Last Chance Love Zombie Rehab

Jane Birkin I Wanted YouGuys the year is nearly half over and i am taking down Cosmic Love Tips 2013 shortly…BUT it has the best mate/date dates for the rest of 2013, still relevant lovescopes, how to do the fab Feng Shui “Peach Blossom” spell and – most importantly – the Anti Love Zombie Inoculation Tips.Β  They are especially pertinent NOW as Venus in Gemini is squaring Neptune in Pisces.

Hands up if you’re pouring yourself an extra large goblet of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice to fuel some e-stalking or the composition of a heart-felt but witty cryptic casual message…?

AND Cosmic Love Tips 2013 is only $4.44 so if you want it go and get it…you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. As always, it is instant download, just hit the link that says “download” with your elegant little paws.

Image: Jane Birkin

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73 thoughts on “Last Chance Love Zombie Rehab

  1. Not me.. I haven’t heard from the toro/gem this week but it’s Mother’s Day this w/e so this is typical. Crazy week so I am glad he didn’t contact me. I don’t chase, contact or obsess. I hope he is well and hopefully we can get together soon. If not.. I keep on stepping..


  2. I have Juno-Jupiter-Ceres conjunct in Pisces to go with my 12th house Venus square Neptune. The love zombie pulse beats deeply with me, but I no longer act like an idiot because of it. I just get love stoned.

    • Yes you need some really good music or poetry outlets fir that kind of energy.

  3. I am going to a Jewish matchmaker to find me a mate.

    The soul-shmatey stuff burns out my adrenals.

        • But don’t they all want to marry a Jewish girl? I’m a heretic.

            • I just had a good time with one :)

              well, when I say “just had” I mean “last year”…but in the romantic calendar that counts as “just” right?

          • not necessarily. It depends on how hard core they are.

            Just remember there is always turkey bacon.

              • Yeah lots of them don’t follow any dietary restrictions.

                Although this is a sweeping generalization right up there with asian females being submissive, I find them to be eager to please and accomodating.

                LOL! I did make mine dress up like bacon one time.

            • Lol. I was married to a Muslim for 11 years. Not giving up bacon again. The chick who recommended Israeli men just imported one herself, but she’s got a Jewish mother. Hmmm

          • Typically yes, but I’ve seen a few people I know get hitched or knocked up much to the disdain of the parents…

            I’ve always had a thing for Jewish guys, I dunno why. Just usually really down-to-earth, respectful, intelligent, funny people.

            • I always had a thing for Jewish boys too, but now I have transmuted it, lol. :) Or maybe I am a little inoculated, or at least balanced. Most of my besties are Israeli, but it’s a tough gig being from there, as the nation is at war in a way, always has been, kind of national PTSD. I felt the healer in me was often a big part of many of my relationships in a specific way with my Israeli beloveds.
              My ex’s mum is still my mum-in-law, she says it too. And she is a total genius, world citizen etc. Love it.

  4. Got it, thanks, think I might have got it before but computer crashed so I wouldn’t know… A couple of things strike me…. I’m a love zombie but only in the fantasy form, spending my sexual energy on fantasy… Which is good in some way, as long as I remember reality is very different, and yes I’m using the energy to get fit and hot! my scopes say there will be increased love action, I like that, and recommend a talisman jewelry for prosperity…. And pearls you say… Mmmm why not!

  5. Not I, that’s for sure. Have got far more important things to be focusing on than wasting my time and energy on emotional vampires. I need every last drop of my mojo for myself!

    • And oh MM I know you’ve heard this a million ka-zillion times but your Oracle is seriously powered by some black hole cosmic energy or something LOL Bloody freaky.

      There I am, sitting there wondering in doubt if what I’m doing is ‘wrong’ even as I go on all the time about there being no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ are so totally relative and more cultural control mechanisms suppressing individual expressions of unique awesome etc.

      Select ‘What is holding me back right now?’ with the thought, “Is what I’m doing wrong?” even as I’m scoffing at the bloody question and poof, guess what shows up?


      My HAH echoed around my tiny complex of apartments at 1am in the dead of night, followed swiftly by an almighty slap of my forehead.

      LOL eh?

      • That’s brilliance. Now, if only we could stick the advice.
        Have to agree with the social/cultural concepts of right and wrong. It is hard to shake them from our inner dialogue though.
        What could we replace them with?

        • The only way we can be controlled by such insidious, invisible ideas is when we give in to the fear of, “What if this is wrong?” Before we say or do anything.

          Think about it. The only way to learn, to move forward, to discover who and what we are is by discovering who we are not, which can then be termed as mistakes but are they? ‘Truth’ cannot be defined or understood or experienced except in the presence of contrast.

          What if we don’t approach things with the mentality of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? What if we approach it with this:

          Life is for Exploration, Experimentation, Experience and Expression.

          That is my motto and how I run my life, my blog and everything I do.

          You explore and experiment with possibilities, of which the universe provides an infinity of, and then through your choices you experience and to complete the journey, you express your experience and contribute to the greater whole by sharing your experience with others.

          With this approach, there is no right or wrong, only experience and much, much humility and mirth. You can laugh at your own ‘mistakes’ and you fear not what others say because you understand that they are not on your journey so of course they don’t understand! Plus that just means that they are not your tribe anyway so take no notice!

          My entire life is an experiment to this end.

          The thing to remember though is this: If you choose this route, few will understand because few are able to uncouple themselves from moral concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. They are so conditioned with fear that they believe without morality, the whole world will descend into anarchy.

          It is an assumption. What if I say, it may not? What if we are better than that? Are we going to live in fear forever? Do we live then? How do we live? We don’t. We die.

          {ooh that was long. backs down off soap box.}

  6. composition of a heart-felt but witty cryptic casual message < O_O

  7. love life has taken an interesting turn- in a convo with the crab he told me he’d joined a dating website and was bemoaning/laughing about how he gets “matched” with only seemingly miserable, morbidly obese women. so i joined it too… was the day venus and SN were conjunct… oh hello world of men. so many men, my age, attractive and interesting! (along with the ones who are exactly as i pictured online dating sites would be populated by) so i’ve been having a really fascinating conversation with a totally cute and younger gemini with his pluto on my nn, and kinda have a scorp lined up too… it’s very gratifying for the ego, and also why not? i haven’t mentioned them to the crab, cause fuq. how long did i zombie out over him? what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. i finally, FINALLY have some self-respect, and that’s what it’s all about. and the dream and hoochie-fueled cryptic messages are way more fun without the desperation… πŸ˜€

    • Good for you!

      I’ve been thinking about giving online dating a go again. I tried it before. Blah. But, I’ve got to make some effort to meet new people.

      I think I’ll always be in love with a fantasy. But as long as I don’t neglect my real life in the process, or think some man is a living dream, all that fantasy is a nice bonus.

      And get this – saw a lovely black snake in my garden after work. Hope he’s bringing something phallic into my life, lol.

      • ooh now i’m singing pj harvey’s long snake moan. yum. get your voodoo working and bring it in, sista!

        i’ve only been doing it for a week and a bit but holy hekate it is nice to know there are options out there. even if nothing comes of it, you know? give it a shot, why not? you can always narrow your search to israelis… or spanish punks or whoever suits your fancy/assumed identity for that week… πŸ˜‰

    • Online dating is so much fun. I loved it..seriously addictive though, trawling through all the profiles πŸ˜‰
      I think it’s a great boost to our self. We are taking control of our choices and desires, rather than waiting/wondering on peeps.
      I think every single person needs to get into some online dating. Be on everysite possible, I mean, why not!

      • I only ever found dipsticks on online. met the lusty online tho and its been very on and off tho its more on than off now – for neary 5 years.

    • Ive been on one off and on for 4 years, rarely checked it and only met up with a handful of people during the whole time. Had one very hot fling and made a few good friends.

      This new guy I’m seeing is from online. We’re really different but I could tell we see the world in the same way… I feel like I give off an impression counter to what I care about/am about in person and that my shyness can be intimidating and so online dating as a concept appeals to me.

      Basically my main point was that while the “hai girl how r u?” messages at times chip away at my faith in humanity there are awesome people out there and it’s not just a bunch of sex starved dweebs. And it’s nice to skip out on hanging out in loud bars just to meet people at all.

      • yes yes and yes. among the “35m here, how r u” (oh hot damn! you’re 35 and i’m 35, shit, what else do i need to know?! let’s go at it, ha) and the “when are you coming off the hill i love your hair” messages are some genuine people who seem to have substance and depth that would never come out in a bar setting or forced socialization encounter. so much of which is the fault of my awkward as fuq self that nobody gets at first, let’s just skip that part, shall we? also, as opposed to the bar etc, the ability to ignore peeps hitting on you is so much nicer! though i have had some increasingly hostile messages of the “why aren’t you writing back, i live in the next town over” sort that actually had to be dealt with. and it kinda freaks out my hidey self when the guys are in my little teeny town- i don’t really want to be running into them in the one grocery store. but in general, for a lonely introvert, it’s amazing technology. so far at least…

        • eek re the creepy aggro ones, like you’re obligated to meet them because THEY SAY YOU ARE, WOMAN eew how bout dem communication skills eh fellas.

          have contemplated online scene. the thought of (a) being recognised and (b) hauling myself out the door for yet another almost-blind-date plus (C) my violent opposition to participating in the spectacle generally tends to stop me…

  8. LZ? whats that? it is such a huge relief when you breakthrough the cycle. I do feel for all current LZeders and this site is the place to vent. I know i did for ages till lots of kind peeps told me to pull my head in, look at myself in the mirror, move on etc. all in one post.
    The whole LZ rehab process taught me that there is no one kind of rel (i work wih peeps with supposed perfect rels – long term or currently planning a wedding- save me pls! ). I have accepted my rel with the Lusty for what it is and voila! its great! not delusional great but really great. its not flowers and chocs but its certainly special.

  9. So I saw my Leo ex last weekend for the first time in many years. It was strange how much I felt like he was treating me like a girlfriend, even though he was with someone else. How do I purge him now? And is this love zombie behavior that I have been thinking about him again? Wow south node conjunct Venus.

  10. I’ve been doing high neptune for months now – its good being straight and sober after years of substance use. It really helps with any LZ schizz too – Blue Devil and Spacedust only enhances those fantasies. I’m just focusing on work, lifestyle and self-care.

    • Genuinely Over The Moon at your new choice of Lifestyle !
      So happy for you i just punched the air !

      Legendary Woman Jicky.

  11. April was the death rattle on LoveZombiedom with my Uranian Pisces ex. We broke it off for the second time lat July and I was in a pretty bad spot last fall/winter. He’d feed me all this bullshit and try and stay in my life by dangling carrots. February I was finally done and by last month I didn’t even have feelings about it anymore or care and told him there’s no future…ever. Then the money and promises flashing. So gross.

    Living for the moment and priorities are friends, fun, money, health. Despite all the pain I’m glad it happened because I learne to love and listen to myself and also how selfish my own love is when it’s in love with a fantasy. Keeping it real from now on.

    • That last point is a great one. I watched “Enchanted” with my daughter tonight and thought “these people are total narcissists” about the couple in the fairy tale zone. I hadn’t seen that before, but when you love a fantasy it means your kind of perfect in your own head, you know?

    • That’s totally deep Rache. Especially the part, “… also how selfish my own love is when it’s in love with a fantasy.” Yes, it’s painful when we realise it isn’t really ‘love’, whatever ‘love’ is.

      I think few of us know what ‘love’ is and we go and have all these relationships in pursuit of what is in reality some really self serving, aching void filling desire. And then we wonder why things go wrong.

      Re dangling of carrots. Yes, they do that don’t they? It really just goes to show that peeps like that need us a lot more than we need them and that they’ll do anything, anything, to try to keep their easy drug of choice in their life to enjoy.

  12. Fuq it!!! here I was for the last months congratulating myself on NOT being a LZ. well guess what? apparently being in love with your very straight best friend, foresaking all others to be with her, dreaming that she will leave her less than useless boyfriend anyday to be with me, qualifies me to prima love zombie status…..NOOOOOOO!

  13. I still want mystic to make “Pseudo Intellectual Astro Bitch (PIAB)” shirts. I may have to make one for myself.

  14. currently practicing safe LZ-ing in my dream states…that’s doing haute neptune for me. haha.

  15. Timeline of an Internet dater – when I was younger was just about sex. Finding out the guy is still married, priceless. Double dating with your roommate who is too stoned and pissed to keep her head out of the food, ah good times.
    Insert disaster upon disaster the bad boyfriend multi series. Are you making a layer cake here, girl? No I am not, I am off recipe and off type. Pause for self reflection…holy mackerel I’ve got a type (it’s a recent discovery, thank you Dorian Gray Dark Moon).
    Here we arrive at the end of the recent years of Web dating. Nice guy from Detroit, great hugs but what a bizarre first day. I was being set up for sure? Something wrong here Dorothy…Where not in Kanas anymore? However did get to avoid allegedly pedo acrobat, bless you DTrain.
    What I do know…time for a new love destination.