Totes Taurean

Audrey Hepburn with cat“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.”


Audrey Hepburn


Yes, completely. She was multiple Taurus – Fortuna, Sun, Jupiter & North Node.

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85 thoughts on “Totes Taurean

  1. Yep! I get it! My birthday today…on a new moon/solar eclipse! Have been celebrating all day…now just leave me alone to recover/ recoup/ revitalise!

  2. Taurus rising in 12th house. My idea of bliss. I could happily be alone and see people maybe twice a week.

  3. Hmm was it the Pet Shop Boys who coined the phrase: “She was never bored because she was never boring”? As a triple Toro I’m with Audrey – give me my space and peace to rejuvenate, sloth, create… whatever and I will re enter the world happy to give, listen, receive etc. Crowd me out and I wither/run/melt down.

  4. Totally my new mantra…. Thank you Audrey! I used to blame my constant aloneness/solitude/bunkering down in my abode to being an introvert, but now i can refer to having Moon in Taurus.
    Oh, and Seabird, I’m with you…. seeing peeps twice a week would be plenty for me! And Toromojorising, ditto, ditto, ditto :)

    • I’m totes with all of you (I say from my bed)

      Scorp on the outside, triple Toro in.

  5. Saturday night until Monday morning – that’s only one day!

    I love having an entirely empty weekend stretching out before me. Just the thought of it is relaxing. Being alone is like a kind of massage.

  6. I can relate to this – Chiron, Mars and Venus in Taurus.
    This week I found out my Mum once moved a bull by loading him into her Hillman Husky.

      • My JFur says “with great difficulty”, he was a nice bully bull. A Poll Hereford off to the sale yards, she had the help of my two older brothers.
        Her roast carving knife in hand and lamb docking tails stories and the stuff of legend.

  7. love her! She was so elegant and a snake too. yes tauras north node are so exhausted from having a scorpio south node i think i could sleep for a hundred years.

  8. I only have Chiron in Taurus.. but seriously, this described me to the enth degree.
    I also have a 21mth old son, so this part of me that slept all weekend and spent time alone very often died a few years ago.
    I miss her luxuries.
    I miss sleep.

  9. wow! love that you picked Audrey Hepburn
    as a tauras is about gentleness and peace.
    tauras to me is sensuality and innocence. Opposed to scorps
    instant gratification and intensity.

  10. Is this why both Toros & Scorps are so private… being that theyre opposing signs, they manifest different aspects of the same personality? I am scorp- heavy in my chart and feel that every second spent being ‘out’ needs a corresponding second spent looking ‘in’ or else I get weirdly heavy or just feel detached. majority of toros I met get this, if nothing else, about my behaviour… it is generally too Leonine dramatic for Taurus 😛

  11. I liken this to rockin a “Please do not disturb” sign around my neck. Some bad ass gangsta dude is gunna steal this idea….

    • Grandmaster Flash did come up with a rap version of a sign-around-neck:

      “Don’t push me cos I’m close to the edge….,
      I’m try-in not to lose mah head, uh-hah hah hah””

      And if you read the verses, inability to do a quiet re-juve at home in comfort a la Audrey in da ghetto was part of the problem!

    • Ha. Have seen this on a t-shirt..the back of it read: ‘im already disturbed enough’.

  12. I thought that was just me! I have a lot of Taurus in my inner planets – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars.

  13. Pretty sure that’s the Moon in Pisces talking though. And I say that because I’m also a Toro with that Moon and I completely relate. Refueling is more Pisces than Taurus, since bulls can go on forever…

  14. Multi taurus here too. Im alone. Ironically came on here to vent about this. Yes, the refueling thing she is right about. But, I have isolated myself in ways that make me so depressed. I wish it weren’t so…

  15. I have Moon-Midheavan-Chiron in Taurus and a stellium in House 2 (Taurus’ natal home) and I recharge by being alone even though my strengths are in relating. I’ve also got a bit of Virgo and Libra so I’m naturally nervous, broad minded and sensitive…

  16. Me, multiple Taurus, need to be alone very often. My best girlfriend, also a Taurus, is a complete extrovert and needs company at all times.

  17. I find this to be very true of people born under a Balsamic Moon – in any sign. That phase loves a good hermit.

        • oh my yes. balsalmic 12th toro moon and i could see people one a week and be perfectly content.

          • Yes! That reminds me of a quote by another balsamic moon peep…

            I thrive best on solitude. If I have had a companion only one day in a week, unless it were one or two I could name, I find that the value of the week to me has been seriously affected. It dissipates my days, and often it takes me another week to get over it.

            ~ Thoreau

    • Have never heard of balsamic moon, only vinegar so did a quick research…came across really interesting rave in astrodienst and could soooo relate to it. I thought SURELY I must have been born on one??!! Did a check on moon phases and yes lo and behold I was. Thankyou! Most illuminating…(in a dark way!)

  18. Yep…Audrey speaks my language. Multiple Toro (sun, moon, merc, venus, SN & ceres), so there are many weekends I hunker down & the phone is turned off. Some of my friends understand; others think I’m cruel. But all seem drawn to my Leo asc & its fun loving nature, so there’s rarely a weekend that some one isn’t asking for a piece of me…a cursed blessing sometimes.

    • The Leo asc must clash with that laid back attitude. I’m the same way. I have early degrees Sun, Asc, Venus all conjunct in toro, all in my first house — so I can get very regal Leo, craving outside attention, adoration, and mixing in the social atmosphere. But, I go through long extreme spells of extroverted and comfortable isolated introspection. But the common demoniator is the same…I either am one way or the other, never both. Also, I’m incredibly sensitive to my environment especially things that assault my ear drums. I hate 90% of the noise pollution out there and that includes the way people speak to each other. It’s all that neptune I have. I love lounging around, preferably with a like minded mate, when I get home and enjoying my pace and my silence and controlling the decible level. And yes, I agree that the weekend is one drawnout day! I’m usually burning candles at both ends during the week so I really need a metric tonnage of downtime.

      • I feel the aural assault too Gren – you think Neptune? I have a 7Scorp Neptune on my DC, trining Mars & Pluto and opposing my Moon. Does that make it strong?

        • calypso, I forget to mention the moon with my neptune. I know my own particular sensitivities come from a tight neptune moon conjunction within the 8th house. Ever since I could remember, I’d absorb or sense everyone’s moods or relational vibe in an instant. Even pick up the lingering atmosphere where people had recently occupied. But the physical senses the hearing and eyesight, I’m more prone to. Which makes sense for a toro as we deal in the more tangibles. Most of the time, it’s grating feedback and it’ll wear me down to the point where I shut myself in and don’t want to talk or see anybody. It’s just as draining as soaking up everyone’s bad moods or chaotic auras around you, that I’ll just drop off the map for long periods of time.

          • I can relate- Moon/Neptune conj. in Scorp, 4th house. My sensitivities, both sensory and emotional, get more acute all the time. My peaceful home is my refuge.

            Although I’d like to live with a partner one day, I can’t actually picture what that would look like. I am so affected by others’ energy.

  19. more like totes introvert! i have no toro but def relate.

    Plus, there’s gotta be some extrovert Tauruses out there that recharge with others.

  20. I get this wanting to be alone, but out of other reasons.

    Ladies and Gents, I could really use some help. I need to learn how to shield myself against emotions/projections of other people. I pick up all sort of crap from the immidiate environment and act it out.

    Being aware of it actually helped a bit, but I still have the hardest time getting out of the tired and drained haze, I cannot pinpoint the source.

    • I so relate, Aquaria. Where’s your Neptune? Is it prominent, or afflicted?

      Possibly you are what they call an HSP (highly sensitive personality?) Includes empaths, people highly sensitive to light, all sorts of shit, including very pervious psychic boundaries – e.g I will actually manifest the illnesses or experience the deep emotions experienced by those I love, before they’ve even told me about them, even if they are on the other side of the planet. Or, I KNOW when shit is being talked about me, or something bad is about to happen to someone I love, because I feel nauseous or knocked flat or whatever…and later I get objective confirmation from someone else that no, I wasn’t paranoid, or just suffering generalised anxiety – what I felt, intuitively, was happening, or was about to happen, WAS happening, or about to, right then, when I felt sick/stricken all of a sudden.

      Big gifts…but a big downside, and so hard to manage in a world like thisI Someone once told me to visualise strengthening and completing the auric circle of light protection around me. Might help? Bet Pegasus has better suggestions. Pegs? Where are you darl?

      • Sorry to chime in here. Fi you just described me. I have RX Neptune @ 14 in Sag in my natal 11th house. I’d love to know more about this and certainly the self protective shield is a must. Thank you so much for sharing this information Fi.

      • I have Neptune in Sag, in an opposition to Mars. Doing Martial Arts has helped me heaps manifesting the energy better.

        For the longest time I didn’t actually realize I am empathic. So the awareness and acceptance has already helped in regards to realizing that a lot of crapnegativity and stuff isn’t actually coming from me.

        I do think of it as a gift, but I need to learn how to handle it, how to pinpoint source and then shut it off. Want to arrive at the point where I can use it positively and conciously.

        When I do manage to be calm and centered, I actually see other people displaying the behaviour I thought was me. It’s surreal. And it’s not only “loved” ones, but anyone that managed to hook me for some reason or the other. Well, I am tired of being Bitchy McRebel because the other gals in the group have issues they aren’t aware of and are happy to let me act them out. I want to close their pressure release valve. Deal with your own shit, thank you very much.

        Obviously, 99% of people will look at you as being crazy when you try to explain.


      I know the layout is tackorama, but I get a nice vibe off his work.
      Try it!

      • Yes questionable facial hair aside. I’ve also been looking at Elaine N Aron. Thank you Anonymous.

        • Thanks for what you said above Aquaria. Sometimes it’s like being a universal chew toy. This is definitely separate to my mental health problems (early trauma, violence and general nasty shit). I think this empathetic and psychic schiz developed because of early childhood trauma. I didn’t get the parental nurturing and love that I needed so this aspect opened up – so that a gift could be given to me.
          Martial arts – physical/mind body connection through exercise is definitely an important tool.

          • I think the fact that I practice the martial arts in a more holistic/spirtual approach as a means of self discovery and enhancement helped me, because I slowly learned (and am still learning, mind you) who I am and what are my thoughts/values/opinions incl. acknowledging parts of my shadow self.

            Once you get more clear on who you are, it gets easier to seperate, but I am not always in the right frame of mind to keep it out and sometimes it just sneaks up on me, vroosh I suddenly have an emotion or opinion for or against something/someone that doesn’t really originate from me but I am not aware.

  21. Yep! Totally agree. It was my birthday today (well yesterday now haha) and i’d been working all week, planning to have all my friends over for a home cooked meal. Went down a treat! but I tend to take on board other peoples problems too much and was exhausted by the end of the evening. Every one wanted to go dancing afterwards and did so save moi. Me? cuppa and now bed. solo day tomorrow (today!) methinks–definitely need recuperation!!

    ps: did this last dark moon psychological churning like no ones business! super intense! but the energy is so good right now even if there are problem areas i still feel only positive about things :)

  22. ah, simple restorative indulgence; hunkering down in a hammock, my Taurus on the third house craves library like silence, shush please and shut the door quietly on your way out ….

  23. I feel the same, but I always attributed it to my 12 house moon, rather than being a Taurus rising….

  24. Yep, I am a hardcore introvert. I’ve gone days without talking to anyone and it suits me fine. I’m trying to fix this though…going out on the weekends more and getting on a better work schedule. But yes, people exhaust me. I wish it weren’t the case. I like being social! It’s just so…draining.

  25. Sun moon merc in scorpio … the need for privacy is very strong. If not for my saggo rising remaining me to get out more – I’d consider cave dwelling with an internet connection.

  26. I have absolutely NO planets in Taurus or 2nd house (but have Sun in the 8th house, opposite) and have afflicted Venus, however…………..

    I can TOTES relate to Audrey. That could easily be my quote… I recharge alone at home and often do that on weekends, including lots of sleep.

    Could it be my Crab ascendant…? Aqua Sun, Pisces moon, Cap Venus.

    • Taurus energy covers my 11th house, but no planets there, maybe that’s it..

  27. Audrey Darling….that is my life…Venus in Toro…esp conjunct Lilith and square Leo Uranus in 3rd..I can go a whole weekend and not make a peep…And this with Mars in Gem on the Asc…I write more than I speak quite frankly…

    As Aries Stellium as well (Sun/SN/PofF/Medusa/Mercury), I was born a feminist but just didn’t know it cuz you know, you can still be Universal 😉

    • Agreed, Sweets x
      One day? Frequently far from enough! Venus/Neptune/Lilith in last degs of Scorp 12th square Saturn in 3rd (square Mars in Leo 9th, whom you’d think would need the attention!). No Toro at all in my chart. Perhaps we are all manfesting the the “afflicted venus” club, Flowerchild…x

      • Ohhh, I can see that…the Veen/Nep/Lil Scorp 12th square Saturn in 3rd.

        Yeah, I’m universal one day and the next day I want the world to fuq off… haha

        Okay, I always essentially get back to the universal but my Sun and Aries in Merc square Saturn gets a bit pissy…

        Heehee, Afflicted Venus club…yeah maybe but I love my Toro Venus with Lil square Uranus…I like what feminist Gloria Steinem used to say (she was huge Aries)..

        “You’re not the boss of me”

        That will be a cold day in hell babes… x

  28. Oh my WORD this quote is so me, I could have said it. I live alone and love my freedom so much that it comes between me and dating lol. Seriously though, my weekends are MINE. Could I be an undercover Taurus? Pisces sun, Virgo Asc. and Sagg moon, so don’t think so but hey I do have Jupiter in Taurus (8th house).
    Feels good to know there are more people out there who loves, and thrives on, solitude! Such bliss.

    • I’ve got a Sagg moon too and Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house.

      Love my solitude!! It’s been 26 years of living on my own. Have never done the living with a partner thing either. I don’t know if can.

  29. So on point, Mystic! My Sun, Moon, North Node and Mars in Taurus completely agree. Go ahead, try to interfere with the time I’ve allotted to myself….you won’t ever do it again.

    Silence is peace…

  30. Some people refuel with people and others without. I’ve never noticed this as a taurus thing specifically. If I were to guess a sign though I would say pisces/12th house just to clear out the psychic junk from being in the world.

  31. That’s exactly what I did this new moon! Double Taurus time was all about quality control, greens, naps, baths, body awareness, pottering and slooooowing the fuq down. Bliss.