D.I.Y. Astro: Where You Are The Most Rad…

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So Uranus has just crossed into new ground – 11 & 12 degrees of Aries – further into the sign of Mars than it has gotten in the last 85 years.

And Mars in Gemini is now hyper-stimulating Uranus in Aries, along with Pluto/the Zap Zone of course.

My point? Look to 11 & 12 degrees of anything – but especially Aries, obviously – in your chart to see where you’re being blasted with inspirational ultra-rad rays from outer space.

That bit of your chart is where you can do insanely quick morphs, dump old schizz at warp-speed and have eureka flashes so strong that all you can do is stride around oh-my-godding.

The downside: you can go flippo with this vibe via the nerves, irritability and all. I have Uranus nearing my Mercury & now have about 1000 ideas backed up, I do my Astral DNAs or Tarotscopes and get crazy (but apparently quite good) psychic flashes that feel like someone is dictating to me.

So how are you doing with the 11/12 Aries bit of your chart? As always with D.I.Y. Astro posts, please can the more experienced Astro Fiends help out the Astro-Newbies with how to look at a chart.Β  Note: It’s D.I.Y. as in do it yourself, not people who never contribute jumping in all of a sudden to say “tell me more about me.”

Know the bit of your chart that is 11/12 Aries and know where your most productive and genius rebellion ever can now start to be staged.


Image: The Flash by Ross Andru & Mike Esposito

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223 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro: Where You Are The Most Rad…

  1. Ooh, ooh, ooh. It’s opposite my Uranus in Libra in the second house. Massive bursts of pent up sadness and longing coming at the most unexpected times and on top of that, beginning to actually deeply know my worth, rather than chanting meaningless affirmations of my worth. I am feeling like I have nothing to prove. Uranus soon to be conjunct my Chiron in the eighth house. I’m expecting some old, deep wounds to push through so I can let the remainder of the angst I feel around them go.

    • Just went through the Uranus on Merc and Chiron. Still conjunct but separating… and holy boy did that eclipse see me scraping the bottom of the barrel…nearly frightened myself i went so low. Also doing Ur opp Ur. Natal Chiron 5th house, and natal Uranus Libra 11th.

  2. Uranus in Aries (12th) is inconjunct my natal Uranus and Part of Fortune in Scorpio (7th) – so I guess something I can’t possibly imagine happening will happen if I can make an adjustment between my unconscious/blind spots and how I relate in one-on-one relationships-and when it does it will make me very happy … would that make sense? My part of fortune is at 12 degrees and 36 minutes so I’m wondering how long it will be before Uranus in Aries is exactly conjunct? It’s pretty slow moving, isn’t it? So many questions, sorry.

    • Tenacity grit and don’t project? I have the same configuration and haven’t figured how to have a stable U7 partnership…:) NIN’s terrible lie pretty much sums it up for me.

    • I know what inconjunct means but it took me a while to not read it as ‘in conjunct’. I thought for a while you were 84 years old and awesoming and shizzing with the best of ’em on MM. That’s probably why I prefer quincunx even with the difficulty in saying it.

      By the way, I find a quincunx transit interesting. They are almost THE most un-alike signs.

  3. So Uranus is in my 12th house along with Sun, Mars and Venus and AC in Aries…. Explosive makeover/success or updating my relationships/love life?? I hope so…

    • Same as you but with merc and no Venus.I read yUranus deals with large institution s. My Pluto is on my MC in cap so all the shizz and insights have been related to work. Somehow the astro is signalling some kind of success. Im resurrecting skill sets and talents that I haven’t used in a long time. Like eureka! I found my edge again. I am successfully trying to reform my job but trying to turn my inst onto it has been slow go. Jupiter needs to hurry up with that recognition. Pay up bitch. Come on!

      • Yay I think my new web design studio aka new tech phoenixing is going to be successful. Material wealth at last!! And great if I can support my art (with time) and a (slightly) more luxe existence (being part time student and underemployed casual worker is wearing thin after 3 years!)

        • it’s always nice to have material backing to support your true passions in life…the real work probably just began though :)

      • Me too gren, regarding work. But I have uranus in my 6th house (Aries) and I have been doing awesome with my workouts! Almost 2 months! I am noticing a difference.. most important part is I am enjoying the workout.

        I have the sun and mars in my 8th house Gemini. Jupiter in my 9th house Gemini.

        I have the Moon in Taurus, 7th house and if I understand the Moon it is all about how I feel about my relationships. That is definitely going on. I have isolated myself in a good way. I need this time to get my performance at work at a more productive / proficient level and I need to get my health in order. (workouts)…

        Ok.. just trying to relate to what you “peeps” posted!


        • Uranus just moved into my 6th House. Looking forward to yoga, pilates workouts.
          Anything else you noticed about this transit? Health issues better or worse?
          My health is taking a turn for the better but still have several more surgeries to go.

        • that’s awesome ellie. respect *pounds chest* keeping it real and simple. work and fitness. it’s been the beta blocker against crippling self doubt. I’ve kept up with both rigourously for the past 4 months. If I miss a cardio, I find my self going into damage control mode. ugh, this past weekends void moon was all kind of self hating merde.

  4. Psychic flashes check! I’ve always kinda had them, but the current ones are with me when I wake up in the morning & are clear forewarnings of events that I need to be aware of during my day. High alert! e.g. someone is gonna hurt their ankle in dance class, so be careful of your ankles, have your arnica in your bag etc etc.
    Learning to listen & be prepped…
    Uranus has just crossed my 4th house NN & I definitely feel like I’ve gathered some bravery, courage & strength in the last few months!

  5. Aries 3rd House @ 25 but it’s staged a creativity poetic/lyrical on my South Node and Fortune which are @ zero.
    Ideas flying about and thankfully I roll with pen n paper to catch them.

  6. Uranus is sitting exactly on top of my natal saturn in the 3rd house. This transit scares me a litlle and maybe i should be more scared!!

  7. Nothing at 11/12 anywhere. MC in Aries, so I think I’m rocking it at work right now, naturally

  8. I don’t really know how to do this. I got a natal chart and a pdf of astrodeinst a while ago. Uranus is in Sagg in the 10th house…is this the sort of chart you should look at, or should it be some sort of progressed fancy chart?

  9. Hmmm, I don’t have anything in Aries in my natal 6th house, but Pluto at exactly 11 degrees Libra, directly opposing the excitement. I was up at 5:45am this morning chasing a bear up a hill behind my house. He had just raided the chicken coop and I was fierce in defending my territory. I should mention I was wearing only a skimpy sleep slip, barefoot and carrying a shovel. But I was fearless even if half-asleep.
    BIG fundamental changes going on and zero tolerance for co-dep, pas ag BS. Could be Pluto getting stoked by Transiting Pluto squaring it. Doing pretty okay if I stay on the crest of the wave. Feel like I’ll get screwed if I fall off. I have natal Uranus in the first house and Mars in late Gemini = I speak their language. Good Times! I think that mars is stoking transiting Uranus in sixth has made big impact on daily health and diet regimens. Also revealing all physical weakness and exploitations. Finding my Kryptonite.

    • A bear? How fantastically Pluto…And you have Jupiter on your Mars. You should re-enact the chasing the bar in your nightie thing, film it, put it on you tube, it becomes cult viewing and you get ad rev share?

      • Wow! thanks for the tip! I also have that Uranus/Saturn conj right now but Saturn has been going back and forth over Uranus and my North Node in the first house for what seems like years. Slow Saturn.

    • Sounds crazy and wild! Love it!
      Running with the Bears

      I have Uranus transiting my Aries 6th House and no natal planets either but natal Moon in Pisces 11 degrees.
      Spiritual and health issues being zinged again.
      Eureka moments regarding energy and alternative health.

  10. I have Chiron at 12 Aries and actually am a teacher but feel the wounded part more than the fun part. Will Uranus help with this shite???

    • i have chiron at 15 deg so uranus is not quite on it yet but im sure it’s close enough. i haven’t noticed anything yet.

      • Nothing happened at all when Uranus transited my Chiron at 5 Aries… unless you count that I finally I gave up trying to heal myself and decided to accept myself exactly as I am.

        • I cried and cried yesterday and have just noticed that my chiron is at 16 degrees. Though maybe it is still to far away for me to blame it for yesterday’s waterworks.
          Is chiron slow-moving? If so I guess we are all around the same age.

          • mystic said there is some neptune crap going on this week and between neptune and the moon, they are my ‘cry guys’.

            yes chiron is slow as well…

            • Ahh, ok, so it is neptune. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Now that it is over I can see it as a good thing, but geez at the time…. !

              • yeah i thought the tears were never going to stop because every time i thought i’d stopped i’d surprise myself in random tears hunched over, say, the sink or in the middle of making the bed. But better than i was before it all. The eclipse went over my Moon Neptune and Jupiter in house 12.

        • I think that is real healing TA… acceptance. I’ve slowly come to that stage via art and counselling the past few years…

        • acceptance would almost be a gift for me TA esp since my chiron is in the 5th house. i just haven’t noticed anything yet, but i’ve got a few more years of schizz since uranus is moving slow.

        • Now that you mention it i am not trying so hard to BE a certain way. Chiron in 5th house too. Never realised that was a 5 H thing.

  11. Nothing at 11-12 degrees, but my ascendant is at 10 Taurus, my Venus is at 13 Libra. Do those count?
    I still feel like my old life is ending, and something exciting is about to begin. Things that I would have sworn on a bible I really wanted, I no longer want. It’s scary to be this “up in the air” about life (my chart is super fixed in nature), but I’m trying to go with the flow as best I can.

    • Uranus is moving into opposition with your Venus – you are being Zap Zoned. A sudden change of values is in the works…

    • My Venus is 12 Libra/11th sextile Leo Uranus -9th. Uranus transiting 5th-Joined forces with The Man/school district admin to pass bond to morph crumbling buildings- I’m delivering votes Tammany Hall style! LOL. At meeting last night the big wigs were cross eyed! My BFF ran against them and I managed her campaign. But now- survival mode for our kids.Not selling out- reaching across the table to save teacher/staff jobs. Fix the toilets/plumbing HVAC and hire teachers. Very Pluto/Uranus. LOL.

  12. Have Ceres exactly at 11 degrees. Explains why she who thinks cooking is beyond boring is all of a sudden a queen of the kitchen, consequently developed tits & bum, not quite earth mother size but impressive for my dancer’s body i.e. no boobage, no bumage but long legs :-)
    Sheesh next hall being doing something kinky like gardening, even baking.

    • I learned to bake, properly on my aries ceres tranist. had a lot to do with food actually. no none belived I was baking but I love it

    • OH Pegasus Darling – you do look so much the better for your sudden adventure into the kitchen!

      I have a sudden urge to start a career in politics! This is possibly the transit of Uranus on my Venus (10’31 Aries) in the tenth house? I once believed I would marry a powerful man – now I just want to BE ONE. (Well, a powerful woman!).

    • nice! Glad you’re enjoying the kitchen.

      I have ceres at 10 deg. aries conjunct ascendant. Have always been good in the kitchen and wonder if I should go back to cooking pforessionally….

  13. I have my natal Venus at 14 Aries. Uranus is about 3 degrees orb out, so it’s an “applying” aspect but still a bit early. Venus is the ruler of my sign, Taurus, but Venus is in its detriment in Aries. I suppose I could use a little Uranian energy to shake things up. But doesn’t it kind of spoil things when you’re expecting a Uranus surprise? I’m checking ahead and due to retrogrades, it looks like Uranus doesn’t get to 14 Aries until May next year. And what do you know, on my birthday, Uranus and Venus are conjunct at about 14 Aries. Next year’s solar return chart should be amusing.

    Well in the meantime, I will enjoy Neptune Rx starting in the next few days. I really enjoy that retrograde since I was born under Nep Rx and it seems like my tarot work just opens up during that Rx period.

    • What house is your Venus in Aries Charles Honey? I have it too – but She is dignified by dint of being elevated in my chart (tenth house).

      I’m quite enjoying my Uranus-Venus transit. I remember when Mystic had hers there was the Uranian dude with the Neptunian substance problem. I just have an amazing lover of ambiguous marital status. And sudden urges to achieve things never dreamt of before. I suppose I had enough shake-ups with my very long Uranus opposition (Uranus is at 0 Libra) transit of recent times so I’m quite used to it. But, yeah, fun times ahead Charles, fun times.

      • My Venus is in the 9th house. I don’t think that’s a very good placement. The traditional interpretation is that you will love to travel and meet interesting lovers while on the road. Hell, I haven’t even gone out of town for years.

        • Venus in 9th house would rather mean a love of foreign or exotic types, or love of professor & similar educated types. Rather than finding love while traveling, I’d say wander around your local university campus(es), see who you bump into. You’re right about orb of Uranus/Venus conj. being too wide right now, but, oh, it’ll be fun when it hits. How many times does it hit? Is there any retrograde motion that will bring it back over your Venus?

          • Oh thanks I’d always wondered at my Venus in 9th amplified as conjunct moon. I love intellectuals.

            • id have to say your descriptors for venus in the 9th is super accurate for me. i do love traveling and meeting new men folk in different places. And intellectual men are like the only kind i like. I explored with the less brainy just to test something exotic, but it never pans out for very long.

              • “Less brainy just to test something exotic”. LOL. Agree!!
                I have Venus in Libra in 9th.
                Love a man with a certain foreign accent too.

                • Accents are sexy!!! But a good voice is a must because I like to be read to.

                  • German! :) A friend of mine is German, he still has a strong accent. I could listen to him talk for HOURS!!!!
                    I also like a European accent and Canadian, America…
                    A lot also depends on the tone of their voice. I’m big on tone. Very sensitive ears πŸ˜€

          • Hey Anon.. that retrograding over Venus is a really good question so I checked. First Uranus conjunct Venus is May 2013. Then one Rx pass in Sept 2014 and then goes forward one last time in Feb & March 2015 which just happens to be at the exact degree of the last Uranus-Pluto square of this big zap zone series. Ouch.

            But I still don’t know if I believe this 9th House “exotic or foreign” and professorial/educated types. Every single one of my girlfriends have been even more WASPy than me. They all had some college education, although less than I originally thought (or perhaps, less than they initially lead me to believe). The only exception was Crazy Miss Gemini who actually was a professor.

            Oh well, I am probably doing this all wrong. Perhaps Uranus conjunct Venus, and then Pluto square Venus, will take care of that.

      • Alchemist, the right partner can help you achieve wonders as the energies combine to empower you
        both. In Tantra it is said that the 2 combined create a 3rd (the weaving of them) and that 3rd can be a project instead of a baby, new life anyway.
        If you go in that political direction, shall back you 100% as i’m tired of this acquired helplessness many of us suffer from with the inability to act and change things.
        Love in Action could be your Venusian Mars at work?

  14. It’s conjunct Jupiter in the 8th house and squaring mars and uranus in the 11th. Must say I’m feeling stronger and more capable than ever before. Crashing through personal barriers and creating new pathways. It feels just great but there is an edge to it and I have to remind myself to slow down when the energy feels too high strung.

    • Not sure about those squares but Uranus conjunct Jupiter meant to be good, I have Jup in 8th too. Transitting Uranus trining It whilst transiting Jupiter soon to sextilr my natal Uranus

      Double whammy!

  15. Aries rules my 2nd house but it has no planets at all and no aspects at 11-12 degrees but just went on a sobriety bender which is proving (seemingly) very easy; my native Uranus (in Leo in the 6th) is not very strong per se but over the years I have developed a pretty original line in ‘how to create’ in my particular media, reconfirmed today when I spent time mentoring a young artist about her methods etc. nice feeling and a nice ‘book end’ to poncho lady!

  16. Uranus is nearly plonked on natal Chiron 13 and Mars on natal Saturn.

    I have become convinced that sugar, grain and cereal carbohydrates are The Enemy and The Devil’s Work. This is because that nutritionist that I saw yesterday reckons I have had sugar intolerance building since a teenager leading to chronic adrenal fatigue now. I ticked nearly every box on the adrenal fatigue list thingo and it all really resonated with some of the emotional/psychological issues I’ve struggled with.

    Well at least now I know! So purge purge PURGE that gunk out of my life! … let’s see what happens.

    • seriously agree. I have had all kinds of crap adrenal and chronic fatigue things from childhood and a family full of diabetics with kidney problems on my fathers side. Totally makes a massive difference to cut them out and or manage them and know what to do.

      • Yep. Apparently chronic fatigue and adrenal stuff is all related to low fat high carb diets that have been promoted by the medical industry since the 70s even though thoroughly debunked now as being WRONG and why there is so much obesity/diabetes. Obviously eating processed food, too much alcohol and sugar doesn’t help either.

        There are some people that can tolerate a fair amount of grain and cereal carbs – but they are not in the majority.

        And I guess all this resonates with my Chiron in Aries in the 11th – the wounded self that mirrors the wounded society? … or sumthin πŸ˜‰

        • i did the test after your post prowln – very interesting. I have had adrenal imbalance for years due to sleep apnea (its all being used at night as you suffocate lol) – I’m vowing now to be better with my diet too – thanks for the heads up πŸ˜‰

        • Do you know your blood type? I’m an O and high protein/fat diets are totally for me because carbohydrates actually inhibit serotonin and growth hormone in bodies like mine because the insulin levels become erratic due to high GI foods my body does not know WTF to do with. I’ve learnt to feel the difference now. Hope your chronic fatigue gets better with the new diet. :)

          • hi – might not be meant for me but yes I tried the blood type diet (0) and it really worked – turned me from 25-year-long vegetarian to meat eater – very interesting thesis and seemed to work for me in that toxic fat disappeared! you?

            • PS I was a BAD vegetarian – no way I am bagging meat-free diets but with my low iron and 0 type blood, I found returning to meat very helpful.

              • I am Type A and I find I can go without red meat (the smell can make me ill), but then my iron/energy levels drop and I got to eat some red meat. Interested in DNA testing for food allergy and intolerance.

                • Interesting Quintile. Must have been a big change for you. I think generally speaking the diets help with health. Some people it doesn’t help, but for me sugar is death which I why I mentioned it. I haven’t heard of DNA testing S. I will have to look into it. I hope this is suitable conversation for an astrology page :) But in Mystics email this morning she did talk about being kind to the body.

    • me too…..to all of that chronic, adrenal, fatigue, sugar, carbo crapola. …for years. Have been doing keto (65% fat 30% protein,5% carbs) with astonishing results….but I have no clue about this astro

      • In the adrenal fatigue club over here, quite badly, super low levels of DHEA, sky high cortisol, perma jitters. This all started for me when Uranus hit my ASC. Interesting about the keto diet, might look into that I know someone who is using it for a child with epilepsy. Sugar is my kryptonite, makes me feel like death and I avoid it as much as poss.

  17. no planets at those degrees in my chart but Virgo asc at 10 degrees…11/12 Aries is in my 8th house, and what I find interesting is the zap zone Uranus square pluto with pluto almost at 11 Capricorn right now as pluto is trying to leave my 4th house it is hovering on the cusp of my 4th while retrograde. I’ve had no plans to move but this week stumbled upon a dream house for sale and saw it today with a realtor. My husband thinks I’m insane but I can’t stop thinking about the house and our family in it. It’s in escrow but my gut tells me it will fall out and we may have a chance to make offer. WTF zap zone? is pluto trying to get us to move houses after all the craziness of marital struggles over past several years that are nicely smoothing out and transforming our long term marriage??? almost every house I’ve ever lived in has come to me like this… fallen in my path, unexpected great find, intuitive knowing it is the place for me, then I get the house. I have this luck and psychic kmowing with jobs as well. Jupiter in 11th in cancer.

    • Wt is really weird is when planets do that at a cusp, it’s like their gift or message is being left or introduced
      I had this with Saturn hovering end of 10th finally got a great job
      I have pluto doing it at end of first so not sure what to expect

  18. 11/12Β° Aries is my 11th house … that’s wishes, groups and friends, right?

    12Β° Aries is also my BML and Uranus rules my MC, Sun.

    I am working on getting rid of old concepts/ideas about how I/one should behave, getting rid of guilt about myself that’s been planted in my head. Learning slowly to be me without fear.

  19. I have Natal Uranus at 9 Cap, Sun at 12 Cap, and Neptune at 14, all in the 1st house. Jupiter at 11 Leo, in the 8th.

    I can’t say that I’m feeling particularly rad right now. Does anyone having a good Uranus/Pluto transit want to build me a time machine to take me to when Pluto gets out of Capricorn? I’d like that.

  20. Trifecta.
    Natal 11 degrees Venus; natal 10 degrees Uranus; natal 13 degrees pluto.
    Himmm … venus-uranus-pluto is playing out and is TERRIFFICK

  21. I’ve got Venus at 11degrees pisces I’ve had rad OUT of nowhere psych insights and have seriously EXITED love zombie nation. (What a horrible nation that was!!!

    I wonder, the 11degrees Aries in Uranus.. would that effect 11 degrees of ANYTHING? I’m guessing the answer is yes.

  22. @prowlncrab I recently gave up wheat, dairy and sugar o m g it has been intense and surreal. never quite viewed them as The Devil until I purged them out of my bod. now I see things so much more clearly. Have you also had increased clarity? sensory system dialed up? increased libido? I’m loving the adrenal transformation!

    • hey Firehorse … I’ve only really just started the journey. In the past month removed all refined carbs and sugars, but the nutritionist said even the wholegrain ones had to go for now – at least until my body is back in some semblance of balance and a healthy state.

      I will keep you informed tho!! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Firehorse,

      I’ve totally done the no-everything diet. It worked great for about a year, then I was able to switch back to eating most everything. The key for me seems to be, as always, cooking with good quality ingredients, avoiding processed foods, and moderation.

      No, I didnt get any special side effects from the diet but it did happen in the middle of a major saturn transit. Basically de-cluttering inside + out.

      Beast wishes!

  23. Ive been talking about my MC transit on here and its still live. Its a full on thing to have a uranus transit let alone it be squared by pluto (zap)

    There are a few of us on here with around the same degree Asc so I’m sure it’s the same for them also. It’s a tough place to be right now where I am, but I have a temp position so I can pay the rent at least and pushing forward with what we’ve got. Yesterday I felt my first deep pang for a while about not only quality of life but the people after an amazingly beautiful day here and the only people I wanted to see were working. I need life balance and I don’t have it. Aries MC is asking a lot about building, what you want to build and now I am not distracted by awfulness, with who. Building is important but am I in the right place? am I ever?

    • did you take a peek at your astro map thing on astrodienst to check if there are good mc building lines where you are now? It was helpful to me. :3

    • hey astro angle sister, thanks for the comment/reminder. Agree about the ‘well you’ve come this far, what’s next on the agenda then?’ questions from deep within.

      definitely having some blissy moments but not sure if that was jupiter on my asc :) – sort of like extreme gratitude, relief at some things starting to work out or take shape, opportunities opening up, leaping on random other opportunities, all goes into the skill set, new peeps, it’s good just to be involved knowing it’s all for something. But can’t rush it. noooo

      as for right place… the right place is wherever you are.. you’ll just go insane otherwise. engage Gemini Research Brain to skim the Pond Of Global Awareness and see where else things are going on, can you extend a few tentacles in that direction..? etc. even thought forms are the go imo…it’s all I have sometimes :) x

      but yes. still long way to go. the search in earnest for livable income starts mid june. along with ongoing learning.

  24. cripes. i thought i was just looking at a nice uranus trine to MC – but no, also trine to neptune, ascendant, and beginning its conjunction to venus – explains a lot, and who, that has been hovering

  25. I have Eris in Aries in the 8th at 12. Mercury & Diana in Scorpio at 11 in the 2nd. Minerva at 12 in Gemini in the 10th.
    I have no idea what any of it means. Uranus is in the 2nd house in Libra opposite Mars in my 8th. Not at 11/12 though.

  26. Nada. Nothing. Zip.
    Nothing at 11/12 degrees
    And my Aries house, the 8th is empty

    Which may explain why that part of my life is…not.

  27. On 11 dec . 1933 uranus was 23deg. aries. what was 12deg.? -saturn in aquarius ! At this age it is interesting to be able to sit back and observe how the aspects affect the BRAIN.

  28. Uranus is a bit conjunct my natal Sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus (all Aries)… When Venus was in Gemini I was a little promiscuous and out all night during the weekends. Now that it’s in Cancer, I’m vacuuming and eating comfort food like it’s going out of style.

    During the ZZ, I met my childhood ideal, a Scorpio who I think wanted to date me… Long story short, he was a drunk ass and kind of fuqed up. Then he left in a shame-filled snit.

    Uranus on my Venus just means I get random encounters with men where it’s like, “Oh, my God. This is completely viable” only to have it fly off just as soon as it happened. I hate Uranus conjunct natal Venus. Sucks. (But at the same time I totally love it. SEE WHAT IT DOES!? :P)

  29. Hello-so I’ve been a creeptastic lurker here for a few months now, and always find myself super impressed and enlightened by the helpful comments on these DIY posts. I was hoping to perhaps glean some insight from all of you lovely astro-kindred souls, as this zap zone energy has my nerves so frayed that I seem to lack the proper objectivity necessary to read my own damn chart.

    Uranus is exactly conjunct my natal Mars at 11 Aries- which also is the apex of a natal T-square: Venus-Chiron in Cancer opposite Neptune in Capricorn. This falls in my 7th house, though Aries rules my 8th.

    My relationship with my longterm significant other has definitely been tense and stress-y to the max lately; and I’m very aware of my own latent anger (natal Mars retrograde) bubbling up to the surface (Uranus). For some reason, be it intuition or paranoia, I can’t shake the feeling that this is only the tip of the zap zone iceburg-I can’t quite grasp why or what exactly I’m feeling as of late (courtesy of Neptune opposing my natal Sun) but it is deeply unsettling in it’s vague yet constant presence.

    Any thoughts on how this might play out? Is this just a passing phase of hyper-sensitive relationship drama? Or does this aspect have potential to be of major impact? You perspective is much obliged!

    • hmmm…bit hard to say, given that houses can differ in number of degrees.
      Does sound major. But then major does not necessarily mean terminal!
      If natal Neptune in Cap is in your 4th? (with Pluto on it!) and Venus/Chiron is in your 10th? and Mars retro currently conjunct Uranus is in 7th, then you could be unconsciously playing out/working through triangular tensions from family of origin that have been simmering all your life, and may have affected your choice of partner/projection onto partner?

      If the fog doesn’t clear, talking to a counsellor to tease out the feelings/examine the anger might be worthwhile.

      • Thank you everyone – I was afraid of that! Yes, Neptune is in my 4th and Venus/Chiron in the 10th. Unconsciously playing out old family patterns is right on the money.

        I guess I’m feeling mildly terrified what with all of the horrific violence and destruction in the news as of late – but trying not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Boston marathon bombing in particular really impacted me as I’vs lived in Massachusetts my whole life and spent 4 years living about a block from the exact location and even worked in the building that captured the surveillance footage…it was just so surreal to see the place I love and associate with happiness and innocence be bombed and infested with SWAT teams. On a more mundane note I seem to be having lots of minor accidents-cuts, bruises etc. I just fear the obvious implications of this transit, so thanks for pointing out how it might manifest somewhat more internally-something to think about!

    • if your natal mars is retro, your progressed mars could be conjunct uranus amplifying all of this x

      • Progressed Mars is at 7 Aries – which I just realized makes the natal Mars-Neptune square exact. Awesome. Lol

        • I’m not sure if this will help but whenever there’s a potentially challenging aspect happening I look the the positive possibilities for the energies concerned and try to direct my attention to manifesting some of them.

          Mars Neptune for me is all about fluid movement, action and creativity – photography, going to war memorial considering the qualities of sacrifice and bravery that others from times past possessed and wondering about their individual motivations and how their families coped and adapted while they were gone, looking at war art, pondering philosophies to do with war – I had a phase of reading the art of war at the beginning of neptune opposing mars and eastern martial arts is another possibility that is nourishing as opposed to destructive to the self and others. Learning about the paths of inaction. There’s always a way to harness the energies positively. You just have to do some research about the houses and placements and work out what will work best for you.

          If you want to, a way of clearing the once ‘innocent’ space you speak of is that you could get a small bell and walk through the area imagining the bell is shifting the energies – visualise it or do whatever it is that works for you but just know the energies are shifting and fill the place with love again. Restore what you feel has been taken from you in the place that space occupies in your head.

          You can also do this remotely if you’re not there physically. Holding on to the fear creates thought forms which prevent the free flow of energy through the place you are focusing on as having been somehow ‘spoiled’. If you doubt this idea but are interested in exploring it check out some quantum physics. Clearing the space is another positive way of harnessing mars neptune.

          Hard i know, but try not to let neptune give you the drunk at the wheel feeling. You’re driving the vehicle through the fog, it isn’t driving you. Fi’s advice about getting a counsellor to help deal with the rage is on the money too. Good luck.

          • Thank you for your kind (and very wise) words. It’s funny-earlier this evening I was pondering this transit when suddenly I was struck with the realization that I’ve been so hyped up about the potential doom that I’ve entirely overlooked the potential gifts. I even promised myself I’d write out a list of positive keywords for the planets/signs/houses involved and conjure up a few affirmations to shift the energy-so it definitely brought a smile reading your very synchronistic comment :)

            Also, as someone who has feng shui’d within an inch of her life I totally get what you’re saying about the power of space clearing – I really love your idea of visualizing the process for distant places and will absolutely be trying that technique. Martial arts may be an avenue as well, considering I seem to be receiving a major cosmic push as of late towards Traditional Chinese Medicine…but I digress, I really appreciate all of the wonderful insight in these comments-it’s beyond helpful to get outside of my own head and hear a fresh take, so once again thank you for your input!

            • i just came back from acupuncture (having written to you just before leaving) and I love the synchronicity of this exchange – you’re going to be OK lady xxx

  30. Hmmm. 11-12 aries is 4th house. I have moon at 5 aries. According to the interactive interpretation at astrodienst “Your mother is very important to you, and you need to be close to her. ” I have never really been particularly close to my mother, however I have recently found out she may have pancreatic cancer, so that may need to change.

  31. Okay I consider myself a newbie even though I have been reading into astro for nearly 30 years (it’s all those numbers, eek, and yeah I started as a child). I have Aries hanging at 11 degrees with Saturn in my 9th house (that hurt!). Am in the process of finishing my doctorate, so no-brainier, just acceptance of the stars and some hard work. Thanks MM.

    • I must add that as a Virgo I love the fact that I study my proverbial off so that I can be trusted to be the right knower at the right place at the right time. That said I avoided a trip interstate today by pushing for video conferencing, so it wouldn’t interfere with a bigger and better trip I have planned later in the month when the work should be finished. Love this DIY moment.

  32. Uranus currently in 4th house, squaring ascendant, natal venus and mercury and opposite natal moon at 12 Libra. Yeah!

  33. “eureka flashes so strong that all you can do is stride around oh-my-godding.”

    YES! /it’s been crazier than usual in the past few weeks. I’ve given up trying to write everything down, ALL THE TIME. Just most things. I just have to trust that the ideas will keep coming if I don’t keep hold of them the first time. And it’s about everything. Art, power, my M.O., learning, ..life, funny ideas for a cartoon, politics, insight into how I relate to death, things that I think are important for raising children if I get around to having any, whatever.

    Uranus would be trining Saturn in 2nd house Leo. Also it’s pretty much on my MC, 14 Aries. And opposing natal Pluto. Coming up to trining Neptune at 16 Saggi. I hear (in my mind) the sound of (friendly) bullets ricocheting off everything…

  34. I have venus in aries at 11 degrees and it is in the fifth house which I believe is like the fun house. Woo hoo! Or should that be woo hoo?

    Can’t say much is happening. I’m unemployed at the moment and have to be super-frugal, which no fun. I’m as single as can be, which isn’t much fun. I don’t have much to occupy my days except job applications. Really, really no fun.

    Although in the last couple of days I am feeling a bit more motivated and less weighed down.

    Apart from that I’m afraid it’s a case of *crickets*

    • Thing about Uranus transits are they are literally out of the blue! Who knows with your venus in fifth with Uranus there..sounds like romance or at least some creativity.
      I am having sudden happenings every week at the moment…and I mean things that turn around in half a day!

  35. So Uranus is currently conjunct my natal Mars… Well that’s just ripe for a joke or to in bad taste…

  36. Does it mean anything that I have Eros at 12 Aries? My moon is at 6 Aries so not sure if that’s also affected?

  37. Wow! Get this.. Pisces Sun, Venus Aries 12deg 9th house, True Node 11deg Pisces (?) So today I go to supermarket and some cute guy walks up to me bashfully and asks for my phone no….I live in a small country town, for god’s sake, NOT some metro mojo pumping scene where the banana bin has disco lights above it! Then the electrician comes over to look at the 2 fridges that have blown up (a Zap Zone 3 eclipses in a row hangover) and he actually accepts my offer for a cuppa and morphs into MrHaveachat telling me his whole life story…I think he was even hinting for a top up! …cup of tea, that is. Ha!
    Anyhoo…today I really felt a shift…and that’s not because I have been made to feel like the Liz Taylor of Timbuctoo. The Zap Zone and Eclipse season was so intense and everything seemed to feel like it was building and building…I wanted to make an analogy that involves the word constipation. I felt that there was all this shite building up and nothing happening but you know one day something has to give!
    Today just felt “forward”…hope it stays this way!

    • yeah the disco lights over the banana bin at supermarkets thing gets old. i envy you! the whole foods here has some motion sensor b.s. that when you step on it it voice activates some stupid history of bananas on loud speakers. i love lightly shoving people i know who are unawares but standing close onto the motion sense area.

      but bravo to making the most of the transit!

    • Omg what planet are you on? I have never seen these banana museums!

      Like I said Uranus is sudden turn around :)

  38. Hi Everyone. Can I ask a newby question – on Astrodienst should I be looking at my Natal or my Progressed Chart or both?

    • They are both valid as far as transits go, but as a newbie it might be less confusing to focus on your natal chart (if you can do both though, go for it!)

    • both. ive heard people say progressions are more for the introverted and transits more extroverted.

      • interesting! I had no idea! Maybe I should be looking at both- I am a bit of an ambivert.

    • I’ve always worked on the idea that transits show what’s affecting you in the outside world and the events around you and that progressions reflect the development of the soul and your inner self.

  39. I have uranus in my 6th house (Aries) and I have been doing awesome with my workouts! Almost 2 months! I am noticing a difference.. most important part is I am enjoying the workout.

    Nothing at the 11/12 degrees of Aries..

    Some other placements that I think I am getting to know..

    I have the sun and mars in my 8th house Gemini. If the sun is about asserting myself.. I don’t see it applying to sex, death, taxes, shared resources and/or trust. Mars, I think, is also about asserting myself with spontaneity.. ?? I don’t see it.

    Jupiter is in my 9th house Gemini. If Jupiter is about a sense of justice or striving for spiritual growth with new horizons, travel, beliefs (and I don’t know WWW means = World Wide Web?)… then I can see if applying. I am suppose to leave for India in August. It has been a couple years since I traveled outside of the US to Asia but India is a country I have wanted to visit. It is a trip for work so it will enhance my skills and also present an opportunity to see a different culture.

    I have the Moon in Taurus, 7th house and if I understand the Moon it is all about how I feel about my relationships. That is definitely going on. I have isolated myself in a good way. I need this time to get my performance at work at a more productive / proficient level and I need to get my health in order. (workouts)…

    Ok.. Just trying to speak out loud on paper! LOL!!


  40. Twelve degrees lights up in my chart, my chart ruler Venus at 12 Libra. Kids dad- 12 Kataka Venus – Son 1, 12 Saggo Moon, second son 12 Scorp Venus – baby girl has 12 Aries Venus. Is there life outside the ZZ?! LOL!

    My revolution/evolution is working with the system to improve it instead of scorning it.

    • snap Kat! Venus my chart ruler @ 12 Libra. everything is evolving for/in me including the change you describe although I attributed it to Saturn in Scorpio. either way, some hard-hitting schizz going on but I seem to be coasting through. Just waiting for the change to be reflected in my world-interface….as someone said above, I feel it coming but don’t know what it will be, but maybe a man! or two πŸ˜‰

      • although on the subject of love I feel the Neptunian scales dropping off. seeing things for what they are for perhaps the first time. ’tis good :)

      • Hi Calypso- Pema Chodrun says drop the story behind the pain. That’s ALL I’ve been doing- feeling oddly solitary and yet connected on my own terms- not for approval strokes etc. I used to have a mask/persona that has burned away. Now the inner and outer have connected and that’s what others see. Not in your face but just being. Tons of clearing out energy from dear dead peeps and peers.

        Hope your dudes show up at auspicious time and place!

        Keep rocking the ZZ!!


  41. With
    – natal moon at 11 degrees Aries 5th house,
    – True Node 11 Leo 8th house,
    – Saturn at 11 degrees in Aquarius (2nd house) and
    -Neptune at 11 degrres Scorpio 11th house but probably would be read as 12th as it is right on the cusp
    I’d love for anyone to predict what be happening for me soon.

    • See, now, that’s the pickle with Uranus transits — you can’t *predict* exactly what will happen. I tend to look at themes related to the planet/asteroid transiting. I’d say this about any transits, but it’s 10x true with Uranus.

      What I do see is a LOT of fixedness in your personality. Kinda like a four pronged bathtub faucet that won’t budge. Uranus looks like the wrench that’s gonna un-budge you. Whether a little or a lot, that’s up to you. Embrace the shift? Fight the shift?

      • When Uranus moves on to Taurus, that’s when the real jolt’ll happen, I think.

        Uranus transiting your Moon? = irritability, moodiness, sudden changes in what feels good

        in 5th house? You want to get pregnant?? πŸ˜‰

    • Wow, I have somewhat similar placements – at least most of the planets you mentioned in fixed signs, same houses, same moon… as whimsy said, “uranus looks like the wrench . . .” i know i could use a wrench. in the 2nd house for me probably explains the openly crying-not wanting to leave the house bit.

  42. Can it be that one finds NOTHING at 11 or 12 degrees anywhere in her natal chart? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?

  43. The short answer: everything is being zapped. Rarely have I felt so shit-scared and capable of complete transformation at the same time.
    I only have Vesta at 12 Aries only one degree into my 9th. I don’t know much about Vesta or how important she is in a chart. Pluto-Uranus conjunct at 15 Virgo; moon-Lillith conj at 15 Cap; Merc at 10 Pisces.
    As just about all my chart is bunched up in Cap and Pisces (5th and 7th respectively) so I am feeling it big-time.

    • ” Rarely have I felt so shit-scared and capable of complete transformation at the same time.” That’s exactly how I feel! Vesta is at 11 Scorpio for me. Not sure how much she has to do with that feeling…whew, its intense for sure.

      • You are doing it 12HV!
        Did you decide about leaving that job yet? And is your ex going to give you the flexibility you want with your daughter so you can move?

        • My ego is getting the better of my plans. I am not going to make any changes until I get myself in balance. But I did let my current employer know I’m not sticking around if things stay the same. I have a vacation coming up, so we’ll see after that. But – yes – its just not going to happen in the all-at-once burst I felt it as.

          • Good for you – sensible is the way to go. Although I totally get the urge to want to do it all at once… I am feeling that too… totes Uranian.

  44. Uranus currently on my Moon/Jupiter midpoint, or semi sextile them both. So to activate expansive emotions or something I should go radical.
    It is also trine my Neptune in Sagg, and inconjunct my NN in Scorpio.
    Not sure what any of that will do really. I’m a bit meh about Uranus. Whatever trickster energy he may want to through up seems to be pretty fleeting and ineffectual in my world.

    • I do however know a few folk with Suns at 11/12 ish Aries. One is apparently waking up at 4am and going jogging, in a Melb winter.

  45. My natal Moon/Chiron conjunction is 15 degrees Aries (with a Uranus opposition at 15 degrees Libra) and I am already feeling the Uranian energies. I left my job of the past 9 years, in a field which I hold a Masters degree, and I am now a stay at home mom with 3 kids. I figured it was time I found myself. I have very strong natal Pluto aspects as well (Pluto in 1st – part of a T-square with a square to a venus/mars conjunction and square to Jupiter, and also moon and Mercury in 8th) so I think I have learned to integrate the energies of Pluto, within reason as best can be done.

  46. His (boy who just freaked out and dumped me before we even got together- a taurus) Chiron is in Aries at 27 deg in the 2nd house.
    Our composite chart has Chiron in Aries in the 3rd house at 22 deg.

    He is insane with jealousy because I met someone else who I kinda liked a bit at a party. Nothing happened. We exchanged phone now. This from a man who still lives with his gf and will only communicate with me via email – he now claims it’s over and it’s all my fault because I have “emotionally left the building” and when he’s single (which for 7 months has been happening anyday now lol he will be will another woman and is not going to be all aresy with me because the whole “your loss thing is so beneath him” seriously ???
    It’s funny
    and ridiculous
    and fucking EXHAUSTING
    The only reason I went to that party in the first place was because he’s let me down for the zillionth time and was supposed to stay the night but cancelled at the last minute AGAIN in favour of work and because he “has anxiety about me”

    Ok then
    I’m off to the gym. Laters

  47. Mercury 11 Libra, Vesta 11 Scorpio, Jupiter 11 Pisces. All I know is I want to absolute freedom and independence and am irritated as fuq because I notice and am allergic to everything that is not that which is pretty much everything.

    Also, doing this exercise, I noticed I have Moon in Leo at 13, Eris in Aries 13, and Lilith in Aqua 13. Is that like a Grand Bitch Trine or what? LOL! I’d prefer the symmetry if they were all in fire signs. Maybe Lilith keeps the others burning with her air.

    Hecate, help me.

  48. I always struggle with these posts, but this is the first time I’m asking for help. I have a lot of trouble reading charts, in general – my own chart, specifically. If I don’t seem to have any major planets in these areas, is there another way that I can interpret to give me a helpful result? Any input appreciated!! :)

    • you could input your birth data into serennu.com in the ephemeris section. it will give you results for all sorts of asteroids and chart points too, and you can sort the results by degrees of signs, or degrees of the zodiac, or by aspects, or whatever. who knows! you might have an important asteroid near middle of Aries.

      cafeastrology.com is also a really good source for newbies – if you know what house of your chart 11-12 degrees aries is in, then even if you don’t have any natal planets there, then Uranus is probably bringing about some change in the affairs of that house, and you can read all about the different houses and signs in houses (as well as chart points and aspects etc) on cafeastrology.

  49. 11 deg Saturn Gem on my 10th house, opposing Neptune in Sagg, square my 7th house Pisces sun & merc.

    Definitely feeling the “therapy transit” of merc kataka right now in every possible way, much to the detriment of all my ZZ progress the past few months. Aching over an ex that I thought I had forgotten/moved on/outgrown. Aching all my exes, actually, to the tune of about one an hour! No sleep.

    Upside, staying vigilant on my diet and exercise regime and shunning social obligations like a nun.

  50. On 4th house cusp (13 deg aries) and yes, I’m moving to a completely different part of the country for a new job! Its a hot sunny place too… is that arian?

    I wonder what happens when transits this part of my chart again. I think zap zone is exact on that part of my chart two more times. Do I move again? Get new job that requires moving? What happens? haha

  51. Opposing my 12′ Venus in Libra and still in my 1st house. Not as bad as when it was on my ASC for all those months but I’m still having to work hard at counteracting the energy, not my happy place. I think having Saturn in Scorpio helps. Not that I’m in actually in a bad place at all, far from it but Uranus gives my nervous system a work out and I’m having to be EXTRA careful I don’t make any silly decisions on the man front. Don’t trust anyone until this has eased off again, by which time Pluto will be back to Square Venus again and I’ll have to watch out for the Plutonics, I kinda like them though.

  52. I don’t know if it’s Uranus at 11 (activating my Uranus, Sun, Venus, Pluto at 11 stellium…), but I cannot seem to use hand held devices anymore. I have found that only when I am not touching them do they get a proper signal. If I want to make a call I have to carefully place my phone down at a certain distance from me and at a certain angle. Then I can only touch it minimally while using it. If I am careful enough, I can have a normal conversation. And I also think (odd as this may seem), I slow down wifi and internet connectivity when I am near a computer. I seriously need my technology to do what I need to do everyday!!! So frustrating.

    • Doesn’t sound odd to me at all! (I have stationary Uranus natally, on MC, opp Jupiter). One friend nicknamed me Carrie because of what I seem to do to electrical/wireless equip when upset or running on adrenalin. By now I know that I have to do something really physical, or meditate, and then come back to it and it will work.

      • Good to hear others’ stories! Feels strange and I wonder if its something more mundane. But its just so pervasive especially now!!!:)

    • I had a spate where I went through lightbulbs at a great rate -crazy – I was dating a sun/conjunct Uranus at the time, I swear I was electrified!

      • Yes. I can touch a bulb and it will go out. And theres a kind of cycle to it where it happens all at once but to different kinds of bulbs used at different rates.

      • Mystic has several posts on here about Aquarius energy (same as Uranian energy) having that effect. Look them up and see the hilarious comments about how common it is with those placements or transits.

      • yes we uranus conj. suns do that. we damage anything electrical, even wristwatches. We give off small electrical shocks. :3

    • WOW!! I’ve been having issues with a certain piece of technology too, my normal super stable and solid media centre has just in the last couple days decided to be completely insane. I was just pondering yesterday whether it was infact me – after a few ridiculous coincidences – I get up very quickly in the room and the whole machine freezes. Or I enter the room and the whole machine freezes, or my socked foot slides on the tiles in the kitchen (the room next to the loungeroom where the media centre is) and the machine pauses for a moment. Me being infront of this machine now means it just hangs and hangs. I have to leave the room for it to do anything I want!

    • Uranus con IC here and I’m much the same with technology and electrical items. One office I used to work in are convinced I’m an alien because our shared network printer would stop dead every time I sent a print job through it (no matter whose computer I was doing it from). I go through fuq only knows how many light bulbs a year in whatever room I’m spending most of my time in, they just blow right out of the socket like rockets, with flames and sparks following behind them (this happens in house after house I’ve lived in. I’ve had electricians come to check it out and they just accuse me of using cheap light bulbs because there is nothing wrong with the wiring -but I’m not.)

      If only I had the same effect on annoying people as I do on electrical equipment…

      • Uranus conjunct Ascendent here and I have the same problem with printers and light bulbs. Mobile phones often lose signal too even if people I’m with have same network and full signal. Like you say, if only it worked on annoying peeps.

  53. Oh man, not good. I’m intensely uncomfortable with Aries energy. In theory this should be working for me, as I have Uranus at 11 Leo, Chiron at 12 Aquarius, and Saturn at 12 Sagittarius; Nodes are at 10 Scorpio/Taurus. But I totally feel like the rebel without a cause. My love life is land that has been fallow for so long it’s like Oklahoma after the Dust Bowl. Treading water for a long, long time with money and work, going nowhere. Friends peculiarly absent. Have become completely phobic and anxious about driving. I went into total avoidance mode for days and watched every episode of Scandal; that was fun, but I knew every minute that it was a major avoidance tactic.

    • The absent friends sounds like an 11 house transit poss Saturn?

      These things sound like my life too!

      I have just gone through THE weirdest epic episode gorge of ..ashamed by it as I NEVER watch sitcoms Desperate housewives! I don’t even have a TV that’s how much I hate them but….I noticed I started this bizarre behaviour on May 13 which is a year to the day the whole 9 set series ended. So it started in 2004 when I got married, I am now not. Somehow I am zipping through and reliving something that lasted the time of my marriage, truly bizarre!

      • Hi Kataka, Uranus is transiting my 11th house. Saturn is retrograding back over my sun in the 6th. Ah, maybe that’s where the total sense of utter defeat, invisibility and sadness is coming from.

        • Oh yes I guess a Saturn to sun transit is tough in your house of work and going back and forth, I have it in my 11th but not on my Sun but I have a Saturn square Sun nattily so know the energy (or lack of ha ha)
          Uranus in 11th should give you opportunities to connect with some interesting groups but they maybe fly by nights…

  54. Uranus heading toward my north node at 13 degrees…preparing for blastoff…

    • I thought Jupiter on my NN would be sublime and in some ways it was but it brought some very false gurus into my realm
      I think NN can be hard transits they are there to show you a path but it’s not always the easy one

      • Stuff is moving REALLY FAST and all of a sudden I have to move from slothy healing hibernation mode to take advantage of all this opportunity…lots of pressure and dealing with insecurities but if I push through it looks like I could have some very rapid growth. Fingers crossed…Uranus on my natal Mars next. Trining my natal Uranus-Venus-Neptune in Sagg.

        Jupiter has always been kinda meh for me. People hype it up a lot so maybe that’s why? Come to think of it though, when Jupiter was on my NN/Mars I had a lot of idealistic self-deception surrounding authority figures too…

        • Sloths. Whenever I see a sloth photo I think of you. You’ll always be a sloth to me.

  55. 11-12 degrees Aries is the start of my third house and forms a sextile to Gem Sun – comms are the focus.

  56. Don’t have time to read all of Myst’s post yet but got the gist….

    Mars in Aries front office Aqua – Moon in Gem- receptionist (who has been power trippin’ since the day I met her 6.5 yrs ago cuz she had been with the Kataka doc so long and he let her get away with shit cuz he didn’t like confrontation…Kataka Sun-Asc/Aqua Moon…he was just SUCH a great wonderfully loving and caring person quite frankly)…

    BUT…she was his Bulldog (we have an AM radio show out here in P.S with The Bulldog and Kevin…Bulldog is gay…Kevin is not….Bulldog is Jewish and from New York and hilar…)

    ANYWAY…biotch is skating on thin ice…And Pisces Sun/Aries Merc/Multi Virgo Moon-Mars-Uranus-Pluto not lettin’ her get away with shizzz (like that word better than shit btw Mystic)..

    The office plot thickens lol…12th house Sun and Saturn Scorp and Toro Love Doctor co-workers and me all in cahoots…but me, well, sorta on the outskirts observing really…they just confide alot…will keep you posted…Universe bustin’ Mars in Aries (her Mars @ 12 degrees….why she doesn’t mess with me πŸ˜‰ She tried long ago…*yawn*..Cappy Moon stays profresh in all office circumstances…can’t break that wall down babe )

    But really, if you don’t have it 2-get-her….esp if natal in the ZZ, universe gonna bust yo ass…Have my own thin ice from time to time but working on it privately…that’s the key…don’t play out, act out etc…take responsibility..

    Scorpbot, if you happen upon this, yes, dream boyfriends the best still…

    Think had that make out dream with Pisces doc cuz just as I was going into my massage room and he was going into one of his adjustment rooms he turned and smiled…. :)

    • Be this chick…. πŸ˜‰ Have cd…”Best of British” and listened to it lastnight drivin’ around…

    • Hey Sweetpea…. :)

      reality is better for me at the moment πŸ˜‰ (see my latest post on Dark Moon Tripping). I needed to break the long drought.


      • whoah…. go girl…. :)

        Love my 12th house Scorp co-worker…she’s 27 and Sagg rising…she ain’t gonna take much…well…”shizz”…lol

        • Oh and the pix on the above video…

          The “All Seeing Eye” (the symbol on the dollar bill and symbolic of Atlantis and how the Great Pyramid was going to be used for that exact purpose…

          Actually a chick…or The Great Goddess…get my drift?

          There are certain overseeing powers that were never given up and so The Goddess reigns Supreme from her High Place of Light..She simply went underground or made Herself invisible…those powers to do so actually belong to her quite frankly and so naturally they were sought after by those who sought power for devious intents…

          Rest assured as we see the remnants of Atlantis coming to the fore with the IRS, Prism, etc…all is being exposed..

          More fun than a barrel of monkeys and nearly…(not quite πŸ˜‰ ) the greatest show on Earth…

          • Want to mention had not even thought of the All Seeing Eye when posted that video…

            And, did you noitice the date of the exposure was numerologyistwise…heehee how the hell you say that?


            That means the 3rd eye, the intellect (the 6th chakra counting from bottom to up)..but no Crown Chakra – the Unifying Principal with the Universe of Godhead/Source and so, self serving, etc…

  57. Just lack of concentration. Haven’t been able to study or focus. Like there are a billion things running around in my head. And as I will be a finalist next year so there is no time to waste!

    I used to be sooo super studious and now I have lost interest in almost everything or doing anything :(

  58. Uranus close to hitting Aries moon in 2h, opposing sun libra in 8h. ive only cried in front of anyone a handful of times, but lately i’ve been welling up during conversations, in public, at tv commercials… feeling really insecure about my uranian-ness too. almost to the point of becoming reclusive. it’s at that dysfunctional point. have aqua rising sextile uranus, moon trine uranus, uranus in 10th saggo. uranus trine uranus transit, too. seems like this shouldn’t be so uncomfortable?

    • Aries cries at sappy movies. Maybe it’s that emotionally firey side of you. Embrace it. Unless there’s something really sad going on and that sadness is triggering you to take notice of how you’re feeeling.

  59. Pluto at 11 libra, but mainly the opposition has served so far to lighten the vibe of ongoing Pluto square and just back to exact Saturn oppo to Venus and friends. Soon though I’m expecting more. Saturn at 13 Leo, Neptune at 14 sag. A grand fire trine with those guys is exactly what I need right now… The adrenal exhaustion and everything spoken of above is absolutely my reality. A little motivation, energy, qi… Yes please! How about being able to get up in the morning even! Then after that’s done, a nice final sextile to Jupiter at 15 gem to finish off the bucket. I want genius, but I’ll settle for a life lived…

    • Patently untrue. I will not settle for a life lived. I will have dreams! Goals! A new society! 11th house and what that’s meant so far is that my friends are batshit crazy..

  60. 1000 ideas compared to Mystics usual Merc In Aries 500… how doz she do it. lol

  61. My venus is 15 Aries. Coming right up. I wasn’t sure if it was the handful of vitamins and killer juice (lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and chart), it must be uranus. My energy was bouncing off the walls and guys are contacting me. Don’t know what’s going on, but it’s rad all right. Then a crow was at a tree in front of my door just a few minutes ago, cawing all afternoon. It felt like he or she was talking to me. Same crow, lives there, but quite talkative this afternoon. Maybe that crow’s getting affected by uranus. Couldn’t stop talking. Wasn’t perched, just hunched and feathers looked like a blanket around it. Weird thing, 4 years ago, I saw a crow kill a small sparrow by spearing it in front of me, speared it twice. I freaked! Now I got this crow talking to me. Sorry to go on a tangent. I feel my metaphysical feelers are buzzing.

    • That’s funny… my crow-neighbors have been even more vocal and communicative in the past few days than usual. One came right up to my window via the power line, and listened to me talk.

      They’re also dive-bombing the cats when they sit in the window, which I’m finding quite funny (to my shame).

      • I had a crow talk to me once – it had a message, something like…honour your true self.

        • I love crows. Something about the blue/black iridescent shimmer on their feathers. Love their vocals too. I live in the city but every time I hear one, it’s like instant country :) beautiful birds.

    • You just stop what you’re doing and ease into listening mode. After a bit, if you start talking back to it, you’ll hear something slip out of your mouth that you didn’t expect and crow will put his head to the side and stop talking.

      • I really wanted to stand out there and telepathically communicate w this crow or whisper things to it. I didn’t coz my neighbors will think I’m a freak! I don’t care. I’m doing that next time it’s cawing in front of my door. It didn’t even sound like a crow. It sounded like a cat.

  62. My Mercury is at 12 Aries… thanks for the heads-up Mystic!

    I have been working in the studio for the past week or so, and the ideas are coming so fast that it’s making me quite impatient with the task of actually making the paintings! So this makes sense.

    9th house

  63. Uranus in my 4th House; big changes in employment starting in the last two weeks or so. Pluto in 10 degrees Cap in my 2nd house means interesting changes at home re: income and earner roles, too.

  64. Hmmm.. only Venus in 12degrees Pisces natally. Uranus has crossed my IC, from 4th to 3rd house, Aries cusp thing.
    Feeling not quite my usual self. A bit on edge, a bit on the verge of deep emotional sadness – not my normal stoic ice-queen self at all.
    Had a visit from Uncle & his lady. Have felt strange since this visit (Tuesday) like they departed but left clouds of their angst and merde ridden feelings behind.

  65. Ya I’ve got a lot of Aries thingies going on, feeling the rocket thruu-sssst.
    Have a feeling men are going to be saying “You’re way too intense for me.”
    And I’ll be saying, “That’s okay, thanks for the drink, my true love doesn’t think so.”

    And then he’ll walk through the door that very second dressed real good and wearing just a hint of an exclusive cologne.

  66. Sun at 12 Libra opp tran. Uranus.

    Just started seeing an uber-Aquarian man out of the blue, weird first meeting. Weird all around.

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro – just to reiterate.

  67. My Chiron is at 11 Aries…

    So, it’s currently being conjunct by Uranus & squared by Pluto.

    Nodes are at 12 Aqua/Leo.

    Have been feeling Hyper Electro Sensitive lately, to the point of wanting to eliminate the fuqwits next door (& everyone else) who leave their wireless router on 24/7…

    Woke up this morning channelling crystal clear Nikola Tesla-esque info, on ‘Zero Point frequency’, complete with instructions on how to create a Zero Point Energy field/grid matrix of Light… to neutralize electromagnetic frequencies & radiation of course.
    (I wish I was joking).

    My issue is that it’s not like I don’t have a mountain of ‘normal life’ sh*t to do with my time & energy! The Muggles still expect you to deliver in every area of life, even while you’re pulling info from the ethers.
    I mean seriously, when am I gonna find the time, resources et al, between creating income streams, studying, setting up a website, blog, business & all the other responsibilities I have???

    Life seems too much for one individual to do alone. I’m finally starting to understand why people get married, have husbands, wives, etc.

    Although I feel Einstein was the real Genius!… He had a ‘House-keeper’… she was the one who would slave away providing meals & prompting him to eat a nutritious meal several times a day.
    So it didn’t matter for him that time flew by, while he was engrossed all day/night.
    Sh*t still got done!

    So I guess my great Uranian insight is that I need a dedicated ‘House-keeper’!… Or an extra-ordinarily supportive, gorgeous mediterranean Husband/life partner with greek god curls & glistening cafe latte skin, at the very least ; )

      • Dear Star-

        Agreed! Everyone needs a wife- especially wives! My co-moms support me, cheer me, stand in for me- my husband cooks- most nights- when teens and I come roaring in from martial arts- he refuels the team.

        Stepping out of my supporting role -stage manager bit into a one woman solo act- where I’m the main event-

        So true about Einstein, Beethoven too!!

        A doctor I knew lived in a boarding house – run by older lady who cleaned and cooked for him- this was in the 1980s! Doubt his doctor wife had same services going through med school!!

        Dirty truth- veggies /grains require much prep/ time compared to dead animals- but well worth it!!!

        Happy Day of Jove!


  68. Wow. I’ve been stomping around since this went up feeling awful and v dark moon bluesy. Moon at 10 Libra conjunct Pluto at 11 Libra in 12th house opposite transiting Uranus. Neptune at 12 Saggitarius in 2nd house. Transiting Saturn is also conjunct natal Uranus (in the 1st, conjunct Asc) Went to lie down this afternoon to listen to MM’s binaural beats track, fell asleep for a while and woke up like a different person. I’ve allowed myself to be ruled by my emotions for too long, without even realising it, particularly during the hideous transit of my 12th house by Saturn. This is odd as most people perceive me as quite unemotional and sometimes cold. But there it is. And I have finally let go of old dreams and desires and realised I can create a new vision for myself. The old dreams/wants were so pre-ZZ and I just don’t need them anymore.
    It’s amazing how cathartic actually letting go and opposed to thinking about letting go can be..

  69. I have NOTHING at 11 or 12 degrees in any sign, but I feel it.
    Closest is 9* saggy Neptune…..whatever.