Eau Du Phoenix

Keith Urban PhoenixWhy the name Phoenix?
I like the mythology of the Phoenix. They say that pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth. And the story of the Phoenix, for me, alludes to the metaphoric “rising from adversity”. Even stronger than before

“I’ve always loved symbolism and mythology, the symbolism of the phoenix being something that succumbs to the challenges and burns in the fire, but then is resurrected from the ashes and rises up even stronger than before,” Keith told Women’s Wear Daily. “The ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ story of the phoenix … I can relate very strongly to that, going through hard times and coming out the other end of it much stronger for the experience.”

You know, this could very easily be a mass produced petrochemical pong with amyl nitrate and recycled horse piss as it’s key notes BUT i love the sentiments here. Phoenix is my fave mythology too. And of course, it’s totally Scorp.

Keith Urban is a triple Scorpio – Sun, Mercury and Neptune – his Mercury (like many an artist, poet, or musician) is retrograde. He’s also got Venus-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo and his Cancerian Moon Rising.  Super Phoenix.


Keith Urban Phoenix Tattoo

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95 thoughts on “Eau Du Phoenix

  1. Seeing as neptune is part of that scorpio stellium, it is very pertinent that he phoenixed out of his chemical addictions. Good on him.

    • and even more pertinent that he chose to encapsulate the sentiment in the very neptunian realm of scent!

  2. Amyl nitrate and horse piss. I love it. The irony is, that would totally sell out. Very Tyler Durten in Fight Club.
    Ah MM you have made me laugh. And post Scorpio eclipse (astrologically still very hungover from it all) that really is a feat.
    I just filmed myself baking protein lemon meringue pie for my nutrition blog.
    They burned to a crisp, one I had to eat off the ceiling of my oven. It was still pretty delicious actually. I’m sure the footage will be hilarious … Can’t quite bring myself to watching it yet but it gets less smug as I scream “oh shit!” whilst opening the oven door and coughing from all the smoke.
    I think I’ll edit and post it anyway.
    Was thinking in the shower this morning again, as I often do that I ought to have been named Phoebe Hubris Phoenix Bounce
    (Phoebe from Friends) The rest speaks for itself.
    Have always LOVED the name PHOENIX defo my archetype (double Lilith in 12th house in Scorpio ). Errrrr. Ja really feeling charred right now.
    It’s all good.
    So glad you’re well again.

  3. This look likes a job for Super Gary the Aries Fragrance Freak.. !

    Walnut based ?

      • Way to go CF this was my question. Guess I prefer Tenacious D and their work with Phoenix.

        I guess this won’t be appearing on the promotional literature for Keith’s new scent: Dash of The Voice chair sweat, strand from over bleached GHD’d locks and base notes of horse pee by some Kiwi horse wannbe definitely not Black Caviar.

        For a laugh you should see The Checkout (ABC TV Australia April 18 Ep) with Craig Reucassel as Nicole Kidman in the Swisse commercial.

        • Hahah. Thanks for the tip. Gotta see that. That Swisse ad is so lame!!

    • given the image (couch and boots) i would say it would be a leather scent – old leather and maybe some skin musk and sweat (he’s got a three day growth). there would have to be something lifted in there, citrussy, to start and to mimic the bird rising. it would change over some time to really live up to its namesake.

      • You are such a scent addict Jicky! :)

        “The nose behind this fragrance is Loc Dong. Top notes are blackberry, cognac and suede; middle notes are musk, canadian balsam and mexican chocolate; base notes are woodsy notes, tonka bean, amber and leather”.

        It’s meant to start out harsh and pine smelling, then fade to vanilla, blackberry, better on the drydown..

  4. Well, I have Keith Urban’s ~Kiss a Girl~ on my shuffle……*luv*

    Love him too alto don’t have his other Music…

    Lately Trans Scorp NN 16 degrees 5th house exact on my Vertex 16 degrees opposite Toro Venus 14….Been walking again every morning but got some emo issues…x

  5. Really like Keith. At first I thought he was an airhead. Love how Nic went from the super fake man – Tom – to a real man. Actually I still think SHE is a bit of an airhead tho. Yeah I know, a gem calling someone an airhead … I also have a deeply trivial side!

  6. Pluto smack on Leo ASC squaring stellium (Venus, Sun, Merc) in Toro. Merc Rx & my SCO Neptune trines moony, moody mars…yep, I have always loved the Phoenix. As a tyke before I fell in love w/astrology as a path to self-actualization, a grade school teacher read this book (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_and_the_Phoenix) to the class; I’ve been smitten ever since. As for Keith, I bet he smells damn better than the fragrance, but its nose notes seem appealing (http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Keith-Urban/Phoenix-13096.html).

  7. Can’t stand country music, can’t stand chemical cocktails masquerading as perfume, his wife is kind of creepy, and he’s so not my type but I’d love to fuq him senseless anyway…

      • No! Though if he wanted to be my gimp, I wouldn’t complain… (+1 if he wanted to do my housework at the same time)

        I’m just sexually attracted to him is all – a person doesn’t have to fit into my “ideal type” for me to be sexually attracted to them. (There’s some juicy synastry with his Venus on my South Node, Mercury and Neptune on my Eros and his Mars in Cap = shagafuqingdelic baby…)

        • Hate to admit it, but I find him attractive too but I’m turned off that he’s married to Nicole and I hate his music. I don’t mind country but not HIS type of country AND…. he dies his hair. Ewww.

          • I know. What is this about?

            Qualifications: I have not heard any of his music, and do not want to ever see him stand anywhere near anyone tall (it will all evaporate).

            I think it’s that he has this paradoxical strong/soft masculinity. Even putting aside all that shit in Scorpio, including the Neptune which I dunno but might do that, would it be the Cap Mars/Cancer Moon combo? Like, he’s a Man with a capital M, but he ain’t gunna hurt you none.

          • Why does it not surprise me that you would get where I’m coming from on my Keith Urban lust?! 😀

            • 😀 damn it, I’ve never had the pleasure of a Mars Cap fling. I get Mars in Libra a lot! But that’s fine – that’s sexual napalm with my Venus Libra.

              • The closest I got to a Cappy Mars fling was with a Libran love zombie who fuqed it all up before I even had a taste of hot goat mars action by calling me his “honey bunny boo” or some such nauseating shit. (The creepy photoshopping he did with my pictures didn’t help his cause either.)

  8. I’m always a little excited when I see the name Keith in the public arena – mainly because Hubby’s name is Keith (and he is a wonderful ‘real’ man – inside and out) and because it is well known that Keith is probably the ugliest name in the universe


  9. he kind of looks psycho. ive met a great qty of male scorps with cancer moon who have drug/alcohol/psycho problems. it wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. lolz @ Nic comments above. I can’t imagine her getting intimate with anyone! She vibes Robot to me.

    Serious questions: does any Moon rising indicate phoenix-abilities?

  11. Those celebrity scents, scents not perfumes, are vile, nasty & cheap. It is an area where price counts in quality. Pure rare essential oils are expensive!
    The ad is so contrived, millionaire’s who do grunge, i mean a ripped chesterfield, not just a worn in one. It’s wierd to see them doing ‘see how ordinary i am-money hasn’t changed me’, like Kristin Stewart & Rob P, so fake like her dented pick-up truck, a bit too shabby-chic.
    My mother said you can always tell a man by his shoes, guess that was when they actually wore SHOES not rubber & canvas, but scruffy boots?
    From playing in pubs to marriage to Nicole, that’s rising from the ashes???

      • And don’t we love men who wear rubber thongs, NOT :-)
        The way to tell a man who has been in the forces is that he shines his shoes,obviously been trained to groom himself.

        • LOVE LOVE LOVE slide geetrrrrrr
          Check out Town Vans Zandt’s “waiting around to die” lovely guitar solo.
          Feel like some whiskey now. 😛

          • :) to everything! will look up that muso.. had another reccie for an artist today so will make it my evening’s mission (other than study) to look up…ta xx

      • I LOVE scruffy boots…stubble…musical talent…crumpled hair… *sigh* Also thongs (flip flops, whatever). Also bare feet (well-tended and preferably tanned). Also work boots caked with cement dust or paint or plaster or mud or red clay. you get my drift. Then again, I have a Saggi DSC and venus in Aries. Having said that, I like to know that the wearers of such footwear own and use at least one pair of well-cared for top-quality leather shoes that demonstrates (to me) they are sensitive to quality and can scrub up rather well.

        Other than that I think KU is a good-lookin’ man. for some reason I like country music (I think it’s the slide guitars and emo). not so much pop country tho. I’m talking waylon jennings, done gone broke down lovers, dusty winding tracks, Red Gum, etc. ohh yeahh lol.

        I get what you are saying re $ , although imo I think it’s ok to be generally unchanged by riches. (It’s also ok to be changed by it too but hopefully in a good way.) I mean these are pop stars who have made their name by being a certain way..that’s simply their image. They shouldn’t have to drive shiny new cars and splash the ca$h just because they can.

        why does Nicole K polarise people so strongly?

        • not that i am saying they drive crap cars to maintain an image. I was thinking about this recently. I’d keep my ageing car even if i won a squillion tomorrow – it’s just an awesome car. sure I’d fix the air-con, radio, have it detailed etc but it’s a keeper. Hey, I feel attached to it. :)

          • Pi, that comment above was meant for you…

            Anyway, I totally get where you’re coming from and I think it’s ok to be unchanged by riches too. If I made or won a shitload of money I wouldn’t change a single thing either but when you reach celebrity / star status you ARE CHANGED!! Those people live in a different world. I’m not saying they’re immune from the same problems the “general” population have but there seems to be a little bit of inauthenticity in pretending they’re just like everyone else. Know what I mean?

            • hmm. ok, but *are* they pretending to be like everyone else? what if they simply happen to become really famous due to following their passion (and having a good publicist, timing, etc), and just want to keep doing their personal thing in some way, does that suddenly make them inauthentic? What should they be doing, if not that. Like, keith urban is a country music star. to me it seems pretty legit that he gets to wear beaten-up looking shoes, even if they are now $1250 made by Dolce & Gabbana and were distressed in the aterlier, rather than from 8 years kicking sods in the top paddock or whatever…

              I think this sort of discussion is actually super interesting as we focus so much energy / project so many needs and expectations on the rich and/or famous. Also that postmodern thing about authenticity / inauthenticity (i am treading on thin ice of limited theoretical knowledge here)… etc . freaking LOVE to chat more about this, so plase don’t take my tone as argumentative, except in the friendliest sense. i live to debate ideas about creativity 😀

              • I’m not picking up an argumentative tone at all. You’re mutable and curious. I get it. It would be a great topic to discuss over a coffee or something.

                My venus in Libra can see both sides to an argument. You’re right – who am I to judge whether Keith is being authentic or not but my Mercury in Scorp says “who cares!” I was just agreeing with Pegs that the ad was contrived.

                Sure, Keef has worked hard to get to where he is and deserves the success. I don’t begrudge his millions or anybody else’s for that matter but why the perfume? I just don’t understand the celebrity perfume thing. It’s tacky IMHO. If I was in his shoes and my publicist approached me with the idea, I’d be like “Fuq off!!” I wouldn’t be so vain or egotistical to think anyone would aspire to being like me by purchasing a little bottle of stink with my name or logo on it. Maybe some people think it would be awesome and that’s fine. I’m very protective of my own self image (10th house Sun conjunct Neptune) and nobody’s having it! Get your own. LOL.

                My Saggo moon wouldn’t be able to take it seriously.

                Fun to think of names though. Would yours be Contrary?

                Pi • C o n t r a r y •

              • My Merc in Scorp lives to think deeply but not to debate.

                My idea of debating is:

                “I hate it” 😀

                • lolol xxoo it’s all the air in my chart plus i was raised by a pack of Aqua wolves, it’s all about the arguments… (eventually realised that Pisces feelings are OK too)

                  yes ok for the record i do cringe a little at most celebrity scents :) it screams CASH MORE CASH… maybe i was stretching the topic a little, ah well.

                  • I know it’s the air!! 😀

                    I have very little air. :(

                    Have you noticed most of the talk show hosts are Aqua? They’re good at being objective. I find it impossible and I couldn’t interview anyone I didn’t like. Lol

            • having said this, i have a beloved relative who is becoming quite wealthy due to hard work / wise choice of study etc. She loves to get around like a boho chaos demon, when she could actually be ultra-schmick glamour doctor lady. But she hangs onto this previous incarnation, because it’s more fun and less maintenance , I suspect..also maybe a multiple Aqua thing (screw the social expectations), plus some inherited beliefs about not being a show-pony…to paraphrase. She now has the expensive this and that, the second house, whatever, but the overall demeanour is ‘same old me’ and almost a little self-effacing. Except when she is being an incredibly annoying argumentative Aqua (lolololol i still love her to bits). so.. what’s my point.. i think i m trying to say sometimes it’s a comfort zone / self image thing maybe.

              • I like the sound of your Aqua relative. I would be exactly like her! :) “more fun and less maintenance” Totally! I’m all about that.

                I have Saturn in Aqua, so yeah “screw the social expectations” I’ve always been that way and Saturn is in the 2nd house. So my attitude is “stuff the money” and “it’s not about the money”

                I hate fashion, I’m not a glamour puss, I’m not interested in impressing anyone (except maybe the art world one day) and my Cap Asc is definitely not a show-pony. I would be subtle about it. Instead of buying Vans sneakers I’d get the $800 Lanvin ones I’m lusting after. Lol.
                I dunno, maybe it’s my Saggo moon but I don’t like having to think or worry about money all the time. And even if I was loaded I wouldn’t feel comfortable spending $30K on a stupid handbag. Travel, experiences, sound equipment, music and property for sure but not fashion. Why advertise how much you’re worth?
                I think I might have been a bit contrary myself having mentioned a brand name. :)

                Anyhow, I think you’re right though. It might be a comfort thing. Not a “comfort zone” thing but being comfortable with who you ARE. That’s how I feel anyway. Content and comfortable with who I am. 😀

                • lol I think there are some similarities for sure. she has katak asc but a loaded Aqua 8th house, she loves to lob a conversational hand-grenade in and sit back to watch the mayhem…whereas a Scorpy might not be interested in arguing but might silently disagree like hell?

                  it’s funny because I have 2nd house saturn too, and for me.. well, I just love money. subtle luxury (moon in cap..)
                  not that i have any of it right now, maybe that makes me want it more.
                  Ps LOVE to own/develop / be famous for a scent called contrary 😉

                  • yeah that would be me… disagreeing but Sagg moon would be doing it loudly. 😀

                    Hey… I never said I don’t like money. I love it!! 😛

                    • oh I get it. Our attitude to money is slightly different because, even thought we both have Saturn in 2nd (mine’s in Aqua. What’s yours?)
                      We’ve got different moons!! Saggo vs Cap. So different. Saggo’s very devil-may-care but Cap would be all saturnine and worried about it.

    • “The ad is so contrived, millionaire’s who do grunge”

      Hahaha… True! And him playing with his guitar….. *cringe*

      I just DON”T understand “celebrity scents”
      What type of man is going to buy the Keith Urban scent?
      Definite deal breaker!

      • Could be an updated Old Spice smell (not aroma)
        but SMELL.
        I like the scent of a man who has been close to a woman and her fairy gnomes have rubbed off onto him :-)

          • Unless the scent of the household bleach she douches with counts…

            Sorry, I went there.

            • maybe he can’t smell it cos that’s what he uses in his hair? 😉

          • As a child I remember Old Spice cologne on my Aries dad on a road trip back to the mid west. I cherish that quite frankly.

            Wow, lets not steep too low now peeps…Seems like you are trying to validate the depth of Scorps by bashing the superficiality of others…hmmm

            Gotta go massage now…x

  12. I also think the fact that the design matches his tattoo is a bit naff….BUT the fact that he got a phoenix tattooed on him, makes me think he does hold the concept dear to him, that it has strong personal significance.

    If only he didn’t look so botoxed.

  13. I also love the sentiment of the phoenix but that logo just looks like a terrible tattoo and vice versa. Logo tattoos. eew.

  14. I think nicole is having terrible advice for her botox etc, i have no idea why, it is not that she can’t afford good work. keith has overcome very strong substance issues, dude should be dead. i think anyone who partied with him in the 90s would attest to that. I hate his music but i find him very, very sexy. and i imagine now he is sober he is just horny all the damn time. happy to have him burn himself down to ashes on me any time. i actually mis read the name of this perfume as “phallus”. Clearly i need to go back to therapy.

  15. Keith, I like him. His music, no.
    To me he is not sexy.
    He is no phoenix, plutonic type for me despite all that Scorpio.
    More a lizard than an eagle, soz Keith!

    He looks like always to me. Vague, depleted, dissipated.
    There is a look that ex drug addicts have where their aura is still thin and greyish, which despite however lovely they are, i don’t find it juicy or sexy at all!
    He looks like damaged goods to me, sorry.. But I can see that others like him for his gentler qualities, they are endearing!

    • Also, I am a Leo, that hair, seriously wtf? Those 90’s obvious blonde streaks, it’s so wrong.

  16. Smells like phoenix spirit!

    Here we r now, entertain us
    I feel stupidd n contagious
    Here we r now, entertain us

  17. Keith, well yeah , whatever Keith , but then marrying Nicole Kidman (WTF ?) Is that the Phoenix point ? Or are we talking Arizona ? I don’t really understand it at all. His whole story confuses me . Like, where is the fire Keith ? Im not feeling it ? Now he wants me to buy a scent ? As if .

    • There must be something there between them, I thought that about her with Lenny Kravitz too, she’s about as rock as a plank of wood, I can’t imagine her dancing to any kind of music, at a gig or whatever but she must like musos. Synastry check?

      • Couldn’t resist Ms :-)
        KU’s Sun conj NK’s Asc in Scorp; his Moon/Eros/Pan in Kataka on his Asc is conj her Merc/Vertex; his Venus/Pluto/Uranus/Ceres in Virgo conj her Psych/Uranus/Pluto; his Psyche/POF in Libra conj her Mars. His Lilith/NN/MC is conj her DC/NN in Taurus. And in their composite chart they have *Venus/Sun in Virgo conj their Asc with loaded 1st and 12th houses. Their chart ruler Mercury is in Virgo conj Pluto/Uranus in their first house. And his progressed Moon is just past her natal moon in Saggo.
        Composite Sun/Venus conj “is one of the strongest indications of a love relationship between two people……it signifies love pure and simple…” . From Robert Hand’s “Planets in Composite”.

    • oh c’mon sweetpea. We’re just havin’ a laugh.

      That’s we we Aussies do – take the piss. :)

      • ja, see how I went gushy above about their pure simple love synastry? :) that’s genuine. Good for them. There’s no hostile energy here. at all…we’re just playing. Which is better than saying something nice but with hostile energy imo. which I want to say is a [blank] sun sign trait, but don’t want to be too inflammatory if people are feeling a bit emo 😉