OMG Eclipse Insights

Girl Butterflies

So this Full Moon in Saggo Eclipse is like a circuit-breaker, rut-buster deluxe bit of astro-weirding. Yes radical candor but high chance it is mostly to your self.

And it’s square Neptune so there is also a strong sense of delusions cracking, omg psychological insights unavailable to you during normal transmission and a haute degree of awareness around any addictions.

Fun, yes?  Oh and definitely not a good time to pull a Lower Neptune stunt. Anything Love Zombie linked or attempts to get out of it could get murky real fast.


Image: 30 Seconds To Mars

240 thoughts on “OMG Eclipse Insights

  1. This whole spring has been beyond crazy. And I saw an ex for the first time in years and I am trying to avoid becoming a love zombie ( I previously had no zombie inclinations). He has north node in 7th house leo, and a 12th house sun. Total challenge for me. ;)

    • The guy I’m seeing is a 12th house Leo sun (square Pluto almost exactly…with Pluto almost exactly conjunct the IC in the 4th…in Scorpio – his fam is prob #1….yea, didn’t see that coming or anything. Ugh). And I have an 8th house Leo sun with a North Node in Leo in the 7th.

      Complicated is an understatement.

      • Sounds like it! He needs a transformed family life from that chart I think. It will not be pretty.

        The ex is a Capricorn 12th sun. Ascendent square the saturn, so father issues. Lots of sag and Capricorn so vacillates from freedom needs to structure/security/prestige.

        My Leo 12th house north node I think never made things easy for us.

  2. So poignant. The 26th is when its going to conjunct my moon and Neptune. The last eclipse was on my bday. I read a lot of sites talk about standing on top of the rubble that was your old self…
    It just dropped 30 deg here and the tonight is cool stormy and windy. perfect neptune weather. There’s that reset buzz in the air. The zap feels beautiful. Like the floating bag scene in American Beauty.

    • What a gorgeous, soothing description!

      I can’t tell you how much I absolutely LOVE your avatar.

      Did you draw it? : ) Amazing!

      • i’m venus rising myself and it is been such a nice eclipse run this week i say boring even. benefitting from jupiter and pluto trines to my sun so very calm and nurturing yet a little dark too, the way i like it.. hope you are doing the same. last night was such a treat and the weather was very indicative of how the latest transits have been treating me. glad you like the pic, not mine gosh, would love to sketch like that, just something i found a long time ago as I’m quite a tumblr-file. it captures my persona nicely i guess that’s why i like it too.

    • Such a well chosen and written metaphor. Clever you!

      I so love that scene. I tear up every time I watch it, because its the antithesis of how most of us feel each day and because it says “just let go, I’ll carry/liberate you” .
      Zap Zap Zap from here to there on the lick of a breeze

  3. Drinking during the Zap Zone for a Friday night.

    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I can definitely see the temptation to turn weekends into multicolored blurs.

  4. Loving this vibe, strong desire to be alone and loving it. I have had little social life lately, a friend offered to come over tonight but would rather be alone! Feels necessary and great, fun even! full moon blessings.

  5. Hm. Eclipse is in the degree of last year’s solar return ascendant which had the North Node conjunct… the year I met my soul mate but couldn’t have him. I had been hoping all through this eclipse season that my Sad Sadge (who is pretty darn happy these days) would reach critical mass with his, um, domestic situation. But no. He stays for the money for now. It is hard for a Jupiter type to forgo his status, I guess.

    Meanwhile, I’m working on releasing all those old fears and focusing on what is good in my life. And, as this eclipse degree is across my sixth house, I’m focusing on health – especially my hormones – by giving up coffee again.

    • Alchemist darling, do you want him sans the security
      of his owning property? That is a choice that’s easy at 20, the answer would be ‘yes’, but in these uncertain times, it’s
      practical to go the slow way, nevertheless, annoying would be a good word for the time factor involved.

      Please share your recipe for the special bone broth here as you have probably become expert in the brew.
      24 hours of simmering? That would make for a cosy kitchen :-)

      • Yes Pegs, SO agree. Not good for any of us if his sudden departure causes financial ruin. Patience does not come naturally to this Lady-Bull. Too much Gemini/Virgo/Mercury/Uranus power. But I will get productive while I wait.

        Bone broth:

        Get your local organic butcher to sell you some joint bones from grass fed/pastured animals – the more gristle the better as these contain all the pre-cursors to collagen (and grass fed means higher omega3s)

        Put your bones in a BIG pot and cover with filtered water. Bring to a gentle boil. Drain this first lot of water off.

        Cover the bones with filtered water again and add in a half cup of good apple cider vinegar (Acetic acid, yes? This will ensure all the minerals go into the broth)

        Simmer for as long as you can – I prefer two to three days. Top up the water and add more apple cider vinegar as you go. The broth is cloudy and the bones go soft as they give up their minerals.

        When the bones are soft/ish remove from the heat and let it cool completely. Drain the liquid and fat from the bones into a large container.

        Leave the layer of fat on the top as this protects it from bacteria and place in the refridgerator until it forms a jelly (about 4 hours).

        I usually bag the jelly up into half-cup serves and freeze – one bag makes about 3 cups of broth when you add water. I also use it to gently cook kale or other greens as the flavour is amazing.

        It is a bit stinky during the simmering phase but it is VERY good for you. My teenagers keep stealing it because they like the taste it adds to cooked veggies – so it MUST be good!


        • Multi-besos for this recipe, TA. I’ve been experimenting with bone broth this past winter and am looking forward to trying your version. I like to toss a chunk of himalayan pink salt in the broth, too. Incredibly soothing.

          • Oh, yes, Whimsy – I love the Himalayan pink salt too. I don’t usually put it in until I’m using the bagged bone jelly for cooking or making some broth – then I also add some spring onion and chillie flakes – yum!

        • have you considered using a pressure cooker? More nutrients are preserved and it speeds up cooking time wasting less of the planet’s precious resources than a 3 day simmer.

    • baby, be good to you. 6th house also, giving up coffee and hormones, my god, yes, makes a massive difference, which I am loathed to say because I love coffee.

    • hello TA,
      thank you for the bone broth recipe. when I make stock (basically bone broth) I also add vegies for flavour – onion, carrot, celery, salt/pepper. is it safe to assume we can do the same for this you think?

      Also, what’s the deal with coffee and hormones – is this an adrenalin thing?

      lastly – sorry to hear the sadge if-only-soul-mate is not quite in the playing field.. xx

      • I chuck vegies in mine (I also roast the bones for until they’re browned a bit before I throw them in the pot).

      • HI Pi, yeah the coffee thing is about stress hormones which mess with the sex hormones (which causes headaches too). Worse lately due to new job/lover situ/buying property/zap zone so I’ve been drinking extra coffee and getting extra edgy then craving (and EATING) carbs (chocolate!) which in turn makes me more stressy.

        So the biohack I need to do is stop the coffee, focus on de-stressing. I follow Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint and also, to a certain extent, the Leptin Diet. All about the hormones and how food and lifestyle impact on gene expression.

      • I don’t know how to get a saggie back. You could always top them in whatever they’re good at and they get to see how awesome you are!

  6. Randomly or serendipitously, those butterflies are undulating in time to the kirtan chant I’m listening to right now……! I’ve been having these types of down-the-rabbit-hole experiences lately, though through coincidence and throughout everyday life and completely sober.

    Yes, LOTS of insights between me, myself, and I. Trying to stay non-reactive outwardly, though I haven’t gotten an A+ on that……I’ve done a damn near perfect job of that, though!

    Feeling a bit wound up, though, and somehow got sort of instantly usurped into a bad mood today. It was so weird, like walking through some invisible bad energy force-field and then all of a sudden I was thrown off center and felt like a completely different person, but there was no perceptible precipitating event that caused this. I felt hijacked like energy vampire thing, but don’t know where or who it came from. Maybe this is part of the eclipse energy………just gotta ride it out…………and try to not ‘blow up’……some other energy healer said we are ‘transformers’ for this energy, and so I instantly thought, oh, better not ‘blow up’, then, like electrical transformers sometimes do. Ha ha! ;)

      • Have you read about the 188 day earthquakes?
        You tube it, some weird and wonderful stuff about grids and ley lines showing maps.
        Stay safe. The saying used to be ‘safe as houses ‘ but that is no longer used:-(

        • Thanks! :) ….. just checked that out. Looks like the theory is that the retro/direct movements of Saturn and Jupiter influence earthquakes happening on Earth.
          Interesting how the astrological polarity of Jupiter/Saturn represent the energies of expansion/contraction, respectively, and that is kind of the energy of an earthquake…..hmmmm…….food for thought!

  7. Today a hormonal wreck after a maybe miscarriage. Not sure if I was even pregnant.
    NOt sure what I am doing with my life.
    Son returns home for the summer. Can not wait.

  8. Rut buster? In tune, have been making list of places to go, people to meet, animals to kiss so as not to succumb to the usual SAD syndrome.

    Am going to get that zinc white windsor & newton water colour tube to do a
    painting or at least finish the 10 unfinished ones.t.

    Please eclipse bring me a double dose of creativity and the energy to implement it.
    New book arrived: Radical Passion by Andrew Harvey.
    Didn’t someone here turn me onto an interview with him?
    SOmeone else turned me onto Bruce Lipton, that’s coming.
    Thanx big whomever it was, from one who thinks she already knows it all
    just wants the deets :-)
    Btw WHO are you if your reading this? x

  9. So want a dog, but like a husband, don’t know if i could deal with one 24/7
    for 10 years. Would need a ‘share’ situation with either one dog or man.

    • dogs are pretty cool. less demanding than a human relationship, always happy to see you, always like to go on adventures. it’s the constancy of companionship that the doggies like best and they function with a good routine and not much alone time. 15 years or so of furry friendship.
      I’d love a couple of dogs but my life circumstances are too unstable to manage pets unfortunately, and if I commit to pets I’d like to know I will be a good ‘owner’ . x

    • My dog is the best man I ever met ;-) He’s 12, weighs only about 12 pounds and likes when I carry him in a bag. I’ve had him since a baby. Raising a puppy is hard, but now he’s set and he just likes being with me. He’s pretty easy to care for – he doesn’t need a lot of exercise – but he does just want to be around me. When I leave, he howls like a wolf. Its so funny and sad to hear because he’s so little and quiet you wouldn’t think he’d be capable of such noise. And so loyal – no doubt whose dog he was in the divorce! The only loyal friend from that time, actually. God, I really love my dog. I like my cat a lot….I love my dog. We’ve got history. Anyway, pets are never practical, but they make life so much more enjoyable, imho. Then again, I am Virgo. If its meant to be, your companion soul mate will arrive in your life soon.

  10. Felt this surge of creativity bathing my mind while walking along the beach today. Thought of a series of artworks to do…usually I’d let the medium speak to me and be the vehicle for that expression. The first idea hit about 5-7 days ago “you got to keep that and finish off the Tomato Women”. Then while I was ironing a tea towel (my fav it reminds me of 1970′s wallpaper – sea nymphs). Then the final piece of the creative puzzle arrived with the lapping of the waves, soaking my feet and drenching my mind.

      • Called Tomato Women because the hydro stems on top of the tomatoes looked like liquid female forms. Been years since I continued that creative process but it has stuck with me all these years. Kinda like the spiritual link/kink in the food chain.
        Red papaya yes…yellow hells no.
        Yoni not Yanni.

  11. Something awol in the Daily horoscopes, it just says Sagg content
    and then blank, no words for any of the 12 just the name of sign and content’.
    They are eclipsed i guess.

  12. Do you know butterflies in the Amazon river drink the tears of turtles for the salt. The turtles don’t mind one iota but object to the bees doing it.

      • Lucy, have you not heard about the ‘tears of a turtle’?
        Elephants ‘weep’ too, but American Indians say the turtle represents mother earth, and she’s crying for us, as she is carrying us all on her back.The turtle is a symbol all the way across the Pacific from Oz to American indigenous cultures.
        Guess it’s to cleanse their eyes of grit would be the biological reason.
        Ps i have the turtle tattooed on my right shoulder
        on top of the ghekko one.

  13. Isn’t it still building? All I know for sure now is that I have to find a way to be self-employed. Not sure how yet. Booking time with my metaphysican to work out why I keep getting stuck in these career patterns. I want out of that loop.

    Quit smoking and its going well. No hookah either. Took a drag off a colleagues cig the other day and regretted it. It just tasted ick and gave me a headache.

    Had a dream the other night that I was telling Uranian Scorp about his chart and then I stopped and said I can’t because I don’t know the time he was born and then heard “5th house Sun in Scorpio” and got that it was linked to the second house issues. I feel like somehow his presence in my mind is related to my career issues, like my mc hits his AC or something.

    I don’t know if I should skip the office tomorrow. I am concerned if I go in I may end up quitting. I see the end clearly now.

    • Am on day FOUR after 5 months of fortnightly counselling
      where free nicotine patches are given. Hardcore am i about smoking dammit. Can go 2 days then i break of an evening and go buy. It’s part of my paradoxical behaviour, so wounded healer. Have broken a 50 year pattern.

      Feel absolutley amazing, so much energy, so proud of myself. Smoking to me has been like ‘putting out the fire with gasoline’ not to mention ‘mother guilt’ symbolised by never wanting to let her her ashes go 20 years after her death at 64..
      My danger times are 8-10am & 6-8pm. The nicotine spray
      is so peppery hot haven’t used it or the chewing gum, so off-putting is it.
      If you are cold turkey-ing…..BRAVO, each day becomes easier.
      Here cigs are $17 oz dollars for 20, so each time i don’t succumb, i purchase something of that value as a reward (for a while only) till the habit is surely ditched.
      On your side, stay with it, more strength to you, have been following your QUIT journey. x

      • Congrats! I am not quite doing cold turkey. Have smoked tobacco in a hookah a few days in the past week or so. I think this is day 8 for me. Cravings are such lonely, empty feelings and each one I ignore makes me feel stronger and more aware of how much other shit I don’t really have to deal with around here. I’ve been smoking for the better part of 26 years and I’m only 38 so I get how hard the habit is to break. Wishing you peace beyond it and working on that for myself too :-)

        • Ha ha! I do love that: “each one I ignore makes me feel stronger and more aware of how much other shit I don’t really have to deal with”.

          Thank you, 12HV, there is always shit, isn’t there? Some of it you can choose not to even bother dealing with. Very simple, very Virgo, very nice.

    • Re self employment: have been for 30 years, it’s feast or famine and you learn budgeting for the lean times, but we have the best health care system on the planet, so understand your concerns.
      Borrowed $100 to start, an advert and business cards, grossed 1/4 million in the first 4 years then split O/S for 2 years, came back with nothing at 43 & did the same again and i don’t have the talent you do in your field of experience.
      Much is luck and belief in yourself plus looking to where the gaps are to fill them. Looking to what isn’t and how you can fill that service. Service is taking off in a big way.
      Ask what peeps need. In Oz it’s an ageing population and services for them, the retirees.
      In ’93 i watched peeps going about their day to day stuff and thought ‘they are all going to need 3 persons each to look after them later in life judging their bodies’, so i became a bodyworker.
      You only need to invent ONE thing 1 million peoples need at 1 dollar each.
      Does this help your decision?.

      • I feel like I’ve been a selfish and spoiled brat. I have so many options and talents and years of experience in a really high paying industry. Its all kind of silly to me – that I get paid what I do. And what I really want is more time by the water and time with my daughter and exercise and creative independence. I want to create content but also value it enough to expect to be paid for it. I’d like to develop some sites that generate a passive income. I also want a life free of worry and full of security – who doesn’t want that, right?

        I am going to focus on self care, being grateful, play and see what opens up for me and not try so hard to plan and predict my way through life. Honestly, I feel kind of cut off from my feelings right now — too much worry and judgment going on — and I can’t do good creative work or make authentic decisions for myself if I am unbalanced and being reactive. One short call with the metaphysican made it clear how off track I am. Acceptance, just working on that right now.

        Also, did you notice when you stop smoking your head feels better? My sinuses are so happy about my quit! I like smelling better. Good luck!

  14. Rut busting.

    I am so ready for that. Like, ready to blow up parts of my own life to build it up again ready. I’ve been in a rut the whole zap zone and I hate it.

    You’ve got four planets to hit – light me up eclipse, baby!

  15. #Rutbusted. It’s my last day of work, I’ve been riding out the month notice like pulling teeth between the politics, a very bad choice in changing of the guard and all the rest of it. I have a modest eve planned in which to chill in the company of capbeau, which is good because I am really hormonal right now and this eclipse is poking me. I asked for a super no fuss leave but it’s been an odd last few days seeing people get emotional about my leaving which I was not expecting at all. I love my clients though and I am sad to let them go but the place is just so toxic and a contract feels like a noose right now, esp if it’s preventing me from making better money. I am going to focus on my own work and have a small amount of other work lined up to bridge the transition that is less toxic than current space. Ironically, the eclipse is in my 6th house and my lovely hot cancerian friend just gave me his old juicer. Small mercies.

  16. GUYS i don’t know if this is eclipse insanity or WHAT but i am musing upon the idea of getting a really fuq of awesome huge warehouse space that i would be able to give really funky astro seminars in. Like amazing workshops in which we totally thrash out our charts, eat super foods, make astrologiical action plansOBVIOUSLY i am aware that neptune squares this eclipse and that pluto in capricorn is JUST getting going but out of interest, what do guys you think?

      • Sounds AWESOME! Do it!

        Could you do live webcasts of workshops? I wouldn’t be able to attend in person ’cause I live in California…

        • Okay fuq it lets rent a jet and it only flies along the ley lines?

          webcasts yes but the workshop would be very personal, people going on about their stuff a bit so maybe not. But genius idea.

    • I agree with Ms. You’ve talked about doing a vacation-retreat event before too. Think of your global customers too! Good luck.

      • Love it. I don’t live in your state so hello Astro Tourism! I only travel for conferences now anyway so it suits.

    • Advice from the accountant or saturn 2nd house instincts talking? If you ever have any desire to let it go you can always do what most company directors in vertical businesses did and just sell the warehouse after waiting, or develop it…Into apartments…?

      All the astute people who ever made money did so from shrewd commercial business decisions, leveraging the risk, owning their own and increasing their profit margin…Avoid any exclusivity precluding honesty…By keeping the folk involved real…

    • My Darling I would get on a fucking plane for this, abandoning my husband, children, common sense, reason etc etc

        • I’d love a Mystic Astro Study Guide To Your Stars. Sell them as ebook companions to your consults.
          I’d so sell a kidney to attend your workshop…bulletproof caffeine and Astro buzzing.

        • That dude got me buying perfumes and the truth I forgot is that I hate synthetic scents and wasted money. Now I have a full bottle of Prada Amber and a ton of samples.

    • DO it Mystic! I think you have a unique way of talking about astrology. So creative, challenging (in a good way) and inspiring. Do it!!


    • YES, what a fab idea & reason for me to fly to Sydney for a weekend. In fact MOVE there. I’ll do the door. Book in peeps from Adders for a Cosmic Weekend Seminar with

    • LOVE this!!!
      Speaking for all the astro – novice/clueless folk out there, as brilliant as all the blog info is, some basic straight talking foundational stuff would be great. I know there are plenty of books out there that could explain it all too, but in all honesty my head hurts just glancing at them. And yet I still can’t help wanting to decipher all the nuances involved.

      Sometimes I honestly wonder why I’m still reading this kinda thing. I still don’t get it anywhere as much as I wish I did given all the years of constantly coming back to astro related info.
      Fatal attraction. Someone once commented that your site is like crack, MM. Couldn’t agree more.

      Anyway, I’d love a clear and super basic what means what introductory explanation. I’m talking grade 5 style, so I really get it. Lol. Workshop, book, whatever. It’d help me understand how to apply all the other info discussed here!

      As a health freak vegan coeliac with long term raw ambitions though, you had me at superfoods.

      • Can I recommend Cafe Astrology ? They have some fabulous articles which explain all the basics.

        You download your chart from Astrodienst and then start:

        Basically there are two things to notice to begin with:

        1) What Planets you have in what Houses – so you need to know what the planets mean and what the Houses mean (all in Cafe Astrology)

        2) The relationships between your Planets – so you need to know what conjunct, square etc mean – again Cafe Astrology

        Next: Look at your transits as well as your Natal chart. This will tell you what’s happening now. So look at what planets are in what houses and the relationships of the Planets to one another.

        Next: Look at Asteroids, Moon nodes and Yods (again, info on Cafe Astrology)

        Lastly: Come back to the DIY section here, and realise that you know what everyone is talking about :D :D

        Extra Credit: Look up the Sabian Symbols for your natal chart and current astrology.

        Practice on unsuspecting friends, family and work colleagues…

        You are now qualified to become a professional astrologer :D

        I speak thusly having only just recently started to call the symbols for the outer planets by their correct names rather than “Squiggle” ie:” I have squiggle conjunct squiggle in my third house… I wonder what this means ?”

        • Oooh I forgot – THREE basic things you need to know:

          3) Planets in Astrological Signs as well as Houses !!

          Also: Couple more things -

          Balance of Elements in your chart ie: earth, fire, water & air and also;

          Balance of fixed and mutable signs in your chart – Astrodienst helpfully puts both of these into your chart drawing

    • not insane! i can name a couple of places near byron!
      Gondwana retreat in tygarah hires their wooden hall out for cheap. throw in a kirtan or two
      or this awesome retreat place, called sunsurya designed by a sufi master, since died. or what about a bali retreat. god knows we could all benefit from a holiday as well. i be happy to volunteer as an assistant. lol ( no seriously!!)

  17. “If you feel ashamed about your need for love & support, it’s because you were made to feel this way as a child. It’s not a sign of weakness to want affirmation, reassurance or someone to count on; these are natural, appropriate needs. Just make sure to be there for yourself first.” Marcia Sirota

    Kind of dealing with this, too. Seems as though the eclipse will be happening right on the cusp of my 6th (Sag) and 12th houses (Gem), although it could happen at the very end of my 5th and 11th houses. Can anyone tell me the exact degrees?

    Anyway……….I do want to break out of ruts, too. I feel like I haven’t achieved anywhere near of what I would like to in this life, and a lot of it is due to lack of confidence due to childhood neglect and other things, and lack of enough ego, really….but I have all these ideas and dreams………time’s a’ wastin’ too, as I’m at mid-life….this depresses me, but I want to break out of that, too! That loop of going to a place of depression when I think about this stuff……I don’t HAVE to respond with depression! I take lots of action in my life, I’m not the sort of ‘depressed’ where i don’t or can’t do anything, but I don’t seem to get anywhere, either, never a big success.

    One thing that is building my confidence recently, though, is that I spontaneously decided to take a guitar class. I’ve been playing on my own for several years, but self-taught so I don’t know much. This class has been amazing so far and I find that I really take to it, am learning theory and skill quickly. Makes me feel like I am ‘good at’ something, so that can bolster my confidence elsewhere. It’s so weird…………I’m 15 years into my career, and am very good at what I do, but I still don’t feel confident about myself in my career and work. It’s just so confounding! I still feel like that little unloved child inside…….

    Any insights would be greatly welcome!

      • Ah, ok, so that is on the exact axis of my 6th house cusp which is at 4 Sag and my 12th house cusp at 4 Gem.
        Highlighted for me, then? More pronounced? It won’t be conjuncting any of my planets but it will be squaring my moon in early Pisces.
        I think I just need to lay low tomorrow. I do have a big day at work, and work has been intense, but I need to go under the radar and just work and then go home and rest… I’m invited to a big event tomorrow night, though. I want to go but don’t feel like I’ll be up to it, but it’s something I don’t usually do so maybe it will bust me out of a rut….?

      • Hi Ms.!
        Forgot to say…….thanks! I appreciate that you looked it up. I suppose I could have done that, too, so thanks for doing it for me. I did try to work it out from but just thought someone might have had it handy………sorry if you went to any trouble! Thanks again! :)

    • I feel like I could have written this, house cusps and all. That Marcia Sirota quote…
      Definitely understand walking the line between feeling morose / depressed at the long term impact of what was a lack of confidence instilled from early age and some other things.
      definitely keep up the guitar. i am not sure of your astro but these are the things that help inspire me or help me out of my own personal no-confidence vote into a more active stance if it helps..
      – I tend to make personal change via research, reading,
      – pragmatic steps, (mercury strong in chart, and cap moon)
      – observing people who are successful in the things that interest me and reading about how they got where they are – the highs and lows and uncertainties, ie i’m not the only one who feels like this but good things can still happen in spite of it
      – having faith that things don’t have to be shit – although i actually had to learn that part, ie trusting in an alternative where things turn out just fine,
      – read inspiring stories about people who made a difficult personal journey
      – just plain old asking – if I meet someone who has done something i think is excellent but I feel like ‘how could someone as unqualified as me possibly do that’ – i ask “so, what is it that made you decide to …..” or “did you find it difficult to…? ” you know, the deep dark questions that stop us from following hearts’ desire type things.

      listen to the panel discussions, go to the artist talks, the pre-show presentation, ask about mentoring, learn about confidence from internetting, from close confidantes, books by reputable authors, trawl your local library, do a public speaking course, fire walking, spend a morning at your local cafe with a notepad and pen and write down all the shit things your brain says to you when you are feeling down about yourself or your abilities. “my feelings aren’t relevant” “what I say think / say doesn’t matter” “relationships are nothing but trouble”.. like, everything.
      Then rewrite these phrases in the positive. ‘my feelings are relevant.’ ‘what I say / think matters.’ ‘relationships are nothing but pleasurable / fun’
      you see what happens?
      and then go into each of the shitty phrases and go right back, the gut feeling, try to work out what went on for these to keep controlling your choices like they do.

      you seem so self aware and you probably know this author, but i find that stephanie dowrick;’s ‘intimacy and solitude’ to be really helpful for insights into how we relate to ourselves as much as others.
      hope this isn’t totes useless, lots of hugs. xx

        • Aw, thanks! These are WONDERFUL suggestions! Thanks for your empathy, too!

          Some of these I have done, but it’s like anything else, you can’t just do it once, especially when it’s a deep seated issue. You have to keep working on it.
          I have Venus in Cap, so I do like a bit of pragmatism and I always feel better when I take some action regarding anything. I have Mars exact at the midheaven, albeit in Pisces! haha!

          Nine hours to go until eclipse……I’m at work taking care of patients and supposed to go to big public event and baseball game later, but I just want to go home an hide……..Since it’s a Sag moon, though, even though full and eclipse, it might be better to be social and not sit home and stew on myself. Also, Sag loves sports, so maybe in a round about way, it will be healing to go to this baseball game?! ha ha! Breaking out of ruts..?

          • ah venus in cap…of course most of this stuff would be, like, your MO already :)

            I am finding that this weekend’s eclipse thing is definitley about 6th house stuff for me, random things popping into my head (as I was cleaning my house) – “cleaning is honouring” … also during the day, thinking about shining a light on my routines, I deserve to treat myself better and others deserve better from me, I can do better, it’s ok to change my habits / routines, etc…

        • lol. thank you gemyogi xx I feel most def *not* amazing (currently procrastinating New Regime incl exercise and wondering where I will obtain money from that I have to pay back to a friend this eve) but hey..

  18. that’s a point, Mystic, I know you are busy times a million, I meant to ask before, but is it possible to have the degree number on the dailies etc ?xx

    as you are my first source of astro love

  19. Mystic, what a wild hub of energy and learning that would be. I’m nowhere near it but if I was I’d be a patron for sure.

  20. A really positive day. Looking forward to wrapping some things up and kicking a couple others off this weekend. :)

  21. Reading, no, inhaling a new book: The Examined Life – How we lose and find ourselves.

    BTW, Scorps, how are you all holding with the eclipse energy in your 12th house? The Scorp I know seems to be keeping it under control, but barely.

    • The eclipse is happening in my 9th house, where my North Node-Neptune conjunction reside; so, the eclipse is also happening opposite my South Node. I guess there’s still time before the eclipse officially dawns, but so far if I hadn’t read about the eclipse here, I’d have no idea it was happening. I don’t feel a thing out of the ordinary.

      I hve considered nine year cycles as suggested and yes, nine years ago I had just started a new job and got engaged/married. Neither the job nor the marriage lasted, which is fine whatever, btw. But I feel zero connection to that time and now. Zero.

      So how am I doing? I’m doing. Feels like any other day. Ordinary. And that’s the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth.

        • I tend to think eclipses are like big screen lights – when they come, they lit the problem areas with no airbrushing.

          The Scorp friend seems to act as if sitting at the edge of a self-discovery. I doubt I am imagining that. I also know that, once it is decided, I will not hear about it, but observe it through actions.

          This one is in my 9th house too, I haven’t checked the nine-year cycle, a very good idea. Oddly, I am too reading a lot and writing a lot.

          • Yeah, I bet you are totally right on that: you won’t hear about it, you’ll see it. Your friend probably is on the precipice of change: the astro supports it, & you know your peeps of course.

  22. Absolutely loving this full moon… Been cleaning, decluttering and now cooking wholesome yummy dinner and having glass of red wine. Did some planting in communal garden too, and supported gorgeous friend who has decided to leave bastard unfaithful husband… after 20+ years. She always seems really strong and focussed but confessed today sometimes she thinks it’s her fault he’s treated her badly and taken advantage… WTF? She’s a triple Scorpio and now it’s time to sting him…

    She has decided but has to wait until lawyer has got all financial info etc. etc. and she’s finding it hard, she wants him out of her life.

    Going to country retreat for weekend… another friend’s birthday Sunday and staying in beautiful cottage… taking art supplied, books, bath products and we’re doing reiki with another friend tomorrow… SO looking forward to it! Blessings to all doing it hard… and enjoying this wild eclipse! It’s making me want to travel again…

      • Scorps don’t see culpability in quite the black and white terms that everyone else thinks they do. The haute ones torture themselves by examining their own possible role in any bastard/victim scenario…was I too dependent on shared resources etc, and was that what made me stay etc vs loyalty and/or worry about the kids etc? Did I hope to change x when I should have realised that it is classic scorp to flog a dead horse, if said horse (devil one knows) provides security, emotional or otherwise to oneself or one’s kids, so to speak?
        But waiting til she gets all the finance info is also classic strategic scorp. Whatever the rights and wrongs, there is a long investment in a relationship on her part (and tacit acceptance of same on his part, even if his emotional investment hasn’t been of same calibre), plus survival to consider, even after the bomb goes off.

        • I have to disagree on the torturing biz: I don’t believe it’s haute to torture anyone, especially one’s self. Especially one’s self! Yes, I think there’s a natural inclination to do such, but I think indulging torturous situations/feelings is giving in to a lower vibe. And giving in is so un-Scorp. Better to crash & burn to later rise from the ashes, rather than to give in/relentlessly 2nd guess ones self/tolerate crap/depend on someone else to give you the green light. I believe huate is knowing, trusting, and total action– out of love & faith.

          Truthy truthy truthy.

          • Point was not that self-torture is haute as such, or a good thing, nor that anyone should tolerate crap/stay in a lousy relationship. Point was only that the stereotypical view that scorps torture/punish others misses the fact that scorps often do it to themselves, particularly if they have tolerated crap for 20 years.

            • Hmm yes, I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Scorps do try to cover all the aspects & since we’re talking a 20-year investment, there’s a lot to cover. Guilt & regret would certainly figure into those machinations, I imagine… the microscope that misses nothing. Best to train our eyes on the present rather than the past. The future? That shiz can get tricky. Unless you have a crystal ball, of course.

            • I get what you mean Fi, it’s not that we take on others responsibilities in the end but are willing to consider our role in the drive to understand situations in their wholeness and complexity. and that requires a little bit of exploring the murky territory. It’s just part of a process, not the endgame.

              • should say, I get Scorp Inc’s point too….it can tip over into something draining but I think the lo Scorps are the ones who don’t even consider the potential of their own culpability.

  23. Candor, oh yes. That hit the spot. Yesterday I threw out a tee shirt of an ex who I managed to ex a month ago after the first of this eclipse cycle. I threw all my vulnerabilities at him and expected he’d never contact me again. Granted he hasn’t but what has happened over the last month is that I can now see all the crap, all that I was doing that I had promised never to do again and got candid with myself over night last night, that actually I don’t want him back. The three years or so was great in lots of ways, credit where it is due but it was also me doing what I always do, working too hard at it, giving everything and not getting much in return apart from minimal appreciation and way too little sex!
    So very real truth time. Feels amazing. Literally taking me back to 1983/84 when I began this career of working my ass off for relationship. I figure that time has passed. Bring on the new.

  24. OK, so I got the counter book to my Ho-oponopono book – its called Make Miracles in 40 Days by Melodie Beattie and as far as I can tell its a way of bringing up the negatives that you feel in order to heal them with love. The two processes dovetail beautifully.

    So, grand spiritual insight + a new practice to practice..

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, I have two vomiting children and a toddler getting over it. I SO want a drink tonight, but given that I will probably be up and down all night cleaning vomit out of the carpet, and washing sheets, I really don’t think I can afford to. Dammit.

    • bloody hell. you can tell i am not a mother when I think the first thing I would do before cleaning up spew (anyone’s let alone own kidlets) is to down a fortifying slug of liquor !

  25. Mystic, just wanted to say I am really appreciating the love zombie alerts on yr blog and in yr daily emails and scheduler. It Often happens that whenever I feel the LZ tendencies rearing, there is yr reminder to keep a watch.

    • I love zobied over my favorite vegan bakery moving 2aves further from me… :( now ill probably have to take my lock + lock up my bike.. Why Blossom Bakery whyyyyy?

  26. Just realised that the eclipse is in my 12th house and will hit my Neptune and Jupiter. I have been ill and looking for work and friends after relocating, but what astounds me is my total lack of Sag gee up, whinny and go. I’m so depressed and ungrateful and neg i’m tired of myself. My wish is that it is my dark shadow being dredged up, what with Saturn also being in my 12th house, so that Sunlight (or Moonlight) Can Kill It. Or make peace with it and tame the thing.

    Considering my transit fest [Uranus opp Uranus, Uranus on Merc, Saturn opp Saturn, Neptune square Neptune, plus a Pluto transit to Mars] i think making peace with the Shadow and self integration is the key. After all, it is what i ripped my life apart to do. May the Eclipse return my Sagittarian bright optimism and fire up the trine to my 5th house Sun. I so need an Astro-Party!

    And best Eclipsing wishes to everyone, those struggling and those shining with it.

    • Mille, if it were an ideal world, I’d offer you a high paid position as manager of the exotic deli meats department in my supermarket but alas, all I can do is wish you all the best under these crazy skies.

      Rest up and be nice to you, I’m sure your Sag get up and go will return from wherever it got up and went. x

      • Ah, Saturnalien, the very thought cheers me and your klindness makes me smile. I would never wear leggings to the meat department xxx

        • I’d love to buy exotic meats from you in a Saturnalien super market.

          If the self talk is neg, best to ignore it. No reason to judge yourself or predict what comes next, just use the time to catch your breath. xo

  27. eclipse will be squaring saturn in my first house (pisces – aqua rising). glad i re-read mm daily as was sinking over last couple of hours into dark place…did bibliomancy – first joseph campbell then lau tsu’s art of war.
    From Joseph: “Life is sorrowful. How do you live with that? You realise the eternal within yourself. You disengage and yet re-engage…You play the game.”
    From LZ: ” Therefore those who skillfully move opponents make formations that opponents are sure to follow, give what opponents are sure to take. They move with the prospect of gain, waiting for them in ambush.”

    FME in 10th (moon) and 4th (sun).

  28. Have had OMG re hormones
    Ladies if you get really savagely hungry just before that time of the month the culprit is probably the fact your oestrogen has dropped a lot
    Mid cycle when you are ovulating, your eostrogen soars and also acts as appetite suppresant
    I recommend reading doctor john lee his books are – what the doctors dont tell you about perimenopause, menopause, excellent
    And do a bit of your own research outside the square, pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money researching products they can make heaps of money on, not interested in progesterone as its naturally occurring and they cant patent it, therefore not much money to be made!
    Also big changes in oestrogen can give you insomnia for 2-4 nights when ovulating and premenstrally OMG, sick if reading crap like your bidy burns about 300 calories just before period so thats why your hungrier, bullshit!

    • Thanks for the tip :) I’ve bookmarked it in my “to read” pile.

      Interesting topic since I’m in a perimenopausal phase.

      That ravenous hunger phase is always one of the tell-tale signs but I didn’t get it with my last period. Really odd.

    • yes I have read this, there are studies that show women consume about 1000kJ more PER DAY before their period. That makes sense to me as I could pretty much eat an extra hamburger or leap into a carb-fest without thinking twice, during that phase. I suppose it makes sense from a reproductive perspective, where if you fall pregnant then you have a little extra store of energy to fire up the baby machines so to speak

  29. Woozy and nauseous all week. Very disorienting. Somewhat in a state of emotional paralysis, which has abated in the a last 24 hours. Unfortunately, Woozy and Nauso are still with me. And no, not pregnant. Perhaps I have more revelations to come?

    Thus far the eclipses have revealed:

    1. Looking for new digs because I the landlord is selling this place. That’s fine, but did prick all my domestic security fears.
    2. Also shouldn’t be a surprise, as Uranus finally crossed my IC this spring, followed by eclipses, making abundantly clear I need to unload the loot in my life. REALLY unload. Let is all go but the essentials.
    3. Daughter o mine is “allergic” to dairy — cow’s milk. She’s a rigid eater with a limited list of accepted foods, and cow dairy fills about a third of those slots. So drama majeur for 20 mins. Then, surprise! “Let’s get goat milk cheese, then.” Acceptance. We’re cycling through the moods, but she’s lost the bloated tummy already and it’s only been five days on the new regime. :-)
    4. Jupiter has now passed, and now Venus and Mercury are rising over my DSC/7th house. :-) :-) Looking out for new opportunities, new compadres. Lord knows, I’m ready to move on.
    5. AH! Dear friend’s son’s phone “butted called” her during a drug deal and she got to hear the whole exchange, the same hour the son’s father discovered a stash of LSD left out on the kid’s bed. Kid’s denied seven ways to Sunday that he’s using, but in truth, he’s wanted to get caught. So he did. :-)

    • if youj’re in syd, there’s a virus going around which is absent of v obvious symptoms, but includes feeling very dizzy, throaty, upset stomach. check with your Dr?

      • thats right – I saw naturopath and there are a few things going around. kids had amoebic thing, I had bacterial thing. All good now, recovery was quick with homeopathic help.

        • Thank you, both! Not in syd, but do have a naturo to consult. I’m wondering if it’s a potassium problem. Now you’ve given me a different angle to consider. Virus makes as much sense.

          I’m also willing to consider the effects of a) astro, b) solar flares, c) eclipse, and d) future fretting. ;-)

          It’s been a wasted week; let’s see what damage I can do to the weekend!

  30. Pain, pain pain and more of the same errr pain.
    Ok so thhat’s alright. I’m just feeling it.
    Not shopping, not sexing, not love zombie e stalking or even doing those “hey, how’s it going? ” daily emails we’ve both gotten so used to.
    It hurts but I’m facing the truth which is that I am using HF to district me from writing and focusing on my creative life because A.) it’s way easier to emotionally masturbate and fritter away time and energy on a beautiful but unavailable man who validates me and begs me to wait than it is to work on my “boring” creative work. B) I’m basically lazy and 50 emails a day with my crush is just more fun. Oh and the tortured angst of it all it just such emo BDSM innit? . Had amazing synastry reading done and yes obis we are soul mates with a zillion ultra karmic connections but yeah and in theory I know this, but being soul mates and having it all be written in the stars- down to the alignment on the day you met and having karmic contracts does not ensure that you would be happy together. It does not even mean that you will or even should be together in this life. Perhaps just meeting him/ them and facing the painful feelings you/we evoke in each other is enough. I
    I am focusing on acceptance of this.
    I am surrendering to the knowledge that he has been and is a catalyst the blast of beauty I needed to begin making the genuine and lasting changes in my life so that I can have the life I want rather than the one I have.
    I’m doing self talk with my inner child.
    I’m chanting again.
    I’m doing laundry and meeting admin deadlines.
    I’m working on my ebook.
    Fuck I just want to cry.
    I feel so weak and fragile.
    So cry then….
    No one ever died from feeling their feelings now did they?
    not escaping from it
    being with it.
    Thank you MM and all the subscribers who tolerate my arrogant opinionated and brash comments. Perhaps today you see that I’m just dumb weak little jelly fudge who’s brave face is just a front.
    Game face officially off today.

    • This is a brave post. Being open when vulnerable is totally brave. And anyone who would think less of you for your feelings at this juncture &/or judge you by them is a projecting, cant-handle-their-own-shiz fuqwit. Be proud of you, & do take time to have Fun & fuq off a bit: balance is Awesome.

      • Ps: no, no one’s ever been exterminated by their feelings, so you are more than good to go! Just ride it out with total clarity. Trust & faith.

    • Right there with you. Had a dream of the chart synastry I have with some unavailable, withholding long shot. So what – it can’t hold my attention the way that sort of thing once did. I am realizing how much writing I have to do and what I waste my time doing instead – like emotional masturbation. But, no harm in that. Noticing what’s wrong doesn’t mean you’re not doing alright. But – its intense. Like, not only am I addicted to nicotine, I am addicted to the security of a regular paycheck. I am damned sick of these addictions, so making difference choices and taking different actions feels good. Not sure where it will lead yet, but I do feel I am focusing my arrow now.

    • I am intimately acquainted with this story and your pain but I also came to the conclusion that it was a catalyst for positive change and indeed I am on an evolutionary trip. It’s a consolation if nothing else at times, but at some point it will feel like the point x

  31. Definitely tuning into the personal insights. yesterday i had an intuitive reading and the main message i got was that my root chakra is blocked and shutting down, and i need to stop doing any sort of recreational drugs …now. lol they said danger ahead if I keep going down this path, i really need to re-evaluate who i surround myself with and seek higher vibe people who uplift me!! time to make space for my soul sisters to enter my life!
    On a more positive note, i received confirmation that writing is a central part of my life purpose and i am skilled at channeling certain frequencies, especially through writing.
    the messages couldn’t be more clear, i just had to listen.

  32. Woah, I woke up feeling like a Sagg today! Or maybe it’s the eclipse on my Sagg Uranus trining my Uranus-activated Mars in Aries. :D

  33. The eclipse is exactly conjuncting my URANUS and my sun is 1 degree again. OMG, I have been waiting for a moment like this all my life :) My life is about to take a turn in the right direction…love wise, career wise, and even lifestyle wise. Whew. Ready for this. Love love love

  34. yes omg. thank u for daily scopes today mystic. just what I need. uncovered some ugly truths. one is my mother thinks I have fuqed her life up, by revealing a dark family truth to her 10yrs ago. I am to blame for all her failings. makes me feel so loved.

    • I know this pain only to well. Got told this week that I muck everything up by my Mother. I believe she fears death and is tightening the screws on all the folks in her sociopathic game of life. Also I think when people see a change in a person (and they can’t support that evolution) they take it upon themselves to kill it dead in its tracks.

    • Mother darkness cuts to the heart, and i send you as much healing love as i can, Sassy and S. I’ve got my own battles in that arena, which i won’t detail but I can say her Mars in Cancer with Aries Rising makes a caustic combination at times. You’re a woman, so you have the womanly power also to pick up and hug the little girl who hurts. You probably have also learned to be kind to other women xx

      • Thank you Mille. My therapist is surprised I turned out to be such a caring person, considering my childhood. Credit for that belongs to my Grandparents and feline friend Sylvie who taught me unconditional love. Sometimes you got to draw a line in the sand. It’s even more profound when your dissecting your heart.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Sassy. Mille is right – it’s the worst.

      At the moment of the eclipse I was in the middle of a healing meditation and my intention, unplanned and unexpected, but building through this week was to finally let go of my resentment towards my mother because I don’t want to allow her to have to power to poison or block me anymore. I don’t know if this resonates for you but in my case she’s almost unfathomably unable to take responsibility for herself.

      I built up a good store of inner peace, love and light today and I’m also sending some to you x

      • Thanks CS. I decided last week no more using my therapy time “to unpack other people’s bullshit”. It’s my clock time and if you want the meter to run, then you better pay for it yourself. Of course this is all down with my internal monologue.
        Peace, love and mung beans CS.

        • good call S. I understand the urge to comprehend but in the end it doesn’t matter – it comes down to how you can manage the relationship to protect yourself. I know I can’t trust my mother, she’d sell me down the river for a dime. I can’t invest myself there :)

          • You know CS once you get to this place, you then grieve for the relationship that you never actually shared. I know it’s on another thread but, Is it just buildings that your interested in? As I have photos of puddles with misty colours, a tree that looks like a boot and a night sky The Joker in the Moon.

            • well, i’ve been grieving that non-relationship all my adult life. Think I stopped :)

              Um, no, not just buildings I guess….it might be about using place as a portal for time travel. Did you see the link I left Scorpbot on Giorgio Moroder’s thread?

  35. OMG delayed reaction to eclipse has hit me like a truck in my 8th fuck house. imagine waking up and realizing you have secret enemy as a supposed friend who has been undermining me all along. It is a shock but you do not have transiting neptune going thru your 11th house and neptune ruling 12th house revelation after revelation. Everybody needs a friend that is an aries or has aries in them. Why? cause they are going to tell you the truth. I live in a shit hole a rat hole and i got trapped there like in some psycho horror movie it happened cause i was of my guard and got sick and ended up there by mistake. Across the road a murder happened a year ago and the people that live in the front bit, well they arrived a week ago and ALREADY they just like the last people. The guy, a swearing bitter angry young man and his girlfriend and i had to hear them fighting, it was so toxic (mainly Him). so i got to get the hell out but how and where i live in a housing shortage and i too old to do share house. do i just pack it all in and head north. i know the answers lie within but the eclipse has put me in panic mode as this is my life, rotting in a rat hole. and the aries friend said it was a nightmare. The fake friend said my place is good. What is good about not having a kitchen and being all squashed up and rat hole like. Thius fake friend has strong capricorn with scorpio selfish combo. Smug and a bitch. thanks neptune in the 11th for waking me up. yeah.
    I gotta just accept i simply invested in teh wrong peeps

    • Pack it up and head out. Anyone who says that’s a good situ will defend it to their end because they’re invested in the drama or the lack or are simply delusional.

      I don’t know what people you’ve got to help (real friends, etc.), but bless you for seeing your worth despite your surroundings. Don’t beat yourself up: people get sick, get divorced, lose a job — and sometimes have to take whatever help they’re offered. Later we find that the “help” was mostly self-serving. It happened to me. Took me a year to discover the friend was not really a friend; but I also discovered my blind spot for picking women like my mother — charismatic, self-absorbed, perpetually distracted, fearful — into my life.

      Painful but extraordinary lesson.

      Good luck. Keep us informed.

      • Oh wow Whimsy, this was what I spent most of the eclipse thinking about too – so-called friends who are as you wrote: “charismatic, self-absorbed, perpetually distracted, fearful”
        And these friends who are supposedly offering ‘help’ and they really want you there because they want you to carry them, and you are too tired, overwhelmed, etc to discern the difference.
        Actually this is something I’ve been thinking about for the last few months, but I think I’ve finally put it to bed. Unfortunately in my situation these are friendships that have been going on for a lot longer than a year. So there has been a big cloud of resentment. Still close to it all to say it has been a wonderful learning experience, but can say that I am a totally different person now, and won’t be attracting that kind of merde into my personal life anymore.

  36. Full moon eclipse conjunct natal Neptune/Jupiter conjunction in the 6th. Surely I should feel more like … irritated or emo or something??!!

    Nup generally just cruising along, no OMG insights – ok maybe some to do with DropCap (like that he doesn’t love me as a woman but is fascinated by me like I’m some new alien species he just stumbled over).

    Doesn’t feel “major”, just – sensible. I suppose its good to be able to sense when someone admires you or is fascinated by you as an object, as opposed to loving you for your true spirit. It’s changed my perspective somewhat in terms of who I will be following up on in terms of future dating scenarios. I don’t particularly like being “the object of fascination”. It’s usually a pretty selfish attraction in my experience.

    … wanders off to do the washing …

    • Oh and I’m tired of self employment. Been doing it for 8 years on and off and feel like I’ve taken it as far as it can go – unless I up the ante and start hiring people and building a bigger company. God that sounds dull. Naaah … looking for something else. C’mon universe – let’s get cracking!

      • “unless I up the ante and start hiring people and building a bigger company”

        Cancer problems? :D

        “the object of fascination” – Yes! I made that realisation about the Saggo karmic something guy. His Venus in Scorp (smack band on my sun) kinda creeps me out. He’s told me he thinks about me often – perhaps more frequently than is healthy. :shock: There’s that Saggo honesty, no Scorp would ever admit that! And he’s used words like “adoration” and “infatuation to describe how he feels but geez try getting him into bed… he runs for the hills. Poor thing has a natal venus/Saturn conjunction. He’s full of insecurities.
        He contacts me every now and then just to see what I’m up to? It’s like Butterfly Collector story.

        But he’s a shit friend. He never congratulates me on my successes, is not supportive of my dreams and never asks how I’m doing. Who needs a friend like that?!

        “I don’t wanna be your friend… I just wanna be your lover…” Radiohead’s ‘House of Cards’

        • also, yes, recognising that they do not return the general interest in your life that you might have in theirs as a friend / more, sets off the alarm bells non..

          • yeah… funny how when I texted him about buying a studio at auction he disappeared for 3 weeks. Apparently he smashed his phone and had gone camping. Bullshit!!! It was too much of a coincidence.
            He just couldn’t bring himself to congratulate me. Even 3 weeks later, I was still waiting for a “oh by the way, congrats on your new home” Nope. Never happened. I think he’s jealous. We must have been rivals in a past life :neutral:

              • Hehe. Didn’t you ask me once if I ever had any “normal” relationships re Uranus/Pluto Mars in 8th square moon. Yeah, one about 14 years ago. The rest have been karmic weirdsville. My 8th house Mars knows how to pick ‘em

                • I had lunch with a perfectly lovely and sunny if slightly effeminate man this week and although I liked him and had a laugh there was no chemistry at all.

                  A neanderthal mofo who looks like he just got out of jail just moved into my neighbourhood and I like whoa, who is THAT dude?

                  Hopeless. I blame Mars in 8th.

                  I was musing on your Sagg – is he being contrary? Does he sense that you would appreciate congratulations and therefore withholding any do you think?

                • “A neanderthal mofo who looks like he just got out of jail” Hahaha… :lol:

                  OMG! He sounds like the Saggo!! On our first coffee date (7 years ago) he turned up in some heavy metal outfit and a crocodile dundee hat :shock: I was mortified but God his face was beautiful. Bit like a rough as guts Brad Pitt. My venus in Libra was sitting there giving him a mental makeover.

                  I’m an inner-city girl and he’s from the west. Such a mismatch. He’s really smart and his Mars in Libra fires up my venus so he has some good points but….

                  Anyway, not sure if he was aware that I needed to hear congratulations. It all comes down to different communication style doesn’t it? You’re either visual, auditory or physical. I think I must be auditory.

                  • well, there’s something to be said for that synastry….I’m sure my new neighbour has my Venus in his backpack along with some illici drugs or the contents of somebody’s china cabinet ;)

                    congratulations on the studio btw :)

    • prowln i definitely relate to the this – ‘ I don’t particularly like being “the object of fascination”. It’s usually a pretty selfish attraction in my experience.’ I have an inkling that a date invitation I had recently (not the guy i mentioned somewhere) might be more about him than me.

      and this eclipse (6th house for me too) DOES feel sensible! that’s exactly it. ha.

    • have read some of your posts about this guy off and on and when you talked about his proclamations of fascination and then the sudden distance after the pashathon my ‘he likes the idea of you’ instinct kicked in. You’re right prowlin – object of fascination. The fact you said you didn’t like the way he kissed was an alarm bell too. If you don’t like the way they kiss you don’t really like them like that. It’s not an emotion it’s a theory or an idea that is drawing you both together. It reeks of a Uranus + Pluto moment. Am glad you seem to have weathered the storm. Nice work.

      • Yes ,,. all very true. The eclipse has since revealed deeper motivations surrounding Mr DropCap and it’s of course never a truly one-way street spiritually. My own ambivalence and the reason behind it was just revealed. ;)

        And I hear you re the kiss. I remember when the Double Toro first kissed me (aka the Double Bullshit Artist) – my knees actually went weak. It was such a rush – and a total shock. Unexpected how the passion just took off like wildfire. Unexpected because up until that point I liked him, but basically thought he was a bit of a dork … but damn was it hot between the sheets.

        Back then I didn’t know as much about synastry as I do now – but here it goes: his Libra Moon trine my Aqua Mars, my Saggo Moon trine his Leo Mars, his Aries Venus sextile my Aqua Mars, his Sun/Asc sextile my Sun/Venus, my Sun/Venus on his Cancerian North Node. Oh and Pluto was transiting my 7th house. Geez wot more of a cosmic setup do ya need??? … and we still couldn’t get our shit together and make it work! lol

        • wow, you’ve come a long way prowlers – I was concerned you might take the comment the ‘wrong’ way. You are on so much more of an even keel these days – two thumbs up for the inner work or whatever it is you’ve done sister. I’m betting your next romance will be bullet proof when it happens. Re the employing people and upping the ante on the business – are you going to take a look at fear of success while you consider your next step? :wink: x

  37. Ew, just spent this self truth serum moon ill in every way after a prawn tagliatelle last night.

    Moon was probably conjunct my 23 deg Scorp Moon in 6th at the time.
    I truly don’t enjoy the full moon conjunct my own!

    • Oh noo! Hope you’re feeling better.

      I don’t enjoy the full moon conjunct my own either!!!

      I cancelled a date! Just wasn’t in the mood for putting on a fake happy face. Just wanted to stay home alone.

      • Ow! I am sorry to hear that you felt like it would be fake. I did enjoy dinner out (rare for me to go out) but I was watching my words…
        Strong Mercury with a Scorp Moon is hard work to regulate.

        I’d forgotten how painful food poisoning is!

        • Yes, was it the Katakan?? I saw the amaazing Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek last night, all I could think was Kataka? And he is.

          You sound like you like the idea (if not the practice of being with – often the way) with the young Saggo! It’s a pity he is so nervous. And such a vague friend.

          • you’re right… :( I was hoping it was a date with the Saggo instead. He’s an amazing kisser.

            He’s having his Saturn return and Saturn on Venus too. “ouch”

            Saturn on my venus was the worst transit ever!

            Do you like Benedict Cumberbatch? I think he’s creepy looking!

            • Oh, well, maybe recognising that Saggo is what you prefer is good? He sounds exciting to you on some level, like he fritzes yr system.
              As for the Cumberbatch, well, no I don’t ‘like’ his look, but his voice & acting are remarkable. He seems very intelligent too. Very unusual look tho, yes.

              • “fritzes yr system” :D

                You could say that. He fires me up on all levels!

                Cancelling the date made me realise that my venus in Libra needs romance and mental rapport. Someone to blow my my with words (saggo’s mars in Libra did this so well. He’s set a very high benchmark)
                Otherwise it’s all just meh and couldn’t be bothered because I quite enjoy my alone time.

                Anyway, enough about him!

        • yeah the Katakan. He’s cute enough for a fling but there’s no spark or chemistry. Met him online just before I shut down my account.
          I’ve never liked dating anyway so it’s not like I was just gonna rock up for fun. Well, maybe I would have if it wasn’t a Full Moon eclipse! :)
          Don’t know if I’ll get another chance. Don’t really care!!! Lol.
          For months I’ve been hanging for a date and an opportunity for a date, clear the cobwebs etc and miracle of all miracles Venus finally delivers and I’m not in the mood! :lol: That’s a natal Uranus square moon in Saggo for you. So fickle!

  38. Nothing feels comfortable about my life lately. My life feels itchy and exhausting, like I’m trying to run a marathon wearing an ill fitting wool sweater in 90 degree heat. I try to change, but I feel like I’m just exchanging one sweater for another.

    I’m torn between the desire to write full time and my 10 hour a day job at the financial company. I like them both okay, but neither one feels like the right path. I write in a male-dominated field and feel my work gets passed over. I have glasses and trying contacts. I’ve gone through three types of contacts for far and they are all irritating to my eyes. I’m torn between wanting to accept being average/ordinary and desperately wanting to be known (not famous, just well known and liked.) I used to draw people to me, like a light, now there’s no one around. I used to be a light, now I feel like a shadow and everyone’s left. I want to be beautiful and feminine and feel my attempts just leave me disappointed at myself. Same with the love life. I’m seem really good at attracting people who don’t use punctuation or capital letters, and prefer one word sentences.

    Is this how butterflies feel in a cocoon? My confidence and sense of life’s direction have been shaken and don’t know how to break out of this confined feeling.

    • Do you have Saturn in difficult aspect to Venus, natally, perhaps? Ditto.

      But there are men out there who love all looks, shapes, sizes, wear glasses, and are ridiculously literate – poetic, even. Sounds like it is the self-love that is missing.

      Whether it is not being passed over at work anymore you want, or finding love, then look in mirror a few times a day and really appreciate you AS YOU ARE right now. If you still can’t LOVE bits you see that are amenable to non-surgical change, then accept that changing those bits will require behaviour change. And do it. No excuses.

      If you aren’t ready for the behaviour change, then try harder at loving yourself as you are. Men feel about you what you feel about you.

      Mind you (and yes, this is very Sagg advice) in addition to the psych-work on self-love, I thoroughly recommend developing buns of steel – or at least strong buns – whether or not you are into other forms of fitness. They give you both emotional and physical lift and edge at times like this.

      Stability might come from the core (core excercises great, too, obviously), but if, as it sounds from your post, you are interested in motive power – the motive power and self-confidence that ensures you will not be passed over in a male dominated work environment, or might find the strength to leave it and fly- then it comes not just from the heart, the mind, the words, and the work ethic -glasses irrelevant – but from the hind-quarters.

      It is striding from the butt and hips that propels you forward on the physical road of life, especially when you feel like you have lost your bearings, and all the mental gymnastics in the world are getting you nowhere. Try it – 2 mins of butt exercises a day are like an hour of therapy. I did it for first time in months yesterday and today. Once you get some strength there, you walk differently, like liquid nitrogen. You feel dangerous: like you COULD actually jump high enough to shoot hoops, over mountains, and…suddenly, you can see the horizon.

      Bugger the confinement of cocoons, Taurus-Gemme-Femme. And bugger butterflies for that matter: much too fragile and short-lived.

      On a Sagg eclipse, the go is a chariot powered by wild horses. Get your butt in gear, and take the reins.

      Let us know how you go x

  39. Omg, mystic medusA every time you are right ! Ugh I’m tipsy ATM and trying to add all my ex lovers on fb. I know I know. My fiance bullish just don’t give a damn abt me ( I think he’s just getting tired of me whilst I’m trying to get over betrayal and hurt that he and family caused ) ( I’m trying to find some sort of love or jut plain desire from anywhere . So sad. My insight for this full moon , just break it off with bull fish. I really thought this was it. My true love. I’m just so upset. Always happens though I try not to believe it ( not getting cheated lied too etc.) I’m currently too, no family or friends just alone. Anyhows I’m prime example what not to do. Sorry for typos my Virgo mc / Virgo midpoint is trying best to write well under this influence.

    • It’s okay…we don’t care about typo-s here very much. And you are not alone…Sometimes I feel that way too tho…x

  40. Yes, insights for sure…Was on my 1 degree Jupiter in 6th trine Mercury 10th and on current Progressed Sun…

    Right now tho, want to go home and have a hot dog sandwich with limon potato chips and a pack of hoho’s…

    Can’t figure out if the choco delights are more like a creme filled poo log, a set of crazy eyes or burlesque twirlers…



    • Was just kidding about the food..With the eclipse affecting my 6th health is a focus and it usually is anyway.

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