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Hey my friend Liz Wiggins, the Heidi Klum of Feng Shui has taken her genius knowledge of Ancient Chinese witchcraft Feng Shui and is using it to make a killing in real estate. SO she is recommending her brilliant student Carolyn McCallum.  She is a Virgo. Yes precise placement does matter. No you can’t just go flinging crystals around the place. Yes, clutter is thy enemy.

Thanks to Carolyn, i will this week be experimenting with a highly esoteric and super-ancient Feng Shui Romance Remedy. Yes, I will let you know how it goes…I think. There have to be more options than 1000 years younger or married-but-available, sort of.

Anyway Carolyn has kindly given me some easy Fast Feng tips…I know not everyone loves Feng Shui as i do – i’m fanatical about it but i also think that with the Zap Zone really putting the schizz up Pluto in Capricorn, we need every trick we can get, right? Occult just means “hidden.” Magic is simply working with unseen energies. As far as i’m concerned Astrology and Feng Shui run on the same thing: Dark Matter. Call it Qi, Prana, whatever…

Anyway, here are Carolyn’s tips…

1. The Chi (energy) needs to find you – ensure your entrance is clear of clutter, looks beautiful and is obvious. If you have 2 entrances, only use one. If you don’t have a letterbox, get one.

2. Once the Chi has found you it needs to be able to circulate. Open windows and doors regularly to get rid of stale air. Each week choose a room of your home to focus on, drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard and divide into 3 categories – KEEP – THROW OUT – DONATE. Anything you keep needs to be placed with other similar items and given a designated place to call home. If you are a Virgo feel free to label!

3. If you work from home or operate a business a clear desk = a clear mind. Remember the saying – A place for everything and everything in its place – stick to it.

4. A clean, well maintained stove helps assist prosperity. Ensure you use all of the hotplates too.

5. Leaking taps indicates leaking finance – call the plumber ASAP.

6. Keeping your windows clean helps more opportunities flow your way. Clean inside and out for best results. Wash your curtains and do a thorough vacuum of sills whilst you are at it.

7. Open the windows and trim the trees in the North East of your home. This is where the positive Cosmic Chi is coming from. Place a bucket of water in the South West of your yard and replace it weekly. This will help improve your capacity to save.

8. Be careful when using water features (including fish tanks) and the colour red. These two things are used widely in Feng Shui to activate prosperity however you need to know where the prosperous energy is. If you don’t then you could be inadvertently activating negative energy linked to financial problems, sickness, conflict and robbery.

9. After you have done Steps 1-8, burn some white sage, open all your windows and walk through your home fanning the smoke into all areas banishing what you don’t want (eg. Conflict, debt, sickness) from your life. Follow this process with invoking what you want into your life. Do this by closing all the windows, walk around the house with a natural oil spray mist and say out loud what you want to invoke into your life (eg, health, prosperity, happiness). There is an excellent Space Clearing Kit available with all you need and full instructions at Everything Feng Shui.

10. Remember to build up your Karma bank. Donate regularly to charity, give blood, volunteer your time, treat others how you want to be treated and give your smile freely.

Check Carolyn out at Feng Shui Harmony – the above are obviously tres general tips, not taking into account your individual abode! 

Vampire Vacuum Cleaner

Top Image: Sarah Horrocks – Mercurial Blonde

Below Image: Edmonde Guy – Who would not LOVE a vacuum cleaner called the Vampyr?


50 thoughts on “Fenging Up

  1. Nice tips. I think it is important to just feel comfortable and trust your gut. If something tells you that thing has negative energy, it doesn’t matter if it is the right colour/element/placement…if it feels wrong then it IS wrong.

    • Totally agree. But then if a feng shui master tells you something is wrong or inviting ill fate do you follow their advice blindly? Even though it might feel RIGHT?

      • I had my house on the market for 15 months and buyers would come, love it and then go home and take a cold shower. Something was off. Anyway I got a consult from Carolyn McCallum to sell my house and it was all about “placement” and i followed it to the “T”.

        I had a buyer within two weeks and it was sold within the month.

        Carolyn McCallum is a genius and very devoted to her practice.

        Feng Shui works. I don’t know how.

        It worked for me

  2. god, I think I know that x-men character, whenever that happens its like running in to an old freind your embarrassed you were ever friends with, but also your not just embarrassed you kind of miss them, one day ill be your friend again, comic books, and by then ill be so cool I wont need to be embarrassed,I mean thats not whats keeping me from it now, its an expensive hobby and im a poor college kid

  3. I have moved my fish tank and it seems like the house is negative with arguments . Thought i had feng shui right. Even though this house i have has security bars on all the windows and doors. Take them off and just might get robbed. Really hard call this house. Loads of doors and windows. Would cost a fortune to havean expert in. Really think i need one though!!

  4. Love these tips but how do I feng shui my life if I don’t have a house? I haven’t lived anywhere since December last year as I’m “on the road”. In the past 6 months “home” has been a bunk on a boat, various hotel rooms, friend’s houses and airplanes. Perhaps I should feng shui my luggage or something?

      • Oh yes. Great idea. My purse is a mess at the moment. Will commence decluttering of wallet right now. Yes, it’s liberating and trying at the same time. I tried being normal once… it didn’t work!

    • ha yes 3x toro, start with the luggage… that was totally me for all of last year. do you have a car? mine was my home for half the time. I went crazy virgo organizing everything i owned into the right space in the car via tote bins. gear, clothes, kitchen stuff, hygiene kit, emergency sack, miscellaneous all could be accessed relatively quick and placed back. rocket box carrier for the big stuff. green leafy plant for your dash with a velcro sticky adhesive was key! also, being minimalist and having a bag always packed with essentials if you have to make a quick getaway.

      • Thanks Gren. My car has been neglected. The glovebox is crammed with useless junk (chewing gum wrappers, books, a broken GPS) and I’m scared to look in the back. Will commence luggage, purse and car feng shui this week!

    • Yes, hmmm, I lived for some years at the back of Mt Warning. Lived in cow sheds, barns etc. I moved within the area quite a few times. I figure you sort of carry your feng with you. Each space needs to be cleared. A candle, a crystal a great sleeping bag and a dream catcher were my furniture.
      When you own your home you work on that limited space the best you can. With no home as such your space includes where you rest and the environment in a wider area. You become a bit like the local wildlife where your space is where you range.

      • Wow. I love the idea of being a part of the local wildlife. Travel candle and crystal shopping tomorrow then!

      • I hear ya DavidL been there done that but in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I lived in a cupboard once once in this kick ass mansion, it was huge. Even lived in a tent once in the forest but that;s another story ;)

  5. Thanks, love info/instruction given in dot point style.
    It’s bin night tonight my bathroom has just had a major declutter. Windows cleaned next. Over this long, long 9 month summer it was hard to get stuck in & do a major clean up & sort especially doing a sweaty job 6 days a week. Now that the summer has been switched off like a light I’m into it.

  6. I wouldn’t do super Feng anything without consulting an expert… Based on your date of birth we all have different bagua charts and the energy is different for each. It’s too easy to trip up certain energies by getting a single detail wrong for your bagua.

    Since I can’t afford an expert at the moment, I stick to tried and true generalities: like no clutter whether that be inside or outside home(but entrance is very important), clean home/desk/room, sage every 2 weeks with some personal cleansing rituals, but most importantly clean Mind, Mouth, and Diet. Oh, and gratitude for everything I do have.

    Hope your super ancient techniques work for you Mystic!! I know when this stuff works it SO does. It’s just that it’s really pricey and Im picky about finding the right person as well. Happy for you, though. Xx

  7. Synchronicity! A friend and I just got confirmation we can lease a new apartment, and my first thought was: ‘I can feng it up from scratch!’ My current house is a nightmare. I moved in with three Italians via an advertisement online, and it’s clutter and dust galore in the communal spaces, no matter how much I clean. They keep their bikes in the hallway for Christ’s sake! Blocking the energy flow! Can’t wait to leave.

    • Ahhh yes, the Italians – renown the world over for their lack of style, awful architecture, nasty use of communal spaces (all those terrible piazzas that litter their country should just be bulldozed), poor aesthetics, malevolent bike placement and extreme dustiness………

    • hm. is there another space where they can put their bikes? I am going to make a leap here and suggest that bedroom is not the best unless they’re away for a few days.

      italians are generally pretty laid back. if i were you i would lighten up about it and make a [pleasant] joke, ‘eh ragazzi, you owe me a bowl of decent pasta this weekend, because i keep tripping over your bikes! “

  8. Feng Shui is a nightmare to exert on a shared house, nay impossible. Does my head in because I’ve had and have in my own area amazing results. My own space is pretty fenged up but I’d love to have it in all areas, one day.

  9. Sorry can’t go there w the feng shui… Like my eyes can’t even read it… Why was today so supa amped Shit vibe…. Actually I think another astro thingo on fb said it was an aspect to the Pluto Uranus square today…. I had to go home, which was the best move I could make… I could’ve quit my job today if I was caught in a conversation that triggered me… I still have residual rage… And haven’t done any exercise for 4 days so I bloomin have to do something tomorrow or I might explode….. ill check the scopes for tomorrow now and not download you with anymore of my wrath… Goodnight dear ones tomorrow is a new day

        • yes it was the moon in cancer square to the Pluto Uranus thingo….. I usually love cancer moons, this one has been so hard : (

          • Actually I just remembered I have cancer south node so mane that was being triggered… I had to tell someone I would have to report them today to council…. house hygiene etc … yesterday tell someone they had to go to hospital for treatment… And that’s the nicer stuff…

  10. Love this post. Had a Fueg Shui person come to my house several years ago. She was a total airhead that attempted to spend most of the time talking about something else and charged me $180.00 for it. Wish I had someone local Stateside as good as you seem to find there.

    I know when my house is clutter free, my kitchen counter is clear when I walk through the door and when I have air moving about in the house from windows being open the energy in the house and within me is always better.

    • Ha! I spent $1000 on an in-home consult. Waste of savings although she did give me some good ideas on design for the entryway. Still. Fuq it. Just another thing to drop savings on, imho.

  11. Been doing so much vacuuming n rearranging I’m going to need a secretery + assitant. Are u writing this down? Somebody take notes! I need to dust now.

  12. No linky love! The red words go to The Road To Nowhere. Can you fix this?

    Otoh, I just tossed 20lbs of crud culled from my linen/pharmaceutical/toiletries closet. My book and fabric collection is next. Feeling ruthless.

  13. I had an interesting run-in with Feng Shui. Several years ago the company I was working for told me I had to move from a corner office with floor-to-ceiling windows (view of a freeway) to a 10′x10′ office with no windows and a ceiling so low I could touch it. It was such bad vibes I though I’d better get with some Feng Shui. So I did what I could and about six months later I got laid off (along with lots of others). I’m much happier now but miss the money. I wonder did the Feng Shui work or did I work it wrong?

  14. Wow I love it when you talk like this Mystic – love love love Feng Shui and love “experimenting with a highly esoteric …” Wow!! Can hardly wait. Thank you Mystic!

  15. Shit I just brought a new in-destructo RED letterbox to replace by beaut green one which the local letterbox vandal terminated recently!!
    I have a question re inherited items. My grandmother died in my house recently and one if the 1st things I did was to empty the room – carpets curtains even, she had an awful death, so unlike my mothers who died 18 years previously.I ‘inherited’ her after my mums death. Her dog also died 1 week after. I was also ruthless in dispatching her stuff from her house and it felt great, but I’ve kept some 100y/o linen, photos, letters, dinner sets etc. does anyone know the Feng Shui protocol for inherited items? ANd do I burn sage before the death room reno or after?

    • Wow, I am so sorry. My aunt died a painful and long death recently and it was very traumatic to witness.
      You sound like a little external help with this house clearing could be very healing and supportive for you.

      Do you know of any energy workers/shamans/etc. who can help you? I would be burning sage before and after.

      I have inherited some clothes and things from a friend undergoing painful treatments for cancer over a long period. Her tears and pain are in all her clothes, but as she sheds weight she passes stuff on to me as it is all designer.

      I wash everything, soak in water with sandlewood oil, hang everything in the sun, use a crystal to drag out any last etheric gunk, smoke lightly with sage and ask the clothes to be filled with love and light.
      The clothes are fine now, but I was pretty tired after all that. :)

      • thanks for that, I appreciate it. It’s a real end of an era for me and it’s all fitting in well with the current astro.

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