox and my treatment will be with gum spirts of turpentine which almost every grandmother swears by. And Being we have a cornicoupia of planets in the grandmothery sign of cancer, im glad i will not go to the doctor for this.

          It has to be PURE GUM SPRITS MADE FROM WOOD. Dropped on cubed sugar and upping the dose till you can take a full teaspoon or two, the sugar also should not be soaked there shoud be dry sugar still somewhere on the cube or the spoon. taken with NO OTHER MEDICATIONS while on it. MSM or DMSO before it So u dont get the damn herx reaction. Anyway Im like mystic so ready to see what I can do without this thing zapping my energy since possibly my childhood. Who knows, But I cannot stop eating cake and stuff. So grandmothers gave this to there kids all the time, It cleans out many other things besides just this damn parasite too.

          Im about to start it soon. I just want to live it up a little 4 gay pride here before the cleanse. But just though I should share my experience with this. I reasearched so much and this was the one that was the best. I will def let u guys know how it goes.

          Ill trust grandmas than big pharma trying to fix this thing as there the ones who cause it with there damn antibiotics.

          • I have often contemplated whether I have candidas or not (fatigue, bloated stomach, sugar cravings, etc) but the symptoms are so similar to other conditions.

            BUT I never heard the throat clearing thing, and have been wondering for ages why I have that trait. (I’m doing it…right now!).

            Like I always have phlegm in my throat. And being a dignified Libra I shall never “hock loogies”. Gross.

            This is very enlightening…

            • I only had those two symptoms, so took me a while to notice, im still hyper and urainian but people must think im a libra moon at point.

              But ill admit, i cannot give up sugar. But maybe they have tricked me into saying that.. Scary but possible, lets see if after i feel like sugar is less of a need. I didnt know bread was sugar, so somedays id have a oatmeal smoothie with flax+fruit. Then two sanwhiches for lunch, then like potatoes and a meat for dinner witha veggie+ a dessert. No wonder.

              • You’re an Aqua Sun that’s why you can’t give up sugar. =)
                Almost every Aqua sun i know is addicted to sugar in ways I can’t even understand. It’s like you need the sugar to run your massive brain or something. Many are also addicted to caffienated stuff like red bull or Monster beverages. Just something I noted….

                • I do coffee every now and then, i did read its an asterlogical imperative that aquas crave starch…. But no monster o bull..

                  But since i was kid i used to get up in the middle of the night to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, problem is i would fall asleep with it in my bed sure that id finished the whole thing.

                  Lets just say very clean virgo mum did not think it was cute, but i look back fondly, i could have sworn i finished the damn thing, yet the jelly peanut butter wall and blanket with dried toast told a diffrent story..

                  Soz after a few morining beatings.. i switched to birthday cake frosting tubes… :) i was like 8.

                  • LOL! The beatings will continue until morale improves and peanut butter stays inside the jars in the kitchen!
                    I believe it!

  10. I’m ready for July? will this June crap subside already. It’s been a month of feeling like I’m in an entirely inappropriate life circumstance 26 turning 27 in august and merde tripping.

    Reading the lovely comments from you all and this post in particular gave me a big wave of relief. I’m not the only one, it’s the astro!

  11. Things are great! A fog lifted in the last 6 weeks and I am totally shazam!
    I have set boundaries, stopped trying to fix people, fly by night and Jupiter has brought me lots of blessings.

    Even though Guru Ju has been all over my Asc as I have given up grains I have lost weight.

    Can’t wait for Jupiter to conjunct my stellium in Cancer. Espesh Venus. 😀

  12. Mystic you freak my sh*t out – but in a good Scorpios love getting their sh*t freaked out kinda way.
    I have an anxiety disorder that flares up from time to time, like, say, oh I don’t know when I loose my job or something and my ex is being psycho for example…
    Aaanyway, I reluctantly went onto antidepressants at the beginning of this month – no big, but I actually like to feel dark emotions, and Aunties kind of suppress them – guess that’s kinda the point. They also make you completely lose your appetite (too thin) and the worst bit – they hijack your dreams.
    Being a bit ‘spooky’ I see a lot in my dreams and am able to connect to different dimensions, astro travel, speak to spirit guides etc. so you can appreciate it was a big sacrifice in my en-devour to become well. But when you start believing the TV is sending you messages you need to acknowledge that okay, a tin foil hat is totally going to clash with my poncho, so time to shut this sh*t down.
    Well, low and behold my dreams have returned over the last two nights and have been SO insightful as to what I am going through, processing, accepting and where I am at on a spiritual level – just WOW! So excited and just a little bit proud of myself.
    Oh and as for the Pammies(Valium) darling, yes they are AWESOME but you can and usually do end up scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush and OCDing off yer tits.

    • good for you Z, and I agree – Vs are sensational but best to leave those highly fuqing addictive little mofos alone x

      • This is great advice… am flying overseas soon and was contemplating getting some to help me sleep on the plane. I might leave it alone. Right now I am not great with substances and I don’t want to tempt fate.

        • I just don’t think I’ve ever been so obviously addicted to anything else so quickly. MMs take on it above is so right – just one is enough. a bit scary!

        • Same here. Took a Val many, many years ago (had a chronic pain before surgery and a friend gave me one for one night) and it was *amazing*. Like being on a little puffy cloud. It was then that I understood the whole “Valley of the Dolls” obsession with pills.

          Have a super-long flight coming up and planned to take one (got one from another friend) just to take some of the edge off and lull me to sleep … but rethinking whether it’s going to kick-start some little addiction …

          Had a bad run with space dust & blue devil hoochie juice last year, so trying to pay attention to potential triggers …

          • i get a real come down tightness afterwards too, which sucks, and makes you need another….and so it goes….

          • Calms Forte or anti-motion sickness meds should work without the addiction part.

    • Everything in balance I say – sounds like it was the perfect decision for you. Barbara Anne Brennan whose work I love says that the right thing at the right time is the key. It isn’t about shunning drugs, or alternative measures, or western – it’s about seeking healing that suits you to the measure and the minute. Best of luck and hugs to you beautiful Zai!

  13. Great Wall….. check. Started on Monday with workplace issues, moved on to family yesterday. Definitely Great Wall style, nothing minor about this limit setting. Was wondering what’s up with the astro……. seems like EVERYONE is showing their true colors this week.

  14. Saturn is about to station direct one degree off my Sun, and square Venus. Just sayin’.

    Loved Mystics scorpscope for the weekend, classic.

    “I am a fortress, I am a fortress” :)

    I’ve seen so much Game of Thrones recently, I know where the weak spots are….fortifying them. I want out of the drama. I feel like there’s a lot of shizz going down and like I’m just on the sidelines – you know what we were saying a few weeks ago, single in the ZZ, way to go! Happy to lay low for now.

    Luck and love to all for the duration xx

    • Thanks, to you too – I have been on a Game of Thrones fast. I am waiting till the season finishes then Gem & I plan to gorge ourselves on a feast of back-to-back tv indulgence!

    • Same (Saturn one degree off Sun). Except sextile Mars and trine MC. But all about the discipline. All of it.

  15. Ha MM, Valium is good to pass out or stay in bed with that special party person. It does feel good. I think the gunk that’s come up for me is — I played 3 hours of tennis today after not having played for over 10 years. I think I wrecked my knees and worsened my hips – oh well. Haha. The surgeons have been telling me to get hip replacement. I won’t do it until I’m ready. They’re like used car salesmen here. “I can’t believe you can walk, you should be in a lot of pain, You must have a high pain threshold.” If someone’s gonna put metal in me, it better one of the best in the country. Emotional gunk — mindfulness — it comes up, sits like dirty bubbles in a bath — and I notice it isn’t white, its brown. Mindfulness — just watch, don’t judge, allow the feelings, float with it, acknowledge feeling icky, it’s all good, it will pass — all of it is temporary. I keep reminding myself that. All of it is temporary, and that is true. Some connections are temporary and very few are permanent. I have to remind myself there’s a reason for why things happen. Circumstances move us along, as necessary. It’s like the universe is giving us signs and kicking us in the arse if we’re not getting it. It’s perfectly normal to moan and complain as we’re getting kicked, but in the end, it works out for the better (sooner than later). These transits are propelling me to another level of being. I have a nasty pluto or saturn transit and I’m waiting for one of my parents to die. I know that sounds awful but that’s been in the back of my mind for the last 10 years. I don’t want them to die. It’s something I read somewhere.

    • Serenity

      Big stem cell trial (non embryonic) in Sydney – great results being seen and no need for replacements.

      • I’m interested in this Anon – my sis takes stem cell orally for missing knee cartilege.

      • You know how its said — ask you and you shall receive. I went to a masseuse and he gave me information on stem cell research and treatment for my hip in San Diego!!!! I can’t believe it. His father in law did it with excellent results. So I’m gonna do, as you had suggested. They take my bone marrow and transplant to create cartilage in my hip sockets. Thank you for suggesting this and putting it out in the universe for me! xoxo

        • So pleased for you.

          I raised the stem cell because I just did this with my dog for an arthritic hip. It will take some time to see full benefit but after 10 days he is definitely better. Strange thing is a persistent pain in my hip seems to have dissipated as well.

          I also know of some people doing the sydney trial who have done this in lieu of surgery and are doing fantastically well.

          As for the parents stuff, maybe you have learnt all you need to be setting yourself free. You must be one strong person?

          Good luck and big hugs

          • Andrea, it sounds like you did the stem cell for your hip? Or are thinking about it? The place is in Oceanside, California – Regenexx. Yes, once a relationship has ran its course, its ran its course. How we define roles and expectations are personal, subjective, based on history — and it is entirely in our power to decide whether that relationship is healthy or not. Toxic attachments, like addictions, are dangerous and damaging. The pros and cons analysis will determine whether or not I want to continue contact, what kind of contact, and what am I getting out of it. I’m a lot older, and it took a long time to learn what I know now. xoxo

    • Interesting re parents dying and freeing things up. My dad moving on has freed me up greatly – the past 12 months have been super tough working life out.

      Incidentally, on my way to see my dad I sat beside an amazing healer who said your dad passing will free you up greatly, remove shackles stuff. The change in my mum and a few of my siblings has been huge too.

      No reason we can’t start feeling those feelings while they are still with us :)

      • Wow, that just relieved me reading that. That must be so liberating for you. I feel as we get older that time does move in a way that requires more reflection. And how we are going to cope with the changes around us. I will look that up on stem cell research.

      • Hey that’s interesting, when I was having my last baby I went to see a guy who specialises in freeing women’s energy fields up for birth/fertility etc. He said that it was largely about cutting off ties with the father in his experience. I didn’t feel it true for me, but I did it anyway. The birth was much easier than the first one (1 kg less of baby 2nd time too.).

      • just a personal observation to add to the theme…my dad is the most stoic, un-emotional, logic-driven person ever (engineer; does not leave house; every decision he advises me on is heavy on the practical, low on the asking-what-i-really-want). HIS dad is very similar in his fixed-ness — mechanic, gambler, unwavering southern values. but despite their similarities in appearances i always suspected that my dad was only so harsh because deep down he had some heavy emotions and empathy and was just putting up a big front to not open the floodgates.

        i also suspected my dad (double taurus) was a major softie underneath because he married my mom, a very innocent and transparent double cancer. since his father has passed i have noticed so many differences in his level of tolerance, flexibility, and — not willingness — ABILITY to show emotion. it is really interesting and has helped me heal some of my own issues surrounding his coldness.

        have also seen some similar moments of transformation with friends upon a parents’ passing…my family has some gnarly genetics and die in the 90s or 100s on both sides so it may be some time before i learn this lesson. but i have so much more to learn with them while they are here despite some grudges i’m still working to dissipate. :)

      • It is really difficult to work out an adult relationship with parents especially if there were issues in childhood that created difficulties and have left scars

        But yes, when my father died we all moved on and felt more free, especially my mother. My father was a heavy drinker – I don’t think I saw him sober in the evenings until I was in my thirties and he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and swore off the demon drink.

        • Thank you for sharing this. Not sure about my parents. They didn’t raise me. I’ve been disconnected from them for 25 years because of their gambling addiction. Addiction not only kills but is the worse kind of damage I’ve seen.

    • Serenity, just to give you a heads up re hip replacements I dont know if you are in Oz or not but there is a major problem with a type of hip replacement that is usually offered to young active types which is has metal on metal. The chromium used leaches into the blood and is very toxic. My ex father in law had this recommened to him and now has terrible side effects. I believe some surgeons still tell patients to have this type.There is a class action happening in the USA and possibly on in Oz as well.

      • I’m going for stem cell therapy. I already called. I can’t remember who recommended it to me — but what a blessing! Ask you and you shall receive.

  16. i have returned and have a new identity. had a awesome tarot reading and she said i was a great manifestor yet been doing it wrong i manifested rat in room, poverty. etc, etc,
    the card being king of pentacles-toros card. so i now being sso positive and gonna get thru as i love and approve of self xxx

  17. So on point! Been doing pretty well at my job with a boss that knocks down my ego like no other -total Saturnian disciplinary. And this week I made some foolish mistakes and I’m back to feeling low and not worth it again. Total muck at the bottom of my psychological pond. I decided to contact a therapist today to help sort it out.

    Ps Congrats Mystic!

  18. This astro is rather tetchy. Pretty much everyone I know is seriously chapped at me for various reasons. And although it’s uncomfortable, I also kind of don’t give a crap. This week was filled with fuming conflict and tension, and now I just want to sit in the AC alone and watch old movies in semi-darkness until this mess blows by.

    And I don’t want any long talks or conversations about “the relationship.” Barf.

  19. bollucks. my immune system is not coping with the pollen attack that is london right now, I am on every bloody thing under the sun last wed and now coldsore. I just can’t seem to get my immunity back up and over, I’m fighting really hard to not go under and I feel so helpless against this wall, wall of god knows what, I am not even sure what I have just that I can’t get it over the next level. Is it stress? post gastral hatred? pollen is the final straw. my knocks are too consistent and It’s overbearingly obvious to all. I can’t speak to the Cap about it cause he\s german and illness is in the mind so it’s all. you are stressed :/
    which makes me furious because I am not the kind of person who can live in a beach hut and cruise, everything I love or that is interesting is “stressful”. Even when I have laid low I’ve been the same. I did it for 2 years and was bored out of my mind and still ill, so that theory is dead. I’ve cut out so much from no social drinking, drugs (which is huge from what I am surrounded by) and certain occupations of hazard from it. I eat well and I look after myself. Apparently not?
    So sans the bollucks advice on have you tried mediating, I like vitamins, and other complete obviousness, IS there such thing as a vegan friendly immune specialist with holistic and medical knowledge in London that any of you amazing savvy people know about? because I can’t keep this shit up xx

      • thank you. angel x I’m off to work but I’m staying in to research asap. Then I’m going to download your beats x

    • Hugs to your darlin, from here in wet Sydney.

      I’m not sure that I have anything to tell you that isn’t bleedingly obvious – I know gastro flora are a bit thing with immunity, but you would know that too.

      I know as a mad allergy sufferer that it is shit to the 9th degree – my Dad, who JUST coped with the rye grass in Canberra – my worst allergy – became full on asthmatic in London (where I was born) due to the pollen, which doesn’t affect me so much. Rhinocort is great if started before the season, as a preventive, but am not sure it is much use during.

      I attract every stinging insect on the planet, in droves, when all around me are unaffected, and the results are not excruciating. I now have an epi-pen on hand at home.

      All the diet and naturopath types round here will shoot me, god love ’em, but fuq em: if it is that bad, then some kind of corticosteroid for the very (yes, I said very) short-term to get you on your feet might be a damn good thing.

      Some us, I’m afraid, are born with uber-sensitive HPA axes – we are just uber-sensitive not just to stress and emotions but to environment on every level – not just stress, and if your body pumps out histaminie by the truckload, then every new assault just ups the symptoms by an order of magnitude, because your system is overloaded.

      It goes to genes, but also to how your mother was feeling during gestation. Was she stressed, I wonder? I wrote a thesis looking at this in relation to kids born into poverty (which I was not) but it taught me so much about myself, particularly given the circumstances of mum’s pregnancy, my birth, and the year that followed. I am a lot kinder to myself now I understand all that shit. Besides, deep level body sensitivity translates also to deep level sensitivity, on many other levels: the first is the curse, the second is the something to be cherished as it is so sorely lacking in the world, and you have it spades.

      I do know that when I am feeling unsupported – and of course, genetically types like us are attracted to our opposites, who just don’t suffer it and hence don’t get it – it is worse. I have a family who get cold sores – one thing I DON’T get, probably due to immunity from exposure – but one thing I have noticed is that they tend to pop up amongst my family when there is buried anger.

      I’d suggest you wrestle your Cap to the ground – or just deck him with a brick, if you are not up to wrestling – and explain to him that it is not in your mind. It is about your homeostatic set point, your varied sympathetic nervous systems etc which you can not completely control at this age, by thought power alone, since it is sorted in the womb and early childhood. And if you didn’t have a sensitive system, then he would not be attracted to you, since it is your very sensitivity that no doubt attracted him in the first place and that HE will need in his darkest hour.
      Cap males are frauds – deep down, they want a mum so bad, that they can’t bear to think that the woman in their life isn’t right there, fully functioning, in case THEY get sick. If he has a water planet in his chart, appeal to it. They do get it eventually xxx

      • Fi, that’s amazing.

        Ms, I bet your German Cap is freakin’ hot, but I do sympathise with you his lack of understanding.

        • He’s doing pretty well considering how sick I am constantly and he’s a restless 4 planets in sagg aries moon boy, just don’t need the german constitution of gold blah.. WHY is there no middle finger emotocon>? :)

      • Fi, this is such an amazing response, I am so genuinely touched you took the time to write all of this. I already held you in the height of esteem for your political and witching

        Firstly, my city seems to be particularly bad tright now, but nowhere was worse than Melb for hayfever, only I have immunity issues from the dreaded hormone/gastro/immune triangle right now so it’s setting it off, big time. AND I work right next to a massive park some days a week. I’ll have to change that one despite my liking of it. I’m on Rhinocort right now but my recent shift in location is not helping though west london is way worse. I cannot breath in Nottinghill when I go in. (where every magazine and agent is)

        Yes, I am sensitive, the most I know. I was so psychicly empathetic as a child I could feel people and animals as if they were my own. Emotion is like a thing I see and I am ridiculously environmentally sensitive. Which is rather unfortunate given my upbringing.

        Was my mother stressed? Pregnancy, no idea, I know she did not cope well with having me and was probably feeling unsupported as I was her first, all her family are dead and my father is a selfish idiot. She’s not exactly mature emotionally.

        Gene wise? lol, It’s a tricky subject and one I am not exactly unaware of potential psycho semantic meets gene thing, which is why I went to Hypnotherapy last year (disappointing end result due to god fearing hippie retard having a really “intuitive” method focusing on past life curses because I mentioned my family witches and the other was an unbalanced capitalist who completely wasted my £time) I’m not going to get too into it except to say that it was made abundantly clear I was annoying to raise, difficult to deal with and nothing they had wanted/expected and a burden and drain of family resources with my health conditions.(cue violins) But fuck it I am here :) and I’ve had lots of love from lots of people just not the ones I was assigned too.

        Which brings me to the Cap, I did not mean to paint him as a bastard with no feelings despite his only water planets being saturn pluto in scorpio (potential mars? I need his time of birth) He does actually suffer from pollen allergy (I was referring to my food allergies/immunity sorry) and I have been there for him when he was taken to hospital at 5am, was a killer right hand man and still continue to be, he does look after me I’m just better at it therefore a good leader for him in terms of how awesome loyalty and solid love and friendship can be. I’m still waiting to meet anyone as strong as me in this regard 😉 his advice has actually been really good thus far about my exhaustion it’s just he’s no nurse and I agree with everything you said so the brick lives by the bedside, don’t worry. If this turns out to be just how shit is now I will have to consider a nice cancerian looking for a sexed up voodoo designer to look after because he is a very independent soul and I will need something more solid in a LTR, when I am ready for one.

        So it’s established my immunity is shot: It is chemical, histamine and hormone, and it’s probably buried rage. I need a holiday and a rage exorcist and a good cup of tea.

        • It does sound like innate sensitivity and early environment had a bit to do with it then from what you’ve said…and if your mum is like that, I’d lay bets on pregnancy being difficult for her emotionally. Babies are so intuitive, even in the womb, and in early childhood, the last thing an empath type kid – or any kid – needs to build a healthy CNS/immune system is like they are a burden.
          But you’re right, Caps – even caps with aries moons – can be trained by example, slowly but surely!
          As for rage therapy, one of the best things I ever did for my inner two year old as a young adult was to hurl a whole lot of cheap plates I got from Kmart at a brick wall out the back of my parents house, in time to some Black Sabbath tune (War Pigs?) once when they were away….Such a satisfying cracking sound, such wanton – but harmless – bratty destructiveness of a kind I never have dared indulge in as a kid. It felt fuqing fabulous! xx.

          • I jest. but It’s a factor (I am sure?), I’d be an idiot to deny it given the length of trouble it’s caused (Pluto 4th house) but I have actually inherited what appears to be a very sensitive constitution and what appears to be the family gene issues. They have taken time to discover because of death and family fragmentation but it’s been an interesting pulling up the roots, not only has it been confronting for them that I am connected to them (duh) and forcing to talk to doctors about genetics destroying the myth of the unruly rotten apple who magically appears this way but its brought up every issue from ignorance to prejudice about my mothers womb/blood being faulty (dad’s family) to actually having to think about their own role/blood/history and how little they know about their mothers and each other.

            Medically though, I have so much to learn about gastro and hormones and it seems to be something of a lesson/liberation, whilst plate smashing sounds awesome I’ve done so much exercising of that demon re teens and such I’m amazed I have any buried rage left tbh. It’s like it got its own show and a headlined act but to release the genetic code or shift that, that is why I went to hypno, cause this is bigger than me and I can only consciously grok so much of this and slog on my own. Luckily for me though this seems to be the time to confront all the gene issues, there is a great consciousness about this from other people not OK with the same things and being its dancing around female hormone and gastro and very strong in celt and scandinavian countries, there is a lot to think about and I feel like a babe in the woods vs knowledge

    • Ms,

      Don’t know if this sort of info is welcome but i used to get stress coldsores (hateful, empathy) but the energy healer i work with dissolved their established pathways and no more! I can still get friction outbreaks from heavy kissing hard stubbled men but that’s a different source/story….don’t know if he could work with your allergy but worth asking.

      Let me know if you want contact – he works remotely and has int clients.

      • I love that you site the only outbreaks as heavily sessioned pash rash with a 5’oclock shadow.

        I’ve not done much remote before, if he’s not an expensive man I’d consider it, considering most things right now given my down count thank you

        PS> Anyone going to cut and past Louise Hay gets the first spanking…

        • I used to get canker sores as a child, as soon as once agian i stopped listening to doctors and looked for an answer myself- I cured my own damn problem, its from SLS in toothpaste, the minute i switched to these Soudium Layrel Sulfate Free pastes, i never had one since unless i accidentally bite my lip which is rare.

          Mars in vigioan’s love taking charge of there own health ive noticed.

        • email

          I don’t know what you consider expensive but he charges $160AUD for a 90 min session. I think it’s very reasonable, and the results: priceless 😉

          Good luck with it either way x

          • Thanks, it’s more than I have now but I’ll look into a wee fund. Personal recommendations from people who genuinely phoenix not bandaid are always awesome x

            • actually it’s eating my tattoo and hairdye fund I am trying to set aside lol. ah,

              • lol, and thanks for noticing but I didn’t phoenix all on my little lonesome. when I say I had help I mean this guy. yes, I wouldn’t recommend if I didn’t think he was amazing. Careful though, dropping old schizz can be more addictive than valium 😉

    • Vegan diets are very cleansing and great for fasting, but do not feed the body properly. When you don’t feed the body animal fats the body starves and starts cannibalising itself. That’s when your immune system breaks down.
      I would think about what being Vegan means to you and address those issues.

      • you do realise this is a childhood issue of immunity and not one that relates to my current issue? My veganism is part in response to this. I am more than happy to have this discussion with a medical/health pro but I thought that given my, quite lengthly statement on the above, that these are outstanding issues beyond my vegansism. Whether you believe this is a contributing factor to immunity, it would have been nice for you to acknowledge at least that as I am so much better since becoming vegan, so much better, but I suspect years of gluten have destroyed me as I am coeliac and trying to repair my gastro immunity from this, not the absence of animal fats over the last couple of years. This is why I need somebody really good and open minded enough so I don’t have to deal with stupid comments about my vegan choices when I smashed my Thyroid levels in just 4 months from being dangerous to manageable to the amazement of my specialist and was finally allowed to leave the country. If it comes down to it I will be open but again, the facts are about a long standing immune issue that far outweighs my veganism.

        • My comment was only intended to serve you. It sounds like you have worked through the the first stage of your condition well, but your immunity cannot be further enhanced by your current diet as your health is indicating. A return to animal protein should help. Veganism is an appropriate temporary response, not a long term solution. Best of luck.

        • if you can spare the time & the cash, take a holiday to Malta (quite inexpensive food & accom). Don’t stay in the overcrowded touristy spots, go somewhere quieter, but seaside. Your vegan eating requirements will work well there. You’ll get a great vitamin d boost (if you get there b4 the end of autumn) .. & visit the temples, ask the temple spirits for help with your stomach .. the temple that would serve you best is Mnajdra, on the same site as the legendary Hagar Qim. But Mnajdra is the important temple for women, to help in balancing the masculine & the feminine. Great for hormone/gastro issues that I’ve had a lifetime of dealing with .. (I’m a multi-aries – with ‘too’ much fire in the belly – my highly stressed decade working in advertising threw my hormones way out of wack, resulting in massive gut issues) burnout for me was horrendous at the time .. but my all time best teacher!

          My saviour: no gluten, no sugar, daily sunshine, doing work that I love, lots of self love, DHEA, mindfulness, boundaries, gratitude, & practising forgiveness (& holidays to Malta!)

  20. mmmm…. I feel Ive been feeling this energy for some time… gawd particularly the last 2 months…
    But I did have a very clear thought process about a fairly significant wound, like the one about my father, and had a good cry, and realised I missed what he could have been, let myself weep and kept on moving…
    Am possibly feeling the effects of saturn preparing to go direct almost on my ascendant… must only be a degree or so off by now… and am hatching the greatest transformation to date… wow as I say that, that is fairly ginormous of me to say that… but I hope it will be!

    Like another commenter here… I also have these freaky preparing for parent to die moments looking at pluto and watching what it is doing… like will it be when it goes into my fourth house? I hope not… I hope my mother’s life is long and longer still and most joyful and peaceful, goddess knows she deserves it after a rather hard time for a long time.

    So my transformation is much what mystic was advocating a while back, the no sugar thing… I am about to have my last brown rice tonight for some time, until I have lost the weight I want to lose, until I can be active enough that my body can handle ingesting those type of carbohydrates without putting weight on. Ive just had this massive insight into the fact that despite my wholefoods, good percentage of raw and greens, and careful eating… I still eat too much!!! I must! as I continue to put weight on despite my careful balanced diet… So goodbye to vegemite toast until we meet again… I am feeling vigilant and committed… it is a powerful feeling!

    • freedom ala air, it’s a scary and sad thought to think of losing our parents, you’re not alone… i don’t think that anticipating it or worrying about it helps us at all, nothing can really emotionally prepare us for the moment of loss. but I think we can soften that moment, or at least the days around and after it, by knowing in our hearts we have truly been present with them and for them in our lives. It’s the quality of time that we spend with them, and if we can help it at all, alleviating their suffering, even though I know that’s not always possible. Maybe giving them comfort too. And if the relationship is solid enough and loving, they know, after all they have lost their own parents too, they’ve walked that path and they know what lies ahead for any of us. And if (like me) when the time comes you feel like you may have failed in that regard somehow, well I hope you don’t as it’s awful, but that too passes eventually, and I just think that they’re not suffering any more and it’s important to remember that they would not want us to be fearful or unhappy, just free and full of joy in living, carrying on their gift (of life).

      What is best – seems to be best at least, imo – is just to love them if / as we can, be with them, spend the time we want to spend with them while we can. Maybe not in a mother theresa-ish way, i mean family dynamics always push our buttons – but just in a conscious way.

      I understand about grieving for the relationship that we never got to have with one parent or another either – I have been there too (many of us I think). It’s an important step of recognition and I think it allows us to rather than be bitter or remain sad, it allows us to truly acknowledge where were are starting from and to walk a path that makes more sense for us now and that is truer for our situation.

      I might be rambling – sorry if so – others have much more wisdom to contribute around this subject. xxx

      • the only thing I can offer is my experience having gone through pluto over my moon at 5 and going through my 4th house all through childhood. Is just like you have your own transformations to make, as well as your parents. Death is a sublime transformation, touching and evolving everything deeply catalizing instant contemplation of alot of what really matters in life.

        If you knew what awaits on the other side and you can by studying Near Death Experiences.. you can quell this mystery, through your studieds you would find its much more sutiable for a weary soul to be “over there” than here.

        Even tho most people we look upon those that have made the transformation, as them as having not been alive and us being alive. To them we are in the realm of Saturn and Mars, heavy, fleshy, challenging still stilll so full of desires not yet fufilled which is why we incarnate.

        They might have fufilled there desires in this lifetime and Its time to transform, while learning about transformation yourself. You are still in deep relation to and allowed to sync up with them in another form in another life if this is your desire.

        • Try this An excercize you can do with your chart, Next time you look at it. Try and remember things happening THROUGH YOU, NOT TO YOU…

          You should be able to make the connection- its fruitless to fret or weep too long, over that which you have already choosen no?

          I used to cry all the time over my mom as a kid, I used to think it prooved how much I loved her, scorpio moons see pain as love. And this is all right and quite romantic and devotional. But Very taxing on the system and not good for the health if done too long.

          You have the answer, right under your nose and nodes. We chose are charts long before we got here and are blessed to have this key to help heal our pain, weep in gratitude and only worry so much. alot of people need u to not fall apart over this and are counting on you. Even little kids you have not met in the future.

    • This is really weird. I have been having these intense longings to see my mother (and family)- to the point of wondering if something is telling me she’s going to die soon? But she’s in great health, no reason for concern.

      Maybe it’s just all this Cancer energy floating around.

  21. Speaking of which… can anyone point me to the blog thread about the no sugar diet that mystic was talking about, I think there was a link to a couple of books in that thread, just did a search and didnt come up with anything???

    • calm right now. Gearing up for the protest downtown Austin at the Capitol Building.
      Worried because they are ready to arrest all protesters peaceful or not.
      Last week was a peaceful, fun protest but GOP called us “terrorists” and an “unruly mob.” yikes…I see it as democracy in action!

        • Protest and March went on peacefully. No violence, (that I am aware of) but the Capitol turned off the wi-fi, all internet connections yesterday so, it was hard to communicate and assemble.

  22. This dark moon is sucking, I just found out I’m allergic/sensitive to the active ingredient in dark chocolate. I experienced the worst feeling when eating raw cocoa powder. Basically my liver can’t handle it. Acne boils, dark eye circles, fatigue, sleep disruption, ugly skin, bowel issues, blood shot eyes. I can’t ever have it again, even milk or vegan milk chocolate causes it. White chocolate is somewhat ok in a small dose. I don’t even like white chocolate! How cruel is it for a Venusian to be deprived of chocolate?..oh well….

    no sex…no love…and now no chocolate….

    • Can u get like a anti inflammatory pill or something, i know my friend is allergic to milk and he can take some kind of pill if he really wants it…

      • he’s probably lactose intolerant and just gets a milk digesting enzyme to drink milk. I would need a new liver to be able to eat chocolate again. fuq that.
        i’ll just deal i guess. I am suspecting the whole alcohol dehydrogenase thing playing a role.

      • yeah prob not a true allergy since a food allergy is to a specific protein. That list looks mostly like histamine reactions, What i have is really slow metabolism of theobromine which is the same stuff that kills dogs if they eat chocolate.

          • I can’t have dairy either unless it is raw milk product from A2 cows. :(
            I’m actually allergic to dairy AND lactose intolerant. It’s not worth the pain for me.

            and people ask me why am I always in such a foul mood? Because I have to stay away from just about everything fun and exciting. No drugs. No sex. No hugs. No kisses. No sugar. No to processed food.

        • given my food status, I like to now specialize in things that are awesomely not my allergies as to have amazing food as I am a foodie and aiming to be nothing short of an at home vegan chef (which I nearly am now). If I were you I would consider specializing in non chocolate desserts to appease your venusian sensibilities

          • That’s a good idea, except I dislike most other desserts.

            I can’t have dairy.
            I don’t like fruit-based desserts like: mango sticky rice. YUCK. I hate frozen fruit slushie things. I hate dried fruit usually and it hates me right back.

            I only sometimes eat pie or cobbler.

            I do like cake. I have found ways of making coconut milk based cakes and “ice creams” that don’t have all of the inedible oils/guar & xanthan gums in them. But they are all such a pain to make.

            I’m not celiac but notice I have a wheat sensitivity so I try to limit wheat to the equivalent of 2 slices of bread a day. :(

            • I’m a vegan coeliac who is allergic to dairy anyway and can’t eat processed foods and horrible with sugar. I was vomiting violently over OFF MUSHROOMS. There’s a whole culinary world out there you just have to ditch the old ways. Life exists, promise xx

              • ie. I make the most incredible apple smash cake and vegan cheescake. I would have died if I could not cook of pure boredom and when I found out about all my ales, I threw myself into and made myself love the ritual so I would not pity myself and only become an awesome example of culinary prowess in the absence of good food avail.

              • oh yeah I’ve heard mushrooms and not good for vegans (except a few like reishi) because they are used to break down meat. if you don’t eat meat, you don’t need mushrooms.

            • Awe well, you dont have to stay away from New York! and if you come here id take you to find some certified A2 specified cow place..

              I just had a blueberry vegan cheese cake would that work?
              Organic grills the name, u could probably google them.

              I think MS said she would pass u some recipies…

              • Do we have to do secret handshakes with homeless thelemites living under bridges to get this raw milk?
                I’m up for adventures. You should’ve seen the ridiculous amount of crap I had to endure to get the last batch of raw milk.

                I’m not staying away from NYC. I heard it is blueberry season in the Gunks now and if i go hike there, I’ll get my fill of wild blueberries.

                  • i swear it is easier to score dimebags than it is to score something wholesome like raw cow milk. ridiculous!

          • Plus chocolate is sort of magical. It gives the user a euphoric sense of having had sex and love. So I feel really angry that I’m being deprived of even of the fake version of love and sex. Over 50% of women polled by one study said they would prefer to eat chocolate than have sex. I can’t say I would prefer it, but I can say it made a great substitute.

            • 50% of women prefer chocolate because they can’t fuck and don’t have the intimacy/partner to cum properly, so we eat shit to console us. 50% of women should learn to wank and show men how to fuck them. God knows I am sick of training guys you bitches better start pitching in 😉 Love xx

              • LOL! Your last post made me chuckle a bit.
                I do look forward to finding someone again. My Venus return is coming up soon so hopefully Venus Claws will be generous.

                • Good, I was hoping to get a smile out of you 😉 make yourselves a raw sugar free dessert and get your sugar off your amazing venus savvy orgasm instead 😀

                • that comment was so mercurial.dont knock her when shes down night mercury.. :)

                  • What? I’m agreeing with her! Haven’t had sex in years. Certainly never trained a man. Suffered bad sex for years until I divorced it – after the karmic contract of having a child was completed. That’s my pain, not hers. Whatever, Oreos suck. Everyone knows it.

                    Your story about the Virgo mom beating you over PBJ made me sad. I’m sorry you went through that. I am sorry you went through a lot of things. Good night.

                    • please enjoy your oreos. i don’t blame others for being able to enjoy something i can’t. Im happy ou can still find bliss in something.

                    • Oi thought u were doing a C.K.louis. :). Virgos do make some of the bes.comedians…

                    • what’s in an oreo then? despair?

                      Actually in high school we made copy cat recipes. I found out the inside of an oreo is crisco +powdered sugar.

                  • yes the pb&j story made me sad too. but i think virgo moms and air sign children have hard times getting along sometimes. did you have a taurus father?

                    i ask that bcos a new theory of mine is that many children have one parent whose sun sign is squared theirs due to bday sex plus 9 month gestation. obviously preemie and c-section change the rules.

                    • I dont know i have chiron in the 10th and uranus square the sun.
                      No info on my father, but my sisters father one was a gemini. And one was a leo.

                      My mom also had BML in leo conjunct pluto, this may be where some of her ruthlessness was born also. She has passed early so no ther info can be gleaned.
                      Disowned her family. Never seen what he looks like but im obviously half black.

                      Well people think im Dominican
                      Or Cuban but none of those in Colorado.

                      So i dont qualify for your study.. :(

            • I know i feel for you thats why im trying to help… Theres gotta be a way a brand tho cant there be? Someone had to of had the same problem.

              • I’m just having a negative day. I’m sure I’ll be over this after the new moon. Thanks for all the suggestions!

                • totally fine, I seriously get this though I was like OMG at first when i found my allergies but I seriously recommend getting kitcheny next time you can be fucked xx

                  • Yea EEL your north node is in the 4th house in cancer so is like astrologicalimperitive you get in that kitchen to reward the most important one. Think of all the great recipies you can make for (Others i know libs love that word) later.

            • I can’t believe people / women would rather eat chocolate than have sex, if sex was an option at that point. What kind of rubbish poll was that? maybe a ‘Mother ‘n’ Baby’ publication.. A decent session in the sack trumps arse-fattening sugar fix every time imo

              • not to give stick to mums n bubs, but from what i understand, young offspring tend to put a dampener on the libido.

              • well i doubt these polls myself, but a very large number of women over half can’t orgasm with vaginal sex. And something like 25-35% never experience orgasm at all, even by self or toys. sad, but chocolate makes sense when you consider that.

                • I cant believe 25-35 % dont ever reach orgasm!! If it were men it would have massive research $ trying to solve the problem. (PS are those figures for real?)

                  • I can’t go a day without sex/orgasm. Thank the goddesses I have an active g spot and sex life. Even if I have to I go solo. Libido strong must be due to Venus/Mars conj NN/Vertex in the 5th.

                    • i used to think i couldnt go a day without meaningful orgasm, but then the +2 yr dry spell happened. i wish i was one of those people into hookups. I’m just not built that way. Plus at my age daily orgasm without proper energy exchange will make your body depleted. I give my body a run every once in awhile to make sure the machinery works but those solo runs give me rebound depression,

                  • i believe the figures because female orgasm is not necessary for procreation so there’s no real reason for evolution to favour it. Plus from a lot of female friends, i know it is not a common occurrence unless toys are involved which makes many bfs and husbands feel emasculated in return.. Also I realized how individual each friend’s experience and preference was.

    • Raw Cacao is very different from the refined stuff. Like many things, they are more nutritive and less toxic when roasted. Insects wont go near raw cacao and many doctors hazard against it. Perhaps you can do regular choco but just not raw? Just a thought!

      • tried it. i tried standard dark and milk chocolate. vegan dark chocolate thinking it was the dairy. theni tried cocoa powder alkali process. thinking it was the fat. Finally i tried raw cacao nibs and raw cocoa thinking it was the processing. All of it made me break out, stomach discomfort, and feel sick. The raw cacao was the worst though! so what you say makes total sense!

  23. I’m completely despondent tonight – I just found out the CV I submitted on Thursday evening for the job I applied for was somehow an earlier version that was incomplete. I have absolutely no idea how that could have possibly happened – the right version I saved as a new copy under a different file name, and I hadn’t worked on the older version for a good three months prior. Chalking it up to Mercury Rx, naturally, but it doesn’t make me any less upset. I emailed the contact asking if they could refer to new CV, but basically – bitterly – I’m writing my chances for a call back as next to none.

    • Maybe it’s fate – there is a better job literally right there? I think the way you handle this – professionally, suavely is testament to your Awesome. Don’t be bitter – be the fighter – you drew a wooden sword when you thought there would be steel but you are not lost, you are not done! And think what a strong techno lesson you have now learned?

      • Thanks Mystic, you are completely right. I’ve learnt a huge lesson from the experience – maybe this is denial talking, but my tech/version control skills are usually spot on, I’m still not exactly sure what happened to mess up the files; more importantly I have realised that I’ve done all I can do by explaining the situation to the contact at the faculty, and I have to let it go now and accept the outcome.

        I love your message, thank you for the reality check – this definitely isn’t the end! xx

  24. Mystic , thanks for sharing you Valium experience . i am having a good Laugh. Funny

  25. stuff.

    1. was supposed to move in with boyfriend in two days, now we’re breaking up (zap zone)

    2. becoming re-obsessed with an old Toro flame and its getting weird and love zombie-ish. Help me. I have no idea what this is about.

    3. i feel happy and excited for no reason! jupiter trine my sun!

    4. I feel horrible and guilty but trying to “make an adult decision”. Saturn returning and now stationing direct on my mercury!

    • oh fuck. Move in to break up.

      I did that once and now think it was a good thing but you probably just need a pat and a drink right now? heavy x

    • Excited because you’re free to pursue your toro flame or not, excited that you’re free to be with the right guy? Sounds good to me.

  26. Yes.. it is has been an energy vampire week for me. Did not go to the gym all week but pulled myself out of my somewhat slump and went today. The toro/gem is running scared again and trying to drain me with his sadness! He just doesn’t see that he is in so much pain and trying to get people to feel the same way. Well, I sent a journal of my thoughts about our togetherness. He just wants me to sting with hurt! As I told him.. It won’t work. So sad.

    Work was ok until Thursday when I fell into wondering if I am doing a good job. My boss is a tuff one. She is a Cancer. She likes to think she is the best at everything and she throws me some strong negative comments! Whatever.. I give it back to her. But now she is being funny (which is), reaching out to me over the w/e about both work and personal so I get a little confused. Again, that is my sun in Virgo syndrome. I need consistency.

    I played in to Leo (moon) and found 3 beautiful dresses. Love it! Raining today so I am hoping maybe tomorrow I can wear one just to flaunt my butt off! I need it!

    • Virgo sun and consistency – isn’t that the truth! I quit one job for another that pays less but will be more consistent. And I will be free there to set up the process my way, which I suspect will work best for all. I hope it goes well. I am sick of job hoping.

      My Leo moon is only showing through my libido. But I am spending the time getting my house ready to sell. So many things to do! And I feel so fat and ick! Ugh…if you can flaunt your butt, do it!

      • Hey when uranus swings by to hello from an angle or personal planet, at least he can teach you how to be consistantly inconsistant for a little while at least. Rest eazy virgos, rest easy… :)

        • Uranus is kind of trining my moon right now, which means its trining your AC soon too, yes? With your Mom story about PBJ in the bed, you may just replace Uranian Scorp yet. I keep trying to heal somebody and instead I realize what’s broken in me. My daughter always wants a midnight snack. Pisses me off to get her all tucked in by 9pm and here’s the “where’s my midnight snack?” crap and I bitch the whole way down to the kitchen and leave her with a bowl of almonds or pistachios and some water. When I find the shells all over the floor and in the bed, I am irritated but mostly glad to know she did eat them.

          You can eat PBJ wherever and whenever the f*ck you want now, so that’s good news.

          • Lol waht sign is she? I was pretty damn determined, she also tried hot sauce fingers, but my mercury in pisces just fell sleep imagining i was licking jerky sticks, i quite enjoyed the kick, and the the midnight anticipation of taking a hit of Betty Crockers assortmement of blue red or yellow tube frosting …

            which if done correctly leaves no trace but a colored tounge in the morning.

            Goodtimes goodtimes..

            • Hot sauce. So wrong.

              My daughter is a multi Aries, Gemini rising, Taurus moon. Quite different from me. She’s a total extroverted people lover. Mars in Aqua.

  27. Strong. Calm. Acting with purpose. As I said to a friend the other morning when he asked about my wellbeing: If I was any more fabulous I would be dangerous. Awesome.

  28. holy mercury retrograde – all the past peeps are coming up for air. A young Libran male sent me a cryptic email with the subject line “you win” and the only content was a video of some Indian dude talking about the human body as a 3D object that channels emotions. Not sure what I won with that, but it appears I have a love zombie.

    Scorpio friend was selling me on Israeli guys again. She says I’m hot and if I don’t know that its a waste. F**K! Am I ever going to F**K again?!? (rhetorical question).

  29. I’m disciplined that’s what I am. Super fucking disciplined and boundary setting, despite schizz being stirred from the ‘bottom of the pond’ as it were. Is that Saturn or what?

  30. MM – any chance there’s something in the astro ATM re Valium??

    we used to abuse the crap out of when living in Spain as backpackers.
    would drop 5mg & sit in the pool drinking beer all day to avoid the 35 degree heatwave

    that was the 80’s – hadn’t heard of Vali since really
    then my Gen Y branding guys recently fessed up he’s been prescribed by the doctor – to which I cautioned sans wine or vodka or he’d become the Valley Doll. last week he admitted doc gave him wrong persons script. which he filed. then duly collected correct script & off he goes again …..

    last week we lost a mate. quickly. his niece is one of my GBF/s (gay best friends) – called late at night – upset – so I rocked over with Cotes du Rhone & somehow we both ended up dropping a Vali – for what purpose neither of us have any idea!!

    Does Valley of Dolls astro exists?

    xox 💂 xox

    • I read that as valley of the molls. grand water trines which include neptune have been happening for weeks now.

    • Seems like Neptune, Venus and Pluto should be involved. A dark moon, too.

  31. Was the perfect storm? Darn skippy!! I had the most awful fight with a beau who was becoming jealous, suspicious, and bossy. He didn’t hear a word I said, and I had to put up some major boundaries to show him I was not letting him run all over me! The uh-oh part: he felt amorous after the fight, and I accidentally poked him in both eyes! Or maybe it wasn’t accidental? Maybe my subconscious did this maneuver to get him away from me and for me to get out of the situation?

    It seems a lot of psychic gunk was stirred for everyone, but it was no reason for anyone to act so badly! Frankly, I’m glad I stayed on top of the situation and perhaps bowed out of it with the same force this person was exerting on me!

    • Me too Krissyi.. It is unfortunate because when they get like that they can’t hear a word you are saying. So, you have to poke them in the eyes! It is so sad and SO energy draining. I think what we have to realize that although it was draining us that the partner involved is dealing with a different set of pain. They want us to feel it and we do. Boundaries are good. They for some reason don’t show up until these type of situations occur. Shame on him!

      Good luck!! xo!

  32. They are claiming the loss of the 19 firemen in Arizona a Perfect Storm. So sad!


    • So so sad. I feel so sad for their loved ones. They were young men with futures and families.

  33. Well, sorta Lennon and Yoko style, spent last weekend hanging out in bed with the Aqua…a little British car racing here, Dexter there…sex…a bit of wine. Him telling me I had morning breath and me saying well maybe he did too…yipes lol…Aquas are quite frank aren’t they? I have not been this intimate with a man or other human being for yonks…Would say it was scary but not really…

    I had just arrived on his doorstep Saturday late afternoon..Aries style. I was not invited but he didn’t kick me out either lol…

    Honestly don’t know where to begin with this but we’re friends and am sure we’ll hook up again. I had to leave a note on his doorstep:

    ~Have no idea how your britches and Guiness fave glass ended up in my car luv…I had $200 tucked in my bra…Will you let me know if you find it?~

    He texted this am that he found a $100 and brought it by…Told him I should have left it for compensation…We had a slight giggle. Wasn’t awkward with him and our eyes connected but he is separated from his wife and says he still loves her and I told him that’s fine.

    He said (in his British accent) ~She wanted me to get fitness~…lol..adore…She tried to change him and he was not going to change so he left her…

    But he does drink way too much and so yes, there is some dysfunction there that would not be healthy for me anyway. He’s my next door neighbor but just carry on with life as I always did. At least his Cap Moon is a gentleman and can you believe he actually cried to me?

  34. Ha! In the last 3 days I have completely fallen apart at work…twice!. I’m talking crying, sobbing, lunatic stuff…both times in front of my boss!! The same boss who I have to interview with next week for a better job I hope to get. I’m sure she now thinks I’m crazy. I was working at a location (scene of the crime, so to speak) where I got in over my head with a co-worker 3 years ago. All that old gunk I tried to bury just came bubbling up out of nowhere! Haven’t seen him in 3 years and he is still affecting my life! I just want to scream!!!

    • yes, that sounds horrible. Gotta make that clean break when you can. So that old ghosts of psychic vampires won’t chase you. Since the vibe these days is, those psychic vampires got nothing to lose. but when you’re sure,, none of his will affect you.