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Ernestine Shepherd older fitspiration

Too old/fat/tired/hungover/lazy/existential to get to the gym?

Peeps meet Ernestine Shepherd, who turns 77 next Sunday and is a competitive body-builder, marathon runner and general force of Awesome in the world.

She holds the Guinness record for the oldest female competitive body-builder, works as a personal trainer AND – get this – only began working out at the age of 56, as a self-described “slug” and after an unpleasant experience shopping for swimsuits.

I mean, seriously w.t.f.   AND she is a multiple conjunct Gemini: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Chiron are all in Gemini – a lot by any count. She has not got an “easy” chart either.  Saturn in Pisces, Jupiter in Saggo and Neptune in Virgo challenge her Gemini on a daily basis. She’s super-mutable.


older woman fitspiration

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73 thoughts on “Multi-Gemini Mega Chic Gym Inspiration

  1. Just did a Google search of Sun square Saturn (natal) – peeps with this apparently include Salvador Dali, Ophrah Winfrey, George Harrison (ex Beetle) and Jane Fonda.

    Interesting group yes?

  2. anyone who is healthy is inspiring to me.
    i was blaming my multiple mutable when it
    came sown to heavy saturn conjunct lilith and chiron
    pisces 12th opposing sun etc.
    It is an intense time again but trying to stay light and breezy.

  3. Nope. At least, not on the fact that she started something in her 50s– people make themselves over mid-life all the time– and banging it out at the gym has never impressed/inspired me, don’t care what your age is. Now if you told me that she used to be in a wheelchair or has some other kind of disability or chronic illness, Then I would feel something, I’m sure. Right now I got nothing.

  4. She’s def. keeps the goals high! I hope to beat her one day! Inspiration for sure!

    I’ve got potential genetics for it so if luck is on my side and I work hard, I might be able to. Several family members have lived longer than 100 y.o. and my own mother is getting near 80 and still runs 5Ks. She is Cap Sun with Aries Moon, unknown ASC.

  5. Lazy and existential are my main obstacles.

    But seriously, this is exactly what I needed to see right now. I get on this 100% raw weakling to OMGINEEDPROTEIN+CALORIES swing where my emotions mess with my routine. Need to focus on just eating dairy/gluten free at all times and stay with the exercise instead of focusing on vegan dietary perfection when I’m not even sure it’s working for me?

    Also goddamn she is gorgeous. I care more about anti-aging/overall vitality than anything else and she’s got it!

  6. What’s up with Geminis dominating the news?

    Like everywhere…

    The shooter on that California campus…they made a big deal that he almost made it to his next birthday… makes him a Gemini.

    Naomi Campbell and Luo Zilin Gemini cattiness….

    of course Kanye ….

    Princess Madeline getting married….

  7. if she can do it, i can do it.

    *finishes 1m liquorice strap*

    I just had an insight into this 3-day liquorice craving that I have only just decided to meet. I personally believe that cravings are our body telling us they need something specific (obviously best to examine closely if that craving entails eating a loaf of white bread, you knw)
    I understand that Liquorice extract is actually good for the lungs – it’s an expectorant. now that’s just clicked i realise that liquorice tea would also be good/better (about 10000 x fewer kJ). as I am getting over a crappy cold this craving actually makes sense. unless liquorice does not do that at all.. any herbalists up to date on the literature out there?

      • wow really? hmm. ok I just looked up the kidney meridian and also googled ‘liquorice cravings’. I think I just learnt a lot! your acupuncturist was making sense… kidneys and adrenals are immediate neighbours, the system is linked to sex hormone balance, the lungs sort of (chinese medicine at least), fluid balance, regulates salt excretion / electrolyte balance, blood pressure and more. the couple of medical pages i looked at mention liquorice as affecting salt balances.

        so what Rache was saying makes sense too.

        huh. thanks Mystic. I think I really do need to examine how much stress I am experiencing right now, and how this is affecting my biochemistry xxx

      • I can’t wait to get into see an acupuncturist! They know exactly what is going on. When I was getting treatments in NY the first time I saw the DR he asked me if I had just broken up with someone. Dead on right! The medical issue I was dealing with was partly created by the break-up, my depression, anxiety and everything that can throw us off when we have heart break! .

    • When I struggled with low blood pressure (still do, but not as bad) I drank licorice tea. Don’t know if it actually helped but I do like the smell and taste. 😀 Maybe you’re having electrolyte problems? Try having one of those Emergen-C packets, especially if you’re getting over being sick.

    • cannot help with the licquorice enquiry but can recommend getting your hands on cedarwood oil. It raises the lungs to a state of perfection, and consequently brings calm as well. I love it, it’s ancient and it’s justified 😉

      Even a passive smoker’s lungs will hurl up crap when cedarwood takes action, and it is excellent at clearing chest infections. ( All cedars/pines are antiseptics)

      • thank you!! that’s good to know. happily my essential oil collection includes Atlas cedarwood… the one that smells like pencils :) I will mix that up with another drop or two of something and inhale away while i am working… you’re right it is an intensely uplifting fragrance but not like neroli or lime, it’s just.. deeply satisfying. rich, warm, and earthy.

        • oops i meant virginian cedarwood.
          So my oil burner mix is cedarwood, cypress, lemon-scented tea tree, a bit of grapefruit, roman chamomile.

          • Nice blend Pi. I’ve got Australian sandalwood in jojoba with Turkish rosé and ylang ylang – as my current blend and is nice on the skin as a perfume oil too. I work on a three fold blend philosophy.

    • It’s good for the adrenal glands. (The herb, not the junk food version…)

      • yes I don’t think Invert Syrup and Preservative are essential for the diet…

        • ‘Planet Organic’ does a really nice Licorice Tea btw (I went on a mission to find the yummiest licorice tea a while back – they won.)

          • thank you! i know that brand will keep an eye out .I also like Celestial seasonings de-stress tea or whatever it’s called, also contains liquorice as well as other soothing things, B vitamins added too (I assume they can survive boiling water)

            • I read somewhere that Celestial Seasonings is choc full of pesticides – not sure if that’s a conspiracy theory, but might be worth investigating if you like their tea.

    • I totally agree with the craving signs of the body. I don’t deny it when I am drawn to something. I picked up plums the other day because when I saw them I needed to eat them. That to me is a sign of a crave.

      Right now, I think I am dealing with dehydration. Not good.. but I am pretty certain that is what I am going through lately. Coconut water #1 is near finished.. onto #2.

      • PS: LOVE licorice! Too sweet for me but I treat myself every once in a while!

      • ellie, if you’re dehydrated, also just drink plain water :) or herbal tea, etc. we need something like 6-8 glasses (1.5-2L) water a day, even more if we’re exercising or sweating a lot. in an office environment , if we’re not drinking enough water, it can affect our concentration, we mistake thirst for hunger. drinking enough water is also good for digestion / elimination, helps our body do what it needs to do.

        • Thanks Pi! I will! Today I was doing errands and live in a hot state so I brought a cooler with me and a 16 oz bottle of water. Drank it during my run around. I always have water with me but I never drink it enough!! I hate the way I feel which is exactly what your posted so I need to keep doing it! I have a doctor’s appt tomorrow and will talk to them about it! Just out of curiosity. They probably don’t know enough but I will ask! xo!!

  8. how do I go off on such tangents?! sigh. what I MEANT to write was , “thank you mystic. from this story I take the message ‘there is hope for everyone” and esp since i am a long way from 77. athough i hear it creeps up on you like *that*.

  9. My inspirationadas at the mo’ are the exceptional champions on a tv series I discovered randomly , called Ninja Warrior . Discipline, focus, agility, strength all on show. Wow.

    • Although, this Ernestine is pretty damned impressive! Started at 56???? That’s a late bloomer to the body show!

      My (Taurean ) mother of 70 only stopped turning cartwheels as a birthday party trick last year . She has Saturn and moon in Gemini… I hope to be scrambling up trees and still doing flips til at least 60.

    • I LOVE THAT SHOW. I would sit around with my stoner friends watching it at 2AM chomping on popcorn w/ coco oil, kelp flakes, and nutritional yeast. It’s fun to watch in the background while socializing and shooting the shit.

  10. Well I admire her determination, discipline and grit …. but can’t help being somewhat indifferent to the way she has applied it. Body building to me has always appeared as the height of narcissism.

  11. I see this as similar to the person who goes to university to get a law degree at age 85 after spending their lives looking after children and whatever. it’s just a different area of dedication.

  12. Wish I could see her organs.. lol. Seriously. Her skin looks so healthy , her eyes clear etc re vital signs… I bet she gets regular Qi massages or does deep yoga to pump Qi.

  13. “Too existential to get to the gym” – now there’s an excuse I haven’t used yet (I thought my Mars in Pisces had done them all, but clearly not.)

    I’m not so keen on body building, but hope I’m this kick-arse fit in when I’m 77.

  14. To start at 56 is hard. From flabby to this! Impossible for most. And for most to get to this, mostly impossible. It takes 2-3 hours everyday of training, diet and supplements. I wonder if she’s taking HGH coz it looks like it to me. I work out alot for many years. Especially after having a baby Tough to look like this without extra help especially at her age. She is amazing and her skin looks beautiful. Could be great genes too.

  15. Thanks for providing the link, Mystic.

    Just listened to an interview with Ernestine. In her story, in the first year of getting into the gym, she was doing it with her sister, when her sister died of an anurism. After a short break bereaving her sister’s death she went back to the gym and she reckons it ” cured her panic attacks and depression and anxiety” so she just went at it full on.

    Was thinking that the sister/duo thing was very gemini, and of course the wound and healer, Chiron in Gemini made sense.

    She gets up at 3am! Does religious devotions before anything, goes for a run, starts training others then trains herself.

    That Mantra on her shirt is on every shirt she wears!

    Her creed she lives by reads like a summons to court to a Leo/Gemini by a Capricorn/Pisces :

    ” I promise myself to be strong.
    To talk health, wellness and nutrition to everyone I meet.
    To make all my friends feel there is something worthwhile in them.
    To look at the sunny side of everything.
    And make my optimism come true.
    To think only the best,
    To work only for the best,
    And to expect only the best.
    To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
    To forget the mistakes of the past and to press on to the great achievements of the future.
    And this I do at all times – to give a cheerful expression and to give a smile to every living creature I meet.
    To give so much time to improving myself that i do not have time to criticise others.
    To live too large to worry,
    Too noble for anger
    Too strong for fear
    And too happy to permit the presence of trouble
    To think well of myself
    And to proclaim this fact to the world
    Not in loud words but in great deeds.
    To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side
    So long as I am true to the best that is in me.

    ( Note, the author of this creed is quoted from 1912. I didn’t catch the name, but you can find the interview on the link that Mystic provided . )

    That she could recite it is also testament to her memory!

    • Nice! Good manifesto.
      I would rather do kickboxing than performance art fitness, but I think she looks incredible.

      But being caucasian I will never look like her at 77 with my paper thin skin. She is beautiful. Despite being called Ernestine.

  16. Not getting the people not getting her – what’s not to like? No she is not Nelson Mandela or (insert name of illness curing saint type person here but in an age where nearly everyone over (to be kind) 50 is creaking around with a big flowery print polyester kaftan to cover their gut, boozing away their misery and putting an untenable burden on health systems, Ms Multi Gemini IS some kind of a hero.

    The body builder physique is not my ideal either but beaucoup inspirational to see that on an older lady and realise that sort of tone is *technically* attainable at any age. And you don’t get abs like that without a strong back, this chick is the opposite of infirm and frail. To me that’s hot.

    * runs away to dust off pelvicexcizer

  17. Fit, curvy…but i love her smile the most.

    Whatever you do to make you smile like that is gooooooood!

  18. Pi, you mentioned being gentler on yourself with Saturn, rather than beating yourself up with perfectionistic guilt (i’m paraphrasing).

    This is what I aim for these days too, and it seems to work best when i allow the joy into what i do – like exercise – than the sense of uphill effort to make myself better. It is difficult to remember at all times, as it seems i’ve a lifetime of unchecked self guilting hooked into my Mars in Cap drive, possibly courtesy of a Saturn square Venus. My Saturn is in the body/material sign of Taurus in the 6th: i had a life of being superfit and outrageously healthy, until a health crisis that has made me feel like i’m doing something wrong to be so unwell.

    That is why i love her smile. She is generating happiness and joy. And if she can start at 56, to look like this at 77 then yum! I don’t care how many people make over their lives in their 50s, it is still special and each one of those that do it are worthy of praise.

    • hi mille, thanks, and you’re right, bringing in joy rather than a sense of pure flog.
      I think the stress i mentioned up there somewhere relates to my actual living environment. there are several things crunching together and i don’t know which way to turn. so right now everything’s “I can’t” but i need to find a way out of this logjam somehow. it’s saturn square saturn, pluto square pluto, uranus opposite pluto / IC, all happening for like the next 3 years.

      • On garden break, popping in.
        Any moment is an opportunity to change UP.

        I agree mille- the smile says it all ! Right on baby whatever gets you to that place of I am doing it !

        Pi – wowsers on the growth you got going. Small pleasures keep me plugging along, and I am not so hard on myself as I once was if I: 1- make a mistake 2- can’t do it all. Some things just have to take a number and wait. (Cap ASC, Saturn trine Mars + Virgo stellium up my perfection nostril)

        Tr. Uran on Saturn ruler while Pluto squares pfft.
        Neptuner backwards towards Venus Jupes again.
        Ovah it ! – but work keeps me going, (good thing working 24/7 anyway) love snafus can feck off, I haven’t the time. Good luck Pi. Back to yardwork
        take care all you regs here + MM too xo

        • love it..
          SO agree on your points 1 and 2 re change in attitude. live is for living not hating yourself.

          ‘perfection nostril’ LOL

          venus jupes in scorp, that must be fun :)

    • ha ha – same here. I’m uh, roughly 50 years younger than this woman and well

      even my skin is not up to par…

      and my joints are already terrible…


  19. Christ! Now there really is no excuse for not exercising and being healthy.

  20. WOW! Animated proof of what heaps of growth hormone pulsing through your body can do to the ageing process. Inspiring,

  21. Speaking of a good workout.. Does anyone have experience with being dehydrated and what it does to the body?

    • Yes I do. I find my magensium gets depleted all the time. Which is leading to irritable bladder syndrome. Especially after a massive workout. A really good supplement is a must.

  22. Mystic,

    I don’t know where you find these people, but thank you! Ernestine is the epitome of awesome (and gorgeous too!!)

    I love her creed. Very inspiring all around.

  23. Yes, this is inspiring! Anyone taking charge of their mental and physical health really.

    Perfect timing too! I’ve been feeling a strong urge to get back into a regular fitness regime. It’s been months and months! I went from being determinedly fit to utter slothhood when Jupiter hit Gemini. That’s probably not the only culprit but things have been HARD from June-ish last year. Looks like the skies are clearing for me now though!