Dark Moon Dilemma: Dancing With Qi Vampires

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Linda Evangalista

Hi Mystic!

So I kind of have a dilemma. I’ve been doing the usual Dark Moon protocol all week–resting, solitude, nature, contemplation, sleep sleep sleep. However, this weekend I am booked for some “partying” in D.C. with a friend (out of town). The hotel is already booked and everything. My friend really wants to party and also tends to be a big spender. He also requires a lot of my attention. How badly will this affect my overall psyche and availability to avail myself of insights this weekend? :/ Is there any way I can prep?

He is Sagittarius. I guess you could say he’s a bit of a Qi Vampire if I’m not careful (not the Love Zombie kind; he doesn’t swing that way).


The Capricorn Dreamer

Dear Capricorn Dreamer,

This is too easy!ย  Check out the times for the New Moon exact on the Daily Horoscopes (which is when the Dark Moon ends with a sexy theatrical bang!) and i think you will find you can do Zen Sloth and party with Sagittarius Qi Vampires.

This is precisely the sort of reason i post this schizz – Moon times, planetary ingress etc.

L.A. – Saturday 08.57
NEW YORK – Saturday 11.57
LONDON – Saturday 16.57
SYDNEY – Sunday 01.57

And the troublesome Neptune Mars square perfects itself about 16 hours before the New Moon so meditate/do Yin Yoga/journal etc till the New Moon and then slither out in sexy “Pluto is in my sign bitchez” mode after the New Moon.

BUT the real question here is WHY do you want to party with Qi Vampires? Or does Sagittarius and Big Spender outweigh the possible, you know, suckage?

What does everyone else think?


Image: Linda Evangelista via Suicide Blonde

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84 thoughts on “Dark Moon Dilemma: Dancing With Qi Vampires

  1. i bumped into two qui vamps today and had to tell them what i thought. One is/was a friend who is draining and i already drained it will get better i know it will .

    . She rings me when i just wake up and goes on about losing keys, hint hint will i do a reading and see where they are. Well i not that psychic that i wake up and know where things are. You have to be healthy to be psychic they barking up the wrong tree.

    The other was a qui vamp who i bumped into walking along the beach she tried it on again to burden me with her trivial “problems”
    all she has to worry about it why her flatmate not get fridge fixed today.
    and could i tell her should she go to Noosa or Cairns. I said get a reading, she said no.i said i gotta go and she wished me well. i am free i declare my new moon wish to be sugar less and stop hanging with the wrong peeps.

    • Oh..In Sydney Australia, not D.C – Googled that.

      Best of Luck.

      Nearly lost it in a local shop when I turned the corner of their labryinthine store and walked straight into THE EASTER BUNNIES. All lined up on skewers just like the ABC photo.


      • Oh Whimsy, sounds like a David Lynch set. Hope you didn’t have nightmares. Gemini sister and I were a koala and kangaroo recently… So much fun. I seriously considered taking a boom box down to central station tunnel with hip hop and and dancing my arse /ass off anonymously as it was soo much fun. (and I can’t get up to run at 5am at mo as I’m a wuss as its sooo cold)
        Good clean fun, but possibly a gemini /multi gem thing.

        • Sounds very furry fun!

          We have People of the CTA FB page here devoted to strange (and sometimes strangely wonderful) things seen on the Chicago transit; your boom box adventure is definitely POTCTA friendly!

  2. Ah, I failed to clarify that by weekend I actually meant this Thursday/Friday. I’d be back in town by Saturday! Thoughts? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Capricorn Dreamer

  3. Oh SORRY! Okay well this puts a different slant on things – personally and from anecdotes, partying hard on a Dark Moon can be WEIRD.

    Unless you have some superb natal Venus – Jupiter stuff going on to sort of antidote the whole Dark Moon vibe?

    But you’re a Capricorn and Caps don’t make a last minute excuse because they have just freaked about the feng shui or astro.

    So you Go but you get that this is the Moon of Letting Go.

    Is this friendship waning or about to transition into something else?

    Go but be aware of the under currents. And have some pretext to bolt early if you feel over it.

    People show themselves for who they are on a dark moon – go, stay observant and renew with the New Moon.

    Pertinent Question: Are you in love with the Sagittarius Qi Vampire?

    Also if he is that toxic and you don’t really want to go, text him, blaming me and then stay in bed with chamomile tea reading Eckert Tolle

    • Okay. Yeah I’ll lie low a bit. ahaha and no, he is homosexual and just a friend. ๐Ÿ˜› I slightly feel obligated to go, as I kind of feel our friendship operates under that condition. He’s very needy. Perhaps that aspect will untangle during this journey. We shall see! I’ll lay low and observe. It could very well be a letting go of material desires. That theme comes about a lot when I’m around him. Thanks, mystic! You’ve given me a lot to contemplate.

    • Okay Okay. maybe it’s not so much to do with him, as it is how I will act while with him. Does that make sense? I tend to drink and spend more and give in to more material desires.

      • In other words – much though Caps hate to admit this sort of shit – you have needed him just as much as he needs you: he is useful to you as his influence and neediness can then be blamed, via projection, for the bits of yourself you don’t like. “I’m obligated to go” is a dead give-away on that, and so faux friend.

        I’d love to hear that you had the guts to tell your saggo mate what you’ve said here – but to his face: he’d probably have a few home truths bout you to whack right back at ya, darl, and tell ya he’ll be JUST FINE without you.

        • Clearly you didn’t read my follow-up comment. But thank you for the blind judgement.

        • I partly feel that this comment in itself is a projection for some sort of your own anger you’re harboring?

          • and FYI: the sense of obligation has nothing to do with his presence. It has to do with the fact that he’s already paid for a $300 hotel, and I am already well aware how excited he is for this weekend and I don’t want to just say no for my own personal preference of solitude. He’s already well aware of my introverted tendencies. Breathe, Fi. Breathe.

            • lol, breathing and seeing just fine, thanks.
              just bet that as a sagg who thinks you are a friend, he’d appreciate direct honesty rather than being dissed as needy on a blog behind his back.
              if you don’t want to drink too much, don’t. if you don’t want to spend too much, tell him, and don’t. if you don’t want to go at all, tell him, and don’t. simple, innit?

              • Still think you’re missing the depth of the situation, not that you need to, but okay. Thanks for your input.

                • with any luck, universe steps in, and he meets some gorgeous bloke on the first night. you get your quiet qi time in hotel while they party on elsewhere for rest of weekend!

        • Also, if you had actually read the blog post, you would clearly see that my concern is in regard to my own actions and own ability to gain insights during a dark moon if I am to be out partying.

          • Cap…. With due respect to your question… If you party (as in take mind altering substances) on a dark moon and wonder what your insights will be like… You will prob get them but they might hurt like a hangover or some truth that you hear or read that burns or hurts a bit… You might feel like you’ve gone backwards… If you are compromising what you need for yourself, you will prob suffer, unless u let go of ideas about what you need…. but it sounds like you’re not being a very good friend if you are going because you feel obligated because your friend is needy, gay and spends a lot of money…

    • the i-ching has a saying about nipping things in the bud before they go of the scale.
      I feel astrology makes you more pragmatic. It is about energy saving. I need to be around specific energys now one’s that are happy to be light just have fun. a friend of mine is similar to me we both 9 in numerology and she aquarious with toros rising. We both get it that when the universe wants us together it just happens, no endless annoying texting up and down. Forced meetings in cafe’s with mutual venting is no longer satisfactory. I guess i need air around me as missing element.

      we all chemicals

      i have knack of knowing which scents go together.

      no time to be wishy washy when saturn is cleaning out your 7th house. I want magic to happen i want things to now work.

    • Cappie has to have some party on Aquarius or Saggie herself. I know Cappies tend to make excuses not to do something that they’ve already preplanned (money and all) — then go — and find out, hey, I had a great time with no drama! How many times has that happened? Go — it’s paid for already — and you said you would. Besides, I bet by the end of it all, you’ll be glad you hung out with him, had a great time after all, and did’nt do anything you regretted. I’d go. I’m a cap rising and my friends have to pry me out of the house. It’s so much easier to stay in bed. Who knows what may happen while you’re out with him? Maybe next time you’ll tell yourself not to say yes when you really don’t feel like it. This may well be a lesson for you. Saggies can find other partiers. I have a sag BFF who guilts me, bossy as hell, and well, now she’s in a relationship and I rarely hear from her. Recognize the patterns: Yours and Theirs.

      • Yes! lol You are absolutely right. I never said I didn’t want to go, though, so I’m quite confused as to why everyone keeps saying that. I want to go, hence the advice for how to handle the partying. Not to mention we actually do have a wonderful friendship, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to prove that to strangers. XD I think I know what to do now. ๐Ÿ˜› lol thanks a bunch! :]

        • I guess because you seem to have left out bits in your original message – ie. ‘week-end’ really meant this Thurs/Fri. Try reading it again. Your question appears to be simply a concern re missing insights because of the dark moon and having to go out. But it is really about the nature of your relationship with someone. And apparently people here are “missing the depth of the situation”. You haven’t stated what the depth of the situation is.
          Whilst others may have been a little harsh, there does seem to be something passive-aggressive going on. I’d take this as an opportunity to be a lot more honest with yourself, you seem to be both hiding and revealing and trying to put yourself forward in a certain light.
          The dark moon insights you were asking for are right on this page.

    • “People show themselves for who they are on a dark moon โ€“ go, stay observant and renew with the New Moon.”
      Successfully avoiding all drama, but am witnessing horribly unprofessional, immature arguing, fighting online. Simple small arguments turning into full blown death threats in mere minutes.
      Do not engage with the craziness!

  4. Today = one of the most crazy days of my life. No stability, all intensity, constant negotiation. Ready to drop some shit habit and timesucks and up my game HARD. Screw love, I want money.

  5. Ok I still have my birthday party to host tomorrow night, so I hope most of my friends are brave enough to venture out to a classy bar to celebrate my bday instead of cowering under their doonas!

  6. Ack, I just read the news. Talk about Psych Qi Vamping on a dark moon.
    Note to self: stay with MM & DListed.

  7. One of the most interesting experiences of my life was attending a New Years Party while heavily pregnant with my first child. I was drinking tea, while everyone else was getting smashed. It gave me some fairly unwelcome insights into my own behaviour while under the influence ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Go with your friend. Have fun. Join in. Just be aware of your inner observer, observing.

    You’ve heard of Walking Meditation, yes ? Mindfulness while moving ? Well here’s a new one for you – Par-tay Meditation ๐Ÿ˜€ Mindfulness while moshing…. Observe yourself as you enjoy the weekend and your friend’s company..

    Report back your observations / insights / epiphanies on Monday !!

    • Ah, yes dear. Wonderful advice. I’ve been giving myself this advice since the question was posted and the crazies came out. haha Thank you! :]]

      • ‘Crazies came out’. Hope you are not referring to Fi’s Saggo ‘tell it as it is.’ And others who responded to your dilemma you thought it imperative to discuss on an open forum. You asked-you were responded to.
        Am surprised a woman of her intelligence responded at all.

          • Yes, I like her lots and she’s not a crazy and I thought her response made perfect sense and I read the whole thing from go to whoa and I am not picking a fight.
            And happy birthday fellow gems! Mines on Monday and I feel stylie :)

        • xx You’re right Pegs/Calypso, as usual. I stand by my take on it – perspicacity of which was confirmed by the angry rapid fire denials – but the truth is, I should have just shut up. Tired, and thus blunt, short of the empathy I usually try to bring to these things.

          • hey, I have a Cap Mars Square Merc/Jupe conjunction AND a Scorpy Sun. I can take a fair bit of straight-talkin’ :)

            btw i don’t think you were too harsh and the replies tell their own story but it was the little pass-agg dig down here made me come stand by you x

            • Digs never get to me – ever – unless they come from people who have exhibited a level of self-awareness that I can respect. But then, such people are usually direct, rather than pass-agg about it. Equally, support and loyalty from those I do respect is pure gold, as are you x

  8. MM was so right about this. Went out to a simple social event and had a glass of wine. It turned in to yuppie Qi vamp night from hell. Possibly because it made me look at all the times I’ve been snotty and rude myself. OUCH, dirty mirror, OUCH. At least it seems funny now that I’ve grounded and cleared the icky feeling out of my system.

    On the plus side, I learned that if you are not drinking hoochie juice BREWED IN AN ANTIGRAVITY ENVIRONMENT ON THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, you are no longer stylish. Competitive socializing and name-dropping is sooo pre-zap zone, no?

    So where are all the humans I can actually connect to? Apparently I need some new friends.

  9. “And yes, all on a Dark Moon when other peeps are dribbling into their satin pillowcases, in a carb coma or screaming at Game Of Thrones. Competence, thy name is Capricorn” MM

    Todays Capricorn scope had me on my floor, in fits of laughter. #trending #postmodernpoint #mmforlife

  10. why bother knowing about astrology if you do not know how to use it. I have suffered bad friendships because i believed that was all i deserved. I NFACT i am not even friendship ready as how can you have friends when you battling illness. i be better end of year said tarot.

    . So if peeps dont have empathy or acknowledge that whilst they been loading me up with their problems, i am of to hospital to get an iron drip. So fuck you to the peeps that say that i look alright and think that i am lying or something. Your pursuing a friendship with me and i have to stop being so wishy washy at the end of the day, something is working or it is not, below is a composite of two aspects , from astrodienst, i have with a “friend” who is draining me. so goodbye friends that are not right for me and i open the door to people that are caring and not wanting to suck my iron defecient blood thanks.

    he opposition of Mars and Saturn in the composite chart indicates a severe conflict between your life styles. It presents quite a few obstacles for your relationship to overcome. Most commonly the conflict takes the form of one-sidedness, so that one of you has all the emotions. One of you will like the other very much, while that person is feeling “cool,” and then the cool one will suddenly turn on, just when the first partner turns off. Even more important in a sexual relationship, this aspect indicates differences in rhythm and timing., When the situation gets tense, as happens in any relationship, but especially here, stony silence reigns. Yet both of you are seething with frustration and anguish, unable to give it any vent., The obvious cures for this problem are for both of you to let each other be and allow any difficulties that arise between you to be expressed openly. Give each other room and confine your criticism to real issues.,

    the opposition of Mars and Saturn in the composite chart indicates a severe conflict between your life styles. It presents quite a few obstacles for your relationship to overcome. Most commonly the conflict takes the form of one-sidedness, so that one of you has all the emotions. One of you will like the other very much, while that person is feeling “cool,” and then the cool one will suddenly turn on, just when the first partner turns off. Even more important in a sexual relationship, this aspect indicates differences in rhythm and timing.
    When the situation gets tense, as happens in any relationship, but especially here, stony silence reigns. Yet both of you are seething with frustration and anguish, unable to give it any vent.
    The obvious cures for this problem are for both of you to let each other be and allow any difficulties that arise between you to be expressed openly. Give each other room and confine your criticism to real issues.
    AstroClick Partner

    • the other …

      Sun opposition Saturn in the composite chart presents real problems: temperaments so different as to cause difficulties, a tendency to work against rather than with each other, a tendency for one of you to inhibit and limit the other unnecessarily, and excessive criticism of each other.
      It is possible for a relationship with this configuration to survive, but several conditions must be met. First, criticism must be limited to really important problems. Second, the relationship should be open enough so that you can get away from each other in your daily lives and lessen the tension between you. Third, the two of you must broaden your viewpoints and become more tolerant of what you reject in each other. And fourth, you must have feelings of genuine love or friendship for each other.

  11. AAhhhh… Yikes. Right now I am totally out of the social realm of life. I am enjoying it but having to go out and be outwardly entertaining when I feel like this just doesn’t happen. [sigh}… I wish I had some good info to help but I would have to say is “cancel”. Make something up!

    Let us know what happens!


  12. I have learned the long hard way over the years that mystic is right about things 98% of the time. I went out on a dark moon with qi vampires (though i did not really get it at the time) and ended up stuck in the rain with them all hissing and snarling at me because we couldn’t get a taxi, saying things like “you’re rich, get a limo” or “you’ve got connections, get us into so and so club” and i’d blown SO much money on them, all the talk was about the past from when clubbing was fresh and fabulous, my knees hurt, i saw a bunch of young models skipping past us all free & alive, barefoot, laughing in the rain. I felt like the dark side of patsy in ab fab. it was so enervating i took days to recover, not phsyicaly, psychologically.

    tbh Capricorn Dreamer i don’t really understand this question. You have something to go to this weekend but it is really thurs/fri, you can’t not go so you’re going so what…the question is how to stay sober? Or how to avoid being vamped by the saggo?

    Honey, You do not spend time with Qi Vampires, no matter how much money or space dust they have. VERY SIMPLE.

    • The dark side of Patsy… hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh LS!

    • TLS, those people sound dreadful. Congratulations on getting away and de-toxing. I’m sure youre not really Patsy +/or Edina.

      My new resolution is to stop indulging Qi vamps by being polite. Unfortunately I sometimes meet the ones who brag about how rich they are- till its time to get the cheque. Esp. if its a group setting. Like if I order the salad, they all get steaks and bottles of wine, then they inform me we’re splitting the bill? Or they just forget to leave a tip.

      I’ve always just paid, even if I can’t afford it. I guess I need to start just saying No to Qi vamps.

    • Hey happy you like it – i’m really really happy with it – I knew Jandy did great binaural beats, i have tried heaps and she is always the best BUT i was not obviously sure if she’d get the brief but she TOTALLY Did.

  13. So I just want to know why THIS persons dilemma makes it to the blog for open discussion but mine gets a snippy “I don’t do charts for free” email!

    I know I am extra grumpy with dark moon etc but hang on a tick, I’ve been a paying customer for nearly ten years.

    • Do you expect your local supermarket to open on demand and give you free stuff just because you’ve been shopping there for ten years too?

      • I do expect that they not be dickwads & act like I’m trying to rip them off when I’ve been throwing cash at their company for 10 yrs.

    • Not surprised. You are extremely defensive to responses to your posts, unless they praise your choices.

    • Even when she did open my email for discussion she said she didn’t do charts for free. Perhaps it’s a common disclaimer and not so snippy as it sounded. But – yeah – I don’t understand the editorial process. I think she picks content to go with the days lunar transit. It’s her blog either way.

    • (*ignores Anonymous as per usual*)

      When one has been following the progress of a certain lovely astrologist and buying all the books/subscribing/getting paid consults et whatever – one may suffer the illusion that there is a – not friendship but at least friendliness – that may cause one to believe one is entitled to more of a friendly response. That is all.

      And YES I do expect my supermarket to reward my loyalty – this is pretty normal in 2013. I get free stuff all the time for points accrued at certain stores etc. I also expect supermarket staff to respond to me with good manners. Ah, because I deserve it, just as you do.

  14. A huge part of me kind of regrets ever asking. I had no idea it’d turn into a full blown discussion about the nature of me apparently being a terrible friend who doesn’t know how to handle astrology. 1) There are two sides to every coin and 2) I try to stay vague for a reason as I’m a very private person and I mostly like to heed my own insights and heighten my intuition. I wanted to hear what Mystic had to say, so I inquired directly to her; I suppose as a bit of a verification. I definitely could have chosen a better way to explain the situation/my actual concern. Unfortunately, though, I feel even more confused after reading the additional feedback and various interpretations of a vague subject to begin with.

  15. As for an update on my experience, I’m really glad I went and I had a great time/fell in love with D.C. However, I did spend most of the time aching with blisters from all of the walking and a bit drained from constantly being about. It did put a slight damper on the festivities, which resulted in quiet frustration on both parts. It also put a damper on my saggo friend’s night who wanted to continue dancing after two hours of standing, but couldn’t because my feet were already crying out in pain from my 5-inch heels (never again lol). However, he very well still could have danced without me, but chose not to. A lot of the time I noticed him secretly frustrated with me because I was in pain + not in full blown party-mode. We still had fun, but I realize now how much I do compromise in order to avoid drama. Now that I have my solitude back I’m breaking it down a bit and trying to grok the insights. In hindsight, I’m glad I went, but dark moon definitely reveals what needs to be changed and whether, in fact, someone truly can be a qi vampire. I’ve learned that I do need to be more honest with him about my needs, otherwise it’s no fun for anyone! Thank you all for the advice.. you were right!

    • I couldn’t reply to your question, because I couldn’t relate to your circumstances. Maybe I am just too old.
      Nothing like killer feet to slow you down. Glad you had fun and take care Capricorn Dreamer.

    • As a very private person myself, and as someone who hates drama in personal relationships and will do almost anything to not rock the boat and do what they want to do, I very much understand. My own personal realisations this last week have been that by keeping myself so private I’m actually not letting other people in. Why I’m so scared of letting people in is something I have to keep working on. I also realised that many of the people I have surrounded myself with are people that I never had any intention of really letting in. Like a way of ensuring that I would remain distanced and private etc. For me, it really is time to find people that I really do want to let in and who I really do want to support me.

      • Hey Anon.. I am going through the same exact thing. I keep to myself all the time unless something comes up that I feel comfortable with. What you said about hanging around people who you would never let in makes me wonder about the group of friends I am hanging out with.

        So, Yes, I am terrified with letting people in. I feel like I am criticized, ignored, rejected with what I have to say or how I behave. So, I stay close to home. Why bother with the “hits”. I am not like that. My isolation is based on childhood. Family car accident, being left in South America after it happened, being ignored because of the tragedy and being 5 years old blaming myself for the car accident. However, parts of my adult life really had some great friends. I felt comfortable going out seeing people without hesitation. I wonder if I am regressing.

        Anywho… TMI… just wanted to share!

        What is / are your signs

        • Hello VEllie,
          I don’t know that this has anything to do with my astro, though apparently my pluto is very strong in my chart. For me it is childhood stuff too. Though that said there is a grand water trine at the moment which is bringing up lots of emotional issues for most people.
          To be really honest I think there are other things going on too at the moment, to do with planetary shifts at a more spiritual level and those who are more sensitive are withdrawing in order to cope. So don’t feel like you are the only one. Many people are doing some deep questioning about what they really want, and how to dissolve old wounds.


    • Although painful feet sounds like a great time and spiritually awakening. I am so glad you realized what you did and I hope you find answers to transition into being honest with him! (I have been doing that with new people I meet)

      Good Luck!